Engine Trouble R K Narayan • A lottery or a lucky draw is supposed to give the winner that will help him. But when if the prize in one of these game...

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Engine Trouble R K Narayan

• A lottery or a lucky draw is supposed to give the winner that will help him. But when if the prize in one of these games of chance creates problems and cause the winner to spend more money than he has won? The narrator is a poor man who is overjoyed when he wins a lucky draw. To his dismay, however, his prize is an engine. The poor man has to try a variety of means to get rid of the engine and fails each time. What is more, every attempt to sell it only results in more expense for him. Does he finally manage to get rid of the troublesome engine?

Malgudi • Story of ‘Engine trouble’ has its influence on the film ‘Vellanakalude Vellanakalude Nadu’ • Malgudi is an imaginative town where lives the imaginary characters created by the genius writer RK Narayan. You will find only very ordinary people in this village. For one who read the book closely will realize that Malgudi to a miniature of world where people of all characters co-exist. On the other hand, you can take this miniature to your village or city and will find it all there.

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