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Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas. Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll,...

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Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

200/ : t>ZZ

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Tab 1 e of

C o n t





Seniors ................................................. 2 Features ............................................. 10 Underclassmen.................................. 16

Mr. Rick Cowan, Principal Mr. John Yonker, Vice Principal Student Population: 550 Sports District: 19-AAA

Adn:tirustration and Teachers ............ 34 Orgattlzations ....................................40 Sports ................................................ 62 Special Events/Honors ...................... 90 Ads/Supporters ............................... 114

CONSTRUCTION ON . • the school's new technology wing makes progress, and the opening is tentatively set (or August, 1995.

Class of '95

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Dalia Aldape ·Expect people to be better than they are; it helps them to become better. "

Gerardo Alvarez Guadalupe Alvarez '"\Ve have di/Jere11t destinies but t/1is year we lwve something in common .. we are SENIORS.··

Brent Barkley Donna Brown '"Don 't be afraid to take big steps. You ca11 'I cross a chasm in two small jumps.··

Eltoris Caraway Stephanie Cavazos '•One man's sunset is another man's dawn. ··

Lanton Chumley "If ya can 'I buy it al \Val-Marl , there ain't 110 use in lwvin ' it..,

Manuela Concha "Nobody gets to live life backwards. Look ahead. That 's where your future lies."

Andris Cook Misty Cook "Experie11ce is a wo11derflll thing. It enables you to recog11ize a mistake every time you rep eat it. "

Troy Dix.on Misti Ellison Dora Enriquez Margarito Enriquez

Norma Espinoza "There is only one good, knowledge; and one evil, ignoran ce."

Joshua Everett 'The key to life lies i11 your God in which we ca11 be gra11ted etemal happiness and love. "

Allen Farley Courtnie Friday "R emember the laughs and times we wept; for in our hearts these memories are kept. "

Robert Garcia "If you ca11 'I make a mistake, you can't make anything."

Kenith Goins '" 1Vin11ing isn 't everything. But it beats a11ything that comes in second."

Janie Gonzalez '' We're all proud ofnwldng little mistakes. It gives us the feeli11g we don 'I make big ones."

JuaQuin Gonzalez Marisa Gonzalez '" Pride is tasteless, colorless and sizeless; yet it is the hardest thing t.o s wallow. "

Austin "Trey" Grandgeorge, III

••• 2

•• • ••


• • • •

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


SENIOR CIASS officers are (1-r) Patrick Kilgore, president; Amy Smith, vice president; Sonia Reyes, secretary; and Veronica Sarmiento, treasurer. Photo by Stephanie Cavazos '



• DonnaBrown-Basketball; Volleyball, 3yrs.;Track;Band, 2yrs.; Spanish Club• EltorisCaraway-Allregion band; Tennis• Stephanie Cavazos-French Club, 2 yrs.; Band, 4yrs.; Flag Corps, 2 yrs., captain; Yearbook co-editor • Lanton Chumley-NHS, 3 yrs., reporter; FFA, 4 yrs., president; Star chapter farmer; Star greenhand; Forestry team, 4 yrs. • Manuela Concha-FHA, 2 yrs.; Spanish Club, 2 yrs.; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; BPA; Angelina County Youth Fair• Andris Cook-Basketball; ·F ootball, 2 yrs.; Track; FHA • Misty Cook-JV cheerleader; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; Spanish Club; FHA •Jamie Corson-Sophomore Class secretary; French Club, 3 yrs. •Misti Ellison-FHA, 2 yrs., president; Band, 4 yrs.; Geography Club• Dora Enriquez-Volleyball, 3yrs.; Basketball, 3yrs.; Softball; KYSSED, 4yrs.; Spanish Club, 4 yrs. •NormaEspinoza-KYSSED,3yrs.;FHA•JoshEverett-TheaterArts,3yrs.;JVbaseball;KYSSED, 4yrs.; FHA; UILOne-act, 3yrs. •Allen Farley-Baseball, 3yrs.,All-district; Basketball, 2yrs.; KYSSED • Courtnie Friday-Newspaper co-editor; FHA; FFA; Spanish Club, 2 yrs. • Itza Flores-French Club; FHA; KYSSED, 4 yrs.; Track; Basketball• Robert Garcia-Football, 3 yrs; Baseball, 3 yrs. • Kenith Goins-Band, 4 yrs.; Theater Arts, 2 yrs.; All-region band, 2 yrs.; UIL One-act; KYSSED, 3 yrs. •Janie Gonzalez-Spanish Club, 2 yrs.; Art Club; BPA; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; FHA, 2 yrs. • JuaQuin GonzalezACADEC; Spanish Club, vice president; Art Club • Marisa Gonzales-French Club, 2 yrs.; BPA;

•• • •


• 3

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.



KYSSED, 3 yrs. • Austin "Trey" Grandgeorge-Football, 3 yrs.; Land judging, 4 yrs.; Baseball, 4 yrs.; Track, 2 yrs. • Amanda Hance-Manager-basketball, volleyball & track, 3 yrs.; FHA, 2 yrs.; KYSSED • Sherry Hogan-Theater Arts, 2 yrs.; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; Volleyball; FHA • Terry Jones-Ag co-op; FFA; KYSSED • Travis Jones-Football, 2 yrs.; Ag mechanics, 2 yrs.; Tennis, 2 yrs. • Patrick Kilgore-NHS, 3 yrs., president; ACADEC, 2 yrs.; UIL science, 4 yrs.; UIL math, 3 yrs.; Band, 3 yrs., president • Maricela Lara-French Club, 2 yrs.; Art Club, 2 yrs.; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; Spanish Club • Michelle LawrenceTheater Arts, 4 yrs.; Band, 3 yrs.; Band sweetheart; ACADEC; Cheerleader, 2 yrs. • Kyle LewisACADEC; C/X Debate; Prose; Band, 4 yrs. • Angie Luce-Twirler, 4 yrs., Head twirler; UIL One Act, 3 yrs.; FCA; Band, 4 yrs. • Arkell Mallory-French Club, 2 yrs.; Geography Club, 2 yrs.; Track, 2 yrs., Regionals; French Club • Briza Mancha-Basketball, 3 yrs., All-district; Band, 3 yrs.; Drum major; Homecoming duchess, 2 yrs.; Volleyball; Track • Edna Martinez-KYSSED, 4 yrs.; Art Club • Cynthia Matchett-Volleyball; KYSSED, 3 yrs. • Jacquline McGuire-FCA vice president; Cheerleader, 3 yrs.; Theater Arts, 3 yrs.; UIL One Act; Diboll Day queen candidate • Stanley Oliphant-Basketball, 2 yrs.; KYSSED; FHA • Rosa Olvera-Newspaper; Art Club, 2 yrs.; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; French Club, 2 yrs. • Shannon Oswalt-NHS, 2 yrs.; FFA quiz team, district and area; Chapter conducting, district; Yearbook • Sara Jo Payovich-Basketball, 2 yrs.; FFA, 2 yrs.; UILpoetry • Myriam Plascencia-EPA; Art Club, 4


• •

• • ••


• • • ••

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


"Those who love ure always loved ...

Sherry Hogan "Life is a series of experie11ces. Each one makes us bigger."

Karen Ivey Archie Jackson "1'11ere are victories of the soul and spirit. Sometimes even ij"you lose, you win."

Blanca Jasso .. It is never wise to seek a11other's misj'ortu11 e. If mu/ice or e11vy were tangible. a11d lwd a shape, it would be the s/wpe of' a boomerang.··

Terry Jones "The fi1ture lies in our lurncls. \Vit/1 th e Lord as our guide, we shall make great choices for our /i1ture."

Travis Jones ..A perso11 o/1e11 meets his clesti11y on the road he took to avoid it ."

Patrick Kilgore "Yesterday 's gone on down th e river, a11c/ you ca n 't get it back."

Danny Landrum LeVar Lackland "E.q1erience is a lwrd teacher, but at least you ca11 say that you teamed from the best."

Maricela Lara "No matte r who we are or what we ha ve been through , we are to morrow. ''

Michelle Lawrence "If everyo11 e took their piece ofpeace and pieced it toget her, peace might actually work. "

Billy Leverett Kyle Lewis "lfmen are considered guilty for what's on their minds, then give m e the electric chair for my fu ture crim es."

Kevin Lightfoot Angela Luce "A dream you dream alone remains a drea m, but

a dream we drea m together becomes a reality."

Antonio Luna "Sometimes you'll be on a roll and everything will click; take maximum aclvw1tage."

Isabel Luna "People o/1en say that this person has not yet found himself; but the ~lfis not something that 011e finds. "

Arkell Mallory "l could never u11c/ersta nc/ why I never saw a man cry until I 've seen a man die.''

Briza Mancha "Life belongs to th e living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes. "

Edna Martinez Cynthia Matchett "There are two types ofpeople-those who come into a room and say, "iVell, here lam!" and those who come in and say, "A h, there you are. "

Jacquline McGuire "Every man is someone because he is

a child oj'God."

James McGuire .. We're all proud of' making tittle mistakes. It gives us th e feeling we clon 't make big ones."

Gloria Molina "Yesterday is a memory. To morrow is a dream. Today we are Seniors ... make the m ost oj'it. "



•• • ••


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Greg Nettles Stanley Oliphant "1Vhe11 times get hard. a11d yo1t tlti11k you're at tire e11d oft/1e rope, tie n k11ot a11d swing."

Rosa Olvera "Never lei yesterday's disappoi11t111e11ts overshadow today's dreams."

Shannon Oswalt "For I <1111 1101 aslra111ed oft/1e gospel of' Christ: for it's tire power of God 1t11to salvatio11."

Clarence Owens Sara Payovich "l tlrc111k God for tire life He lws give11 111e. c111d my parents a11d teaclrers for teaclri11g me /row lo live."

Jelyitsa Perez "011e lwlf'tlre tro1tbles in life cc111 be traced to saying yes too quickley or 1101 saying 110 soo11 e11ouglr."

Luis Perez Jeremiah Phipps "Irr life t/1ere are ma11y /rare/ times. b1tl tlrese times muke a person keep 011 winning, keeJJ

011 fig/1ti11g, a11d go for tire /rig/test goal."

Myriam Plascencia "A true friend is 011e who overlooks your j(1ilures. a11d tolerates your successes."

Eric Powell Monte Reed Monica Reyes "Take pride i11 how /(1r you have come. Hewe fl1ith i11 how far you ca11 go."

Sonia Reyes Roy Rios "Whe11 you n:ach for tire stars. !JOit may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a lw11dful ofm1td eitlier."

Carlos Robledo "The ga111e ol life is fe// of' surprises. Tltose 10/w play it right are tlie 011es who /rave lived a life."

Lazaro Robles "Only yo1tr real fne11ds will te// yo1t when your /'ace is dirtyl"

Claudia Roman Miguel Rosales Veronica Salazar "Enjoy the little I/tings, for one day !JOit 111ay look back a11d realize they were tire big 011es."

Veronica R. Salazar "Irr tire e11d, tire poe111 is 1101 a thing we see; it's rather

a light by whiclr we may see a11d wlrat we see is life. "

Magdalena·Vicencio Sarmiento "Your drea111s wi// 011ly remain dreams 1t11ti/ you make them a reality."

Rene Sarmiento Veronica Sarmiento "Love starts when another person's needs become more important tlw11 your own."

Mario Saucedo


' 6

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

•• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• yrs.; French Club, 4yrs.; KYSSED, 4yrs. • JelyitsaPerez-Band, 4yrs., UIL; French Club; Sophomore duchess; Homecoming & Diboll Day Queen; ACADEC • Jeremiah Phipps-State UIL poetry; ACADEC; District, UIL science; Chapter conducting & Creed speaking, 3rd • Monica Reyes-Spanish Club; Volleyball, 2 yrs.; Basketball, 2 yrs.; KYSSED; FCA • Roy Rios-Football, 2 yrs. • Sonia Reyes-Class secretary, 2 yrs.; Flag Corps; Drill team; Basketball, 2 yrs.; Band, 3 yrs. • Darrell Roberts-Football, 2 yrs.; FFA, 3 yrs. • Juan Carlos Robledo-Football; Track; Band • Lazaro Robles-FFA, 4 yrs.; Spanish Club, 3 yrs.; Art Club, 2 yrs.; KYSSED, 3 yrs. • Claudia Roman-French Club; Art Club; KYSSED; Class favorite; BPA • Veronica Salazar- Volleyball, 4 yrs.; Basketball, 3 yrs.; KYSSED, 2 yrs.; Softball • Veronica R Salazar-Volleyball, 3 yrs.; Basketball, 3 yrs., Track, 4yrs.; Spanish Club, 4 yrs.; ACADEC, 2 yrs. • Jose Sandoval-Ag mechanics team; Art Club; Ag structure • Magdalena (Vicencio) SarmientoSpanish Club; KYSSED; Art Club; Yearbook co-editor • Rene Sarmiento-Spanish Club; FFA, 4 yrs.; Art Club; KYSSED, 3yrs. • Veronica Sarmiento-NHS, 3yrs.; French Club, 3yrs.; MuAlpha Theta, 2yrs.; UIL calculator, 4 yrs.; Accounting • Donovan Shepherd-Band; Football, 3 yrs., captain; Basketball; KYSSED • David Smiley-Basketball, 2 yrs.; KYSSED • Amy Smith-NHS; UIL math, science & calculator; MuAlpha Theta, 3yrs.; Band, 3yrs.; Landjudging, 4yrs. • Chasity Smith-Flag Corps, 3yrs.;


• 7

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

•Student • • • •Council, • • • •2 •yrs.; • •FHA, • • •4 yrs.; • • •French • • • Club, • • •3•yrs.; • • Band, • • • 3• yrs. • • ••Stephanie • • • • •Smith-FHA, • • • • • •4•yrs.; •• Homecoming duchess, 2 yrs.; Ag sweetheart; FFA; KYSSED, 3 yrs. • Malcolm Starghill-Track, 4 yrs., regionals, 2 yrs.; Football, 3 yrs.; All-district; captain; Band, 3 yrs. • Mike Suarez-Football, 3 yrs.; Baseball, 3 yrs. • Chris Swallows-FFA; KYSSED; VAC • JeffTaylor-Basketball, 3 yrs; Baseball, 2 yrs.; Golf; KYSSED • Tyrone Taylor-Football, 2 yrs.; Geography Club; KYSSED, 3 yrs.; Basketball, 4 yrs.; Track, 4yrs. • Patricia Thomas-Basketball, MVP,4yrs.;All-districtMVP;All-starbasketball;AAU alltoumament; Volleyball MVP • Stacy Tobias-EPA; KYSSED, 4 yrs.; FHA, 2 yrs.; Yearbook • Scott Treadway-Football, 4 yrs.; Baseball, 3 yrs.; KYSSED; Mu Alpha Theta • Jesse Wallace-Football; Band, 4 yrs., vice president, 2 yrs.; Highest GPA, Athletes • Josh Webb-State land judging, 2 yrs.; FFA officer; Ag mechanics, 2 yrs. • Tamara Weeks-Band, 3 yrs.; Twirler, 3 yrs.; French Club, 2 yrs.; Newspaper • Rashael Wilkerson-Band, 3 yrs.; French Club • Trey Wilkerson-ACADEC state individual champion; Mu Alpha Theta president; State UILnumber sense; National Merit Scholar; FFA • Joe Williams-State land judging, 4 yrs.; Farm skills, 3 yrs.; Band, 4 yrs.; Ag mechanics, 2 yrs.; Chapter conducting • Larry Wofford-Football; Choir; KYSSED, 2 yrs.; French Club; FHA • Fredrick Woods-Newspaper, 2 yrs., Exchange mgr.; Yearbook leader • Magdalena Zapata-Geography Club; KYSSED; Art Club • Daniel Zarzoza-Art Club, 3 yrs.; Baseball, 2 yrs.; Junior favorite; FFA, 2 yrs.; BPA president


• •


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Donovan Shepherd "Shoot for tire moon, and even ij"we miss, we 'll be amo ng tire stars. "

Amy Smith "It 's always better to be a little ahead I/ran to be a big behind."

