E ighty-Fourth - CaltechCampusPubs

E ighty-Fourth - CaltechCampusPubs

E ighty- Fourth Annual Commencement June 9) 1978 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Eighty-Fourth Annual ~ornrn...

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E ighty- Fourth Annual Commencement June 9) 1978



Eighty-Fourth Annual ~ornrnencernent


The Commencement Ceremony These tribal rites have a very long history. They go back to the ceremony of initiation for new university teachers in mediaeval Europe. It was then customary for studentsl

after an appropriate apprenticeship to learning and the presentation of a thesis as their masterpiece, to be admitted to the Guild of Masters of Arts and granted the license to teach. In the ancient University of Bologna this right was granted by authority of the Pope and in the name of the Holy Trinity. We do not this day claim such high authority. As in any other guild, whether craft or merchant, the master's status was crucial. In theory at least, it separated the men from the boys, the competent from the incompetent. On the way to his master's degree, a student might collect a bachelor's degree in recognition of the fact that he was half-trained, or partially eqnipped. The doctor' s degree was somewhat different. Originally indistinguishable from the masters, the doctors gradually emerged by a process of escalation into a supermagisterial role-first of all in the higher faculties of theology, law, and medicine. It will come as no surprise that the lawyers had a particular and early yen for this special distinction. These gradations and distinctions are reflected in the quaint and colorful niceties of academic dress. Of particular interest is the cap or mortarboard. In the form of the biretta it was the peculiar sign of the master. Its use has now spread far beyond that highly select group to school boys and choir girls and even to the nursety schoo!. Sic transit .... The gown, of course, is the basic livety of the scholar, with its clear marks of rank and status--the pointed sleeves of the bachelor, the oblong sleeves of the master, the full sleeves and velvet trinunings of the doctor. The doctors, too, may depart from basic black and break out into many colors- Harvard crimson or Yale blue or the scarlet splash of Oxford. Color is the very essence of the hood: color in the main body to identify the university; color perhaps in the binding to proclaim the subject of the degree---orange for engineering, gold for sciencel the baser copper for economics, white for arts and letters, green for medicine, purple for law, scarlet fo r theology, and so on. Size is a further variable, as the hoods tend to lengthen from the three feet of the bachelor to the four of the doctor. So the birds are known by their plumage. With this color and symbolism which is mediaeval though mutated, we stage our brief moment of pageantry, paying homage to that ancient community of scholars in whose shadow we stand and acknowledging our debt to the university as one of the great institutional constructs of the middle ages. While looking back, however, we also celebrate the achievements of this present generation of students and look forward to the future of these our younger colleagues, whom we now welcome to OUI midst.

David C. Elliot Secretary of the Faculty

Academic Procession Marshals Arden L. Albee, Ph.D.

Harry B. Gray, Ph.D.

J. Kent Clark, Ph.D.

Robert V. Langmuir, Ph.D. Robert W. Oliver, Ph.D.

Faculty Officers David L. Goodstein, Ph.D.

James J. Morgan, Ph.D.

David C. Elliot, Ph.D.




. R. Stanton Avery, LL.D. Chairman of the Board of Trustees



. Leslie J. Deutsch, M.S.

. The Convocation Brass Ensemble and Organ lames Ratter, M.M., Conductor


. The Reverend Stanley W. Lewis Friendship Baptist Church, Pasadena


. " The Arrow of TimeBeginning and End" Max Delbriick, Ph .D., Se.D., Nobel Laureate Board of Trustees Professor of Biology, Emeritus California Iltstitute of Technology


The Caltech Men's Glee Club Olaf M. Frodsham, A.M., Director

Confirma Hoc Deus, by Jacob Handl


. Robert F. Christy, Ph.D. Acting President California Institute of Technology


PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES For the Degree of Bachelor of Science .

. Ray D. Owen, Ph.D ., Sc.D. Dean of Students

. Stirling L. Huntley, Ph.D.

For the Degree of Master of Science

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Cornelius J. Pings, Ph.D.

For the Degree of Engineer .

Dean of Graduate Studies

For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Biology .

. Dean Pings

Norman H. Horowitz, Ph.D. Diuision Chairman

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

. John H. Seinfeld, Ph.D.

Executive Officer for Chemical Engineering

Engineering and Applied Science.

. Robert H. Cannon, Jr., Sc.D. Division Chairman

Geological and Planetary Sciences.

Arden L. Albee, Ph.D.

Academic Officer for Geo logical and Planetary Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences .

Rodman W. Paul, Ph.D. Acting Division Chairman

Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy . Maarten Schmidt, Ph.D., Sc.D. Division Chairman


. Acting President Christy


. Reverend Lewis


. The Convocation Brass Ensemble and Organ


. Leslie Deutsch


Candidates for Degrees BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Richard O. Ackermann Bern, Switzerland Astronomy and Geophysics Triantaphyllos R. Akylas Athens, Greece Physics Joseph John Alonis Portland, Oregon Engineering and Applied Science Gary Allen Anwyl Huntington Beach, California Engineering and Applied Science Joseph David Arpaia Granada Hills, California Mathematics lee C. Aydelotte Manhattan Beach, California Mathematics Michael John Aziz West Boylston, Massachusetts Applied Physics Bruce Don Baker Torrance, California Applied Physics Wayne Michael Baxter Sunnyvale, California Engineering and Applied Science Jill Eleanor Bechtold New York, New York Astronomy Bill Behen Youngstown, Ohio Engineering and Applied Science Marc Stuart Berger Montreal, Quebec, Canada Chemistry and Biology George lawrence Best Bellevue, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Edward Joseph Bielecki, Jr. Alexandria, Virginia Chemistry R. Jeffrey Blair Honolulu, Hawaii History Gary Raymond Bodie III Hampton, Virginia Engineering and Applied Science Gregory Alan Bone Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Engineering and Applied Science Douglas Evan Brandt Columbia Heights, Minnesota Mathematics and Applied Physics William Eugene Bratton II Washington, District of Columbia Applied Mathematics Susan Kathleen Brazeal Albuquerque, Nfr", Mexico Applied Mathematics Chris Allen Broka Chatsworth, California Chemistry Steven Mitchell Brown Canoga Park, California Chemical Engineering James Lee Brubaker Delphi, Indiana Engineering and Applied Science lois Freeman Brubaker Yreka, California Biology and Chemistry Arthur Jun Buto Laurel, Maryland Astronomy J050 Ignacio Cabezon Framingham, Massachl!setis Independent Studies Program Robert John Calvet Altadena, California Engineering and Applied Science Daniel Gordon Canin Poughkeepsie, Ne'JJ Yo rk Applied Physics Steven Samuel Chaiken Palo Alto, California Applied Mathematics Johnny Kwok Bun Chan Pasadena, California Engineering and Applied Science Yuk-Lun Chan Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science Yuk-sun Chan Hong Kong Physics Students whose names appear in bold face type are being graduated with honor in accordance with a vote of the faculty.


