(December) Newsletter - Claverham Community College

(December) Newsletter - Claverham Community College

DECEMBER School Council - Election Results 2016 Not to be outdone by Brexit or the American Elections, we had our own campaigning going on in Novemb...

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School Council - Election Results 2016

Not to be outdone by Brexit or the American Elections, we had our own campaigning going on in November with nominations pouring in and the election of our very own School Council. I would like to thank all the pupils who put themselves forward and took on this challenge and I am pleased to let you know who the successful candidates were:



Cross Country, Channel Swim, Fundraising, Revision Year 11’s


Pupil Premium, Amino: Potential Social Media Application, Consultation ESCC Admission Arrangements


Year 11 Football, Council Library Opening


Email Safety Tips, Regional Cross Country


Christmas Carol Concert, Christmas Disco & GCSE grades

Year 7

Phoebe McAdie Finlay Stovell

Year 8

Braid Frazer-Bates Eva Andrew

Year 9

Blue Petraitis-Williams Elsa Phillips


Year 10 Football, Stay Safe Online

Year 10

Luke Marmion Bradley Scarff


Spanish Exchange, Careers


More Year 10 Football Results

Elliott Vinson Nancy Taylor Freja Endersby


Online Maths Revision Resource, SSCO & School P:roduction


USA Science Trip


Taekwondo, Head Lice, Cold & Flu


Year 10 Art trip - Towner Gallery and Staff Changes

Year 11

These new members will join the existing council which is made up of: Year 8

Warren Hargreaves Mia Hazeltine


Ex-pupil, Silent Study, German Exchange

Year 9

Charlie Murphy Gracie Paterson


KS3 & KS4 Badminton, Dry Ski Trip and Gymnastics

Year 10

Ellie Johnson Violet Hallett


Winter PE Clubs

Year 11

Ella Andrew

Head Boy Head Girl

Harvey Hill Hannah Crook


21st December - Last day of term

3rd January - College Resumes

11th January - PTA meeting

12th January - Year 10 Parents’ Evening

16th January - Year 11 Mock Examination Fortnight begins

19th January - Dry Ski trip

26th January - Ski Trip Parents’ Evening, Governors’ Meeting

1st February - Year 9 Careers Event

8th February - Year 9 Profile Reports and Option Forms to Parents

10th February - Year 9 GCSE Science Live trip and Last Day of Term

The first meeting of the academic year was held on Wednesday 9th November.

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Fundraising Alice Brown in year 11 was asked to help organise a recent charity concert following her success with the one she organised at Claverham last year. The Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary’s Church in Battle held their charity concert on Saturday November 26th. The concert raised money for St Michael’s Hospice and the Barnabus Fund to the tune of £230. Well done Alice. Mr Lochan-Grimer

Interhouse Results Early November saw our annual cross country inter house races. The course was in great condition and the weather was very favourable for all runs apart from the last run with half of year 11 getting soaked! We had some very strong runs from our new cohort of Year 7 runners and we had some new course records set. Well done to all involved for showing great determination and resilience.

Revision - Year 11’s Year 11 pupils have mock examinations which begin on the 16th January. This term we have supported the pupils through assemblies and in lessons with revision planning guidance, techniques and timetabling ideas. In addition, all pupils have been issued with a Mock Examination Timetable. The next 8 weeks provides all pupils with crucial time to develop revision in all areas. We are mindful of the need for the pupils to enjoy the Christmas holidays, but feel that the holiday period offers valuable time when a significant amout of revision work can take place; whether that involves making notes, recapping key ideas, watching appropriate subject themed revision videos or any other study methods.

Overall results: Montjoie - 5th Oakwood - 4th Caldbec - 3rd Telleham - 2nd

As always, we request your continued support in ensuring your children have the resources necessary for effective revision during the Christmas holidays. This will enable them to develop the habits required to maximise their success in the GCSE examinations in the summer.

Santlache - 1st Mr Harrold

Mr Wilson

Channel Swim

Top Tips: Create a revision timetable

During the month of November, Hugh and Amelia Cameron swam the length of the English Channel to raise money for Guys Hospital. They did this in memory of their Grandad, Roy Thomson, who they lost at the end of the summer to Leukaemia. He received excellent care while at Guys. They have a target of £250, so spread the word that they’re looking for sponsors at the link below: http://www.justgiving.com/Sponsoredswim4Roy

Practice, Practice, Practice Collaborate with classmates in groups Take regular study breaks Understand your learning style Variety is the spice of life - videos, quizzes, apps, mind maps

Thank you for any support you can give.

