DORA HOUSE WELCOME Welcome to our consultation which outlines proposals to redevelop Dora House located on St. John’s Wood Road. C&C has been working ...

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DORA HOUSE WELCOME Welcome to our consultation which outlines proposals to redevelop Dora House located on St. John’s Wood Road. C&C has been working with architects Ryder Architecture and MAKE to develop proposals for a new Dora House on Lodge Road as well as a new residential building on St. John’s Wood Road. The purpose of this consultation is to provide the local community with the opportunity to view our proposals and speak to members of our development team. C&C representatives are on hand to answer any questions you have on our proposals. A feedback form is available once you have reviewed the panels on display. Please do take the time to provide us with your comments before you leave so that the team can ensure all feedback is properly recorded.

Following this public consultation all feedback received will be reviewed by the development team and, where possible, incorporated into the final plans for the site. Subject to feedback from the public consultation and meetings with local stakeholders and Westminster City Council, we hope to submit a planning application in summer 2015. All the information and images from today’s consultation, along with an online version of the questionnaire, is available to view online at dora-house-redevelopment You can also contact us on 020 7871 3565 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

View of existing Dora House from St. John’s Wood Road

Aerial view of existing Dora House

DORA HOUSE C&C AND DORA HOUSE C&C is a not-for-profit registered housing association and care provider that was founded in 1926 by the journalist Elizabeth Chesterton in order to provide refuge and home to the thousands of homeless women living in London at the time. C&C provides personal care and support to vulnerable people across Westminster and Camden. Our residents include frail older people who require care, sheltered accommodation and extra care housing. Nowadays, C&C provides around 2,500 homes for older people in London.

The current building comprises of bedsit accommodation and a small number of one-bedroom flats. The majority are not wheelchair accessible and the building is unsuitable for providing additional care services which enable older people to stay in their homes later in life. It was for this reason that C&C decided to undertake this project.

Opened in 1969, Dora House was custom built for C&C, providing a home for older people across Westminster. The building sits between St. John’s Wood and Lodge Road opposite Lord’s Cricket Ground and has been home for over 200 residents ageing from 55 to over 100 years old. For over 45 years, Dora House has provided a home for our older residents but it no longer meets the needs or standard of accommodation that our residents deserve.

Historic image of Cecil House

View of Dora House from Lodge Road

Existing Dora House communal space

Existing Dora House entrance

DORA HOUSE THE TEAM Ryder was established in 1953 as Ryder and Yates and now works across the UK from offices in Newcastle, London, Glasgow and Liverpool and internationally from our Hong Kong office. Projects range in value from £50,000 to £300m in a variety of sectors. We challenge norms and our people bring the very best in knowledge, creative thinking and capability. Our culture promotes empowerment, creativity and teamwork and in 2014 we ranked the highest architect in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For and were finalist for Building Magazine’s Architectural Practice of the Year award. Ryder has been appointed by C&C to develop proposals for the new Dora House on Lodge Road.

MAKE is a studio of highly creative and talented architects and designers who have acquired considerable professional experience designing advanced, complex and iconic buildings. Each MAKE project is the result of a meticulous, in-depth design process, regardless of its context, size or scope. We approach every job as a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to develop the most dynamic and efficient buildings. MAKE has been appointed by C&C to develop proposals for the new residential building on 60 St. John’s Wood Road.

Ryder Architecture One West Regent Street

MAKE 8 Artillery Row

Arup is a global engineering consultancy based in London. As a multidisciplinary organisation we bring together broadminded individuals from a wide range of disciplines and encourage them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisms. Many of our most treasured projects start their lives in our design offices in the heart of Fitzrovia. Despite operating worldwide, we remain committed to the UK, and whilst we are currently playing a leading part in shaping London’s future, we endeavour to respect the cultural heritage that lies in its past. Arup has been appointed by C&C to work on the proposals for both 60 St. John’s Wood Road and the new Dora House on Lodge Road.

DORA HOUSE OUR ASPIRATION FOR THE SITE – A NEW DORA HOUSE AND MORE Several years ago C&C began a review process to identify how best to continue to deliver affordable housing for our residents on the site. It became clear that refurbishment and reconfiguration were not viable options.

that exceed the Mayor’s space standards, specialist services for residents and a range of communal facilities, some of which may be open to the wider public. We will deliver higher quality homes for our residents so that they can lead healthy and inspired lives.

The building structure cannot be easily adapted and the costly essential upgrades required to the roof, windows, heating and electrics would still not address the need for improvements to space standards.

