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Co-Create. Co-Innovate. Speed your way to the most engaging and immersive experiences imaginable with a customer experience network



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Visionaries: start your engines It’s the age of the digital consumer and entire industries are traveling in new directions. What will it take to navigate this rapid and dramatic shift?

To surge ahead, give customers the lead Digital visionaries are speeding forward with customer experience networks fueled by data, built by open innovation and piloted by consumers.

Start by charting a course with IT as strategic navigator With IT taking its cues from consumers, its role is elevated from mechanic to strategic navigator in charge of creating the vision and setting up the customer experience network infrastructure and operating policies.

5 core competencies to build momentum The path forward is just as critical as the destination, with each curve in the road revealing new possibilities for innovation, engagement and growth.

Start fast. Travel smart. Get there first. Axway AMPLIFY.™ AMPLIFY is Axway’s groundbreaking data integration and engagement platform for delivering the best customer experience imaginable.



start your engines Remember life before little tech start-ups like Amazon, Google and Facebook came along and changed everything forever? They put incredible power in the hands of tech-savvy consumers and transformed how businesses and individuals find, evaluate, compare, purchase and ultimately consume products and services. Fast forward a decade or so and you get today’s super-consumers: millions of “digital natives” who have grown up in the post-Internet world. They expect nothing less than extreme engagement and responsiveness, hyper-personalized offers and information, and consistently brilliant experiences across all physical and virtual interactions — from their mobile devices and cars, to websites and call centers, to wearables and appliances, to offices, branches, kiosks and stores. This is a profound and irreversible change because someone new is in the driver’s seat. It’s not the CIO, lines of business or even the CEO. It’s not the Board or investors or regulators.

It’s the consumer 3

Welcome to the experience economy As consumers, we live in a world where digital technologies are intimately woven into our everyday lives

We find, research, read reviews and compare options on one website before we buy on another

We share our experiences, preferences, and wish lists with family, friends and coworkers on social networks

We fill our shopping carts online, then pay with our phones and pick up our purchases the same day at the nearest store

We democratize knowledge and keep our skills fresh through e-learning, videos and open forums

We track orders, do our banking and manage our health care whenever and however we choose

We stay connected around the clock, wherever we are, using our cars, thermostats, phones, TVs, refrigerators and doorbells

This is the experience economy, and it is shaped by employees and customers, students and patients, drivers and homeowners, diners and travelers — every digitally connected person on the planet.

DIG DEEPER Explore Forrester’s customer experience hub

Your office desk just joined the internet of things

Intel predicts a $7 trillion self-driving future The Verge/June 2017

Mashable/June 2017


A massive data explosion is underway

In 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new data will be created every second for every single person on earth, 44 times more than in 2009. This massive data explosion will be fueled by billions of connected things — cars, sensors, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, healthcare devices, buildings and so many more. What they can do — and the zettabytes of data they generate — will change the world in ways we can’t even imagine today.

900 billion hours spent inside mobile apps in 2016

80 percent

200 billion

90 percent

1.7 megabytes

mobile coverage in the developed world

connected devices driven by the IoT

cars connected by 2020

new data every second for every person on earth by 2020

$1 $79 trillion billion in IoT spending by 2020

smart home industry

DIG DEEPER Best Wearable Tech and Fitness Gadgets 2017 Forbes/June 2017

The iPhone® turns 10. Where does your love affair with the smartphone fit in?

Medical devices are the next security nightmare Wired/March 2017

Axway survey/June 2017


Disruptive change is rippling across every industry And in the experience economy, it’s coming from every direction

Regulation The explosion of data flows across the globe has spawned expansive government regulations and industry rules for security, reporting and record keeping

Global competition Technology is erasing barriers to entry, allowing nimble new players to appear out of nowhere and win market share with aggressive pricing strategies and lean cost structures

“CEOs are concerned about uncertain economic growth, overregulation and skills shortages. Yet CEOs are surprisingly optimistic about growth: 38% are very confident in their company’s 12-month revenue growth prospects.” Source: 20th Annual Global CEO Survey, PwC, 2017

Customers The all-powerful digital consumer expects a dramatically different customer experience DIG DEEPER What’s on the mind of 1,379 CEOs around the world? Find out in the 20th Annual Global CEO Survey from PwC


New onramps and faster vehicles are emerging And they are giving their established peers a run for their money History is repeating itself as the next generation of fast-growing tech companies charts a new course for communication, collaboration and commerce — this time for the experience economy. Born digital, they are architecting new services delivered through amazing user-friendly apps. They are monetizing social, location, sensor and public data exposed through APIs.

