Concord Membership Pack - 2015 - v7 - Concord Hotels

Concord Membership Pack - 2015 - v7 - Concord Hotels

Hotel Membership Information find out more at Introducing the Concord Hotels Group For almost half a century, Concord has achi...

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Hotel Membership Information find out more at

Introducing the Concord Hotels Group For almost half a century, Concord has achieved an unrivalled level of excellence in the training of supervisory and managerial hospitality staff.

Our aspiration and commitment - to both trainees

nationally recognised qualifications such as the

and member hotels - is to offer the most

City & Guilds Level 3 ‘Advanced Apprenticeship

outstanding service in the industry. Our

in Hospitality & Supervision’ and Level 3

approach, based on the principles of unity of


purpose, harmony and friendship, as indeed the Kris Speechly, Assistant Manager - Great Fosters Hotel - a graduate of the scheme and our ‘Trainee of the Year’ in 2014 (centre pic)

name ‘Concord’ suggests, has been the driving

In addition, we can now offer school leavers a

force behind our continued success. Testimony

Level 2 qualification, alongside a twelve-month

to our award-winning formula is that more than

work placement, at one of our member hotels.

“When I first learned about Concord, I was very excited. I

70% of trainees are retained within a Concord

After attaining a Level 2 qualification and

knew this scheme would offer me huge opportunities in

hotel on completion of our training scheme. This

relevant experience, these young people can

is, without doubt, one of our proudest

then progress to a work-based Level 3 such as

achievements and of significant benefit to our

the ‘Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality &


Supervision’ or decide on a more specialist

incredible hotels. All of my placement hotels were interested in my development and I met some very experienced and influential people. There was never a time where I questioned whether it was a good idea, as I was always learning, meeting new people and doing new things.”

Level 3 route in a skilled area of their choosing. In an ever-changing world, we strive to adopt an

In a bid to offer opportunities wherever possible,

innovative approach to our business. Our latest

existing staff members not on the Concord

initiative, in partnership with specialist training

programme will also be able to take advantage

provider, HTP Training, will enable all new

of the qualifications offered by the Concord-HTP

trainees - enrolled by Concord straight from


colleges around the UK - to link their two-year management development programme to


How can membership of the Concord Hotels Group benefit you? Who better to tell you about the benefits of the Concord scheme than our own members!

Our existing members are eager to share their thoughts on what makes the scheme such an attractive proposition for newcomers. Trainees have a real desire to succeed and are 100% committed to their careers, providing a valuable resource as well as offering a cost-effective solution to manpower planning and staff development. Benefits include: A solid and consistent level of quality management trainees, who have undertaken two years of formal industry training Six-month and twelve-month placements offering departmental stability and reliability

“The Concord scheme is an opportunity to train up young,

“Concord Hotels gave me a great stepping stone on which

talented people with the potential to achieve at a senior

to build my career, giving me a firm grounding in all aspects

management level. We would certainly recommend it to

- and across all departments - of the member hotels at which

other hotels that are looking for management talent via

I trained. This has led to me having an interesting and varied

a cost-effective route.”

career in the industry and has seen me work for various prestigious hotel groups, allowing me to advance my career and my personal goals.”

Succession planning, with the opportunity to recruit trainees directly into supervisory and management positions upon completion of their two-year, in-house management development training, as well as recruit specialised departmental staff into suitable roles when required Ongoing support for trainees and hotels from the Group Training Officer, as well as marketing support from the Marketing Communications Manager Ongoing development and qualification opportunities

Vida Daval, Human Resources Manager

Mark Dridge, General Manager

The Woodlands Park Hotel, Cobham

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

for Concord trainees - as well as other staff - via Concord’s prestigious partnership with one of Ofsted’s top-rated training companies, HTP Training


So, what do we do? From around the UK, we selectively recruit catering college graduates and give them the training and experience they require to become managers or supervisors. In addition, we have a programme to recruit school leavers into a twelve-month, work-based programme whilst working towards Level 2 qualifications. Our Group Training Officer responsible for co-ordinating the

cross-section of duties, one at each of the hotels, including food

training, Glen Harrison, understands and appreciates what is

service, beverage service, food production and front office.

involved from both a trainee and a managerial perspective, so is ideally placed to liaise with and between colleges, trainees and

From 2014/15, under our new initiative with HTP Training, any new

member hotels.

trainees who wish to have their two-year placement work accredited, will receive regular visits from their assessor who will

Our Marketing Communications Manager, Meryl Pickering, offers

work with them to enable them to achieve nationally recognised

full support to Glen and Concord’s member hotels via a

qualifications, such as the City & Guilds ‘Advanced Apprenticeship

comprehensive marketing service, encompassing PR, literature and

in Hospitality & Supervision’, Level 3 Management, etc. But the

social media, amongst other activities.

benefits to the member hotel don’t end there, since the partnership with HTP also means that any member of staff can

