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Report to our COMMUNITY 2016 What’s New, RUSD? This school year, we are celebrating everything that is new and exciting for our RUSD students, fami...

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Report to our COMMUNITY


What’s New, RUSD? This school year, we are celebrating everything that is new and exciting for our RUSD students, families and community. We began our strategic plan entitled Raising Racine three years ago and we closed out the final year having completed nearly all of our goals. Those goals included projects and initiatives that are now complete or fully underway. Thanks to your support of our 2014 referendum, we opened three new schools – Knapp Community Elementary School, Olympia Brown Elementary School and Gifford K-8 School.

Dr. Lolli Haws Superintendent of Schools

As you flip through the next several pages, you will see the beautiful, 21st century facilities we have constructed. These learning communities feature state-of-the art technology, flexible furniture, excellent use of green space and bright, colorful learning environments that welcome families and encourage students to learn and grow. The new RUSD Montessori Program for 3- and 4-year-olds opened at Goodland Elementary School this fall and is off to a successful start. We will expand to include 5-year-olds next year (applications are accepted through the School Choice process from Dec. 1 – Jan. 15).

Also this fall, RUSD launched the Academies of Racine at Case, Horlick and Park High Schools and we’re already seeing exciting changes. This year, all 1,500 Freshmen Academy students are learning about career opportunities, visiting a college campus and acquiring employability skills. In October, more than 40 business partners provided our freshmen first-hand career experiences at the SEE Your Future Expo. In all our high schools, more students are getting handson learning experiences in classes like Biomedical Science, Information Technology, Robotics, Culinary Arts and Business & Marketing.

Up Next…Our Middle Schools This fall, through an online Thoughtexchange process, we asked you, our community, families and our staff your thoughts about our middle schools. We are in the process of reviewing all of your feedback and sharing the results. Our goal is to share a comprehensive plan that will transform our middle schools so that by fall 2018 every RUSD family has excellent middle school choices. Your continued input will be valuable as we begin to develop a plan for transforming our middle schools. Our timeline is below. Work is underway and I hope you’ll stay engaged and involved. Together, we will continue to advance our schools to ensure our students are prepared for college and careers of the future. We are Raising Racine!

Middle School Transformation Creating excellent middle school choices for every RUSD student and family.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Summer 2018





Engage community through Thoughtexchange process

Review all Thoughtexchange feedback

Hear input about middle schools from families, staff and community

Share results & feedback with Board of Education and community

Share initital Middle School Transformation plan with Board of Education & community

Engage school families & staff in planning & prepartion

Implement first phase of Middle School Transformation plan

Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Early Winter 2017


Develop initital Middle School Transformation plan based on input & priorities

Share proposed Middle School Transformation timeline

Listen to input & revise plan Create work teams to prepare for implementation

Fall 2018

Knapp Community Elementary School

The new Knapp Elementary School is the first community school in Racine. Partnering with the United Way of Racine County, the community school strives to build partnerships with community resources. The goal of the community school is to improve student learning while building stronger families and healthy communities.

Knapp is focused on academics, health, social services, community development & engagement.

21st century furniture in every classroom

More than 135 students and 25 families engaged in after school programs

Gifford School K-8 Campus

Gifford School opened its doors to students in grades 4K-8 this fall, making it one of RUSD’s K-8 campuses!

Ask a Gifford student their favorite part of their new school? Their brand new gymnasium!

With 1,400 students, Gifford is RUSD’s largest K-8 campus!

Gifford welcomed students in 6th grade for the first time EVER!

Olympia Brown

Elementary School

The new Olympia Brown Elementary School is a science-focused school where students get hands-on learning and experiences to better prepare them for careers of the future.

The school was built in a natural area and allows students opportunities for hands-on experiments.

Olympia Brown is partnering with Engineering is Elementary.