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-Continued Michael Paul Chandler Lamont, California Mathematics Brian Kent Chaney Long Beach, California Engineering and Applied Science and Economics Robert Bruce Chess Palos Verdes Estates, California Engineering and Applied Science Wilbert Chew Seattle, Washington Applied Physics Donald Chin West Los Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science Michael George Chong Los Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science Young-il Chao Seoul, Korea Mathematics Mark Claudson Richland, Washington Physics William Rex Clingan Berkel",}, Missouri Chemical Engineering Alan Elbert Comer Kent, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Bruce Gilbert Cortez Elmont, New York Physics Gary W. Cox Palos Verdes Estates, California History Matt Crawford Milwaukee, Wisconsin Applied Mathematics and Physics Timothy Emald Cushing Huntington Beach, California Engineering and Applied Science

William Clifford Danchi Chapel Hill, North Carolina Physics Jon Anderson Dart Calimesa, California Engineering and Applied Science Erik Penn DeBenedictis Newark, Ohio Engineering and Applied Science Marta D. deJesus Union City, California Chemistry Javier del Valle EI Paso, Texas Engineering and Applied Science Richard Alan Dermer Monroeville, Pennsylvania Engineering and Applied Science Alvin Joseph Drehman Miami, Florida Applied Physics Brian Douglas Dyer Richardson, Texas Chemical Engineering Kenneth Franklin Ekstrom Winslow, Arizona Engineering and Applied Science Philip Lee Engelauf Riverside, California Engineering and Applied Science Stephen Michael Eppley Silver Spring, Maryland ,Engineering and Applied Science Robert Warren Erickson, Jr. Pacific Palisades, California Engineering and Applied Science

Jill Suzanne Evensizer Long Beach, California Geology Andrew H. Falls Del Rio, Texas Chemical Engineering James Eric Findley Rolla, Missouri Chemical Engineering LeRoy James Fisher II Longview, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Robert Steven Forgey Seattle, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Richard John Frechen Garden City, New York Chemistry Richard Brownley Gayle III Houston, Texas Biology Carol Ann Geller New York, New York Geophysics Marrin Jeffry Goldberg Levittown, Pennsylvania Chemistry Duane Robert Gray Vale, Oregon Engineering and Applied Science Gary Paul Gray Seattle, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Joel Brent Gunter Weatherford, Oklahoma Biology and Chemistry


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE- Continued Douglas Gene Hager Glendora, California Engineering and Applied Science Burl M. Hall Mill Run, Pennsylvania Physics Rebecca Lee Hartsfield South Pasadena, California Geology Mathew Thomas Heffron Los Alamitos, California Engineering and Applied Science Lisa Cox Heinz Coronado , California Biology Marcus Hobbs Henderson San Angelo, Texas Engineering and Applied Science George Stephen Hendrickson Lake Alfred, Florida Engineering and Applied Science Neil David Hickey Kennebunk, Maine Engineering and Applied Science Scott Howard Hochwald Brooklyn, New York Mathematics SaH Mohammed Hussain Karachi, Pakistan Engineering and Applied Science Frank John Jakovac Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Physics David Law rence Johannsen San Gabriel, California Engineering and Applied Science Eric William Kaler Alamogordo, New Mexico Chemical Engineering Edward Neal Keller Beverly Hills, California Physics and Geophysics Stephen Edward Kellogg Ledyard, Connecticut Physics Miral Eonhah Kim-E Chatsworth, California Chemical Engineering Bing Ho Ko Kowloon, Hong Kong Chemical Engineering Sandra Jean Koch Victoria, Texas Biology Leslie Dean Kahn San Mateo, Califomia Physics Kerry Alan LaPrade Dallas, Texas Engineering and Applied Science Kristen Marie Larson Gainesville, Florida Chemical Engineering Kam-Yin Lau Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science Nelson Shen-Tsai Lee Northridge, California Applied Physics Lawrence Lesyna San lose, California Physics Donald A. Lieberman Torrance, California Physics Eric Kurt Lucha Lagun a Beach, California Biology Richard Charles Lye Towson, Maryland Physics Moses Lin Ma Monterey Park, California Physics Man-Chung Mak Hong Kong Physics Margaret Ann Marshall Omaha, Nebraska Biology Antonio Alfonso Martfnez Marro ig Mission Viejo, Ca lifornia Engineering and Applied Science Lloyd Murat Maxson Westlake Village, California Physics James Bruce McBeath Seattle, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Thomas Joseph McDonnell Buffalo, New York Chemistry Roy Desmond Mead Seattle, Washington Chemistry and Engineering and Applied Science

David Michael Moreno Estacada, Oregon Physics Ray Bowen Morris Pasadena, California Biology James David Morrow Wilmette, Illinois Mathematics Lawrence Ira Mortin Los Angeles, California Biology


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-Continued Francis Ken Mukai Santa Monica, California Engineering and Applied Science James Hilary Mullany Alexandria, Virginia Geology Harry S. Myers III Covina, California Engineering and Applied Science Joel Ryuichi Okazaki Honolulu, Hawaii Applied Physics Robert Khoren Ouzounian Los Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science Yuri Owechko Greeley, Colorado Applied Physics Alan William Paeth Mercer Island, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Ralph Henry Page Endwell, N

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE- Continued Kenneth Lloyd Tanaka Seattle, Washington Geology louis Charles Testa Los Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science Suwat Thaniyavarn Bangkok, Thailand Engineering and Applied Science Carol Thompson Aurora, Illinois Engineering and Applied Science lanet Maureen Towner Pasadena, California Engineering and Applied Science Kwok Yeung Tsang Hong Kong Physics David Philip Walker Owings Mills, Maryland Economics lohn Charles Wathey Charlotte, North Carolina Biology Alberllewis Wells, Ir. El Cajon, California Mathematics Chris Duane Wheeler Sarasota, Florida Applied Physics Erling Henry Wold Garden Grove, California Engineering and Applied Science David Shan-Hill Wong Hon g Kong Chemical Engineering Ella H. Wong Skokie, Illinois Engineering and Applied Science Keeman Hong-Kee Wong Kwangtung, China Engineering and Applied Science Diane Marie Wunderlich Placentia, California Chemical Engineering lames Hideto Yamamoto Lihue, Hawaii Engineering and Applied Science Ronald Kenichi Yamamoto Carson, California Chemical Engineering Kimo Bernard Yap Sepulveda, California Chemistry King-Wah Walter Yeung Los Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science Josef Benjamin Zwass Sherman Oaks, Californ ia Biology


MASTER OF SCIENCE Timothy Jon Abrott (Environmental Engineering Science) fornia, Berkeley "977.

B.S., University of Cali-

Constantine S. Ananiades (Engineering Science) A.B., Dartmouth College :1960; M.s ., California Institute of Technology "96:1; M.B.A., Pepperdine University :1977. Lee C. Aydelotte :197 8 .

Ray Hayward Bartlett III Farhad Barzegar :1977·

B.S., California Institute of Technology

(Engineering Science)

B.S., United States Air Force Academy :1977.


(Electrical Engineering)

David Wayne Beaty


Jay Edward Bennett

(Materials Science)

Carl Hilmer Berdahl


B.s., Arya-Mehr University of Technology

B.A., Dartmouth College "975. B.S., Stetson University :1977.

B.S., United States Air Force Academy "977.

Clarke Berdan II (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of California, Berkeley :1975· Paul Norwood Booth (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of California, Davis "977· Mark Bruce Boslough (Applied Physics) B.S., Colorado State University :1977. Jerome Ross Breitenbach (Electrical Engineering) technic University, Pomona 1977.

B.s., E.E.E., California State Poly-

David Bruce Bruns (Env ironmental Engineering Science) fornia, Davis "977. Charles Sautter Campbell

(Mechanical Engineering)

David Ma.nvell Cannon


Randall Lloyd Carlson Technology :1975.


B.S., University of Cali-

B.A., Vassar College :1977.

B.S., Brigham Young University "976. B.s., New Mexico Institute of Mining and

Christopher Jeyaparan Catherasoo (Aeronautics) B.A., University of Cambridge :197"· Louis Pierre Cazaubon (Electrical Engineering) Diplame d'Ingenieur, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Techniques Avancees :1977. Steven Samuel Chaiken nology :1978. Dimitri S. Charnieh Yuk-Lun Chan "97 8 .

(Electrical Engineering)

(Mechanical Engineering)

(Mechanical Engineering)


B.S ., California Institute of Tech-

S.B., Northwestern University :1977.

B.s ., California Institute of Technology

MASTER OF SCIENCE - Continued Yia-chung Chang

B.5., Cheng-Kung University ~974.


Reazuddin Ahmed Chaudhuri (Applied Mechanics) B.E., University of Calcutta 1969; M.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras '974. David Arthur Chin

B.Sc., University of the West Indies

(Civil Engineering)

Josephine Beatrice Cimino ley 1976.

B.S ., University of California, Berke-

(Planetary Science)

Wyman David Clark (Environmental Engineering Science) Tennessee, Knoxville '975. Steward J. Cline


Nicholas Albert Copping (Physics) 197 6.

A.B., Harvard College '975. B.S., California State University, Los Angeles

Jean-Luc Cornet (Engineering Science) Mecanique et d'Electricite '977.

DiplOme d'lngenieur, Ecole Speciale de

Mohammad Davarpanah-Jazi (Engineering Science) Computer Applications '977. Nicki Lee Davis


Daniel Richard Dawson '975· Jack David Dodd Mark B. Dolson

B.S., University of California, Santa Barbara


B.S., United States Naval Academy '970.

(Electrical Engineering)

B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University ~976. B.S., CalifOrnia Institute of Technology

(Electrical Engineering)

John Joseph Dvorak (Planetary Science) Fred M. Dycus, Jr. 1976.

B.S., University of Washington ' 974. B.S.M.E., Memphis State University

(Mechanical Engineering)

James Conrad Eisenach Edward William Fall

B.S., School of Planning and

B.S., Point Park College '974.


Marc Daniel Donner 197 6.

B.5c., University of

B.5.A.E., Tri-State University ~976.


Stephen Norfleet Cohn


(Chemistry) (Geology)

B.A., University of Nebraska 1976.

B.S., University of CalifOrnia, Los Angeles 1976.

David Faulkner (Mechanical Engineering) fornia Institute of Technology '977.

B.A., Whitman College '977 ; B.S., Cali-

Frank Paul Festini

(Electrical Engineering)

B.S., Harvey Mudd College '977.

Carol Leslie Frand

(Mechancial Engineering)

Christopher Lee Frenzen Andrew Keith Gabriel Michael David Greig Samy Maurice Hanna M.5c., '975.

(Applied Physics) (Physics)

B.5 .M.E., University of Miami '977. B.A., The University of Chicago 1976.

(Applied Physics)

Sc.B., Brown University '975.

B.A., University of Cambridge '977.

(Electrical Engineering)


B.5c., Alexandria University '97';

MASTER OF SCIENCE - Continued Jeffrey Arthur Hiltner (Electrical Engineering) Angeles 1977. Wiley Don Holcombe, Jr. 1977· Arturo M. Horns

B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

(Applied Mechanics)

(Electrical Engineering)

B.S., University of California, Los

B.S., University of Florida 1976.

Stuart Thomas Hopkins (Applied Physics) B.Sc., Queen's University at Kingston 1977· James Evan Houseworth (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1977. Behnam Hushmand (Civil Engineering) B.S., Arya-Mehr University of Technology 1977· James Drew Hussin (Civil Engineering) B.5., Columbia University 1977. Douglas Kerry Ikemi Robert Mark Isaac

(Mechanical Engineering)

(Social Science)

B.S., Harvey Mudd College 1976.

B.5.F.S., Georgetown University 1.976.

Ralph Boyd James (Applied Physics) B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1976; M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology 1977. David Lawrence Johannsen nology 1978. John Hume Jones


Janet Roberta Kalla Joseph Katz

(Engineering Science)


B.G.S., University of Kentucky 1974.

B.A., University of California, Berkeley 1975.

(Mechanical Engineering)

B.Sc., Tel·Aviv University 1977. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Tech·

Richard Morris Katz (Engineering Science) nology 1972; S.B ., 1.974. Arieh Konigl


B.S ., California Institute of Tech·

A.B., University of California, Berkeley 1975.

Thomas Francis Kuech (Applied Physics) B.S., Marquette University 1976; M.S., 1977· Mark Robert Laessig (Aeronautics) B.S ., Case Western Reserve University 1977. Kam-Yin Lau

(Electrical Engineering)

David Anthony Leighton Technology 1976. Jesus Leyva Ramos Luis Potosi 1975.

(Electrical Engineering)

John Kevin Markey


Amelia Marie Maxted

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of

B.S ., Universidad Autonoma de San

B.S., California State University, San Diego 1975.

Antonio Alfonso Martinez Marroig of Technology 1978. William McCown 1977·

B.S., California Institute of Technology 1978.

(Applied Mathematics)

(Electrical Engin eering)

(Electrical Engineering)

(Electrical Engineering)


B.S., California Institute

B.S., Michigan State University 1976.

