December 2011 - Madrona, Seattle

December 2011 - Madrona, Seattle

Newsletter of the Madrona Community Council Member of Seattle Community Council Federation m a d r No E n W a S December 2011 Issue No. 239 w w w...

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Newsletter of the Madrona Community Council

Member of Seattle Community Council Federation

m a d r No E n W a S

December 2011 Issue No. 239

w w w . m a d r o n a . u s

MCC Wine Tasting Event

Champions of Folk Music

Madrona Community Council board members and officers sincerely thank everyone whose hard work paid off at the Nov. 5 Wine Tasting fund raiser. Special thanks go to MCC Board member Kevin O’Doherty (Windermere Realty), who made contact with Leschi Market’s Steve Shulman to initiate the event; Kevin also procured stemware for the event. Stacey Kryman, MCC’s VP for Special Events, also played a key role.

Madrona residents Phil and Vivian Williams were awarded the Folk Alliance West’s 2011 “Best of the West Ambassador” award at the organization’s annual convention in Eugene, Oregon, Oct. 22. This is the international Folk Alliance organization’s division for the Western US. Criteria for receiving Best of the West awards are: 1) excellence in one’s craft; 2) enduring presence in the geographical far-western folk community for a decade or more; 3) embodies or builds upon folk values and traditions; 4) promotes, nurtures, fosters, and expands the audience and opportunities for folk music and musicians in the Far West.

Steve and Ken at Leschi Market used their many contacts in the wine industry to line up participants, who brought over 60 wines from around the world to Madrona tasters. The wineries represented also reduced their prices for orders placed that night. According to the Leschi Market newsletter, top choices from the Wine Tasting that remain on their shelves include:

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

2008 Capucin Syrah-Grenache Languedoc ($9) 2010 Chateau du Arromans Entre-Deux-Mers Bordeaux Blanc ($14) 2008 Domaine de Vieux Pressoir Brut Rose ($17) 2008 Barrister Cabernet Franc ($24) 2009 Mark Ryan Lost Soul Syrah ($42)

Owners of local restaurants Bistro Turquaz, Naam, St. Clouds, and Hi Spot Café (continued on page 2)

Council Corner

Beginning this month, the Madrona News will publish at the beginning of each calendar month (July and August excepted). In this column, we will notify you about upcoming MCC meetings and print agenda items (insofar as they are determined). Reports on previously-held MCC meetings will move to inside pages.

[email protected] »» Stacey Kryman, VP of Events, 206-234-6630, [email protected] »» Casey Losh, Treasurer and Ad Manager, 206-695-4824, [email protected] »» Nikki Lundin, 206-403-6536 Agenda items thus far for the next MCC [email protected] »» Kevin O’Doherty, 206-953-6738, meeting at the Madrona Shelterhouse (Dec. 6; 7:15pm) include the following: [email protected] »» Bill Mahoney, 206-713-9250, • Streetscape and tree removal subcommittee update—Sarah Westneat [email protected] »» Barney Mansavage, 206-709-9734, • Crime update—Susan Minogue [email protected] • SNAP emergency preparedness meeting planning »» Deirdre McCrary, Secretary, • Wine Tasting Event recap— 206-325-9035, proceeds, next steps, suggestions [email protected] • 2012 Fund-raising & event planning »» Susan Minogue, Vice President, • Peaceable Kingdom sign replacement 206-940-7057, • Other business [email protected] Members of the Community Council »» Karin Richard, 206-262-1537, »» Jason Cook, 206-659-5959 [email protected] [email protected] »» Holly Smith, President, 425-766-3591, »» Kim Herber, 206-325-9923 [email protected]

Here is what Folk Alliance West said about the Williamses: For five decades, Phil and Vivian Williams have made major contributions in the areas of music performance, research and documentation, education, and folk arts organizations in the Northwest. Phil and Vivian are highly acclaimed performers of old time fiddle tunes, (continued on page 2)

In this Issue 2 ............Christmas Church Services 3 .......................MLK Day of Service 5 ..............................Mutt Matchup 6 ............Neighborhood School News 7 .................Sparkling Wine Choices 8 ..................Very Merry in Madrona 10 ............. Street & Winter Weather 11 ....................Community Calendar

Christmas Church Services in Madrona:

Wine Tasting Event... (cont’d from page 1) kindly provided food for the group. During the event, over 80 glassybaby vessels were sold, leading to waiver of the rental fee for the space and producing a donation for the Madrona K-8 library. Ticket sales yielded almost $3,000 to support a wide variety of MCC activities, such as Mayfair. Many thanks, everyone.

Epiphany Dec. 4 4:00-5:00pm Advent Lessons and Carols Dec. 24 5:00pm Christmas Pageant 9:00pm Eucharist Dec. 25 9:00am Celebratory Eucharist Liberation Ministries (Services at Epiphany) Dec. 25 1:30pm

Folk Music... (cont’d from page 1) music for square, contra, and traditional ballroom dancing, and bluegrass. A perennial contest winner (27 championships at major contests) Vivian’s fiddling is best summed up by [the late] Bill Monroe: “Vivian is the best lady fiddler I have ever heard, and she can play better than most men, too.” Phil’s back up work earns accolades, too, and he is also accomplished on mandolin, banjo, and bass.

Madrona Presbyterian Church Dec. 24 7:00pm Christmas Eve service Dec. 25 11:00am service St. Therese Dec. 24 5:00pm Children’s Mass with Jubilation Gospel Choir & St. Therese Children’s Choir 8:30pm Christmas Music 9:00pm Mass with St. Therese Choir Dec. 25 10:00am Mass with Shades of Praise Gospel Choir

Since the 1960s, the Williamses have published about 100 albums on their Voyager label from their extensive field and studio recordings. They created three archives: The Seattle Folklore Society Archive, Southern artists who toured during the 1960s; The Darrington Tapes, a number of excellent southern musicians who migrated to Washington State; and The Williams Tape Archive, 500 reels of Northwest traditional fiddle music, just donated to the Missouri Historical Society.

Madrona Computer

PC & Mac support & networking On site or remote troubleshooting Hardware & software installations Virus & malware removal

Phil and Vivian perform at many community events each year, provide expertise to many folks arts organizations, teach frequently, and have developed five historical presentations showcasing music from different eras. Their work shows there is a Northwest fiddle and dance tradition, distinct in origin and repertoire, that dates back 150 years to the first Oregon Trail pioneers.

Chris Kamila 206.462.4340 [email protected]

*On-site and Off-site Estate Sales* Call us before you call the donation truck - there may be a lot more value in your ‘old stuff ’ than you think! Estate & Moving Sales Since 1986 ❖ ❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖

Madrona News December 2011


MLK Day of Service: January 16, 2012 In 1994 Congress designated the Martin Luther King, Jr., federal holiday as a national day of service. Taking place each year on the third Monday in January, MLK Day of Service is the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service—a “day on, not a day off.” MLK Day of Service empowers individuals, strengthens communities, bridges barriers, addresses social problems, and moves us closer to Dr. King’s vision of a “beloved community.” United Way of King County encourages you to participate in a local day of service honoring the legacy of Dr. King by volunteering for projects to be completed on Jan. 16. Projects come from schools, parks, child care centers, and nonprofit organizations; anyone can volunteer. Project leaders should volunteer by Jan. 6; they are responsible for recruiting volunteers for their project and serving as a communications liaison between the host organization and volunteers. Volunteers can sign up by Jan. 13. Both project leaders and volunteers can register at For more information, contact [email protected] or telephone 461-3644. “Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein” Old Irish Proverb Professional Real Estate Agent; customer-centered, focused, knowledgeable and conscientious, I work hard to ensure that my client pool remains largely referral-based.

