E-Z info It's E-Z!

E-Z info It's E-Z!

SM On-the-Go E-Z info E-ZPass On-the-Go is an E-Z and convenient way to save time and money. E-ZPass On-the-Go allows the busy traveler to open an E...

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E-Z info E-ZPass On-the-Go is an E-Z and convenient way to save time and money. E-ZPass On-the-Go allows the busy traveler to open an E-ZPass account without filling out an application or waiting in line.

It’s E-Z! 3 READY

Purchase tag at retailer for $25


Register Tag Online at www.e-zpassny.com or call 1-800-697-1554 $25 will be credited to your account

3 GO

Attach to windshield and start saving!

How do I put more money on the account after I use the initial $25.00? When you register your Tag, you will be prompted to select one of two replenishment methods:

1. Credit Card/Checking Account with Automatic Replenishment The easiest way to pay. When your prepaid balance reaches a certain level, your E-ZPass account will automatically be replenished. No Tag deposit is required. 2. Check or Cash Replenishment You can replenish your account by mailing in a check or by making a cash payment at one of our walk-in-centers. A Tag deposit of $10.00 is required with this replenishment option.

Where can I use E-ZPass? l l

Important: You must register Tag before using.

Can I add an On-the-Go Tag to my existing E-ZPass account?

l l l

New York New Jersey North Carolina Delaware Illinois

l l l l l

Ohio Massachusetts Pennsylvania West Virginia New Hampshire

l l l l l

Rhode Island Virginia Maine Maryland Indiana

Can I give an E-ZPass On-the-Go Tag as a gift?

Yes. E-ZPass On-the-Go Tags are excellent gift ideas for any occasion. You can buy the Tag and give it to anyone to register the Tag at a later date.

Does E-ZPass On-the-Go cost extra? No! There is no additional cost for getting an E-ZPass Tag at an On-the-Go location. The full $25.00 payment is moved to an E-ZPass account once the Tag is registered.

Yes, if your existing Tag was issued by the NYS Thruway Authority. This can be determined by verifying that the first three digits of your Tag begin with 004. If the Tag does not begin with 004, then you may not add this Tag to the account.

What if I have more than one vehicle?

Each account can have up to 4 E-ZPass Tags or extra mounting strips will be provided if you want to move your E-ZPass Tag between vehicles. However, all vehicles that use this Tag must be two-axle, four tire vehicles and have the Tag mounted correctly on the windshield.

What is E-ZPass Plus?

When you register your Tag and choose credit with automatic replenishment, you are automatically enrolled in E-ZPass Plus. This program allows you to use your Tag at JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Syracuse/Hancock Airport and Albany Airport parking facilities.

Will I get an E-ZPass statement? Yes. Your statement will detail all trips by date, location and toll amount, as well as any payments made.

Can I use an On-the-Go Tag in my Business or Commercial vehicle?

On-the-Go Tags are for 2 axle passenger vehicles only. To enjoy E-ZPass savings in your business or commercial vehicle, you can download an E-ZPass business application by visiting www.E-ZPassNY.com and selecting E-ZPass Info.

Save Time & Money with

$25 SM


Find an Authorized E-ZPass Retailer, visit: www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/otg

Insert your zip code to locate a retailer in your area

E-Z Ways to Register 1. www.e-zpassNY.com/register 2. Call 1-800-697-1554 Be sure to have your vehicle information and credit card (if applicable) before registering your Tag. If you purchased multiple Tags, register your first Tag as a New Account and for additional Tags follow the instructions for Registering Tag to Existing Account. To register a Tag to an Existing Account you must have an existing E-ZPass account with the New York State Thruway Authority.

Discount on NY Tolls No Additional Cost

Other Ways To Get E-ZPass Online - www.e-zpassNY.com For an Application Call 1-800-333-8655