• $2 billion assets

• Available in 191 countries

• $10 million of mobile deposits in first 3 months

• Covering 34,000 cities

Wealthfront is democratizing the $750 billion wealth management services industry. It took Charles Schwab six years to reach its first $1 billion in assets. Wealthfront reached that milestone in less than half the time.

• 80 million bookings

• Over 1 million listings Airbnb is challenging the $500 billion global hotel industry. In the summer of 2010, there were 47,000 AirBnB guests. In the summer of 2015, almost 17 million.


How collaboration in the fintech industry can unlock digital growth

AirBnb’s CEO plans to disrupt more than just the hotel industry

World Economic Forum/ January 2017

ADWEEK/March 2017

The digital bank of the future KPMG/April 2017


Opportunity is just around the corner Disruptive startups are shaking things up, but also mapping out enormous market opportunities for traditional enterprises that are agile and imaginative enough to embrace the experience economy today while keeping a close eye on what comes next. This explains why large companies expect to generate 28% of total revenues from digital technologies, products and services in the next three years, up from 16% in 2015.1

Shaking things up...

$100 billion

$65 billion

28 percent

monetization of mobile apps by 2020

global revenue from 2 zettabytes loT data by 2025

revenue from digital technologies in next 3 years

Source: App Annie

Source: Machina Research

Source: Accenture

1 Accenture, Harnessing the Power of Entrepreneurs to Open Innovation, 2015

DIG DEEPER Amazon, Google and Microsoft aren’t the only cloud innovators around

Blockchain: a better way to track pork chops, bonds, bad peanut butter?

Fortune/June 2017

New York Times/March 2017

Amazon, not Google, is the most popular starting point for Americans looking to buy products online Business Insider/Q1 2017


Omnichannel is a rocky road Not long ago, omnichannel was considered the Holy Grail for digital business. If only you could push the right data, at the right time, to the right person, through the right channel, you could cruise to the land of delighted customers and it would rain new revenues. But it’s not that easy, and a combination of roadblocks and hazards are to blame.

IT and digital business execs see the warning signs IDC interviewed more than 600 senior executives in large global enterprises to learn how they see the current value of omnichannel:

40% 22% 14% only

report omnichannel systems fail to provide a unified and real-time view of customer experience consider omnichannel a necessary cost of doing business consider omnichannel a key differentiator and source of competitive advantage


Have had business problems with digital silos, customer channel preferences or presenting a consistent brand


Omnichannel initiatives are ad-hoc, random or opportunistic


Omnichannel systems fail to provide a unified and real-time view of the customer experience


Omnichannel has technical challenges with secure data movement or updating customer profiles


Omnichannel is not a key differentiator or source of competitive advantage

“Omnichannel management and other early market technologies are being superseded by more holistic and modern customer centric models that are better “fit for purpose.”

DIG DEEPER Why the last 10 years were retail’s ‘lost decade’

Omnichannel is dead. Long live omnichannel.

Business Insider/June 2017

New York Times/March 2017 Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Axway, The Role of Customer Experience Networks in Delivering Value-Based Digital Transformation, May 2017


It’s time to innovate beyond omnichannel









Consumers don’t use digital interactions to purchase over-the-counter healthcare products

Executives lack “complete visibility” into supply and capacity across suppliers and logistics providers

Executives feel under-prepared for a customer-centric business model

Retailers don’t have a customer engagement strategy that spans channels


To surge ahead,

give customers the lead

The experience economy is moving at warp speed, and almost every kind of good and service is being commoditized. To get out front and stay there, you need to create seamless and satisfying experiences that traverse physical and virtual touch points, and put your customers in the driver’s seat where they belong. You will have to deliver any data to any place, device or machine — instantly, elegantly and accurately. You will have to be everywhere, all the time. You will have to learn to predict what customers want and need, and present them with customized offers and dynamic responses tailored for specific in-the-moment life and business situations. And you can do it all if you are empowered and inspired by data, not overwhelmed by it.


