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dining chart - BorgWarner

Aladdin's Natural Eatery 100 Dryden Road 607-273-5000 Greek, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, take-out, catering 
 Applebee's 2300 North Triphamme...

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Aladdin's Natural Eatery 100 Dryden Road 607-273-5000 Greek, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, take-out, catering

 Applebee's 2300 North Triphammer Rd 607-257-6200 http://www.applebees.com American cuisine, bar, take-out

Antlers 1159 Dryden Road 607-273-9725 http://www.antlersrestaurant.com/ American cuisine, seafood

Angelina Centini's 124 Coddington Road Phone: 607-273-0802 Italian cuisine

Asiatic Garden 118 West State Street 607-272-7350 Chinese and Cantonese cuisine

Barry's Family Restaurant 21 East Main Street Trumansburg, NY 14886 607-387-3311 American cuisine, take-out

Benchwarmers Sports Bar & Grill 137 East State Street 607-277-7539 American cuisine, take-out, delivery, bar

Big Al's Pizza 1103 Danby Road Phone: 607-272-3448 Pizza, wings, subs, take-out, delivery

Billy Bob Jack's 2 Hickory Hollow Ln 607-257-1122 American cuisine, BBQ, take-out

Boatyard Grill, The 525 Taughannock Boulevard 607-256-2628 [email protected] http://www.boatyardgrill.com/ American cuisine, seafood, bar

Banfi's 11 East Avenue 607-254-2565 [email protected] http://www.statlerhotel.cornell.edu Gourmet eclectic cuisine
 Benn Conger Inn 206 West Cortland Street Groton, NY 13073 607-898-5817 Bed and Breakfast, Mediterranean cuisine

Break of Dawn Bakery 115 Cayuga Street Groton, NY 13073 607-898-5568 Baked goods, bakery

Bistro Q 708 West Buffalo Street 607-277-3287 http://www.BistroQ.com American cuisine, BBQ

 Cafe Dewitt 215 N Cayuga St 607-273-3473 [email protected] European cuisine

Cafe Strand 302 East State Street 607-272-6333 Coffee, coffee shop, cafe

Carl's Cafe 222 Elmira Road 607-273-0904 American cuisine, take-out

Castaways 413 Taughannock Boulevard 607-272-1370 http://www.castawaysithaca.com/ American cuisine, bar, live music, club

CD Cafe 171 E State St. 607-256-3961 Coffee, coffee shop, CDs, cafe, music store

Cecil's Restaurant 1100 Ridge Road Lansing, NY 14882 607-533-9883 American cuisine

Chariot, The 420 Eddy Street 607-273-0081 American and Mexican cuisine, pizza, take-out, delivery

College Cafe 321 College Avenue 607-277-8899 Japanese and Korean cuisine, take-out

Collegetown Bagels East Hill Plaza 607-273-1036 http://www.collegetownbagels.com Bagels, deli, coffee, coffee shop

Collegetown Bagels 203 North Aurora Street 607-273-2848 http://www.collegetownbagels.com Bagels, deli, coffee, coffee shop

Collegetown Bagels 415 College Avenue 607-273-0982 http://www.collegetownbagels.com Bagels, deli, wine and beer, live music, coffee, coffee shop

Collegetown Bagels and Appetizers Triphammer Mall 607-257-2255 http://www.collegetownbagels.com Bagels, deli, appetizers, catering, coffee, coffee shop

Conkie's 113 East State St 607-277-3948 Caribbean cuisine

Corners Deli, The Community Corners 200 Pleasant Grove Road 607-257-4019 http://www.thecornersdeli.com Middle Eastern cuisine, deli, catering, take-out

Country Garden Tea Room at Baker's Acres: 1114 Auburn Road (Route 34) Groton, NY 13073 607-533-3650 [email protected] http://www.bakersacres.net American cuisine, tea room

Crooked Board Tavern, Bar and Grill 21 Creamery Road Slaterville Springs 14817 607-539-7748 http://www.angelfire.com/hi/crookedboardtavern American cuisine, take-out, bar

Crossroads Bar and Restaurant 3120 North Triphammer Road Lansing, NY 14882 607-533-7803 American cuisine, take-out, bar

 Dano's on Seneca Route 414 (at Standing Stone Vineyards) Hector, NY 14841


Eastern European cuisine

Coyote Loco 381 Pine Tree Road 607-277-2806 http://www.coyoteloco.com Mexican cuisine, take-out, catering

Dapper's Ramada Inn-Airport 2310 North Triphammer Road Ithaca, NY 14850 607-257-3100

Curry in a Hurry Center Ithaca, The Commons 607-277-8244 Sri Lankan and vegetarian cuisine, catering

Dempsey's 1638 East Shore Drive 607-277-3433 American and Italian cuisine

Diamond's Restaurant 106 West Green Street 607-272-4508 Indian cuisine, bar, take-out

Dino's, Cosmopolitan Restaurant 313-317 College Avenue 607-273-4563 Greek and Italian cuisine, seafood, steak, pizza

DP Dough 108 West Green Street 607-277-7772 Calzones, take-out, delivery

Dryden Queen Diner 84 North Street Dryden, NY 13053 607-844-5060 American and Italian cuisine, take-out

Eastside Restaurant & Lounge 335 Pine Tree Road 607-256-3000 Greek and Italian cuisine, seafood, take-out

Eat Dessert First 114 Dryden Road 607-273-9900 http://www.eatdessert1st.com Desserts, coffee, ice cream, bagels, catering

Eat Dessert First 104 North Cayuga Street 607-272-1545 http://www.eatdessert1st.com Description: Desserts, ice cream

Fall Creek House/Creeker 302 Lake Street 607-272-9562 American cuisine, bar, take-out

Falls Restaurant and Tavern 215 East Main Street Trumansburg, NY 14886 607-387-9761 American cuisine, take-out, bar

Foo Chow 22 West Main Street Dryden, NY 13053 607-844-9318 Chinese cuisine, take-out

Four Seasons 404 Eddy Street 607-277-1117 Korean and Chinese cuisine, take-out

Friendly's 40 Catherwood Road 607-257-2361 http://www.friendlys.com American cuisine, ice cream, take-out

Friendly's 323-325 Elmira Road 607-272-0984 http://www.friendlys.com American cuisine, ice cream

 Farrell's Bar and Grill 114 Main Street Groton, NY 13073 607-898-9518 American cuisine, seafood, take-out, bar

 Frank's Italian Restaurant 408 Eddy Street 607-256-2999 Italian cuisine 

 Gables Inn 919 Elmira Road 607-273-0034 http://www.creativecatering.com Bed and Breakfast, catering, eclectic cuisine

Garden Cafe in the Clarion 1 Sheraton Drive 607-257-2000 American cuisine, bar

Gimme Coffee 430 North Cayuga Street 607-277-8393 Coffee, coffee shop

Gino's New York Pizzeria 106 North Aurora Street 607-277-2777 Italian cuisine, pizza, take-out, delivery

Glenwood Pines 1213 Taughannock Boulevard 607-273-3709 http://www.glenwoodpines.com American cuisine, steak, seafood

Greek House, The 119-121 Dryden Road 607-272-7207 Greek and American cuisine

 Groton Hotel 102 East Cortland Street Groton, NY 13073 607-898-3385 [email protected] Steak and seafood, bar

Hai Hong 208 Dryden Rd. 607-272-1668 Chinese cuisine

Hal's Deli 115 North Aurora Street 607-273-7765 American cuisine, take-out, delivery

Heights Cafe & Grill 903 Hanshaw Road 607-257-4144 http://www.heightscafe.com/ Gourmet American and Mediterranean cuisine

Hong Kong Restaurant 120 Dryden Road 607-277-7595 http://www.hkchinesefood.com/ Chinese cuisine, delivery, take-out

Ichabod Restaurant & Lounge @ Mano's Diner 357 Elmira Road 607-273-1173 American cuisine, bar

Italian Carryout 1070 Danby Road 607-256-1111 Italian cuisine, carryout

Ithaca Diner 116 West State Street 607-272-6009 American cuisine, take-out

Ithaca Sports Club 302 West Green Street 607-273-2662 American cuisine, take-out, bar and grill

Jiffy King 1001 W. State St. 607-273-1044 American Fast-Food Cuisine, Subs, Salads, Pizza, Calzones

JJ's Cafe 903 Hanshaw Rd 607-257-5313 http://www.jjscafe.com American cuisine, take-out

John Thomas Steakhouse 1152 Danby Road (Route 96B) 607-273-3464 [email protected] http://www.jtsteakhouse.com American cuisine, steakhouse, steak, catering

Juna's Cafe - Espresso Bar 146 The Commons 607-256-4292 [email protected] Vegetarian/vegan cuisine, bagels, coffee, coffee shop, live music, take-out

Just A Taste 116 North Aurora Street 607-277-9463 [email protected] Wine and tapas (appetizers)

Just Desserts 105 South Fulton Street 607-272-3718 [email protected] Cakes, desserts

Kayuga Japanese Restaurant 416 Eddy Street 607-277-7967 http://www.kayuga.com/ Japanese cuisine, take-out

 Harvest Deli 171 East State Street, Box 133 607-272-1961 http://www.harvestdeli.com Vegetarian cuisine, take-out, catering

Hope's Way Triphammer Mall 607-257-5509 http://www.hopesway.com American cuisine, baked goods, bakery, deli, catering