Our comprehensive, two-year Management Development

work towards one of these qualifications, not just Concord

Programme aims to enhance any existing industry experience that


the trainees may have. By offering them good, all-round experience and exposure to various types of hotel environment, we aim to

The Concord training programme is completed in conjunction with

improve their knowledge and skills in all aspects of hotel operation.

the trainee’s line manager. The member hotel is responsible for the day-to-day employment and training of each individual. However,

Endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, the programme involves placements of approximately six months in each of four designated member hotels. A typical two-year programme would involve a

trainees are monitored and supported throughout by Glen, who also assists them with securing employment on completion, with

“We have gained a wealth of benefits from the Concord partnership. Apart from the obvious benefits of dedicated staff members, we also gain recognition from all those trainees who have passed through our doors and from the other member hotels. Many trainees go on to attain senior positions in the industry and we continue to gain from the many trainees who have gone on to make up a substantial part of our own team including our General Manager. When you consider the cost of recruiting such dedicated employees, the scheme continues to provide excellent value for money with benefits.”

David Oxley, from The Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth, a Concord member since the beginning

over 70% retained within member hotels.


Our Successes We hope that our many achievements and accolades will highlight our commitment to providing you with an excellent level of service: Shortlisted for ‘Best Management Strategy’ in the 2015

‘Runner up’ in the ‘Young People Award’ - presented at the

Springboard Awards for Excellence

Springboard Awards for Excellence in 2011

Our training programme was established in 1968 and has a

Consortium growth since formation - 100%

reputation in the industry that is second to none

Hardiman, a Concord trainee in the early 1980s. As a Concord ‘graduate’, Graham worked his way swiftly up the management ladder, accepting posts all over the world, as far away as Australia,

Concord’s training partner, HTP Training, recognised by

We pride ourselves on our strong links with many

Ofsted as one of the top 12 providers of work-based training

organisations, including the Institute of Hospitality and

in the UK

Springboard UK, as well as our training partner, HTP Training

One such success story is that of Graham

Strong relationships forged with colleges across the UK, with

Concord Management Development Programme - endorsed

35-40 recruits selected every year and 60 trainees on the

by The Institute of Hospitality in 2008, and re-endorsed every

scheme at any one time - all of them BTEC and NVQ qualified

USA, and the West Indies. After a six-year General Manager post at Bournemouth’s Highcliff, with ultimate responsibility for the success of many major conferences, including two Conservative Party Annual Conferences, he took on an equally challenging role as General Manager of a

two years since

For any hotel, in an industry where the people employed can make

large luxury resort on Barbados’s

‘Education Award’ - presented at the Springboard Awards for

or break the business, the calibre of trainees is of paramount

prestigious Platinum West Coast.

Excellence in 2009 (and shortlisted for the same award in

importance. Over 1,300 young, talented, hard-working and


enthusiastic people have so far successfully completed the Concord

‘Highly commended’ in the ‘Best Management Strategy’ presented at the Springboard Awards for Excellence in 2011

programme, with many now occupying senior positions within the industry.

Graham Hardiman, Managing Partner The Mystery Partnership, an international hospitality mystery customer company


The Concord Financial Model As a non-profit organisation, we are owned, funded and governed by our members. We exist to serve the needs of our members and the wider industry in which we operate. Who’s who in the Management Committee? Membership Admission Running costs are funded by an annual membership subscription paid by each member hotel, an amount that is

Chairman Gareth Davies, General Manager

he will organise a personal visit to the hotel to consider its suitability for

Chilston Park Hotel, Kent

membership. A detailed report is then presented to the Management Committee

proposed by the Group Training Officer at the AGM and agreed by members. Each new member pays a fee when joining the organisation. The member

Once an interest in joining has been registered with the Group Training Officer,

for their joint consideration. If a recommendation to accept an application of the Treasurer David Oxley, Human Resources Manager The Victoria Hotel, Sidmouth

potential new member is agreed, the Committee will write to each existing member, detailing the application. Each member has 14 days in which to make any comments. If adverse comments are received, they will be discussed at the

hotel is responsible for paying the

Committee Member

relevant Committee meeting. In order to become a member, a two thirds majority

trainee’s salary and providing them with

Mark Dridge, General Manager

of the Committee is required. Members may either be individuals, limited

full board and lodgings. In order to offer

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

companies or nominated representatives of partnerships.

cost effectiveness for our members, whilst still attracting and retaining the best trainees, the wage is set at a competitive level, proposed by the

Group Training Officer Glen Harrison Management Committee

Group Training Officer at the AGM and

Marketing Communications Manager

agreed by the members.

Meryl Pickering Support to Management Committee

Contact Details for Membership Application Glen Harrison MIH, Group Training Officer Tel: 01424 222631 Mobile: 07970 331034 Email: [email protected]


Current Concord Member Hotels



67 Seabourne Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN40 2SS Tel: 01424 222631 email: [email protected] Website: Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter