Copy of scan312 - CaltechCampusPubs

Copy of scan312 - CaltechCampusPubs

E ighty--Seventh Annual Commencement June 12) 1981 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Eighty-Seventh Annual Co...

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E ighty--Seventh Annual Commencement June

12) 1981



Eighty-Seventh Annual Commencement


The Commencement Ceremony These tribal rites have a very long history. They go back to the ceremony of initiation fo r new university teachers in mediaeva l Europe. It was then customary for students, after an appropriate apprenticeship to learn ing and the presentation of a thesis as their

masterpiece, to be ad mitted to the Guild of Masters of Arts and granted the license to teach. In the ancient University of Bologna this right was granted by authority of the Pope and in the name of the Holy Trinity. We do not this day claim such high authority. As in any other guild, whether craft or merchant, the mas ter's status was crucial.

In theory at least, it separated the men from the boys, the competent from the incompetent. On the way to his master's degree, a student might collect a bachelor's degree in recognition of the fact that he was half-trained, or partially equipped. The doctor's degree was somewhat different. Originall y indistinguishable from the masters, the doctors gradually emerged by a process of escalation into a supermagisterial rolc- first of all in the higher faculties of theology, law, and medicine. It wi ll come as no surprise that the lawyers had a particulor and early yen for this special distinction. These gradations and distin cti ons are refl ec ted in the quain t and colorful niceties of

academic dress. Of particular interest is the cap or mortarboard. In the form of the biretta it was the peculia r sign of the mas ter. Its use has now spread for beyond that highly select group to school boys and choir girls and even to the nursery school. Sic transit . ... The gown, of course, is the basic livery of the scholar, with its clear marks of rank and status-the pointed sleeves of the bachelor, the oblong sleeves of the master, the full sleeves and velvet trimmings of the doctor. The doctors, too, may depart from basic black and break out into many colors - Harvard crimson or Yale blue or the scarlet splash of Oxford. Color is the very essence of the hood: color in the main body to identify the universi ty; color perhaps in the binding to proclaim the subject of the degree-ora nge for engineering, gold for science, the baser copper for economics, white for art's and letters, green for medicine, purple for law, scarlet for theology, and so on. Size is a further variable, as the hoods tend to leng then from the three feet of the bachelor to the four of the doc lOr. So the bi rds are known by their plumage. With this color and symbolism, which is mediaeval though mutated, we stage our brief momen t of pageantry, paying homage to that ancient community of scholars in

whose shadow we stand, and acknowledging our debt to the university as one of the grea t institu tional constructs of the middle ages. While looking back, howeve r, we also celebrate the achievements of this present generation of students and look forward to the future of these our younger colleagues, whom we now welcome to our midst.

DQ7}id C. Elliot Secretary of tile FacilIty

Academic Procession Chief Marshal, Robert W. Oliver, Ph.D. Assistant Marshals Arden L. Albee, Ph.D.

J. Kent Clark, Ph .D.

Christopher Brennen , Ph.D.

Jenijoy La Belle, Ph.D.

Faculty Officers David L. Goodstein, Ph.D.

E. John List, Ph.D.




R. Stanton Avery, LL.D. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

. Leslie J. Deutsch, Ph.D.



. The Convocation Wind Ensemble Brass and Organ William Bing, M.M., Conductor


Reverend Donald P. Merrifield, S.l. President Loyola Marymount University

COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS "America's Greatest Investment Opportunity: Human Resources" Mrs. Shirley M. Hufstedler, LL.D. Former linited States Secretary of Education Trustee, California Institute of Technolo gy

MUSICAL SELECTION . The Cal tech Men's and Women's Glee Clu bs Monica J. Bown, M.A., Director

Laudate Domil1um, by Marc Antoine Charpentier


Marvin 1. Goldberger, Ph.D.


President California Institute of Technology



For the Degree of Bachelor of Science .

Dean of Studer/ts

Stirling L. Hun tley, Ph.D.

For the Degree of Master of Science.

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Corneliu s J. Pings, Ph.D.

For the Degree of Engineer.

Dean of Graduate St udies

For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

. Dean Pings

Biology .

Leroy E. Hood, M.D., Ph.D. Divis ion Chnirm{UI

Chemistry and Chemical Engi neering

Harry B. Gray, Ph.D. Division Chairman

Engineeri ng and Applied Science .

Roy W. Gould , Ph.D. Div ision Chairman

Arden 1.. Albee, Ph.D .

Geological and Planetary Sciences.

Professor of Geology and C/li ef Scientist, , et Pro pIIlsion Laboratory

Humanities and Social Sciences

Roger G. Noll, Ph.D. Div ision Chairman

Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy


Roch us E. Vogt, Ph.D. Division Chairman


Presiden t Goldberge r


. Reverend Merrifield


. The Convocation Wind Ensemble Brass and Orga n


. Lesl ie Deutsch


Candidates for Degrees BACHELOR OF SCIENCE James Lyle Abbott San Diego, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science James Joseph Angel Baden, Pellll sylvania Engineering and Applied Science and Economics Erdal Arikan Manisa, Turkey Electrical Engineering lawrence Jeffrey Alherlon San Diego, California Chemical Engineering Nathaniel Jecorey Bachman Portia lid, Oregon Ma thematics Neil J. Barabas Granada Hills, CalifoTllia Engineering and Applied Science John William Belliveau San Mateo, California Chemistry Donald R. Benlon Escondido, California Physics David Anders Berge Salt Lake City, Utah Applied Physics Stacey Marie Bilski Goleta, California Enginee rin g and Applied Science Bonnie Leigh Blamick Altamonte Springs, Florida Biology Mary Agnes Bolton Los Alamitos, California Chemi stry David Stout Bradburn Marlhattan Beach, California Engineering and Applied Science Lynette Diane Brown Yuba City, California Biology Robert Dean Brunkhorst Colorado Springs, Co lorado Chemical Enginc'Crin g Mark Steven Burnett Lompoc, Ca lifomia Geophysics BreI Sleven Burns Lan caster, Califomia Applied Physics Kenncth Lawrence Campos Fresno, Ca lifomia Biology David E. Carlan Pa sadena, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Jefferson William Chen SO llth Pasadena, Califomia Chemistry John Te-Chung Chiang Van couver, British Columbia, Canada Engineering and Applied Science Terry Teh-I Chiang Taipei, Taiwall, Republic of China Physics Kwok Wing Chow Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science Min-Kun Chung Cerritos, California Physics Palrick Gene Coin FayetteVille, North Carolina Engineering and Applied Science Roberl Charles Colgrove San Diego, Ca lifornia Chemistry Michael P. Connolly Milwaukee, Wi sconsin Biology Thomas Edward Cowan Pasadena, California Physics Kenl Douglas Daniel San Illall Capistrano, Califomia Physics Kris Paul Dehnel San Angelo, Texas Electrical Engineering Jeffrey Jay Derby

Richfield, Minnesota

Chemical Engineering

Swde11l s wh ose n ames appear in b old face type til e bejng YOte of l11e faculty .

in accordance wi th a



with honur

BACHELOR OF SC IENCE - Contilll/ed David Hamilton Drum SlIdbllry, Ma ssachllsetts Chemistry Bryan Charl es Dunkcld Portlalld,Oregoll Engineering and Applied Science Eric Hansen Eichorn Napa, Calif a TIl ia Engineering and Applied Science David B. Ellison Belmont, Cali/omia Engineering and Applied Science Joel Brian Ennis Stllart, Florida Physics An ne Lana Erdmann Fairfield. California Biology Richard Robert Erickson Overland Park, Kallsas Electrical Engineer ing Daniel Armstrong Erwin Seattle, Wa s/,ill gton Applied Physics Eric Pharr Etheridge Atlallta, Georgia Engineering and Applied Science Peter Dean Farson Glelldale, California Engineering and Applied Science John Go rdo n Faughnan St. Laurent, Quebec, Can ada Chemistry John F. Fill Glen Ellyn, Wi/lOis Mathematics Christopher John Finch Burballk, California Geology Davis Wallace Finley

Austill, Texas


William Shan-Chen Fong Hong Kong Chemica l Eng ineering Kevin P. Gambrel Corona, CalifoTllia Engineering and Appli ed Science William Gee, Jr. Amarillo, Texas Engineering and Applied Science Andrew John Gellman Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Chemistry Glen Arthur George W estland, Michigall Engi neering and Applied Science Saeid Ghamaty Tehran, Iran Physics Gary Glassmoyer Costa Me sa, CalifoTllia Geophysics Natalie Sue Gluck Aurora, Co lorado PhYSics