Adapt for different subjects

Mr Lochan-Grimer

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Pupil Premium

Amino: Potential Social Media Application

At Claverham we are committed to maximising the achievement, progress and development of all our pupils. We are continuously reviewing our use of the Pupil Premium, a fund which comes directly into school from the government to help us to achieve this aim.

Through the NEN safeguarding group, we have been made aware of a new app “Amino” that could be used by CSE perpetrators (Child Sexual Exploitation)as it is aimed to attract children.

Pupil Premium funding is specifically targeted at young people who have; received Free School Meals at any time in the last 6 years, been continuously looked after for at least six months prior to adoption, special guardianship or a Child Arrangement Order, one or more parents in the British Armed Forces. Schools use the funding to help narrow the gap between the outcomes for these pupils and those of their peers. We believe that this money can make a big difference to your child’s education; in 2015-16 the school received up to £935 for each child eligible and £1,900 for each child who is adopted, subject to an SGO a CAO or is looked after. Whilst the majority of the money is accounted for in providing additional academic support (for example extra Mathematics and English lessons) and some counselling and welfare services, we use a variety of additional methods to support individual students. These include; Reading intervention programme, Peer to peer reading, Lunchtime Support Club, After school homework club, Summer school, Revision packs for GCSE pupils Financial contribution to help part fund curriculum trips For looked after children and those who are currently in receipt of free school meals, the funding will already be in place. Pupils that are adopted, who are subject to a Special Guardianship Order or a Child Arrangement Order will need to be registered so that we may claim the appropriate allowance. There is a deadline in January for this each year and so we will need to arrange this before the Christmas break.

The app allows users to create a profile where they can pretend to be a character, cartoon, vampire etc and they can discuss fantasies. The app appears very child like with colourful cartoon characters and could be quite easily overlooked by parents. The site appears to revolve around fantasy role play and would be an ideal tool for use by CSE perpetrators wishing to contact or groom victims.

Consultation on East Sussex County Council admission arrangements 2018-19 (arrangements for community and controlled schools plus selected others) East Sussex County Council is opening a consultation on admission arrangements for 2018-2019. They would welcome parental responses. Their survey is available via: https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/educationandlearning/ schools/admissions/consultations/arrangements/ admissions-arrangements-2018-19/

If you feel that a child in your care may be entitled to receive the Pupil Premium but are unsure as to how to register, please contact Mr Wilson as soon as possible, in absolute confidence, at the College. Mr Wilson

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away at the District Champions was a massive achievement and very well deserved. Next the team faced Buckswood. Our team started very promisingly, demonstrating a new found confidence in possession and a competitive desire that more than matched their opponents.

Year 11 Football Match Reports The season began with an away fixture at William Parker on 14th October 2016. The trip to the ‘Arks’ hadn’t held much joy in previous years and the mood in the dressing room was pragmatic at best. Under new management this year, a slightly different looking team took the field. The early signs, however, had a familiar look as ‘Parker created a number of gilt edged chances. As the score line remained level confidence grew and even produced moments of good attacking play, one of which put Tom Ellis through, only for him to narrowly miss a left foot effort. A switch of system and personnel at half time produced an astonishing turn around. The confidence of reaching half time at 0-0, the better shape created by the ‘back to basics’ 4-4-2 formation and a rejuvenated team spirit caught ‘Parker by surprise.

Unfortunately, a long range shot that Man of the Match, Jake Thomas tipped onto the crossbar and cannoned straight to a Buckswood striker who drilled it into the back of the net. A poor clearance from a cross presented Buckswood with a gilt-edged chance, which despite the effort from Jake Thomas, led to them scoring a second goal. The second half saw our team put under pressure from the re-start. Jake Thomas continued his fine form, making multiple saves. The score line could have been far more humbling if it were not for his heroics. The back end of the half did bring more forays into the Buckswood penalty area; Jaz Hargreaves started to get space and attacked with speed and the occasional trick. Felix Scotney had a header cleared off the line from a late corner. Substitute Josh Pool showed that playing FIFA can deliver on the ‘real’ pitch as he produced the ‘special move’ of the game ... not one, not two but three keep ups around and over 2 opponents left the defence dazzled. Unfortunately the subsequent shot was not worthy of this build up and no more shall be said ... apart from the fact that it almost hit the corner flag! Man of the Match - Jake Thomas

In the second half, Tom Ellis was again on the end of some great football but was unlucky not to find a clinical finish. Tremendous work rate by Man of the Match, Travis Thompson, and ‘Beany’ Seal and the elegant, assured passing of Nathan Spice were beginning to control the midfield. The energy of substitute Liam Jeffrey was also creating the ‘Parker defence more and more problems and it looked as though it was only a matter of time before Claverham opened the scoring.