B.S., California Institute of Technology

MASTER OF SCIENCE-Continued Kevin John Meaney

(Mechanical Engineering)

B.5., University of Pennsylvania


Barry Bruce Megdal

B.S ., California Institute of Technology

(Engineering Science)

~9 77·

Kristian Erik Meisling


Ronald Benjamin Melton

B.5., University of California, Los Angeles

(Engineering Science)


B.S.E.E., University of Washington


Arthur Ira Metz (Applied Mathematics) B.A., University of California, Los Angeles :1973Paul Henry Milenkovic (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Northwestern University ~976. Donald Evans Miser

B.S., Indiana University, Ft. Wayne


Manoochehr Mohseni-Koochesfahani stitute 1977. Michael Charles Murphy Frank Joseph Nagy Due Gia Nguyen

B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University 1971-

(Civil Engineering)


Jim David Povlis

B.A., Queens College of the City Univer-

(Mechanical Engineering)

Charnnya Phichitkul Richard Ian Pineles

B.S., University of Colorado 1977.

B.Sc., University of Salford :1977.

Siranush Papazian (Engineering Science) sity of New York :1977.

Jonell Polansky

B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University 1977.

(Mechanical Engineering)

Dan Laurence Peterka Diego 1977.

(Chemical Enginee ring)

B.A., University of California, San

B.S., Stanford University :1976.

B.S., B.C.E., Tufts University :1977.

(Civil Engineering)

B.F.A., Carnegie-Mellon University :1971.

(Electrical Engineering) (Physics)

B.5., Rensselaer Polytechnic In-

B.S.M.E., Cornell University 1977.



Lonis Alexander Ortiz Tor Endre Ostbo



B.S., M.A., Kent State University :1976.

Jack Powell (Electrical Engineering) Baccalaureat c., Lycee J. B. Say :1968; Maitrise, Universite de Paris VI 1973; D.E.A., :1976. Florence Prevosteau (Electrical Engineering) Diplome d'Ingenieur, Ecole Superieure d' Ingenieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique :1977. Per Gustaf Reinhall

(Applied Mechanics)

Mark Alan Richards

(Applied Physics)

Joshua Elliott Rothenberg nology 1978. John Edward Ruark

(Electrical Engineering)


Dean Lawrence Sanzo nology :1977.

B.5.M.E., University of Washington :1977.

B.S., The University of Texas, Austin :1977. B.5., California Institute of Tech-

B.A., University of Redlands 1973.

(Mechanical Engineering)

B.5., California Institute of Tech-

MASTER OF SCIENCE - Continued Conrad Nobushige Sato (Physics) B.S., University of California, Los Angeles ~969; M.S., California State University, Los Angeles 1976. Helene R. Schember 1976.

(Engineering Science) B.S .E., The Catholic University of America

John Patrick Schmitz Edgard R. Schweig

Henry Francis Shaw III


Kenji Shintani (Applied Physics) Kuniaki Shiraki

Brian L. Steelman

B.S., Brussels University 1977.

B.A., Amherst College 1977. B.S ., Osaka University 1973. B.S., Kyushu Institute of Technology 1969.

(Applied Mechanics)

Virgil Simon Speriosu 197 6. Tom Peter Sterk

B.A., Georgetown University 1976.

(Social Scien ce)

(Electrical Engineering)

B.S., Case Western Reserve University

(Applied Physics)

(Environmental Engineering Science)

John Cary Stevenson Circle 1977.

(Mechanical Engineering)

Maureen Celinda Stone 1973; M.S., 1976. David Michael Strand apolis 1977. Eugene Szedenits, JI. MichaelA. Tenhover

B.S., University of Illinois, Urbana

(Chemical Engineering)

B.S., University of Minnesota, Minne-

B.S., Case Western Reserve University 1975.


B.S., California Institute of Technology 1978. B.S., University of Cincinnati 1976.

(Applied Physics)

Tayfun Ersin Tezduyar versity 1977.

B.S., University of Illinois, Chicago

(Engineering Science)


Kenneth Lloyd Tanaka

B.S., Lafayette College ~977.

B.S., Cornell University 1976.

(Electrical Engineering)

(Mechanical Engineering)

Suwat Thaniyavarn 1978.

(Electrical Engineering)

Paul Arthur Thomas

(Social Science)

B.S., Middle East Technical Uni-

B.S., California Institute of Technology

B.S., California L'lstitute of Technology 1974.

David Walker Thompson (Aeronautics) 197 6.

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Judy Carol Thompson (Aeronautics) S.B ., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1977· William James Tiffany (Electrical Engineering) B.S., The University of Texas,Austin 1977· Yuenkeung Albert Tong (Mechanical Engineering) B.Sc., University of Hawaii, Manoa 1977. Lloyd Richard Townley Sydney 1976.

(Environmental Engineering Science)

George Triantafyllou (Civil Engineering) nical University of Athens 1977.

B.E., University of

Diploma of Civil Engineer, National Tech-


MASTER OF SCIENCE - Continued Bor-Yeu Tsaur

(Electrical Engineering)

Yau Kwong Tsui

(Civil Engineering)

Paul William Tuinenga nology "977. Jean Uwate

B.5., National Taiwan University "977. B.Sc., Columbia University "977.

(Electrical Engineering)

(Electrical Engineering)

B.S., California Institute of Tech-

B.S ., California Institute of Technology "977.

Nikolaos Petrou VasHakos (Chemical Engineering) University of Athens 1976. Laurance Allin Weber Michael Ben Weimer

(Electrical Engineering)


B.S., Cornell University "977.

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1976.

Robert Kenneth Welch (Mechanical Engineering) Umversity, Pomona "977. Albert Lewis Wells, Jr. (Mathematics)

B.S., California State Polytechnic

B.S., California Institute of Technology "'978.

Jarnes Michael Winget (Applied Mechanics)

B.S., Umversity of Cincinnati "977.

Ella H. Wong (EnVironmental Engineering Science) Technology 1978. Stephen Gregory Wurst (Aeronautics) Jeffrey Chung-Lau Yuen Barton Zwiebach "977·

B.S., California Institute of

B.S., United States Air Force Academy "'977. B.A., Cornell University "'977.

(Applied Physics)

Michael Anthony Zarnpaglione

Diploma, National Technical

(Electrical Engineering)

(Electrical Engineering)

B.5., Trimty College "'977.

B.S ., Umversidad Nacional de Ingenieria

ENGINEER Uy-Loi Ly (Aeronautical Engineer) B.S., University of California, Davis "'975; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1976. (Electrical Engineer)

B.S., California Institute of Technology

Stephen Taylor Neely (Electrical Engineer) California Institute of Technology "975.

B.S., Ottawa University "'974; M.S.,

Rodney Tak Masumoto "'972; M.S., "'974.

