D 2016 - J 2017 - Village of Shorewood Hills

D 2016 - J 2017 - Village of Shorewood Hills

The Village of Shorewood Hills 810 Shorewood Boulevard - Madison, WI 53705-2115 - Phone: 608-267-2680 - Fax: 608-266-5929 - www.shorewood-hills.org V...

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The Village of Shorewood Hills 810 Shorewood Boulevard - Madison, WI 53705-2115 - Phone: 608-267-2680 - Fax: 608-266-5929 - www.shorewood-hills.org

VOLUME 89 NUMBER 12 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Page 2-3 Board Highlights from November 21, 2016 Page 3 Your Village Elected Officials: Volunteers in the True Sense of the Word; Holiday Office Schedule Page 4 2017 Budgets; Property Tax Payments; Village Announces New Assessor

DECEMBER 2016 COYOTE FORUM INFORMATION The Village Public Health and Safety Committee recently hosted a forum on coyotes. The forum was held in response to concerns about the presence of coyotes in the Village with increased sightings during daytime hours and reports they seem less fearful of humans. There is also a report of an incident where a coyote was thwarted in an attack on a pet. Over thirty people attended the forum and wildlife experts from the Dane County Public Health Department, the State Department of Natural Resources and UW Department of Forestry & Wildlife Ecology were on hand to present information and engage in discussion. The coyotes being seen in the Village are part of a pack of about five coyotes that have a base near

Page 5 Need a Holiday Gift Idea Page 6 Utility Bills: eBills, ACH, PSN; Property Owners May Be Entitled to Lower Insurance Rates

Page 8 Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Page 9 Fall Leaf Pickup; Young Entrepreneurs; Dane County Arts Calendars Page 10 Are You Ready for Winter? Insert Shorewood Hills League Bulletin

CALENDAR OF EVENTS All events will be at the Village Hall unless otherwise noted* DECEMBER 4 5 12 12 12 13 14 15 19 23/26 30

League’s Holiday Party (@ Heiden Haus) ................................ 3:30 pm Public Health & Safety .............................................................. 7:00 pm Municipal Court (Traffic) .......................................................... 5:00 pm Parks Committee (@ DPW Building) ........................................ 5:30 pm Public Works Committee ........................................................... 7:00 pm Plan Commission ....................................................................... 7:00 pm Finance Committee .................................................................... 5:30 pm Recreation Committee (@ DPW Building) ............................... 7:30 pm Board of Trustees ....................................................................... 7:00 pm Christmas Eve/Day Holidays Observed (Village offices closed) New Year’s Eve Holiday Observed (Village offices closed)

JANUARY 2 9 9 9 10 11 16 17

New Year’s Eve Holiday Observed (Village offices closed) Municipal Court (Traffic) .......................................................... Parks Committee ........................................................................ Public Works Committee ............................................................ Plan Commission ....................................................................... Finance Committee .................................................................... MLK, Jr. Holiday (Village offices closed) Board of Trustees .......................................................................

5:00 pm 5:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 5:30 pm 7:00 pm

* The calendar includes all meetings and events submitted at the time of publication. Meeting dates or times are subject to change. Check the Village’s website or call the Village Hall for confirmation.


Page 7 Girl Scouts Plan Unique Collection Drive; Toy Drive for SHES; Police Department Notice

continued on page 5




HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE NOVEMBER 21, 2016 MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES (Complete detailed minutes will be available on our website or at the Village Hall)