The private residential element of the building will pay for the development of the new Dora House. We have appointed separate architects to deliver each project, and our Dora House residents are working with us to design their new building.

Following a detailed co-design process with our residents, last year we announced a plan to demolish the existing Dora House and construct a new Dora House on the Lodge Road side of the site. The new building will deliver adaptable apartments

C&C is seeking planning consent for both parts of the site. This is important to us as we will remain neighbours on the site and want to ensure the best quality of building to adjoin the new Dora House.

CGI view of proposed new Dora House on Lodge Road

Example view of Communal Garden

Example view of communal space

DORA HOUSE WORKING WITH RESIDENTS Our proposals have been developed following several years of consultation with our residents and the design of the new building progressed through the Dora Designers group. The Dora Designers have been able to shape and influence the evolution of our proposals from an early stage and have worked closely with our architects including visiting other projects and sites to get inspiration for how the new Dora House should look. Our commitment has been to work in partnership with our residents in every aspect of the development process. Since September 2014, C&C has been undertaking a carefully thought out plan for relocating existing Dora Hose residents whilst their new building is developed.

The relocation plan has been well resourced and has been based on a model of individual one to one support for each resident. Residents have been offered a number of options for relocation including homes within Westminster, other neighbouring boroughs as well as some homes further out in South West London. All Dora House residents will retain their Assured Tenancy with C&C and will be able to move back to the new Dora House once the development is complete. To date over 100 residents have moved or accepted firm offers of alternative accommodation. The aim is for the existing building to be vacant by the end of the year in order for demolition works to begin in 2016.

Dora Designers Group

Residents giving feedback to Dora House design team

Dora Designers Group

Dora Designers Group

DORA HOUSE DESIGN APPROACH TO THE WHOLE SITE Our approach to the site will ensure the successful development of a prime location within St. John’s Wood. This is an exciting opportunity to redevelop the existing Dora House, which is no longer fit for purpose, as a modern, high quality building whilst reinstating the St. John’s Wood Road frontage with a new private residential block. The redevelopment of the Dora House site will: • Replace outdated over 55s sheltered accommodation with new high quality housing, including affordable housing within Westminster that specifically responds to the needs of an ageing population • Provide exemplar accommodation for the over 55s and set a new benchmark for quality and design

• Provide new accommodation that can be easily adapted to meet a wide range of care needs • Deliver a well-designed building for older people on Lodge Road that will enhance the surrounding area • Create an iconic new residential building of outstanding design quality that will enhance this important area of the City

Aerial view of proposed site plan

DORA HOUSE LODGE ROAD – NEW FLEXIBLE HOMES The new Dora House building, accessed from Lodge Road, is inspired by C&C’s ambition to set a new benchmark for providing housing, care and support for people aged over 55 in Westminster. The new Dora House will provide a mix of different adaptable units to cater for a wide variety of residents and their needs. The proposals will deliver: • Independent Living (One Bed, Two Bed and fully wheelchair accessible units) providing accommodation for active older people living independently

• Additional care support (care accommodation) providing housing with care, and potentially nursing, for those residents who have additional support needs

The residential environments can be adapted over the life of the building optimising the future flexibility of the internal floor layouts. This concept ensures that the development promotes dignity and wellbeing throughout its design and that it caters sensitively for the needs of the residents at various stages of later life.

Diagram of Flexible Unit Layouts

3D view of internal layout

Sketch view of 1 bedroom unit

DORA HOUSE LODGE ROAD: COMMUNAL FACILITIES, LANDSCAPING AND AMENITY C&C is creating a building that not only offers high quality homes but encourages a sense of community among our residents and contributes positively to the local area. The new Dora House will offer a range of community facilities and spaces that can meet the individual needs of each resident. Our proposals will create: • Community facilities on ground floor level offering a flexible and adaptable space for a range of activities • A new café facility that fronts Lodge Road integrating the development with the existing community and creating an active frontage on Lodge Road

• A community garden offering a range of facilities that may include barbecue areas, bowls lawns, micro allotments, greenhouse spaces as well as sensory gardens, quiet spaces and outdoor social space. • South facing upper floor roof terraces accessible to all residents offering space for quiet and relaxation

The shared spaces will be key to the success of the development and will provide the residents with areas to relax as well as partake in a variety of activities. These may include yoga, pilates, film screenings and arts and crafts. Directly connected to the shared gardens there is the opportunity to connect to the outside all year round either through the enclosed winter gardens or the generous outdoor seating areas.