Bettendorf, Iowa Astronomy Setauket, New York Ma thematics and Literature Terry Michael Grant Kellt, Washill gto n Chemical Engineering Marci Lyn n Gray Pass aic Towllship , New Jersey Engineering and Applied Science Mark Russell Greenstreet Oak Harbor, Washingtoll Electrical Engineering William Tod Gross 51re,man Oaks, Cali/omia Engineering and Applied Science Erik W. Gunderson Appleton, Wi sconsin Biology Thomas Lee Guthrie Cleveland Heigl,ts, Oh io Engineering and Applied Science Nathan Walter Haase La Crescellta, California Electrical Engi neering Francis James Haggerty San Francisco, California Engineering and Applied Science Shahram Hamidi Tehran, Iran Physics and Engineering and Applied Science Debora h Ann Henriquez Miramar, Florida Engineering and Applied Science Jo hn Edward He rshberger Elbertoll, Georgia Applied Mathematics and Literature Ted Hesselro th Columbia Heights, Millnesota Physics Richard Brooks Holmes South Lake Tahoe, California Physics Eric John Hoistege San Francisco, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Robert Warner Goodrich

Daniel Martin Gordon


BACHE LOR OF SC IENCE-Con tinued Pui Kwan Andy Hong Kennedy Town, Hon g Kong Chemi stry John Thomas Hopeck Brooklyn, New York Geology and Literature James D. Horn Santa Fe, New Mexico Engineering and Applied Science James Joseph Host Los Angeles, California Bio logy

Fontana, Califomia Applied Physics Taipei, Nepll ulic of Ci,ina Engin eering and Applied Science John Patri ck Huber Ora nge, California Engi nee rin g and Applied Science Susan Elizabeth Hunts Cllpertino, Califo",ia Engineering and Applied Scien ce Joseph Hurliman, Jr. Othello, Wa shing ton Chemical Engineering Jill Tina Ibers Evanston, Il linois Chemistry Craig Howard Jones Wo odland Hills, Ca lifomia Geop hysics Michael Juda Roellester, New York Physics Alan KazlIo Kamei Anaheim, California Chemica l Engi neering Sco tt Allen Karns Ciletepa, Kansas Engineering and Applied Science Herber t Kay BellllOnt, Ma ssachu set ts Engi neering an d Appli ed Science James Emery Kend all Pasadena, Ca liforn ia Biology Dan iel Jo hn Kerns San Francisco, Califomia Engineering an d Applied Science Alexander Kharev Moscow, U.S.S.R. Mathematics Henry Ham Chung King Hong Kong Eng inee ring and Applied Science Christopher H. Kingsley East Nort hport, New York Engineering and Applied Science Chesda Kiri r. tnikom Bangkok, Thailand Chemical Engi neering Clinton Neal Knott Ellgene, Oregon Physics Eric John Korev. ar La Jolla, California Physics Michael Walter Koza Pasadena, Ca lifornia Engineerin g and Applied Science Hin-Wing Kui HOllg KOllg App lied Physics Kerry Sunao Kurasaki Los Altos, Ca lifornia Engineerin g and App lied Science larry Allen lader Avaloll, Wi scoll sin Applied Mathemat ics Denni s Kang- Pur Lam Hon g Kong Engineering and App lied Science Ja mes Patrick landon Tacoma , Wa s/lillgto n Biology Daniel Keith La th rop Canoga Park, California Physics Frederic William Cornelius ledeboer XV Los Allgeles, Califomia Enginee ri ng and David N. Howard

Gary Chi-Hwei Hsieh

Applied Science Paul K.kui lee San Leandro, California

Eng ineerin g and Applied Science

Dorian Liepmann Past/dena, California Chemical Engi neering Terry Jay Ligocki Reeseville, Wisconsin Mathematics and Engineering and Applied Science Derek Scott Lillie Greemv ich, ComlCcticut Eng ineering and Applied Science Christopher Jo hn Lindblad Portland, Orego n Engi neering and Applied Science



Evanstoll , Illin ois Engineering and Applied Science Elm/",rst, New York Engi neering and Applied Science lohn Arthur Lovbe rg Sari Diego, California Physics Michael Ernest Lucero EI Monte, Califomi a Physics Bonaventura Francesco Luisi Fremont, Ca lifornia Chemistry Christopher Paul Lutz East Orange, New lersey Engineering and Applied Science Robert Blake Maffit Sr, .rman Oaks, California Engineering and Appli ed Science Grace Hway-Jwin Mah Northridge, Ca lifornia Engi neering and Applied Science Maqsood Mahmud St. LOllis, Mis souri Engi neering and Applied Science Anees h Vasant Manoha r Bombay, llldia Physics William Kenneth Ma rs hall Dowlley, California Applied Physics Bruce Dav id Martin To rrance, Califomia Chem istry Kreg Allen Martin SOlita Clara, California Engin eering and Applied Science Peter John Martin La ,01/0, Californ ia Physics Bruce Bryce McArthur San Diego, Ca lifomia Physics Thomas Oliver McCabe San Francisco, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science John Boye tt McCluskey T1l Pendleton, Orego n Engineering and Applied Science Jam es Pa trick McDermott Cliffside Park, New Jersey Engi neering and Applied Pamela Logan Alan Eton Loh


Pat rick A. McMurtry Su nn ymead, Califomia Engineerin g and Applied Science Ronald Lee Merkord Corpus Ch risti, Texas Applied Physics Michael Shawn Meyer San Diego, California Phys ics Joe Louis Miller, Jr. Costa Mesa, California Engineering and Applied Science David Jo hn Mills La Mesa, California Ma thematics and Social Science Korak Mitra Denver, Colorado Engineering and Applied Science Mark Madison Morrisset

EI Cajon, California

Engineering and Applied Science

Koko K. Naze rian Pasadena, California E~gi n eer ing and Applied Science Michael R. Nelson Kent, Wa sh in gtoll Geology Michael Orel Newton Severna Park, ManJland Mathematics Charles Rudolph Nichols Pasadena, California Engineering and Applied Science Leslie Thomas Niles W/lidb ey 'slalld, Wa shillgton Physics and Engineering and Applied Science lames Malcolm Erwin Nuckols Carpinteria, Californ ia Engineering and Appli ed Science

John Vincent Caii iz.res Nyc Metro Manila, Philippines Phys ics No rma 'ean Ofsthun Depew, New York Chemical Engineering Randall Ed ward Okubo White Bear Lake, Minllesota Chemical Engi neering Todd Culver Olson Seattle, Wa shing tOil Physics Charles Rowley O 'Neil Alamo, Ca lifornia Engineering and Applied Science


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE - Continlied Sethu Pa laniappan Petaling ' aya, Malaysia Enginee rin g and Applied Science lay Wi lliam Parker Bloomington, Ca lifo m ia Electri ca l Eng ineeri ng Pirooz Parvarclndeh Tehra n, [ran Electr ica l Engineerin g Dan iel I. Pernich Rock Springs, Wyoming Chemistry Celia R. Pe te rson Bloomi"gto n, l"di ana Chemis try Mary Elle n Pete rson Sa n Diego, Ca lifom ia Engineeri ng and Applied Science and Chemistry Jo hn Russell Plate nal< A ll aheim, Califomia Chemistry lo hn Larry Po rter, Ir. Alexal1der, Arkansas Physics

Redlands, Califom ia Engin eering and Applied Science Mark W , Ra ndo lph Pasa dena, Califomia Phys ics Said Rashe dma rondy Tellran, Irall Engineering and Applied Science and Wer ner Hans Pyka

Mathem fttics

Russell Lawrence Reder

Glenview, Illinois Chemical Enginee rin g

John W, Reeds III Tho llsand Oaks, Califo mia Engineeri ng and Applied Science Alison lean Re inbold A nchorage, Alaska Biology Jean Mari e Ric hter La Mesa, Califom ia Geochemis tr y Wi lliam Manuel Rojas Daytona lieach, Florida Electrical Engineering Matthew Alan Ronning Ridgecres t, Califomia Eng ineering and Applied Science Mark leffrey Roske r La Ca nada , Ca liforni a Physics Da nie l M. Rov ne r

East Lansing, Mich igan

M ar tin Joseph Ru zek

Man itowoc, W iscon sin

S, S, Sabharwal New Delhi, Ill dia Phys ics Ma rk Edword Saffm an Pasadena, Califomia

Engineeri ng and Applied Science Geochemi s try

Applied Physics

Christophe r Dovid Schlueter Seattle, W asllingtoll Chemical Engineering Russell Mark Schmalenberger Sant a A na, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Steven p, Schneide r Chicago, Illinois Engi neering and Applied Science Deepak Shantilal Shah San ta Rosa, Califom ia Engineering and Applied Science Arthu r Ellio tt She iman Great Neck, New York Electrical Engi neering Mark Scott Sheldo n Boise, Idaho Engineering and Applied Science Pete r Willisto n Sho r Mill Valley, Ca lifo mia Mathemati cs Jo hn I. Sidorowich Wh itehollse Station, New ' ersey Physics Ira lo nothon Simo n LOllg Beach, Califo rn ia Engineering and Applied Science Paul Hyron Smi th Dallas, Texas Chemical Engineering Ray Edward Snyder Orange, Ca lifomia Engineeri ng and Applied Science Paul N, Spathis Athens, Greece Physics Bre tt Alve rson Spivey HOliston, Texas Physics John Reese Ste mbridge La Crescenta, Califo rnia Mathematics


