company profile - Al et al

company profile - Al et al

COMPANY PROFILE Building structures Land and infrastructure development Environmental planning Integrated water management Special structures Level ...

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Building structures Land and infrastructure development Environmental planning Integrated water management Special structures

Level 9, 269 Wickham Street PO Box 612 Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australlia T +61 7 3251 8555 F +61 3251 8599 [email protected]


Contents introduction






Building structures


Land and infrastructure development


Environmental planning


Integrated water management


Special structures


accreditations and affiliations


resources and systems


Designing innovative solutions to complex challenges since 1992. Established in Brisbane in 1992, Bligh Tanner has built a strong reputation for quality and innovation, efficiency and dependability in civil, environmental and structural engineering. Driven by a core team of senior specialists, Bligh Tanner delivers complex, cutting-edge projects in a diverse range of disciplines:

With a staff of 32, Bligh Tanner is unique in

»» Building structures

design integrated with the surrounding built

»» Land and infrastructure development

and natural environments. Our combined

»» Environmental planning

expertise includes a strong focus on

»» Integrated water management

environmentally sustainable design and

»» Special structures

provides impetus to innovation on all projects.

having a high proportion of senior personnel doing hands-on design. The Directors are all from large multi-national firms with a depth of experience to apply to local projects. Our senior engineers are supported by experienced engineering and drafting teams, which in turn are supported by an administration team that is committed to maintaining the firm’s record of quality project delivery. Bligh Tanner is committed to contemporary


Our Principal Engineers


Rod Bligh Principal Structural Engineer Director

Chris Tanner Principal Planning and Environment Engineer Director

Paul Callum Principal Structural Engineer Director

David Hamlyn-Harris Principal Water and Environment Engineer Director

Paul Easingwood Principal Structural Engineer Director

Cameron Riach Principal Civil Engineer Associate Director

David Robinson Principal Structural Engineer

Daron Kraatz Principal Civil Engineer

Simon Kochanek Principal Structural Engineer

Bligh Tanner’s signature quality and innovation is driven by a core team of highly qualified, thoroughly experienced senior specialists. And every one plays a hands-on role in the day-to-day work of the firm. PAGES 3–4

SERVICES Bligh Tanner delivers complex, cutting-edge projects and efficient, effective solutions in a diverse range of disciplines. »»

Building structures


Land and infrastructure development


Environmental planning


Integrated water management


Special structures


Building Structures A boutique resort on unstable, earthquakeprone, 30 degree slopes in the mountains of Bali — A prefabricated cooling tower for an alumina refinery in Arnhem Land — A crematorium, chapel and tea house on Boyne Island. Bligh Tanner has built an enviable reputation in structural engineering. We are known for delivering complex and challenging, innovative and prestigious projects. We work in some demanding and remote environments. And we provide efficient and dependable solutions. We service numerous specialised fields, such as health care, education, public housing and mining. Having developed successful, longstanding relationships with leading architects, Bligh Tanner is automatically part of many architectural teams. Our structural division comprises a high proportion of highly experienced senior engineers. And they continue to get their hands dirty. Every structural project is driven by one of the firm’s five principal structural engineers. Our designs are progressive and robust. Our structures are efficient and effective, durable and sustainable.

our structural work COVERS many and varied fields . . . »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Health Education Institutional & community buildings Transportation structures & facilities Multi-residential & architectural housing Industrial & commercial buildings Heritage & conservation engineering Civil engineering to external works Facade engineering OUR LADY OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS COLLEGE, DALBY



Land and infrastructure development A property development that works with the landscape, rather than against it. —Civil engineering that respects the environment. Infrastructure that improves resource efficiency. Bligh Tanner has worked in environmental engineering and sustainable land development from the outset. Combining experience in town planning, environmental and civil engineering, we provide a service that balances the myriad urban living, planning and development challenges. Better water management. Better energy management. Better ecological and social management. Bligh Tanner integrates engineering infrastructure with the urban and natural environments. Projects are engineered to meet developer objectives, balanced with high environmental benefits and efficient resource use. We have served as principal civil engineering and environmental consultants on many and varied projects. We have played a central role in many of the ground breaking sustainable development projects in Queensland.

our progressive approaches to land and infrastructure developmeNT INCLUDE. . . »» Civil engineering design »» Water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) »» Roads, streets, pathways & stormwater drainage »» Services & public utilities »» Development feasibility & cost estimates »» Development applications & approvals

PAGES 9–10

Environmental planning A 120 hectare public precinct that achieves environmental and industrY best practice. — A network of public transport stations that spans a sprawling city, servicing thousands — An urban parkland that celebrates a local river and supports the global water cycle.