Game 3 of the season against St Richards will now decide their fate in the competition.

Great resilience from other candidates for Man of the Match, Nick Hamby and Connor Barfoot, and the rest of the ‘new’ back four kept a late flurry of ‘Parker attacks at bay and the score at 0-0. Jake Thomas was however probably the most responsible for keeping a clean sheet with numerous good saves and a ‘worldy’ from close range that defied belief.

Council Library Opening Hours

At the final whistle the Claverham players celebrated as though they had won. A first point of the season earned


Mr Cunningham

New opening times for East Sussex libraries came into effect from Monday 28th November. The opening times of all libraries in East Sussex are available on:

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General Email Safety Tips

Regional Cross Country Results

Email is a fantastic communication tool we use without a second thought - millions are sent and received every day. It is estimated half of the email you receive will be from recipients you know, useful and harmless. The rest is likely to be subscription updates, junk or more worryingly fraudulent phishing scam attempts.

On Friday 11th November Battle Abbey hosted the district cross country races on a tough uphill course. The races were run in stunning autumnal conditions with some excellent results being gained.

Phishing emails are designed by fraudsters to appear as if they have been sent by banks, credit card companies, on-line auction sites, online payment services, government departments and other trusted organisations. They will try to trick you into either opening an attachment disguised as a legitimate file, but is actually malware or more likely clicking on a link to visit a hoax but authentic looking website which either requests confidential information or is infected with malware. (Short for ‘malicious software’, a program designed by hackers to gather information or gain access to your computer). Even if your computer is protected by anti-virus & antimalware systems the first line of defence is your vigilance - be suspicious! •

Year 7 Boys 1st - Tom Beckett Year 8 Boys 1st - Harvey Faulkner Year 11 Girls 1st - Gemma Stiles Thank you to all the supporters for turning out and to all the runners for attacking the course with such positive approaches. The next race with be county trails for Year 8-11’s which is held at Waterhall in Brighton in January. Watch this space for more details. Mr Harrold

Do not open attachments from unknown sources

• Do not click on links in emails from unknown sources – it is possible to hover over a link to reveal the actual destination – displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen • Be very wary of ploys such as “Please click to verify your account”, “You have a winning notification” or “You must confirm your personal information” •

Do not reply to or forward unwanted mail

• Do not unsubscribe to what may be a phishing email – this may lead to a hoax site • Do check the Junk folder regularly for legitimate emails • Be cautious, especially when clicking a link in an email. If you have any doubt – don’t • If you access school email on computers outside of school there are free anti-virus packages available such as AVG or AVAST

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Mr Swatton

GCSE grades are changing Christmas Carol Concert & Christmas Disco Thank you to all the staff and pupils involved in the Christmas Carol Concert and the Christmas Disco, and to parents/carers who supported these events - these events would not be successful without you! The PTA raised in the region of £1250 at the Disco. Thank you one and all.

As you may be aware GCSE’s in England are being reformed and will be graded with a new scale from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest grade. English literature, English language and maths will be the first subjects to be graded in this way from August 2017. The subjects with the highest numbers of candidates (e.g. arts, humanities, languages) will follow in 2018 and most others in 2019. This is happening as GCSEs are being reformed to make them more challenging, to keep pace with employers’ and universities demands. In the first year each new GCSE subject is introduced, students who would have got a grade C or better will get a grade 4 or better. Students who would have got a Grade A or better will get a 7 or better in the first year. Grade 9 will be more difficult to achieve than a grade A*. The extra top grade will also make it easier for employers and universities to distinguish between the most able students Please see the diagram below to see how the numbered grades compare to the current A* to G system: Mr Swatton

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the tempo in attack, clever one-twos and closed down quickly. Josh opened the scoring and James followed with a pinpoint cross from Tom Wadeson and James placed a precise side foot into the bottom corner. Our team dominated for the rest of the first half and Ollie Weeks found the goal that probably sealed the victory. A patient build up resulted in him receiving the ball just outside the penalty area and he drilled a low ‘rasper’ off the far post and into the back of the net.

