Discover the Power of the AIM - AIM Language Learning

Discover the Power of the AIM - AIM Language Learning

Discover the Power of the AIM ...for Teaching Languages AIM is a leader in language education, empowering students and teachers to successfully deve...

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Discover the Power of the AIM

...for Teaching Languages

AIM is a leader in language education, empowering students and teachers to successfully develop language proficiency. Teachers know ‘what’ to do… AIM provides the ‘how’! With AIM’s focus on literacy, movement and creativity, students are engaged, supported, have fun and are confident risk takers. AIM’s goal is to ensure that students with different learning styles develop authentic proficiency…with AIM, students CAN DO it!

Workshop Description:

Edmonton, Alberta Languages Centre at Woodcroft 13750 Woodcroft Ave 9am-3pm August 15-16, 2017: • An Introduction to the AIM for Beginning AIM Language Teachers August 17, 2017: • AIM Training for Experienced Teachers Target Audience: • Grades K-2 Teachers of French Immersion or Spanish Bilingual programs. • Grades K-11 Teachers of FSL or Spanish Language and Culture

Workshop Facilitator: Wendy Maxwell is an award-winning teacher who has transformed second language instruction, in Canada and Internationally. Wendy is the program creator and lead author of the AIM Methodology and Language programs.

August 15, 2017- Beginner - Day 1 This interactive and practical workshop will give you the opportunity to discover and try some of the AIM’s innovative techniques. You will learn how to: • • • • • •

Get your students speaking the target language and use gestures to establish painlessly!) a French-only classroom environment from the very first day of classes Encourage language production from all students at all levels Scaffold activities to ensure maximum student confidence and success Use music and choreography to create an active and engaging classroom environment Work with AIM plays at the beginning levels and utilize the effectiveness of a story-based approach Introduce basic language manipulation activities

August 16, 2017- Beginner - Day 2 The facilitator will continue to focus on the unique tools and strategies used in an AIM classroom. Topics covered will include: • • •

How to maximize use of gestures and have students speaking with you at all times How to implement story retelling and story extension activities How to correct work with an emphasis on error analysis as a way to refine grammar knowledge in context

August 17, 2017 - Experienced This session is for Experienced AIM Teachers. Ongoing AIM training is essential to ensuring that students reach the highest levels of proficiency possible. This workshop supports currently practising AIM teachers. The Facilitator will take teachers to the next level in their implementation of the methodology.

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Bundled Price!

Make sure you have the resources you need to implement the AIM in your language classroom: bundle your training with an AIM Teaching Kit and SAVE! *For bundled price: Register by May 31, 2017. To order a bundle, please call: 800.668.6288

selection Two Day Beginner (August 15-16, 2017)


One Day Experienced (August 17, 2017)


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9am-3pm each day


Price includes continental breakfast and lunch. Applicable shipping and taxes will be added.

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Workshop Time:

Languages Centre at Woodcroft 13750 Woodcroft Avenue, Edmonton, AB. T5M 3M4



I LOVE TEACHING WITH AIM! Although I started teaching with AIM five years ago, I still find it amazing to see how much students can grow in their language capabilities even after the period of only one school year! - Jennifer Bates

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Please fill out with VISA/MC # or attach a cheque made payable to AIM Language Learning and send to us by mail or fax. Register online at Cancellation Policy: 90% refund up to seven days before workshop date. Registration closes seven days before the workshop. Email: [email protected] | 1959 Marine Drive #2160, North Vancouver, BC , Canada V7P 3G1 | Phone: 604-984-0015 / 1-800-668-6288