BACHELOR OF SC IENCE -- COIlIi'lII ecf Stuart Ke ller Stephens

Bells, Ten nessee


Alphonse Chri stopher Sterling Fresno, Califom ia Physics lo rgos Christos Styli anos loa,,,,ina, Creece Physics

Fan-Chia Tao Wi/tOil , Con11C!cticut. Electrica l Engineering Terry Blane Tho mason Decatllr, Georgia Chemical Engi neering Ker in Thompson Sa" Diego, California Biology Gary Alan Tornquist Paso Robles, Ca lifornia Enginee rin g and App lied Science Niklas Gerard Tra ub Altadella, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Tawach Ungsuwa rungsri Ballgkok, Tltailm,d Engi neering and Applied Science Gregory Pall l Vaccaro Newport Beach, Ca lifomia Engineering and Applied Science Frederick Ri chard Vachss Hillsdal e, New Jersey Applied Mathematics David Edward Valdez Riverside, Califontia Engineering and Applied Science Carolyn Ann Venge r Las Vegas, Nevada Biology Chr istopher Davis Vestllto Whitehorse, Yllkoll Territory , Call ada Biology Stuart lay Vincent Long Beaell, California Chemistry Kelv in H. Wagner Pllllmall , Washingtoll Applied Physics Patrick Kevin Walp Pasadena, California Engi neering and App lied Science Michael Roger Walsh Seattle, Wa shingtoll Applied Mathematics Ralph Cecil Weeks Housto n, Texas Engineerin g and Applied Science Christopher Harold Wendt St. Palll, Mi'1rteso ta Physics Bradley T. Werner Wauwatosa. Wisconsi n Physics laura Helen Wesson Goleta, Califomia Mathematics lohn Charles Whitehead Tuxedo, New York Biology George Wa lton Williams V Durham , Nortll Caro lin" Mathematics and Engineering and Applied Science Richard Coale Willson Littletoll, Colora do Chemical Engineering David Tak-Sing Vue"

Sail Francisco, Ca lifomia

John Boyd Zacha rias Marietta, Georgia lo nas Zmuidzinas Glendale, Califomia

Chem istry

Appli ed Mathematics Physics


MASTER OF SC IENCE Rajapi llai Veluppillai Ahilan (Civil Engineering) B.Sc., Unive rsity of l eeds 1980. David Thomas Allen (Chem ica l Engineering) B.5., Cornell Universi ty 1979. David Verge Baxter (Applied Physics) S.5c., University of Alberta 1979. James Hugh Bayless (Physics) B.S., Californi a Institute of Technology 1980. David Joseph Atwood Bliss (Environmental Ellgilleering Scicllce) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1980; B.A., Whitman College 1980. Phili ppe Guy Boita (Mechanica l Engineering) Dipl6mc d'lngcnieur, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique et d'Aero techniquc 1980. Rob Bonney (Engineering Science) B.S., Tulane University 1979. Hugues Barnet dit VOl'geat (Materials Science) Dipl6me d'ingenieur, Ecole Centrale de lyon 1979; D.E.A., Universite Claude Bernord, lyon 1979· Alan Richard Breight (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Missouri, Rolla 1980 . Ell iott Rowe Brown (Applied Physics) B.S., University of California, Los Angeles 1979· Thomas Douglas Burton (Electrical Engineering) B.5., Virg inia Poly technic Institute and State Universi ty :1980. An tonio Carreon Carpio

(Mechan ica l Engin eering) Tngeniero, ln stituw Politecnico Nacion.11978. Joel Ga ry Chaiken (Mechanical Ellgi neering) B.S ., Columbia University 1980. Albert Lee Cha rles (Mechanical Engineering) B.S., Uni ve rsity of Missouri, Rolla 1978 . Constantine Chazap is (Applied Mechanics) B.Sc., The Ci ty University, London 1980. Kasivisvanathan Chc1 vak um ar (Applied Mechanics) B.Sc., University of Sri Lanka 1980 . Jefferson William Chen (Ch emistnJ) B.S., California In stitute of Technology 1981 . Glen John Cherepon (Civil Engineeri ng) B.5., University of Vi rgi nia 1978. Joanna Marie Chiariro (Electrical Engi neering) B.S., Uni versity of Maryland 1980. Artu ro O valle Cifuentes (Civi l Engineering) Ingeniero Civil. Universidad de Chile 1977· !lan Cohen (Electrical Engilleering) Ingcn ieur Civi l Mecanici en et Electricien, Universite Libre De Bruxelles 1979, Cont rol Systems Enginee r 1980. James Loui s Conca (Geochem istry) Sc.B., Brown University 1979. Philippe Mi chel Castes (Civil Eng ineering) Dipl6me d'lngeniellr, Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures '979. Francis Claude Cou illard (Mechanical Engineering) Ingcnieur Mecanicien-Electricien, Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, du Ba timent et de l' lndustri e '979. Christopher Thomas Creaven (Geophysics) B.5., Bridgewater State College '979 . Rod olphe Guy Cris tiano (Mechan ical Engineering) Dipla me d' lngenieur, Ecole Nationale Supcrieurc des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg 1980.



(Geology) B.s., Wayne State University '979. (Mechanical EngiIJeering) Lnurea in Ingcgnerin Meccanica, Universitlt degli Studi di Pisa 1978. Adelaide D'Ambrosio (Mechanical [ngineering) Dottore in Ingegneria Meccanica, Univers ita degli Studi di Genova 1972. Antonio De Candia (Electrical Engineering) . Allen Mark Dewey (Electrical E11gineerillg) D.S., Texas A&M University '980. Kathryn Leonard DeWitt (Electrical Engineering) D.S .E., Duke University 1980. Russell George DeWitt, Jr. (Electrical Enginee ri ng) D.S.E., Duke University 1980. Benjamin Paul Dolgopolsky (Applied Physics) M.s., Lening rad Electrotechnical Institute '975. Yves Jacques Doucet (C ivil Engineering) Dipl6me d'lngenieur, Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures 1980. Paul Nathan Dunl ap (Chemical E7lgineering) B.S.Chem.E., University of Colorado 1978 . Charles David Edwards, Jr. (Physics) A.B., Princeton UniversitY_1979. Sing.ravelu Elangovan (Ma terials Science) B.Sc., St. Joseph's College '977; B.E., Indian Institute of Science '980. Charles William Engelhardt Jr. (Civil Engineering) B.s., Purdue University 1980. Gary Herbert' Fischer (Electrical E11gineerin8) B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute '9 80 . Michael David Foote (Physics) A.B., Cornell University 1978. Dewey Alcott Frech (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Northern Arizona University '980. Lucien Froidevaux (Planetary Science) B.S., University of California, Los Angeles 1976 . Susan Elizabeth Fuhs (Mechanical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1980. Michael Robert Gabrielli (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign '980. Steven Leslie Gay (Electrical Engineering) B.S ., University of Missouri, Rolla '979. Gary Glnssmoyer (Geoph ysics) B.S., California Institute of Technology '981. Mush. Gray (Computer Scie nce) B.Sc., Technion-Israel Institu te of Technology 1976. Michele Andree Grivillcrs (Electrical Engineering) Diplome d'lngcnicur, Ecole Superieure d'Ingcnieurs en Electrotechnique et Electroniquc 1980. Craig Warren Gustafson (Physics) 2;B., Massachuselts Institu te of Technology 1978. Michael Lee Harmon (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Maine at Orono 1980 . Thomas Martin Hearn (Geophysics) B.S., University of California, Riverside 1978. Anne M. Hofmeister (Geology) B.S., (-[arvey Mudd College 1976; M.s., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1978. Rosemarie Cubba

Luea d'Agostino


MASTER OF SCIENCE-Continued Philip Alan Hookham (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of JIlinois at Urbana. Champaig n '979. Russell Duane lIoward (Aeronalltics) B.S., Cali fornia Institu te of Technology '977 ; M.A., University of California. Berkeley '979. Thomas R. Howard (Chemistry) A.B., University of California, Berkeley '978.