Sketch view of Pavilion Roof Terraces

Sketch view of proposed café space

Sketch view of Main Roof Terrace

DORA HOUSE 60 ST JOHN’S WOOD ROAD: THE SITE The site is located in an area of varied architectural styles from traditional London mansions to 1960s apartment blocks. From the immediate neighbourhood around St. John’s Wood Underground Station, to the Lord’s (MCC) Cricket Ground estate and beyond to the expanse of Regent’s Park, there are varied building types, thoroughfares, open spaces and streetscapes that have informed our proposals.

As part of the design and planning process we have worked with Westminster planning officers and the Royal Parks to identify and agree the location of important views where our proposed building might be visible. These are called Verified Views and will be used to create exact images showing how our buildings would look when they are built and will form part of the planning application. Different shapes and massing of the proposed buildings have been tested as the plans have evolved in order to ensure that our proposals do not impact negatively on important local views such as those from Regent’s Park.

Building elevations along St. John’s Wood Road

Local area Views to be taken of 60 St. John’s Wood Road

View from Regent’s Park

View along St. John’s Wood Road

View from Regent’s Park

View of existing Dora House from St. John’s Wood Road

DORA HOUSE 60 ST. JOHN’S WOOD: LOCAL ANALYSIS Our proposals for the new residential apartments on 60 St John’s Wood Road reinterpret the traditional local architecture and characteristics of the iconic London mansion block. Proportion and External Appearance Vertical Rhythm: The internal arrangement and organisation of apartments will be expressed externally through glazed bays and balconies. These will be grouped to emphasise the proportions of the proposed building.

Horizontal Expression: Before the advent of lifts, the principal levels in the traditional blocks were the raised ground floor and foyer area at first floor. This approach has now been inverted, with the upper level penthouses attracting the highest values. We will use this approach to provide the opportunity to enhance the proposed block with double height spaces and gardens. Roofscape: Residential buildings around the edge of Regent’s Park have strongly modelled roofscapes to give soft, picturesque views from the park. The top of 60 St. John’s Wood will follow this model, creating a unique, shifting roofscape in conjunction with the elevated garden.

Roof silhouette images around site





Horizontality - Tripartite Order

top top








Tripartite Orders

DORA HOUSE 60 ST. JOHN’S WOOD: CONCEPT AND MATERIALS Concept The building concept reinterprets the neighbouring mansion blocks through three elements; the Plinth, the Residences and the Penthouses. A setback garden level separates the Plinth from the residences and aligns with St. John’s Wood Road tree canopy, creating a visible green landscape. Fully integrated landscaping enriches the building’s style and composition, changing in character in response to its use and orientation. Materials The Plinth: The Plinth will ground the building to its site. Architectural ceramics, incorporating a scalloped design, will create a sense of depth and point of visual interest at street level. The Residences: The body of the proposed building is formed of a fine-cast polished metal that changes in appearance throughout the day as light is cast across its surface. The metal work finish references the balustrading, railings and sculptures found in close proximity to the site.

The Penthouses: The Penthouses will use a combination of materials; cast glass blocks with a metal finish to match the style of lower sections of the building. Screening, overlooking and levels of transparency will be considered to inform the material expression, whilst responding to the internal layouts.

The Penthouses

The Residences

The Garden Level

The Plinth Base – The Plinth

Middle – The Residences

Top – The Penthouses


DORA HOUSE 60 ST. JOHN’S WOOD ROAD: THE PROPOSAL The principle block is formed of an elegantly cast metal foil, consisting of sculptural elements which respond to the roofscape and forms of a number of neighbouring mansion blocks. The density of the grid responds to the layouts of the apartments, increasing to create privacy to bedrooms and bathrooms or opening up to living and entertaining areas. The geometry of the grid is used to set out the plinth element of the building and location of the penthouses.

Front elevation



Rhythm and Proportion

Picture window bay

Precedent: Form and Materiality

Proposed St. Johns Wood Road Elevation

DORA HOUSE 60SJW SERVICING, TRANSPORT AND LAYOUTS The proposed development will include dedicated off street parking as well as drop off and servicing arrangements from St John’s Wood Road which have been carefully designed to work around the existing plane trees which are to be retained as part of the proposals. A new forecourt area will be created for servicing and visitor pick up in a similar arrangement to other residential buildings located along St. John’s Wood Road. Space has been provided to allow vehicles to drop off whilst allowing a through route for other vehicles to access the basement or exit the site.

