DEPAUW ACADEMIC UNIVERSITY AWARDS CONVOCATION Green Center for the Performing Arts, Kresge Auditorium Monday, April 25, 2016, 8:00 p.m. Opening rem...

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Green Center for the Performing Arts, Kresge Auditorium Monday, April 25, 2016, 8:00 p.m. Opening remarks………..…………...………….…...….......Dr. David Berque, Dean of Academic Life Introduction of speaker...……………………..…..………..……………..………Dr. Pamela Propsom Professor of Psychology Address…………………………………..…………………………………..Dr. Andrew Molnar (‘04) Andrew Molnar received his Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University in 2004, graduating cum laude with a major in psychology. While at DePauw, Andrew was active in the Hartman House, Winter Term in Service programs, and the Department of Psychology. He also was a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. He attained Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Clinical Child Psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He went on to specialize in pediatric neuropsychology by completing internship and residency training at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine/St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He now practices as a pediatric neuropsychologist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. He specializes in evaluating cognitive and psychological functioning in pediatric oncology, neuro-oncology, hematology, and rare genetic disorder populations. He also is the co-founder of the St. Jude Early Childhood Clinic, a program recently established for the hospital’s infants and toddlers to provide them with access to critical developmental therapies while undergoing medical treatment.

Announcement of Awards……….………….…………...…Dr. David Berque, Dean of Academic Life Dr. Caroline Jetton, Associate Dean for Academics and Advising for the School of Music Dr. Sherry Mou, Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Chinese) and Asian Studies Dr. Jacob Hale, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Dr. Deepa Prakash, Assistant Professor of Political Science Ms. Kate Knaul, Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning and Director of National Fellowships and Awards Presentation of Ferid Murad Medal………...……….…………………..……….…….Dr. Anne Harris Vice President for Academic Affairs Presentation of Walker Cup…….……………………..……….……Dr. Mark McCoy, President-Elect “A Toast to DePauw”……………………………….………………………...Yazid Pierce-Gray (‘16) Addy Sterrett (‘16), Lance Orta (‘14), Julie Strauser (‘16), Dana Hart (‘16) Recessional music…….…………..………………………...DePauw University, Percussion Ensemble Bonnie Whiting, Director



Scientech Educational Foundational Scholarship For the sophomore or junior majoring in the natural sciences or mathematics who has shown the greatest improvement in GPA from one semester or year to the next.

Melinda A. Franke

I. Nelle Barnhart Award For the senior who has made outstanding contributions to the co-curricular life of the student body in support of the academic mission of the University. Given in honor of I. Nelle Barnhart, Associate Dean of Students at DePauw from 1949-1979.

Michael J. Chavez

Busey Family Endowed Scholarship

For the sophomore or junior member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity who is active in campus leadership and earns the highest firstsemester GPA. The scholarship was established by John W. Busey ’61 and his two sons, John W. Busey II ’90 and J. Jay Busey ’93, all DePauw ATO alumni.

Eric P. Speer

Joan Westmen Battey Endowed Scholarship The Joan Westmen Battey Scholarship is awarded to the sophomore and the junior members of Kappa Alpha Theta who demonstrate the highest grade point average in the first semester of their respective sophomore and junior years. The award was established by 1954 graduate and Kappa Alpha Theta alumna Joan W. Battey and her husband, Charles W. Batty.

Mackenzie O. Dolle

David B. Becker Fellows For upperclass ITAP associates who have demonstrated significant achievement in on-campus and off-campus internship opportunities. A Becker Fellow has assumed a leadership role within ITAP and is recognized for the ability to link on-campus training with real-world IT experience.

Thomas K. Addaquay Taylor A. Crenshaw Hannah M. Meyer Trevor S. Warfield

Ninad M. Amondikar Muhammad S. Haroon Alexander M. Miller

Theresa J. Carper Jessica N. Keister Miranda L. Neville

Gertrude and G.D. Crain Award For students who make the most effective use of the facilities provided by the Eugene S. Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media.

Rebeca G. Bagdocimo Kaitlin D. Browning Justine J. Clarke Madison T. McIntyre Kailyn N. Weiss

Nathanael R. Baker Austin H. Candor Simone E. Deighan Sarah E. Proctor Lauren M. Wigton

Jeremy S. Boyd Samuel L. Caravana Benjamin A. Gorman Robert L. Sherman

Blake E. Elming Joshua R. Krutchik Dennis O. Obat

Annika T. Kennedy Peper E. Langhout Abhishek S. Sambatur

First-Year Seminar Essay Contest Chloe M. Boensch Rebecca L. Kerns Katherine A. Marburger

Christena Biggs-Kathleen Steele First-Year Seminar Most Improved Writers

The award is named for Chris Biggs and Kitty Steele who taught at DePauw from 1972-2002 and 1958-1996, respectively.

Abigayle E. Anderson Gurvinder S. Brar Anna K. Cron Fumika Iwasaki John R. C. Lukens Jared E. Prifogle Frank B. Roselli Chuqi Song David B. Turlington

Miranda J. Bigler Abigail R. Burton Samantha L. Goodale Tatsuya Katsuhara Elizabeth M. MacNeille Erika L. Repass Abhishek S. Sambatur Madilynn B. Stern Anna M. Werkowski

Sheldon Bolden John A. Cotton David P. Hinkebein Vy P. T. Le Keila M. Marte Bronson I. Roseboro Bo D. Shimmin Timothy D. Tompkins Xinyu Zhang

Katherine Cox Hoover Scholarship

For a sophomore who has demonstrated outstanding character, leadership, and special talents in extra-curricular activities. Established by James E. and Katherine Cox Hoover (‘51).

Melinda A. Franke

R. Stanley Lawton, Jr. Prize

For students who have expressed and evidenced an interest in attending law school and who have demonstrated potential for high achievement in law school and in the practice of law as a profession. Established in memory of R. Stanley Lawton, Jr. (’36), with gifts from the law firm of Ice Miller and Mrs. R. Stanley Lawton, Jr.

Corby F. Burger

DePauw University Law Scholar

Based upon a nomination by DePauw University, IU McKinney awards two exceptional DePauw students/alumni with the designation of a DePauw University Law Scholar.

Joseph M. Tanner

Colleen S. Whiting

Albert Lund Scholarship

For an active member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity who has won an internal scholarship competition based on academic achievement and community service.