Attendance – All trustees were present. Appearances and Communications – Sue Krug and Kris Grutzner presented information on the One City Learning Center Initiative. The One City Initiative provides early childhood education opportunities to those most in need. They are seeking support from the Board and Village, similarly to how the Village supported the Second Chance Homeless No More Apartment project spearheaded by Greg Lampe a few years ago. Consent Agenda – In an effort to expedite meetings, items on the consent agenda are considered as a group and are adopted with one motion. Any Board member may unilaterally remove an item from the consent agenda if he or she believes the item needs discussion. Consent agenda items included approval of minutes from the Board’s October 17, October 25 and November 7 meetings; and a reissuance of a liquor license for Vom Fass due to a corporate name change. Ordinance L-2016-6 – The Board unanimously waived the first reading of Ordinance L-2016-6 amending section 17.02(7) of the Code of Ordinances to restrict the closing hours for sale of intoxicating liquor. Due to an apparent oversite, the times for sale of beer and intoxicating liquor are not consistent. The Board asked staff to find out what Madison’s and Middleton’s regulations are to avoid becoming an “island” with different sales times than neighboring communities. Ordinance L-2016-7 – Mr. Benforado summarized the Plan Commission’s discussion and recommendation for revision of Ordinance L-2016-7 amending section 18.05 of the Village Code related to Junk, Certain Vehicles, Recreational Equipment and Firewood and Section 10-1-75 Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home and Boat Storage. The Plan Commission recommendations are contained in the redlined ordinance. The Board discussed a number of additional possible changes to the language of the ordinance and ultimately took no action at this meeting. Further revisions to the ordinance may be considered at the December Board meeting. Public Hearing on the 2017 Village Budget – The required public hearing on the Village’s budgets was held. No one in the audience commented at the hearing. Approve use of unused levy capacity from the previous year – Mr. Frantz explained the process of calculating the potential tax levy. The Board decided to levy ~$95K less than its maximum allowable amount last year in an effort to keep taxes lower. The State permits municipalities to use a portion of the previous year’s unused levy capacity in the current year. That calculation comes to $38,240. If the Village uses the unused levy capacity from last year, the allowed tax levy this year would be $2,563,496 or $14,189 more than last year. This would be a tax increase of approximately $25 on the local levy portion on a $588,000 home in the Village. Mr. Lederer asked for clarification as to why the levy amount went down this year (without including the unused capacity from last year). The levy decreased because the Village’s debt service payments decreased. The Board unanimously approved using the unused levy capacity from last year to calculate the Village’s tax levy for 2017. Resolution R-2016-9 – The Board unanimously approved Resolution R-2016-9 approving the 2017 Village budgets and tax levy. Resolution R-2016-10 – The Board unanimously approved Resolution R-2016-10 approving 2017 staff wage adjustments. Consider approval of special exception permit to height and floor area limits for 3306 Lake Mendota Drive – Mr. Benforado reported the permit is similar to one approved by the Plan Commission and Board in 2007 but the project was never undertaken. The Plan Commission recommended approval of the permit. The December Board meeting proposed addition/remodel doesn’t increase the existing roof moved to height or bulk of the home. The floor area does increase a bit from the 2007 plan because of a better use of space. The Wednesday, December 21 continued on page 3




continued from page 2

Board unanimously approved the special exception permit for 3306 Lake Mendota Drive. Consider approval of conditional use permit for 3306 Lake Mendota Drive – A conditional use permit is required for all building projects in the R-3 district on the lake side of Lake Mendota Drive. For the same reasons listed above, the Plan Commission recommended approval and the Board unanimously approved the conditional use permit for 3306 Lake Mendota Drive. Authorize additional $10,000 in 2016 budget for tree removals/maintenance – Mr. Frantz explained the tree maintenance budget was exhausted due to cleanup from the strong storms this summer. The Forester is asking for an additional $10K to perform regular tree maintenance and removals that haven’t been done this year. The additional $10K has been included in the year-end projections and would be paid out of the undesignated fund balance (reducing the surplus fund balance for 2016). The Board unanimously approved the expense. Appointments – Mr. Sundquist appointed and the Board approved Gary Johnson to Chair the Zoning Board of Appeals due to Linda Bochert stepping down as chair. Village President’s Report – Mr. Sundquist will be unavailable for the regular Board meeting in December. The Board agreed to move the meeting to Wednesday, December 21, 2016. Village Administrator’s Report – Mr. Frantz reported the emergency purchase of three Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for the Police Department Squad Cars. The current AEDs in use are 14+ years old and not supported by the manufacturer any more. Replacement batteries are expensive and of poor quality (not lasting a full year). To get the new machines in the squads as quickly as possible, Mr. Frantz made the decision to order three replacement AEDs immediately for a good price of $3,585 (list price $1,595 each). Plan Commission – Mr. Benforado discussed the status of the potential Arbor Crossing II redevelopment project. Public Works Committee – Mr. Lederer reported on the Committee’s discussion about the redesign of Locust Drive between Maple Terrace and Rose Place including bike path and a sidewalk. Public Health & Safety Committee – Ms. Borisy-Rudin reported on the Committee’s forum on coyotes in the Village (see article on page 1). Recreation Committee – Ms. Readel reported on the status of the Firehouse Library and an idea to install a “Little Free Library” outside the DPW building with a few books and a posting of the hours of the Firehouse Library. Adjourn – The meeting adjourned at 9:16 pm.