(Environmental Engineering Science). (Civil Engineering) B.E., University of Auc kl and 1980. Michael P.n ayiotis Karyeaclis (Mechanical En gineering) B.5., Harvey Mudd College 1980 . Richard Paul Keller (Geophysics) B.A., B.5. , University of California, Santa Barbara

D aniel Jacob

Nicholas Patrick Jones

'975· Karyn Theresa Knoll


S.B., Massachuse lts Institute of Technology

197 8 . Constantin e Kravar is (Chemicnl Engineering) Diploma, Natio nal Technic~l University o f Athens '979. Mi'chael Alan Kroupa - (Planetary Science) B.A ., The University of Chicago '979.

(E lectrica l Engineering) B.Sc., University of Hong Kong '979. (Electri cal Engineering). Ronald Robert (CIielllical Engineering) B.S. , University of JIlinois at Urbana. Champ aign '979. L.uen·Hin Kwok

Didier Lacroix

louis Lama rche (Aeronautics) Montreal '979.

Christopher LaMendola at Buffalo 1980.

(Elec trical Engin eering)

(Physi cs)

Koo n l'lang Lau

Bachclicr en Ingcnicric, Ecole Poly techniq ue de

B.S., State University of New York

B.A., University of California, Berkeley 1978.

Stephen Koon·Yee Lau (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Uni vers ity of California, Berkeley '980. Patrick Laurieux (Mechallica l Engilleering) Ingc nieur Arts et Metiers, Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Mc tiers 1980. Tuan Anh Le

(E lectrical Engineering)

B.S., Uni ve rsity of Misso uri, Rolla '979.

Ronan}. Le Bms (Geophysics) Ingenieur Civil, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Poris '979. Ricky K. Leo (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Universi ty of Wyoming '980. Joseph Anthony Leone

(Chemical E1Igineering)

B.E., Youngstown State University

'979· Pui· Tang Leung

(Physics) B.5c., Chinese University of Ilong Kong '979. (ComplIter SCiellce) B.S ., California Institute of Technology

Robert Kenneth Lewis

'97 2 . Chu en·Der Lien

(Electrical Engi neering)

Jane Ming·Chin Lin (Aeronalltics) Technology '980.

B.S., National Taiwan University 1978.

B.S., Iowa State University of Science and

MASTER OF SCiENCE - Contirzued Tzu-mu Lin (COIn/JUt er Science) B.S., National Taiwan University 1978. Fai Ma (Engineering Science) B.Sc., University of Hong Kong '977. Douglas Alan Macdonald (Physics) B.S., Florida State University '975. Emmanuel Antony Maragakis (Civil Engilleering) Diploma, National Technical University of Athens '980. Daniel Margoliash (Ellgineerin g Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology '975 · Catherine Clai re Marshall (Computer Science) B.S., Cali fornia Institute of Technology '977 . Madhav Mehra (Materials Scien ce) B.Tech ., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 19 80. Marcus Holden Mendenha ll (1'IIysics) B.A., Washington University '979. Richard Craig Mosteller (Computer Sciellce) B.S., Northrop Institute of Technology 1968 . Xavier Mottet (Civil EII8illeerin8) Ingenieur ETP, Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics '980. Michael Steven Muha (Applied Physics) B.S., University of Southern California '979. John Anthony Murphy (Physics) B.Sc., University College '977; M.Sc., '979· Afshin Nassiri (Aeronautics) 13.5., Illinois Institute of Technology '980. Dean Paul Neikirk (Applied I'llysics) B.S., Oklahoma State University '979. Hai Ngoc Nguyen (Electrical En8ineerin8) B.S., Oklahoma State University 1980. Christian Michael Nielsen (Mechanical Ell8illeering) B.S., California Polytechnic State Universit y, San Luis Obispo 1980. Nutan Kumari Pande (CllClnical Erzgineerirz8 ) B.S., University of California, Berkeley '979. Salvador Parisi (Mechanical Erz8illeering) B.S., Utah State University '980. David Bruce Parlour (Electrical En8ineerin8) B.Eng., Carleton University '980. Jer(;me Perigne (Aerol/autics) lngcnieure, Ecole Central de Lyon '980. Marianna Plastourgou (Envirol/menta l En8ineering Science) B.Sc., The University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1980. Ian H. Redmount (PhYSiCS) 13.5., Michigan State University 1978. Antonio Arevalo Reyes (/3iolo8Y) B.S., University of the Philippines '975. Sally Miranda Rigden (Geolo gy) B.Sc., Australian National University '977. Harry Francis Robey, III (Aeronautics) B.S.E., Duke University '979. Leonid lakov Rudin (Co ,npuler Science) M.S., Odessa University 1976. Raghvendra Sahai (A strollomy) M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1978. Ka-Yiu San (Chemical Engineerill8) B.S., Rice University 1978. Bonny Laura Schumaker (Pllysics). Richard Lawrence Segal (Computer Science) B.5., University of California, Irvine '979·


MASTER OF SCIENCE -Continued Byron Bong Siu (Ph ysics) B.A., Princeton University '979· John Stephen Smith (Applied Ph ysics) B.S., California Insti tute of Technology 1980. David Bruce Squires (Electrical Ellgineering) B.Eng., McMaster University 1980. Peter Hans Stahlecker (Appli ed Mechanics) Vordiplom, Universitiit Stuttga rt 1978. Stuart Keller Stephens (Geophysics) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1981. Alan Thomas Stone (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., University of Maryland 1978. Larry K. Temple (Electrica l Eng ineering) B.S., Ohio University 1980. Alastair James Thompson (Computer Science) B.Sc., Manchester University 1978. Steve Joseph Tillman (Electrical Engineering) B.5., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1980. Thomas Edward Tkaci k (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Virginia 1980. Peter Ping Tak Tong (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Hawaii '980. John Robert Torczynski (Applied Physics) B.A., Rice University '979. Daniel Herbert Turnbull (Applied Mathematics) B.5c., Brock University 1978. Kerry John Vahala (Electrical Engilleerit/g) B.S ., California Institute of Technology '9 80. Timothy Edwin Van Eck (Electrical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1980. Cri sto Daniel Vanevic (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Rutgers Unive rsity '980. Mark Alan Voelker (Physics) B.S., California State University, Long Beach 1978. Gregory Edward Vorbach (Electrical Engineering) B.E., State University of New York at Stony Brook 1980. Marianne Carol Walck (Geopllysics) A.B., Hope College 1978. Daniel Wenkert (Planetary Science) B.A-:-, Ri-.;uni,;ersity 1977. Daniel Steven Whelan (Computer Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1979· Telle Elizabeth Whitney (Computer Scie nce) B.S., University of Utah 1978. Stephen Wilkowski (Electrical Engineering) B.E., The Cooper Union '980. David Daniel Wolfe (Electrical E"gilleeri"g) B.S., Montana Sta te University '980. Hon-Chi Yu (Electrical E"ginefring) B.5., Polytechnic Institu te of New York 1980. Jeffrey Alan ZcJt (Aeronau tics) B.Sc., University of British Columbia 1980. Carl Kirk Ziegler (Applied Mechani cs) B.5 ., University of California, Santa Barbara 1980 .

ENGINEER phuc The Doan

(A eronalltical E"gineer)

B.S., M.S., University of Minnesota 1978.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DIVISION OF BIOLOGY G. Aston-Jones (Neurobio logy) B.A., University of Virginia 1973· Thesi s: The Behavioral Physiology of Loc us Coeruleus Neurons. John Richard Bell (Biochemistnj) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology "97" . Thesis: The Isolatio n and Par tial Biochem ical Anal ysis of Sind bis Virus Proteins. Arlene Yuen-Chin Chiu (B iology) B.A., Stanford University 1968; ~ University of Washington 1969. Thesis: Biochemical and Immunohistochemical Studies of the Egg-La ying Ho rmone of

ApJys;n cali/ornica: Purification, Pr imary Structure, Neurosecretion an d Morphological Distribution. Ma rk Morris Davis (Molecular Biology) B.A., Johns Hopkins Uni ve rsity "974. Thesis: Programmed DN A Rearrangements During Differen ti ation: Immunoglobulin Class Switching. Deanna Ojala Johnson (MoleCHlar Biology) B.s., Washingto n State University 1967; M.s., Ca lifornia Institute of Technology "979. Thesis: Transcription of the HeLa Cell Mitochondrial Genome. Nelson Daniell Johnson (Biochemistry) B.S., California In stitute of Technology "974. Thesi s: An Analysis of Patterns of Diversity in Antibodies wi th Defined Specificity. Elizabeth Hardy Lacy (Biolo gy) B.A ., Unive rsity of Pennsylvania "974. Thesis: The Structure, Expression and Chromosomal Arrangement of Rabbit f)-G lobin Genes. Joyce Ellen Lauer (Biology) A.B., Radcliffe College "974. Thesis: Molecular Cloning ot the Human a-GloDin Gene Famil y. Charles Moen Rice, III (Biochemistry) B.s., Uni versity of California, Davis "974. Thesis: Studies on the Structural Proteins of Sindbis Vi rus. Thomas Dean Sargent (Biochemistry) A.B., Indi ana Unive rs ity Hp5 . Thesis: The Rat Serum Albumin Gene. James Walter Schilling, Jr. (Molecular Biology) Thesis: Antibody Diversity.

