directors - HKEXnews

directors - HKEXnews

3 DIRECTORS Mr. Victor Lap-Lik CHU, aged 43, was appointed Dr. LAU Wah Sum*, GBS, LLD, JP, aged 73, was Chairman on 31 October 2000, having served...

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Mr. Victor Lap-Lik CHU, aged 43, was appointed

Dr. LAU Wah Sum*, GBS, LLD, JP, aged 73, was

Chairman on 31 October 2000, having served as a

appointed a director on 12 January 1994. Currently,

director of the Company and the Investment Manager

Dr. Lau is the president of W.S. Lau & Associates

since January 1994. Mr. Chu is a practising solicitor

and is also holding the chairmanship of Land

in Hong Kong and is senior partner of Victor Chu &

Development Corporation and Equity Holdings

Co. Mr. Chu is the chairman of First Eastern

Limited. Between 1973 and 1983, he was the

Investment Group which is actively involved in direct

Finance Director of the Hong Kong Mass Transit

investments in the PRC. Mr. Chu has served on the

Railway Corporation and between 1988 to 1995, he

Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Government,

served as a member of the Hong Kong Legislative

the Council of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the

Council. Dr. Lau is an accountant by profession and

Takeover and Mergers Panel and the Advisory

is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants

Committee of the Securities and Futures Commission

and the Chartered Institute of Management

in Hong Kong. He is presently a member of the Law

Accountants respectively.

Reform Commission in Hong Kong, a Council Member of the World Economic Forum and Vice

Mr. Richard York Wo LEE, aged 50, was appointed

Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce

a director and a director of the Investment Manager

Commission on Financial Services and Insurance.

on 12 January 1994. He is also a director of First

Mr. Chu took his law degree at University College,

Eastern (Holdings) Limited. Prior to this, Mr. Lee


headed the Foreign Affairs Division of the Xinhua News Agency in Hong Kong and served as an expert

Mr. CHAN Yu Lam, aged 51, was appointed Vice-

on the Sino-British Joint Liaison Group. Mr. Lee

chairman on 31 October 2000. Mr. Chan was

holds a diploma from the London School of

appointed a director on 9 April 1998 and a director

Economics and Political Science, University of

of the Investment Manager on 12 January 1994. Mr.

London and a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins

Chan is a director and the Executive Deputy General


Manager of Guangdong Capital Holdings Ltd (“GCH”) responsible for the financial and direct

Mr. Faisal Hamad Mubarak AL-AYYAR, aged 46,

investment activities of GCH. He holds a bachelor

was appointed a director on 8 June 1994. He was

degree in arts in the Guangdong University of Foreign

elected to the Board of Directors of Kuwait

Languages (Guangdong University of Foreign

Investment Projects Company – Kuwait (“KIPCO”)

Studies) and was trained in the Haas School of

as Vice Chairman and Managing Director in 1990;

Business, University of California and the National

and was re-elected in 1993 and 1996 to be the

University of Singapore. He was the Head of the

Managing Director. He is the Chairman of KIPCO’s

protocol section in the Foreign Affair Office of

wholly owned Bahrain-based investment offshore

Guangdong Provincial Government from 1976 to

bank, United Gulf Bank. He directs and supervises

1985, and the Division Chief at the Foreign Affairs

the operations of KIPCO’s management arm in

office of Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch

Boston, United Gulf Management, Inc. He is also

from 1985 to 1993. Mr. Chan has worked for years

the Managing Director of Saudi Danish Dairy &

in the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises

Foodstuffs Group of Companies – Saudi Arabia since

and acquainted substantial experience in the fields

1989. He has been elected to the Board of Directors

of direct investment and management.