Michael J. Daseke, II

Andrew J. Quinn

Men’s Hall Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship For a sophomore and junior who have contributed significantly to the quality of life at DePauw. The winners will have demonstrated or promoted through their campus efforts the principles and ideals memorialized by the Men’s Hall Association.

Devyn L. Hayes

Peyton I. Powers

Margaret Gilmore Library Science Scholarship For a DePauw woman graduate who is especially qualified to receive expert training as a librarian.

Sarah M. Wilson ‘13

Thomas Mote Public and Global Health Senior Award For the senior who has done the most to promote the health of populations.

Sheridan L. Schulte

Martha Weddell Nicholson Endowed Scholarship

For a junior (rising senior) woman majoring in the sciences who plans a career in science or who plans to pursue a graduate science or medical degree and who has a high GPA in her science major. She should have significant campus involvement and leadership outside her academic department and good character and be likely to appreciate the past contributions of alumni who make this and other scholarship awards possible.

Annie C. Barrett

Pamela (Lorman) and Ben Peternell Endowed Environmental Scholarship For a sophomore (rising junior) of merit with a curricular or career commitment to environmental science, environmental studies and/or sustainability who has been recommended by faculty and DePauw’s Chief Academic Officer.

Mary R. Satterthwaite

Lambda Chi Alpha Prize

For a junior who has made a significant contribution to Christian living at DePauw.

Emily M. Shy

Alice G. Ross Senior Award For an outstanding senior woman from Indiana. The award is in memory of George A. Ross’ mother, a housemother at Kappa Alpha Theta.

Ariel J. Cheatham

Stuart D. and Jane P. Watson Delta Tau Delta Endowed Scholarship

For members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity with the highest GPA in their class at the end of the fall semester.

Samuel C. Comer

Luke A. Hartline

Matthew J. Labus

Randal L. Wilson Memorial Union Board Award

For a junior who has made outstanding contributions to campus life. Established by Margaret Hardgrove Wilson (’41) and her husband Robert in memory of their son, who had been president of the Union Board.

Sarah E. Fears

Claire A. Halffield

Phi Beta Kappa – Senior Initiates 2016

Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776, is the oldest and most respected honorary society in the United States. The Indiana Alpha Chapter was chartered at DePauw in 1889.

Karina C. Adams Taylor J. Brandstatter Corby F. Burger Qi Dai Daniel W. Furman Shannon E. Hall Montana M. Hoenig Erin N. Horne Katharine A. Kondry Jordan R. Lienhoop Heather E. O’Brien Leeann E. Sausser Michael F. Terlep Ashley J. Wong

Grace L. Bishop Timothy R. Brauer Sarah E. Burtenshaw Page N. Daniels Angela S. Hacker Muhammad S. Haroon James J. Holtfreter William P. Johnson Sally E. Leaf Stephen T. McMurtry Paige J. Powers Sheridan L. Schulte Michael B. Tobin Cloette E. Zager

Hannah N. Bradley Amanda M. Buening Daniel Chen Lauren E. Falotico Cory V. Hall Madeline N. Hawk Elizabeth M. Hoover Jessica N. Keister Zeran Lei Olivia M. Muller Devon S. Ross Louisa E. Sheffield Danielle L. Wenning

Phi Beta Kappa – Junior Initiates 2016 (Class of 2017) Kaitlin L. Berry Rachel E. Lahr Nathaniel J. Smith Amanda J. Weber

William J. Burke Lois M. Miller Peter R. Steiner

Shannon M. Jager Allison L. Schultz Emma M. Ueland

Phi Beta Kappa – Class of 2016 Members Megan E. Bailey Conner J. T. Gordon Julia E. Roell

Hattie E. Blair Grace C. Hendrickson Jiaxin Su


Sydney E. Cason Matthew T. Piggins Caroline G. Zadina


John and Esther Browning Scholarship For an outstanding pianist or violinist completing the junior year at DePauw.

Lindsey G. Sullivan

Leah Curnutt Prize

For an outstanding student majoring in music education or piano. Established by Mildred Gardner (’47), a School of Music alumna and lifelong friend of Professor Leah Curnutt. Professor Curnutt taught at DePauw from 1935-1970.

Sarah M. Jylkka

Fitzpatrick Opera Award

For the senior vocalist who has contributed the most to opera productions during his or her time at DePauw. Dr. Fitzpatrick taught at DePauw from 1963-1991.

Yazid T. Pierce-Gray

Performance Certificates For seniors who have attained a high degree of excellence in applied music.

Dana E. Hart Addy M. Sterrett

Lance J. Orta Julia A. Strauser

Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award For an outstanding junior majoring in music.

Eleanor L. Price

Yazid T. Pierce-Gray

Van Denman Thompson Award

For a senior who has achieved excellence in scholarship, musicianship and activities. Established by Van Denman Thompson, who taught in the School of Music from 1911-1957.

Julie A. Strauser

Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honorary

The national music honorary society, to which students are inducted on the basis of scholarship and musicianship.

Blake C. Beckemeyer

Sarah J. Pistorius

Julie A. Strauser

Meghan Parker Memorial Prize For the outstanding first-year vocalist in the School of Music. Established through gifts from family and friends in memory of Meghan Parker, who was killed in an automobile accident in September 1990, at the beginning of her first year at DePauw.

David T. Mather

ARTS AND HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT OF ART AND ART HISTORY Art Department Scholarship For students selected by the Department of Art and Art History to receive funds for materials, books or studio fees at the student’s discretion for furthering art studies while at DePauw.

Amelia C. Warren

Vera May Knauer Farber Award For a sophomore or junior studio art major, with preference given to one who uses direct observation as a source for imagery. Established by Vera May Knauer Farber (‘36).

Zachary L. Taylor

Indiana Artist-Craftsmen/Talbot Street Art Fair Prize

For deserving underclass students majoring in studio art, to be used for the purchase of art supplies. Established in honor of Richard Peeler, who taught ceramics at DePauw from 1958-1972, and Marjorie Peeler.

Adam D. Rathbun

William Meehan Prize in Art

For a senior art student who works in traditional media in non-traditional ways. Established in memory of Professor William Meehan, who taught at DePauw from 1963-1992.

Lu Bai

Adam J. Houk

Senior Art History Prize For a senior art history major.

Caitlin E. Qua

Fritz Smith Memorial Art Award For an undergraduate student whose outstanding painting or drawing is selected for the University’s permanent collection. Established in memory of Fritz Smith, a DePauw art student, who died in 1959.

Erwin Brea

Mi Lin

A. Reid Winsey Memorial Art Scholarship

For an outstanding first-year art student. Awarded in honor of A. Reid Winsey, department chair from 1935-1970.

Jordan A. Horton

DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL STUDIES Kairos Award for Achievement in Classical Studies Awarded to the student who has demonstrated significant achievement in Greek and/or Latin as well as Classical Civilization.

Celine E. Wachsmuth

Kairos Award for Achievement in Greek

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated significant achievement in Greek at the advanced level.

Christine R. Beckmann

Kairos Award for Achievement in Latin Awarded to the student who has demonstrated significant achievement in Latin at the advanced level.

Marcus J. Lobo

Outstanding Senior Major

For a graduating senior majoring in Classical Civilization, Latin or Greek who has achieved outstanding academic success and/or made significant contributions to the department during his or her four years at DePauw.

Leigh A. Plummer

Georgia M. Watkins Prize For the outstanding beginning Greek student and the outstanding beginning Latin student.

Ashley M. Cupil

Eta Sigma Phi

Classical Studies National Honor Society for the study of Greek and Latin

Marcus J. Lobo Meghan E. Sink

Kemble R. Manning Jacob M. Widner

David G. Prabhu

CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment

This award is granted by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South to students nominated by the department for outstanding progress in their academic work and/or significant contributions to the awareness and vitality of the Classics on campus

Luke T. Hessburg

Society for Classical Studies

The SCS will issue outstanding achievement awards to students designated by the Classical Studies department.

Celine E. Wachsmuth

DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION AND THEATRE Don Campbell Award For the senior man and woman who contributed most toward theatre while at DePauw, selected by members of Duzer Du, the theatre honorary.

Alison A. Howard

Yazid T. Pierce-Gray

Stephen Gentry Scholarship

For a junior dedicated to excellence in broadcast journalism.

Julie E. Block

Margaret Noble Lee, Class of 1882, Prize for the Promotion of Public Speaking For success in an extemporaneous speaking contest open to all DePauw students.

Adam N. Karadsheh (1st)

Jessica S. Miller (2nd)

Barbara Petty Award

For the senior who has shown dedication to DePauw theatre, relative proficiency in an area of theatrical ability, and promise of future professional achievement in theatre.

Laura A. Loy

Elizabeth Turnell Award For the senior with high academic achievement who has contributed the most toward broadcasting and who shows promise of professional achievement in electronic media. Ms. Turnell taught at DePauw and advised WGRE from 1944-1971.

Lauren M. Wigton

Robert O. Weiss Speaker of the Year

For the member of the Debate Team who has contributed the most to the vitality of the program and who shows the most promise as a wise, effective, and ethical advocate in the future.

Matthew T. Piggins

Michael F. Terlep

Lambda Pi Eta

National Communication Association Honor Society

Julia C. Dillon Madeline R. O’Brien Elizabeth C. St. John

Claire A. Halffield Carrie A. Perras Megan K. Wagner

Taylor A. Ingram Clayre C. Sorenson Grant A. Walters


For the junior or senior English major who is most outstanding in literature. Established in honor of Professor Emeritus of English Walker Gilmer, who taught at DePauw from 1963-1997.

Madeline N. Hawk

Gilpin Prize in Dramatic Writing For a senior who is outstanding in playwriting or screenwriting.

Theresa J. Carper

Zeran Lei

Grayson R. Pitts

Mary Smith Hamer Journalism Prize

For a sophomore or junior who has excelled in journalistic endeavors and who demonstrates promise for a career in journalism. Established in memory of Mary Smith Hamer (’70).

Emily D. McCarter

J. David Hogue (‘21) Journalism Scholarship For a sophomore or junior with demonstrated ability and interest in the field of journalism. Established in memory of the distinguished journalist and editor by Mrs. J. David Hogue (Mildred Robinson ’21) and Mrs. Harold Corneilsen (Margaret Ellen Hogue ’56).

Julie E. Block

Roy and Anna Kennedy Prize in Creative Writing For the senior who has most distinguished himself or herself in creative writing and who shows great promise as an artist. Established by Adam Kennedy (‘46) in honor of his parents.

Hattie E. Blair

Connor W. McAndrew

Chad Kostel Endowed Memorial Scholarship

For a junior or senior who has a commitment to writing as a profession. Given in memory of Chad Kostel, a former student of the Department of English who went on to a career as a writer and editor.

William J. Burke

Mary S. Schmank

Bristina L. Skiles

Elizabeth B. Powell Prize

For a junior who exhibits outstanding ability in the area of written communications and usage of the English language. Established in 1987 by the friends and family of Mrs. Powell.

Hayden I. DeBruler

Eleanor L. Price

Paul Query Prize in Poetry For a senior creative writing major who is an outstanding poet. The award also includes a special feature section in A Midwestern Review.

Zachary M. Manges

Amanda L. Volel

William G. Schoenhoff Award

For the senior who, in the judgment of the Department of English, has achieved most in growth during his or her four years at DePauw. Established in memory of Mr. Schoenhoff by his parents.

Jordan R. Lienhoop

Stephen T. McMurtry

Judith Shakespeare Award

For a junior or senior English literature major who is exceptionally gifted in literary interpretation.

Hannah N. Bradley

DeWitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Print Journalism Award For juniors who have demonstrated a career interest in print journalism.

Rebeca G. Bagdocimo

Samuel L. Caravana

DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Charles and Mary Beard Senior Seminar Prize

For the outstanding senior seminar paper in the previous academic year. Established by an anonymous donor.

Lucy Hang La (‘15)

William Wallace Carson History Scholarship For academically promising sophomore and junior history majors. Established as a gift from Mrs. Samuel H. Swint in 1968 in honor of Dr. Carson, who taught at DePauw from 1916-1953.

Midori Kawaue Jackson D. Whiting

Christine A. Walsh Sarah J. Wilson

Travis H. Wegren

John Dittmer Award

For the senior history major with the highest grade point average in history. Established in honor of John Dittmer, Professor Emeritus in American history.

Paige J. Powers

Sheridan L. Schulte

Phi Alpha Theta

History National Honor Society

Cara C. Bargiacchi Lucas A. Eckrich Amy L. Melton Alida A. Roorda Danielle L. Wenning

Theodore J. Bemenderfer Grace L. Goodbarn Jillian E. Phillips Anna M. Savery John J. Woods

Kiersten K. Eames Katherine M. McKean Charles D. Roberts Samuel J. Schmelzer

DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES Professor Ralph F. Carl Endowed Prize For the senior with the highest GPA in French through the fall of the senior year. Professor Carl taught at DePauw from 1947-1948 and from 1952-1982.

Yu Xie

Laurel H. Turk and Esther L. Turk Prize for Spanish

For the senior Spanish major with the highest cumulative GPA in Spanish through the fall semester of the senior year and/or who has made significant contributions to the department.

Nicholas R. Thompson

Laurel H. Turk and Esther L. Turk Scholarship for Spanish Language

For sophomore or junior students majoring in Spanish, or in another discipline but with a concentration in Spanish, who have demonstrated high academic achievement and/or leadership skills. Dr. Laurel Turk taught at DePauw from 1928-1968.

Kaitlin L. Berry

Merle Royse Walker Language Award

For the outstanding senior in modern or classical languages.

Stephen T. McMurtry

Olivia M. Muller




DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY Marcella Fletcher Memorial Award For a biology major who is pursuing advanced education.

Michael B. Tobin

Dr. John C. Frazier Memorial Prize / Albert E. Reynolds Outstanding Senior Award For the outstanding senior biology major.

Julia E. Roell

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship

For a promising sophomore or junior biology major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Annie C. Barrett

Truman G. Yuncker Endowed Merit Scholarship

For the outstanding junior biology major. Dr. Yuncker taught botany at DePauw from 1919-1944.

Kristen N. Dyer Emma M. Ueland

Diana Huynh

Lauren M. Saint

DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY Donald J. Cook Scholarship For gifted sophomore or junior chemistry majors. Established by the Percy L. Julian family in honor of Dr. Cook, Professor of Chemistry from 1945-1980, on the occasion of his retirement. Many other admirers of Dr. Cook have contributed over the years to this endowment.

Kaitlin L. Berry

Zachary T. Golay

Shannon M. Jager

Awesome Dawson Award For seniors who attend more than twenty seminars over the course of their junior and senior years.

Jia Qi

Percy L. Julian Memorial Scholarship

For talented students, based on excellence and potential for success, to pursue training in chemistry and other fields. Established by the late Anna Julian in memory of her distinguished husband, Dr. Percy L. Julian (’20), scientist, civil rights activist, and businessman, as well as trustee and benefactor of DePauw University.

Chase A. Rollins

Olubusola Z. Shifatu

John Ricketts Endowed Prize in Physical Chemistry

For the student who shows the highest achievement in physical chemistry. Established by former students of Professor Ricketts, who taught at DePauw from 1952-1989.

Shannon E. Hall

Jia Qi

John Ricketts Prize for Exemplary Participation in Research

For students whose engagement in undergraduate research is particularly meritorious and usually culminates in a senior thesis. Established by the department in 2008 as a result of gifts to the University by former students of Professor Ricketts, who taught at DePauw from 1952-1989.

Page N. Daniels

Nicholas R. Moore

Billy Shone

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship

For a promising sophomore or junior chemistry or biochemistry major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Caleb M. Akers

Rachel E. Lahr

Mary A. Etling

DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Outstanding Service to the Computer Science Department

For a computer science major who contributes exceptional service to one of the department’s programs.

Robert T. Arrington

Miranda L. Neville

Robert J. Thomas Outstanding Computer Science Senior For an academically excellent senior Computer Science major carefully selected by all members of the Computer Science faculty. Dr. Thomas taught at DePauw from 1958-1991.

Taylor J. Brandstatter

William P. Johnson

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship For a promising sophomore or junior computer science major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Joshua C. Clark

Truc H. T. Le

DePauw Computer Science Honorary Society

For junior and senior computer science majors, who are admitted on the basis of outstanding academic achievement in their computer science coursework.

Taylor J. Brandstatter Wenqi Fan Clay P. Langley Stephen T. McMurtry Adam M. Smith Cole E. Thomas Haowei Zhang

Timothy R. Brauer Fabian Herrera Truc H. T. Le Ujjwal A. Nair Michael J. Spier Brandon J. Wright

Bradley L. Burch William P. Johnson James J. McDonnell Brandon L. Peters Sida Sun Kevin Yean

DEPARTMENT OF GEOSCIENCES Dr. Charles Leonard Bieber Scholarship

For sophomores or juniors excelling in the major of geosciences. Established by Professor Bieber, who served as department chair from 1947-1965.

Elise M. Johns Peter R. Steiner

Nicholas F. Meszaros

Spencer E. Schillerstrom

Hugh Richard Gault Memorial Fund For worthy students majoring in geosciences. Established by Arrabella B. Gault in honor of her husband, Hugh Richard Gault (’36), a Rector Scholar active in science and civic and school affairs.

Samuel B. Short

Ernest Rice “Rock” Smith Memorial Scholarship For geosciences majors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25. Established by the former students of Ernest “Rock” Smith, who was head of the Department of Geology from 1921-1947, in recognition of his excellence and dedication as a teacher. Prof. Smith retired to Ithaca, New York, and served as president of the Paleoanthropological Research Institute until his death in 1952.

Genna R. Chiaro

Gabrielle L. J. Jensen

Frederick L. Soster

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship For a promising sophomore or junior geosciences major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Haley A. Chute

Logan P. Miller

DEPARTMENT OF KINESIOLOGY Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship

For a promising sophomore or junior kinesiology major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Mary E. Baldwin


For worthy students majoring in mathematics. Established in memory of Herrick Greenleaf, who taught at DePauw from 1921-1960.

Qi Dai

Ashley J. Wong

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship For a promising sophomore or junior mathematics major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Lois M. Miller

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY O. H. Smith Endowed Scholarship For junior or senior physics majors who have demonstrated exceptional ability and potential. Established by friends, family, and former students of O. H. Smith, who taught at DePauw from 1925-1952 and from 1958-1966.

Caleb M. Akers

Nathaniel J. Smith

Austin D. Sprague Scholarship For a sophomore or junior physics major. Established by Austin Sprague, Professor of Physics from 1946-1971.

Jacob D. Boudreau Thomas R. Grier

Joshua C. Clark

Melinda A. Franke

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship

For a promising sophomore or junior physics major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Jack C. Thompson

DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Rex Rector Service Award For senior psychology majors who have shown outstanding achievement in the area of human service. Given in memory of Dr. Rector, who taught in the psychology department at DePauw from 1957-1980.

Clare M. Polega

Ashley M. Sipe

Senior Thesis Seminar Award For senior psychology majors for outstanding performance on senior research projects and senior theses.