Year 10 Football Match Reports The Year 10’s boys football team got their season started with an away game at Bexhill Academy where they won 13-1! Our team started with an intensity that the home team were not prepared for and, in Josh Stockdale, a player in sparkling form. Within 4 minutes ‘Velcro Boots’ had scored an incredible hat-trick to all but end the game as a contest. There were some excellent combinations in midfield between Ollie Weekes, James Pool and Josh repeatedly opened up the defence and clinical finishing provided him with a 4th goal on the 10 minute mark. Bexhill made a hopeful punt over Kyle Parslow that was not cleared and Sam Radcliffe, making his debut in goal, helpless to a fine lob that elegantly bounced into the goal. Before half time James Pool (another player in tremendous form, providing six assists in the game) and Kyle Parslow had added another 2 goals from corners. Josh scored less than a minute after the re-start, thanks to wonderful vision from Ollie Weekes finding Josh’s run down the right with him coolly slotting the ball past the keeper. This was almost identically repeated moments later with Will Evans the provider and Josh completing an incredible double hat-trick! Another debutant, Jake Warner bagged a brace, his first a delightful chip over the goalkeeper. Kyle Parslow got a fortuitous goal that smashed clearance and ricocheted off his thigh. Tom Wadeson and Alvin Scott also got their names on the score sheet with well taken goals.

Within minutes of the restart after half time, a mix up in marking at a corner resulted in a goal for the opposition. The game then swung to and fro between both sides. James Pool rattled the crossbar, Jake Warner made a dazzling solo run but fluffed his shot and Josh Stockdale again went close. Another shot from range swerved inexplicably through the opposition’s goalie and into the roof of the net! Josh Stockdale scored 2 and James Pool and Ollie Weeks one each. Man of the Match was James Pool. They face St Richard’s in their next round. Good Luck! Mr Cunningham

Why Teaching Your Children about staying safe online matters From learning in class to playing games at home, children are doing more on the internet than ever before - and it’s a wonderful place. However, just as in ‘real life’, it’s important to make sure your child is staying safe online. We know how demanding it can be to find the time when you’re a busy parent, and also just how daunting it can be to try and work out if the information you’ve found online is up-to-date. That’s why we were so pleased when ‘Internet Matters’ launched earlier this year.

Josh scored 6, Jake Warner 2 and Kyle Parslow 2 , Alvin Scott 1, Tom Wadeson 1 and James Pool 1. Man of the Match was Josh Stockdale.

InternetMatters.org is a portal dedicated to making sure all parents are only a click away from advice, tips and support about online safety for children. The information is divided into age-appropriate sections to help you talk to your child about the issues and technologies they’ll come across as they grow up online. From sexting to cyberbullying, you’ll find a wealth of information so that you can spend less time researching and more time having fun with your family.

This was a truly outstanding performance littered with exceptional football, confidence and a team hungry for success.

You can the find links to different topics from InternetMatters.org on our website under “Parent” and then Internet Safety.

Their next match was against William Parker and they won 4-1. They approached this match with discipline and focus. James Pool was at the heart of everything. He set

Mr Carney

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Spanish Exchange In October, a group of Claverham and Battle Abbey students travelled to Madrid for our exchange trip. Our journey began with a huge welcoming from exchange students from a school in Madrid called Colegio Joyfe. We all have great memories of our time in Madrid: for example visiting Joyfe, which is a huge school for kids going all the way from nursery to sixth form; going around the centre of Madrid; and having a guided tour around monuments such as Plaza Real, Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor. Later in the week, we travelled to the historic site of Segovia, which is a medieval Spanish town with a huge fairy-tale castle and an ancient Roman viaduct at its entrance. Towards the end of our exciting trip, we visited an incredible art museum with many famous paintings from famous Spanish artists such as Pablo Picasso. Finally, on the Wednesday, we had a farewell party and watched a slideshow with some of our best moments from Madrid. In November, the Madrid students arrived in Battle on a Saturday and almost all went to see the Battle Bonfire, which the Spanish were really complimentary about. Many of the students had never been to England before and they loved visiting London and its attractions, including the Harry Potter Studio Tour! On the Wednesday, all of the Claverham, Battle Abbey and Joyfe students visited Brighton together and we had a great time visiting Brighton Pavilion, and the world famous pier and lanes, where we did some shopping! It was very emotional to say goodbye to our exchange partners as we had made such great memories together and had times we will never forget. We would like to thank all of the teachers who organised the exchange as without them this exchange would not have been possible and the welcoming families in Madrid who were all very generous and kind. Luke Marmion, November 2016

they still have time to do so in their Careers ICT lessons. They are also able to log on at home if you wish to help them and select courses together. Please note: Some local colleges have requested that the applications are submitted by January 31st. Our programme of activities in conjunction with General Dynamics has continued this term. Our year 11 triple science boys have benefitted from a workshop led by the General Dynamics apprentices. A small selection of boys visited the Churchfields site to find out what it is like on the shop floor and other departments. Thank you to all those who have submitted Work Experience forms so far. The deadline for applications is January 31st. Please ensure that the placement you arrange has Employer’s Liability Insurance in place. Year 9, 10 and 11 students have had a letter regarding our Careers Event to be held on February 1st 2017. If you have not had a letter or would like to volunteer your time to speak with our students at the careers fair please get in touch at our usual email address. Important Dates: 31st January – Year 10 deadline for Work Experience paperwork 1st February – Year 9 Careers event 10th February – Year 11 Sussex Coast College Interviews (for those who applied to Sussex Coast College) 23rd February – Year 11 Bexhill College Interviews (for those who applied to Bexhill College) [email protected] Mr Page