Ernst Norman Tangren (Aeronautical Engineer) B.S., University of Washington "975; M.S., Califorma Institute of Technology 1976.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DIVISION OF BIOLOGY Antony Clifford Bakke (Biochemistry) B.S., Washington State University 1971. Thesis: Studies on the Chromatin of the Cellular Slime Mold, Dictyostelium discoideum . Welcome Bender (Biology) A.B., Harvard College 1971Thesis: Electron Microscopic Studies of Sequence Arrangement: Poly (Al Mapping, RNA Tumor Viruses, and Slime Mold Actin Genes. Sheila Gillard Crewther (Biology) B.Sc., University of Melbourne 1969; M.5c., 1971. Thesis: Plasticity in the Cat Visual System. I ay Barry Edelman (Biophysics) S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1973 . Thesis: Statistical Mechanics of BiolOgical Membranes: Protein Aggregation and Lipid Ordering.

Teryl-Kenneth Frey (Biochemistry and Gen etics) B.S., Iowa State University 1971; M.S., 1972. Thesis: Biochemical and Biophysical Studies on the RNA Species of Sindbis Virus. Karen'Faye Greif (Psychobiology and BiochemiSlT1j) A.B., Brown University 197}. Thesis: Memory Processing in Chickens and Goldfish. Stanley Hoffman (Cell Biology) S.B., Massachusetts Institu te of Technology 1972. Thesis: The Role of the Plasma Membrane in the Development of the Cellular Slime Mold, Dictyostelium discoideum. Henry, Vincent Huang (Bioch emistry) A.B., Occidental College 1972. Thesis: r. The Ontogenetic Expression of Antibody Variable-Region Genes in the Chicken. II. Methods for Fractionation of Plasma Membranes and Membrane Proteins.

Robert Edward Sheridan, Ir. (Neurophysiology and Biochemistry) B.S., Colorado State University 1972. Thesis: Kinetics and Equilibria at Nicotinic Receptor in ElectrophonLs electricus and Raia erinacea Electroplaques. Barb~ra Landale Stitt (Biochemistry and Genetics) B.A., Reed College 1971. Thesis: Role of the Host Cell in Bacteriophage T4 Development.

Duncan Knight Stuart (Neurophysiology and Genetics) B.S., Yale University 1968. Thesis: The Neurosecretion of the Polypeptide Egg-laying Hormone (ELH) from the Bag Cells, Neuronal Sites of Action of ELH, and Circadian Release of Polypeptides from the Eye of Aplysia califomica. David Tang (Biophysics) A.B., University of California, Berkeley 1969. Thesis: A DNA Nicking-Closing Eruyme from Mouse L Cells. When more than one field of study is indicated, the first is the major and the second and others are minors.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued Christopher Mark West (Cell Biology) B.S., University of Florida '973. Thesis: I. Glycoproteins and Development in the Cellular Slime Mold Dictyostelium discoideum . II. Separation of Cells Using Isopycnic Centrifugation in Linear Density Gradients of Colloidal Silica. Barbara J. Wold (Developmental Biolo81)) B.S., Arizona State University 1973. Thesis: Studies of Structural Gene Transcripts in Sea Urchin Embryos and Adult Tissues.

DIVISION OF CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Robert James Almassy (Chemistry) B.S., University of Redlands 1971. Thesis: Structure Detennination and Refinement of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Cytochrome coS1 at 2.0 A Resolution. Catherine Louise Coyle (Chemistry) B.A., Hunter College '974. Thesis: Mechanism of Electron Transfer in Cytochromes and Blue Copper Proteins. fohn Patrick Dwyer (Chemistry) B.A., DePauw University 1973; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1976. Thesis: Quantum Mechanical Studies of Molecular Scattering. Tames Brian Flanagan (Chemistry) B.S., Texas Tech University 1972; M.S., 1974. Thesis: Some Investigations in Theoretical and Experimental Electrochemistry. Robert Paul Frueholz (Chemist!)!) B.S., Harvey Mudd College 1973 . Th esis: Electronic Spectroscopy of Various Molecular Systems by Low-Energy, Variable Angle, Electron Impact. Andrew Michael Goetze (Chemistry) B.Sc., The University of British Columbia 1973. Thesis: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of lnununoglobulins. 1. StructureFunction Relationships in Phosphorylcholine-Binding Mouse Myeloma Antibodies. II. 19F NMR Studies of Trifluoroacetonylated Immunoglobulins as a PProbe of Antibody Conformation. Ronald Vernon Hodges (Chemistry) B.S., Bethany N82arene College 1973. Thesis: Gas Phase Ion-Molecule Chemistry. I. Ion Cyclotron Resonance Investigations of Organophosphorus Compounds. II. Reactions of Aluminum Ions with Alkyl Halides. Valerie Wailin Hu (Chemistry and Biology) B.S., University of Hawaii, Honolulu '97 2 • Thesis: Structure-Function Studies on Cytochrome c Oxidase. I. An Investigation into the Nature of the Metal Sites in Cytochrome c Oxidase Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy. II. An Investigation into the Lipid Factors Affecting Protein Activity and Respiratory Control in Reconstituted Cytochrome c Oxidase Membranes. MarkKeil (Chemistry) B.A., Colgate University 1973. Thesis: Interaction Potentials of Helium with Atoms and Molecules from Crossed Beam Experiments.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued Robert James Kinney (Chemistry) B.S., Iowa State University 1971; M.S., California Institute of Technology "972. Thesis : 1. Synthesis and Characterization of the New Cyclopentadienyl Vanadium Tricarbonyl Hydride and Methyl Anions and Their Reactions with Organic Substrates. II. Monomeric Organometallic Dianions. Dale Alvin Kooistra (Chemistnj) B.A., Hope College "972. Thesis: Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Binding Site Interactions between 19F Labelled Nitrophenyl Haptens and Specific Mouse Myeloma Immunoglobulin MOPC-3 15· Sudarshan Kumar (Chemical Engineering) B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1972; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1974Thesis: Optimal Design of Distributed Parameter Measurement Systems. Brian Kent Lamb (Chemistnj) B.S., Idaho State University 1973 . Thesis: Development and Application of Dual Atmospheric Tracer Techniques for the Characterization of Pollutant Transport and Dispersion. Donald Robert McAlister (Chemistry) B.S ., University of Oregon 197"; M.S., "973. Thesis : Organometallic Reaction Mechanisms: Catalytic Cyclotrimerization of Alkynes, Reduction of Carbon Monoxide and Reductive Elimination from an Alkylhydride Complex. Terry·William Moody (Chemistnj) B.s., University of California, Berkeley "972. Thesis: Biochemical Studies of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor from Torpedo califomica Electroplax. Marco Antonio Chaer do Nascimento (Chemistry) B.Sc., Escola de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 1968; M. Sc., Instituto de Quimica "973; M.s., California Institute of Technology "977. Thesis: 1. Theoretical Studies of Photoionization. II. The Electronic Structure of Linear Polyenes. Bruce Alan Parkinson (Chemistry) B.S., Iowa St~te University "972. Thesis: Experimental Studies of Interfacial Electrochemistry. PamelaJ. Peerce (Chemistry) B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute "973. Thesis: The Coordination Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Chromium (III) Complexes of Thiobis (Ethylenenitrilo) Tetraacetic Acid. Nils Overgaard Petersen (Chemistry and Biology) B.Sc., University of Western , Ontario "972. Thesis : Studies of Lipid-Lipid Interactions in Phospholipid Bilayer Membranes. Thomas William Peterson (Chemical Engineering) M.S., University of Arizona "973. Thesis : Aerosol Dynamics in an Urban Atmosphere.