Fionnuala O’Sullivan Voted 2010 Best Real Estate Agent of SE Seattle direct 206-779-4643

[email protected]

Help From Our Friends By Judith Starbuck, Grand Avenue Over the last few months we may have been silent in the Madrona News, but the sounds of people working in Madrona Woods have not stopped. The fall brought a couple of groups to help, with clearing, mulching, and planting being done on a regular basis by our hardest-working volunteers, Peter and Deirdre. On Sept. 16, a group of Microsoft employees chose us as their place to get dirty and exercise muscles on the Day of Caring. They helped remove reed canary grass and maple seedlings from the cove and ivy and blackberry bushes from several parts of the Woods. They also carried a lot of mulch. A Seattle Works group came as part of Green Seattle Day on Nov. 5, helping to clear a new marshy area in the southeast corner of the Woods and mulch it. The cheerful help of all these community-minded volunteers was greatly appreciated. We’ll skip our December work party, since it would be right in the middle of the holidays, but we’ll start up again the fourth Saturday in January. If you’d like to be added to our email list for announcements of work parties and other events, contact Deirdre at [email protected] Or check out our website at I’m available to give tours if you’ll contact me at [email protected] Why not bundle up and treat yourself to a walk in Madrona’s very own urban forest and natural area in their lovely fall colors and/or winter simplicity? You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and peaceful respite from city noise and activity.

Gerrard Beattie & Knapp Realtors, LLC Excellence in Residential Real Estate since 1978

LocaLLy owned open since 1995 E Olive S t


We have gift ideas galore!

Tue-Sat 11 a.m.–6 p.m. :: Sun 11 a.m.–5 p.m. 3314 E. Spring St., Seattle, WA 98122

1658 21ST AVENUE SEATTLE, WA 98122 T 206.720.1237 F 206.720.1192 [email protected] WWW.GIRLIEPRESS.COM

3 Madrona News December 2011

Madrona News December 2011


Singing in the Rain Family Choir

Play Madrona Mutt Matchup

By Sari Breznau, 38th Avenue

By Andrea Matus-Magee, Randolph Place

Singing in the Rain Family Choir will hold a free public concert on Dec. 15 at Epiphany Parish Great Hall at 7:00pm. This choir, founded in 2004, is a boisterous and multi-generational group of friends, families, and neighbors in Madrona. The group is founded on the belief that everyone can sing. Kids, parents, grandparents, singles, couples, and in-betweens all join to make a joyful noise.

Who says people always look like their pets??? To play Mutt Matchup, match the people to their dogs. The answers are on page 10.

The choir meets Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00pm at the Epiphany Parish Great Hall, normally for a ten-week session that culminates in a free public concert. All are welcome to attend the concerts or join the choir. The only requirement is that choir members be able to sit and be focused on rehearsal for a full hour. We learn from both lyric sheets and sheet music. The winter 2012 session for the Singing in the Rain Choir runs from Jan. 5 to March 15, with the concert scheduled for March 15 at 7:00pm. Fees are $150 per family, $85 per individual, and scholarships are available. For additional information, contact me at [email protected]

Peter - 36th Avenue


Barbara - 37th Avenue


Harpies - 33rd Avenue



a Wine Merch n o an r ad



The November issue provided an incorrect address for Al Doggett Studio. The correct address is: 1734 34th Avenue. Also see

Est. 2011

Wed. to Fri. 12-7, Sat. 11-7, Sun. 11-5

1127 34th Avenue


BENJAMIN CHOTZEN Managing Broker Cell 206.948.3208 [email protected]

Madrona Native with 25 years in real estate!

one? 1313 E. Pine Seattle, WA 98122


madrona’s Spa at


5 Madrona News December 2011

Neighborhood School News & Activities Madrona K-8

this event not only meaningful and educational but really fun for the kids and parent volunteers.

1:00pm in the school library. Reasonably priced fiction and nonfiction books will be available for all ages; 40-50 percent of sales will go back to the school’s library to make it a place that spurs the students’ imaginations and allows them to pursue subjects of special interest to them.