Emily K. Hellmann

Risa Kanai

Ashley M. Sipe

Kenneth S. Wagoner Research Award For the senior psychology major who has shown the highest research potential and dedication to experimentation as the surest road to an expanding and dependable structure of knowledge. Given in honor of Dr. Wagner, an outstanding researcher and scholar, who taught at DePauw from 1946-1977.

Emily K. Hellmann

Charles and Frances (Wylie) Condit Science Scholarship

For a promising sophomore or junior psychology major. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics.

Emily B. Bell

Taquesha Dean

Psi Chi Psychology National Honor Society

Vyvian C. Borse Grace C. Hendrickson Megan K. Montgomery Madeleine E. Storm

Emily H. Budde Marta Malinowski Megan L. Odaniell Samantha J. Witt

Taquesha Dean Kathryn M. Manalo Kayli L. Schaefer



DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT Frank T. Carlton Senior Award For the outstanding senior economics major. In honor of Frank T. Carlton, who taught at DePauw from 1919-1927.

Muhammad S. Haroon

Randal L. Wilson Memorial Award—Junior

For a junior economics major who shows a sincere dedication to the field of economics and is judged most likely to make a positive and worthwhile contribution to that field in the future. Established by Margaret Hardgrove Wilson (’41) and her husband Robert in memory of their son.

Stuart G. Alvey

Morgan A. Cohen

William E. Longthorne

Randal L. Wilson Memorial Award—Senior

For the senior economics major who has contributed the most to the Department of Economics and Management at DePauw and to the field of economics in general, and who shows promise in the future. Established by Margaret Hardgrove Wilson (’41) and her husband Robert in memory of their son.

Matthew T. Piggins

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION STUDIES Education Studies Department Award For a transformative intellectual who through coursework and extracurricular activities has demonstrated an awareness of personal power and agency, the ability to engage in social critique and problem solving, and who consequently takes informed and principled action in the interest of social justice.

Liliana Barrera

Michael J. Chavez

Dr. Robert H. and Vera May Farber Outstanding Senior in Education Award For the most outstanding senior majoring in education studies based on GPA. Dr. Robert H. Farber taught and served as dean at DePauw from 1935-1936 and 1937-1979.

Molly A. Henry

Kappa Delta Pi

Education Studies National Honor Society

Liliana Barrera Elizabeth L. Getz Kimberly M. Mendez Erin M. Tolar

Heather R. Bucher Allison L. Hills Cristina Rojas Amanda J. Weber

Kevin E. Bugielski Marta Malinowski Yesenia Silva

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Richard Watson Bunch Memorial Scholarship

For the outstanding junior political science major. Established by Mrs. Richard W. Bunch (Eugenia Anderson ’29) in honor of her husband.

Amy E. Brown

Drake A. Yeiter

Stephen Charles Sellett Memorial Award

For the outstanding senior political science major. Established in 1971 by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sellett in honor of their son, Stephen Charles Sellett, a DePauw graduate who was killed in action in Vietnam in 1970.

Megan E. Bailey Michael F. Terlep

Corby F. Burger

Conner J. T. Gordon

Pi Sigma Alpha

Political Science National Honor Society

Megan E. Bailey Megan K. Wagner Lauren M. Wigton

Katharine A. Kondry Emily M. Waitt

Ellen M. Tinder Colleen S. Whiting


For an outstanding senior in sociology and anthropology. Established by Paul C. Glick (’33), professor emeritus at Arizona State University, past president of the Population Association of America and for many years Senior Demographer of the U.S. Bureau of Census.

Daniel Chen

Danielle L. Wenning

Roland Naylor Award

For students interested in conducting fieldwork in anthropological archaeology.

Charlotte R. DeLay

Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology National Honor Society

Brittanie F. LaCour Anna B. Gawlik

Annalysse S. Mason Erin K. Law

Elisabeth S. Wilson

Elizabeth R. Gering Jessica N. Keister Danielle L. Wenning

Tyler R. Donaldson Deanna C. Reder

Lambda Alpha Anthropology National Collegiate Honor Society

Margaret J. Furtner Alexis S. Freund Amelia C. Warren

HONORS AND FELLOWS PROGRAMS HONOR SCHOLAR PROGRAM Dr. Irving Serlin Distinguished Honor Scholar Award

For the graduating senior in the Honor Scholar Program who best exemplifies the ideals of an Honor Scholar.

Sydney E. Cason

Conner J. T. Gordon

2015-2016 Honor Scholar Program Graduates Megan E. Bailey Sydney E. Cason Conner J. T. Gordon Emily K. Hellmann Thomas L. Miller Burke T. Stanton Danielle L. Wenning

Hannah N. Bradley Nicole E. De Fries Emily M. Hancock Risa Kanai Nicholas J. Moorman Erin M. Tolar Jacob K. Zieba

Corby F. Burger Amanda B. B. Finn Riley A. Hawkins Sara C. Lejsner Katherine C. Porfilio Rhys E. Weber

MANAGEMENT FELLOWS 2015-2016 Management Fellows Program Graduates Thomas C. Briere Samuel L. Cole Patrick S. Felke Margaret A. Grady Brooke G. Hasler James J. Holtfreter Alec M. Kaczkowski

Elliott J. P. Browning Lauren E. Falotico John P. Forde Rachel R. Green Dana C. Hayes, III Damon S. Hyatt Daniel D. Kiel

William C. Cobb, VI Grace A. Fedinets Daniel W. Furman Muhammad S. Haroon Maryclaire C. Heldring Mark P. Johnson Samantha J. Langley

Duncan T. MacMillan Daniel A. Mosbarger Michael P. O’Leary Paige J. Powers Rebecca A. Sear Hannah T. Short Adam M. Smith Nicholas R. Thompson

William C. McAndrew Olivia M. Muller Brandon L. Peters Devon S. Ross Morgan M. Shaner Paul J. Simon, III Abigail K. Snively Alexis N. Wiltermood

Jared T. McKinney Abigail E. North Andrew B. Petersen Christopher M. Schoenfeld Samuel N. Sheldon Jonathon J. Sirus Sterling L. Stone

MEDIA FELLOWS 2015-2016 Media Fellows Program Graduates Meredith M. Brown Helen R. Edwards Erin N. Horne Erin K. Law Grant A. Walters

Theresa J. Carper Amanda B. B. Finn Alison A. Howard Mary C. McCaulay Lauren M. Wigton

Nicole E. Darnall Grace M. Flickinger Kara L. Jackson Bonnie K. Rice Mary E. Williams

SCIENCE RESEARCH FELLOWS 2015-2016 Science Research Fellows Program Graduates Angela S. Hacker Nicholas R. Moore Michael B. Tobin

Adam S. May Jia Qi Aaron D. Zell

Stephen T. McMurtry Julia E. Roell

ENVIRONMENTAL FELLOWS Barbara Kingsolver Award

Given to the graduating Environmental Fellow who most exemplifies the ideals and mission of the Environmental Fellows Program and who has exhibited these through a record of academic achievement, service and impact on the program and the University, and promise of achievement.