YOUR VILLAGE ELECTED OFFICIALS: VOLUNTEERS IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE WORD Recently, you may have noticed stories in the media about elected officials getting or requesting pay raises. The Village of Shorewood Hills is literally one of the only incorporated municipalities in the State of Wisconsin where the Village President and Village Board receive no monetary compensation at all. The Village elected officials put in many hours of work on their own time preparing for and attending multiple monthly meetings and chairing Committees. Over 150 other Village residents serving on committees are also true volunteers receiving no pay. Grass roots democracy is hard at work! HOLIDAY OFFICE SCHEDULE The civic mindedness of those who serve in elected and other volunteer capacities here is one of the reasons the Village tax rate, apples to apples, is the second to the lowest of all Dane County Cities and Villages. It is also a very important component in fostering the sense of community that we enjoy.

The Village Hall will be closed on the following days in observance of the holidays:     

Friday, December 23 – Christmas Eve observed Monday, December 26 – Christmas Day observed Friday, December 30 – New Year’s Eve observed Monday, January 2 – New Year’s Day observed Monday, January 16 – MLK, Jr. Day




2017 VILLAGE BUDGET The Village Board approved all nine 2017 Village fund budgets on Monday, November 21. The general fund is the main operating fund of the Village and is the fund that property taxes support. The increase over 2016 budgeted expenditures in the general fund is 2% or $85,000. Village Taxes on a $588,000 home will increase by about $25.00. The Village operates under a state imposed levy limit which allowed the Village a tax levy increase of $14,189. The Village general fund budget is about $3.6M per year. 70% of Village revenues are derived from property taxes, so the ability to increase the levy by only ~$14K and still provide the same level of services such as Police, Fire/EMS and Public Works is a real challenge, but one that was met in preparing the 2017 budget, partially through the use of $141K of fund balance. Significant increases in building permit fees due to apartment projects as well as the sale of Village property associated with “The Boulevard” project provided the Village with additional revenue in 2016. However, these are one-time revenue sources and the Village needs to be careful about its reliance on these types of revenues. The Village Board and Finance Committee are also very cognizant of the large increase in utility rates this year. Even though water, sewer and stormwater are separate funds of the Village and face different challenges and provide different services, there is a recognition that whether it is taxes or utilities, they are funded through checks written to the Village for services. More detail on the Village financial information and 2017 budget can be found on the Village website (www.shorewoodhills.org/office >> 2017 Budget).

PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS 2016 tax bills will be mailed to property owners in mid-December. The Village does not send copies of tax bills to mortgage holders. If you escrow your taxes, you should notify your mortgage company of the amount owed when your bill arrives. If you would like your property tax payment to be credited to 2016 for income tax purposes, it must be received by the Village by midnight on December 31. The Village Hall will be closed on December 30 in observation of the New Year’s Eve holiday, which means, if you’d like to pay your taxes in person and have the payment credited to 2016, you will have to stop by the Village Hall before 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 29. If you can’t make it into the office by that time, you may leave your payment in the Village’s green ‘Drop Box’ in the Village Hall parking lot. The ‘Drop Box’ will be emptied at midnight on December 31. Any payments made after midnight will be credited to 2017. Payment sent by mail postmarked on or before December 31, 2016 will be credited to 2016. Similarly, on-line tax payments must also be made by December 31 to be credited to 2016. Make a tax payment on-line at: www.shorewood-hills.org/payments (convenience fees apply). If you have questions about property taxes when the bill arrives, please contact the Village Hall.