 Ithaca Bakery 400 North Meadow Street 607-273-7110 http://collegetownbagels.com Bakery, take-out

 Jade Garden 113 North Aurora Street 607-272-8880 http://jadegarden.freeyellow.com/ Chinese cuisine, take-out, delivery

 Kelly's Dockside Kafe 319 Taughannock Boulevard 607-277-8709 American cuisine

 King Buffet 734 South Meadow Street 607-256-3388 Chinese cuisine, buffet

King David Center Ithaca, The Commons 607-272-6000 Middle Eastern cuisine

Kope's Garage 110 North Aurora Street 607-273-9108 http://www.kopesgarage.com American cuisine, seafood

Kyushu Japanese Restaurant 2300 North Triphammer Road 607-257-6788 Japanese cuisine

Lehigh Valley House 801 West Buffalo Street 607-273-4410 American and Italian cuisine, take-out, catering

Les Ducs Restaurant 113 South Cayuga Street 607-277-8942 Provincial French cuisine

 Ling Ling 222 Elmira Road 607-272-0718 Chinese cuisine, take-out

Ling Ling East Hill Plaza 607-273-1668 Chinese cuisine, take-out

Little Pisces 11 Graham Road 607-266-8780 Thai and French cuisine, seafood, steaks, take-out, catering

 Little Thai House 202 Dryden Road 607-273-1977 Thai cuisine

Louie's Lunch 500 Thurston Avenue 607-257-4649 http://louieslunch.com American cuisine, lunch truck

Lucatelli's 205 Elmira Road 607-273-0777 Italian and American cuisine

 M.V. Manhattan Dinner Cruise 702 West Buffalo Street 607-256-0898 [email protected] http://mvmanhattan.com American cuisine, dinner cruises

Madeline's 215 East State Street 607-277-2253 French and Asian cuisine, bar

Mahogany Grill 114 North Aurora Street 607-272-1438 American cuisine, bar

Main Moon Buffet 401 Elmira Road 607-277-3399 Chinese cuisine, buffet, take-out

Mama Teresa's Pizzeria 139 Dryden Road 607-272-6262 Italian cuisine, pizza, delivery

Mano's Diner 357 Elmira Road 607-273-1173 American cuisine

Max's Grill and Sports Bar 222 South Cayuga Street at Holiday Inn 607-272-1000 http://www.harthotels.com American cuisine, bar

Maxie's Supper Club & Oyster Bar 635 West State Street 607-272-4136 [email protected] http://www.maxies.com Cajun cuisine, seafood, bar, live music

May Lee's Pyramid Mall 607-257-1033 Chinese cuisine, fast-food

Moosewood Restaurant 215 North Cayuga Street 607-273-9610 [email protected] http://www.moosewoodrestaurant.com/ Vegetarian cuisine

Napoli Pizzeria 335 East State Street 607-272-3232 Pizza, subs, take-out, delivery

Nardi's Restaurant 607-257-1764 [email protected] http://www.nardisrestaurant.com/ Italian and Cajun cuisine, steak, seafood

Nines, The 311 College Avenue 607-272-1888 http://www.theninesithacany.com Pizza, bar, live music, take-out, delivery

Palace Exotic Submarine & Sandwich Shop 215 State Street 607-273-4400 American cuisine, subs

Papa John's Phone: 607-273-7272 http://www.papajohns.com Pizza, delivery, take-out

Patisserie Renee Senne 200 Pleasant Grove Road 607-257-4257 Bakery, desserts, pastries

Paul's Cafe & Grill 171 East State Street 607-256-7919 American cuisine, take-out

Peking Restaurant 2309 North Triphammer Road 607-257-4818 Chinese cuisine, take-out, buffet

Pete's 805 West Buffalo Street 607-273-7470 Convenience store, deli, subs

Pita Pit, The 143 Dryden Road 607-277-8748 http://www.pitapit.com Pitas, take-out, delivery

Pizza Aroma 128 South Cayuga Street 607-273-6165 Pizza, take-out

Plantation Inn 1285 Dryden Road 607-273-4950 American cuisine, bar

Plum Tree Restaurant 113 Dryden Road 607-256-8212 Japanese cuisine, take-out

Pudgie's Pizza & Subs 215 Elmira Road 607-272-7600 Pizza, wings, subs, delivery

Purity Ice Cream 700 Cascadilla Street 607-272-1545 http://www.purityicecream.com Ice cream

Rogan's Corner 825 Danby Road 607-273-6006 http://www.roganscorner.net/ pizza, convenience store, take-out, delivery

Rogue's Harbor B&B/Steak & Ale 2079 East Shore Drive Lansing, NY 14882 607-533-3535 [email protected] http://www.roguesharbor.com Bed and Breakfast, steakhouse, take-out, bar

Roma Pizzeria 710 Hancock Road 607-272-5800 Italian cuisine, pizza, subs, take-out, delivery