There will be laggards and leaders… and visionaries

Half of the year 2000’s Fortune 500 companies aren’t on the list anymore. Market consolidation accounts for some departures, but most former leaders who became laggards simply couldn’t keep up with change. And their customers moved on to the next big thing. Today’s digital laggards are overwhelmed by data, and struggling to expose, exchange and access it with ease and speed. Digital leaders are experimenting with data-driven business models, analyzing data and ecosystem trends, and monetizing data to generate new revenue streams and growth opportunities. And at the forefront are the digital visionaries. They are mastering the science of integrating massive volumes of data about their customers and the art of using that data to: • Invite open co-innovation and expand IT’s horizons beyond the enterprise • Redefine the value and quality of the customer experience by making it connected and personalized everywhere • Begin interacting and co-creating with suppliers, partners and developers not as outsiders, but as insiders in an orchestrated and cohesive customer experience network

Which one will you be?


Where are you now? Where do you want to go next?

Laggard Employee









Unify silos of data and simplify access from anywhere to encourage broader knowledge real-time decision decision making making and and sharing, real-time continuous learning

Empower the business to develop and test new business capabilities on their own with selfservice workflows for consuming any data source

Standardize release processes, predict the impact impact of changes and automate of changes and automate problemproblem resolution resolution throughout the lifecycle throughout the lifecycle




Expose data to an open network of developers to generate new ideas and support data access access from mobile and IoT apps

Select ideas from the community and arrange dedicated spaces with more privileged data access to prototype, test and pilot

Incorporate ideas into new products, services and business models and translate user insights into enhancements

Co-Create Co-create



Make a space for customers, vendors and industry groups to co-create, co-create, with with data-as-adata-as-aservice building blocks they can consume and experiment with together

Let partners access data inside external applications and processes to promote offers to new markets and geographies and incubate new data-driven business models

Support new customer growth across new new and existing offers, and measure end-to-end customer and existing offers, and measure end-to-end satisfaction with co-developed offers customer satisfaction with co-developed offers




Complement transition batch and longlongComplement and and transition batch and running with real-time real-time and running processes processes with and ad-hoc ad-hoc data exchange

Transition from labor-intensive labor-intensive data data capture, capture, onboarding and maintenance to a streamlined self-service model model self-service

Proactively diagnose and predict service performance across suppliers, then auto-adjust processes to maximize supply chain efficiency


Imagine your future powered by a customer experience network Digital visionaries are speeding ahead with customer experience (CX) networks fueled by data, built by open co-innovation and co-creation, and driven by people Focused outside-in, a CX network unites data from everywhere with contextual intelligence to create a 360° view of the customer experience. It fosters more fluid data sharing and co-creation across employee, supplier, partner and developer communities to unleash faster growth and innovation. Empowered by the data shared and stored in CX networks, digital visionaries learn about the connections, interactions and patterns in their customers’ ecosystems, and use that intelligence to dynamically transform every virtual and physical interaction into a meaningful, memorable moment.

According to recent IDC research1, the future of customer experience will be stakeholder-network driven and API-centric.

New products

New services

New business models

New processes

1 IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by Axway, The Role of Customer Experience Networks in Delivering Value-Based Digital Transformation, May 2017


Through co-creation and co-innovation, CX networks form, shape and evolve engaging and immersive customer journeys Imagine the possibilities... A shopper’s ecosystem that combines retailers, product manufacturers, banks, consumer ratings providers, sales tax collectors and social media app developers A patient’s ecosystem that touches hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, drug manufacturers, insurance payers, food diary developers and meal delivery providers

“When companies think creatively about how to develop compelling experiences for their customers, the brainstorm often leads beyond their own internal capabilities. They begin to see how to create greater value for their target relationships by partnering with other firms to co-create exceptional value.” Nour, David. Co-create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration. New York, NY: St. Martin’s, 2017. 37. Print.

A driver’s ecosystem that spans auto dealers, repair shops, satellite radio providers, weather forecasters, traffic app developers, parking space providers and fueling stations A homeowner’s ecosystem that extends to realtors, mortgage lenders, appraisers, smart appliance manufacturers, utilities and retailers

Watch the 2-minute explainer video

David Nour, best-selling author of Co-Create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration

See how a CX network boosts digital patient engagement

See how a CX network helps Jamie make a house a home


Each customer’s experience has their whole CX network behind it

For customers, CX networks offer convenience, efficiency, freedom and familiarity. They can explore at their own pace and do whatever they like, wherever and whenever they want to. For businesses, a CX network generates incredible speed, power and agility. It taps into the combined talent and imagination of internal business and IT teams and external developers, suppliers and partners to initiate new ideas and a crystal-clear view of your customer. And it pools resources so you don’t have to build and deploy all the necessary data connectivity, automation and nondisclosure agreements on your own.