O. Brown is a proud Schools of Hope school.

Academies of Racine This fall, RUSD introduced the Academies of Racine at Case, Horlick and Park High Schools. The Academies of Racine are personalized learning communities within RUSD’s three comprehensive high schools, Case, Horlick and Park that bridge the gap from classroom to career with targeted coursework and real-word experience.

The Acadmies of Racine don’t just help students discover what they want to do after high school, it teaches them how to do it and ensures success in their future endeavors. - Dan Thielen, Chief of Secondary Transformation

In this model, RUSD ninth graders choose a specific career area or field of study to shape their coursework and inspire their extracurricular pursuits through high school so learning becomes relevant for their futures. Along the way, they can receive college credits or industry certifications as well as participate in internships or job shadowing while still meeting their regular graduation requirements.

All 1,500 freshmen will visit a college campus


business & community partners engaged

All 400+

high school teachers will engage with business & postsecondary partners

All Grads

will earn college credit or industry certification

SEE Your Future Expo Some want to be doctors. Others, police officers, firefighters and teachers. Savannah Ahnen sees herself working in marketing, or maybe as a wildlife warden. Actually, she’s not ruling anything out right now. “Every time I think I find a job or career that I want to do, I walk to another booth and that career sounds just as cool!” Ahnen said. The Case High School freshman was one of 1,500 Racine Unified students that explored more than 50 careers at the second annual SEE Your Future Expo held at the Gateway iMet Center and Sturtevant Sportsplex. “The SEE Your Future Expo exposed our freshmen to careers and employers in our community and the skills, experiences and education that are needed to pursue different opportunities successfully after graduation,” said Christopher Neff, Director of Career and Technical Education. During the Expo, employers spoke with students about their education, their personal strengths and other factors that support them in their field. Almost 50 Racine area employers took part in the event.

Success Ready!

RUSD Introduces College & Career Readiness Indicators In an effort to make sure every RUSD high school graduate has the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in life, whether attending college or starting a job, RUSD has developed new College & Career Readiness Indicators. Going forward, every RUSD graduate must meet the following requirements: Complete District graduation requirements Participate in a Career Pathway course sequence Complete an academic and career plan To be college and/or career ready, graduates must also achieve college, career and life ready indicators some of which include: Maintaining a minimum GPA 2.8 out of 4.0 80 hours of community service or a service learning project Completion of a financial literacy curriculum or experience This fall, RUSD introduced another option for some of the District’s youngest students. The RUSD Montessori Program at Goodland Elementary School, is currently open to 3-and 4-year-olds and next year, will add 5-year-olds.

Learn more at



“The major differences between traditional classrooms and Montessori classrooms are a lot more independent choice,” RUSD Montessori teacher Missy Becker said. “In any given time we could have students doing art while others are engaged in practical life skills like cleaning up the classroom.” Montessori education is designed to foster a child’s natural inclination to learn. Montessori teachers, like Becker, guide rather than instruct, linking each student with activities that meet their interests, needs and developmental level. “The Montessori classroom is designed to promote learning through hands-on, real life experiences. Children learn to care for the classroom and one another while learning practical life skills, literacy and math,” Amy Shepherd, Montessori Program Director said. The RUSD Montessori Program is open to all District families. Students are selected through a lottery. For more information about the Montessori Program and enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year please visit

A plan for providing safe and positive school environments Schools across the nation, including RUSD, are challenged with providing every student a positive and safe learning environment — one that ensures each individual child is successful. This means we must also support students’ social-emotional development. For some students, this is accomplished in a traditional school environment. For others, in particular those with significant behavioral challenges, alternative school placements appropriately address these behaviors. For students with mental health needs or other challenges, different supports and resources are needed.

Dr. Eric Gallien Deputy Superintendent


We know these issues are important to you, our Racine community. Over the past three years, we have listened to your feedback and that of our students and staff regarding the learning environments in our schools. In response, we developed a three-year School Climate Strategic Plan.

School services and programming

RUSD is increasing resources and services for students who exhibit aggressive behaviors. We are providing off-site services to re-direct these behaviors so students can return successfully to a traditional school setting. We are expanding learning environments for special education students with behaviors associated with their disability. We will also expand our alternative program offerings, including credit recovery, GED and At-Risk programming for transition students.

