correction plat process guide - Clear Creek County Sheriff's

correction plat process guide - Clear Creek County Sheriff's

CORRECTION PLAT PROCESS GUIDE Clear Creek County Planning Department P.O. Box 2000 Georgetown, Colorado 80444 (303) 679-2436 - phone (303) 569-1103 -...

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Clear Creek County Planning Department P.O. Box 2000 Georgetown, Colorado 80444 (303) 679-2436 - phone (303) 569-1103 - fax

PURPOSE The Correction Plat process is used only to make minor technical revisions to previously approved subdivision or exemption plats. This may include surveyor corrections. PREREQUISITE Prior to submittal of the correction plat request, the applicant shall meet with the Planning Department to determine whether the request meets the criteria and to explain the procedure and submittal requirements. If it is determined that the application meets the criteria of any other process outlined in these Regulations, the applicant shall be required to comply with the appropriate process, as identified in these Regulations. CRITERIA The correction plat shall comply with all provisions and requirements contained in the Subdivision Regulations, and shall bear an explanation of the relationship between the correction plat and the plat corrected, including a full description of all matters corrected. Correction plats are permitted only to correct the following: a)

Legal description errors


Typographical and mapping/platting errors


Lot identification


Surveyor corrections

In all cases, the correction plat shall be consistent with the characteristics of the subdivision plat. SUBMITTAL PROCESS This submittal process shall apply to all Correction Plats: 1.

The applicant shall submit one copy of the submittal to the Planning Department.


The submittal shall be reviewed in a timely manner for completeness by the Planning Department. The applicant shall be notified of any inadequacies, missing, or incomplete documentation. An incomplete submittal shall not be processed.


Based upon the submittal documentation, the Planning Department will prepare written findings of fact for approval.

GENERAL SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS In addition to the submittal requirements listed below, the Planning Department may request other materials or information as deemed necessary to adequately review the application.


Application Form as provided by the Planning Department.


The appropriate fee(s), as established by the Board.


W ritten explanation of what is being corrected and why, and an explanation of the relationship between the correction plat and the plat corrected.


A copy of the previously approved Final Plat. 1


A written narrative verifying that the correction plat can comply with all provisions and requirements contained in the Subdivision Regulations.


Revised Final Plat - The scaled Plat shall, at a minimum, depict the following: A.

Title block, including the words “Correction Plat”


Everything which appeared on the previously approved final plat, with any corrections clearly distinguishable


Brief explanation of all matters being corrected, together with any supporting documentation.


Approval block


Other documentation/analysis may be requested based on use(s) and/or site/location characteristics.


The Planning Department will notify the applicant of what is required to finalize the correction plat. The fully executed resolution and attachments, if applicable, shall be filed with the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.


If the application requires a land survey plat to be prepared, upon approval of the preliminary plan by the Planning Director, a certified Land Survey Plat in compliance with Title 38, Article 51 C.R.S. and all other relevant statutes, may be required. This shall be submitted on mylar, as specified by the Planning Department. A.

The approved Plat shall also be submitted in a digital form as specified by the County Mapping Department.


Final approval is not valid until the final Plat and the Findings of Fact are signed by the Planning Director, and all are recorded with the County Clerk and Recorder.


The applicant is responsible for payment of all recording fees associated with the final plat.


Warning! The following pages are form fill pages. Not all browsers submit the following pages properly. DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME At this time, Google Chrome will not work with form fill. Please choose another browser to complete your application. As always, save a copy for your files and call to verify that your form submitted properly.

DO NOT ASSUME THAT WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION. If you are attempting to make payment please wait for someone at Clear Creek County to call you to collect payment. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FORMS WITH ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. Checks made out to Clear Creek County can be sent to the following address: Clear Creek County Land Use Department PO Box 2000 Georgetown, CO 80444 Phone: 303-679-2436 Fax: 303-569-1103 [email protected] Please call with any questions or to verify that your permit has submitted successfully!


CLEAR CREEK COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT Post Office Box 2000 Georgetown, CO 80444 303/679-2436

OWNER(S) MAILING ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________________________ STATE



EMAIL ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________________________________ HOME PHONE


APPLICANT(S) MAILING ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________________________ CITY



EMAIL ADDRESS______________________________________________________________________________________ HOME PHONE


LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY ___________________________________________________________________ 1/4 Section & Section-Township-Range or Subdivision-Lot & Block


TOTAL ACREAGE _________________________________


PREVIOUS CASE #_________________________________


I (we) do hereby certify that the information contained in or presented in connection with this application is true and accurate to the best of my (our) knowledge and belief. I (we) do hereby further agree to abide by the agreements, conditions and stipulations that are a part of this request. I (we) understand that the Planning Department staff will need to go onto my (our) property in order to process this request. OWNER(S) DATE OWNER(S) DATE APPLICANT(S) _______________________________________________________________

SAVE: A Copy MUST be saved PRINT

_______________________ DATE

SUBMIT: Submit button works only from the saved copy! RESET: Will reset entire application