Careers The Careers department has once again had a busy term. Fortunately we have been able to offer this year’s ‘First Generation Scholars’ cohort an enhanced programme at Sussex University. Two successful visits have already taken place where students were able to find out more about studying media and maths at University and we look forward to more in the new year. The Year 11 College application process is well underway. Some have already submitted applications. If your child has not yet completed their online UCAS Progress profile,

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inside his own half, and following neat interplay with James Pool, a step over or two, he drove into the opponent’s box and slipped a neat side foot under the ‘keeper. Sub Charlie Webb added further insult to injury by lobbing the goalkeeper delightfully in the final minutes brilliantly spotting him off too far his line after another Claverham attack.

More Year 10 Football Results The year 10’s started their 3rd game of the season against St. Richards in a great run of form. Previous high scoring defeats of William Parker and Bexhill Academy meant that a win would secure qualification for the knockout stages of the SES League. The first half started in much the same way as the previous matches with Claverham taking a virtually match winning lead into half time. Tom Wadeson opened the scoring. The second goal by James Pool, was stabbed home after the other sides ‘keeper spilled a Josh Stockdale free kick. Tom Wadeson combined some skilful dribbling with some interesting face control to provide a ‘sweaty’ (a pass across goal in Y10 footballer speak!) to gift Josh with his impressive 9th goal in 3 games. James Pool then showed some silky skills of his own dribbling down the left, cutting inside and laying off the perfect ‘set’ for Alvin Scott, who lashed a shot past the short but agile St Richard’s goalkeeper. St. Richards then restarted the game with a long-range attempt to score from the kick off. Ordinarily this comes to nothing but the lucky central midfielder managed to hit the target and non-specialist ‘keeper, Sam Radcliffe, handed them a ridiculous lifeline, making an uncharacteristic hash of his attempted save. This, if anything, galvanised the team and the Man of the Match, Tom Wadeson, again showed grit and determination to ride a few tackles, burst into the area at pace, and sublimely slot the ball home. The second half provided much of the same. Claverham scored more goals and St. Richards scored a second against the run of play. A second of the match from Josh Stockdale, latching onto a superb diagonal through ball from Will Evans, made it 6-1. Sam Radcliffe’s afternoon didn’t improve with another long-range effort that allowed St. Richards a second goal. Sam’s excellent distribution and calmness in receiving back passes has however significantly helped the team play their favoured ‘build from the back’ style of football all season. Tom Naylor, who made the MoM decision very tricky with his outstanding performance, then promptly scored the goal of the game. He started the attack from

The Year 10’s went into the final game of this year’s competition knowing they were assured of winning the league because results elsewhere mean their points total could not be bettered even if St. Leonard’s Academy were to spring a surprise defeat. Their next match against St Leonards Academy, the Year 10’s started reasonably well but struggled to compete with the Lions’ physicality early on. Early exchanges were nervy and neither team could really assert themselves. It took until the 20th minute to break the deadlock. St. Leonards’ best player hit a 30 yarder that bounced ‘Dambusters’ style through a crowd of players past Sam Radcliffe, who didn’t even move as the ball nestled into the bottom left hand corner. This sparked a good response from the boys who fought back. Man of the Match, Alvin Scott, netted his first of the afternoon after latching onto a clever through ball by James Pool. More ‘twinkle toes’ dribbling from James led to the Year 10’s second goal, this time Tom Wadeson the beneficiary. With the game now finely poised, the next goal would probably give its scorer the edge to go on and win the game. Alvin Scott provided that breathing space with a cracking effort from just outside the box. Good work again by Tom Wadeson down the left resulted in a dangerous cross that was poorly cleared straight to Alvin who pounced to make it 3-1. Alvin then secured an excellent hat-trick thanks to the skills of second half substitute Jake Warner. He beat two defenders and let fly with a powerful drive that was brilliantly saved, only to rebound to Alvin Scott who accepted the early Xmas gift by tapping the ball home to secure victory. The year 10’s finish the league unbeaten and with an impressive +24 goal difference! They now await the finish of the Eastbourne Area League to see who they are drawn against in the semi-final stage. Can they go one better this year and reach the illusive final and go on to win a first Regional title? Mr Cunningham