VILLAGE ANNOUNCES NEW ASSESSOR The Village Board has contracted with Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. to provide assessment services beginning in 2017. Please contact Associated Appraisal at 800-721-4157 for any inquiries regarding assessed values. You may also visit their website at: www.apraz.com where you can contact the assessor by e-mail. As our new assessor, Associated Appraisal will conduct a full revaluation of all properties in the Village for the 2017 assessment year. This will involve physically viewing all homes and businesses to update property records. All properties will be revalued according to current market conditions in 2017. The revaluation will ensure that properties are being assessed equitably within and across classes. The Village has not done a full-walk through valuation since 1995. More information about the revaluation will be available on the Village website before the assessment staff begins visiting properties in Spring, 2017.




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Picnic Point. Some sightings may also be lone coyotes traveling through this pack’s territory. Each pack has one dominate reproducing female and one alpha male. There are an additional one to two females that are subservient in the pack. UW has placed tracking collars on some coyotes as part of the Urban Candid Project and there are likely at least four separate packs in the City of Madison, each with a distinct territory. Meeting Takeaways: Coyotes are here to stay. They are all over North America, are opportunistic and live in urban areas with populations of thousands in places such as Los Angeles and Chicago. They tend to reproduce at higher rates when there are attempts to eradicate them, and if trapped and removed, others will move in and take over the new territory.

We have no choice but to learn to coexist. Coyotes are naturally fearful and wary of humans but they can become less so over time. When that occurs, people can reintroduce their fear if done on a regular and repeated basis. Making loud noises, throwing rocks near (not at them) and generally making a commotion will act to scare them away. This is called hazing (video: How to Haze a Coyote). The easiest food is the best food. Coyotes are opportunistic. F irst and foremost, do not intentionally feed coyotes. You are not doing them, nature, or your neighbors any favors. Secondly, don’t unintentionally feed them. Coyotes are omnivores and eat fruits, vegetables and meat. Do not compost food outside in unenclosed areas, only in tight fitting containers. Don’t leave dog and cat food outside. Don’t leave spent seeds and nuts from bird feeders on the ground. Those seeds and nuts attract rodents and are easy prey for coyotes and once they have found a good food source they will keep coming back. Don’t leave your grill out with drippings from your last meal that can be lapped up by a coyote. The grill also has an attractive scent that coyotes will check out. Don’t leave your pets out alone. That especially includes cats and small dogs. Eating your domestic pet is a lot easier for a coyote than chasing rabbits or squirrels. If you encounter a coyote and its does not scare away from hazing or it acts in a menacing or aggressive way, call 9-1-1 and the police will respond. Do not run away. Coyotes attacks on humans are very uncommon and rare, but it has happened. The best way for us to avoid this possibility, no matter how unlikely, is to work together in order to coexist with coyotes by eliminating food sources and to haze coyotes when we see them so they know their place in our community. Resources:  http://urbancoyoteresearch.com/coyote-relationships-people  http://urbancoyoteresearch.com/resource-information  http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/coyotes/tips/coyotes_people.html?referrer=https:// www.google.com/%20-%20habituation  http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/coyotes/tips/hazing_guidelines.html?credit=web_id141628986

NEED A HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA? Shorewood Hills: An Illustrated History was written by Village resident and historian, Tom Brock. His book is a broad overview of the rich and fascinating history of the Village. It is full of historic photos, newspaper articles and maps illustrating life in Shorewood Hills.

The hardcover book makes a wonderful holiday gift. A limited supply of the book are still available at the Village Hall, during regular business hours, for only $31.65 (tax included).




UTILITY BILL INFORMATION eBills (paperless bills) If you would like to go paperless, you can sign up for paperless eBills. Save the Village (and ultimately you, as a taxpayer) money by eliminating the printing and postage cost of your utility bill. The Village has begun using Payment Service Network (PSN) to manage our paperless utility bills. To register your account for eBills go to: www.shorewood-hills.org/water. You will find information on how sign up for eBills on the PSN website. ACH (automatic bill payments) Are you tired of mailing/dropping off a utility check each month? Sign up for ACH (automatic bill payment) through the Village. A number of Village residents and businesses have already signed up for the convenience of ACH. The service is FREE through the Village. The Electronic Payments form is available on-line at: www.shorewood-hills.org/water or stop by the Village Hall. A voided check is required with the form. Please note: PSN has an ACH option but there is a $1.00 fee for each transaction. ACH through the Village is FREE. PSN (Payment Service Network) PSN is the Village’s third party payment provider. The PSN website allows customers to pay utility bills, permit fees, recreation program fees, property taxes and any other administrative fees. Go to: www.shorewood -hills.org/payments for links to the various payment categories. Convenience fees apply to these transactions. If you have any questions, contact the Village Hall at [email protected] or 267-2680.