B.S., Tufts University "972;

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued RobertD. Sam1er (ChemistnJ) B.S ., Miami University, Ohio 1973. Thesis: Synthetic and Structural Investigations of Dinitrogen, Carbonyl, Olefin, Dichloride, and Hydride Derivatives of Bis(Pentarnethylcydopentadienyl)Titanium and Zirconium.

Michael Allen Shippey (Chemistnj) B.A., Rice University 1973. Thesis: Trirnethylsilyl Anions: Stereospecific Deoxygenation of Epoxides and Trime thylsilyldehalogenation of Aryl Halides. Steven Andrew Spencer (Chemistn)) B.A., Wesleyan University "971. Thesis : Studies on a Neurotoxic Protein: The 5 A Structure of a-Bungarotoxin. Sally Anne Sullivan (Chemistry) B.A., Hunter College "973 . Thesis: Ion Cyclotron Resonance Investigations of Negative Ion-Molecule Reactions. Wayne Julius Thompson (Chemistry) B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology "974· Thesis: The Total Synthesis of Chlorotricolide; The Top Half. Jerry Tobler (Chemistnj) B.S., Cornell University "973. Thesis : Studies on Interaction of Plasminogen with Balblc 3T3 and SV3T3 Cells in Culture. William Charles Trogler (Chemistry) B.A., M.A., The Johns Hopkins University "974· Thesis: Electronic Spectroscopy and the Photochemistry of Compounds which Contain Quadruple Metal-Metal Bonds . Philip Eric Wood (Chemical Engineering) B.A.Sc., University of Waterloo "973· Thesis: Studies of Mean Reynolds Stress Models of Turbulent Flow. Ajit Prithiviraj Yoganathan (Chemical Engineering) B.Se., University College, University of London 1973. Thesis: Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics. I. Fluid Dynaruics of Prosthetic Aortic Valves. II. Use of the Fast Fourier Transform in the Analysis of Cardiovascular Sounds. DIVISION OF ENGINEERING A.J."ID APPLIED SCIEl"lCE Glen Rowan Ca55 (Environmental Engineering Science and Economics) B.5., University of Southern Califoruia 1969; M.5., Stanford University "970. Thesis: Methods for Sulfate Air Quality Management with Applications to Los Angeles. Gene Alan Clough (Applied Physics) B.S., Califoruia Institute of Technology 1969; M.S., 1971. Thesis: I. A Recirculating Charge-Coupled Device. II. The Mercury Selenide on N-Silicon Schottky Barrier. Dwight William Decker (Applied Mathematics) Thesis: Topics in Bifurcation Theory.


B.Sc., McGill Uuiversity "972.



Walter K. De Logi (Electrical Engineering and Physics) Kandidaat, Ryksuruversiteit, Belgium "970; Burgerlyk Ingenieur "973; M.S., California Institute of Technology "974Thesis: Electromagnetic Wave Generation and Propagation in Gravitational Fields. Daniel Bruce Diner (Engineering Science and Neu.rophys iology and Business Economics and Management) B.A., The Johns Hopkins University "969; M.A., "97"; M.S., California Institute of Technology "973. Thesis: Hysteresis in Human Binocular Fusion: A Second Look.

Crockett Lane Grabbe (Applied Physics) B.S., The University of Texas, Austin "972; M.S., "973 . Thesis: Resonance Cones and Mode Conversion in a Warm Magnetized Bounded Plasma. Gregory Prince Hamill (Applied Physics and Astronomy) A.B., Boston University "97"; M.S., California Institute of Technology "972. Thesis: Analysis of Defect Structures in High Purity Copper Single Crystals Using X-Ray Topographic Techniques. Thomas Russell Holm (Environmental Engineering Science and Chemistry) B.S ., Portland State University "97"; M.S., California Institute of Technology "972 . Thesis: Trace Metals in Fresh Water Plankton. Li-ho Raymond Hou (Engineering Science and Neurobiology) B.S., N ational Chiao Tung University "970; M.S., California Institute of Technology "973. Thesis: The Programming Strategy of the Saccadic Eye Movement Control System. Kochan Ju (Electrical Engineering) B.5.E., Cheng Kung University "969; M.s., Taiwan University 1972j M.S ., State University of New York, Stony Brook 1973· Thesis: Magnetic Bubble Domain and Domain Wall Dynamics in Gradient Translation. Peter D. Kirkwood (Environmental Engineering Science and Biology) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology "966; M.S" California Institute of Technology "97 2 • Thesis: Seasonal Patterns In the Growth of the Giant Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera. Keith Koenig (Aeronautics) B.S., Mississippi State University "973; M.S., California Institute of Technology "974Thesis: Interference Effects on the Drag of Bluff Bodies in Tandem. Randall L. Kubena (Applied Physics) B.5., California Institute of Technology "973; M.S., "974. Thesis: Fluctuations in a Tokamak plasma. James Laurens Latimer (Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics) B.5., Rice University "973; M.S ., California Institute of Technology "974. Thesis: Cost and Traffic Analysis of Demand Access Satellite Networks .


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued Chien-Ping Lee (Applied Physics) B.S., National Taiwan University 1971Thesis: New Optoelectronic Devices Using GaAs - GaAlAs Epitaxy. Marianela Lentini Gil (Applied Mathematics) Licenciado, Universidad Central de Venezuela "973. Thesis: Boundary Value Problems on Semi Infinite Intervals. Kiran Ramanlal Magiawala (Aeronautics) B.E., St. Xavier's College 197"; M. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur "973 ; M.S., California Institute of TechnologY 1 974· Thesis: Measurements of Energy Exchange between Acoustic Fields and non-Uniform Steady Flow Fields. Derek John McKay (Ew"ironmental Engineering Science and Social Science) B.Sc., University of Auckland 1969; B.E., 1971; M.S., California Institute of Technology "97 2 . Thesis: Two Essays on the Economics of Electricity Supply: l. Has the AverchJohnson Effect Been Empirically Verified? II. Electricity Pricing. Luis Manuel Medina-Vaillard (Engineering Science) B.S.E.E., National University of Mexico "973. Thesis: An Engineering Formalization of Computer Systems . Alan Rolf Mickelson (Electrical Engineering and Physics) B.S., The University of Texas, EI Paso "973; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1974. Thesis: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Almost Periodic Media. Siu Joe Poon (Applied Physics) B.s., California Institute of Technology "974. Thesis: Superconductivity, Spin-Glass Properties, and Ferromagnetism in Amorphous La-Gd-Au Alloys. Scott Darrell Roth (Engineering Science) B.A., California State College, Long Beach "970 . Thesis: Stereo 3-D Perception for a Robot. Robert A. Scranton (Applied Physics) B.S., California Institute of Technology "974; M.S., University of California, Berkeley "975. Thesis: Investigations of the Conductor-Semiconductor Interface. David Sheby (Engineering Science) B.S., Pratt Institute 1972; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1974. Thesis: Wiener Kernel Analyses of the Functional Microstructure of a Crustacean Visual Field. Jeffrey B. SheUan (Applied Physics) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1975; M.S., 1976. Thesis: Aperiodic Structures in Optics and Integrated Optics and the Transverse Bragg Reflector Laser. William Allan Symington (Mechanical Engineering) B.E., Cooper Union "974; M.S., California Institute of Technology "975. Thesis: Analytical Studies of Steady and Non-Steady Motions of a Bubbly Liquid.