Chasity Smith "Treas ure every m oment because li/l!'s a bo ut changing; no thing ever s tays tir e same."

Stephanie Smith "Life is a mirror-if" you frown al it, it f"row11 s back; ij" you smile-it return s the greeting."

Malcolm Starghill ''Th ere was one who t/10ug /it himself" above me. A 11d Ire was above me u11til Ir e /rad tlrat t/10uglrt. "

Mike Suarez "I 'm la zy , bu t it 's tire la zy people who in ve11ted tire wheel and tire bicycle beca use tlrey didn 't like walking or carrying t/1i11gs. "

Chris Swallows Brandon Taylor "Etiquette is getti11g sleepy i11 compa11y and not showing it."

Jeff Taylor Tyrone Taylor "No ma11 ever i11jured his eyesig lit by /ook·ing on the bright side oftlr i11gs. "

Patricia Thomas "Every tim e you do sometl1i11g, make it good, so you ca11 look back a11d tlri11k som etl1i11g's don e. "

Stacy Tobias "I found life cm e11clra11ti11g, act ive and sometimes terrifyi11g e.tperience, and I 've enjoyed it completely."

Scott Treadway "Everyo11 e is trying to accomplish something big, 1101 realizi11g I/rat life is made up of little tirings."

Sanja Vidovic Josh Webb "If" the fis h ain't bitin , ya ain't fis/1 i11 hard enough. "

Tamara Weeks "Ill this so called ma11 1s world, it's better

that a lady ha ve more looks I/ran bra ins 'ccw se men see be tter than th ey think. "

Rashael Wilkerson 'I 'm ho11ored to ha ve graduated with you all. GodBless You! "

Trey Wilkerson "Always be happy. Never be sat isfied."

Doug Williams Joe Williams "Never thump a j"ree melon , a11d never play leap frog unless you make the rules. "

Larry Wofford "S ometim es s ilence has tir e loudes t vo ice.


Fredrick Woods "Yo u 011/y ha ve one Ii/(> to li ve, so live it at its fiillest."

Magdalena Zapata Daniel Zarzoza "No more worries. 11 0 more d o ubts. no more homework because this g uy is o ut !"

• • • • •

••• •

• 9

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

IT SEEMS like Jesse Wallace and Kyle Lewis are hard at work in the libary, but looks can always be deceiving . TIIIS GROUP of students are ready to go to their next class, which by the look on their faces, they are very excited to goto.

CELSA REYES demonstrates an everyday activity for some students at DHS.


FELIX TAMEZ struggles to get his work done on the media center's computer.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

A Day in the Life at DHS ... Life at Diboll High School is no different than any other high school. Teenagers all think and act just about the same. Comments range from "Did I do my homework last night?" to "Oh, come on Miss, let me slide by this one. I promise I'll do it tonight." These photos are just an overview of some of the things that happen on a typical, ordinary day at Diboll High School.

JEREMIAH PHIPPS struts his stuff during a fall pep rally.

LOOKATSenior Mike Suarez show what he is eating for lunch today.

AS ANOTHER school day comes to a close, Senior Trey Grandgeorge waves goodbye after a typical day at DHS. -Photos by Stephanie Cavazos


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Diboll' s Centennial Diboll Day proved to be the most exciting event ever for hometown folks and former residents who returned to see this important event take place. For everyone, celebrating Diboll's

BUDDY TEMPLE, grandson of T.L.L. Temple who was the founder Southern Pine Lumber Company, the predecessor of Temple-Inland Corp., gives Diboll's Centennial address. THIS YEAR'S 1994 Diboll Day Queen candidates are (1-r) Group 4, Jacqueline McGuire; Group 3, Celsa Reyes; Group 2, Michelle Cordell; and Group l's candidate, the 1994 Diboll Day Queen, Jelyitsa Perez. Jacqueline was runnerup. Total receipts are $317,838.74. Jelyitsa's group raised $99,186; Jacqueline, $88,425; Celsa, $65,559; and Michelle's group raised $64,559. THE BARBERSHOP quartet, Vocal Express, serenades Jelyitsa Perez after she is crowned Diboll Day Queen.


100 year anniversary brought to mind how Diboll used to be. One landmark that symbolizes Diboll's early history is the old commissary store owned by the old Southern Pine Lumber Company and located on Hines. The old commissary served early Diboll well until the 1950s. Today, it stands as a reminder to everyone of an earlier time in Diboll's history. The important events that oc-

curred in Diboll' s Centennial year were many, such as the dedication of the Lindsey Springs historical marker. Lindsey Springs was the first SPL Company logging camp. The Diboll Garden Club distributed the famous and historical trees to the city's organizations and businesses for planting in honor of the city's Centennial year. The City of Diboll also dedicated its own historical marker in 1994.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

SITIING IN the front row are the former Diboll Day queens from the past years. THIS IS the old corporate symbol for Temple-Eastex, the 1 predecessor for Temple-Inland.

ENJOYING THE parade are Don and Betty Diboll, the grand JACQUELINE MCGUIRE gives an emotional speech telling about her experiences being a candidate. PETE AND Donna Smart make a speech to the huge Diboll Day crowd after being named 1994 Citizens of the Year.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

VICE PRINCIPAL Brandon Taylor carefully looks over the day's administrative plan. SCHOOL SECRETARY for-aday, Stephanie Cavazos, listens to Coach Gary Martel tell her that he '11 be good ifshe gives him a second chance. HEY, CHECK this out!!! Mr. Joe Garr is late for class. As they say, "There's a first time for everything."

~~'!!~ -· · ••••llimlirl;le~ifiY_g_..,;; • -·

SENIOR JACKIE McGuire takes a day off to relax and pretend that she's doing something.


WOKIE HERE, everyone!!! Who would have ever thought, "Eric Lucas, a teacher?"

FRESHMAN AMY Mireles drags DHS's big bad boy, Coach Monty Gothard, to the office.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Students Take Over!

Students at Diboll High School designated a day for certain students to take over the school. OnFebruaryl4, 1995, the faculty became students again, and a few students tried their hand at being teachers and administrators. It was a fun experience for most of the students, but for some, it was a different story.

WHAT HA VE we here? Senior Briza Mancha gets in trouble by the new principal, JuaQuin Gonzales?!!! IASHONDA RU111 does' her part and tells Ms. Donna Cassels to, "Go sit down and do your work."

' i j i :__.,;;..;.:· •5

JOSH'CLARKreturns to class after being sent for a tardy slip by his teacher for a day, Christy Hearne. TEACHER-WANT-To-Be, Canie Grove, takes out her anger on poor Patricia Thomas.

SENIOR LAZARO Robles seems to have this class under control. Really?


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


FUTURE DHS underclassmen gather in the gym with their teachers for a ro~dy pep rally.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

LOOKS LIKE all these Juniors want to be in the annual.

Stephen Adams Guadalupe Aldape

Derrick Allen Alonzo Alvarez

Class of'96 Laura Barrera Harvey Baskette Jason Bearden Benjamin Bowman Mandy Bowman

Kristen Bradford Steven Burnette Christopher Byrd Chad Camp Maria Carreon

Lizeth Castillo Edgar Cavazos Josh Clark Terrell Clark Jerry Cobb

Zicorian Coleman Michelle Cordell Starlette Corlee Eric Crager Ryan Crawford


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

ERIC HERNANDEZ and Jason Bearden give a spirit raising pep talk before the "big" grune.

Kevin Dulaney Tanya Ellison

Wendy Fanning Curtis Fisher

Alex Forney Brandy Frankens Jonathan Gann Alex Gonzales Bradley Griffith

Carrie Grove Debbie Guerrero Claudia Gurrola Jesse Havard Christy Hearne

Kris Henderson Elsa Hernandez Eric Hernandez Corey Horace Rayburn Horton

Jocelyn Hubbard Justin Jackson Kimisha Jackson Jennifer Jones Shante Keith


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

LaMartha Kiel Joshua Lee C.W. "Bubba" Loftin Eric Lucas Hollie Lyles

Jorge Magallan Mark Malanders Olga Martinez Tonya McClendon Rodrick McDaniel

Tameshia McNeill Aida Mendoza Patricia Menz Teresa Morales Kari Musick

Kenny Nash Jaime Norman Harvey Olivares Mario Olivares Angel Ortega

Kreston Paige Omar Palomino Robert Parr Leia Paulsey Johnny Perez

Jason Phillips Roy Ramos Adrian Reyes Celsa Reyes Graciela Reyes


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Griselda Reyes Manuela Reyes Cleofas Reyna Chad Roach Brandi Roberts

Marla Robinson Belinda Robles Gerardo Rodriguez Tanya Rodriguez Debbie Rogers

LaShonda Ruth Fedra Salazar Jose Salazar Mary Ann Sanchez Leticia Santana

Keith Shields JaynnaSims Marlena Smith Shelley Smith Carmen Soto

Joe Stephens LaToya Stewart Felix Tamez Jessica Tamez April Taylor

Alan Tetu Ella Thompson Darrell Thornhill Terry Thornhill Kevin Tolly


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

JUNIOR CLASS officers are (1-r) Graciela Reyes, president; Alan Tetu, vice president; Michelle Cordell, secretary; and Ricky Welch, treasurer.



shows his spirit at the Homecoming pep rally.

Marlena Torres Darwin Treat Gabriela Veliz Ricky Welch Katherine Wells

Tiffany White Susan Wilbanks Ryan Williams Necia Young

NOT PICTURED: LaShundra Clark, Deyanira Cortez, Shannon Evans, Joe Garcia, Jerry Haubert, Michael Henley, Eric Henson, Cesar Hernandez, Jesus Luna, Jorge Moreno, Joe Ramsey, Raul Rios, Gustavo Rodriguez, Jonathan Sanford and Diana Sarmiento.

Class of'97 Belinda Alvarez Allison Ard Tiavosky Brown Terrick Bussey Cubby Castillo


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

~~·,,.,~.,,.,~.,,.,~.,,.,~.,,.,~.,,., SOPHOMORE CLASS officers are Stephen Pursley, vice president; Sofia Reyes, secretary; Marisa Fernandez, president; and Patricia Enriquez, treasurer.

Eric Cavazos Gerald Cayton Brandi Clark Marcus Coleman Wallace Compean

Genero DeJesus Yaneth DeJesus Omar Duran Patricia Enriquez Sergio Estrada

Jeff Everett Randall Farley Marisa Fernandez Barbie Frankens Ricky Garcia

Amanda Garrett Erika Gonzales Niya Guillory Angie Hall Wendi Harris


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

IT SEEMS that Darla Nash is enjoying her halftime snack.

Carrie Havard Catheryn Hawthorne

Michael Hearne Deidra Helbert

Elizabeth Hernandez Joseph Hernandez Elisar Herrera Florencia Herrera Juan Hinojosa

Vanessa Holley Demeris Holman Brandy Holt Donnie Hubbard Ramiro Jasso

Jodi Jones Alicia Kilgore Danny Kimbrough Jerry King David Lackey

Glenda Landrum Shellie Ledford Chad Lee Ashley Lenderman Richard Lenderman


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

DUANE OLDS works hard on his algebra assignment.

Dewayne Ligon Brandy Lorentz

Chris Lucas Salvador Luna

Kevin Martz Ashley McGaughey Jana McGaughey Yadira Medina Gerald Mendoza

Paul Mettlen Cynthia Mireles Davina Mitchell Lucio Monrroy Franscisco Morado

Jose Morales Melanie Mosley Darla Nash Mario Napoleon John Nix

Duane Olds Anthony Oliphant Lorena Ortega Enrique Parfait Chad Parrish


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

John Payton Steve Pursley Amanda Pyle Chuck Ray Lowanda Reed

Sofia Reyes Angela Rios Carrie Rios Shane Rivers Cheanda Ross

Marcus Runner Earl Russaw Marisol Salaiz Glenda Salazar Maria Salazar

Eric Sandoval Jose M. Sandoval Patrice Scott Sara Serratos Josh Shurley

Amalia Sierra Herlinda Silva Jose Silva Tony Silva James Skoug

Jonathan Smith AmySt.Ama Jennifer Steel Rakeista Sterns Josh Tatum


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Greg Thompson Jessica Tipton J.C. Tobias Denise Torres Noemi Torres

Willie Vasquez Shawna White Krista Wilkerson Jarrod Wilson John Wilson NOTPICIURED: C!)'stian.Aauirre, Kasie Conner, Larry Curtis, Raymundo Espinoza, Michael Favors, Amber Hatley, Bronson Jackson, Chris Matchett, Chris McAdams, Bertrand McKinney, Aaron Mullins, Monica Perez, Yolanda Rosales, Ulises Sosa, Justin VanLeuven, Wanda Wells and Gentry Wilkerson.

Damien Young Claudia Zapata Mayra Zarzoza

Class of '98 Gloria Acevedo Eric Adams Alex Alvarez Gene Bacon Tami Beck

Lorina Brown Lora Bun1s Leaana Busby Curtis Campbell Donnell Campbell

Marcus Cannon Lisa Capps Phillip Chapman Araceli Chavez Gerardo Chavez


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

NORA ROBLES and Lora Burns take time during AEC to help Mrs. Adkison in the office. EBONY HUBBARD and Ericka Horace enjoy themselves during the season's last pep rally.

Bruce Chumley Leon Coleman Crystal Cortez Brooke Crager Shannon Craig

Johnny Cratic Jerry Curtis Ketavia Davis Jason Diets Vanessa Dominey

Rafael Dominguez Patricia Dowdy William Dykes Kimberly Elam Milliady Elam

Lupe Enriquez Monica Enriquez Gabriel Espino Reynaldo Espinoza Patrick Fenley


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

FRESHMAN CLASS officers are Chasity Minyard, vice president; Misty Jones, president; Patricia Olivares, secretary; and Elizabeth Sloan, treasurer.

Ardella Fisher Chris Fisher Jorge Flores Angie Flowers Francisco Garza

Tessa Glover Benjamin Gonzalez Ricardo Gonzalez Duke Gould Ana Guajardo

Tatiana Handy Melissa Hannah Marilyn Harper Audra Harris Gabriel Hernandez

Joe Hernandez Jose Hernandez Saul Hernandez LaToya Hines Myriam Hinojosa


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

MONICA TAPIA and her classmates enjoy Mr. Lane's geography lesson.

Dameon Horace Ericka Horace

Ebony Hubbard Gloria Hubbard

Clyde Jackson Kennedy James Jose Jimenez Misty Jones Jennifer Kessinger

Amy Kiel LaKeisha Lee Bradley Leverett Nicole Leverett Nolan Lewis

Jeni Lightfoot Katherina Loftin Richard Long Ariel Lopez Cecilia Lopez

Amy Luna LaShondra McGee Antiquwanna McGuire Jon McGuire Michael Mettlen


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

HEIDI OLIVAREZ tells Mr. Jimmy Smith how to direct the new play cast.