PROPERTY OWNERS MAY BE ENTITLED TO LOWER INSURANCE RATES The nation’s leading supplier of data and analytics for the property/casualty insurance industry has named Madison “Wisconsin’s newest Class 1 fire protection community.” It’s a distinction shared by only three other cities in the state. The Insurance Service Organization (ISO), through its Public Protection Classification program, examined three areas: Emergency Communications, Fire Department, and Water Supply. Out of 105.50 possible credits in the ISO’s scoring metric, Madison received 91.48 credits, placing the city among an elite group of 204 municipalities (out of 47,000) in the country that carry this honor (see: “Points of Pride” document). The new classification takes effect Thursday, December 1. The public’s ongoing investment in a progressive fire department, a robust and reliable water utility, and a responsive, technologically-advanced emergency communications center is now paying off by way of lower property insurance rates. Most insurers use the ISO’s Public Protection Classification Program when underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial, and industrial properties; therefore, property owners in the City of Madison, Village of Shorewood Hills, and Town of Blooming Grove may be entitled to decreased rates. Individuals can take advantage of this new classification by contacting their insurance agent and letting them know their community was just upgraded to an “ISO Class 1” ranking. Because each insurer uses ISO rankings differently, actual savings may vary.

L-R: Fire Chief Steven Davis, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, Dane County Public Safety Communications Asst. Operations Manager Kevin Fosso, and Madison Water Utility General Manager Tom Heikkinen




GIRL SCOUTS PLAN UNIQUE COLLECTION DRIVE Our Girl Scout troop is collecting toiletries for the 50 Syrian refugee families resettling in Madison through this year and next. We are a group of seventh grade girls who live in Shorewood Hills. Thank you to all who donated already to this cause. We REALLY APPRECIATE the generosity of the Village residents. We now specifically need SHAMPOO/ CONDITIONER and bars of SOAP. We will have a plastic donation bin in Village Hall until December 8th. If you would like us to pick up a donation of toiletries, please contact our troop leader at [email protected] Thank you all for your support. - Emma McKinney and Eliza Siebers from Troop 2205

TOY DRIVE AT SHOREWOOD HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL With the holidays approaching the school is hoping to give back to families that might need a little extra help in the community. Besides assisting some families attending SHES, teachers will get first pick for their classrooms. The remaining toys will be donated to Catalyst House (a non-profit for homeless women and their children) and a Head Start preschool, so the more toys we can collect the better! Please take time to go through your closets and get your kids involved by parting with beloved objects for a good cause! Under the PTO, donations can be dropped off the first weekend in December at the FIREHOUSE (1008 Shorewood Blvd) across from the school:   

Friday, December 2 – 3:30 to 8:00 pm Saturday, December 3 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunday, December 4 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

If you have a donation that can't be dropped off that weekend, the following Fridays, December 9 or 16, donations can be made at the elementary school at the beginning or end of the school day. Items we are looking for include toys, books, movies, and games for any age. Feel free to contact Jessica Krewson (PTO Member) at [email protected] with any questions. Thanks for considering our request. Dear Residents, The Village of Shorewood Hills Police Department hopes everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season! Regrettably, over the past month, the Village of Shorewood Hills Police Department has received several reports that vehicles within our village have been unlawfully entered and in some cases, items taken. While reviewing these cases, there were numerous commonalities between incidents. Firstly, the thefts usually occurred between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. Secondly, in every and all cases, the vehicles were unlocked at the time of the theft. Lastly, many people hesitated in reporting incidents or calling 9-1-1 in a timely manner. The Village of Shorewood Hills Police Department encourages residents, and those visiting the Village, to call 9-1-1 immediately when needed. Calling 9-1-1 is especially important if they observe suspicious or abnormal behavior. Timely reporting enables our police department a better opportunity to locate those that might be involved. Going forward, please lock your vehicle while it is unattended. Moreover, please keep items of value out of sight or remove them from the vehicle, particularly over the night hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Happy Holidays from those of us at the Village of Shorewood Hills Police Department! - Lt. Courtland Martens