Ashley J. Junger

2015-2016 Environmental Fellows Program Graduates Thomas K. Addaquay Ashley J. Junger Sarah K. White

Ellen M. Buening Jessica N. Keister

Gabrielle C. Duong Lauren E. Van Fleet


The largest U.S. international exchange program, Fulbright offers opportunities for students, scholars, and professionals to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools worldwide. Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields.

Justin Agrelo (‘13), English Teaching Assitantship (Argentina) Elizabeth A. Bjordal (‘14), English Teaching Assitantship (Ecuador) Hattie E. Blair (‘16), English Teaching Assistantship (South Korea) Shelby Beasley Guzzetta (‘14), English Teaching Assistantship (Poland) Madeline N. Hawk (‘16), English Teaching Assistantship (South Korea) Devon S. Ross (‘16), English Teaching Assistantship (Taiwan)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

The National Science Foundation Program provides three years of support for outstanding graduate students pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees in the fields of science and engineering.

Sydney E. Cason, (‘16) Maritza J. Mestre, (‘14)

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship The Gilman Scholarship Program aims to diversify the kinds of students who study and intern abroad and the countries and regions where they go by offering awards to U.S. undergraduates.

Bulmaro Espericueta, ’17 (China) Shajaya Martinez ’17 (Argentina) Abbisola A. Oxley ’17 (Thailand) Penelope A. Ramirez ’17 (Brazil) Devon S. Ross ’16 (China) Jessica L. Tilley ’17 (Greece)

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

The Goldwater Scholarship Program encourages outstanding students to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering and fosters excellence in these fields.

Elizabeth Aguilar (Biochemistry) Kaitlin L. Berry (Biochemistry) Nathaniel J. Smith (Physics, Mathematics)

Teach for America Teach for America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools, and become lifelong leaders in the effort to expand education and opportunity.

Cara C. Bargiacchi (Indianapolis) Liliana Barrera (Mississippi) Christine E. Betterman (St. Louis) Sarah J. Dela Cruz (Newark) Anika Green (Indianapolis) Emily M. Hancock (Indianapolis) Riley A. Hawkins (Mississippi) Molly A. Henry (Indianapolis) Susan M. John (St. Louis) Taylor L. Jones (St. Louis) Kelsey L. Karlson (Milwaukee) Haley W. Krieble (Los Angeles) Asucena Lopez (Cincinnati) Katherine C. Porfilio (Indianapolis) Kirstyn M. Walker (Milwaukee) Paul F. Watts (Milwaukee)

National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Scholarship Boren Scholarships, an initiative of the National Security Education Program, provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded. Boren Scholars represent a vital pool of highly motivated individuals who wish to work in the federal national security arena. In exchange for funding, Boren Scholars commit to working in the federal government for at least one year after graduation.

Chelsea F. Conard (‘18)

The recipients of other nationally competitive fellowships and awards will be announced later in the spring.

FERID MURAD MEDAL The Ferid Murad Medal recognizes the senior who has had the most significant scholarly and/or artistic achievements during his or her time at DePauw. The award is named after DePauw graduate and Nobel laureate Dr. Ferid Murad, class of 1958. In 1998, Dr. Murad received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the role of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system, which led to changes in treatment following a heart attack.

Ferid Murad Medal Nominees 2016 Megan E. Bailey* Sydney E. Cason* Page N. Daniels Kimberly M. Mendez Matthew T. Piggins

Julia E. Roell Sheridan L. Schulte* Erin M. Tolar Celine E. Wachsmuth Noelle M. Witwer

(* denotes those students chosen as finalists)

BIOGRAPHIES Ferid Murad Medal Finalists 2016 Megan Bailey Megan Bailey is a political science major from Columbus, Indiana. She is a Rector Scholar, Honor Scholar, and member of Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Sigma Alpha. Megan’s first research opportunity came after her sophomore year when she interned at the Sagamore Institute, a non-partisan think tank in Indianapolis. She worked on many research projects, the most notable being “Mapping Ohio’s Compassion,” a commissioned project for the Governor’s Office of Ohio where she analyzed data relating to Ohio’s non-profits to determine their reach and efficacy. The results of this research were presented to the Governor’s Office and published online. During the fall of her junior year, Megan studied international studies and multilateral diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland. Her final paper in Geneva examined the strategic relationship between Israel and Russia and its implications for U.S. security was published by the School for International Training. In summer 2015, Megan interned at Exodus Refugee Immigration where she navigated the difficulties of refugee resettlement and helped formalize a program to connect refugee women with WIC and other programs to ease the transition to America. This year, Megan completed a political science thesis examining securitization theory and its applications for the current refugee crisis in the European Union, and her Honor Scholar thesis examines women’s roles in conflict using the Democratic Republic of Congo as a case study. Megan intends to publish both of these papers. Most recently, Megan was honored with the Stephen Charles Sellett Memorial Award for outstanding seniors in political science. Post graduation, Megan will work in Indianapolis at KSM Consulting as part of the Orr Fellowship. After the fellowship, she intends to pursue a Masters degree in international security.

Sydney E. Cason

Sydney Cason is a neuroscience major and Honor Scholar from West Lafayette, IN. After spending her first year in the School of Music and performing lead roles in two operas, Sydney created an independent major in neuroscience, combining coursework in psychology, biology, chemistry, and computer science. She has led multiple neuroscience educational outreach endeavors, including co-founding Neuroscience Education and Research at DePauw (NERD), creating and playing The Neuron Games in an after-school science program, and giving a public lecture at the Putnam County Public Library on Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, Sydney co-founded and recorded a science podcast series with the award-winning publication Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology while studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a 2015 initiate of Phi Beta Kappa, a Peer Mentor in the Mentor Program, and has served as a teaching assistant. She joined her first research lab as a first-year student and has been working in two collaborating labs at Purdue University for the last two years. At Purdue, Sydney has worked on two major research projects being prepared for publication in peer-reviewed journals. She received grants from the biology and psychology departments for her research and has presented her work at two conferences. Her Honor Scholar thesis comprises original research addressing age-related hearing loss, and her major thesis reviews recent research on Alzheimer’s disease for a general audience. In 2013 and 2014 respectively, Sydney was awarded the Meghan Parker Memorial Prize for the outstanding first-year vocalist and the Condit Science Scholarship for the promising sophomore or junior in psychology. Sydney is one of the 2,000 individuals nationwide selected for the competitive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. She plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to eventually pursue a career in academia focusing on the aging brain and neurodegenerative diseases.