A.B., Princeton University "975.

Brian Seed (Biochemi stnj) B.S., Califo rni a Instit ute of Technology "972. Thesis: I. A Theoretica l Study of the Represe ntation of Genomic Sequences in Partial Digest Libraries. II. Studies of the Bncterioph age T4 Proximall-Ialf Tai l fiber. Wi lson Chia-Siung Wu (Biochemistry) B.A., University of Californi a, Los Angeles 1975· Thesis : Functional Reconstitution of the Purified Acetylcholine Receptor from Torpedo californic•. Whe n morc IlJan one field of s tudy is indicmcd, Ihe firs t is th t' I1Jt1ior (J nd 'he second tmd alhe1s cue m inors.


(Chemistry) B.S., Yale College 1975. Thesis: Approaches to Mncromolcculnr and Supramolccular Structure Determination.

D. Wayne Berman (Chemis try) B.S., Muhlenberg College 1975. Thesis: I. Thermochemistry and Reaction Kinetics of Disolvated Protons by Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectroscopy. II. Thermochemical Studies of Small Fluorocarbons

by Photoionizrltion Mass Spectrometry.

David Scott Bomse (Chemistry) Sc.B., Brown University 1975; M.A., University of Cambridge 1976. ----- - Thesis: Infrared Photochemistry. Russell Leslie Bone (Chemical Etlgitleerillg) B.S., Kansas State University 1975; M.S., California Institute of Technology "977. Thesis: Kinetics and Mechanism of the Co-Oxidation of Aldehydes and Model Organic Sulfur Compounds in Studies Related to the Oxo-Desulfurization of Fucl Oi l and Coal. Duncan William Brown (Chemistry) A.B., Princeton University "975. Thesis: Synthesis and Matrix Isolated Photolysis of 2,J-Dimethylbicyclo[2 .2.0] hexa-2,5-diene-1,4-dicarboxylic Acid Anhydride: A Potential Precursor to 2,3 -D imeth y1-1,4 -dehyd Katherine A. Brown-Wenslcy

(Chemistry) B.S., University of Rochester 1974. Thesis: Formation of Bonds to Carbon at Transition Metal Centers,

Gary W. Brudvig (Chemis try) B.S., University of Minnesota 1976. Thesis: The Nature and Distribution of the Metal Centers in Cytochrome c Oxidase. Douglas Glenn Carson (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of Michigan 1974. Thesis : Solid State NMR at High Magnetic Fields Using Multiple Pulse Techniques. Carla Jutta asewi t (Chemistry) B.A., Universi ty of Colorado 1976. Thesis: I. Electrophilic Reactions of p-Toluenesulfonyl Azide. II. 15N and IBC Nuclear Magnetic Stud ies of Aryldiazoni um Compounds. Effect of Substituent, Solvent and 18-Crown-6. Horace Rainsford Drew III (Chemistry) B.S., Davidson College 1976. Thesis: The High Resolution Structure of DNA by Single-Crys tal X-Ray Methods . Penny Kristen Eidem (CI,emistry) B.S ., San Diego State University 1974. Thesis: An Investigation of the Photochemistry and Structures of Selected Second and Third Row Transition Meta l Complexes. Kenneth Eugene Eigenberg (Chemistry) B.S., Nebraska Wesleyan University 1976. Thesis: The Interaction of Chlorophyll a with Lipids in Model and Natural Membrane Systems. Jane Elizabeth Frommer (Chemis try) B.S., Tufts University 1976. Thesis : Syntheses and Reactions of Polymer-Bound Molybden um Complexes and Hydrogcnolyses of an Alkynyl Cobalt Carbonyl Cluster.

DOCTOR OF PH ILOSOPHY-Contirmed Patricia M, George 197 6 ,

(C hemistr y)

B,S" B,A" California State Unive rsity, Fullerton

Thesis: Electron Attac hm ent Henc ti ons and Photochemistry of Tra ns ition Metal

Carbonyls in the Gas phase and on Surfaces. Richard Randolph Hard y


B.5" illinois Inotitute of Technology 1974.

Thesis: Sl'lIdies of th e Specificity and Function of Imm unog lobulins. I. Relation ship Between Struct ure and Specifici ty jn Dini tfophcnyl-Bind ing Mou se Myeloma

Immunoglobulin s. II . Effector Function Triggering in Immunoglobulins. Brian Herndier

(Chemis try)

B.Sc" Uni versity of Bri ti sh Columbia 1975.

Thesis: Activation of Cell function ; Ph ar macological Agents Wh ich Degranul ate

Mast Cells and Cause Skeletal Muscle to Contract, Albert John Highe (Chemistry) B.S., Uni versity of Mi chigan 1975. Thesis: Ionic Motion in Solid Electrolytes: A Solid Sta te NMR Stud y of Sod ium and Lithium in .B-alumina. John Mitchell Huggins (Chem istry) B.A., Amherst College 1976. Thesis : A Stud y of Fundamental Reac tion Pathways for Tran sition Metal Alk yl Complexes. I. The Reaction of a Nickel Methyl Complex with Alkynes. II, The Mechan ism of Aldehyde Fo rma tion in the Reaction of a Molybdenulll Hydride with Molybdenum Alkyls, Dale Ed ward Ibbotson (Chemica l Engi neering) B.S., University of [J[inois at Urbana-C ham paign 1976. Thesis: A Fund amental Study of NO Reduction wi th Hydrogen over Ir(110). Keiko Kanamori (C/lCm istry) B.A., Tokyo University 1962; B.S., Californi a State Uni ve rsity, Los Angeles 1976. Thesis: I"N Nuclear Magnetic Resona nce Stud ies of the Active Sites of Enzymes and ill vivo Ni trogen Metabolism. Peter M, Koe lsch (ChemistnJ) B.S., Duke University 1976. Thesis : Usc of Masked Quinones in Organic Synthesis : Efforts Directed Towards the Sy nthesis of Tropolonoid N atura l Products. Robert Paul Kreh (C /ICI71ist ry ) B.A., Susquehanna Uni versity 1976. Thesis: The Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Reactivity of Binuclear Copper(l) Compl exes as Mimics of Protein Active Sites.

Geo rge Clark Li sensky (Chemistry) B.A., Ea rlham College 1976. Thes is : Reactions of Multidentate-Ligand Copper(l) Complexes with Dioxygen. Thomas Paul Lockhart (Chemi stry) B.S., Duke Un iversity 1976. Thesis: The Chemist ry of 1,4-Dehyd robenzenes. James Arthur Mi ller (Chemistry) B.S., Uni versity of Oregon 1975. Thesis: Studies on Ligand Binding to the I-listrioni cotoxin and the Agonist Binding Sites of Membran e Bound Acetylcholine Receptor from Torpedo caliromica. Randall Heywood Morse (Chemis try) B.A., Ka lama zoo College 1976. Thes is: EPR Spectroscopic Studies of the Active Sites of Some Heme- and CopperContaining, Oxygen- Binding Proteins.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued John Victo r Nelson (Chem istry ) B.5., Carn egie-Mellon University 1976. Thesis : I. The Stereochemis try of the [),) J Si gmatropic Rearrangemen t of 1,5-diene3-alko xides. II . Stereoselective Aldol Condensa tions via Dialkylboron Enolates . William Lee O lbricht (Chemica l Eng ineerillg) B.S., Stanford Universit y 1973. Thesis: The Motion of Macromolecules and Imm iscible Drops in Creeping Flow. Charun ya Phichitkul (C llelnical Engineering) B.S., Stanford University 1976; M.S ., California Institute of Technology 1978. Thesis : Catal ytic Activity and Deactivation Mechani sms of Supported NiO in CH, Oxidation. Flo rence Trentacos ti Presti (Che mistry) B.A., New Yo rk University '974. Thesis: Choles terol's Important Influence on Stru cture and Function of Membrane Lipids. Anthony K. Rappe (Chem istry) B.S., University of Puge t Sound ' 974. Thesis: Theoretical Studies of Homogeneous Catalys is by Transition Metal Complexes. Jeffrey Allen Reimer (C helllistry) B.S., University of California, Santa Barbara 1976. Thesis : The Development of Novel Nuclear Mag netic Reson ance Techniques for the Study of Solids, Thin Films, and Surfaces with Particular Applica tion to Amorphous Semicondu cting Silicon-Hyd rogen Films. Randy Ri cha rd Robinson (ClJemi stry) B.S., Stanford University '974. Thesis: Sequence Analysis of a tRNA Gene Cili ster: Drosophila Leucine-tRNA Genes Contain Intervening Sequences .