Chasity Minyard Scott Minyard

Amy Mireles Melissa Monrroy

Arturo Morado Jaime Moreno Jennifer Moreno Marcus Moses April Mott

Rhonda Nash Stephanie Oliphant Stephen Oliphant Patricia Olivares Heidi Olivarez

Annette Olvera Marlene Padilla Cesar Palacio Luis Palomino Casie Parish

Steven Paul Candy Perez Maria Perez LaSaunta Polk Ivan Quiroz


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Jose Ramos Charity Rast Rhonda Ray Jessica Rayborn Gustavo Reballoso

Andrea Reyes MitzyReyes Laura Reyna Lucero Reyna Marsha Richard

Nora Robles Roberto Roman Tunothy Russell Jason Ryan Erica Salazar

Roy Salazar Robert Sanchez Patricia Sandoval Miguel Santana Anita Sarmiento

Noel Sarmiento Perla Sarmiento Misti Seymore Elizabeth Sloan Jaime Solis

Teresa Stone Chris Tamez Donald Tamez Monica Tapia Regina Taylor


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Ruben Terrazas Felicia Trevino Tina Trout Scott Turner Freddie Vasquez

Pedro Villarreal Kori Wallace Travis Wallace Kristi Ward Melanie Ward

Wayne Ward Travis Washington Jennifer Webb Lanitra Wofford Amanda Ybarra

Naf PICfURED: PrimitivoAcevedo, Ricardo Alanis, Amanda Celestine, Cindy Compean, Ramiro DeJesus, Laura Dominguez, Robert Galindo, Timothy Jones, Jeremy Payton, Mike Reyes, Santos Robledo, Amanda Solis and Kristal Williams.

Fabiola Zarzoza FRESHMAN KENNEDY James sits patiently as Senior Archie Jackson puts a grotesque plaster mold on his face. ANNETIE OLVERA waits anxiously for her turn on the softball field at Old Orchard.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

THIS IS part of the best support staff that is available in Texas public school education. From left to right is Sarah Rios; secretary to the superintendent; Joyce Carr, bookkeeper; and Bea Suarez, administration receptionist and secretary to the Curriculum Director. Not pictured is Lucy Rector, payroll clerk; Karen Fuller, technology director; and Dixie McDuffie, food services director.

INTERIM SUPERINTENDENTVernonPaul came to Diboll last summer from a position as principal of Seminole (TX) High School. He took a position at Diboll Junior High but then Curriculum Director, Dr. Floyd Worley, resigned to take the superintendency at Apple Springs. Mr. Paul then took Dr. Worley's position as curriculum director. Then after further unforeseen circumstances, he assumed Dr. Campbell's job.

IN MARCH, Dr. GaryCampbell steps down as superintendent to become an administrative assistant in charge of public relations, grant writing and other duties for Diboll ISD.


DIRECTOR OF Finance Craig Russell (left) and Athletic Director and Head Coach Finis Vanover discuss next year's budget.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

1994-95 DibOll ISD Board of Trustees

MEMBERS OF this year's School Board are 0-r) Joe Herny Smith, Dave Martinez, Rev. Roy G. Smith, Interim Superintendent Vernon Paul, Board President Bill Sloan, John Ralph Pouland, Jack Jenkins and Levy Ellison.

Adntinistrative changes at Diboll ISD This has been another year of changes at Diboll ISD. Superintendent Gary Campbell started his second year at Diboll ISD but because of health problems, he stepped down from that position in March to become administrative assistant. Curriculum Director Vernon Paul stepped in as interim superintendent. He is to be commended for handling this very complex job in such a

professional manner. Then in May, for the first time in Diboll ISD's history, the first female superintendent was hired. Mrs. Carolyn Sewell comes to Diboll officially on July 1 from Pottsboro, TX, where she has been superintendent for three years. Here atDHS, Principal Rick Cowan left June 1 to become superintendent at Van Vleck ISD. His successor had not been named as of June 8.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Carmen Billings-Math Jesse Bradford-Agriculture Janet Brockman-Choir Gracie Buford-Office Education

Donna Cassels-Computers Lois Clemens-Math Linda Cordell-English Carol Drake-Health

Joe Garr-Gov't/Economics Susan Haney-VAC Terry Johnson-History/Coach Teena Kellam-Spanish/Teacher Cadet

Elmer Kimbrough-Math Adrien Langevin-French/Spanish Ken Lightfoot-Health Sally Macher-Librarian

Gary Martel-Biology/Coach Pat McGuire-Resource Debra Oladovich-Geom-Chemistry Sue Perkins-Student Publications

Larry Poe-Agriculture Becky Robins-Resource Jimmy Smith-Theater Jo Ann Stephens-Athletics/Coach


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

DHS administrative staff takes good of students OFFICE WORKERS are (seated) Florence Adkison, (standing, 1-r) Janice Milligan and Dottie Stewart.

MRS. MARY Ingram is the DHS's counselor. She administers the TAAS, schedules classes and gives advice to all students.

PRINCIPAL RICK Cowan looks back one last time at his DHS offices. He left June 1 to be superintendent at Van Vleck.

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL John Yonker spends his time evaluating teachers and taking care of student discipline problems.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Teachers-In a Class of Their Own For the first time in Principal Rick Cowan left DHS at the end of years, DHS theater this school after one students won at district area UIL and a half years ofbeing and competitions, and made DHS principal. He left to take the a good showing at superintendent's regionals in Mexia with position on June 1 at the the UIL one-act play Van Vleck ISD near Bay entitled, "The Insanity of Mary Girard." City. Other new teachers This was the first year for Assistant coming on board this Principal John Yonker. year were Janet Mr. Yonker did a Brockman, Debra fantastic job in his new Oladovich, Coach position. He came here Leslie Wylie, (second from Montgomery ISD. semester) Coach Pam The Texas Forestry Rogers, Adrien Association named new Langevin and Becky agriculture teacher Robins. In the office, Mr. Larry Poe as their "Teacher of the Year." Cowan made Mrs. Theater Arts teacher Milligan the registrar OFF TO jail you go!!!! Principal Rick Cowan and Assistant Principal John Yonker are taken to jail as part of a Diboll Day Jimmy Smith was a and PRIMS clerk. -- Photo by Leia Paulsey Mrs. Lois Clemens fundraiser. good addition to the school's Theater Arts was voted Teacher of Department. the Year at DHS.

COACH PAM Rogers joins the DHS teaching staff during the second semester, taking Leslie Wylie's place.


MRS. LOIS Clemens takes time out to give blood to Stewart's Blood Bank. She was voted Teacher of the Year.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Jeff Stifle-Athletics/Coach Kevin Swor-Agriculture Finis Vanover-Athletic Director/Head Coach Burlon Wilkerson-English

Judith Williamson-Accounting Lisa Williamson-Home Economics Leslie Wylie-Physical Science/Coach Carolyn Yates-Resource

Johnnie Mae Dixon-Teachers' Aide Judy McGurre-Teachers' Aide Florence Adkison-Attendance Janice Milligan-Registrar

Dottie Stewart-Secretary

STAFF NOT pictured: Teddie Bowen, Shirley Terrell-Nurse Biology; Cathie Cain, Band Director; Pam Felder, Reading; Sally Foley, Senior English; Monty Gothard, Freshman English; Robert Howard, Sophomore English; Frank Lane, Geography; Steve Paul, Art; Pam Rogers, Physical Science; Ricky Stephens, Math; and Mary Ingram, Counselor.

MAINfENANCE WORKERS this year are Supervisor Frank Mitchell and Maria Soto. Not pictured is Tommy Hodges.

Kevin HurleyBasketball Coach

CAFETERIA WORKERS include (1-r) Gertie Mathis, Eugenia Olivares, Olga Salazar, Linda Mills, Olga De.Jesus, Francisca Silva and Bertha Silguero. Not pictured is Maria De.Jesus.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.



Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


u d

Traditionally, theStudentCouncilhas had one main duty on every high school campus--that is to oversee student elections. All different types of elections are monitored -- Homecoming queen and her court, Mr. and Miss Diboll High School, Senior personalities, class favorites and officers and the next year's Student Council officers elections as well. Student Council officers are responsible for getting the ballots

together and for counting the votes. In a school the size of DHS, this is a large job. In addition to taking care of elections, they decorated the stadium for Homecoming. They helped out with the Teacher's Day Off. They presented a video to the Board members called "A Day at Diboll High School." Also, they presented the sportsmanship awards during half-time ceremonies at the football games.


n t STUDENT COUNCIL officers include (front, 1-r) Kristen Bradford, president; Jeremiah Phipps, vice president; Cubby Castillo, secretary; (back) Felix Tamez, treasurer; Jennifer Jones, reporter; Ms. Donna Cassels, sponsor; Kari Musick, parliamentarian and Liz Castillo, chaplain.



n c • 1

1 L_



STUDENT COUNCIL members pay attention while Kristen Bradford presides at a meeting.

KRISTEN BRADFORD looks over the shoulder ofJeremiah Phipps as Student Council members make a poster to display in the hall.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

National Honor Society

NATIONAL HONOR Society members include (front, 1- r) Veronica Sarmiento, Christy Hearne, Kristen Bradford, Kari Musick, Shay Oswalt, Michelle Cordell, Jaynna Sims, Amy Smith, Susan Wilbanks and Jennifer Jones; (back) Ricky Welch, Kevin Tolly, Lanton Chumley, Justin Jackson, Jeremiah Phipps, Patrick Kilgore and Trey Wilkerson.

To become considered for admission to DHS's National Honor Society, students must meet the minimum weighted grade point average of 4.3. But having that GPA doesn't guarantee that students can become a member. "Mr. Cowan appoints a faculty-council of five teachers and they decide on the students by their scholarship, character, leadership and service," Sponsor Mary Ingram said. The purpose of the NHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in students.

ONCE A year, craziness comes out in the National Honor Society. Shown here (front, 1-r) are initiates Amanda Garrett, Jodi Jones, Carrie Havard, Liz Castillo, Allison Ard, Tiffany White; (back) Krista Wilkerson, Carrie Grove, Necia Young, Kevin Martz, Willie Vasquez and Richard Lenderman. NATIONAL HONOR Society president Patrick Kilgore initiates new members into the National Honor Society.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Future Fanner's of America TIIE FFA officers are (1-r)Josh Webb, historian; Eric Crager, parliamentarian; Joe Williams, sentinel; Lanton Chumley, president; Kristen Bradford, vice president; John Wilson, chaplain; Bubba Loftin, reporter; Jonathan Smith, secretary and Amy Smith, treasurer.

LANTON CIDJMLEY licks his lips as he thinks about the catfish he and Justin Jackson are preparing for the banquet.

The FFA was one of' the most active organizations on campus this year. They hosted a fish harvest in the fall and fried them for their spring banquet guests. As always, they participated in the district and area leadership contests. Theywent to state leadership contests at SHSU, and attended the national FFA convention in Kansas City. They took a trip to the Houston rodeo, and showed their animals at the Houston Livestock Show. They also showed their projects and animals at the Angelina County Livestock Show in March.

ANGELINA COUNTY agent Mike Whiteman helps Misti Seymore and Eric Crager clean the catfish that will be fried at the FFA's annual fish fry in the spring.

CHAD CAMP works on the trailer he is making for the Houston Livestock show.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

CHASI1Y SMITII models 1he dress she made for 1he sewing skills competition at the You1h Fair. She won a blue ribbon.

TOWARD TIIB end of 1he year, 1he FHA had a pizza party. FHA pizza eaters are (1-r) Misti Cook, Stephanie Smi1h and Nora Robles.

FHA remembers Oklahoma City bombing, April 19

SPONSORS LISA Williamson (left) and Lisa Jones have fun at a year-end FHA party.

Members of the Diboll FHA chapter attended the regional meeting that was held in Plano and South Fork. They collected toys for day care centers and schools in remembrance of the children who died in the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing on April 19. Sponsor Lisa Williamson

said 1995 is the 50th anniversary year of the Future Homemakers of America. The year's theme was "50 Years Leading the Way-F am i lies, Careers, Communities" which is a tribute to the dedication of each of the nine million students who have been FHA/HERO members since it started on June 11, 1945.

FHA's 50th Anniversary Celebration

OFFICERS ARE (1-r) Barbie Frankens, chaplain; Brandy Frankens, vice president; Brandi Clark, president; Felicia Trevino, treasurer and Angela Rios, secretary.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Flag Corps oo Cheerleaders

JAIME NORMAN and Tina Trout get ready for their part of the Homecoming pep rally..

STANDING AT ease are (front) Lumberjack Flag Corps members Claudia Zapata and Susan Wilbanks and (standing) Jaime Norman, Captain Stephanie Cavazos, Tina Trout and Davina Mitchell. The Flag Corps practiced their routines with the band for many hours per week.

FLAG CAPTAIN Stephanie Cavazos proves herself to be an able leader of the Flag Corps. Shewas also yearbook editor.


DIBOLL HIGH School's Flag Corps members perform for a football pep rally.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

VARSITY CHEERLEADER LaMartha Kiel massages her feet during a football game.

VARSI1Y CHEERLEADERS try to get the Homecoming crowd "pumped up" during the bonfire.

SHELLEY SMIIB relaxes on the sideline and catches a breath of fresh air.

DARLA NASH gets into the Lumberjack spirit as she gets her face painted. - VARSI1Y AND JV gets ready to perform at the Diboll Day parade for the judges. Diboll Varsity cheerleaders received first place in the parade. The varsity cheerleaders had a successful year with the help of an excellent sponsor, Mrs. Florence Adkison.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

1st Drill Team

The Dazzlers

The Diboll Dazzlers, known as the drill team, was organized for the first time at DHS in August,


1994. Diboll' s school administration wanted to form a drill team and a week before the first football game, Mrs. Janet Brockman was asked to sponsor it. The Dazzlers started out with 17 girls and ended up with 10. Mrs. Brockman said the attrition was attributed to several causes: they didn't get to go to summer camp and they didn't realize the work was as hard as it turned out to be. Also, many girls were involved in other activities. The Dazzlers performed at football half-time ceremonies, basketball games and atAngelina College. The Lumberjack Band accompanied the Dazzlers at football games. The other Dazzler sponsor was Mrs. Lisa Taylor. DAZZLERS HOLD their heads high as they get ready to perform at a pep rally. DRILL TEAM friembers cheer on the football team during Homecoming.

MICHELLE LAWRENCE and Carrie Grove look excited as they get ready to dance. They are all smiles as they began to march on the field. THE DAZZLERS are (front) Marisa Fernandez; (middle) Carrie Grove, Star Corlee, Angela Rios; (back) Sonia Reyes, Manuela Reyes, Tonya Rodriguez and Leia Paulsey. Not pictured are Glenda Landrum and Michelle Lawrence.


MARISA FERNANDEZ performs well at a girls' basketball game.

STAR CORLEE looks emotional as she dances at the pep rally.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

DIBOLL CELEBRATES its lOOth year this Diboll Day, and the Lumberjack twirlers and drum majors lead the band down the parade route.

DHS Twirlers: Great

Year 1WIRLERS this season are (front, 1-r) Freshman Misti Seymore, Junior Mandy Bowman, Head TwirlerAngie Luce, Junior Necia Young, Freshman Casie Parish; and (back) Freshman Katherina Loftin and Junior Michelle Cordell.


LUMBERJACK 1WIRLERS create some real excitement during halftime ceremonies at a home football game.