Services and support for behavioral and mental health


RUSD, in collaboration with the Racine County Collaborative for Children’s Mental Health supported by the Johnson Foundation, has worked to develop a school-based solution for providing mental health services. Last year, we piloted school-based mental health clinics at two elementary schools (S.C. Johnson and Wadewitz). The clinics provide therapy services for students and families as well as mental health literacy and support for staff, students and families.

More detail is in this plan, which you can review at

Services and support early results


In just one year, the change in these schools has been incredible. Teachers value the support of our school therapists who help students address issues and improve classroom behavior. Teachers at these schools say there are fewer classroom disruptions. We know that providing services for students with mental health issues is improving behaviors and learning environments in these schools. So, we are expanding this pilot to Knapp Community Elementary School right now and an additional school later this year.


Intentional focus on social-emotional learning

RUSD will expand training and classroom resources for staff that focus on proactive strategies to support students with social-emotional needs so they can be successful in the classroom. For example, RUSD is using specific teaching strategies and programs like the Pyramid Model and Second Step. These tools help teachers support our youngest students in learning appropriate skills, building relationships, handling their emotions and communicating with others. If students in 4- and 5-year-old kindergarten attain these skills, they are set up for success throughout their K-12 education.

We have heard you. We know you want RUSD classrooms to be safe, positive and productive learning environments. We know you want to be assured that every student in your child’s classroom is engaged in learning and that your child’s learning is the teacher’s primary focus. This strategic plan offers RUSD an exciting opportunity to help change the national narrative around safe and supportive school environments. More importantly, it responds to our community’s concerns. Working together, we are improving learning environments across the District.

Raising Racine:

Three Years of Progress We fulfilled the following 3-Year Commitments as part of our strategic plan:

Student Achievement Steadily increasing...

Reading - % of Students at National Average

Refreshed North Star vision 38.5% 39.1%

Expanded full-day 4K

43.8% 43.8%

40.8% 40.8%

Provided rich professional development & coaching for teachers Reduced class sizes Transformed high schools into the Academies of Racine Added support for at-risk students Aligned budgets to priorities

Spring 14

Spring 15

Spring 16

Math - % of Students at National Average

Strengthened community and parent engagement Developed new school and District websites and communication strategies

39.3% 39.3%

38.7% 38.7%

35.8% 36.2%

COMING SOON: RAISING RACINE 2022 Many RUSD staff members and community partners are working hard to finalize our new 5-year strategic plan. Watch for more later this year! 1

+11.5ar% s in 3 ye


Spring 14

Freshmen on track with 6 or more credits 73.4%


+7.4e% ars in 5 y

64.3% 67.0%




Students with 3 or more credits at semester


Spring 15

Spring 16

Graduation Rates 2009-2015 69.9%





2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 graduates graduates graduates graduates graduates graduates

Showing our #UnifiedPride








Class of 2016

out of 5 “I am proud to say I have a child at this school.”

Spring 2016 Parent Survey Results



Including 1 National Scholar







out of 5 “I would reccommend this school to other parents.”




Check out what makes RUSD school great! Search #UnifiedPride on Facebook or Twitter.

Keeping our Commitments RUSD Residents to see Tax Decrease $10.64 $9.96

$9.59 $0.66






$1.06 $8.00



Our FY17 budget provides homeowners a 5.86 percent decrease in their 2017 RUSD tax bill. Taxes will decrease The 2017 budget funds several priorities including: by 5.86% Remodeling of the Sturtevant Sportsplex to open a new, expanded REAL School in fall, 2017



Voucher Levy





Referendum Comunity Service Levy Base Tax Levy



New math curriculum and teaching materials





Great things are underway in RUSD!


Increasing our Deferred Maintenance Budget


The 2017 RUSD budget will improve our school system and offer the community a conservative, efficient and priority-focused fiscal plan. We will sustain our forward momentum to Raise Racine and ensure quality schools in our community.