as Chairman of Gulf Insurance Company, Kuwait,



United Assets Management Company, Luxembourg

Mr. KWAN Yee Fai, aged 46, was appointed a

as well as Vice Chairman of Jordan Kuwait Bank,

director on 30 May 2000 and a director of the

Amman - Jordan in 1997. He is the Chairman of

Investment Manager on 1 July 1998. Mr. Kwan is

American Real Estate Opportunities Ltd., USA, a

an Executive Director of the FE Group and various

flourishing Real Estate Fund in Boston,

group investee companies. Mr. Kwan has 20 years

Massachusetts. Mr. Al-Ayyar is on the Board of

of investment experience in the PRC with the last

Directors of National Mobile Telecommunications

15 years concentrating on property development and

Company, Kuwait. He is the Chairman of the

direct investment activities. Mr. Kwan has been

Executive Committee of ZakSat and ZakNet. He is

actively involved in the FE Group’s infrastructure

a Board Member and actively directs and supervises

projects in recent years, including toll roads and

ShowTime, a multi-channel digital satellite for the

power projects. Prior to joining the FE Group, he

Middle East, Gulf Egypt Hotels & Tourism Co., Cairo

was a co-founder of the Tian An China Investment

- Egypt and Swiss Premium Food Co., Cairo - Egypt.

Group and worked with Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. to establish its China operations. He also acted

Mr. LEUNG Yau Wan, John, aged 41, was appointed

as project manager and consultant for various Hong

a director on 18 January 2001 and a director of the

Kong and mainland Chinese developers. Mr. Kwan

Investment Manager on 8 August 2000, Mr. Leung

received his MBA and BS in Electrical Engineering

has been a director and chief financial officer of

from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Guangdong Assets Management Ltd. since July 2000 and August 2000, respectively. From December 1998

Ms. HO Man Yi, aged 36, was appointed a director

to June 2000, he was a director and general manager

on 30 May 2000. Ms. Ho is a senior management

of ICI Trading (Shanghai) Ltd., PRC incorporated

member of the FE Group responsible for finance and

trading company, wholly owned by ICI China Ltd.,

administration. Prior to joining the FE Group in

and also the finance director of ICI China Ltd., from

1992, she worked for an international public

December 1996 to June 2000. Mr. Leung is a

accounting firm in the area of audit and business

Certified Practicing Accountant of the CPA Australia

advisory services for over 5 years and was the

and a member of the Hong Kong Society of

Financial Controller of another listed company in

Accountants. He has over 16 years of experience in

Hong Kong. She is a Fellow of the Association of

financial and general management.

Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom and a Fellow of the Hong Kong Society of

Mr. Beat M. MULLER*, aged 49, was appointed a

Accountants. She is also a Certified Public

director on 30 May 2000. Mr. Muller came to Hong

Accountant practising in Hong Kong.

Kong in 1989 as Head of Private Banking for Credit Suisse. Previously he had worked for the bank in

Mr. KANG Dian, aged 52, was appointed a director

Switzerland, Singapore and Bahrain. In 1995 he

on 12 March 1997 and the Chairman on 9 April

joined Union Bancaire Privee as Regional Head for

1998. Mr. Kang resigned as a director and the

Asia-Pacific and served as Managing Director of

Chairman on 31 October 2000. He was appointed a

UBP (Asia) Ltd until 31 March 2000. Between 1991

director of the Investment Manager on 1 June 1994

and 1995 he also served on the Board of Directors

and resigned on 31 October 2000. Mr. Kang was

and the Investment Committee of China Merchants

also a director and Deputy General Manager of

China Direct Investment Limited.

Guangdong Enterprises (Holdings) Ltd (“GEH”).





Mr. Kang was mainly responsible for the merchant banking business and was also the chairman of Guangdong Capital Holdings Limited, a whollyowned subsidiary of GEH. Before joining GEH, Mr. Kang was the vice-president of China National Packaging Corporation and the division chief of China International Trust and Investment Corporation. Mr. Kang graduated from the University of Science & Technology, Beijing and obtained his Master’s degree in Economics from the Graduate School of China Academy of Social Science. Mr. Simon MURRAY*, aged 61, was appointed a director on 15 February 1994 and resigned on 2 June 2000. He has until recently been the Executive Chairman, Asia Pacific of Deutsche Bank Group and is currently the Chairman of General Enterprise Management Services Limited, a private equity fund management company, sponsored by Simon Murray And Associates. He is also a director of a number of public companies including Hutchison Whampoa Limited and Orient Overseas (International) Limited. *

These directors are independent non-executive directors.