ALLISON ARD and Briza Mancha hold their head high as they direct the Lumberjack Band.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Club The Art Club made several architectural drawings of local buildings and created an art show for the community. The club took trips to museums both locally and in larger cities. Members also visited artists in the community. The club sponsored general art workshops to train artist-members in art skills. The club is sponsored by Mr. Steve Paul.

ARf CLUB officers include (1-r) Shawna White, treasurer; JuaQuin Gonzalez, president; and Edgar Cavazos, vice president . Not pictured is Edna Martinez, secretary. ABOVE RIGIIT, Ella Thomp· son stands by the artwork she drew for the art show sponsored by the Art Club. WINNERS AT the DHS art show are {1-r) Jose Sandoval, Joshua Lee, JuaQuin Gonzalez and Omar Palomino.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

HELPING BEFORE the luncheon are 0-r) Claudia Roman, Manuela Concha, Myriam Plascencia, Edna Martinez andJanie Gonzales.

The Business Professionals of America, sponsored by Mrs. Gracie Buford, held an employee-employer luncheon in the DHS library near the end of the school year. They also had an office Christmas party in December and the students exchanged gifts.

OFFICERS FOR Business Professionals of America are (clockwise) Daniel Zarzoza, president; Stacy Tobias, secretary; Myriam Plascencia, treasurer; Marisa Gonzalez, parliamentarian; Claudia Roman, parliamentarian 2; Manuela Concha, vice president; Edna Martinez; and Janie Gonzalez, historian. WAITING PATIENTLY in line for lunch are (1-r) Sherry Hogan, Dana Helton, Janie Gonzalez,Patty Medina, Myriam Plascencia, Marina Cabrera and Edna Martinez. STEPHANIE SMITH, Misti Cook, Lynette Babcock and Linda Grimes help themselves to the great food that was served at the BPA luncheon.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Theater Arts goes to regionals IN "CHARLIE Brown's" chorns line (1-r) are Shawna White, Amanda Ybarra, Rob Parr, Susan Wilbanks, Jeremiah Phipps, Angie Luce, Ken Goins, Mandy Bowman, Kenny Nash and Michelle Cordell.

I·- .••• IN 1HE play of''The Insanity of Mary Girard,'' Michelle Cordell shows her emotions while the "Furies" writhe on the floor in their craziness.

This year the Theater Arts Department did a lot of changing. Beginning this year, the cast brought 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," and for the first time, they put together a dinner theater show called "The Shame of Tombstone." The play of "The Insanity of Mary Girard." "The Insanity of Mary Girard'' won district championship with 48 points. Winning honorable mentions were Rob Parr, Erica Salazar, Angie Luce and Mandy Bowman. Named to the all-star cast were the "Furies," Marilyn Harper, Patti Menz, Steven Burnette, Amanda Ybarra, Kenny Nash, Susan Wilbanks, Tami Beck, Rob Parr, Erica Salazar, Angie Luce and Mandy Bowman. Best actress and actor were Michelle Cordell for Mary Girard and Josh Everett for Steven Girard. MICHELLE CORDELL, as Mary Girard, pulls away from Rob Parr, the crnel Warder.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

TIIE NEW French and Spanish teacher, Mr. Adrien Langevin (front, left), sponsors the French Club. Officers are (front, 1-r) Michelle Cordell, vice president; Kari Musick, secretary; Laura Barrera, treasurer; (back) Carrie Grove, president; Jeremiah Phipps, chairman 2; Joe Ramsey, chairman l; and Jaynna Sims, parliamentarian.

French Club

WOKS LIKE Mr. Langevin is having a good time as he helps the French Club members separate candy for a fimd raiser.

The French Club sponsored a candy sale and raised $300 for the organization. With the money they earned, they bought French movies so that they could learn the language better. Next year, the students will be able to view them. The French movies are American movies but they are dubbed in French. Mr. Langevin said he will buy the French movies while he is at home in Canada this summer. He said the movies are less expensive in Canada than they are here in the United States. With the money they earned, they had planned to eat at a French restaurant and see a play in French at the I-Max Theater. But instead, the French Club's officers decided to buy the French movies. They said that the movies will be useful to the students. The French Club sponsor is Mr. Adrien A. Langevin. Mr. Langevin is one of DHS's new teachers. He was born in Central America but is a citizen of Canada. This is his first year teaching French.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

TIIE BAND members stand behind Diboll High School to get their picture made for the football program. SENIOR BAND members Angie Luce, Briza Mancha, Jelyitsa Perez, Kenith Goins and Joe Williams pose with their parents on Senior Night during their last football game.

SENIORBAND members Angie Luce and Stephanie Cavazos show their team spirit during the Diboll Homecoming game against Alto.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

The LUlllberjack Band During the fall the band was busy performing for the football games, UIL marching contest, Angelina Christmas parade, Red Ribbon Day Parade, Diboll Day Parade, all-region tryouts, a Christmas concert and this year they also performed for U.S. Congessman Charlie Wilson. The band returned from UIL Marching Contest with Division II rating. This year also saw a new addition to the Diboll Band

program with the creation of a The Band Booster Club gave stage band, called the "Jazzy six scholarships, and three Jacks." The .band performed at members earned Band various functions and events scholarships from other colleges around the area. or universities. In the spring the band prepared The Band Booster Club also for all-state tryouts, UIL Solo and provided a band banquet and a Ensemble contest, UIL concert trip toAstroworld and Jones Hall and Sight-reading contest and a on May20. springconcert.Thebandreturned from the UIL Concert and SiteReading contest with a Divison II rating in concert and a I in the BAND MEMBER Rob Parr keeps the sight-reading. beat going during a DHS pep rally. The DHS band had 13 members to try out for the AllRegion Band and all 13 made it. Two of the members who were selected for All-Region Band advanced to the All-Area level of competition. This level is one step away from the coveted All-State Band. The band had 11 members receive Division I ratings on solos at the UIL Solo and Ensemble contest, and four of those advanced to the state contest in late May. SENIOR BAND members Eltoris Caraway, Stephanie Cavazos, Karen Ivey and Kyle Lewis pose with their parents on Senior Night at the last football game.

THE DIBOLL High School band puts on show for the crowd during the Diboll Day Parade. Diboll received a second place trophy for doing such a good job.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Math Club wins honors

-- - ----- - ---.- - - ----- - ---First place math team at Stephen F. Austin State University contest

SMILING PROUDLY are {1-r) Patrick Kilgore, Amy Smith and Trey Wilkerson.

11IE MA11I club members hold up the trophies they won at a competition. They include (clockwise) Patrick Kilgore, Trey Wilkerson, Richard Lenderman, Ricky Welch, Tiffany White and Amy Smith.

Mu Alpha Theta, also called the Math Club, had pizza sales each Friday to raise funds for the club. They met monthly, sometimes having guest speakers.

Members competed in many contests, placing in all of them. They attended the state convention in February, and the national MA0 meeeting in August.

MU ALPHA Theta officers are {1-r) Kari Musick, historian; Amy Smith, secretary; Trey Wilkerson, president; and Patrick Kilgore, '1ce president.

FIRST PIACE winners and their sponsor at SFA's math competition are {1-r) Ricky Welch, Trey Wilkerson, Mrs. Lois Clemens, JaynnaSims, Patrick Kilgore and Richard Lenderman.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

KYSSED: still active KYSSED Club has been a very active group this year. They sponsored a whole week which is called Red Ribbon Week set aside for special activities. One day that many people participated in was "My buddy and me are drug free." During the Alcohol Awareness Week, they handed out plastic paper clips, pens and rulers. "DRUG FREE, my buddy and me" includes (front, 1-r) Allison Ard, Brandi Clark, Patricia Dowdy, Jessica Rayburn; (back) Jose Salazar, Felix Tamez, Ms. Pam Felder, Ms. Donna Cassels, Melanie Mosley, Tanya Ellison, Claudia Zapata, Denise Torres and Monica Perez. KYSSED MEMBERS 0-r) Marilyn Harper and Tami Beck volunteer their time as bingo callers for Diboll Junior High's Chill Out Party in January.

Just Say

No To D


KYSSED LEADERS include {1-r) Tami Beck, Marilyn Harper, Shawna White and Lora Bums. Not pictured are Tina Trout, Phillip Chapman, Lisa Capps and Katherina Loftin.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


.. !

Fellowship of Christian Athletes . 1

This school year the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) only consisted of three members. The organization didn't participated in many activities this year because of the lack of members. They held a few meetings at Coaches Ricky and Jo Ann Stephens' house. They held a FCA party in the DHSgym. Fellowship of Christian Athletes president was Kristen Bradford. The vice president was Jackie McGuire and secretary/treasurer was Jennifer Jones. Mr. Keith Ellison was the only guest speaker FCA had this year. He was a football player at SFASU. -Fred Woods


OFFICERS OF the Fellowship of Christian Athletes are (1-r) Jackie McGuire, Kristen Bradford and Jennifer Jones.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

;. Geography Club

GEOGRAPHY CLUB officers are (front, 1-r) Melanie Mosley and Marilyn Harper; (middle) LaToya Stewart and Tami Beck; and (back) Kristi Ward and Mario Olivares.

The Geography Club got off to a slow start this year, but the main focus was to raise money for the club. Sponsor Frank Lane said that he purchased donuts for the club to sell before school and that is the main way the club members raised money. The organization didn't participated in many activities this year because of the lack of interest, Mr. Lane said. Geography Club officers were Mario Olivares, president; LaToya Stewart, vice president; Melanie Mosley, secretary; Marilyn Harper, treasurer; Kristi Ward, reporter; and Tami Beck, historian. Representatives were Kasie Conner, Jessica Rayborn, Anita Sarmiento, Tessa Glover, Belinda Alvarez, Amy Kiel and Niya Guillory. -Fred Woods


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Yearbook Class

The Luniberjack

FOURI1I PERIOD yearbook staff members are (front, 1-r) Fredrick Woods, Malcolm Starghill, Briza Mancha, LaMartha Kiel, Manuela Concha, Jelyitsa Perez and (top) Belinda Robles.

The yearbook staff started their year off working hard, determined to make this annual one of the best ever. First they sold ads to raise enough money to partially pay for the books' printing costs. Then they got to work. The staff came to yearbook class to work on pages in the computer, making layouts, choosing photos and writing stories, captions and headlines.

Yearbook editors were Stephanie Cavazos and Maggie Sarmiento. Staff members were Malcolm Starghill, Jelyitsa Perez, LaMartha Kiel, Sports Editor Briza Mancha, Belinda Robles, Manuela Concha, Fred Woods and Kathy Wells. On the seventh period staff were Curtis Fisher, Organizations Editors Brandy Frankens and Carmen Soto and Honors Editor Alan Tetu. Both editors were in this class.

SEVENffi PERIOD yearbook staff members are (front, 1-r) Carmen Soto, Alan Tetu and Brandy Frankens; and (top) Curtis Fisher, Stephanie Cavazos and Maggie Sarmiento.

CARMEN SOTO joins the staff second semester and does a greatjob collecting information and finishing her pages on time.

MAGGIE SARMIENTO calls a "teacher" during "Teachers' Day Off" to report that there had been too many tardies. Yearbook Class and Student Council sponsored "Teachers Day Off."


CURfIS FISHER, assistant sports editor, comes to school the last day to finish his baseball story in the computer.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

THE AX Throughout the years, THE AX has been a source of pride for DHS students and supporters. That was the goal for this year's newspaper staff. They wanted to keep it alive in '95, and they were successful. Newspaper sponsor, Sue Perkins, said that this was one of the most cohesive staffs she had had in years. Printing at the FREE PRESS ceased in '94, and the Lufkin Daily News started printing THE AX .. Printing costs almost doubled but advertising was strong for the year, and the publi, cation continued to be self-supporting.

Great staff--great kids!! -- Ms. P

Sofia Reyes was edi-. tor, Duane Olds was cartoonist, and staff members were Angela Rios, Courtnie Friday, Melanie Mosley, Tiffany White, LaToya Stewart, Danny Kimbrough, Sergio Estrada, Ericka Gonzales, Shellie Ledford, Marcus Coleman, Wendi Harris, LaMartha Kiel, Rosa Olvera and Fedra Salazar. In the spring, KYLE LEWIS leads LaMartha Kiel, Josh Webb, Sofia Reyes and Brandi Clark, Ella Th- Fedra Salazar in a headline writing session. ompson, Josh Webb, Eva Serratos, Donna Brown, Stanley Oliphant and Kyle Lewis joined the staff. -Fred Woods

MELANIE MOSLEY works on a layout in the computer for one of the spring papers. She often came and helped with newspaper production after school. Angie Rios, Brandi Clark (pictured here) Rosa Olvera and Marcus Coleman are great workers first period.

SOFIA REYES is the only sophomore newspaper editor that Ms. Perkins has had since she has been at DHS. Here Sofia says hello to the dog that checks DHS's halls and parking lots for drugs and firearms. Ms. Perkins had asked that the dog

come to D-5 and give the newspaper staff a demonstration.

AS DONNA Brown naps, Tiffany White stops for a second while editing one of her stories for The AX.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.



Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Set, Brunp, Spike Starting their season in August and ending in November, the LadY.jacks varsity volleyball team showed much improvement this year by being runner-up in district. The LadY.jacks lost their bi-district game to Coldspring with the scores of 15-11 and 15-3. There were 14 JV games and 10 Freshman games. Varsity played in one tournament. Making the girls' all-district volleyball team are Patricia Thomas (#11) was most valuable player, Jodi Jones (#6) made the first all-district team, Veronica R. Salazar (#4) and Dora Enriquez (#1) made district honorable mention. Graduating seniors are Thomas, Monica Reyes, Em·iquez, Salazar and Veronica Salazar. Not pictured is Donna Brown. Head volleyball coach Jo Ann Stephens said, "The volleyball program showed an increase in players. This has enabled the program to grow, and allowed us to have a Freshman team two years in a row now. Having a Freshman team gives the ladies an added year of experience before they are on junior varsity and varsity, and this also helps them to mature." - Briza Mancha

PATRICIA IBOMAS serves the ball to the opposing team. She was voted most valuable player for the year.

SOPHOMORE JODI Jones sets the ball as LaShonda Ruth tries to spike it.

GIRLS' VARSI1Y volleyball team members are (front) LaShonda Ruth and Star Corlee; (middle) Olga Martinez, Patricia Thomas, Jennifer Jones; (back) Monica Reyes, Graciela Reyes, Dora Enriquez, Veronica R. Salazar, Jodi Jones, Veronica Salazar, Lizeth Castillo and Celsa Reyes.

ME Mc Le:




Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.



JUNIOR VARSI1Y volleyball members are (front, 1-r) Angela Rios, Florencia Herrera, Maria Salazar, Patricia Enriquez, Amanda Garrett, Ashley Linderman, Tameshia McNeill; (back) Amy St.Arna, Hollie Lyles, Jana McGaughey, Darla Nash, Sofia Reyes, Leia Paulsey and Marisa Fernandez.

JUNIOR VARSI1Y and freshman teams warm up against one another, as theywait for their own games to start.

VARSI1Y PLAYER Star Corlee makes a swan dive for the ball but it doesn't look like she made it in time.