Sheridan Schulte Sheridan Schulte is a biochemistry and history double major with minors in French and European studies from Houston, Texas. Ultimately, Sheridan intends to pursue a career in medicine, but DePauw’s liberal arts education has given her the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of world cultures, languages, and global health. She served as president of Timmy Global Health during her junior and senior years, raising campus awareness about health disparities, hosting public health speakers and fundraising events, and organizing medical service trips to Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. She also put her interest in public health and medicine to use in a research setting at DePauw, where she worked with Dr. Sharon Crary in the biochemistry department to create a diagnostic test for the neglected tropical disease, leishmaniasis. At M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, she examined different imaging modalities’ ability to earlier detect pancreatic cancer. As a history major, Sheridan has performed extensive historical research. While studying abroad in Paris, Sheridan earned a scholarship to complete a thesis on the French Resistance movement during World War II. Her senior history thesis on the role and treatment of twentieth century American female physicians explores what it was like to be a female physician at a time when the level of women in medicine hovered at just five percent. Sheridan has been the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships, including the William Wallace Carson History Scholarship, Charles E. & Agnes Shawen Merit Scholarship for pre-medical students, and the Morehead Givens Western European Art History Scholarship. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Order of Omega, and Phi Alpha Theta honor societies. Next year, Sheridan will begin her Masters of Public Health at the University of Texas with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health; she then plans to attend medical school. Her goal is to become an obstetrician and gynecologist and use her public health background working for a global health nonprofit organization that focuses on women’s health and empowerment.



The Walker Cup is awarded each year to the graduating senior who has done the most for DePauw University during his or her college career. The prize was established in 1926 by a gift from Guy Morrison Walker, Class of 1890, a successful businessman and presidential advisor. Traditionally, the Walker Cup recipient speaks at commencement.

BIOGRAPHIES Walker Cup Finalists 2016 Kevin Bugielski

Kevin Bugielski, Holton Memorial Scholar, is an English writing major and Education Studies minor from Oak Park, Illinois. Having benefited greatly from the First-Year Experience Program, he served as a Mentor during his sophomore year, and was promoted to Peer Mentor Program Specialist his junior and senior years. Kevin was named a Men’s Hall Achievement Scholar for his significant contributions to campus, particularly in promoting equality with regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, and economic or social status. After coming to terms with his own identity and publicly joining the LGBTQ community on campus, Kevin released a large-scale campaign titled DePauw Human Rights, where he created a space for students, faculty, and staff to share their voices and engage in conversations regarding race, sexual orientation, feminism, and nationwide happenings. Through his diligent work, he was asked to join the planning committee for DePauw’s first-ever DePauw Dialogue, where he most recently served on the subcommittee for DePauw Dialogue 2.0. While on campus, Kevin served as a Presidential Ambassador, a Senior Intern for the Office of Admission, and was the Director of Public Relations for DePauw Student Government. In addition, for four years, he volunteered with College Mentors for Kids and has been dedicated to singing with DePauwCappella and serving with Civic Fellows. He founded the Student Philanthropy Council, the GOLD Alumni Speaker Series, and recently helped launch Green Dot, an organization designed to eliminate sexual assault on college campuses. Kevin is a proud member of Order of Omega National Greek Honor Society where he represents his fraternity, Sigma Chi. Upon graduation, he will be moving to New York City to join The Gotham Group, a marketing agency where he will serve as Creative Brand Strategist. Kevin is extremely humbled by the unforgettable experiences and relationships that he was fortunate enough to have during his time on campus.

Craig Carter

Craig Carter is a first generation college student from Chicago’s south side who is majoring in Biology. Craig began his DePauw experience on the football field, where he learned the importance of trust, community, and leadership. In his sophomore year Craig became the president of Men of Excellence and served as a First-Year Resident Assistant. As a Resident Assistant, Craig came to understand the importance not only of community, but also of appreciating the differences of those inside the community. In his junior year, Craig was elected Vice President of Community Relations for DePauw Student Government. During his term, Craig aided in the revitalization of the Association of African American Students’ mentorship program for Greencastle youth and DePauw students. As Student Body President during his senior year, Craig’s commitment to student life at DePauw led him to advocate for diversity and equity. During his term as president, Craig made the reassessment and evaluation of the student meal plan a top priority in order to better meet students’ needs. Following the events of September 23rd, Craig coauthored a list of nine student demands to be given to the board of trustees, of which seven were met, including the creation of an independent review committee, a commitment to remodeling key cultural spaces, better campus lighting, and updated training protocols for public safety. Craig’s organizing of the second DePauw Dialogue is the culmination of his years of service, his commitment to cross-cultural discussion, and a deep abiding love for the DePauw community. As a personal motto Craig has chosen “Born of rich values, it is my duty to serve and positively impact every community in which I enter, to persevere when I am weak, and lead when I am strong.” After DePauw, Craig hopes to pursue a PhD in Biology and one day become a president of a small liberal arts college like DePauw.

Katharine Kondry

Katie Kondry is an Economics major and a Political Science and Philosophy double minor from Naperville, IL. A first generation college student, Katie came to DePauw hoping to better establish her personal identity. Discouraged by a campus culture that seemed to prize the voices of some over others, Katie made it a priority to get involved. As a Sophomore Senator, Katie pushed for changes in first-year programming and campus dining. Her actions resulted in the creation of the Intercultural Community Conversation Facilitator (ICCF) program and sustainable to-go containers. She quickly learned the importance of student activism, recognizing that tangible results could be achieved through a combination of critical thinking and hard work. Looking to learn more about multiculturalism and facilitation, she served as a Status Quo and ICCF Facilitator, exploring concepts of identity, power, and privilege with her peers. Katie is most proud

of her work as the DePauw Student Government Vice President of Academic Affairs, where she served as a student representative on CAPP, first advocating for the M Requirement, and later helping to write and implement the curricular changes. Initially met with much opposition, Katie continued to push for the requirement, believing that curricular changes were only one of many pieces necessary to help build community and understanding across campus. It was the desire to continue community building that compelled Katie to run for Student Body Vice President. She wanted to ensure that the work started by the student activists was continued. As vice president, she has continued working to address student concerns: she created an Intercultural Life committee, increased student funding for organizations, and called for improvements to campus housing. Upon graduation, Katie is excited to join BMO Harris Bank as a Commercial Analyst in Chicago. Katie is incredibly grateful for the relationships she established with peers, staff, and faculty members during her time at DePauw, and is looking forward to future opportunities to give back.