Your entire network can work together to: Anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions and customer expectations Quickly design and launch differentiating, groundbreaking products and services Collaborate with new stakeholders across value chains that weren’t accessible before Efficiently develop and industrialize new business models to capitalize on new revenue streams


Business benefits are driving adoption of CX networks


of large enterprises currently operate CX networks or plan to


of companies operating CX networks have increased their revenue streams


have benefitted from new distribution channels


No, and no plans to




“CX networks enable you to harness new innovative revenue streams, ensuring your company is ready for the next era of the connected network economy.” IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by Axway, The Role of Customer Experience Networks in Delivering Value-Based Digital Transformation, May 2017

No, but we plan to


Start by charting a course with IT as

strategic navigator In the traditional road map for business success, IT focused solely on the tactical activities of deploying and maintaining core systems of record. But on the road to digital, the company looks to IT to provide new ways to reach customers, improve their overall experience, and become more agile, responsive and competitive. With IT taking its cues from customer behavior instead of forcing them to adapt to business processes, its role is elevated from mechanic to strategic navigator in charge of creating an inspirational CX network vision for the future, and setting up the practical infrastructure and operating policies that will make it a scalable success.

It’s time to get moving 18

CIOs say they are focusing on these business priorities

“We often see a mismatch between business priorities and the CIO mandate because CIOs are lagging in building the appropriate IT capability. Adding an additional layer of complexity, business needs and priorities shift over time, and CIOs must be equipped to handle these shifts.” Navigating legacy: Charting the course to business value, Deloitte 2016–2017 global CIO survey














Cybersecrity Reconfiguration Other




9% 2%

N = 1,215. Source: Deloitte 2016–2017 CIO survey

2016–2017 Global CIO Survey on Deloitte University Press

CIO group talks top priorities for 2017 in a Forrester survey


Put the brakes on shadow IT Digital business moves much faster than traditional business, and some lines of business or functions will be tempted to engage in do-it-yourself projects to reach their desired destinations faster. To put this kind of shadow IT in the rearview mirror, IT departments need to be proactive digital business enablers.

As a strategic navigator, you can drive the business safely and quickly toward a CX network that meets the need for speed while keeping everything under control.

Personalize and monetize apps and APIs with secure access to back-end data

Combine data from subscription-based cloud services with enterprise systems

Meet the performance demands of successful mobile apps with thousands – even millions — of users

Integrate all kinds of connected things into digital experiences that stretch the imagination

DIG DEEPER FBI CIO wants to bring ‘shadow IT’ innovations into the light Federal News Radio/ February 2017


Master the mechanics of a CX network Currently, 60% of enterprises do not have core competencies in either of these two areas Create and manage the full lifecycle of APIs








20% 15%






• IT departments must grow both their technical competencies and their business influence to meet these challenges



0% 1





• Enterprise users of CX networks report their key challenges to be encouraging participation, sharing of data and co-innovation; providing secure data access and identity management; and managing shared business outcomes and shared value




According to IDC research2:

Develop dynamic communities of employees, suppliers, partners and developers

0% 2



Low or no competency

5 Core competency

1 Low or no competency




5 Core competency

• APIs are critical to the delivery of CX networks, hence for the majority of organizations, investment in competencies development should be prioritized for the full life cycle of API management and CX network development 2 IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by Axway, The Role of Customer Experience Networks in Delivering Value-Based Digital Transformation, May 2017

DIG DEEPER Read the full IDC InfoBrief


3 to reaching digital maturity


Keep moving forward

03 Scale

01 Adapt


Position the CX network as a springboard for fast, iterative learning

Champion the CX network to expand reach and speed time to market, gain agility and competitive advantage, and spur innovation

Evolve and fortify the CX network to drive customer responsiveness and satisfaction, and grow revenue, market share and profit

• Show how a CX network can complement and enhance other CX projects led by the business

• Prove the CX network can handle explosive growth

• Design new ways of engaging with CX networks

• Transition beyond pilots to broad implementation

• Interact with suppliers, partners, and developers as insiders, co-creating and exchanging new value

• Determine and optimize the main value drivers for

• Provide benchmark visibility to drive competition and continuous improvement

• Industrialize multi-enterprise processes with real-time feedback loops and trends to maximize visibility into KPIs

• Reset your digital vision from omnichannel to CX network • Align the benefits of building a CX network with corporate goals and objectives • Identify a “quick win” to build confidence in the vision


and turn on a dime

the CX network and translate them into KPIs

• Shift measurement from monitoring activity to

analyzing the performance of suppliers, partners and developers


Are you ready to take the next step? Take this quick self-assessment.