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Online Maths Revision Resource – Mathswatch In order to help students with homework, revision or to catch up, the maths department at Claverham have invested in Mathswatch. This is a web-based package of online instructional videos, quizzes and other resources broken down by topic and degree of difficulty. The website will work equally well on PC’s, tablets or iPads. Students can simply log in, select the appropriate topic or grade they are working at and watch the videos. Each video has an opportunity for students to pause and complete some example questions to ensure they have grasped the concepts. All students have been given a label to stick in their planner with their unique user name and login details. Please take the time to log in with your son/ daughter and have a look at the extra maths support that is available. If your son or daughter experiences any log in difficulties then please ask them to raise this with their maths teacher.

They do an exceptional job and I would to thank them for their hard work this term. They are – Elsa Phillips, Isabella Trevett, Hannah Glasper, Olivia Porter, Holly Weaver, Marli White, Scarlett Butcher, Sophie Legg, Erin Wright, Scarlet Coates, Sabrina Chan, Gracie Patterson, Hazel Fisher and Sarah York. Mrs Myall

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat When I joined in Year 7, I was really nervous to join clubs and get involved with things. But when I found out about Joseph I thought I would go along and find out more. Before I joined Claverham, I was really excited about their performing opportunities. So, when I took part in Joseph it was better than I expected and I loved every second!

Mr C Pitman

SSCO Events Claverham has continued its work with our cluster of Primary schools this term and has hosted two sporting events with more to come in 2017. Cross Country We started the term with the Cross Country event and had students from years 3, 4, 5 & 6 running. There was a great turn out from Catsfield, Westfield, Sedlescombe, Battle and Langton and Crowhurst. The students performed excellently on the slightly muddy 800m course around Claverham with the top 10 from each race progressing to the finals at William Parker in November.

I made lots of new friends through the show and it made me feel more confident with myself and trying new things. I was even happier when I auditioned and got a part! The teachers and other people helping you were so kind and helpful and they were always there for you. Also, the teachers gave up all their spare time to help us and didn’t get impatient at all. Many people came to watch it and it was a great success. I can’t wait for next year’s show! Written jointly by Kitty and Ellie, Year 7

Sportshall Athletics The sportshall athletics event took place at the beginning of November at Claverham. Unfortunately some schools were unable to attend due to other commitments but it was still a great event. Catsfield, Netherfield and Sedlescombe battled it out over 6 events including, track relays, chest push, speedbounce and the standing long jump. There were some exceptional individual performances and overall Netherfield retained their title as champions. They will now progress to the finals which will take place in January. Well done to all involved! Year 9 Sports Leaders In order for these events to take place I rely on a group of year 9 sports leaders who organise and run the events.

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and enjoyed a sumptuous buffet dinner at the MGM Grand Hotel. The students were impressed that there were over 100 combinations of soft drinks with free refills. Many students took the opportunity for a little more shopping for souvenirs in the hotels and to see Vegas from the New York, New York rollercoaster. Monday saw us back on the coach to drive to see the Hoover Dam. Built in the 1930’s, the Dam is a spectacular example of man’s ability to harness nature’s power, made even more spectacular by thunder and lightning! Once again those Brits brought the weather with them.

USA Science Trip - October 2016 During October half-term Mrs Pitman, Mr Beard, Miss Daines, Miss Glew and Mr Pitman took 44 students ranging from Year 8 to Year 11 on what is now the biannual trip to the West Coast USA, to experience some amazing man made and natural sights. Following an 11 hour flight, we landed in San Francisco and after a brief check in, we bravely fought the jet lag to take in a beautiful evening in San Francisco, visiting Pier 39 and seeing the famous sea lions. The following day, our guide took us on a tour of San Francisco, with some spectacular views of the civil war fort and what is probably SF’s most famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge. In the afternoon, we caught the ferry and temporarily became inmates on “The Rock”! Closed down as a prison in the 1960’s, Alcatraz now gives an amazing insight into what life would have been like for America’s most hardened criminals. We made an early start the next morning and bade farewell to San Francisco, taking the coach to travel just over 500 miles across California to Death Valley National Park. The students couldn’t believe that we had travelled for the equivalent of Hastings to Edinburgh and yet we hadn’t even left California! After dinner and a spot of successful scorpion hunting, the group awoke to a stunning sunrise over the sand dunes. Fans of Pink Floyd and U2 would have been happy to visit Zabriskie Point and see the natural sediments in the landscape. Mr Beard then led the students in a spot of “sand dune rolling” before we shook the sand out of our shoes and headed for our next destination. Despite Death Valley being one of the hottest places on earth, many of the natives were glad to see the back of us as we managed to bring the rain with us!