FALL LEAF PICKUP The Public Works Crew has been working hard to remove leaf piles in the Village. They will continue to do so until the snow flies or the leaves are frozen to the ground. Below are some tips to assist them in their task:  When picking up leaves, the Crew makes an entire round of the Village from one end to the other (usually once a week). Special pickups are not possible.  Please do not bag leaves. Rake them to the curb, not into the street.  Leaf piles should be three feet from trees, poles, signs and mailboxes so that the vacuuming arm is not obstructed.  Please make sure that you keep all rocks, construction debris, soil and branches out of your leaf piles.  Rocks, nails, dirt, etc. wreak havoc on the leaf picker causing expensive repairs and endanger the operators.  If the Crew picks up your neighbors’ leaves but not yours, the reason may be as simple as the box truck was full, a car was parked in front of the leaf pile, or time ran out in the day. They will get back to your leaf pile as soon as possible.

LEAF RAKING, SNOW SHOVELING, DOG WALKING ENTREPRENEURS Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and soon the snow will be flying. Do you need help with leaf raking, snow shoveling or other odd jobs? For several years, the Village Hall has kept a list of Shorewood Hills kids interested in doing odd jobs including raking leaves, mowing lawns, dog walking, pet sitting, shoveling snow or other work. Residents looking to hire help may contact the Village Hall to get a list of these young community entrepreneurs.

If you have kids that would like to be included on this database, they may e-mail Karla ([email protected]) or call the Village Hall at 267-2680. Kids, Karla will need your full name; phone number; if you are interested in shoveling snow, raking leaves, yard work in general, pet sitting, dog walking, etc. Please indicate if you will work anywhere in the Village or just in your own neighborhood (include your address if only working in your neighborhood). If you have been a part of the Village Hall database in the past and would no longer like your name/number given out, please contact Karla to be removed.

2017 DANE COUNTY ART CALENDAR The eighteenth edition of the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission’s annual art calendar explores the wonderful sights and resources right here in Dane County. Your calendar purchase helps support local artists and the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission’s mission, vision, and programs (to foster public participation in local arts and increase public access to the cultural resources in Dane County). The 2017 Art Calendar (Everything Y ou Never Expected… In Dane County) features reproductions of thirteen works by talented Wisconsin artists. The desk calendars cost $10.00 each (including sales tax). The Commission relies on public donations and fundraising. The calendars are available at the Village Hall during regular business hours while supplies last. For more info on the DC Cultural Affairs Commission, go to: www.danearts.com. An annual tradition and perfect gift.

Next Bulletin Deadline: Monday, December 19




ARE YOU READY FOR WINTER? Time to get your home and car ready for cold and snow It is time to face the inescapable truth, winter is coming to Wisconsin. We all need to brush up on our winter driving skills and cold weather preparedness. Make sure you have an emergency supply kit in your car – it could save your life. If you slide off into a ditch and are stranded during a storm, food and other items in your kit could help keep you and your family safe until emergency help arrives. The emergency vehicle kit should contain items such as flashlight, first aid kit, booster cables, emergency flares, water and snack food along with extra gloves, hats, scarves and blankets. In addition, make sure you have a shovel and a bag of sand or kitty litter to help provide traction if you get stuck. Every winter in Wisconsin, officials say approximately 50 people are killed and more than 4,900 are injured in crashes on icy or snow-covered roads. Many of those crashes are caused by driving too fast in winter conditions. The posted speed limit is based on dry pavement and good driving conditions. But the posted limit may be too fast for conditions when a road is snow covered and slippery. During severe winter storms, the safest decision is to not drive until conditions improve. Law enforcement officers frequently respond to vehicles in the ditch and chain-reaction crashes when motorists should not have attempted to travel. Slowed or stalled traffic on slippery roads also delays tow trucks and snowplows, which are trying to get roads cleared, as well as emergency responders. In addition to getting your vehicles winterized and putting together an emergency vehicle supply kit, now is also good time to get your home ready for the cold months ahead. Put together an emergency preparedness kit for your home that contains a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water in case there is no power during a winter storm. Also make sure your flashlights have new batteries and you have a NOAA Weather Radio to receive any emergency alerts. For more information, visit ReadyWisconsin at http://ready.wi.gov. You can also follow ReadyWisconsin on