Joseph David Tidow (Applied Mechanics) A.B., Bowdoin College 1968; B.S., California Institute of Technology 1968; M.S., "973. Thesis: Sailing Vessel Dynamics . Alan James Wadcock (Aeronautics) B.Sc., Imperial College, London University 1968; M.Sc., "970. Thesis: Flying-Hot-Wire Study of Two-Dimensional Turbulent Separation on an NACA 44"2 Airfoil at Maximum Lift. Bruce Donald Westermo (Applied Mechanics and Geophysics) B.s., Illinois Institute of Technology "974; M.S., California Institute of Technology "975. Thesis : The Solutions of a Non Linear Difference Equation Found in Numerical Analysis. Randall Gary Williams (Applied Mathematics) B.s., California Institute of Technology "973. Thesis : The Stochastic Exit Problem for Dynamical Systems. Rick Alan Williams (Engineering Science and Neurophysiology) B.s., Northwestern University "972; M.S., California Institute of Technology "974. Thesis: The Processing of Velocity Information by the Pursuit Oculomotor System. DIVISION OF GEOLOGICAL AND PLANETARY SCIENCES Bruce Gordon Bills (Planetary Science and Geophysics) B.S., Brigham Young University "973. Thesis: A Harmonic and Statistical Analysis of the Topography of the Earth, Moon, and Mars. Donald James DePaolo (Geology and Chemistry) B.S., State University of New York, Binghamton "973 . Thesis: Study of Magma Sources, Mantle Structure and the Differentiation of the Earth Using Variations of ' 43Nd/ ' 44Nd in Igneous Rocks. David Joseph Diner (PlanetanJ Science and Geology) B.S., State University of New York, Stony Brook "973; M.S., California Institute of Technology "977. Thesis: l. Silicon Vidicon Imaging of Jupiter 4100-8300 Angstroms: Spectral Reflectivity, Limb-Darkening, and Atmospheric Structure. II. Simultaneous Ultraviolet (0.}6 Micron) and Infrared (8-20 Micron) Imaging of Venus: Properties of Clouds in the Upper Atmosphere. David Milton Hadley (Geophysics) B.A., University of California, Riverside 1971; M. S·,~97}· Thesis: Geophysical Investigations of the Structure and Tectonics of Southern California. James Alan Hileman (Geophysics) Gp.E., Colorado School of Mines 1960; M.S ., California Institute of Technology "97". Thesis: l. A Contribution to the Study of the Seismicity of Southern California. II. Inversion of Phase Times for Hypocenters and Shallow Crustal Velocities.




Tai-Lin Hong (Geophysics) B.s., National Tsing-Hua University 1970; M.S., "972. Thesis: Elastic vVave Propagation in Irregular Structures. Dan Douglas Kosloff (Geophysics) B.A., Hebrew University "97". Thesis: Numerical Models of Crustal Deformation. Theodore Charles Labotka (Geology and Geochemistnj) B.s., University of Illinois, Urbana 197"1Thesis: Geology of the Telescope Peak Quadrangle, California, and Late Mesozoic Regional Metamorphism, Death Valley Area, California. Jay Dennis Murray (Geology) B.A, Hamilton College 1966. Thesis: The Structure and Petrology of the San Jose Pluton, Northern Baj a California, Mexico. Emile Andre Okal (Geophysics) D.E.A, University of Paris 1971; M.S., "972. Thesis: I. Application of Normal Mode Theory to Seismic Source and Structure problems. II. Seismic Investigations of Upper Mantle Lateral Heterogeneity. SUSa..l Ann Raikes (Geophysics) B.A, Newnham College "973. Thesis: I. Regional Variations in Upper Mantle Compressional Velocities beneath Southern California. II. Post-Shock Temperatures : Their Experimental Determina tion, Calculation, and Implications. Frederic Peter Schloerb (Planetary Science and Geophysics) AB., Hamilton College 1973· Thesis: Radio Interferometric Investigations of Saturn's Rings at 3 .71- and :L30-cm Wavelengths. Seth Avram Stein (Geophysics) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology "975. Thesis: I. Seismological Study of the Ninetyeast and Chagos-Laccadive Ridges, Indian Ocean. II. Models for Asymmetric and Oblique Spreading at Midocean Ridges. III. Attenuation Measurements Using Split Normal Modes. Richard john Terrile (Planetary Science and Geophysics) B.S., State University of New York Stony Brook 1972; M.s ., California Institute of Technology 1973. Thesis: High Spatial Resolution Infrared Imaging of Jupiter: Implications for the Vertical Cloud Structure from Five-Micron Measurements.