John Rob ert Schlup (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry) B.S., Kansas State University '974; B.S., '975· Thesis: The Natu re o f Fluorinated Oxide Catalys ts: A Nuclea r Mag netic Resonance Investi ga tion .

Duane Donald Smith (C hemist ry) B.S., University of Nebraska '975. Thesis: The Coherence and Tran sport of Electronic Excitation in Onc- and Two-Dimensional Solids. Cliffo rd Law rence Spiro (Chemistry) B.S., Stanford Univer,ity 1976. Thesis: Studies on the Consequences of Metal-Me tal Interactions. Amy Elizabeth Stevens

(C hemistry) B.A ., Corn ell University 1976. Thesis : Fundamenta l Studies of Rea ctive Intermediates in Organometalli c Chemis try.

Tom Hall Stevens (C hemistry "rid Biology) B.A., San Francisco State University '974 ; M.S ., 1976. Thesis: The Structu re of the Metal Centers in Cytoch rome c Oxidase. Terry Ray Taber (Chemi stry) B.S., Purdue University 1976. Thesis: The Total Sy nthesis of A-231S7 and Related Enantioselective Aldol Condensation s.

James M. Takacs (Chemis t ry) B.A., Rutgers Univers ity 1976. Thesis: Approaches to Asymmetric Synthesis. The Diastcreosclective Alkylations of Chiral Propionamide Enolates.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Contilll,ed Patricia Ann Thiel (Chemistry) B.A., Macalester College ' 975 . Thesis : Adsorption, Co-Adsorption and Catalytic Reacti ons on Rh(lllJ and RU (OOl) Surfaces. Nikolaos Petrou Vasilakos (Chemica l Engineering and Chemist ry) Diploma , National Technical University of Athens 1976; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1978. Thesi s: Coal Des ulfu riza tion by Selective Chlorinolysis. Peter Thomas Wolcza nski (Ch emistry) S.B., Massac husetts Institute of Technology 1976 . Thesis: The Reactivity and Syntheses of Mono and Bis Pcnn ethyicyclopentadi enyl Zirconium Hydrides.

DIVISION OF ENG INEERING AN D APPLIED SC IENCE (Aeronautics) In ge ni ero Aeronautico, Un iversidad Politccnica de Madrid "97". Thesi s: The Coheren t StTllcture of Tu rb ulent Mixing Laye rs. I. Simi larity of the

Luis P. Berna l

Primn ry Vortex Structure. II. Secondary Streamwise Vortex S tructure.

Alexander Nelson Brooks (Civil Engineering) B.5., University of Ca lifo rnia, Berkeley 1976; M.S., California Institute of Technology "977. Thesis: A Pctrov-Galerkin Finite EJcmcnt Formu lation for Convection Dominated Flows. Arthu r Raymond Brown (E lectrical Ellg ineerillg) B.S., Stanford Uni versity 1976; M.S., California Institu te of Technology "977 . Thesis: Topics in the Analysis, Measurement, and Design of High-Performance Switching Regulators. Martin Cohen (Civil Engineering) Il.A., University of Notre Dame '974; B.S., '975; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1976. Thesis: Silent Boundary Methods for Tra nsient Wave Analysis. And rew Keith Ga briel (Applied Phy sics) Sc.B., Ilrown University "975; M.5., Ca li for nia Institute of Technology 1978. Thesis: Optogalvanic Spectroscopy and Cataphoretic Laser Isotope Separation. Ari Glezer (AcrO/wli tics) B.Sc., Tel-Aviv University "974; M.s., California Institute of Technology '975. Thesis: An Experimenta l Study of a Turbulent Vortex Ring. Shawn Anthony Ha ll (Mechanical En,9, ineeril1g) B.S.E., Princeton Un iversi ty '975; M.S., California In stit,Jte o f TcchnoloflY1976. Thesis : Vo ncx- Tndu ccd Vibra ti ons of Structures.

Ralph Boyd James (Applied Physics) B.S., The Univers ity of Tennessee, Knoxville 1976; M.S., Geo rsi. Ins ti tute of Technology '977; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1978. Thesis: Theoretical Studies of the Nonlin ear Infrared Prope rties of p-Type Semiconductors.


DOCTOR OF PHI LOSOPI-IY- Coll lillll.d Allan Douglas Jepson (Applied Math ematics) B.Sc., Unive rsity o f Briti sh Columbi a 197 6 . Thesis: 1. Asymptotic Bound a ry Conditions for O rdi nary Differenti al Eq uations. II. Numerical Hopf Bifurcation . Michael Yih-Hwa Jin (Ell gi neering Sciellce) B.5., Chiao Tung University 1974; M.S., 1976. Thesis: Temporal-Spati al Functi ona l Analysis of the Ciass- li at Motion Detectio n Cell of th e Fly Calliph ora pltaenicia. David Lawre nce Johannsen (Compllter Science) Tech nology 1978. Thesis: Silicon Compilation .

B.S., M.5., Cali fornia Institute of

William Lawrence Kath (Applied Mathemati cs) S.B., Massachusetts Ins titute of Technology 1978. Thesis: I. Propaga ting and W aiting Fronts in Nonlinear Diffu sio n. If. Sus tain ed Reentry Roll .Resonance. Joseph Katz (Electrical Engineering) B.Sc., Technion, Israel Institute of Technology 197J ; M.Sc., Tel-Aviv Un ivers ity 1976. Thesi s: A IGaAs Optoelec tronic Devices for Optica l Communi cations.

Charl es Morton Krousgrill, Jr. (Applied Mechanics) B.5.M.E., Purd ue University 1975 ; M.S., California Ins titute of Technology 1976. Thes is: A Linea ri za tion Technique for the Dynamic Response of Nonlinear Cont inua .

Thomas Francis Kuech (App lied r l,y sics) B.5 ., Marque tte Uni ve rsit y 1976; M.S., 1977 ; M.S., Ca lifo rnia Insti tute of Technology 1978. Th es is: In ves tigatio ns on Scho ttky Barrier Structu res in Compo und Semiconductors.

I. IlgTe on CdTe : A La tticed Matched Schottky Ba rri er. II. A u-Cd Barriers to CdTe. 1Ir. Au Barriers on In xGa l _xP, Kam -Yin Lau '97 8 .

(Elecl.rienl Engilleerins )

B.S., M.S., Califo rni a Institute of Tech no logy

Thes is: Ultra-H ig h Frequency Dyn ami cs o f Semico nductor Injectio n Lasers .

Thierr y Geo rges Lepcllelier (Civil Engineering) Diplame d' lngc nieur, Ecole Nationale Superieu r. d' Elcctro lCchnique, d'Elcctronique, d' infonnatique, et d' l-Iydraulique de Toulouse 1975. Thesis: Tsunamis- Harbor Osci llatio ns Induced by Non linear Transient l ong Waves. Wing Kam Liu (C ivil Ellgincc ring) B.S., University of lIIinois at Chicago Circle 1976; M.5. , Ca lifornia Institute of Technology 1977. Thesis: Development of Finite Element Procedures for Fluid-StTu cturc Interaction. Gregory John McRae (Env iro1Hnenlnl Engillccri ng Scie"ce) B.E. , Monash University 1973; M.S., Califo rnia Institute of Techno logy 1975 . Thesis: Mathemati ca l Modeling of Photochemica l Air Pollu tion . Ronald Benjamin Melton (Eng ineering Sciellce) B.S.E.E., Un ive rs ity of Was hington 1977; M.S., Californ ia Institute of Technology 1978. Thesis: A Study of I-Iorizontal Cell - Photoreceptor Interacti on in the Frog Retina Using a Randoml y Modul ated Stimulus.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-· Co ntin ued Paul He nry Milenkovic (Elec trienl Engilleering ) B.5.E.E., Nor thwestern University 1977; M.s., Ca li fornia Insti tute of Technology 1978. Thesis: A Systematic Assessment of the Accuracy of Vocal Tract Area Function [
Germanium Alloys. (Env ironnl ental Engineerhlg Scien ce) B,S., Univers ity of California, Riverside 1970; M.S ., Californ ia Institute of Technology '977 .

James Ri cha rd Oui mette

Thesis: Aeroso l Chemica l Species Contributions to the EXl inCl'ion Coefficient.