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Know before you go this winter season with the 511 Wisconsin Traveler Information System. 511 Wisconsin is a 24/7 travel service provided through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Download the free smartphone app, follow @511WI on Twitter, or visit www.511wi.gov. You can access these current statewide travel resources:  Road conditions  Travel times  Traffic delays  Incident alerts  Construction closures  Traffic cameras Editorial Staff: Kar l Fr antz, Administr ator ; Colleen Albr echt, Cler k; David Sykes, Web Manager . Contributors: J ohn Mitmoen, DPW Chief; Kar la Ender s, Deputy Cler k; Cour tland Mar tens, Police Lieutenant; Jaime Weitzel, Police Officer; Chas Martin, League Bulletin; Annette Mahler, Garden Club; Jessica Krewson, SHES PTO; Holly Schaefer, Girl Scout Troop 2205; Cynthia Schuster, City of Madison.

DECEMBER 2016 BULLETIN INTRODUCING THE NEW LEAGUE BOARD The Shorewood Hills Community League would like to thank the past board members and volunteers for their dedication to helping make our Village a great place to live. A special thank you goes to the past President Jela Trask, Secretary Jenn Vadas and Social Coordinator Claudia Werner. The list of other supporters is incredibly long, but important activities such as the Village Directory, Newcomers Party and Fourth of July would not have been possible without leadership from Ann Rutecki and Monica Lawson. In addition, thank you to Jan Moen for upgraded and streamlining the League’s accounting practices. As we look ahead to next year, we are excited to turn over board responsibilities to new members and look forward to more special events as well as the ongoing support the League provides to important Village causes. The new President will be Chas Martin, who was formerly the Social Director. She moved to the Village five and half years ago and has watched her children, Jaelyn 6 and Juliette 4, grow and enjoy the many wonderful things in the Village. Most of her time is spent busy as a real estate broker selling houses in Shorewood Hills for all her great clients. When she is not working or spending time with her family she enjoys Badger games, traveling, spending time outdoors and volunteering for Clean Lakes Alliance and DAIS. Tricia Underkofler will remain on as Treasurer. Tricia and her husband, Tom, have called Viburnum Drive home for the past 6 years. During that time they have welcomed daughter Evelyn (4) to their lives, with Evelyn’s brother due to arrive January 2017. Tricia finds joy in helping others and contributing to her community, and has served as Treasurer of the Shorewood Hills Community League since June 2015. When not with her young sidekick, Tricia enjoys running, cycling, and speaking Portuguese. Katie Lindquist will take over as Secretary. A current Shorewood Hills resident, Katie is originally from the Chicago suburb of Lake Forest. Katie’s career in marketing and sales led to her current position as a mortgage consultant for a small community bank. When not helping clients with their home financing, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, staying active with fitness classes, rooting on the Badgers, and volunteering for local non-profit organizations the Madison Children’s Museum and the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. Corrina Cunningham will be our Social Director. She and her husband moved to Shorewood Hills during the fall of 2015 from Chicago. Originally raised in Madison, they came back for the lovely lakes, food, family/ friends, and great outdoor living! Corrina works remotely as a design specialist for an e-commerce company and part time as a local actress/model. She also runs a startup company with her husband called MogaMind, which helps people integrate mindfulness into their busy schedules. She is expecting her first baby April 2017. The next League event will be the Holiday Party on December 4 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. If you have any questions, comments or would like to join the League mailing list please e-mail [email protected] The Shorewood Hills Community League invites you to the

ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY Sunday, December 4, 2016 From 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the Heiden Haus Join your neighbors and enjoy hot chocolate, a bonfire, horse drawn wagon rides, treats, tree lighting and hopefully, ice skating! All residents are welcome, no matter the age!! Please e-mail [email protected] if you would like to volunteer! Thank you!