2. Coin Drive — As in years past, the 5th-graders will research and select a charity for the school to support following our winter coin drive. Collecting coins is a tangible opportunity for even the youngest students to feel they are involved and making a difference.

• Is hosting a Scholastic Book sale Dec. 3 from 9:00am to

• Will showcase its new music program on Dec. 15 at 6:00pm

3. Learn more about April’s Seward Park Stewardship Day in the April 2012 Madrona News.

with a winter concert titled “Music Brings Us All Together. ” Each grade level will sing songs that come from the US and abroad, including songs from Panama, South Africa, and Puerto Rico in addition to African American ring games and clapping songs to reflect the “all together” aspect of the performance’s theme. Also expect to hear a few traditional classics like “Jingle Bells.” This annual performance is one of the most popular for students and community alike; it will take place in the school gymnasium.

Preschool Fair Are you in the market for a preschool? It can be a daunting task to sift through options to find a good fit for families, budgets, and schedules. But Central Seattle Parent Resource (CSPR) is teaming up with Garfield Community Center to make it easier to find the right fit by hosting a Central Seattle Preschool Fair on Jan. 21 from 10:30am to12:30pm. Thanks to the generosity of Garfield Community Center, this fair is free for participating schools and families.

• Has embarked on the year-long Roots of Empathy project.

Based on Mary Gordon’s book by the same name, this project brings a Madrona baby and parent into the classroom to help children learn about and understand how other people feel. The underlying principle is that children who develop empathy are better equipped to build a caring, peaceful civil society. School counselor Said Ahmed is one of two at Madrona K-8 trained in the Roots of Empathy curriculum; he is working with a third/ fourth grade class. The first step for each of 27 well-defined lesson plans is a pre-visit to prepare for the baby and parent, the second is the baby and parent’s visit, and the third is a post-visit where students reflect on what they learned from the baby’s visit. Curriculum at each stage has clear learning objectives and activities that might include age-appropriate books, e.g., Hi New Baby or a unit on how babies communicate, since they cannot use words. Children sing a welcoming song to greet and part with the baby and parent, lamenting that the visit with “their baby” is over all too soon. Additional information about Mary Gordon and the Roots of Empathy project are found at

There will be over 30 local preschool and day care programs on site. Additionally, all schools in the Central Seattle area are welcome to attend and can reserve a table at the fair by contacting Emily Wheeler at [email protected] CSPR promotes community among parents of children from birth to age five by encouraging social connections that build foundations for long-term civic involvement. Learn more at

St. Therese Catholic School

igniting minds, dreams and faith since 1927

Making a Difference at Epiphany School In keeping with the Epiphany School culture, students are proactively engaged in learning the importance of service in our community and beyond. Through this, we hope they will gain a greater understanding of the world around them and be empowered to take action to make a difference. This year the students are focused on three major school-wide projects:

Pre-School, Pre-K & Kindergarten Information Night Thursday, January 19th 2012 • 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Catholic Schools Week Open House and Tours Sunday, January 29th 2012 • 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

1. Emergency Feeding Program (EFP) — We’re excited to kick off the year by continuing our partnership with EFP, which provides 300,000 nutritional meals to 50,000 families in King County. The school community raised $560 at the annual Carnival’s Used Toy and Book Sale this year. This fall each class will visit the facility to help prepare bags of food for families in need. EFP Operations Director Brian Anderson always makes Madrona News December 2011

900 - 35th Avenue • Seattle WA 98122 For more information or to schedule a tour please contact Gina Purdy at 206-324-0460 ext 117 or [email protected] 6

