December Issue - Tam Family Council

December Issue - Tam Family Council

 FULL HOUSE! An enthusiastic crowd of over 130 showed up at the October 10th members’ meeting a...

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FULL HOUSE! An enthusiastic crowd of over 130 showed up at the October 10th members’ meeting and heard Andrew Wait (Lucy Wait) lead us through an initial exploration of the NCPHS Finances. A major theme was the critical importance of understanding in more detail the financial condition and business strategy of the Tam and its holding company, NCPHS. This matters in light of large monthly fee increases, new fees and reduction in services the administration has advertised as coming in the next year. Members were also updated on the results of current projects, given a system by which they can suggest projects, and have their opinions and questions surveyed.

Steering Committee Joan Hauck [email protected] Peggy Osterkamp [email protected] Elizabeth Phillips [email protected] Judy Stark [email protected] Andrew Wait [email protected] Lucy Wait [email protected] Geoffrey White, Consultant Family Flyer Editor Joan Hauck Circulation Ann Woodward

LOOK AT WHAT WE’VE DONE SO FAR!! Private Duty Aides: Free Choice Jane Morrissey Gross (Janice Morrissey) told us that, based on feedback we’ve received from residents, having the option of employing PDAs is in the best interest of residents, and we have made it clear to the Tam administration that we are fully committed to ensuring that this option remains open and workable. The administration has stated in writing that they will not stand in the way of resident choices. The Family Council is working on a list of individual PDAs and the necessary steps to ensure safety, liability and tax matters.


Peer Support Program for Health Center and Assisted Living We will have two representatives (Reps) to offer peer support to Health center and Assisted Living residents.They will be available for those who have no Supporters to discuss problems they may have. Samantha Fargeon, Tam’s clinical social worker, will be their consultant. We expect them to be available in about two weeks. Allied to this is a new Release of Status Information form for the Health Center. Pill Box Filling After our strong objections to the proposed fee, at this date we are still awaiting a firm decision from the administration. Valet Parking Larry Stallings, Director of Environmental Services, has promised us that, barring emergency, there will always be one of the security personnel in the garage from the 8 to 10 pm period..The Guards will be trained and will be available to residents who need to park and unload, with no loss of hours of service. The Family Council will monitor this and see how it is working.

The Family Council Box The Tamalpais 501 Via Casitas Greenbrae CA 94904

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NEXT MEETING: Date to be announced See You There!

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