Drawing on expertise in civil engineering, structural engineering, town planning, water supply, stormwater and wastewater, Bligh Tanner has the unique capacity to deliver effective, balanced solutions that address both development objectives and sustainability issues. Developing better planning and environmental solutions that produce win-win outcomes has been a driving force for Bligh Tanner from day one. From approvals through to design, construction and commissioning, the firm has played a key role in many innovative developments achieving new benchmarks and technical advances. Bligh Tanner has worked closely with government agencies in developing guidelines and policy in the areas of integrated water management, water-sensitive design, stormwater harvesting and operational works. The firm is helping both private and public development set new standards in environmental excellence and infrastructure provision.

Bligh Tanner’s unique skills in environmental planning at work . . . »» Municipal infrastructure planning »» National park & open space infrastructure »» Infrastructure planning & concept design investigation »» Flood & drainage studies »» Environmental approvals »» Integrated water management & water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) »» Expert opinions THE ECOVILLAGE AT CURRUMBIN

PAGES 11–12


Integrated water management A regional property development that puts stormwater to good use, rather than down the drain — A residential community that recycles its wastewater and is water self-sufficient. — An urban parkland that harvests its own irrigation supply. Drawing on expertise in several engineering disciplines and the many aspects of water—water supply, water treatment, wastewater, rainwater, stormwater—Bligh Tanner provides a comprehensive service in integrated water management. The firm has played an integral role in many of the innovative water projects in South-East Queensland. Bligh Tanner’s integrated water management strategies seek to reduce the pressure of modern development on the water environment. They also create new development opportunities in an increasingly regulated landscape—balancing development objectives and sustainability initiatives. Sensitive environments and limited water supply need not be a constraint to development. Bligh Tanner regularly advises councils and government authorities on water management challenges and opportunities.

Bligh Tanner’s integrated water management at work . . . »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Total water cycle management Water efficiency investigations Alternative sources of water supply Sustainable wastewater management Roofwater & stormwater harvesting Water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) Guideline development Expert opinions Wastewater recycling.

PAGES 13–14

Special structures Riverside boardwalks in Brisbane and Ipswich that survived the 2011 floods — A canopy over the Museum of Victoria Amphitheatre. — A floating dam cover that cuts evaporation by up to 95% — A seal balancing a grand piano on its nose. Bligh Tanner’s capabilities and attention to detail are regularly extended to a wide range of highly specialised and unique applications. These special structures demonstrate the firm’s technical origins and an ability to work from first principles. To innovate and create customised systems. To test, finesse and rigorously apply. To develop solutions that are effective, efficient, safe and economical. The first project that launched the firm was the landscape and community infrastructure along the Kangaroo Point boardwalk in 1992. From product development to public art, these special structures ably demonstrate Bligh Tanner’s considerable capabilities in structural engineering.

oUR many and varied special structures. . . »» »» »» »» »»

Pedestrian bridges Public art & sculpture Product development Landscape & community infrastructure Membrane & cable structures TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, BARCALDINE

PAGES 15–16

Accreditations & affiliations Our firm and staff are members of various professional industry associations, including: »» Engineers Australia »» Australian Green Development Forum »» Australian Water Association »» Urban Development Institute of Australia »» Concrete Institute of Australia »» Australian Steel Institute »» Institution of Public Works Engineering »» International Water Association »» Stormwater Industry Association »» Timber Queensland »» Northern Territory Building Practitioners Board Bligh Tanner is a pre-qualified supplier to councils throughout Queensland through LocalBuy—the Local Government Association of Queensland’s procurement and tendering body. Bligh Tanner holds... »» Project Services PQC Rating 3.


PAGES 16–17

PAGES 17–18

Resources & systems Software »» 12d Model


»» AutoCAD


»» AutoCAD Map 3D


»» Autodesk Revit

»» PIPES++

Structure Suite

»» RAM Concept

»» AutoTURN

»» RAM Frame

»» Bligh Tanner SCI

»» RAM Structural

»» HEC-RAS »» In-house Water Balances


»» Limcon

»» SWMM – 2D

»» MapInfo

»» SystemTools Hyena


»» XP Rat HGL

Management systems »» AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems »» Sage CRM management database »» NATSPEC and AUS-SPEC National Specifications