Bubbles, Bubbles, No Toil or Trouble to Find a Great Sparkling Wine By Gabriel Parker, 37th Ave. If you are like me, you enjoy sparkling wine during the holiday season. There is something very special about a wine that is almost alive; it dances in the glass and beckons with a faint whisper before finally tickling your palate in farewell, leaving you with the memory of its taste and a desire to become better acquainted. Below I paint a rather broad picture of champagne and sparkling wine, with a few suggestions. There are many options and price points for very enjoyable sparkling wines. Cava is where I think the best values lie and the one I always go back to is Jaume Serra Cristalino ($7). Cristalino can be found pretty much anywhere, and while it may not offer the most complex taste, unlike some other value wines it doesn’t bring any unpleasantness along with its flavor profile. Not only is this wine great on its own, there is no sense of remorse when supplementing its flavors with something such as a splash of St. Germain or Chambord or making what some think of as a traditional “champagne” cocktail (one sugar cube saturated with bitters in a glass of any sparkling wine with a thin twist of lemon peel). Another really enjoyable and affordable treat is Moscato d’Asti (Elio Perrone makes a nice one at $15). This Italian semisparkling sweet wine is low in alcohol because the sweetness is actually the residual sugar that wasn’t consumed in fermentation. I know many people think of sweet wines, with memories of Boone’s Farm, but in this case the sweetness is tempered with a

A rt s A l o f t

an art studio for

kids and adults

new Class Schedule, Holiday Workshops and Camps!

beguiling, multifaceted, and lingering finish that hints at fresh flowers and warm summer afternoons. There are good domestic champagne-style sparklers such as Gruet ($14), Gloria Ferrer($18), Schramsberg ($19), and Argyle ($26), as well as really nice imports like Taltarni Brut Tashi from Australia ($20) or Lucien Albrecht Cremant from France ($20). But there is nothing like champagne from the Champagne region of France, because it has a unique and intricate complexity featuring aspects of yeast and mineral with amazing balance. Some of my favorite producers are Gimonnet ($40), Agrapart et Fils ($40), and Pierre Peters ($45). But if you have never had champagne, the one I recommend is Piper-Heidsieck Brut NV ($30) because it exemplifies all the key aspects of champagne; it has vibrant acidity, persistent minerality, round fruitiness, and the structure to keep it all together from nose to finish. Whatever your preference or price point, the holidays are a great time to enjoy sparkling wines and usually an opportune time to take advantage of promotions and tastings at local wine shops. My final recommendation would be to get on any email list of a shop or winery you find appealing and stay apprised of their offerings. Editor’s Note: Bottlehouse has scheduled the following winemaker receptions at 1416 34th Avenue:

• December 3, 6:00-8:00pm: Blissful Bubbles • December 17th, 6:00-8:00pm: Favorite holiday wines • Madrona Wine Merchants will offer a holiday sparkling

wine tasting on Dec. 17, 2:00-4:00pm, 1127 34th Avenue




Holiday Workshops include Ornament Creations, Teacher Gift Making, Painting Pottery and more! Holiday Camp Dec 19-22! we will be studying Explorers, the Antarctic, Penguins and more! Spaces fill fast so sign up soon. Register at or call 206-920-2015 for more info. Arts Aloft has been voted Most Awesome Art Classes by Red Tricycle Magazine Don’t forget to check out our Birthday Parties! A fun and creative option for celebrating!

7 Madrona News December 2011

Waste Reduction Reward Project Unveiled

Very Merry in Madrona

The wait is over and the rings are in. What started as an idea has taken shape to become a new visual landmark and interactive history of Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood. Join Seattle City Council Member Mike O’Brien, Seattle Public Utilities Solid Waste Director Tim Croll, CleanScapes CEO Chris Martin, BOOM, MCC, and members of the reward project design team as they officially unveil one of the 2009 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Reward projects: the Madrona Bronze Sidewalk Rings. The bronze rings were designed to resemble the concentric circles of a mature Madrona tree, signifying the strength, diversity, and longevity of the Madrona neighborhood. The ribbon-cutting and community celebration will take place Dec. 3 at 11:00am on the NE corner of 34th and Union.

