Curriculum Vitae - Login. Kalamazoo College

Curriculum Vitae - Login. Kalamazoo College

Menelik Geremew Curriculum Vitae ================================================================================= Menelik Geremew September 2016 Cur...

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Menelik Geremew Curriculum Vitae =================================================================================

Menelik Geremew September 2016 Current Position Stephen B. Monroe Assistant Professor of Money & Banking Department of Economics & Business Kalamazoo College 1200 Academy Street Kalamazoo, MI 49009 Education

Contact Information Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Phone: 806-549-9679 Website:

Ph.D. – Economics - Texas Tech University, August 2013 Dissertation: Essays in Monetary Policy and Financial Frictions; Advisor: Dr. Victor Valcarcel M.A., Economics – Texas Tech University, August 2011 M.Sc., Economic Policy Analysis - Addis Ababa University, July 2005 Thesis: Macroeconomic Implications of Financial Market Liberalization in Ethiopia (Nominated for best dissertation of the year 2005 by Ethiopian Economic Association) B.Sc., Ag. Economics, Alemaya University, July 1998 Research Interest: Macro-Monetary Economics, International Finance, Applied Macroeconometrics Appointments 

Kalamazoo College - Stephen B. Monroe Assistant Professor of Money & Banking, Sept 2013- Present

Texas Tech University - Graduate Instructor, August 2009 – August 2013

Texas Tech University, Teaching Assistant, August 2008 – July 2009

Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) - Strategic Planning and New Business Development officer, Dec 2006 – July 2008

Unity University - Lecturer and Coordinator of Online Economics Program, July 2005 - July 2008

Addis Ababa University - Lecturer, July 2005 – August 2007

Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization - Projects Expert and Researcher, June 1999- Sept 2003

Ministry of Trade and Industry - Projects Expert, Nov 1998- May 1999

Publications 

Geremew, M (2016) “Evaluating Monetary Policy with Financial Stability Objective: Rules vs. Discretion” Journal of Applied Economics Letters, forthcoming

Geremew, M (2016) “The Wealth and Credit Channels of Monetary Transmission on Consumer Durables and Housing: A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach” Eastern Economic Journal, forthcoming


Menelik Geremew Curriculum Vitae ================================================================================= 

Geremew, M (2008) “Macroeconomic Implications of Financial Market Liberalization in Ethiopia”, Proceedings of the Fifth Annual International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy, EEA 2008 Vol. I, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Bientema, Nienke; Menelik Geremew, (2003) “Agricultural Science & Technology Indicators Survey in East Africa”

Submitted Papers 

The Behavior of Interest Rates: Assessing the degree of Monetary Policy Co-movement Among Emerging Economies” with Semih Cekin

Work in Progress 

“The Bank Lending Channel & the Loan Puzzle: A Pre & Post Great Recession Analysis” with Victor Valcarcel

“Uncovering the Wealth, Credit and Exchange rate channels in a Small Open Economy: A Structural VAR Approach”

“An Open Economy Analysis of the Wealth, Credit and Exchange Rate Channels: A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach”

Working Papers 

“Real Exchange Rate Dynamics and a Test of Monetary Policy Reaction Functions Using Canadian and U.S. Time Series Data”

“Testing the Optimality of the Taylor Rule on Canadian Time Series data: Structural VAR Approach.”

“The Effect of Recessionary Period Extensions in Unemployment Insurance Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment.”

Honors, Awards & Grants 

Stephen B. Monroe Endowed Chair of Money & Banking; Kalamazoo College

2012 Southern Economic Association Graduate Student Award

Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG); Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2011

Teaching Assistantship, Texas Tech University, Department of Economics; August 2008 - Present

Graduate School Award, Texas Tech University ($3000); Summer 2012

Conference Presentations 

The 2016 Mid-West Economics Association Annual Meeting, April 1-3, 2016, Evanston, IL

85th Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association, Nov 21-23, 2015, New Orleans, LA

The Second International Conference of the Society for Economic Measurement, Paris, France July 22-25, 2015, Poster Presenter


Menelik Geremew Curriculum Vitae ================================================================================= 

The 51st Annual meeting of the Missouri Valley Economic Association, October 23-25, 2014; St. Louis, MO; Presenter, Chair & Discussant

The 84th Annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association, November 22-24, 2014, Atlanta, GA; Presenter and Discussant

The 2015 Mid-west Economic Association Annual meeting, March 26-29, 2015, Minneapolis, MN; Presenter, Chair & Discussant

78th Midwest Economics Association Annual meeting, Evanston, IL, March 21- 23, 2014, Chair, Presenter and Discussant

83rd Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association, Tampa, FL, Nov 23-25, 2013, Chair, Presenter & Discussant

2013 Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH, March 22-24, 2013, Presenter & Discussant

82nd Annual meeting of the Southern Economics Association, New Orleans, LA , Nov 16-18, 2012, (Presenter) representing Department of Economics, Texas Tech University on the Invited Graduate Student Session

49th Annual Meeting of the Missouri Valley Economic Association, Memphis, TN , Oct 25 – 27, 2012 (Presenter & Discussant)

5th Annual International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, June 7-9, 2007 (Presenter)

Invited Presentations 

Western Michigan University, Department of Economics, Weekly Seminar Series, Dec 5, 2015

Undergraduate Research Supervision (Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Winter 2016) 

“Does Hosting a Mega Event Positively Impact a Nation’s Economy?” Paul Bistolarides

“Are National Hockey League Players Being Paid According to their Productivity? An Empirical Study of National Hockey League Players from 2013-2015” Nicholas Marsh

“High Frequency Trading: Assessing a Proposed Ban on Flash Trading” Sanjay Sharma

“The Grameen Social Business Model and its Poverty Alleviation Methodology” Sammeen Haque

“Islamic Banking and its Profitability” Komal Kahn

“The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008’s effect on Low-Income Families’ Ability to Afford Housing” Lee Broady

“Explaining the Variation in Game-to-Game Major League soccer Attendance” Bret Linvill

“The Correlation Between Public Policy and the Stock Market during Economic Depressions” Scott Wharam

“Raising the Minimum Wage and its Effects on Michigan’s Economy” Shelby Hessler


Menelik Geremew Curriculum Vitae ================================================================================= 

“Economic and Political Trends during High Levels of Unemployment: A Case Analysis of Spain After the Global Financial Crisis” Trenton Loos

Professional Service 

Associate Editor – International Journal of African Development

Referee – Journal of Economics (MVEA), Journal of Applied Economics Letters College Service

Member of Planning and Budget Committee, Kalamazoo College

Professional Memberships American Economic Association (AEA); Southern Economic Association (SEA); The Econometric society; Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA); Midwest Economic Association (MEA); Missouri Valley Economic Association; Society for Economic Measurement; Eastern Economic Association.