Edwa rd Kenne th Ruth (Aeronalltics) B.s., Ohio State University '975; M.S., Ca liforn ia Institute of Technology 1976. Thesis: Experimen ts with Unconventional Cross F]ow Heat Exchangers. James Carl Schatzman (Applied Mathematics) B.A., Califo rnia State Uni versity, Fullerto n 1976; M.s., Uni versity of Califo rni a, Los Angeles '977. Thesi s: A Model for the von Karma n Vortex Street. Joseph Emmett Shepherd (Applied Physics) B.S., Univers ity of South Florida 1976. Thesis : Dynamics of Vapor Exp los ions: Ra pid Evapora tion and Instability of Butane Droplets Exploding at the Superhcat Limit. Choon-Foo Shih (Aeronaut ics) B.s., National Ta iwan Univers ity '974; M.S ., Cali fornia Institute of Technology "977. Thesis : Fa ilure of Liq uid S torage Ta nks D ue to Eart hquake Excitatio n.

Rodney Alan Stephenson (Applied Mee/,an ics) B.E., University of Auckland '975. Thesis: The EqUilibrium Field ncar the Tip of a Crack fo r Finite Plane Strain o f fncompress ibI e Elas tic Mate rials.

Windsor Sling (Environmental Engineering Science all d So cial Science) S.B., Massachuse tts Insti tute of Technology '975 ; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1976. Thesis: Cataly tic Effects of the 'Y-FeOOH (Lepidocroci te) Surface on the Oxygenation Removal Ki netics of Fe(lI) and Mn(II). Dea n Dalton Taylor (Mechan ical Engilleerillg) B.A., Univers ity of Utah 197 2; B.S ., '973; M.S., Californi a Institute of Technology '974. Thesis: Labo ratory Stud ies of Submi cron Particle Formation in Pulverized Coal Comb us ti on .

Michael Alan Tenhover (Applied Phy sics) B.S., Unive rsity of Cincinnati 1976; M.S., Ca liforni a Institu te of Technology 1978. Thesis: Miissbauer Effect Studi es in Yt trium Based Meta lli c Glasses. Arthu r Ray Williams (Applied Physics) B.S., Cornell University 1976. Thesis: Atomic Structu re of Transi tion Metal Based Meta llic Glasses .


DOCTOR OF PH ILOSOPHY- Colltillued Daniel Paul Wilt (Applied Pllysics) B.A., University of Southern California 1976. Thesis : (A IGa)As Semiconductor Lasers and Integrated Optoelectronics. Paul Jerome Yoder (App lied Meclranics) B.E., McGill University '973; M.S., Ca lifornia Insti tute of Tec hnology '975. Thesis: A Stra in-Space Plas ticity Theory and Numerical Implementation . Kwang-I Yu (Computer Science) B.5., Un ive rsi ty of Richmond '973. Thesis: Communicative Databases.

DIVISION OF GEOLOGICAL AND PLANETARY SC IENCES John Joseph Cipar (Geol,hysics) B.S., State Un iversity of New York at Bing hamton '970; M.A ., 1972; M.S., California Institu te of Technology '974. Thesis : Seismic Source Processes and Tectonics : Observatio ns of Four In traconti nenta l Ear thquakes. Robert Everett Criss (Geochemistry) 8.5., Case Western Reserve University '973; M.S., Ca lifornia Insti tute of Technology '974. Thesis: An J80 / HIO, D/H and K-A r Study of th e Southern Half of th e Id aho Ba tholith . John Edward Ebd


A.B., Harvard Coll ege '975.

Thesis: Evidence for Fault Asperit ies from Sys tematic Time-Domain Modeling of Teleseismic Waveforms .

Robert T. Gregory (Geology) B.A., Univers it y of Ca li lornia, San Diego ' 974. Thesis : Geology and Iso tope Geochemistry of the Samai l Ophio lite Complex, Southeas tern Oman Mountains.

John H. Jo nes (Geo chem istry) 8.G.5., University of Kentuck y '974; M.S., Calilorn ia Insti tute of Technology 1978. Thesis : Studies of the Geochemica l Simi larity 01 Plu tonium and Samariu m and Their Implications for the Abundance 01 244pu in the Early SoJar System. William Bea ll McKinnon (Planetary Science alUl Geophysics) S.B., Massachusetts Institute 01 Technology 1976; M.S., Califo rnia Ins titute 01 Techno logy "979. Thesis; Large Im pact Craters and Basins: Mechanics o f Syngenetic and Postgenetic Modifica ti on. Robert Edward Powell (Geology and Geopl,ysics) A.B., Middlebury College 1969; M.S., California Institute 01 Technology '970. Thesis: Gco logy of th e Crystalline Basement' Complex, Eastern Transverse Ranges, Southern Caljfornia: Constraints on Regional Tecton ic Tnterpretation. James Edward Quick (Geology) B.5., Uni versity 01 Calilorn ia, Los Angeles "972; M.S., University of Mi nnesota "974. Thesis : I. Petrology and Petrogenesis of th e Trinity Peridotite, Northern Calilornia. If. Petrogenesis of Lunar Breccia

1201) .


(Plal1etnry Science) B.A. , University of Wisconsin, Madison '97'· Thesis: Induced Fission Track Meas uremen ts of Carbonaceous Chondrite Th / U Ratio. and Th/ U Microdi srributi oI1s in Allende Inclusions.

Maritza l rcnc Stap anian

DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Robert William Hahn (Social Science) A.B., A.M., Brown University '975; M.S., California Institute of Technology '979. Thesis: An Assessment of the Via bility of Marketable Permits. R. Mark Isaac (Social Science) B.S.F.S., Georgetown University '976; M.S., Californi a Institute of Technology 1978. Thesis: Essays on the Role of Informa tion in Natura l Resource Explora tion and Development. Thomas Rossman Palfrey, III (Social Science) B. A., Unive rs ity of Michigan ' 975; M.A., '976. Thesis: Equilibrium Models of Multi ple-Obj ect Auctions. Wi lliam Paul Rogerson (Socia l Science) B.A ., University of Alberta '976 . Thesis: Legal Remedies and Reputa tion as Solutions to Moral Hazard in Con tracting.

DIVISION OF PHYSICS, MATH EMATICS AND ASTRONOMY Gregory John Ba ll (Physics) B.Sc., University of Melbourne '977; M.S., California Institu te of Technology '979. Thesis: A Proximity Formulation of Nuclear Dynamics. Yia-Chung Chang (Physics) B.S., Cheng-Kung University ' 974; M.S., California Institute of Technology '978. Thesis: Electronic Properties Associated with Don or Impurities in Multivalley Semiconductors. Walter Ri chardson Cook III (PhYSics) B.S., M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology '97 2 . Thesis : Elemental Composi tion of Solar Energetic Particles. Murray Scott Daw


B.A., University of Florida '974.

Thesis: Theo ry of Vaca ncies and Core Excitons Ncar Semiconductor Surfaces.

Leslie Joseph Deutsch (Matl",,,a tics) B.S ., California Ins t'itute of Technology 1976; M.S., '977. Thesis : Sharp Bounds for the Operator No rm of the Mehler Kernel Operator. Bradley A. Flanders (Physics) B.5 ., Rensselae r Polytechnic lnstitute '974; M.S., Ca liforni a Institute of Technology '977. Thesis: Application of the TDHF Methods to Nucleo r Phys ics.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSO PHY- Continued George Michael Fuller (Physics) B.5., California Ins titute of Technology 1976. Thesis: Nuclear Weak Interaction Rates During Stellar Evolution and Collapse. Philip james Hanlon (M ath ema tics) A.B., Dartmouth College 1977. Thesis: Applications of the Quaternions to the St ud y of Imaginary Quadratic Ring Class Grou ps. jeffrey Alan Harvey (Phy sics) B.S., University of Minnesota 1977. Thesis: Baryon Number Generation and Mass Relations in 50(10) Unified Models. llias Geo rge Kastanns (Ma themat ics and Co mputer Science) Diploma, Na tional Technical Uni versity of Athens 1975 ; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1976. Thesis: The Ramsey Property and Degrees in .he Analytical Hie ra rchy. Heemin Kwon (Physics) B.S., Seoul National University 1974. Thesis: Experimentalln ves rigations of Neu trino Oscillations at a Fission Reactor . james Roy Lee (Physics) B.S., Iowa State Uni versity 1974. Thesis : Measurements of vN Charged Current Cross Sections from Ev = 25 GEV to Ev= 260 GEV. Hong-Chuan Lin (Ma th em atics) B.S., National Taiwan University 1970; M.5., 1974. Thesis: On the Recon stru ction Problem in Graph Theory. Roger Paul Linfield (Astrono m y ) B.S., Michiga n State University 1975. Thesis: Studies of Compac t Extragalactic Radio Sources. Fai M. (App /ied Mathematics) B.Sc., University of Hong Kong 1977 . Thesis: Stability Theory of Linear and Nonli near Stochastic Difference System, . David Uhl Marti n (Applied Mathematics) B.S., Ohio State University 1969. Thesis: Studies of the Nonlinear SchrMinger Equation and Its Application to Water Waves.