Madrona merchants invite everyone to shop, drink, eat, and be merry at festivities planned for Dec. 2-3. Look for special holiday sales and extended retail hours both days. In addition to the ribbon-cutting for the Madrona Rings Project scheduled for 11:00am on Dec. 3 (see adjacent story in this issue), other Saturday offerings include hot cider and cocoa, free wine tasting, live music, and children’s activities. The day ends with a candlelight walk from 34th and Union to Madrona Beach. Other events scheduled for Dec. 3: • Madrona K-8 will host a Scholastic Book sale from 9:00am to 1:00pm in the school library. • Spectrum Dance will sponsor a dance on Madrona Beach beginning at 8:00pm. • Singing in the Rain Family Choir will begin at Epiphany Parish and lead carols during a candlelight walk to the beach starting at 8:00pm. • Christmas Ships arrive at Madrona Beach at 9:20pm

A brief program and dedication will be followed by a walking tour of the nine bronze rings, and Very Merry in Madrona festivities will begin in earnest. This is a family affair, with activities planned throughout the day, including hot cocoa and cider, live music, free wine tasting, special holiday sales and shop hours, and children’s activities.

I Remember When: A Boy’s Christmas in Denny-Blaine - Apologies to Dylan Thomas

Stop by the CleanScapes booth from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the Amara parking lot for holiday treats and eco-giveaways, and to learn more about how the rings were made. Self-guided walkingtour maps will be available, along with paper and crayons for making ring rubbings. Don’t miss the recycling truck; kids of all ages are welcome to sit in the driver’s seat and have their picture taken.

By Junius Rochester, 32nd Avenue Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, in a famous 1952 radio piece, said “There are always Uncles at Christmas. The same Uncles.” In the late 1940s, my childhood Christmas at 1730 Evergreen Place (39th Avenue and East Howell Street) also featured “the (continued on next page)

To learn more visit

Come check out the shop for one-of-a-kind vintage Christmas treasures, as well as wonderful new presents for every single person on your list, regardless of age and interests! (from Nov. 25-Dec. 24)

Monday - Friday 12-7 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. in charming Madrona

Madrona News December 2011


A Boy’s Christmas... (cont’d from previous page) same Uncles.” And the Aunts were there too, serving breakfast and bustling in my mother’s kitchen, with one exception: Aunt Mary Louise Rochester Roderick--“Nanny Lou”--who sang and played carols at our baby grand piano. After listening to the seasonal standards, my sister and I would coax Nanny Lou to play tunes of a different stripe, such as “I’ve Got a Pain in my Sawdust.” Other attendees at these breakfasts included the Roderick cousins; my sister Mary Ellen’s godfather, Harry J. Martin, who was a beekeeper and man-about-town; federal judge John C. Bowen, who lived at the Olympic Hotel and rode a taxi to our DennyBlaine home; US Senator Warren G. Magnuson in his bachelor days; realtor, neighbor, and patron of the arts Henry Broderick, with quiet Mrs. B. at his side; and occasionally beer distributor and baseball owner Emil Sick and his artistic wife Katherine. Several times the Lloyd and Illsley Nordstrom family across the street dropped by (I mowed their lawn every Saturday). Others joined the party, including my mother’s close friend and next door neighbor, artist Lisa Smithson, and members of the Dr. Armin and Doris Rembe family. Armin Jr. was my close buddy and his dad was my pediatrician. And there were surprises: visitors from distant places and political allies (my father was a New Deal Democrat and member of the Seattle City Council). Occasionally I donned a white cassock for Christmas Eve acolyte duties at Church of the Epiphany. The next morning, other than tearing open gifts, keeping my clothes clean, and staying out of trouble, I had an important duty: climbing aboard my bicycle and delivering presents throughout Denny-Blaine for Henry Broderick. The neighborhood was a brilliant spectacle, festooned with bright holiday colors, lighted trees, and elegant and simple window and door hangings.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Very best wishes for a warm and happy holiday season!