03 Scale

01 Adapt


Is the right foundation in place to begin the journey?

Are we inviting secure and open experimentation and innovation?

Do we have what it takes to expand and accelerate?

• Do we have the right ecosystem relationships in place? If not, do we know how to get them?

• What new products, services, and business models can we build?

• Are we getting adoption at the right level of cost and revenue? Do we have visibility?

• What business capabilities do we need? Are our business processes optimized for success?

• How can we accelerate innovation with existing suppliers, partners and developers?

• How can our underlying IT infrastructure support future growth? Do we have visibility?

• Do we have the right talent? If not, how will we get it?

• How can we innovate with new third parties? How can we identify and acquire innovations developed by members of the network?

• How ready are our talent and labor practices to support future growth? Do we have visibility?

• Is data readily available in the right form, quality and frequency? How will we transform our data into easily accessible services? • How do we protect and control access to data? • How will we enforce our compliance policies? • Can we benchmark our customer intimacy?


• Is data readily available to the parties we trust? What do we need to do to open up our data to the public? • How can we govern how data moves between trusted partners?

• How do our business processes impact the customer experience? Can they support future growth? Do we have visibility? • How do we compare with others in using the value of our data and of the data/trends of our ecosystem?

• How can we enable customers to share their identities across the CX network?


It’s okay to take proven routes Use what you have to invent what you need For every industry, the experience economy is creating a dramatically changed landscape, where traditional services need to be available, but not in the same old ways. You probably already have the data, systems, devices and services you need to move forward — now you need to combine and deliver them with a dynamic and organic CX network that revolves around your customer.

Just start You’ll build momentum as you go


5 core


to build momentum On your digital journey, the path forward is just as critical as the next destination. Each curve in the road reveals new possibilities for a more mature CX network that generates more cocreation, innovation, engagement and growth. The better you get at these 5 core competencies, the more forward momentum you will build.

01 02 03 04 05

Deliver data as a DevOps-ready shared service Master the full API lifecycle Build and manage collaborative communities Create unique and engaging – even life-changing – apps Discover and experiment with big data


01 |

Deliver data as a DevOps-ready shared service to improve operational efficiency

Shared services save time, money and effort Make it easier for apps and partners to transfer and consume data

Consolidate, modernize, secure and ensure compliance for core processes and systems

Replace data and integration silos with industrialized API, MFT and EDI services that business units can develop, test and deploy on their own

Automate, streamline and increase the frequency of software and app releases, and improve quality and responsiveness by continuously integrating and delivering production-ready enhancements

Personalize, structure and unify identity management and access control for people and machines

Cheaper. Smarter. Faster. Three things that never get old One financial institution transformed legacy file transfer into a modern shared service — and left 20% of software costs and 35% of partner onboarding overhead in the past.

Embed real-time insights to rapidly diagnose problems and meet or exceed service-level agreements


Learn how they did it

B2B Integration Survey turned up some fascinating trends Axway-Ovum

A path forward for legacy systems Deloitte/May 2017

5 trends for cloud computing and the data center in 2017 Bloomberg/December 2016


02 |

Master the full API lifecycle to accelerate business innovation

A cohesive approach to API creation, control and consumption means API developers, security architects, integration teams and lines of business can work together to: Expand reach, revenue and competitive strength through experimentation and open innovation

Protect data by controlling access and bridging identities across on-premise, cloud, mobile and IoT

Be more productive with a modernized infrastructure

Integrate devices and systems in consumption- and outcome- based solutions

Let the business move faster with secure access to legacy systems

Measure everything that matters about API usage across different products, services and business models

Make money by packaging and promoting APIs in creative, secure, efficient and helpful ways

Liberating data to lock in new revenues Dun & Bradstreet’s data as a service delivers global information the way customers want it – by embedding it directly into their systems with an API. D&B Direct brought in $10M in new revenue the first year and $17 million the next.