$4.00 2013-14



Partnering with the Racine Police Department to offer an innovative community policing model in secondary schools ensuring a proactive response to student behaviors

How Revenue is Spent... We carefully target our dollars to have the greatest impact on the classroom and student learning. When compared to the state average, a higher proportion of RUSD expenditures have been for educational purposes while District per pupil spending is below the state average.

Expenditures by Function FY17 - All Funds Expenditures by Function Food & Community service 3.7%

Sources of Revenue

FY17 Revenues by Source All Funds

Vouchers & Open Enrollment 6.4%

Federal Sources 11.0%

Debt 5.0% Central, Insurance & Other 3.2%

Instruction 45.7%

Business & operations 18.8%

Administration 5.3%

Instr. & Pupil Support 11.8%

Other Sources 0.1%

Property Taxes 27.7% State Sources 59.6%

Local & intermediate sources 2%

Referendum Updates

$8.5 million each year for 15 years About $3.5 million per year of referendum funds are used to pay down the debt the District incurred while building two brand new schools; Knapp and Olympia Brown Elementary School and adding a major addition to Gifford School making it a K-8. All three schools were completed on time and under budget.

Olympia Brown Elementary

Knapp Community Elementary

During the referendum campaign, RUSD committed to adding funds to our own maintenance budget so that when the 15-year referendum ends, we have enough funds built into our budget to keep our facilities wellmaintained. From 2014-2016 we have increased from $600,000 to $1.2 million. Our plan is to continue to add $300,000 more each year. Horlick High School track

Gilmore 1:1

New doors at Mitchell School

RITE Grant

The Technology Advisory Council includes members from the community as well as District staff. In Jan. 2016, the Board of Education approved the purchase of more Chromebooks to implement a 1:1 technology program at Gilmore Middle School. This fall, the Racine Innovative Technology Educators (RITE) grant gives teachers the opportunity to submit a proposal for how they will utilize technology to support student learning in the classroom.

Family & Community



Contact us at [email protected] Community-based partners support RUSD students in achieving success in school.

Tutoring/Mentoring • R  USD Extended Learning (grades K-12) 3109 Mt. Pleasant St., 262-664-6990 • John XXIII Educational Center (middle/high school) 1101 Douglas Ave., 262-898-7250 • Cops & Kids Reading Center (age 3-12) 800 Villa St., 262-632-1606 • Mentor RUSD (grades 4-9) 3109 Mt. Pleasant St., 262-664-6990 • Big Brothers Big Sisters (at-risk students, single-parent families) 3131 Taylor Ave., Building 4, Box 7 262-637-7625

Educational Programs • R  acine Family YMCA (age six months to 18) 725 Lake Ave., 262-634-1994 • R  acine Family Literacy: Girls Inc. (girls in elementary, middle and high school) 1510 Villa St., 262-898-3968, 262-456-1779 (en español) • RUSD Extended Learning (grades K-12) 3109 Mt. Pleasant St., 262-664-6990 • Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room 6233 Durand Ave., 262-456-2384 • Dr. John Bryant Community Center 601 21st St., 262-636-9235

Family Programs • Racine Family YMCA (age six months to 18) 725 Lake Ave., 262-634-1994 • F  ocus on Community: F.A.S.T. - Families and Schools Together (children and families) 1220 Mound Ave. #307, 262-632-6200 RUSD partners with many other community organizations. For additional resources, please contact Kathy Dunkerson at [email protected]

Partnering with the Racine community, Park High School opened its doors to the entire community for RUSD’s Family Empowerment Day. More than 700 families enjoyed dozens of family-friendly activities, free food and refreshments, giveaways and educational activities for both parents and children.

No more paper!

Update your emergency information online using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal RUSD’s emergency contact information is now online! This means that all the information that was once on the paper emergency cards is now stored in Infinite Campus. Please keep this information up to date so we can contact you with information about your student.