The development team is in discussion with TfL and Westminster City Council transport officers to ensure that vehicular capacity is maintained along St. John’s Wood Road. The layouts have been carefully designed to control overlooking whilst maximising opportunities for views and day light. Bedrooms are predominantly located to the rear of the building creating a quieter frontage with living rooms and entertaining spaces to the north west. Inset balconies will create usable spaces all year round and afford increased levels of privacy for residents and neighbours.

Car parking will be provided through a multi-level, secure underground basement car park. The proposals are for 50 car parking spaces including a number of disabled access spaces. Cycle parking will be provided at ground level adjacent to the building with safe and secure access. Dedicated waste and refuse storage areas will be contained within the building maintaining a clear, uninterrupted pedestrian experience.

Short section

Sketch view of Main Roof Terrace

Typical 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments

Typical 3 Bedroom Apartments

Typical basement plan

DORA HOUSE LODGE ROAD SERVICING/TRANSPORT The proposed development will include dedicated off- street parking, drop- off and servicing arrangements from Lodge Road. Pedestrian and vehicular access to the new Dora House will be via a new forecourt accessed off Lodge Road.

Wellington Road

The forecourt will include a visitor drop off area opposite the main entrance. Car parking will be provided in a secure basement accessed from the forecourt. The proposals include 34 car parking spaces and a number of cycle parking spaces to be agreed with Westminster City Council.

St. Johns Wood Church Gardens

St Johns Wood Road

Current Red Route

Cu r

ren tR


Private Residential



ut e

Oak Tree Road

Danubius Hotel

Over 55’s Accomodation

Proposed Marcus Cooper Housing

Pinch Point

Two way over Bridge

Pinch Point

Park Road

Lodge Road

Lodge Road

Wellington Hospital


h Ba


Electricity Plant

Vehicular access Pedestrian access Way of route

Current Red Route

Proposed Marcus Cooper Housing

Site Transport and Access Plan

View of Lodge Road Communal Entrance

DORA HOUSE LANDSCAPING Landscaping will form an important part of the proposals for both new buildings. A variety of garden and outdoor amenity spaces with a range of different types of planting will ensure that the development will be attractive throughout the year in both summer and winter. Communal Garden In between 60 St. John’s Wood and Lodge Road will be a landscaped garden with access for both the private residents at 60 St. John’s Wood Road and the over 55 residents on Lodge Road. Within the communal garden a ha-ha will be used between the developments to create visual continuity within the garden whilst retaining separation for residents’ privacy and security. 60 St. John’s Wood Road The landscaping on the St. John’s Wood Road frontage of the development includes trees and foliage which will act as a visual and acoustic screen to the traffic on St. John’s Wood Road but will not be tall enough to encroach on the views of Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Lodge Road At the core of the landscaping proposals for the new Dora House is the high quality amenity space for residents provided through rooftop gardens on the upper levels and the community garden at ground floor level which will be adaptable for a range of activities for Dora House residents.

Example planting for communal space

Perspective view of communal gardens

View of communal garden in between the new developments

DORA HOUSE KEY ISSUES Energy and Sustainability Sustainability is at the heart of C&C’s aspirations in the design for both new buildings. All homes in the new Dora House will achieve a BREEAM Very Good rating and each apartment within the new 60 St. John’s Wood Road development will achieve Level 4 under the Code for Sustainable Homes. A clear energy strategy that follows the London Plan will be submitted as part of the planning application.

Construction Management A detailed Construction Management Plan will be agreed between Westminster City Council and the on-site contractors before works start. C&C is committed to working with the local community and will keep all local residents informed throughout the construction process.

Considerate Constructor’s Ivor Goodsite

DORA HOUSE NEXT STEPS Thank you for visiting our consultation. Please complete a feedback form before you leave to let us know your comments on our proposals. You can also fill out the form online at dora-house-redevelopment or take away a form to fill out at home and return it to us in the Freepost envelopes provided. We are committed to engaging with the local community. If you would like to find out more about our proposals, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. For regular updates on our proposals, please sign up to our mailing list at our website: dora-house-redevelopment.

Subject to the feedback received we hope to submit a planning application to Westminster City Council in the summer. Programme Summer 2015: Submission of planning application December 2015: Dora House vacant 2018: Anticipated completion of the new Dora House Contact us: Freepost RTEJ-EXCH-TXLL Public Consultation (Cascade) Linen Hall 162-168 Regent Street London, W1B 5TE Telephone: 020 7871 3565 Email: [email protected]

View of proposed Lodge Road