Diabetes in IL Infographic

Diabetes in IL Infographic

S E T E B DIA The Impact of in Illinois Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose levels are above normal. Insulin keeps blood glucose levels lo...

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The Impact of

in Illinois

Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose levels are above normal. Insulin keeps blood glucose levels low. Type 1 diabetes occurs when not enough insulin is produced and type 2 occurs when insulin is not used as it should be.




In 2010, in Illinois, the average cost of treating a person with diabetes was $6,490, or approximately $5 billion.


In 2010, in Illinois, the average employed person with diabetes missed 2 days of work due to diabetes, totaling 753,000 missed days of work and $183 million in lost productivity and wages.

In 2012, 9.4% of adults in Illinois had been diagnosed with diabetes.

6 5

In 2011, there were 22,088 hospitalizations in Illinois caused by diabetes.



Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States and 8th leading cause of death in Illinois. In 2010, 2,499 people in Illinois died from diabetes. That’s an average of 7 people per day.

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In Illinois, approximately 800,000 adults have diagnosed diabetes and another 500,000 adults are not aware they have diabetes.


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