FRESHMAN GIRLS' volleyball team members are (front, 1-r) Annette Olvares, Maria Perez, Ana Guajardo, Audra Harris; (back) Patricia Olivares, Teresa Stone, Erika Salazar, Misty Jones and Andrea Reyes.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Bi-district Chatnpions The Diboll Ladxjacks went a step further this year. They won the bi-district game against Coldspring but lost the area game against Waco LaVega. The LadY.jacks were district champions for the first time in LadY.jack history. This was the second year for the Ladies to go to the playoffs. Their district record was 10-0, winning 15 consecutive games. Their overall record was 27- 7 (including scimmages). The high scorer for the year was Patricia Thomas with an

average of 31.points per game. The two leading rebounders were Chris Mettlen and Kristen Bradford with an average of 1011 rebounds per game. The guards, Briza Mancha and LaMartha Kiel, averaged four to five assists per game, and Thomas averaged eight assists per game. "I am very pleased with the way the Ladies accomplished a greater challenge this year. They took their season a step further, showing that they were mentally and physically ready," Coach Jo

Ann Stephens said. Thomas was chosen the district's MVP and won firsteam, all-state honors. Mancha made first team all-district. Bradford and Mettlen were second team all-district and Kiel and Jennifer Jones were named honorable mention. Coach Stephens was chosen as Coach of the Year for District 19-AAA. Graduating seniors were • Donna Brown, Dora Em·iquez, Mancha, Mettlen, Veronic;a R. Salazar, Veronica Salazar and Thomas. -Briza Mancha

THE LADYJACK bi-district champions are (front, 1-r) Veronica R. Salazar, LaMartha Kiel and Jennifer Jones; (back) Veronica Salazar, Dora Enriquez, Kristen Bradford, Briza Mancha and Patricia Thomas. Not pictured are Chris Mettlen and Donna Brown. CHRIS ME1TLEN is about to go up strong as a Rusk player defends her.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

RUSK PIAYERS say, "We didn't touch the ball," while Patricia Thomas says, "Yes, you did and we'll take it...NOW."

LAMARfHAKIEL goes toward the goal as two Coldspring players try to defend her.

PATRICIA THOMAS goes up strong for two points in the playoff game against Coldspring. BRIZA MANCHA and Chris Mettlen defend the opponent as they try and take the ball away, as Kristen Bradford watches the action.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

KRISTEN BRADFORD jumps high for the ball in the area playoff game against Waco LaVega. BRIZA MANCHA ends up with the basketball as Kristen Bradford tries and keep the defense away.

DURING A game, Kristen Bradford, Donna Brown, Dora Enriquez, Veronica R. Salazar and LaMartha Kiel engage Coach Stephens in a conversation. PATRICIA TIIOMAS rises above her many defenders to make two points for the championship LadY.jacks. BRIZA MANCHA and Kristen Bradford literally flght off two of Coldspring's more aggressive players.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Ladxjacks win flrst district basketball title, ever LAMARTHA KIEL goes up for a basket as a Rusk player gets a hand in her face. CHRIS ME'ITLEN is about to shoot a free shot, as her teammates are ready to get a rebound.

Undefeated in District 19-3A

Ladxjacks SCOREBOARD Hudson Rusk Huntington San Augustine Center Central Corrigan Hudson Rusk Huntington San Augustine Center Central Corrigan Coldspring Waco LaVega

Us Them 54 44 53 41 54 44 59 40 73 44 57 41 61 31 68 56 100 35 54 39 57 54 71 46 61 54 87 50 65 45 68 82

JVLADYJACKS are (front, 1-r) Florencia Herrera, Marisa Fernandez, Amy Ruth Kiel, Sofla Reyes, Darla Nash, Ericka Horace; (back) Shante Keith, Ashley Lenderman, Vanessa Holly, Allison Ard and Angela Rios. FRESHMAN LADYJACKS include (front, 1-r) Maria Perez, Andrea Reyes, Kori Wallace; (back) Candy Perez, Melanie Ward, Misti Jones, Jeni Lightfoot, Amy Ruth Kiel, Marsha Richard, Ericka Horace and Ebony Hubbard.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

'Jacks Win Bi-district, Lose to Madisonville The Diboll Lumb~rjacks had a great season. The team was runner-up in District 19-AAA. Their record was 10-4 in district play and the team record for the year was 16-12. The Lumberjacks won the first playoff game against Hempstead , 77 68 and lost the second playoff game to the Madisonville Mustangs, 7 4-60. Brandon Taylor was the leading scorer and blocker for the season, and one of the leading rebounders. Taylor averaged 26 points and managed 11 rebounds per game. Stanley Oliphant was the second leading rebounder and Andris Cook had the most steals. Cook and Latavian Forney led in assists for the year. Nine seniors and two sophomores helped make it a great season. The graduating seniors are Andris Cook, Allen Farley, Brandon Taylor, David Smiley, Joe Ramsey, Jeff Taylor, Jesse Wallace, Latavian Forney, and Stanley Oliphant. The two sophomores are Jerry King and Lucio Monrroy. -Briza Mancha

IATAVIAN FORNEY (#20) goes for the goal leaving everyone behind. ALLEN FARLEY (#32) shoots a close jumper while the Mustangs stand there and watch the action. BRANDON TAYLOR (#42) gets a fantastic slam dunk at home against the Newton Eagles.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

TIIB LUMBERJACK basketball team members are (front, 1-r) Jerry King, Joe Ramsey, Lucio Monrroy, Jesse Wallace and Andris Cook; (back) Stanley Oliphant, David Smiley, Brandon Taylor, JeffTaylor and Allen Farley. Not pictured is Latavian Forney. JERRY KING (#40) attempts to shoot as the Rusk player tries to get a hand in his face. ALLEN FARLEY (#32) says, ''Help me out, Andris (Cook). I'm falling."


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

BRANDON TAYLOR (#42) is caught between two Rusk players as they all hustle for the ball. "GET OFF my back and out of my way so I can shoot the ball,'' says Senior Stanley Oliphant ( #44).

LATAVIAN FORNEY (#20) drives for a layup as Rusk players watch the action. BRANDON TAYLOR (#42) pulls the jumper as his teammates wait for the rebound. ANDRIS COOK ( #22) and Allen Farley ( #32) fly high during the last game of the home season against the Rusk Eagles.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Boys' Basketball ffits Jackpot; Play in Area Playoff Round ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• JERRY KING (#40) glides in the air toward the bucket, as Hempstead players try and guard him. BRANDON TAYLOR (#42) gets a perfect dunk, while tring to bring the goal down.

LUlllberjack Scoreboard


Us Them

Huntington San Augustine Center Central Corrigan Hudson Rusk Huntington San Augustine Center Central Corrigan Hudson Rusk-Dbl. OT Hempstead Madisonville

71 66 66 64 56 88 56 62 63 62 55 58 71 74 77 60

76 62 54 56 58 64 63 60 44

66 51 49 45 72 71 74

IATAVIAN FORNEY ( #20) gets a shot off, while his teammates David Smiley (#50) and Allen Farley (#32) watch the excitement along with the Rusk players. ALLEN FARLEY (#32) says, "You are going to have jump to stop me."


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

The Mighty Luinberjack~ Scoreboard Bullard Kirbyville Newton Montgomery Alto * Huntington *Corrigan * San Augustine *Center *Rusk



19 26 7 28 0 44 31 14 7 18

13 20 48 27 45 20 12 17 27 57

1994 Record 5 Wins, 5 Losses SENIOR JESSE Wallace is Lumberjack quarterback this year.


VARSI1YTEAM members are (front, 1-r) Rodrick McDaniel, Archie Jackson, Larry Wofford, Travis Jones, Mike Suarez, Jimmy Hadnot, Harvey Olivares, Mario Napoleon, Jose' Salazar, Alonzo Alvarez, Felix Tamez and Joe Garcia; (middle) Eric Hernandez, Adrian Reyes, Jerry Cobb, Bubba Loftin, Scott Treadway, Zicorian Coleman, Roy Rios, Tyrone Taylor, Corey Horace, Donovan Shepherd, Jesse Wallace, Andris Cook and Josh Clark; (back) Lucio Monrroy, Trey Grandgeorge, Ryan Williams, Kreston Paige, Jerry King, Alex Forney, Joe Stephens and Malcolm Starghill.

TIIE LUMBERJACK coaching staffare (front, 1-r) Terry Johnson, Randy Prescott, Jeff Stifle, Athletic Director Finis Vanover, Gary Martel and Mark Kettering; (back) Ricky Stephens, C.D. Byndom, Kevin Hurley, Craig Ruby and Monty Gothard.

TREY GRANDGEORGE (#51) displays a picture perfect tackle as he picks up Corrigan's David Mitchell and buries him.

TEAM CAPTAIN Malcolm Starghill (#21) takes the kickoff and starts to run for the Lumberjack's end zone.

\ 74

AFfER DOING their best on defense, Travis Jones ( #81) and Robert Garcia (#91) watch as the offense takes charge.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

FRESHMAN FOOTBALL team members include (front, 1-r) Phillip Chapman, Leon Coleman, Curtis Campbell, Arturo Morado, Wayne Ward, Ariel Lopez and Jerry Curtis; (middle) Kennedy James, Roberto Roman, Jon McGuire, Alex Alvarez, Scott Turner, Travis Wallace, Steven Paul, Bruce Chtunley and Jose Ramos; (back) Donnell Campbell, Ruben Terrazas, Marcus Cannon, Stephen Oliphant, Jason Diets, Chris Fisher, Freddie Vasquez and Eric Adams. JUNIORVARSI1Y players are (front, 1-r) Bronson Jackson, Donnie Hubbard, Marcus Coleman, Raul Rios, Eric Sandoval, Jose Silva, Josh Shurley, Jaime Moreno, Sergio Estrada, Michael Hearne and Robert Parr; (middle) Dewayne Ligon, Shane Rivers, Ricky Garcia, John Nix, Nolan Lewis, Eric Cavazos, Francisco Morado, Noel Sarmiento, CubbyCastillo, Anthony Oliphant, Chad Lee and Damien Young; (back) TerrickBussey, Tony Silva, Kevin Martz, Greg Thompson, Harvey Baskette, Jonathan Gann, Josh Tatum, J.C. Tobias and Gerardo DeJesus.

DONOVAN SHEPHERD(#20) andTyrone Taylor (#71) take a break after they help put six more points on the board.

JIMMY HADNOT (#6) puts a hit on Center's quarterback to account for another sack.

SENIOR ARCHIE Ray Jackson almost set a new school rushing record this year. He ran for 1,509 yards in 236 carries.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

HERE COME the Mighty Diboll Lumberjacks. The 'Jacks get ready to open the season at home.

SOPHOMORE JERRY King ( #32) gets a chance to show his excellent moves as he runs against the Bullard Panthers. THE LUMBERJACKS line up for battle as Joe Garcia ( #45) gets ready to kick the football.

THE LUMBERJACKS show their spirit in their last pep rally.

MIKE SUAREZ (#3) and Alex Forney (#33) lead the assault to bring down the Alto ball carrier.


COREY HORACE (#5) looks for a hole while Tyrone Taylor ( #71) holds up a block.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Lumberjacks break even at 5-5

TIIB LUMBERJACK defense lead by Alex Forney (#33) and Malcolm Starghill ( #21) gang tackle this big boy from Kirbyville.

ARCHIIEJACKSON (#22) eludes more Kirbyville defenders en route to another touchdown as Joe Stephens (#75) blocks.

The Lumberjacks started the season offdebuting before the Diboll crowd with a 19-13 win over the Bullard Panthers. It was the first time since 1991 that the Lumberjacks had won their season opener. The following week they defeated Kirbyville 2620. The 1994 'Jacks were now 2-0, and in 1993 they only won two games the whole year, and the year before they finished 0-10. The 2-0 'Jacks got their first loss against a tough Newton team, but bounced back with a late 28-27 ·victory against Montgomery. The team would go on to lose the Homecoming game against state ranked Alto, but came back roaring, just waiting for district play to start. They won the first two games with Corrigan 3112 and Huntington, 44-20. That brought their record to 5-2 overall and 2-0 in district. A game that seemed to be going the 'Jacks way against San Augustine ended up being the turning point for the rest of the season. The 'Jacks were up 14-0 but for some reason or another couldn't hold the lead and lost 17-14, marking the downfall of the season. The 'Jacks went on to lose the last two games against Center and Rusk, bringing their season's record to an even 5-5, (2-3) in District 19AAA.. The season was not all disappointing in that a school record was nearly broken by Senior Archie Jackson as he gained 1,509 yards on 263 carries. Also, Cornerback Malcolm Starghill signed a $34,000 full scholarship with Texas Southern University in Houston. Several Lumberjacks were named to the 1994 19-AAA all-district team including linebacker Alex Forney, running backArchieJackson, running back Corey Horace, linebacker Robert Garcia, cornerback Malcolm Starghill, flanker Mike Suarez, cornerback Jerry King, defensive tackle Trey Grandgeorge, defensive tackle Donovan Shepherd, offensive tackle Joe Stephens, defensive back Joe Garcia and defensive back Travis Jones. - By Malcolm Starghill

ALONZO ALVAREZ (#99) destroys a Newton running back as Alex Forney (#33) comes over to assist.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

RODRICK McDANIEL is ahead of the pack as he comes to the last hurdle. MALCOLM STARGHILL gets ready to burn up the track as he takes the handoff from Alonzo Alvarez. MICHAEL HEARNE and Jeff Everett take a breather at the second annual Lumberjack Relays on April 1.

19-3A Track Winners First Place* Allen Farley-High jump Jerry King-11 O hurdles

Alonzo Alvarez- 3200m Cubby Castillo-Discus Jerry King-Triple jump

Fourth Place Second Place* Malcolm Starghill-400m dash Alonzo Alvarez-800m run Jerry King-300m hurdles Zicorian Coleman-200m dash and Triple jump Kreston Paige -11 Om hurdles

Mile Relay Team

Zicorian Coleman-1 OOm dash Kreston Paige-Long Jump

Sprint Relay Joe Garcia Jerry King Rodrick McDaniel Malcolm Starghill

Fifth Place

Alonzo Alvarez Zicorian Coleman Joe Garcia Malcolm Starghill

Alex Forney-Discus Clyde Jackson-Pole vault

Third Place

Sixth Place

Rodrick McDaniel-300m hurdles

Joe Garcia-1 OOm dash Cubby Castillo-11 Om hurdles

Jonathan Gann-Pole vault

TRACK'S REGIONAL qualiflers are (front, 1-r) Joe Garcia, Zicorian Coleman, Marcus Coleman, Alonzo Alvarez, Malcolm Starghill and CubbyCastillo; (back) Coach Gary Martel, Jonathan Gann, Jerry King Jr. and Allen Farley.

Asterisk Denotes Regional Qualifiers

ZICORIAN COLEMAN displays his game face while leaving his opponents far behind in the 200m dash.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas. (


Boys Track Team Ties for Second

MALCOLM STARGHILL seems to be very serious about catching his opponents in the mile relay.

JbSH SHURLEY blows pass the opposition in the 200m dash. Josh accumulated the most points in JV track this year.

kR£STON PAIGE maintains his balance when he hits the · sand his triple jump.

The Lumberjack track team tied for second in district and qualified nine men for regionals. Allen Farley tied the school record of6'6" in the highjump, winning first. Jerry Kingwasfirstin the llOm hurdles and second in the 300m hurdles. Kreston Paige finished second in the llOm hurdles. Malcolm Starghill finished second in the 400m dash and Zicorian Coleman was second in the 200m dash. Also finishing second was Alonzo Alvarez in the 800m run. The mile relay team of Alvarez, Starghill, Joe Garcia and Zicorian Coleman showed signs of excellence early in the year. The relay won first in almost every meet. They were beaten by Rusk, the defending state champs, at district but came back to beat Rusk twice at the regional meet in Brenham. The 'Jacks set a new schoolrecordof3:23.7inthe preliminaries, but could not duplicate their efforts in the finals, finishing third. At the regional meet, Alvarez finished sixth in the 800m run and Farley placed sixth in the high jump. Starghill competed in the 400m dash and King ran the 300m hurdles. Jonathan Gann also competed in the pole vault. All of these track team members performed well. It was a good year for the young track stars and they are looking for an even stronger one next year. The team will graduate four key track team members: Starghill, Farley, Jeremiah Phipps and Trey Grandgeorge. But the underclassmen will try to fill their track shoes.