Download the App

Download the Infinite Campus app to your smartphone. The RUSD District ID is TRWJVF. For instructions to set up an Infinite Campus account, please visit

RUSD Schools Early Learning Centers Racine Early Education Center 2015 Franklin St. • 262-664-8200 Red Apple Early Childhood 914 St. Patrick St. • 262-619-4527

Elementary Schools Bull Fine Arts 815 DeKoven Ave. • 262-664-6800 Dr. Jones 3300 Chicory Road • 262-664-8050 Fratt 3501 Kinzie Ave. • 262-664-8150 Giese 5120 Byrd Ave. • 262-664-8250 Goodland 4800 Graceland Blvd. • 262-664-6850 Janes 1425 N. Wisconsin St. • 262-664-6550 Jefferson Lighthouse 1722 W. Sixth St. • 262-664-6900 Julian Thomas 930 Martin Luther King Drive • 262-664-8400

Olympia Brown 2115 5 1/2 Mile Rd. • 262-664-6650 Racine Civil Leaders Academy 1325 Park Ave. • 262-664-8500

Mitchell (K-8) 2701 Drexel Ave. (K-5) 262-664-6350 (6-8) 262-664-6400

Red Apple 914 St. Patrick St. • 262-619-4500

Starbuck 1516 Ohio St. • 262-664-6500

Roosevelt 915 Romayne Ave. • 262-664-8300

High Schools

Schulte 8515 Westminster Drive • 262-664-6300 S.C. Johnson 2420 Kentucky St. • 262-664-6950 Wadewitz 2700 Yout St. • 262-664-6000 West Ridge 1347 S. Emmertsen Road • 262-664-6200

Middle Schools/K8’s Gifford (K-8) 8332 Northwestern Ave. • 262-619-4550 Gilmore 2330 Northwestern Ave. • 262-619-4260

Knapp 2701 17th St. • 262-664-8000

Jerstad-Agerholm (K-8) 3601 LaSalle St. (K-5) 262-664-6050 (6-8) 262-664-6075

North Park 4748 Elizabeth St. • 262-664-6450

McKinley 2340 Mohr Ave. • 262-664-6150

Case 7345 Washington Ave. • 262-619-4200 Horlick 2119 Rapids Drive • 262-619-4300 Park 1901 12th St. • 262-619-4400 REAL School (6-12) 5915 Erie St. • 262-664-8100 Walden III (6-12) 1012 Center St. • 262-664-6250

Virtual Learning 262-664-8734

Alternative Learning Centers Racine Alternative Education 2333 Northwestern Ave. • 262-664-6600 Turning Point Academy 1101 Douglas Ave. • 262-456-1777


Our Staff

Our Schools

19,455 Students 43 Languages spoken by our students

2,701 total staff members 1,757 teachers/professional staff 443 educational assistants 171 administrators 61% of teachers have advanced degrees 69% of administrators have advanced degrees

2 Early learning centers 18 Elementary schools 3 Middle schools 3 K-8 campuses 3 High schools 1 Virtual Learning 3 Magnet elementary schools 1 Charter elementary school 1 Charter middle school 1 Charter high school 1 Alternative middle school 1Alternative high school 2 Alternative learning centers






Hispanic/ Latino

Our District 5th Largest Wisconsin school district 7 Cities/villages served 100 Square miles 9 Board of Education members 1 Vision - The North Star - All students graduate career and/or college ready

Administrative Service Campus

Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Racine, Wisconsin Permit #1623

3109 Mt. Pleasant St. • Racine, WI 53404 262-635-5600 • [email protected]

Apply NOW!

Choose RUSD

Want to attend a school other than your boundary school? RUSD offers excellent educational choices including magnet, charter, dual-language and International Baccalaureate schools. Apply online for School Choice at Dec. 1, 2016 through Jan. 15, 2017. Acceptance is based on a lottery.

School Choice enrollment applications accepted

Dec. 1 - Jan. 15.