Please join us in the Great Hall for a reception and refreshments immediately following the convocation.

SENIOR SHOWCASE PARTICIPANTS Robert Arrington, Computer Science, Preparing a Platform for Exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT) Megan Bailey, Political Science, A Migration-Security Nexus: The Securitization of the Syrian Refugee Crisis Rebecca Beyers, Music Education, What I Really Need To Know, I Learned In High School Iesha Brooks, Stephany Cook, Grace Harsha, Jamie Oriez, Biology, How are Forests in the DePauw Nature Park Changing over Time? Sydney Cason, Neuroscience, Age-Related Hearing Loss: Inhibition—Excitation Balance in the Rat Inferior Colliculus Daniel Chen, Sociology, Designed in China. Manufactured in America: Gauging the Varying Degrees of Assimilation in Constructing Chinese American Narratives at DePauw University. Chris Clark, Physics and Astronomy, A Preliminary Analysis of Data from the aCORN Experiment Page Daniels, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Development, Optimization, and In Vitro Analysis of Mithramycin Analogues Tyler Donaldson, Geosciences, The Cedar Creek and Coldwater Breccias, Southeastern St. Francois Mountains, Missouri: A Geologic and Petrogenetic Analysis Gabrielle Duong, Environmental Fellows, Frequency and Distribution of Fruit-Feeding Butterflies in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest: From Grazeland to Primary Forest Connor Gordon, Political Science, Reflections on Ethnic Partition in Post-Dayton Bosnia Mackenzie Gordon, Film Studies, The End of the World on Screen: The Apocalypse Subgenre, Neoliberalism, the Ecological Crisis, and Blockbuster Film in the Digital Age. Anika Green, Political Science, Race and Political Empowerment: Attitudes of Black Political Empowerment Amongst American Voters Amberly Griesse, History, "That Damned Abolitionist Hole": The Antebellum Transformation of Granville, Ohio Dana Hart (with Tony Weinstein, piano), Music Performance, "Die Nacht," "Allerseelen" & "Zueingung" by Richard Straus (1864-1949) Madeline Hawk, Film Studies, Red (a feature-length screenplay) Emily Hellmann, Psychology, Anxiety and Social Anxiety in Emerging Adults Transitioning to College Emily Hellmann, Lisa Kanai, and Ashley Sipe, Psychology, Work-Family Conflict and its Impact on Parents and Children Susan John, Education Studies, Juvenile Justice: How Effective are Our Standards? Ashley Junger, Environmental Fellows, Anything But Bliss Zeran Lei, English (writing), When Autumn Comes

Brea Llorens, Computer Science, Internet Security and Criminals: Surveying and Documenting Cyber Crime Cases to Defend Against Malicious Users Caroline Maloney, Kinesiology, Blood Lactate Clearance during Passive Recovery, Self-massage, Cold-water Immersion and Active Recovery Zach Manges, English (writing), Dying to Know Stephanie Martin, Education Studies, Collegiate Female Athletes: The Role and Perception of Body Image Steven McMurtry, Science Research Fellows, Mapping Tweets to Discover Trends Nicholas Moore, Chemistry and Biochemistry, DNA Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles in Analytical Chemistry Heather O’Brien, Kinesiology, The Effects of Music Tempi on Running Economy and Running Cadence in Endurance Trained Collegiate Runners Lance Orta (with Amanda Hopson, piano), Music Performance, "A Dream" by Sergei Rachmaninoff (18731943) & "Salut! Demeure chaste et pure" from "Faust" by Charles Gounod (1818-1893) Yazid Pierce-Gray (with Amanda Hopson, piano), Music Performance, "A Woman is a Sometime Thing" and "There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York" from "Porgy and Bess" by George Gershwin (1898-1937) Matt Piggins, Economics & Management, Subsidies in a Changing Market: The Efficacy of State Government Policy on Promoting Renewable Energy Uptake Paige Powers, History, Powers: "There's a pretty woman in politics at last": The Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform and the Role of Gender as a Tactic for Political Advancement Julia Roell, Biology, Zebrafish as a Model of Corneal Injury and Repair Patrick Rutledge, Music Education, Schoolhouse Bach: Reflections on Student Teaching Stephen Shannon, Music, Encoded Identity in Lili Boulanger’s Pie Jesu Burke Stanton, Musical Arts, Musicking at the Borders: Toward a More Emancipatory Theory Addy Sterrett (with Tony Weinstein, piano), Music Performance, "Ain't it a pretty night?" from "Susannah" by Carlisle Floyd (b. 1926) Rachel Stewart, Computer Science, Brain, Scientist or Computer?: Using Neural Networks to Predict Effects of Genetic Mutations Julie Strauser (with Amanda Hopson, piano), Music Performance, “Una voce poco fa” from "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" by Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868) Michael Terlep, Political Science, What Do Reparations Look Like? Adriana Thornton, English (literature), Taking a Smoke Break with Sherman Alexie Michael Tobin, Madhavi Sreenath, Trung Nguyen, Biology, Relationships among Flower Color, Flower Size and Seed Production in Bouncing bet,Saponaria officinalis

Hannah Viti, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Queer Research Céline Wachsmuth, Classical Archaeology, Aesthetics and Authenticity: Ethics of Restoring Ancient Sculpture Hanae Weber, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, “The Kindest of Women”: The Search for Agatha Biddle Danielle Wenning, Anthropology, Thinking Outside the Bottle: Social and Institutional Influences on Undergraduate Habit Formation Sarah White, Geosciences, Investigating the Effect of Row-Crop Runoff on Water Quality in the Big Walnut Creek Watershed Noelle Witwer, Cognitive Science, Ethical Considerations for the Non-medical use of Cognition- and MoodEnhancing Drugs Kevin Yean, Computer Science, A Unity Game for teaching people the game of Go