ALLEN FARLEY ties the school high jump record of 6' 6" with this jump. Joseph Phipps set the record in 1994.

LUMBERJACKS ALEX Forney, Kreston Paige and Jerry King are feeling great about winning the 'Jacks' track meet.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Lad)jacks Miss District by 9 Points The Ladxjacks started the year off slowly but began to make progress and never stopped trying. They finished second in district and sent five team members to regional competition at Blinn College. At the district meet, Ericka Horace and Patricia Thomas brought home the only first place finishes. Horace, a freshman, was first in the lOOm dash and Thomas, a senior, was first in the discus. Thomas was also second in the lOOm hurdles and Ebony Hubbard was second in the 3200m run. The 800m relay team, made up of Horace, Hubbard, Kristen Bradford, and Andrea Reyes, finished second. Also placing second was mile relay team ofHorace, Bradford, Reyes and Hubbard. Other LadY.jacks finishing in the top three at the meet were Veronica R. Salazar placing third in the 300m hurdles and LaKeisha Lee in the 1600m run. Overall, the Ladxjacks had a great year in their competitions against the other schools in District 19AAA.. They only missed winning district by nine points. Generally, they were a young team and have great wins to look forward to in the future. New girls' track coach was Pam Rogers who started working at DHS this semester. -By Malcolm Starghill

19-3A Track Finalists First Place*

Fourth Place

Ericka Horace-1 OOm Dash Patricia Thomas-Discus

Kristen Bradford-Long jump Kristen Bradford-High jump

Second Place* Patricia Thomas-100m Hurdles Ebony Hubbard-3200m

ERICKA HORACE shows a burst of speed in the 200m dash at the second annual Lumberjack Relays.

ANDREA REYES takes the handoff from Kori Wallace iri the mile relay.

400m relay Kristen Bradford Patricia Thomas Monica Reyes Angie Flowers

800m relay team Kristen Bradford Ericka Horace Ebony Hubbard Andrea Reyes

1600m relay team

Andrea Reyes-800m Run Kristen Bradford-400m Dash

Fifth Place Liz Castillo-Discus Angie Flowers-300m Hurdles

Kristen Bradford Ericka Horace Ebony Hubbard Andrea Reyes

Third Place LaKeisha Lee-1600m Run Veronica R. Salazar-300m Hurdles

Patricia Thomas-Shot put

Asterisk Denotes Regional Qualifiers


EBONY ffiJBBARD crosses the finish line in second place to qualify for regionals in the 3200m run.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

TIIE LADYJACK track squad members are (front, 1-r) Angie Flowers, Amy St. Arna, Ebony Hubbard, Ericka Horace, Liz Castillo, Andrea Reyes; (back) Lanitra Wofford, LaKeisha Lee, Patricia Thomas, Kori Wallace, Kristen Bradford, Florencia Herrera, Monica Reyes and Veronica R Salazar.

CROSS COUNTRY team members are (front, 1-r) Jeff Everett, Patricia Oliveres, Maria Perez, Cynthia Mireles, Teresa Stone, Marisa Fernandez, Jennifer Jones, Patricia Enriquez, Phillip Chapman; (back) Andrea Reyes, Jose Salazar, Audra Harris, LaKeisha Lee, Amanda Garrett, Misty Jones, Sophia Reyes, Allison Ard, Florencia Herrera, Olga Martinez, Ardella Fisher, Heidi Olivarez, Josh Shurley, Alex Alvarez, J.C. Tobias, Jose Hernandez, Ruben Terrazas, Sergio Estrada and Willie Vasquez.

KRISTEN BRADFORD flies through the air as she longjumps.

PATRICIA lHOMASpractices on the discus prior to the regional meet. She placed first in district. SHANTE' KEITH looks surprised as she is caught by the camera.

TIIE LADYJACK regional qualifiers are (front, 1-r) Andrea Reyes and Ericka Horace; (back,1-r) Patricia Thomas, Kristen Bradford and Ebony Hubbard.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

• •• • • ••• • •• ••••


A Power Trip Senior Archie Jackson finished with a sixth place in his weight class at the state meet at Texas A&M. He ended up squatting 500pounds, bench pressing 245 pounds and deadlifting 480 pounds which totals 1,225 pounds. Archie finished second in his weight class (181 pounds or less) at the regional meet in Corsicana, and was the only lifter from Diboll to make it to state competition. Rodrick McDaniel, Sergio Estrada and Clyde Jackson also lifted at the regional competition and had a chance of making it to the state meet. Rodrick and Sergio both scratched on the squats and Clyde scratched on the bench press.-Sergio Estrada

SENIORARCHIERayJacksongivesitallhehas at the state powerli:fting meet.

FRESHMAN CLYDE Jackson with the assistance ofteammate, Robert Parr, competes at the powerlifting meet held at Diboll.

WOW, LOOK at this boy go!!! Harvey Olivares competes at a powerlifting meet held at Diboll Junior High. --Photo By Ella Thompson

VOLUNTEERS COME to help nm the powerlifting meet at Junior High.

ROB PARR always makes good lifts.


• • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • 82

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

••••••• •••• ••• ••

Boys' singles goes to regionals

MEMBERS OF Diboll High's tennis team members are Charity Rast, Olga Martinez, Chastity Minyard, Misti Jones and JuaQuin Gonzalez.

JUAQUIN GONZALEZ shows his talent with this smashing overhand serve.

JuaQuin Gonzalez won second in District 19-AAA play in boys' tennis singles butlosthis first match in regional play against the boys' first seed from Kountze. JuaQuin couldn't advance. The girls' tennis team all lost in the first round of district play at Rusk High School on April 12 and 13. Olga Martinez and Patricia Enriquez made up the girls' doubles team while Misty Jones and Chasity Minyard made up the freshman girls' doubles team. Charity Rast was the only girls' singles player at DHS this year. -Shellie Ledford

FRESHMAN CHARI1Y Rast returns the ball to a formidable opponent, JuaQuin Gonzalez. Tennis coach, Jo Ann Stephens, says she should have a good, strong team next year.

••••••• •••• ••• •• 83

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


SOPHOMORE ALLISON Ard and Coach Ricky Stephens go over some golfing tips.

GIRLS' GOLF team ~embers include (1-r) Patricia Thomas, Elizabeth Sloan, Jennifer Jones, Kari Musick and Allison Ard.

JENNIFER JONES stands and smiles proudly ' after sinking a putt at her favorite hole.

The three DHS golfers who placed in the top 10 in district were Steven Paul, Jennifer Jones and Kari Musick. Paul shot a low of86 for the season and Kevin Martz shot a 99 for the boys. For the girls, Patricia Thomas shot a low of 108, and Jones also shot 108. Musick shot 126, Allison Ard shot 119 and Elizabeth Sloan shot 128. --Brandi Clark ASPIRING GOLFER Kevin Martz hits a few putts as he gets in some last minute practice before the last round of district competition.


FRESHMAN STEVEN Paul gets ready for district competition on the putting green at Neches Pines 1 Golf Course. District play was held on April 10.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Girls softball: 3rd in district

MEMBERS OF Diboll High's first girls' softball team are (front, 1-r) Jennifer Jones and Amy Kiel; (middle) Annette Olvera, Hollie Lyles, Darla Nash, Veronica R. Salazar, . Jodi Jones, Lanitra Wofford and Melanie Ward; (back) Coach Ken Lightfoot, Jessica Rayborn, Jeni Lightfoot,Tameshia McNeill, Angela Rios, Kori Wallace, Ashley Lenderman, Sofia Reyes , Ardella Fisher, PJ Dowdy and Head Coach T.J. Johnson.

SOPHOMORE ANGEIA Rios winds up and lets go with one of her famous pitches.

ASHLEY LENDERMAN uses lipstick(?) to prepare herself for the big game.

JENI LIGHTFOOT reacts quickly to catch a line drive.

The new girls' softball team, made up primarily of freshmen, sophomores and a few upperclassmen, had a grand slam start this year. Every game was an improvement for each player, according to Coach T.J. Johnson. The LadY.jacks struggled and finished district play in third place. After battling it out with Central, Huntington, Hudson, Chester, Wells and Corrigan, the team's district record was 7-5. The overall record was 9-6. Hudson finished first while Central ended up in second place. As for the JVteam, their record in district stood at 6-2. Their only two losses were against Central so they finished second. Varsity LadY.jacks who made all-district teams were Melanie Ward, first team outfielder; Jodi Jones, second team catcher; Angela Rios, second team pitcher; Jessica Rayborn, second team third base; Jennifer Jones, second team outfielder; and Hollie Lyles, second team designated hitter. Ashley Lenderman and Jeni Lightfoot made honorable mention and Amy Kiel got district freshman of the year. - By Angela Rios

DARIA NASH knocks an infield home run and comes into home plate.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


PITCHER FRANCISCO Morado practices throwing in the outfield before a crucial game with Center.

JAIME MORENO gets ready to take his swing as a disappointed Josh Shurley walks back to take his seat.

SENIOR JESSE Wallace makes one sensational catch as fellow outfielder Jaime Moreno watches in suprise.

CUBBY CASfILLO attempts to catch a ground ball as Francisco Morado stands back and watches.


MEMBERS OF the varsity baseball team are (front row, 1-r) Mike Suarez, Robert Garcia, Willie Vasquez, Alonzo Alvarez, Josh Shurley and Jaime Moreno; (back) Joe Garcia, Jesse Wallace, Trey Grandgeorge, Allen Farley, Lucio Monrroy and Francisco Morado. Not pictured are Coaches Jeff Stifle, Kevin Hurley and Mark Kettering.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

'Jacks End Season with 17-7 Record WILLIE VASQUEZ is in deep concentration as he waits for the ball. PITCHER ALLEN Farley takes it easy, while he is waiting for his big chance.

JUNIOR JOE Garcia winds up and gets ready to throw another one of his astonishing fast balls. TREY GRANDGEORGE shows off his talent as he catches this foul ball with his eyes closed and standing on one foot.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

JAIME MORENO and Willie Vasquez have a major collisionasJoeGarciaruns to get the ball as it rolls past the others. SENIOR ALLEN Farley shows his famous home run swing as his last season at Diboll High draws to a close.

••••••••••••••••••• • BASEBALL •• • • • • SCOREBOARD • !IS 5 10 11 12 7 10 1 9 6 3 7

5 9 0

10 0

DIEM Rusk 4 Hudson 5 Center 4 Corrigan 7 San Augustine 6 Huntington 4 Central 11 Rusk 0 Hudson 7 Center 4 Corrigan 5 San Augustine 1 Huntington 11 Central 4 PLAYOFFS Montgomery Crockett

5 7

FRANCISCO MORADO is trying to figure out what's going on as he waits for his turn at bat.


PITCHER ALLEN Farley warms up for a big game.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

• •••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••• • ••••• •••••

rockett Proves to be 'Jacks' Nemesis

WILLIE VASQUEZ tries to tag the runner as he slides head first into second base.

i'OTEDMOSTValuablePlayeroftheyear on the baseball team is Robert Garcia.

The 1995 Lumberjack varsity baseball team met their nemesis when they played the Crockett Bulldogs in their second playoff game at Nacogdoches High School. The score was 7-0. The first playoffgame was May 16 in Humble when the 'Jacks played havoc with a good Montgomery High School team. The final score was 10-5. The 'Jacks record this year is 17-7 in District 19-3A. Central won first place in this district, going undefeated in district play. This year's other 19-3A teams were a little different than usual because of their players' slower speeds. But the 'Jacks could easily bunt the ball more and get on base because the team had exceptional speed. The 'Jacks strong points were team speed and defense. Their weak point, according to Head Coach Jeff Stifle, was "lack of concentration." Senior Allen Farley, one of the 'Jacks leading pitchers, won seven and lost three, and had a 2.35 earned run average. Sophomore Pitcher Francisco Morado, who was 9-2 with a 3.04 ERA, relieved Farley on the mound, and their good pitching pulled the 'Jacks out of some marginal games. Senior Robert Garcia had the best batting percentage with .330 for the season, and he also led in the RBI department. Another graduating senior, Mike Suarez, was also a great part ofthe winning team. He had the most stolen bases, 16. Suarez's great speed helped out in this department.

MIKE SUAREZ bunts the ball so he can fly down the first base line.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.





Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

ACADEC COMPETITORS are starting to arrive at DHS to get ready for their flrst ronnd of essay writing, speaking contests and a battery of tests.

TREY WILKERSON points toward the roof to let his teammates know he got the Super Quiz question correct. -Photo by Susan Billings

SOME OF the ACADEC men are about to leave for Diboll from a regional meet in Tyler. They are (1-r) Justin Jackson, JuaQuin Gonzalez, Steven Burnette and Ricley Welch.

.• .. HERE COMES half ofthe Academic Decathlon team. They are prepared for the Super Quiz which is held this year in the DHS gymnasium. From left to right are Steven Burnette, Jeremiah Phipps, April Taylor, Jelyitsa Perez and JuaQuin Gonzalez.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

A CADEC wins 2nd in Texas On February 24 and 25, DHS hosted the ACADEC Small Schools state contest. In this competition, DHS won 30 medals and the second place plaque. First place school was Sinton DIBOLL GETS t11e honor ofhosting tltis year's state Academic Decathlon meet. Over High School, and DHS's team 20 high schools attended from all over the state. placed second, placing at least one student in every event. The ACADEC team consisted of Trey Wilkerson, Patrick Kilgore, Jeremiah Phipps, Justin Jackson, Steven Burnette, JuaQuin Gonzalez, April Taylor, Jelyitsa Perez and Ricky Welch. Alternates were Manuela Reyes, Kevin Tolly, Tanya Rodriguez and Veronica R. Salazar. In the Honors category, Wilkerson received first overall. He got first in speech, first in social studies, second in economics, third in interview and got a $500 and $2,000 scholarship from Texas A&M. Also in Honors, Kilgore received second overall, first in fine arts, first in economics, second in math, second in science, second in language and literature and a $375 scholarship. In the Scholastic events, Phipps won first in speech, first in interview, first in social studies and third in economics. Jackson won third overall, first in math, third in economics, and a $250 scholarship. Burnette got fourth overall and third in social studies. In the Varsity category, Gonzalez got second in essay. MEMBERS OF tltis year's second place Academic Decathlon team are (1-r) Patrick Individuals got a $150 scholKilgore, Ricky Welch, Jelyitsa Perez, Justin Jackson, Steven Burnette, JuaQuin Gonzalez, Jeremiah Phipps, April Taylor and Trey Wilkerson. arship.

Having fun while learning .. .