When the day ended I helped clean up, although my mother always had a kitchen assistant. During World War II young women lived in our house as domestic help. I especially remember friendly Sumi, a Japanese American girl who was attending secretarial school. After President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which paved the way for placing over 100,000 Japanese Americans in internment camps, Sumi and many other loyal Americans disappeared into the camps. Many Denny-Blaine and Madrona homes face eastward across the lake. During Christmas and Hanukkah season, passing boats cruised by a city hillside ablaze with color and twinkling lights. Our porch stretched across the face of the house, just above Lake Washington Boulevard. Despite brisk December air, family and guests would occasionally leave our crackling fireplace and wander up and down the Great Porch – to see and be seen. After the celebrations ended, I, like Welshman Dylan Thomas, “got into bed. I said some words to the close and holy darkness, and then I slept.” Junius Rochester is author of The Last Electric Trolley: Madrona & Denny-Blaine. Signed copies are available from Mr. Rochester; please contact him for details at 860-2153 or [email protected]




MEREDITH ERICKSON | 206.999.8832

MADISON HOUSE, LTD. REAL ESTATE SINCE 1981 9 Madrona News December 2011

Navigating Streets and Winter Weather

• Dial-in to 456-0609 and press 1 to enter a stop number*

1. Early warnings are for a second La Niña winter characterized by wetter and colder Pacific Northwest weather. The city’s Take Winter by Storm campaign is intended to prepare for bad weather with new internet sites that alert city workers and residents to locations currently experiencing or likely to experience bad weather conditions. Each of the three sites below monitors radar and satellite findings, combining them with other measurements to pinpoint weather patterns and events.

• SMS text “onebus” and your stop number* to 41411. • For mobile web enter • For smartphones “onebusaway” is available as an applica-

followed by the pound sign.

tion from iTunes, Windows Phone, and Android markets

*Stop numbers in Seattle are multiple-digit numbers assigned to each individual stop; the stop for Union and 34th is 2930. These numbers appear on one or more of three places: on newer bus stop signs, on the upper left corner inside if your stop has a bus shelter, and on the printed bus schedule. The numbers also can be found via an internet search at

• Snowwatch: • Windwatch: www. • Rainwatch:

In addition to websites above that monitor weather, Take Winter by Storm offers many useful tools (in nine languages) to prepare for weather-related emergencies. The on-site video encourages everyone to prepare a disaster kit, make and practice a plan for responding to disaster, and stay informed. Additionally they provide a variety of checklists for emergency preparedness, a shopping list, a home inventory checklist, and emergency contact cards. To access these and other tools, visit

Madrona News seeks a volunteer graphic designer who knows print as well as web design. The job requires around 5 hours once a month mostly working with small businesses to put together ads for the newsletter. If interested please email Barbara Parker at [email protected]

2. Metro riders can obtain arrival information for their buses thanks to an internet application developed to make life easier for commuters. OneBusAway is accessible via telephone, the web, or smartphones, and will tell you when the next bus is arriving at your stop. You can access this tool as follows:

KIM THOMAS Windermere Real Estate Direct # 206-601-4969 [email protected]

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Mutt Match-up Answers: Barbara and Heathcliff, Harpies and Ella, Peter and Pippa

Drop Me A Line….

Accurate and up-to-date information is of continuing interest to home owners and investors. I welcome the opportunity to share with you my experience and knowledge of today’s real estate market place, without obligation. If you have a real estate need or inquiry, please check the appropriate box below, cut out and send this card to the address below. I would like information on the following: Buying Or Selling A Home The Market Value Of My Home Real Estate Investment Oppurtunities Relocation Information Mortgage Financing For A New Home Refinancing A Current Mortgage Name______________________________________ Address________________________________________ City_________________State____________Zip__________ Phone_________________ Best Time to be contacted_______________________ Email Address________________________________ Please cut out and send this card to:

Kim Thomas 4015 E Madison


Seattle Wa 98112 Madrona News December 2011


Madrona C ommunity C alendar

The Madrona website at allows you to update or add community events to the “Calendar of Events.” Alternatively, send your event in the format below to [email protected] by Monday noon for Tuesday additions.

