Conditions, Rules and Regulations of Hire - Mardyke Valley Golf Club

Conditions, Rules and Regulations of Hire - Mardyke Valley Golf Club

Mardyke Valley Golf Club South Road, South Ockendon Essex, RM15 6RR Tel: 01708 855011 Conditions, Rules and Regulations of Hi...

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Mardyke Valley Golf Club South Road, South Ockendon Essex, RM15 6RR Tel: 01708 855011

Conditions, Rules and Regulations of Hire – Issue No2 May 2016 1. All applications for the hire of the function room (hereinafter called “the venue”) shall be made in writing on the form attached hereto and forwarded on completion with the relevant requested deposit. The person by whom the form is signed shall be considered the hirer. 2. Mardyke Valley Golf Club (hereinafter called “MVGC”) reserves the right to refuse any application. 3. Applicant must state in the first instance the nature of the hire application i.e. wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary party etc. MVGC will view all applications on an individual basis. However, for the avoidance of doubt, Birthday parties for applicants under the age of 30 years of age will not be accepted. 4. Hire applications made for the purpose of personal or commercial financial gain such at ticketed events will not be accepted. Such applications made for the purpose of raising funds for a recognised charity will be viewed on an individual basis. 5. All bookings shall be made through the Clubhouse Manager. 6. The hirer, who must be over eighteen years of age, will be required to pay a deposit of £100 which the hirer understands is refundable at the managements’ discretion. Full and final payment in relation to the hire of the facilities MUST be received 14 days prior to the date of hire. Failure to comply will result in access to the venue being denied. 7. All applications for hire are subject to a £100 retainer which is payable 14 days prior to the hire. This will be returned at the discretion of the management as long as the facility has been left in a satisfactory condition as laid out in the ‘Hirer’s Standard’ document (available upon request). Failure to comply with this will result in part or all of the retainer being forfeit and may lead to MVGC seeking to reclaim costs. 8. MVGC may at any time cancel any booking for Golf Club or other MVGC purposes, in which case the hirer would receive the full amount paid as deposit or hire charge but MVGC will not be responsible to loss of any estimated income or any other losses or expenses sustained by the hirer resulting from such cancellation. 9. In all instances, the venue licensed bar must be used in conjunction with the venue hire. No other beverages shall be consumed at the venue during the course of the hire other than those purchased from the licensed bar or those agreed in advance with the Clubhouse Manager. In this instance a ‘Corkage’ charge will be applied and must be paid prior to the commencement of the event. 10. The use of the on-site kitchen facilities is NOT PERMITTED at any time during the course of the hire period. 11. Due to the nature of the golf club activities, customers of the golf course may require to use the bar, toilet and changing facilities during the period of the hire. Although MVGC will endeavour to minimise any inconvenience caused, we therefore cannot guarantee exclusive use of all of the venue facilities during the full course of the hire period. 12. All events at the venue must terminate on the night of the function by midnight, or at such time stipulated in any licence(s) or enactment(s) governing the use of the venue whichever shall be sooner. On all occasions, the licensed bar will be closed at 11.30pm or 30 minutes prior to the event termination. 13. Once a booking has been accepted and the deposit paid to MVGC, should the hirer wish to cancel the booking, the deposit shall be forfeited at the Managements’ discretion.

14. The full hire charge is payable if less than 28 days’ notice is given of cancellation. The notice of any cancellation is to be given in writing and be signed by the hirer as per the booking form. Managements’ discretion will be implemented in extreme circumstances only. 15. MVGC will not be responsible for any claim sustained as a result of the hire and so the hirer shall indemnify MVGC against any damage to or loss of property, or injury to persons, however caused as a result of the hire. 16. The hirer shall bear the cost of replacement or repair if there shall be any loss or damage to fittings, fixtures, equipment or any other property belonging to MVGC. 17. No television performances may be held in the venue unless special prior permission shall have been obtained in writing from the manager who must be satisfied that approval has been received by the hirer from all appropriate authorities, organisations and companies before that permission is given. 18. MVGC will not be responsible for any loss to the hirer due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, Government restriction, act of God or other circumstances which may cause the venue to be temporarily closed or the hire to be interrupted or cancelled. 19. The hirer shall not sub-let or share the hire of the venue or any part thereof for any purpose other than that for which the same is hired or assign or purport to assign benefit or burden of the hire agreement. 20. The hirer shall ensure that good order is maintained throughout the period of hire and will be responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. 21. Venue cleaning is included within the venue hire charge. However, MVGC expects the venue to be maintained at a reasonable level of cleanliness during the period of hire. 22. The hirer shall ensure that the maximum number permitted in the venue of 120 is not exceeded at any time during the course of the hire. 23. Confetti of any type (foil or paper) is NOT PERMITTED in any part of the venue for any purpose. 24. Nothing shall be brought into the venue which is likely in the manager’s opinion, to cause damage to the venue. No nails, tacks or anything whatsoever shall be driven into the fabric of the venue or the venue’s floor. No advertising matter of any sort shall be displayed inside or on the outside of the venue except notices or placards provided by MVGC for that purpose. 25. In all circumstances, passages, gangways and doorways MUST be kept clear and unobstructed at all times. 26. Details must be given to the manager at the time of application of any item of equipment including pulsating lights (e.g. strobes), laser beams or any potentially dangerous apparatus, commercial or otherwise which prospective hirers wish to install, display or utilise in the venue during the hire period and no such equipment shall be installed without the prior written permission of the manager. 27. The hirer shall remove before termination of the hire period all property belonging to him/her prior to vacating the venue. 28. If there shall be any breach of these conditions or if the hirer shall fail to comply with any instructions given to him/her by the manager or other duly authorised member of MVGC staff, the hirer and his assistants/helpers may be excluded from the venue until they comply with such instructions, but without relieving him/her of any of their obligations to MVGC. 29. MVGC operates under a ZERO TOLERANCE of any form of physical, verbal or racial abuse to any member of its staff. Failure to comply will result in prosecution and permanent exclusion to MVGC.