Ron Don's Village Pub 1 Old Main Street Trumansburg, NY 14886 607-387-5622 American cuisine, take-out, bar

Rongovian Embassy, The 1 West Main Street Trumansburg, NY 14886 607-387-3334 http://www.rongo.com Live music, bar, Mexican food, dancing

Rose, The Triphammer Mall 607-257-5542 American cuisine, take-out

Royal Court Restaurant 529 South Meadow Street 607-273-3022 American cuisine, take-out

Sadie D's Deli and Coffee Cafe Dewitt Mall 607-273-9027 Coffee, desserts, soups

Sal's Pizzeria 222 South Fulton Street 607-277-7257 Italian cuisine, pizza, take-out, delivery

Sammy's Pizza The Commons 607-272-2666 Italian cuisine, pizza

Sandra D's 118 Main Street Groton, NY 13073 607-898-3480 American cuisine, take-out

Sangam Indian Cuisine 424 Eddy Street 607-273-1006 Indian cuisine

Scoop, The 303 Taughannock Boulevard 607-275-9338 Ice cream, cakes

Shortstop Deli 204 West Seneca Street 607-273-1030 Description: Deli, subs

Sicilian Delight Pyramid Mall 607-257-2777 Italian cuisine, pizza, fast food

Simeon's on the Commons 224 East State Street 607-272-2212 [email protected] http://www.simeonsithaca.com/ American cuisine, bar, take-out

Smoothie Hut 159 Dryden Road 607-256-5111 American cuisine, deli, smoothies

Souvlaki House 315 Eddy Street 607-273-1650 Greek cuisine

Rose Inn/Carriage House Jazz Club 813 Auburn Road, Route 34 607-533-7905 [email protected] http://www.roseinn.com/ Gourmet American cuisine, Bed & Breakfast

Rulloff's Restaurant 411 College Avenue 607-272-6067 http://www.rulloffs.com American and Mexican cuisine, bar and grill

Spike's Bar-B-Q 1654 Trumansburg Road 607-277-7453 [email protected] American cuisine, BBQ, catering, take-out

Squire Inn, the at Willowood Resort 28 Rockwell Road Newfield, NY 14867 607-272-6087 http://www.willowoodresort.com Eclectic cuisine

State Street Diner 428 West State Street 607-272-6189 Greek and American cuisine

Station, The 806 West Buffalo Street 607-272-2609 [email protected] http://www.ithacastation.com/ American cusine, bar and sleeping cars

Stella's Kitchen and Cocktails 403 College Avenue 607-277-1490 http://www.stellabar.com/ Gourmet American cuisine, bar, coffee, coffee shop, live music, take-out

Sub Shoppe/Cinnamon Shoppe 1018 10 Auburn Road Lansing, NY 14882 607-533-8505 American cuisine, baked goods, bakery, deli, subs, delivery

Taste of Thai 216 State Street 607-256-5487 [email protected] Thai cuisine, take-out

Taughannock Farms Inn 2030 Gorge Road Trumansburg, NY 14886 607-387-7711 http://www.t-farms.com/ Bed and Breakfast, gourmet cuisine

Turback's 919 Elmira Road 607-273-0034 http://www.creativecatering.com Eclectic cuisine

University Deli 112 North Aurora Street 607-277-1212 Deli, bagels

Valentine Cafe 115 South Quarry Street 607-277-9969 Eclectic cuisine

Valley House 801 West Buffalo Street 607-273-4410 American cuisine, steak, take-out

Vietnam Restaurant 208 Dryden Road Phone: 607-273-5030 Vietnamese cuisine, take-out

Village Cafe 53 East Main Street Trumansburg, NY 14886 607-387-7225 American cuisine

Vito's 503 North Meadow Street 607-275-9006 Italian cuisine, pizza

Viva Taqueria/Cantina 101/103 North Aurora Street 607-277-1752 (take-out), 607-275-0699 Mexican cuisine, dining, bar, take-out

Wanderlust Cafe and Boutique 1 Culligan Drive 607-266-0007 American cuisine, take-out

Wegmans Market Café 800 South Meadow Street 607-277-1775 http://www.wegmans.com American, Chinese and vegetarian cuisine, deli, coffee, take-out

Willow 202 East Falls Street 607-272-0656 [email protected] American cuisine

Wings Over Ithaca East Hill Plaza 607-256-9464 Wings, delivery, takeout

Zaza's Cucina 622 Cascadilla Street Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone: 607-273-9292 Description: Italian cuisine

Ziffy's Diner Address: 309 East Lincoln Street Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone: 607-216-1616 
 Description: American cuisine, home cooking, take-out

Wok Village 23 Cinema Drive 607-257-8881 http://www.wokvillage.com Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, delivery, take-out