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Diboll Dominates UIL Takes the Trophy Three Years Straight It seems to be an ongoing Diboll tradition to win the district trophy in UIL. For the third consecutive year Diboll has beaten the competition, this year by a dominating 128 points. This year's academic squad scored a massive 429 points,

MILK DOES the body good, but does it help with spelling? Here, Jelyitsa Perez does some last minute studying before her event at the district meet in Corrigan. RICKY WELCH, Trey Wilkerson, Kristi Ward and Justin Jackson work diligently to finish their research before time expires. ANGIE LUCE, Michelle Cordell, Mandy Bowman and Amanda Ybarra walk down the Corrigan halls to receive their awards. All four placed in the district meet.


followed closest by Center with 301 points. Of the 24 students who placed in events, Diboll brought home 20 first place medals. Diboll had 20 students that qualified to compete in the UIL regional meet. Of those competing at regionals, Patrick Kilgore, Trey

Wilkerson and Jeremiah Phipps qualified to advance to the state competition in early May. Trey went on to win first place in the state in persuasive speaking, and Patrick won second in the state in science as well as first in the subcategory of physics.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

TREY WILKERSON, Patrick Kilgore and Jeremiah Phipps qualify to compete at the UIL state meet in Austin.

KRISTA WILKERSON and Candy Perez read about the tragic death of Tejano superstar, Selena, while waiting to compete. VERONICA SARMIENTO and Steven Burnette make last minute preparations before competing in their events.

DIBOLL UIL competitors pass the many hours by playing a serious game of UNO.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Honored at Holllecollling

JELYITSA PEREZ shows her pride after being crowned the 1994 DHS Homecoming Queen. Senior football player, Mike Suarez, is her escort for the special event. FRESHMEN DUCHESS, Audra Harris, is escorted by Phillip Chapman during the Homecoming football game. SOPHOMORE DUCHESS, Devina Mitchell, is escorted byAnthony Oliphant, who is also a sophomore. JUNIOR DUCHESS is Jennifer Jones escorted by Jason Bearden at the Homecoming coronations. NOMINATED FOR Senior Duchess is Briza Mancha. Her escort was Jeremiah Phipps.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Class Favorites

Monica Perez and Francisco Morado --Sophomore Favorites

Alex Forney and Leticia Santana-.Junior Favorites

Myriam Plascencia. and Daniel Zarzoza--Senior Favorites


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Briza Mancha and Allen Farley - Most Athletic

Mike Suarez and Sonia Reyes Best All-Around

Dora Enriquez and Luis Perez Friendliest


Lazaro Robles and Sonia Reyes Best Dressed

Sanja Vidovic and Patrick Kilgore Most Likely to Succeed

Blanco Jasso and Luis Perez - Wittiest

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Veronica Sarmiento Miss Diboll High School

The single greatest honor at Diboll High School is being elected as Mr. and Miss DHS. These students must maintain at least an 80 average, and were selected by their classmates. Those students selected for the graduating Class of 1995 were JuaQuin Gonzalez and Veronica Sarmiento.

JuaQuin Gonzalez · Mr.DHS

Mr. and Miss DHS-JuaQuin Gonzalez and Veronica Sarmiento


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

THE JUNIOR Chapter Conducting team wins fifth place at the Sam Houston contest. Sponsor is (left) Mr. Kevin Swor and team members are (second from left to right) Scott Turner, Jessica Rayborn, Casie Parish, Misti Seymore, Melissa Hannah and Jason Diets.

THE FORESTRY team placed eighth in Texas. They are MelissaHannah, Lanton ChumleyandJenniferWebb.Notpictured is Tonya McClendon.

LANTON CHUMLEY shows his pig at the County Livestock Show. He didn't make the sale but won a $1,000 Chuck Arnold Scholarship and a$1,000 Kenneth Nelson Forestry Scholarship.


KRISTEN BRADFORD (left) of the Chapter Conducting Team and the Land Judging team, including Josh Webb, Jamie McGuire and Amy Smith, all got third in area and Land Judging got 11th in Texas. Not pictured is Jennifer Jones.

ATTHEAngelina County Livestock Show, Steven Paul wins a swine showmanship award, Justin Jackson wins champion for his English cross steer and Hollie Lyles wins reserve champion for her English cross steer.

JAMIE McGUIRE wins a blue ribbon at Houston Livestock Show and Angelina County Youth Fair. He was chosen second place in his class.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Ag Mech Nruned Res~rve Chrunps The DHS Future Farmers of America ended the school year with a bang. Six students received ag-related scholarships and two judging teams went to the state level. Recipients of scholarships include Amy Smith who received a $5,000 Go-Texan Scholarship from the Houston Livestock Show THE PHOTO shows various awards that the FFA won this year. This was one ofthe FFA's most successful years.

and Lanton Chumley won the $1,000 ChuckArnold scholarship and the $1,000 Kenneth Nelson Forestry scholarship. Margarito Enriquez, Joseph Williams, Travis Jones and Chad Camp received a $250 welding scholarships to Angelina College. The Forestry team placed eighth in Texas. Members of the forestry team include Lanton Chumley, Melissa Hannah, Tonya McClendon and Jennifer Webb. The Land Judging team placed 11th in the state. Members of that team are Jennifer Jones, Jamie McGuire, Amy Smith and Josh Webb. -By Josh Webb

AG MECHANICS team members are (1-r) Travis Jones, Jose' Sandoval, Chad Camp, Fernando Rosales, Joe Williams, Jamie McGuire and Josh Webb. They were chosen reserve champion for their projects at the Houston Livestock Show in February.

JOSE' SANDOVAL shows the bumper trailer that he made for the Houston Livestock Show. He won a blue ribbon and later in the year, he got aS250welding scholarship to go to Angelina College.

FFA QUIZ team memebrs win first at McGee Bend. They are Steven Paul, Freddy Vasquez, Michael Mettlen and Jennifer Webb.

CHAD CAMP shows off the trailer he built to enter at the Houston Livestock Show. He also received a S250 welding scholarship to attend Angelina College.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Band Honors

FIRST DIVISION medalists at the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest are (front, 1-r) Kari Musick, Graciela Reyes, Tina Trout, Katherina Loftin and Lisa Capps; (back) Willie Vasquez, Stephen Pursley, Steven Paul and Kenith Goins. BAND OFFICERS are (front, 1-r) Necia Young, president; Angie Luce, Senior Class representative; Kari Musick, secretarytreasurer; (back) Cubby Castillo, vice president; Willie Vasquez, Sophomore Class representative; Allison Ard, drum major; Katherina Loftin, Freshman Class representative; and Kevin Tolly, quartermaster.

WILLIB VASQUEZ, Kari Musick, Graciela Reyes and Kenith Goins are to compete at the UIL State Solo and Ensemble contest at San Marcos during late May.

GRADUATING BAND Seniors are Angie Luce, Kenith Goins, Misti Ellison, Jesse Wallace, Jelyitsa Perez, Kyle Lewis, Karen Ivy and Eltoris Caraway.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

ALL-REGION BAND members are (front, 1-r) Susan Wilbanks, Manuela Reyes, Carrie Havard, and Eltoris Caraway; (middle) Kari Musick, Necia Young and Graciela Reyes; (back) Phillip Chapman, Willie Vasquez, Alan Tetu, Allison Ard, Steven Paul and Kenith Goins.

STAGE BAND members are (front, 1-r) Manuela Reyes, Misti Ellison, Eltoris Caraway, Leon Coleman and Rob Parr; (back) Kevin Tolly, Alan Tetu, Kyle Lewis and Chris Byrd.

BAND MEMBERS qualifying for all-area honors are Kari Musick and Eltoris Caraway.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Dr. Robert Ramsey was the keynote speaker at the annual All-Sports Banquet on May 19 at the Civic Center in Diboll. Athletic director Finis Vanover and his wife Sharon Vanover won the Jackbackers' Spirit Award. The Vanovers' won the award based on the work they did while raising $579,000 for the new Diboll football stadium. Construction starts this summer. FOOTBALL AWARDS go to Mike Suarez, Archie Jackson, Jerry King, Alex Forney and Travis Jones. Not pictured are Trey Grandgeorge and Joe Stephens. WILBUR F. PATE award is the highest award given at the All-Sports Banquet. The honoree in the boys' division is Jesse Wallace and Monica Reyes wins to represent the girls.

_j SHARON VANOVER(left) and Finis Vanover (right) get the Jackbackers' Spirit Award from Mrs. Jeannie McGaughey for working to raise 8579,000 for the new football stadium's construction. ARCHIE JACKSON gets an award for powerlifting, Jennifer Jones, Steven Paul, Kari Musick for golf and Sergio Estrado for powerlifting. LAKESHIA LEE, Jodi Jones, Maria Perez and Patricia Thomas receive awards as outstanding athletes this year. Not pictured is Amy Kiel.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Vanover announces $579,000 for stadium

GIRLS' ACADEMIC honorees are (1-r} Misti Jones, freshman; Jodi Jones, sophomore; Kristen Bradford, junior and Monica Reyes, senior. BOYS' ACADEMIC winners are (1-r) Travis Wallace, freshman; Jesse Wallace, senior; and Kevin Martz, sophomore. Not pictured is Adrian Reyes, junior.

PATRICIA TIIOMAS and Jerry King are honored as Athletes of the Year. Thomas participated in basketball, volleyball, golfand track. King was active in football, basketball and track. MALCOLM STARGHILL is a regional qualifier in track, Josh Shirley is high point boy in JV track, Alonzo Alvarez is regional qualifier in track and Robert Garcia is MVP for baseball. KRISTEN BRADFORD is the outstanding junior in basketball; Jodi Jones is co-MVP in softball; and Patricia Thomas is outstanding senior.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

GRACIEIA REYES is chosen tQ receive the Woodman ofthe World award for excellence in A:µierican history. 1

DHS SENIOR Trey Wilkerson is honored as high point individual in UIL for the fourth consecutive year.

JACKIE McGUIRE, Kenith Goins, Eltoris Caraway, Benji Bowman, Angie Luce, Steven Burnette, Graciela Reyes, Jose Sandoval, Omar Palomino and Tami Beck receive subject awards for outstanding performance in their fine arts classes.

SUBJECTAWARDrecipientsare(front,1-r)Travis Jones, Jason Bearden, Stacy Tobias, Chasity Smith and Maria Salazar; (back) Justin Jackson, Gerald Cayton, Amanda Hance, Misti Seymore, Brandy Frankens and Ella Thompson.

MRS. GENEVA Ard, mother of DHS sophomore Allison Ard, receives the honor of Parent of the Year at DHS's annual Renaissance Banquet.

GLORIA MOLINA, Ashley McGaughey, Misty Jones, Kari Musick, Tiffany White and Darrell Thornhill receive subject awards for foreign languages.

STUDENTS RECEIVING subject level awards at the Renaissance Banquet are (front, 1-r) Charity Rast, Shannon Oswalt, Jaime Norman, Stephanie Cavazos, Manuela Concha and Tanya Ellison; (back) Kristi Ward, Sofia Reyes, Allison Ard, Chris Byrd, Michelle Cordell and Kevin Martz. MATH WINNERS are Brandi Clark, Willie Vasquez, Carrie Grove, Ricky Parfait, Guadalupe Alvarez, Sonja Vidovic and Shante Keith. ~.Jl..Jl..Jl..Jl..Jl.I.Jl..Jl..Jl..Jl..Jl..Jl..Jl.II.Jl.IIIIIII J


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Excellence TREY WILKERSON, Sara Payovich, Jeremiah Phipps and Monica Reyes receive awards for social studies.

SENIOR STEPHANIE Cavazos is presented the Lufkin Kiwanis Club's scholarship by Mr. Lynn Montes.

KRISTA WILKERSON, Tanya Rodriguez, Patricia Menz, Tessa Glover, Casie Parish and Patrick Kilgore are i·ecognized for outstanding academics in science. DHS SENIOR Trey Wilkerson is given the Renaissance Eagle Award for his outstanding achievements in academics. Josten's Eagle Award is the highest award that is presented at the Academic Banquet.

KATIIERINA LOFTIN, Jennifer Webb, Melissa Hernandez, Patricia Dowdy and Melanie Ward are rewarded for their achievements in various subjects. BUSINESS EDUCATION winners are (front, 1-r) Amy Smith, Veronica Sarmiento and Sonia Reyes; (back) Raul Rios, Richard Lenderman and Kristen Bradford.

Students Win Academic Recognition Eighty-eight DHS students won academic awards and certificates at the annual Renaissance Banquet on May 8. Awards were handed out for excellence in class work and individual excellence. The Academic Excellence award was given to Trey Wilkerson. Trey won the illLaward for the year, too, and he announced a $150 annual scholarship will be given to any DHS senior who is high point illL person for the year. Mrs. Geneva Ard won Parent of the Year honors. Stephanie Cavazos won the Lufkin Kiwanis Club's scholarship, and JuaQuin Gonzalez was named Diboll Rotary Cl uh' s Student of the Year. Graciela Reyes won the Woodman of the Year award for American history. -By Danny Kimbrough

~------------------------------------------------------------] 107

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

JEL YITSA PEREZ and Stephanie Cavazos stand in front of the unique background chosen for the '95 prom. BUBBA LOFTIN dances the jitterbug (or something) with Kristen Bradford. HERE IS a group to look at. They smile so big for the camera. LOOK AT this group of cowboys doing the Texas two-step on the dance floor.

HOLLY LYLES relaxes on her dates shoulder as they wait for the next dance. JUNIOR SHANTE' Keith sits with her date while watching everyone dance and really enjoys the prom. ALLISON ARD is all bright eyed, sparkly and cheerful in her pretty green dress.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Junior Senior Celebration Ci tsv

DON'T ANGEIA Rios and Eric Crager look mighty spiffy in their elegant prom wardrobe. MRS. LISA Jones helps Stacy Tobias put on her wrist corsage while her date waits for his first dance.

JUNIORS JONATIIAN Gann and Jason Phillips stop for a picture with their dates before entering the prom. LOOK AT Wendy Fanning, Kenny Nash and Courtnie Friday. They are having a hilarious time on the dance floor. IBIS GROUP of partiers get together and get down before the last few songs of the night are over.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

G R A D UAT E S SENIORJELYITSAPerez, Homecoming Queen and Diboll Day Queen, shows how happy she really is as Jeremiah Phipps (left) is overtaken by a giant yawn. SIX OF the Top 10 percent graduates of the Class of '95 are (front, 1-r) Trey Wilkerson, Amy Smith, Patrick Kilgore; and (back) Jeremiah Phipps, Josh Webb and Lanton Chumley. Not pictured are Veronica Sarmiento, Shannon Oswalt, Monica Reyes,Veronica R. Salazar and Kyle Lewis.

GRADUATING SENIOR David Smiley seems calm and docile as he and his classmates wait for their chance to walk across the stage to get their diplomas. COUNSELOR MARY Ingram says to Clarence Owens that she is glad that he is here tonight for graduation. SENIOR CLASS President Patrick Kilgore and Tamia Joshua wear yellow roses in honor of Michelle Lawrence who would have graduated with the Class of '95 but was the victim of an automobile accident in Diboll last fall.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Class of '95 graduates l .1 1

The 111 graduating seniors of Diboll High School's Class of'95 held its graduation ceremony on May 26 at 8 p.m. in the United Pentecostal Church Campground auditorium. The ceremony was open to relatives and friends of each graduating senior. Seventy-seven scholarships totaling about $230,000 were awarded to 34 graduating seniors. Lanton Chumley and Veronica Sarmiento received the $8, 000 Stubblefield Scholarships. The evening's speaker was Mr. Bobby Baker. Mr. Baker was a 1965 graduate of Diboll High School, and was principal atDHS for four years. Before that, he was Diboll' s athletic director and head football coach for eight years. Mr. Baker is now superintendent at Central Independent School District. PRINCIPAL RICK Cowan addresses the Class of 1995 for the last time as he sincerely says, "Proceed cautiously" into the Real World--go for it but be careful. DAIS DIGNITARIES and speakers for the evening are (1-r) DISD Interim Superintendent Vernon Paul, Central Superintendent Bobby Baker, DHS Principal Rick Cowan, and Board members Bill Sloan, Joe Henry Smith, Rev. Roy Smith, John Ralph Pouland and Jack Jenkins.

