Cosplay Guide - Shadow of War

Cosplay Guide - Shadow of War

Dark Tribe Cosplay Guide The Dark armor has gothic overtones throughout its silhouette. Primarily black with blood red accents, its symmetrical design...

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Dark Tribe Cosplay Guide The Dark armor has gothic overtones throughout its silhouette. Primarily black with blood red accents, its symmetrical design is adorned with draping fabric, sharp scalloped patterns, and rivets. The cuirass is constructed from black leather and forged metal plating layered over fabric and chain mail. A black strap trimmed with red fabric originates at the left shoulder, lays across the chest and goes back up to the center of the back below the draped black fabric. The helm is forged metal plates forming a partial skull that covers the left half of the face. It is held in place with red straps. A black cowl made of soft leather covers the head and drapes near the neck.

Like the helm the arms are asymmetrical. The left arm has a pauldron and a gauntlet that closely match the rest of the armor. The pauldron has several parts: a forged metal cop over black leather armor, and drapes of soft black leather and red fabric hanging to the elbow. The left gauntlet matches the rest of the armor, formed from black leather, dark metal, and red fabric punctuated with rivets. The right arm has only a gauntlet. It’s made of multiple layers of plate metal with sharp, scalloped designs and held in place with black leather straps.

The kilt is made of black leather, chain mail, red and black fabric, and adorned with forged metal decorations. SIDE View

The sides are black leather with alternating panels of red fabric and chain mail. A black fabric panel hangs down the front and back. Several black pouches are slung at the hip.

Back View

The boots have a similar design to the left-hand gauntlet: layers of black leather, red fabric, and rivets. A black strap with a buckle connects the shin with the ankle on the outer side of each boot.

Feral Tribe Cosplay Guide The hallmark of the Feral armor is an animalistic, primitive feel featuring tusks, scales, bones, horns, and fur. Various types of leather are patched together in asymmetrical patterns with large leather stitching. The front of the chest harness is two wide brown leather straps slung over each shoulder and crossing over the lower chest and decorated with tusks. It holsters a large ceremonial dagger made of bone and steel. Like the chest piece the loin cloth features multiple types of leather patched together. It’s decorated with feathers, raptor claws, tusks, and a furry tail. A wide belt with a cast iron buckle holds the armor in place.

The back joins in a “V” and is decorated with silver-gray scales. It features a heavy brown leather with a light-colored reptilian leather. This matches the loin cloth, which also has a soft black leather underskirt and more tusk adornment on the left side.

The Feral helm is crested by a large bird skull with fur cascading over the cap. There are two large horns and two smaller horns on either side of the head and two tusks protruding from the face mask. The face mask and cap are forged metal plating with a soft black leather cowl that extends down the neck.

The spaulders are made from the same light reptilian leather that ornaments other parts of the armor. Horns and tusks create a fierce ring around the arm and feathers decorate the shoulders. The vambraces are heavy brown leather fringed with the same scales as the spaulders.

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The greaves are very similar to the vambraces but feature an additional fringe of scales over the top of the foot. Sandals are worn beneath the greaves.

Machine Tribe Cosplay Guide The Machine armor is sturdy, simple, and utilitarian. The base of this armor is a full set of leathers covering the arms and legs. Wide rectangular plates of hammered bronze are riveted to a cuirass and knee-length apron. The cuirass is black leather with rough black fabric. Brown leather straps join the front and back on the sides as well as over the shoulder.

The helmet is a simple black leather cap with bronze plating riveted on the front forming a mask over the eyes.

The spaulders are riveted bronze lames attached with brown leather straps. The gauntlets are fingerless gloves worn over black leather gloves, with a simple black leather guard with bronze plating strapped over the forearm. They resemble blacksmith’s gloves.

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The apron is knee-length with a split from the waist to the bottom for ease of movement. A wide, heavy brown tool belt around the waist carries various blacksmithing tools including a hammer, chisel, and tongs. The back has one plate beneath the waist and a ragged bit of leather and black sack cloth hang down the middle.

Sturdy workboots are worn with leather and bronze greaves strapped over them.

Marauder Tribe Cosplay Guide Marauder armor is ornate and regal in design, with wing patterns and gold flourishes throughout. The cuirass is woven black leather covered in chain mail with a hammered metal embossed breastplate. Over this base are two embossed brown leather straps. The upper strap, which passes over the left shoulder, has flowershaped gold medallions with the center medallion adorned with a face. A black drape can be seen around the neck and extending in between the shoulder blades. A small brown strap joins the two larger ones at the base of the neck. The Marauder helm has a black leather harness which holds the headpiece to the wearer. The straps are visible on the face. The silhouette of the helm is defined by the two large wings on the forehead, one pointing upwards and the other pointing towards the back. The entire outer part of the helmet is hammered metal with embossed trim and ornamentation.