Hear about it from D&B’s Kamron Abtahi

DIG DEEPER Read the IDC InfoBrief

Goldman Sachs wants to become the Google of Wall Street Business Insider/April 2017


03 |

Build collaborative communities to improve service and speed delivery

A dynamic CX network revolves around the integration, collaboration and engagement of your employee, developer, supplier, customer and partner communities

ADEC lays down the law Given its vital role in the French legal system, ADEC requires 24/7 availability for its communications system, which handles: • 1,500,000 transactions a month

With a well-managed ecosystem, you can: Simplify onboarding processes via automated workflows and self-service portals

Grow capacity for innovation by recruiting and empowering independent developer networks

• Communications for ADEC’s 3,000 bailiffs and 110 partners Coordinate information, resources and supplies in real-time with trusted partners

• Several tens of millions of euros per month in funds transfers

Understand the real-time performance, quality and demand trends across different suppliers, partners and developers

Compose a modern digital workplace that restores enterprise-level security while providing employees with full and seamless access to information


Read the full story

Move over, Bitcoin. Ether is the digital currency of the moment

Doctors use Snapchat to share patient scans, UK report finds

New York Times/June 2017

Fortune/July 2017


04 |

Develop unique and engaging apps to redefine the user experience

To engage customers and earn their loyalty, you’ll need to build apps that bridge physical and virtual interactions to create a seamless experience, and release them at an accelerated pace — monthly, or even weekly Free customers and employees from physical-only experiences in branches, stores, offices and factories by offering secure access to services online and offline

Develop a real-time 360° view of the customer from rich user and businessprocess insights

Turning the Ultimate Driving Machine™ into the ultimate connected “thing” BMW connects more than 2 million drivers with their cars to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Conduct business anywhere, anytime with mobile and IoT apps connected to enterprise, cloud and open data

Hear what Robert Frost from iC Consult had to say about it

DIG DEEPER Build amazing mobile apps with confidence Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution

Internet inventor: make tech accessibility better already

The latest cyber attacks show why the cloud is safer

CNET/April 2017

InfoWorld/July 2017


05 |

Discover and experiment with big data to reimagine customer engagement

Big data lets you adapt customer journeys to rapid changes in demand, preferences and behaviors for higher customer retention Enable rapid search and discovery across diverse internal and external data sources

Apply data mining, text analysis and natural language processing to improve semantic reasoning and contextual intelligence

AI and deep learning demystified Andreessen Horowitz partner Frank Chen parses the buzzwords to explain AI and Deep Learning and why they just might usher in the next big industry shift.

Leverage computational and machine learning algorithms to automatically adjust business processes, supplier execution, and partner interactions based on predictions, trends and behaviors

Watch the video


Predictions for the $203 Billion Big Data Analytics Market

Dark analytics: Illuminating opportunities hidden within unstructured data


Forbes/January 2017

Deloitte University Press/ February 2017

Digital Trends/July 2017


Incredible inventions. Unexpected revenues. Fierce loyalty. These are just some of the attractions on the road to digital as you become truly customer-centric. It is an exhilarating journey of imagination, experimentation and courage with measurable, incremental outcomes all along the way. Improved operational efficiency

Reduced time to market

Personalized customer engagement

Manage data security compliance, consolidation and modernization of processes and systems

Leverage external data to expand market reach and access to innovation beyond the enterprise

Unlock insights from data to adapt customer journeys to rapid changes in demand, preferences and behaviors

Faster business innovation

Better user experience

Open up data to design, co-create and deliver new products, services and business models

Bridge data across physical and virtual interactions to create a seamless experience


The race is on.

Start fast. Travel smart. Get there first.

Axway AMPLIFY™ Drive confidently into the future and never look back. The Axway AMPLIFY platform integrates data and engages your entire digital ecosystem in ways that stimulate co-creation, excite innovation and resonate best with customers. It brings together IT and business leaders, user communities, app developers, connected devices, virtual and physical infrastructures, and anytime, anywhere data exchange to create a powerful customer experience network that adapts and scales to satisfy an ever-demanding society of digital consumers.

Ready to hit the road? Let’s go!

Co-create and co-innovate with a CX network

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