DIVISION OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE Naim Hassan Al-Adhadh (Social Science) G.CE., Northwest Kent College of Technology 1963; B. Sc., University College of North Wales 1966; M. Sc., 1967. Thesis: Essays on Economic and Political Choice. Steven A. Matthews (Social Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology "974. Thesis: Directional and Static Equilibrium in Social Decision Processes. Barry Robert Weingast (Social Science) B.S., University of California, Santa CrU2 1973· Thesis : A Representative Legislature and Regnlatory Agency Capture.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued DIVISION OF PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS AND ASTRONOMY Victor R. Akylas (Physics) B.5., M.S., The University of Chicago 1973; M.5., Callfornia Institute of Technology 1975. Thesis: Cascade of Negative Muons in Atoms. Charles Alcock (Astronomy) B.Sc., Auckland University 1973 . Thesis: I. Small Angle Scattering of Radiation. II. Molecular Emission Lines around Evolved Stars. Steven Van Walter Beckwith (Physics) B.S., Cornell University 1973· Thesis : Observations of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen Emission. Edward J. Bissett (Applied Mathematics) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1974· Thesis : Bifurcation in a Reaction Diffusion System. David Philip Crewther (Physics) B.5c., University of Melbourne 1972; M.5c., 1974. Thesis : The Infrared Behaviour of Quantum Chromodynarnics. Jean Roger Delayen (Applied Physics) Engineer, Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers 1970; M.S., Cilifornia Institute of Technology 1971. Thesis: Phase and Amplitude Stabilization of Superconducting Resonators. Deepak Dhar (Physics) B.5c., University of Allahabad 1970; M.5c., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1972; M.S ., California Institute of Technology 1973 . Thesis: Renormallzation Techniques in the Study of Phase Transitions . I. Lattices of Effectively NOnintegral Dimensionality. II. A Model of the Melting Transition. Jonathan H. Elias (Astronomy) S.B., S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 197 2. Thesis: Infrared Studies of Two Dark Clouds. Ian Gatley (Physics) B.Sc., London University 1972. Thesis : Far Infrared Observations of the Galactic Center. Thomas Russell Greenlee (Physics) B.S., Michigan Technological University 1970; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1973. Thesis: Measurement of Transition Probabilities for Mn I Lines and the Manganese Solar Abundance. Alan Andrew Hahn (Physics) B.S., University of Florida 1972. Thesis: Experimental Investigations of Muonic X-Ray Transitions in Mercury Isotopes. Robert Patrick McNamara (Applied Physics) B.S., M.S., California Institute of Technology 1973 . Thesis: Comparative Studies of the Steady State and R.F. Properties of Proximity Effect Bridges. John Charles Neu (Applied Mathematics) B.A., University of Callfornia, San Diego 1974· Thesis : Nonlinear Oscillations in Discrete and Continuous Systems.




Dee-Son Pan (Physics) B.s., National Tsing-Hua University 1971Thesis: Some Theoretical Problems in Low Temperature Optical Properties of Semiconductors.

William Charles Priedhorsky (Physics) B.A., Whitman College 1973 . Thesis: Observations of Three Binary X-Ray Sources: CYG X-I, CYG X-2, and 4U,813 +50 (AM HER). Arthur Leonard Rubin (Mathematics) Thesis: Free Algebras in von Neumann-Bernays-Godel Set Theory and Positive Inductions in Reasonable Structures.

Anneila Isabel Sargent (Astronomy) B.sc., University of Edinburgh 1963; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1967. Thesis: Molecular Clouds and Star Formation. John Steven Sheffield (Applied Mathematics) "-972; S.M., Harvard University 197}. Thesis: Topics in Vortex Motion.

B.S., California Institute of Technology

Roque Kwok-Hung Szeto (Applied M athematics) B.s., New York University '972. Thesis: The Flow between Rotating Coaxial Disks. Eric Paul Verheiden, Jr. (Mathematics) B.A., Portland State University 1974. Thesis: Aritlunetical Properties of Combinatorial Matrices. Robert Allen Weller, Jr. (Physics) B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville "-971Thesis: The Energy Spectra of Uranium Atoms Sputtered from Uranium Metal and Uranium Dioxide Targets. Mark Edward Wiedenbeck (Physics) B.s., The University of Michigan '971. Thesis: An Investigation of Techniques for the Measurement and Interpretation of Cosmic Ray Isotopic Abundances. Shiu-Chin Wu (Physics) B.S ., National Tsing-Hua University 1974. Thesis: Fusion Cross Section Measurements for the Reactions 14N + lOB and 16 0+ 16 0. Pochi Albert Yeh (PhYSics and Applied Physics) B.S., National Taiwan University "-971; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1975. Thesis: Stark-Induced Optical Noulinearity in Gaseous NH2D and Optical Waves in Layered Media. Michael Franz Yoder


'974· Thesis: Replicative Functions.

B.S., M.s., California Institute of Technology

Priz.es and Awards FREDERIC W. HINRICHS, jR., MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to the senior who, in the opinion of the undergraduate Deans, has made the greatest undergraduate contribution to the welfare of the student body and whose qualities of leadership, character, and responsibility have been outstanding. Recipient to be announced at Commencement.

ERIC TEMPLE BELL UNDERGRADUATE MATHEMATICS RESEARCH PRIZE Awarded to one or more juniors or seniors for outstanding original research in mathematics.

1.976 Albert L. Wells, Jr.* DONALD S. CLARK MEMORIAL AWARDS May be awarded to a sophomore and a junior in recognition of service to the campus community and good academic perfonnance. Preference is given to students in

the Division of Engineering and Applied Science and to those in Chemical Engineering.

1.978 Isabella T. Lewis, sophomore Leslie A. Paxton, junior 1.977 Eric W. Kaler 1.976 Andrew H. Falls* HAREN LEE FISHER MEMORIAL AWARD IN JUNIOR PHYSICS Awarded to a junior physics major who demonstrates the greatest promise of future contributions in physics.

Liew C. Chieu JACK E. FROEHLICH MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to a junior in the upper five percent of his class who shows outstanding promise for a creative professional career.

1.978 Thongchai Kengmana, Sangtae Kim 1.977 Kam-Yin Lau* GEORGE W. GREEN MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to the undergraduate student who, in the opinion of the division chairmen, has shown outstanding ability and achievement in creative scholarship.

David L. Johannsen

'The names of students who have received prizes or awards in previous years, but who are graduating in Z978, are also listed.

PRIZES AND AWARDS - Continued ARIE J. HAAGEN-SMIT MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to a sophomore or junior in biology or chemistry who has shown academic promise and who has made recognized contributions to Caltech.

:1978 Robert M. Hanson :1977 Thomas J. McDonnell* DAVID JOSEPH MACPHERSON PRIZE IN ENGINEERING Awarded to the graduating senior in engineering who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship. Limited to U.S. citizens.

Wayne M. Baxter MARY A. EARL McKINNEY PRIZE IN ENGLISH The purpose of this prize is to cultivate proficiency in writing. It may be awarded for essays submitted in connection with regular English classes or awarded on the basis of a special essay contest.

Jeffrey M. Hicks, Cecelia B. Rodriguez, Christopher D. Vestuto THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE SILVER MEDAL Awarded to students who are receiving their first degrees from the most important

institutions of learning in the United States. Winners are selected on the basis of outstanding academic records and significant participation in student activities.

Designee: Eric W . Kaler DON SHEPARD AWARD Awarded to students who would find it difficult, without additional financial help, to engage in extracurricular and cultural activities. The recipients are selected on

the basis of their capacity to take advantage of and to profit from these activities rather than on the basis of their scholastic standing.

:1978 James J. Angel, Colleen R. Ruby, Janet A. Rice :1.977 Bruce D. Baker* :1.975 Jose] . Cabezon* SIGMA XI AWARD Awarded to a senior selected for an outstanding piece of original scientific research.

Michael 1. Steigerwald THE MORGAN WARD AWARD Awarded for the best problems and solutions in mathematics submitted by a freshman or sophomore.

:1976 Charles W. Schlindwein* :1.975 Albert L. Wells, Jr.'