A visit to Springs Preserve was next on the agenda, where the students took the opportunity to get up close and personal with cockroaches, scorpions and tarantula. Back in Vegas for the evening, we filled up at another buffet dinner and found yet more opportunities for souvenir shopping. Our last day in Vegas saw us visit the Bodies exhibition, where students and staff alike were fascinated to see for themselves the inner workings of the human body, and then on to the spectacular Venetian hotel for a spot of lunch and.....some more souvenir shopping. We left Las Vegas and hit the road once more to take in our third and final US State. We arrived in Tusayan, Arizona via the famous Route 66. The next morning, a short coach ride brought us to the Grand Canyon National Park. The Hoover Dam showed how the mighty Colorado River could be harnessed – the Grand Canyon shows what happens when the river is left to run. A 2 mile walk around the south rim gave us stunning views across the canyon and some fantastic photo opportunities. Finally, we boarded our well travelled coach and made the journey onwards to Phoenix Airport where we took a night flight back to Heathrow. So many amazing, once in a lifetime sights, so much amazing food, so many souvenir shops! The students were fantastically well behaved throughout the trip and some time later, students are still talking about the amazing experience they had on the trip. Mr Pitman

We arrived in Las Vegas around lunchtime and drove straight to the Outlet Centre where students could snap up some bargains amongst the famous name outlet stores. The staff took on the “Cheesecake Factory Challenge” with varying degrees of success. That evening we took in the sights and sounds of the Las Vegas hotels

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Head lice are spread by direct head to head contact. They climb from one person’s hair to another’s. Head lice: •can’t fly, jump or swim •are very unlikely to be spread by objects such as hats, combs and pillows •don’t have a preference for dirty, clean, short or long hair •only affect people and can’t be caught from animals Staying off work or school and washing clothing and bedding on a hot wash is unnecessary, as it’s unlikely to help prevent the spread of head lice.

Taekwondo Isobel Eason-Warner, Year 10, won silver medal at the ITF Taekwondo World Cup in Budapest a couple of months ago. What an amazing achievement. Congratulations.

Treatments to get rid of head lice are available to buy from pharmacies, supermarkets and online. You don’t usually need to see your GP. The main treatments are: •lotions or sprays that kill head lice – these can be very effective, but some aren’t suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children under two •removing head lice with a specially designed comb – this is suitable for everyone and relatively inexpensive, but needs to be repeated several times and can take a long time to do thoroughly Thank you for your co-operation in keeping them at bay!

Cold and Flu advice

Head Lice There have been a few recurrent episodes of head lice and we would just like to make you aware of the following advice from NHS Direct: The only way to be certain that you or your child has head lice is to find a live louse. Spotting head lice in hair can be very difficult, so it’s best to try to comb them out with a detection comb. Detection combs are special fine-toothed plastic combs that you can buy from your local pharmacy, supermarket or online. A comb with flat-faced teeth and a tooth spacing of 0.2-0.3mm is best. Detection combing can be carried out on dry or wet hair. Dry combing takes less time, but wet combing is more accurate because washing with conditioner stops head lice moving.

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Year 10 Art trip to Towner Gallery, Eastbourne On Friday 9th December, staff from the Art department accompanied 34 Year 10 students to the Towner Gallery, in Eastbourne. They went to see the exhibition ‘Towards Night’, which is an eclectic collection of paintings all inspired by the hours between dusk and dawn. The show was curated by artist Tom Hammick, who lives locally, and has children at Claverham. He has previously worked with year 10 students, teaching them how to create wood block prints, using the same process that he uses to create his own beautiful, dream-like pieces. Tom very generously offered to talk to the group about his own practice, and also to offer pupils his own reflections of some of the paintings in the show. Having the perspective of such a successful and charismatic artist definitely enriched the whole experience for the pupils and certainly gave them a colourful and inspiring insight into what it is to be a successful working artist. The show gave the group a rare opportunity for them to see paintings by Turner; Constable, Chagall and Casper David Friedrich. Pupils were encouraged to draw from one of the paintings that they found particularly intriguing or exciting, and these studies, together with their personal responses to them, will add greatly to their GCSE portfolios.