Kay Wyatt Brown Merritt (Physics) B.S., Clemson University 197} . Thesis: Observation of Prompt Single Muon Production by 400 GeV Protons. Daniel Nadeau (Physics) B.5., Laval Universi ty 1975 . Thesis: High Spectral Resolution Observations of the Molecular Ilydrogen Emission in the Orion Molecular Cloud. Douglas Mark Rabin (Astro nomy) A.B., Harvard College '973. Thesis: Studies of Stellar Populations: Star Clusters in M}l, the Galuxy and the Magellan ic Cloud,. David Benjamin Reiss (Physics) B.5., State Unive rs ity of New York at Stony Brook 1975· The,is: Some Topics in Grand Unified Models and the osmologieal Baryon Asymmetry. Anthony Emerson Terrano (P hysics) A.B., S.M., Uni versi ty of Chicago 1974. Thesis: Topics in Perturbati ve Field Theory. Richard Alan Wade (As tro ll omy) B.A., University of Utah 1975. Thesis: Spectroscopy and Spectrophotometry of Catacl ysmiC Vari able Stars.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-- Con tinued Jack Leach Wisdom (Physics) B.A ., Rice University '975. Thesis: l. The Origin of the Kirkw ood Gaps : A Mapping for Asteroidal Motion Near the )/1 Commensurability. II. The Resonance Overlap Criterion and the Onset of Stochastic Behavior in the Restricted Three-Body Problem. Howard Kwong Chew Yee (A strol1omy) B.A.Sc., Unive rsity of Toronto '975 ; M.S., Californi a Institute of Technology '980. Thesis: Optical Spectral Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei and Quasars. James Frederick Zumberge (Ph ysics) B.S., Uni ve rsity of Michigan '974. Thesis: A Balloon Measurement of the Isotopic Composition of Galactic Cosmic Ray Boron, Carbon and Nitrogen .

Pri.<:!s and A wards FREDERIC W. HINRICHS, JR., MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to the senior who, in the opinion of the undergraduate Deans, has made the greatest undergraduate contribution to the welfare of the student body and whose qualities of leadership, character, and responsibility have been outstanding.

Recipient to be announced at Commencem ent. ERIC TEMPLE BELL UNDERGRADUATE MATHEMATICS RESEARCH PRIZE Awarded to one or more juniors or seniors for outs tand ing origina l research in mathematics.

1981 Daniel M. Gordon, senior; Peter W. Shor, senior; Th iennu H. Vu, junior 1980 John R. Stem bridge' CALTECH PRIZE SCHOLARSH IPS AND CARNATION SCHOLARSHIPS Each year Caltech awards these prizes for academic excellence. They are based solely on merit (selection is made on the basis of grades, faculty recommendations, and demonstrated research productivity) with no co nsideration given to need or any other nonacadcnUc criteria. Listed below are grad uating seniors who have been recipient's of these prizes.

Erdal Arikan Jefferson William Chen Terry Teh-I Chiang Kwok Wing Chow Robert Charles Colgrove Jeffrey Ja y Derby William Shan-Chen Fan g Terry Michael Grant John Edward Hershberger Su san Elizabeth Hunts Ji11 Tina lbers Aneesh Va sant Manohar Michael R. Nelson Leslie Thomas Niles

Norma Jean Ofsthun Todd Culver Olson Daniel f. Pernich John Russell Platenak Arth u r Elliott Sheiman Peter Williston Shor Brett Alverson Spivey John Reese Stembridge Fan-Chia Tao Carolyn Ann Venger Kelvin H. Wagner Christopher Harold Wendt John Charles Whitehead

·Tbe nam es of s tu dents who hav e received prizes or awards in pre vious ye"rs, but wllO ace graduating in 1981 , arc a/so lis ted.

PRIZES AND AWARDS -Con tinued THE W. P. CAREY & CO., INC. PRIZE IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS Awarded to the s tudent receiving n Doctor of Philosophy deg ree fo r an outstanding doctoral disser tation in appli ed mathematics .

William L. Kath DONALD S. CLARK MEMORIAL AWARDS May be awa rd ed to a sophomore and a junior in recognition of service to th e campus communi ty and good academic performance. Preference is given to students in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science and to those in Chemical Engineering.

1981 Charlotte B. Clark, sophomore; Michael P. Thien, junior 1980 Grace H. -f. Mah" 1979 Leslie T. Niles* THE MILTON AND FRANCIS CLAUSER DOCTORAL PRIZE Awarded to the Ph.D. cand idote whose reseorch is judged to exhibit the greatest degree o f origin,:dity as ev idenced by its potentia l for opening up new avenues of human thought find endeavor as we ll as by the in genuity wi th which it has been carried out.

Mark Morri s Davis HAREN LEE FIS HER MEMORIAL AWARD IN JUNIOR PHYSICS Awarded to a junior ph ysics major who demonstrates the grea tes t promise of future con tribution s in physics. J 981 l ens H.lcn se n 1980 Terry T. Chiang*

HENRY FORD II SCHOLAR AWARD Award ed eith er to the engineering s tudent with the best academic record at the

end o f the third yea r of undergraduate study, or to the engineering student with the bCGt first-yea r record in the graduate program.

1981 William C. Nay lor, 11'., junior 1980 Erdal Arikan" JACK E. FROEHLICH MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to a junior in the upper five percent of his or he r class who shows outstanding promise for a crea tive pro fess ional career.

1981 Lance J. Dixon 1980 Terry T. Ch ia11g"

PRIZES AND AWARDS - Collti,, "cd GEORGE W . GREEN MEMORIAL PRIZE Awa rd ed to the undergraduate stud en t w ho, in the opinion of the di vis ion chairmen, has shown outs tandin g ability and achievement in creative scholarship.

Thiennu H. Vu, junior ARI E J. HAAGEN-SMIT MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to a sophomore or junior in biology or chemistry who has show n academic promise an d wh o has made recognized contributions to Caltech.

1981 Juanito S. Villanueva , junior 1980 Andrew f. Gellmlln' INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF ENGINEERING AWARD Awarded to a student who exhibits a professional attitude toward engineering

by a leadership role in the studen t chapter of a pro fessional organization, such as the IEEE, ASCE, ASME.


Awarded to the graduating senior in engineering who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship . limited to U.S. citizens.

Daniel M. Rovner MARY A. EARL McKINNEY PRIZE IN LITERATURE The purpose of this prize is to cult iva te proficiency in writing. It may be awarded for essays submitted in connection with regular literature classes or awa rd ed on the basis of a specia l essay co ntes t.

1981 John T. Hopeck, senior ; Do nald C - T. Lo, sophomore;

Jill T. l bers, senior ~980 John E. Hershberger' 1978 ChriSfopher D. Vesfufo' ROIlERT L. NOLAND LEADERSHIP SCHOLA RSHIP Awarded to students who exhibit qua li ties of outstanding leadership, which is most often expressed as personnl actions that have helped other people and that have inspired others to fulfill their capabilities.

1981 Susan VandeWoude, junior; Richard C Willson, senio r;

Grace H.-!. Mall , senior 1980 Charles R. O'Neil'


PRIZES AND AWARDS - Coll/inll ed THE RO YA L SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS MANUFACTUR ES AND COMMERCE SILVER MEDAL Awarded to students who arc receiving their first degrees from the mos t importan t institutions o f learning in th e United States. Winners arc selected 011 the basis o f outstanding academ ic records and sig nificant participation in stud ent activities.

Michael P. Connolly THE ERNEST E. SECHLER MEMORIAL AWARD IN AERONAUTI CS Awarded to an ae ronautics student who has made the most significant contribution to th e teachin g and research effo rts of GALCIT (Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories of th e Ca lifo rnia Institule of Techn ology). Preference is g iven to students working in structurnl mechanics.

K. Ravi Chandar DON SHEPARD AWARD Awa rded to students who wou ld find it diffi cul t, w ithout additional financia l help, to engage jn extrac urricular and cultu ra l ac tiv ities. The recipients are selected on the basis of thei r ca pacity to ta ke advantage of and to pro fit from these activi ti es rather than on th e basis of thei r scholasl ic standing.

1982 Avideh Zakhor, freshman ; Bimal Wadhwa, junior; Tracy T. Funttani , fre shman 1980 /olm V. C. Nye: Todd C. Olso l1"' 1979 Charles R. O'Neil* 2978 James J. Angel* SIGMA XI AWARD Award ed to a se nior selected for an outs tanding piece of origi nal scientific research.

Jefferson W. Chen TH E MORGAN WARD PRIZE Awarded fo r th e best problems and solution s in mathematics submitted by a

freshman or sophomore.

2982 Alan G. Murray , freshll1an 1979 David J. Mills'


T he Castle Prcss. Pasadena