The opulent metalwork is especially obvious on the pauldrons and gauntlets. The pauldrons are plate metal with leather and mail beneath. The cop is adorned with a fierce leonine face and intricate gold embellishments, with three lames over the bicep. The gauntlets are equally elaborate with a hammered sunburst pattern on the forearm and gold rings around each finger.

The kilt is also woven black leather and chain mail with hammered metal cuisses covering the hips and thighs. Gold rivets fasten a wide strip of leather down the front, and a petal-shaped piece of leather in the back.

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Another drape can be seen between the hips on the back of the kilt. A brown scabbard hangs from the armor on the left hip.

Back View

The greaves, like the rest of the armor, feature hammered metal plates secured to a leather base. The plates form a fluted lotus pattern at the top of the shin guard and are gilded with gold trim.

Mystic Tribe Cosplay Guide The Mystic armor is adorned throughout with the faces of wailing souls twisted in agony with ribbed design radiating from behind each face, evoking a skeletal motif. These designs are polished to a shine to distinguish them from the background. The breastplate is forged plate metal strapped over a soft black ragged leather. The design on the front shows many faces bursting through the chest, while the back design gives the effect of vertebrae and a rib cage. The Mystic helm has a black leather harness which holds the headpiece to the wearer. The straps are visible on the face. The wearer’s face peers through the maw of another shrieking head. A fan of bone-like structures wreaths the top of the head and overlapping plates cover the back of the head and neck.

The pauldrons and vambraces, like the breast plate and other armor, are forged metal plates strapped over ragged black leather. The pauldrons have large, heavy cops with overlapping plates beneath attached to the body with a crisscross of straps. The vambraces have two overlapping plates and attach to the arm with three straps. Plated gloves are worn on the hands.

Side View The loin cloth is also soft black leather with forged metal cuisses covering the hips and thighs. There are five faces on the cuisses, four peering from behind the largest one in the center. There are protective plates on both the front and back originating at the waist. Back View

The greaves are strapped to flat-soled black boots. There are four pieces: the shin guard which features the screaming soul motif, two ribbed plates covering the tops of the feet, and a fin covering the outside of the ankle.

Terror Tribe Cosplay Guide The Terror armor characterized by sharp, pointed shapes and is adorned with the body parts of vanquished enemies. The harness is two large brown leather straps crisscrossing in the front and back of the torso. Sharp, forged metal plates protect the midriff and back. A skull with spikes driven through it and necklaces of severed fingers are worn around the neck, completing this fearsome look. The helm is forged metal attached to a skull with spikes. The metal plating protects the back and sides of the head, meeting in two points beneath the chin. The eyes of the face mask are below the cheekbones of the skull.

The pauldrons are large, imposing forged metal pieces. Huge curving spikes sweep up the front towards the head. The pauldrons are symmetrical, and are attached to the body with leather straps.

The loin cloth is a warm auburn buckskin hung from a heavy brown leather belt. Strapped to the belt are metal plates with sharp hooks, three on each side, and an additional plate protects the front.

The vambraces are heavy forged plats covering only the forearms and attach beneath the arm with leather straps.

The greaves encase the shin and calf, and extend over the top of the foot. They are also formed from forged metal plates and continue the spiky patterns throughout the rest of the armor. Sandals are worn beneath the greaves.

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Warmonger Tribe Cosplay Guide The Warmonger armor is constructed with patinaed metal armor, chain mail, and fur. Matching red war paint is painted on the exposed flesh of the arms and torso. The chest armor is brown leather with metal plating and fur layered over the top of it. Two blades protrude from the back parallel with the spine. Riveted to the front is a growling face with two tusks pointing down towards the midriff. Two brown straps follow the bottom of the ribcage and fasten in the back under the layer of fur,

The helm is forged metal with a large blade protruding from the front, This metal cap is layered over leather, fur, and chain mail. Smaller spikes cover the surface o the back of the helm.

The pauldrons have large blades that are perpendicular to the head. As with the helm, smaller spikes are scattered over the surface of the cop. There are three lames beneath the cop, all which cover a layer of fur and mail and are attached with brown leather straps.

The bottom half the armor is two pieces: a leather and fur girdle and a layered kilt. The girdle has the same face motif as the chest. The kilt is symmetrical with layers of mail, plate metal, and fur, with fur trim along the hip. The mail is trimmed with dark red fabric.

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The patina is a ruddy hue that can be achieved by roughly sanding the rust off of the metal. The remaining rust has the appearance of dried blood and allows the polished metal to delineate the silhouette.

The gauntlets are a heavy dark brown leather gloves with patinaed metal plates riveted to the forearm, hand, and wrist. Small spikes cover the surface of the back of the hand. An accent of red fabric runs around the back of the forearm under the plates.

The greaves are plate metal over flat-soled boots. The small spike pattern appears on the plate facing the outside of each leg. An accent of red fabric runs along the inside of the leg near the knee.