Staff Changes Two members of staff of the College staff are leaving us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all that they have done for our community and I am sure that you would want to join me in wishing them all the very best for the future. I would like to thank Miss Gough for all her hard work as Head of RS and wish her well in her new job which she will be starting after Christmas. Miss Gough has been with us for 4 years and has always given her full committment to our College. Mrs Buckland is leaving her role as a Geography teacher after 7 years to take up a position at Bede’s. Mrs Buckland has had a huge impact on the achievement and success of our pupils. I would like to thank Mrs Buckland for her committment and dedication. In January, I am pleased to announce that Mrs Potterton will be joining us part time as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages to take over the position vacated by Mrs Baker. I would like to thank Mrs Donegan who has taken up this role temporarily and been a conscientious addition to the team. Mr Swatton

Miss Antill

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German Exchange

Ex-Pupil Ex-Pupil Kai Thomas-Prause is still competing at international level in archery. During 2015/2016 Kai gained a place on the Archery GB Youth Development Squad. He has been successful in remaining in that squad for 2016/2017. He now regularly competes in the International Adult round for WA 50 (72 arrows at 50m). He also competed recently in a knock out indoor tournament for both adults and juniors and ranked 7th out of 120. Nationally he has improved his ranking from 5th in 2015 to 2nd in 2016. Kai has been picked again this year to represent England in the Home National match at the Indoor National Championships in December. The future for Kai hopefully includes being successful in gaining a place in the full AGB squad. This will prepare him for representing team GB in 2017 at international events; including the European Championships in Greece in April 2017 and Argentina for the World Championships in August 2017. We congratulate him and wish him continued success.

6th October saw the arrival of this year’s German exchange. I went to meet twelve slightly nervous yet excited German girls and their teachers at Battle station, ready to take them back to school, where they were met by their exchange partners – ranging from year 8 to year 11. The closer the school mini-bus got to the school building, the quieter and quieter the girls became; the girls had already been in contact with their exchange partners, but this was the moment that they would actually meet their new friends, with whom they would live for the week. I too was starting to experience butterflies, as there is something peculiar about not quite knowing what the week ahead would hold and the potential friendships that could develop between the German and English partners. As soon as the school bell rang to signal the end of the school day, the Claverham pupils made their way to the canteen to meet their new partners. Suddenly, the nerves appeared to disappear as wellpracticed greetings and excessive hugs were exchanged and the partners made their way to their host families for the evening. Phew – everyone looked happy! The rest of the week saw time spent at home with the families, some time spent participating in lessons at Claverham, group excursions to London and Hastings, plus Mr. Barnes’ now legendary trip to Brighton. Happily, a real mix of weather conditions did not prevent a good time being had by all and the pupils inform me that they have indeed made friends for life. This much was certainly evident in the reluctant farewells at the end of the week, as the German group made their way back to the airport for their flight back to Bavaria. I feel enormously proud of our pupils for taking part and can see the confidence that this experience has given them, both socially and linguistically. I would like to thank the parents for their support with this year’s German exchange and look forward to our return trip to Munich next year! Mrs. Atherall

Mr Swatton

Year 11’s—Distractions at home getting in the way of study/revision?

All Year 11’s welcome @ the library Monday to Thursday 3.30pm ‘til 5pm

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Hastings & District KS3 Badminton Results Our Claverham boys were drawn in group 2 against Robertsbridge, St Richards and Rye. The team were: Pyers Lockwood, James Miriam-Batchelor, Tommy Neville and Jonty Lavocah

Dry Ski Trip to Knockhatch So far this year we have had 2 dry ski trips to Knockhatch dry ski slope in Hailsham. 40 pupils from years 7-11 enjoyed an hour and a half lesson with qualified instructors from the centre. They all had great fun and made fantastic progress. Look out for the last dry ski trip this academic year on Thursday 19th January, letters will be available by 9th January 2017.

The boys did really well coming first in their group and then played The St Leonards Academy in the final, where unfortunately they were beaten 5-0 and came second overall. Well done boys. The girls’ badminton team, despite a last minute withdrawal, batted incredibly hard to achieve an unbelieveable third overall! They were Elsa Phillips, Maddie Underhill and Sarah York. Well done girls.

Hastings & District KS4 Badminton Results Well done to the year 10 girls who came joint third out of 8 schools in this league, and to Jai Barfoot and Charlie Webbe for playing well in the boy’s KS4 tournament.

Mrs Harley

Gymnastics Well done to all the gymnasts that competed in the East Sussex Schools Gymnastics Competition in Eastbourne. We achieved 1 gold solo, 1 gold pair and a bronze pair. Particularly well done to Matthew Gouws who achieved golds in his solo and his pair. Mrs Goldsmith

Mrs Harley

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers.


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