Customer Case Handling - Solution Brief

Customer Case Handling - Solution Brief

Security Empowers Business Blue Coat is committed to providing quality technical support to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Blue...

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Security Empowers Business

Blue Coat is committed to providing quality technical support to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Blue Coat’s 24/7 “follow the sun” service model provides customers direct access to our Global Support Center staff of highly experienced and certified customer support engineers. To help expedite customer support, Blue Coat manages all technical product questions under a valid support contract through a case handling process. When a case is opened, either by contacting a Global Support Center or through the BlueTouch Online support portal, technical information about the product, environment, and customer site will be verified and a service severity level assigned to the case. Service severity is defined by problem type and technical impact and sets guidelines for response times, update frequency, and escalation time. By setting severity levels, Blue Coat is able to assign the right resources to any customer call and allow for the timely resolution of technical issues. Severity Definitions SEVERITY LEVEL



• Network or application outage, network/application is “Down“, no workaround. • Critical customer business operation is fully impaired by inadequate performance. • Impaired functionality, critically impacting customer’s business operations.


• Operational aspect of network or application is severely degraded. • Continuous or frequent instabilities affecting customer business or network operations. • Inability to deploy a feature, function or capability. • Successful workaround in place for a S1 issue.


• Performance of the network or application is impaired with limited impact to business operations. • A functional, stress or performance failure with a workaround. • Successful workaround in place for a S2 issue.


• Operational issues for certain features/capabilities with no impact to business operations and no loss of functionality. • General “how-to” questions. • Documentation/process issues.

Response & Escalation Times SEVERITY LEVEL






2 hours



1 hour

24 hours



8 business hours

5 business days



3 business days

10 business days


* BlueTouch Online (BTO) can be used to open high severity support requests and upload relevant diagnostic information for any support request. It is recommended to follow up by phone, referencing the case number, for any high severity support request submitted on BTO. ** Blue Coat will make every reasonable effort to resolve the reported customer problem, provide a work-around or escalate to the next level within the times listed. Blue Coat makes no commitment to resolve an issue within a specific time.




Security Empowers Business

Response time is the time between initial contact and active engagement by a support engineer or duty manager. The response times are targets only. Actual response times may vary. • Severity 1 requests are responded to on a 24/7 basis. • Severity 2 requests are responded to on a 24/7 basis as agreed to between the customer and Blue Coat. • Severity 3 and 4 are responded to during normal business hours for the region where the case originated. Hardware support is determined by the support agreement in place for the appliance requiring assistance. Hardware replacement terms and conditions are outlined on

Case Escalation to Duty Manager To further enhance customer satisfaction and drive towards the most effective case management, a duty manager is on call to assist customers who may feel that the severity of their issue has not been accurately characterized, or the response has not been within the stated timelines. To expedite the resolution or elevate the severity of a reported

problem, please contact the on call duty manager by requesting a call transfer from the Customer Support Engineer to whom the case is assigned or by calling the direct contact line listed on the Contact Support & Services page. The duty manager role is not a replacement to the existing Blue Coat support processes, but is intended to be a resource for customers to review the assigned case severity level, request changes to the severity level, or discuss additional management focus and attention. When contacting the duty manager, please provide: • A current, active case number • Clear contact information in the event of call-back, including: ›› Primary contact name ›› Primary contact telephone number ›› E-mail information ›› Alternative contact(s) in the event of unavailability qof the primary contact Failure to provide this information may result in longer response times.

Contact Information Blue Coat Systems Inc. Corporate Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA +1.408.220.2200 EMEA Headquarters Hampshire, UK +44.1252.554600 APAC Headquarters Singapore +65.6826.7000

Blue Coat Support Website BlueTouch Online Customer Portal BlueTouch Online Knowledge Base Blue Coat Customer Support For local toll, as well as select toll-free numbers to reach Blue Coat technical support, customer care and duty manager go to: Worldwide

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