WEEKLY Recurring Events: MON & THURS 5:50am – 6:50am Bootcamp Class—Get up early and get fit! Epiphany Parish Great Hall. Nikki Lundin, 1st & 3rd TUES

8:00pm Song Writer’s Salon—A not-so-open mic at Bottlehouse; contact [email protected] for information about performing

WEDNESDAYS 4:00pm – 5:00pm Bible Study—Epiphany Christie House Library, Epiphany Episcopal, 1805 38th Avenue, 324-2573.

4:00pm – 5:00pm Kid’s Crafting Corner—Ages 6-10, 11/12–12/14, but no class on 11/23; fees apply.

6:00pm – 7:00pm Spiritual Reading and Prayer—Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church, 832 32nd Avenue.


9:00am Valley School Tours for Prospective Families—Through February. Reservations required. The Valley School, 310 30th Avenue E, 328-4475

10:00am All Threads Together—Join for conversation and knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, etc. Epiphany Library, Deanna Killian, 524-1501

11:00am Family Story Time—Bring your preschoolers and toddlers to enjoy stories, rhymes, songs. Madrona Library, 684-4705

6:00pm – 8:00pm Wine Maker Reception & Free Tasting—Support our local winemakers at Bottlehouse, 1416 34th Ave

7:30pm AA/ALANON Meeting—Great Hall, Epiphany Episcopal, 1805 38th Avenue, 324-2573

FRIDAYS 7:30am Madrona/Leschi Citizens Against the War—Quiet demonstration, 23rd & Union, Kathy Barker [email protected] 9:00am – 10:00am Sing-A-Story—Ages 1-5, 11/18 and 12/2– 12/30; Madrona Shelterhouse; fees apply. For additional information, consult (This activity also is offered on Saturday mornings.) SATURDAY

2:00 – 4:00pm Free Wine Tasting at Madrona Cellars—1127 34th Avenue. For more information consult


9:00am – 5:00pm Donate Used Goods—Northwest Center Big Blue Truck. Grocery Outlet.


Dec 1—Dec 20 Toys for Tots Drive—Drop off unwrapped holiday gifts for children at Edward Jones, 3304 E. Spring. Contact Erin Nold 323-0440 Dec 1—Through the Holidays—Lin Holley will show new work at Columbia City Gallery, 4864 Rainier Ave S. Dec 3

Very Merry In Madrona — See page 8 for details

9:00am – 1:00pm Scholastic Book Sale—Madrona K-8 Library. See page 6 for details

9:20pm Christmas Ships at Madrona Beach Dec 6

7:15pm Madrona Community Council Meeting—Everyone welcome at Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse, Holly Smith, [email protected]

Dec 7 1:00pm – 2:00pm BOOM (Business Owners of Madrona) Meeting–Amara meeting room. Soni Dave-Schock at [email protected] Dec 7

7:30pm Leschi Community Council Meeting–Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th S. Diane Snell [email protected]

Dec 10 11:00am – 2:00pm Toys for Tots Open House–Collection of unwrapped toys. Edward Jones, 3304 E. Spring. Contact Erin Nold 323-0440 Dec 15 7:00pm Singing in the Rain Concert–Great Hall, Epiphany Parish, 1805 38th Ave. 324-2573 Dec 21 9:00am – 1:00pm Homeless Cooking Wednesday–Bring a knife and cutting board to St Clouds Restaurant; John Platt, [email protected] Jan 3

7:15pm Madrona Community Council Meeting—Everyone welcome at Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse, Holly Smith, [email protected]

Jan 4

7:30pm Leschi Community Council Meeting–Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th S. Diane Snell [email protected]


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