INDIVIDUALISM IS the hallmark of the Class of 1995. Every Senior in this photo is doing something different, even as they formally stand to accept their diplomas.

FORMER DHS Principal Bobby Baker challenges the Class of1995 to learn to fly in a V -- like the geese do, so they can hold each other up and encourage one another to go on regardless ofhow tired they are.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

SOME OF the night's scholarship recipients are (front, 1-r) Donna Brown, Stephanie Cavazos, Amy Smith, Patrick Kilgore, Malcolm Starghill and Briza Mancha; (back) Eltoris Caraway, Jeremiah Phipps, Jesse Wallace, Mike Suarez, Rashael Wilkerson, Kenith Goins and Josh Everett. PILOT CLUB scholarship winners are Angie Luce (left) and Jackie McGuire. Sharon Brown made the presentation. A FEW of the night's scholarship winners are (1-r) Manuela Concha, Trey Wilkerson, Rashael Wilkerson, Lanton Chumley and Jesse Wallace.

PRINCIPAL RICK Cowan (center) congratulates Trey Wilkerson (left) and Patrick Kilgore for being the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the Class of 1995.


VALEDICTORIAN TREY Wilkerson is having a serious. reflective moment as he thinks about his future at Texas A&M.

KAREN IVY says good-bye to he1 principal, Rick Cowan, who is leaving DHS to become a superintendent.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

1995 GraduationParty


ELTORIS CARAWAY and Carlos Robledo lead the pack in the "Prize Walk." They played music and the student walked around the circle and stepped on numbers in time to the music. Whatever number the graduate was on when the music stopped was important because if they called that number, then you got a nice prize.

NEW DHS graduates are 0-r) Veronica Sarmiento, Edna Martinez, Myriam Plascencia and Dora Enriquez.


CORY CRAGER (standing left) looks like he is enjoying watching the casino action of Tyrone Taylor, Stanley Oliphant, JuaQuin Gonzalez, Latavian Forney, Troy Dixon, Fred Woods and David Smiley. Stay around Cory, and you may learn something.

TIIE FIRST thing that you are supposed to do when you graduate is EAT, and eat Jackie McGuire did! Looks like Carrie Grove is helping her, too.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

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Robert W. Anderson, Jr. O.D. Donald B. Bogue, O.D. Richard D. Gallas, O.D. A. Nash Hogue, O.D.

Lufkin-Conroe Telephone Exchange

2801 S. John Redditt Lufkin, Texas 75901 (409) 637-2020

We're proud of you, Starlette Corlee!

Congratulations on Drill Team and Varsity Volleyball. We love you, From your family


321 N. First, Lufkin I Phone 634-8861

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Briza, yo~ made it!!

Briza at five years

Briza at two months

We are very proud of you. We love you and good luck in the future.

Drum Major 1994

Varsity Basketball 1994-95 Senior 1995 Love, Mommy and Henry Lee

Briza at nine years

Briza at 17!


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


!J{an's :Ffower and (jift 320 S. Chestnut, Lufkin


Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Seniors of 1996 !

Hats Off to the Class of '95 You've earned your diploma, and that's an accomplishment to be proud of. It's a great feeling to finish something you started long ago-especially when you consider how much there is to look forward to. Your only limit is your imagination. In honor of your graduation, we salute all the members of the Class of '95 . C 1995 C.l.C.

'it.1oommr (409) 632-7727 • (409) 632-7633 (FAX)

222 Shepherd


Love, Coach Stephens

Modean & O.C. Martin

To The Ladyjacks, May you accomplish all your goals in the 1994-95 school year.

Good Luck in the Future Seniors 1995!

Wal-Mart Discount City U.S. 59-S Lufkin, Texas

Congratulations Class Of '95! Your Determination And Hard Work Has Paid Off.

We luv ya! Mrs. Carmen Billings

Your DHS Teachers 122

Phone 639-9600

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Medical Discount Pharmacy



Travis Gossett

Bullock Motor Co. Corrigan, Texas Phone 632-1641

Diboll, Texas 632-6464

300/500 "


1001 Ellis Ave., Lufkin



East Texas Family Medical Clinic "Mobil Electronics Specialists"

C.H. Cathcart, D.O. Family Practice (Board Certifled)

Lance Hall Owner Car Audio • Alarms Custom Installation 1801 South First Lufkin, TX 75901

Mark A. Saldana, PA-C Family Practice ( Certifled) 202 S. Temple, Diboll 829-4749


Arkell X. Mallory Senior 1995

Always Keep Your Dreams Alive!! Love, Mom, Dad, Darnell, Grandmommy Dee, Grandad, Cleo, Jemark and James

The Brown, Russaw and Mallory Families 123

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Best Wishes to the Class of 1995!

Dick's Pharmacy 300 Hines • Diboll, Texas 75941


Good Luck and Congratulations to Diboll High School's Class of 1995. Mrs. Marie Perkins DHS Class of 1938


HSB 124


We Support The Jacks!


Life Insurance

222 Leech Lufkin, TX 75901 634-7911


State Farm Life Insurance Co mpany Home Officr: Bloomi ngton, Ill inois

305 N. Hines Diboll, TX

• Over 50 Years of Service to Deep East Texans

Huntington State Bank Post Office Drawer A Huntington, Texas 75949 (409) 422-3000

Post Office Box 1943 Lufkin, Texas 75901 (409) 639-5566

Post Office Box 500 Zavalla, Texas 75980 (409) 897-9023

Post Office Box 460 Etoile, Texas 75944 (409) 854-3280

Member FDIC

--~ ~


. .~··1 ~


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Compliments of

FirStBank & Trust





West Lufkin

Crown Colony

Chestnut Village

''My Bank'' Arthur Temple III

Chairman of the Board Jay Shands President & CEO Felton G. Burt

Executive Vice President Trey Denman

Executive Vice President James P. Simms

Senior Vice President Dana Helton

Vice President & Cashier Stanley New

Vice President

Lindon Baker

Bank Officers

Sr. Vice Presidentffrust Officer Jackie Whitaker

Vice Presidentffrust Officer Joe Rich Vice President Eck Franks Vice President Jim Denman Vice President Tommy Rainey Vice Presidentffrust Officer Jim Carswell Branch Manager/Chestnut

Vickie Paulsey

Assistant Cashier Charlotte Parish

Assistant Cashier Kaye Wyatt

Secretary to the Board Sherri Anthony

Branch Manager, Crown Colony Jack Gorden

Executive Vice President

John Ogden

Vice President

Bank Directors Arthur Temple III Joe C. Denman, Jr. Clifford J. Grum George Henderson Trey Denman

Henry Holubec Russell W. Ingram, D.D.S. Harold C. Maxwell Thomas Moore

Sandra Pouland Larry Ross Joe K. Sample Jay Shands

Advisory Director Phillip Friesen


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Free Estimates Custom Pipe Work


Caesme Pizza

COX MUFFLER SHOP 1006 S. Timberland Lufkin, Texas 75901 Phone 639-1098


Complete Termite and Pest Control A.R.A Exterminating CO. The Service Company with Integrity

Gaslight Plaza



Industrial Supplies & Equipment Welding Supplies & Gases Phone 634-7795

516 N. Timberland Drive Lufkin, TX 75901 409 632-8211


University Park Place

Etox Incorporated

State Certified Operator #TPCL 6534

Charles Tarver


Jerry Highnote 1800 N. Raguet Lufkin

Newton Highway Jasper, TX


Fi r2.Sr :Pr2.i 0 r2.iTY Youth Ministry of First Baptist Church, Diboll, TX

Join us Wednesdays at 7 p.m. 126

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

POULAND'S "The Everything Store" 611 N. Temple, Diboll 409-829-4040

We're Proud of You Ag Mech! 1995 Reserve Grand Champion Houston Livestock and Rodeo

Come Visit Us! Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship Service 11 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays 5:30 p.m. Wednesday Teacher's Meeting 6 p.m.

First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 100 Pine Street, Diboll, TX 75941 (409) 829-4158

Youth Choir Practice Tuesday 7 :30 p.m. "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15

Rev. Roy G. Smith, Pastor 127

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Compliments of

Perry Propane & Appliance, Inc.

East Texas Pawn, Inc.

Entex Gas

Zavalla, Texas

1303 North Temple Diboll, Texas 75941

Division of Arkla Gas, Inc.

Claude Hamilton Area Manager Home: 829-3138 If No Answer: 897-3352

(409) 829-3322

414 S. First Lufkin, Texas 75901 (409) 634-6656

We loan on anything of value.

1------------fll • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Congratulations to the 1995 Seniors!

To Get The Most out of Your ATV

Perry Chapel CME Church


1200 Cypress 829-2141 Rev. Anne Ross, Pastor








........................................ 829-4947

Chuck, Best wishes for a great 1995 and good luck in the band!! Love, Mom and Dad Chuck Ray, Sophomore '95 128

i----··..1- ----------------------------------- -· Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Complete Ca binetry Needs Kitchen, Ba th, Bookshelves & Accessories

Wesupportandlovethe Troy Nash Construction Custom Cabinets & Showroom "Quality" Our First Concern " Kitchen and Bath Works" and Gift baskets for all occasions Troy Nash 918 E. Denman Ave. Lufkin, Tx 75901

Telephone (409) 634-2887 (409) 634-2885 Gift Baskets 634-2855

. LUMBERJACKS & LADYJACKS Good luck in 94-95! From Coach Vanover and Family

Total Color System Custom Blending Complete Line of Accessories• Wallpaper Retail & Wholesale Visa & Mastercard & Discover

115 North First • Lufkin, Texas • (409) 637-2788 Weddings • Portraits • Reunions • CopY"!'ork • Photo Processing • Graphics • Desktop Publishing

"The Pros Know. Ask Sherwin-Williams." "RETAIL LOCA TION" 504 S. Timberland Dr., Lufkin


Angelina College U.S.Hwy.59 Lufkin, Texas (409) 639-1301

We thank God for you, RASHAEL, Our Sweetheart and Senior of 95! Love, Mama & Daddy

Preparing Minds for Greater Destinations. 129

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Congratulations on a greaf year! From Mom, Dad, Nan and Papa Albert & Doris Delco Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Phipps

Ill BARN Diboll, TX

Jeremiah Phipps Senior 1995

Congratulations Jackie, Angie and Allen

A "Chip" from ,,,,. .,,,.........

Temple Elementary for your future!

"CHIPmunks" Mrs. Helen Cheshire Principal

400 Ash Street Diboll, TX 75941

Mr. Richard Humphreys Asst. Principal

Ernest Bartlett Martin Glenn Bill Bartlett



Jeff Horn Ben Bartlett Barbara Ferguson

Complete Personal and Commercial Insurance Services

Melba Matchett Jo Ann Brown

~ ~ 130

(409) 632-1125 Fax (409) 632-1125

1204 S. First Lufkin, TX 75901

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Sonic ·n rive--In 512 N. Temple, Diboll, Texas

829-3162 Serving Diboll since 1978

David and Sue Reid, Owners

Congratulations Seniors of '95 131

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

We're interested • tn your

FUTURE! ''MY BANK'' ~First Bank ~)) r. )J& Trust flx5"1s Diboll 829-4721 104 N. Temple

Lufkin 634-6669 2510 W.Frank

Crown Colony 632-9433 111 Champion




Chestnut Village II 634-2222 541 S. Timberland

Surety Bank, N .A. BLUEBONNET



Savings and Loan Association

Member FDIC




We are members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 132

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Angelina County

Sabine County

118 S. First Street Lufkin, Texas 75902 (409) 634-2247 (800) 256-7696

Sabine County Courthouse Annex Hemphill, Texas 75948

Houston County

San Augustine County 108 S. Montgomery San Augustine, Texas 75972 (409) 275-2339

1044 S. 4th Street Crockett, Texas 75835 (409) 544-7859

San Jacinto Courthouse

Jasper County

San Jacinto Courthouse Annex Coldspring,Texas 77331

274 E. Lamar Jasper, Texas 75951 (409) 384-5704 (800) 256-6848

Shelby County

Nacogdoches County 1223 E. Main Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 (409) 560-5872

Newton County Old Hospital Building Newton, Texas 75956 (409) 379-2069

Polk County 340 Pan American Drive Livingston, Texas 77351 (409) 327-5421 (800) 256-8183

1135 Hurst Street Center, Texas 75935 (409) 598-2468 (800) 256-9095

Trinity County Trinity County Courthouse Rock Building Groveton, Texas 75845 2310 S. Robb Trinity, Texas 75862 (409) 594-6380 ext. 237

Tyler County 914 N. Magnolia Woodville, Texas 75979 (409) 283-3795


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

We Support Diboll High School!

South Meadows Nursing Home 900 S. Temple Drive Diboll,Texas 75941

Jo Nell Placker Administrator AN ARBOR LIVING CENTER


Courtnie Friday

To a Special DaughterCourtnie Friday It seems like yesterday you

Congratulations to our Seniors-.Jelyitsa and Stephanie

We are proud of y'all and GOOD LUCK, Love, Ramiro, Esteban, Tina, Carmen, Candy, Kari Lee and Scarlett

Congratulations! To Our "Sherry Sugars" Hogan

Love, Dad and Mom 134

were just a baby. Soon you will be graduating and making a life of your own. I hope happiness overcomes your sorrow. May your guardian angel always watch over you and make your dreams come true. Love you very much, Mom

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

WE'RE INVESTING HEAVILY IN NEW PLANTS RIGHT HERE IN EAST TEXAS. The world is changing. Barriers that once stood in the path of a global economy are crumbling. New markets and new opportunities are opening up all over the world . In addition to our domestic markets, Temple-Inland intends to capitalize on this increasing world demand for top-quality wood and paper products. Products that can help improve the quality of life from Latin America to the Pacific Rim, just as they have here at home. During our 100 year partnership with East Texas, we have enjoyed steady growth by efficiently manufacturing useful products from an abundant, renewable resource . Dimension lumber, fiberboard sheathing, hardboard siding and particleboard are important parts of our product line. But we're constantly developing new products that maximize usage of our precious fiber. Engineered lumber, medil:lm-density fiberboard and a new, lightweight bleached paperboard are among the products that .allow us to utilize 98% of every log. Our commitment to the environment begins in the forest and



continues through the manufacturing process. Waste that cannot be recycled into products is used to produce energy for manufacturing. And for each tree harvested, 6 new seedlings are replanted.


We want to be a good neighbor.

Temple-Inland recognizes the importance of world markets. But with expanded manufacturing facilities and 1.2 million acres of forests in East Texas, we'll continue to grow the economy right here at home. Just like we always have.


Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.


Jose Sanniento Jr. was born September 27, 1977 and died at Memorial Medica Center of East Texas in Lufkin on February 18, 1995. Frmeral services were hel< February 21 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church with interment at Garden o Memories in Lufkin. Jose was a sophomore student at DHS where he was in honors classes. His real firs love was playing baseball, however, and he also loved football, basketball and track. J member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Diboll, Jose had lived in Dibol all of his life. His parents were Jose Sr. and Domitila Sanniento, and three sisters, Consepcion anc Veronica Sanniento and Letisia Solis. The 1995 LUMBERJACK is dedicated to the spirit and memory of Jose. 136

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.

Copied from an original at The History Center, Diboll, Texas.