Concord-Nanae Network - Town of Concord

Concord-Nanae Network - Town of Concord

between the school and the community. Sources of Funding For many years, Sam Alexander generously coordinated swing dances at the Concord Scout House ...

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between the school and the community. Sources of Funding For many years, Sam Alexander generously coordinated swing dances at the Concord Scout House with his wife Jane and, in recent years, with Susan Chivvis and Rick Moore. The Committee received thousands of dollars of financial support from these events for nearly two decades. Owing to an attenuation of interest from dancers in the western suburbs of Boston, the Committee suspended these dances in 2009. Donations from Concord citizens as well as contributions of goods and services continue to sustain the work of the Committee. Future Directions Under the direction of Beatriz Desloges, the Committee will sponsor a trip for Concord-Carlisle Regional High School students to San Marcos for cultural immersion, study, and community-service in early summer 2009. The Committee’s Web site is at: http://www.concordnet. org/pages/ConcordMA_BComm/San%20Marcos

(cir) in Nanae has a website in which he writes about his experiences in Nanae (cir.concordcarlisle.wikispaces. net). The cir is a young Concordian hired by Nanae Town to teach their residents about Concord and to facilitate the Sister City relationship.

Concord students interacted in playful cross-cultural experiences with visitors from Nanae

Concord-Nanae Network (cnn) Tom Curtin, Chair Judy Terry, Vice-Chair


his past year included the successful continuation of a number of programs and the creation of new ones. The Internet has spurred innovative ways to initiate and maintain relationships with Nanae’s people.

Nanae Network Principals Lunch

Use of the internet has flourished this year. Bobby Kargula, the current Coordinator of International Relations 2009 Annual Report

Thoreau School teacher Susan Erickson continues to write a regular classroom blog with Onuma Elementary School teacher Yuki Arai. In December, their classes skyped each other, quite an accomplishment given the time difference. Thoreau library/media specialist Karen Pettyjohn regularly shares highlights of Bobby Kargula’s site with her students. Willard School teacher Barbara Lehn and Togeshita Elementary School teacher Tomomi Ishikawa have initiated a long-term math project where their students will share their results through the Internet. Tom Curtin has produced a website (concordnanae. that shares information about each town in English and Japanese. Ways are being explored with cctv to live broadcast the cchs Concert Band Human Services – 131

concert from Nanae on April 19, 2010. Miranda Morrison, deferring her entrance to college, volunteered at the Nanae Town Office. cchs English teacher David Nurenberg led a group of nineteen SciFi Club and World Literature students to Nanae and Sapporo last April where they had a wonderful cross-cultural, interpersonal, and anime experience. Additional SciFi Club students will travel with the cchs Concert Band to Nanae in April 2010. Nanae sent its annual delegation of eight students and six adults in October. The adults, including three farmers, were enthusiastically welcomed by Colonial Gardens, Verrill Farm, Debra’s Natural Gourmet, Silferleaf Farm, Gaining Ground, and the Northeastern Correctional Center. They met with Town Manager Chris Whelan, the staff at the Beede Center, and the Concord Museum. Students and adults toured Willard School and did origami with three classes, after which they spent the afternoon at Drumlin Farm. A potluck supper at cchs was attended by host families, band members, and members of the Concord Nanae Network.

The Thoreau Farm Trust, Inc. Thoreau Farm Trust Box 454, Concord, MA 01742 978.369.3091 [email protected]

Nancy McJennett, President Molly Eberle, Vice President Sally Long, Clerk Lucille Stott, Treasurer Debbie Bier Court Booth Lawrence Buell Brian Donahue Richard Fahlander Kevin Foley Valarie Kinkade Lorna Mack Ellen Foley Rice Melita M. Teichert Joe Wheeler Bill McKibben, honorary member


he Thoreau Farm Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and stewardship of the Henry David Thoreau birthplace, which is listed on the 132 – Human Services

National Register of Historic Places. Once restored, the house will be open to the public as an educational center and community resource. The Honorary Chair of the Trust’s campaign to preserve Thoreau’s birthplace is Robert Pinsky, former U.S. Poet Laureate.

The restoration of the Henry David Thoreau Birth House on Virginia Road nears completion.

At year’s end, the restoration of the ca. 1730 Virginia Road farmhouse was nearing completion. The Trust has received over $900,000 in contributions for the capital costs of the project from many individuals and grantors in Concord and beyond. This includes $200,000 of Community Preservation Funds appropriated by the 2007 Town Meeting for historic restoration and $10,000 in 2009 for landscape restoration. In honor of Thoreau’s environmental legacy, the Trust has integrated green materials and systems into the project wherever possible while maintaining the historic integrity of the structure. Examples include the installation of a low temperature heat pump for heating and cooling and Clivus Multrum composting toilets, as well as the use of soy and cellulose based insulation, FSC-certified wood, roofing shingles made from 95% recycled materials, and low voc paints, sealants, and adhesives. The Trust expects to open the site to the public in the spring for tours and educational programming. Interpretive planning for the house and surrounding landscape and the installation of a core exhibit will be completed prior to the opening with funding provided by Mass Humanities, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Sudbury Foundation. 2009 Annual Report