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Dining Around St. Pete Beach Beyond the Island Grande and other Tradewinds’ properties (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner) Chains Within a Mile Bennigan...

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Dining Around St. Pete Beach Beyond the Island Grande and other Tradewinds’ properties (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)

Chains Within a Mile Bennigan’s-In the parking lot of Dolphin Village Shopping Center, south at 4625 Gulf Blvd. L,D, with a little bit of Ireland just out the back door. (Order a take-out and walk across the street to the beach park and watch the sunset for dinner.) Crabby Bill’s-A chain with a view! South at 5100 Gulf Blvd. L,D. You can walk down the beach to this one. The dining room is on the upper level, with a deck overlooking the beach (and sunset if you time it right.) Durango’s Steakhouse-5300 Gulf Blvd. L,D. Restaurant on the beach side of Gulf Blvd. that runs in competition with Silas (see below under local establishments) in the steakhouse category. Includes the train, but lacks the view. Howard Johnson’s-Just one block north at 6100 Gulf Blvd. B,L,D. One of the last monuments to the “Host of the Highways.” Leverock’s-At the end of Corey Avenue, where the old bridge used to be. L,D. Popular with the “blue-haired set.” Seafood is their specialty, and the menu features local fish, as well as the standard “fresh salmon.” Shell’s Seafood-About two blocks north on the beach side at 6300 Gulf Blvd. L,D. Inexpensive seafood (check the fresh fish specials, although salmon appears as a “fresh fish” from time to time). Key lime pie is tangy from this local (Tampa-based) chain. Subway-Jared started here, and it is just across the street at 5901 Gulf Blvd. B,L,D, but who can tell the difference? (Get a take-out and go back and sit on the beach.) Village Inn-South at 4945 Gulf Blvd. B,L,D. Open 24 hours and makes pies daily, but not necessarily the kind you want on the day you go.

Nearby Local Establishments Annie Moore’s Irish Pub-Across the street at 6395 Gulf Blvd. Guinness without the curry (see Pints and Pastimes below). Live entertainment, open from 4 PM until 2 AM every evening. This pub has a web page: anniemoores.com. Caribbean Bay Café-Across the street about a block from the Island Grande at 6203 Gulf Blvd. B,L,D. St. Pete Beach’s answer to Southern California. Smoothies, wraps and other health-conscious items, with an outside eating terrace six feet away from the street.

Corey Avenue, in downtown St. Pete Beach, has a number of boutique eateries, with emphasis on beer. This shopping strip is worth walking down after sunset. Many of the restaurants come and go, so explore this on your own. One landmark is the Beach Theatre, at 315 Corey Avenue. This is an alternative movie house, located next to the mortuary, that serves wine and beer, and shows a variety of films that AMC and other chains most of the time pass up. Dolphin Village Shopping Center-4605 Gulf Blvd. (behind Bennigan’s). A variety of restaurants, including Bounxou (Thai); Coffee 4U that serves a light breakfast, ice cream and other treats to go with the coffee; and, upstairs, Yoji, a dinneronly Japanese steakhouse (yojijapanesesteakhouse.com), where you sit on the floor (sort of), and the chef chops up and tosses the chicken and onions in front of you. Grapevine Mediterranean Café & Grill-One block north at 6305 Gulf Blvd. B,L,D. Tiny restaurant with a large menu. You can watch the chef prepare your meal. Pleasant house wine and attractive servings (no potato salad in the Greek salad). A small deli is also found within. Limited parking, but worth the walk across Gulf Blvd.. Hurricane Seafood Restaurant-20 Gulf Way (really just the end of Gulf Blvd.). B,L,D. If you have only one sunset to watch, do it on the upper level of the Hurricane. Long-time beach shack that grew up as a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Grouper sandwiches, locally brewed beers, and full dinners are available. Pints and Pastimes-5905 Gulf Blvd. L,D (sort of). Guinness with the curry. Silas Steakhouse-South at 5501 Gulf Blvd. . L,D. "Civilization is too dangerous," Silas Dent once declared, and the traffic on Gulf Blvd. will bring all of Silas’ concerns to mind. The waterfront view of the back bay overlooks an area that was part of the Dents’ homestead and dairy farm. Watch out for the train. Children under 12 eat free with a paying adult between 5 and 6:30 PM. Skidder’s-Across the street at 5799 Gulf Blvd. B,L,D. Locals will be found eating in this Greek-owned restaurant with an extensive menu. Noted for breakfast omelets. You can eat outside, but try to sit at the end in the shade away from Gulf Blvd. Ted Peter’s Famous Smoked Fish-A bit of a drive, but worth going to at 1350 Pasadena Ave. L,D . You may have passed it on the way to the Island Grande, if you didn’t come by way of the Interstate and the Bayway. If you don’t stop in to eat, at least roll your windows down as you drive by for the smokehouse fragrance. (Closed on Tuesdays)

Seminole Restaurants (Workshop day at St. Petersburg College) The college has put together a restaurant Web guide for lunch or dinner: www.spcollege.edu/se/student_life/food_service/Index.htm