Book Club

DECEMBER 2016 BULLETIN Thursday, December 1, 2016 (5:30 pm - 8:30 pm) and 4 subsequent meetings in winter 2017. Books Lovers of Shorewood Hills, bring a friend and join us for a monthly Book Club. This is the first gathering where we will be planning which books we should read. Dinner off the menu will be offered. Blackhawk Country Club (all residents welcome). Arrive at 5:30 pm. RSVP to Beth Van den Berg - [email protected] / 847-494-8788.

GARDEN CLUB NEWS Join us on Thursday, December 8 at 7:00 pm for the GARDEN CLUB HOLIDAY GATHERING. This is a social meeting, where we will have a tree themed gift exchange (we encourage creativity, so bring an item you have made, or carefully chosen, one that gives a nod to GC's theme this year “Our Village Trees”). Be creative, and keep the cost modest. Wrap it up and enjoy a blind gift exchange. Along with giving and getting, we will again be taking donations to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank. We will also have a signup sheet for those interested in volunteering for a three hours shift at the Food Bank in the new year. The evening will be a perfect opportunity to reconnect with group members and neighbors and enjoy holiday treats and beverages. Curious about Garden Club activities–this is the perfect way to get to know about us!! And be assured that the gift exchange is options, so if you don’t want to participate in the exchange, don’t feel any pressure to do so.

GARDEN CLUB HOLIDAY GATHERING When: Thursday, December 8 Time: 7:00 pm Where: Home of Paula Hogan, 3417 Crestwood Drive



Guitar Lessons – Located in the Village. Over 15 years teaching experience. References upon request. Sign up now for a free interview lesson. Contact Aaron Katcher at 608-661-0226 or visit http://katcherinc.com for more information.

Shorewood Hills home for sale by owner – 3407 Viburnum Dr., 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Please contact: [email protected]

FOR SALE Shorewood Hills Honey – ½ lb. and 1 lb. bottles. A great holiday gift that is produced locally. Limited supply. Contact Sam or Abby Falk at 238-5434 or stop by 1227 Shorewood Boulevard.

LOST Lost Blowfish Necklace – Necklace fell off on walk to the hospital along University Bay Drive on November 9. If found, please call or text Leslie at 608-957-5388. Reward offered. LEAGUE BULLETIN ADVERTISING POLICY The Shorewood Hills Community League Bulletin accepts ads from Village residents and businesses. The League does not accept non-resident commercial ads. Non-residents wishing to buy or rent homes in the Village may place ads for such if they provide a Village reference. Limit ads to 150 words or less. The Village staff has begun managing the Bulletin advertising program for the League. If you would like to place an ad, contact David Sykes at: [email protected] Commercial ads are 50¢ per word. Other resident ads are 30¢ per word. Residents under the age of 18 may place ads at 10¢ per word. Deliver payment to the Village Hall, 810 Shorewood Blvd, Madison, WI 53705. Please make checks out to: ‘Village of Shorewood Hills’ or ‘VoSH.’ The Bulletin is published monthly. Ads are due by the 15th of each month. The League and the Village are not responsible for, nor do they endorse, the services advertised.

Chas Martin, your neighbor and top-selling Shorewood Hills agent has another new listing. If you are thinking of selling, call for free advice or to discuss options. New Listing: 3113 Oxford Rd. – $685,000 Sold in ’15/‘16: 3140 Oxford Rd. 1007 University Bay Dr. 1106 Wellesley Rd. 3509 Blackhawk Rd. 1009 Edgehill Dr. 3109 Oxford Rd. 3432 Sunset Dr. 3125 Oxford Rd. 910 Cornell Ct. 1102 Shorewood Blvd. 3519 Sunset Dr. 1201 Shorewood Blvd. Contact Chas at [email protected] or 608-334-9042 for a modern take on real estate. We mourn the loss of Lila Lightfoot – Crestwood Dr. Resident Jean Molbreak – Shorewood Blvd. Resident Joseph Kepecs – Lake Mendota Drive Resident The League would like to acknowledge births and deaths of Village residents. Please help by notifying us with such information: [email protected]