engineering checklist - Montville Township

engineering checklist - Montville Township


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ENGINEERING CHECKLIST 10075c NM, Rev. 10-07-2016

ADDITIONS, NEW RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION, POOLS INDIVIDUAL LOT GRADING PLAN SPECIFICATIONS PROPERTY LOCATION: Owner/Applicant Name _______________________________________________ Street Address _______________________________________________________ Block ____________Lot _____________ Subdivision Application Number (if applicable) _______________

ITEMS TO BE INCLUDED ON GRADING PLAN OR APPLICATION: Lot & Block Numbers, (include adjacent properties) street address, north arrow, scale (no greater than 1" = 30' - where lot size warrants) Boundary survey information & reference, including easements, restrictions, encroachments, Filed Map Number, etc. Zone Designation, setback lines, & table of Zone Requirements showing existing conditions & proposed provisions. (Including building height and coverage of existing & proposed improvements). Location of all existing & proposed structures (principal & accessory), & site improvements (front access & right of way walks, curb, paving, etc.). Proposed & existing setback dimensions required for all structures. All utilities & improvements in any easement and/or public right of way adjacent to property. Existing & proposed tree line (limit of disturbance line), All disturbed areas must comply with Chapter 230-70, Topsoil & Seeding.

Existing & proposed grades at one foot intervals when topography is less than 5% overall, two foot intervals when greater than 5% overall. Grading shall conform to Chapter 230-71, A, B. & C. Existing topography shall be extended a minimum of 25 feet beyond the property lines in all directions. A note on the plan shall specify the vertical datum (if an assumed datum, this must be indicated). Proposed driveway alignment and profile grade that includes intermittent elevations at roadway centerline, gutter, right of way line & garage floor, etc., conforming to all pertinent sections of Chapter 230-66. Location of proposed septic system with proposed grades. If connecting to, or currently connected to municipal sanitary sewer system, show inverts at building & street connection. Indicate size, type of piping, slopes, etc. Location of well system or connection to municipal water system. Show point of entry at building & street connection location if applicable. Driveway sight triangle required for all new driveways or driveway expansions in accordance with Chapter 230-58Q(1) (Morris County Land Development Standards). No easement dedication required; however, must provide note on Preliminary & AsBuilt Site Plan indicating sight distance is conforming. A storm-water management system, in accordance with Chapter 230-112 through 230-114. The location, size, and elevation of all piping, tanks, chambers and seepage pits must be included on the plan. A certification of zero increase in stormwater runoff must also be included on the plan. Overflow from stormwater systems shall connect with the Municipal stormwater drainage system whenever feasible. Location of retaining walls with top and bottom elevations and details designed by a Professional Engineer. Residential walls & fences shall conform to all parts of Chapter 230-159. Note: For walls over 4’ in height, inspection and as-built certification by a N.J. Licensed Professional Engineer will be required. 100-year flood plain per the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map and NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Delineation, or certification by an Engineer or Land Surveyor indicating property is not in a Flood Plain. Show, by metes & bounds, all delineated wetlands and transition areas approved through a NJDEP Letter of Interpretation. Note NJDEP File Number on plan. If no wetlands exist, plan must contain note confirming this fact. Provide the following notations & certifications on the plan: a.

There will be no deviation from proposed grading without written approval of the Township Engineer. Page | 2 10075c


At the Township Engineer's discretion, the applicant may be required to field stake a property limit in the interest of limiting disturbance to the subject property.


The applicant's engineer shall certify on the plan that the grading shown thereon can tie into the existing topographic contours on the adjoining lots without an adverse grading or drainage impact. Certification shall also stipulate that all disturbance and grading can be limited to within the property in question.


The applicant shall, upon notification by the Township Engineer, field stake wetlands and/or buffer area limits prior to any land disturbance or clearing.

Soil excavation (cut/fill) balance calculation: Proposed soil movement quantities related to the site plan design must be provided on plan. Soil Movement must comply with Chapter 308. Soil erosion & sediment control measures in accordance with the Morris County Soil Conservation District Standards. (Proposed silt fence, soil stockpile, etc.). All proposed Lot Grading Plans must be accompanied by a Tree Removal Permit as required by Chapter 368. Three prints must be submitted of individual Lot Grading Plan, signed & sealed by a N.J. licensed Professional Engineer. All site plans that propose disturbance of areas with steep slopes must conform to Chapter 230-101. In accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:40-7.2, a signed and sealed copy of the property survey shall be submitted with all site plan submissions. Fee of $275.00 is required. REVIEWED BY: ________________________ DATE: _______________

Page | 3 10075c


Survey boundary information and references, signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor. Location of all surface structures (buildings, curbs, drain out-falls, driveways, inlets, patios, pools, sidewalks, walls, etc.) including improvements within right of way along frontage of lot (curb, walks, etc.). Elevation of buildings (finished floor), spot elevations at key high and low points to confirm grading and drainage flow exists as were proposed, slope of finished driveway, top & bottom elevations of all walls. Location of sub-surface utility lines (sewer, water, electric, gas, etc.) including location of cleanouts and connections at building, and main lines within right of way. (Location of septic field/tanks, roof leader seepage tanks and well, if applicable.) Metes and bounds of wetlands, wetlands transition areas and stream encroachment lines, if applicable. Lot coverage analysis. Submission of 3 signed & sealed survey plans containing all of the above information. Stormwater Certification in accordance with Ordinance #2006-49. Applicant’s professionals are responsible for inspecting the stormwater system during its installation to the extent necessary to provide a Certification confirming that the system will function properly and to provide an accurate As-Built location of the system. REVIEWED BY:________________________ DATE:_______________

Page | 4 10075c


Stabilization, driveway, & front walk must be installed or cash bonds submitted.


Sidewalk/apron and house number must be installed.


Street light/s must be turned on and billed to developer until acceptance of road(s).


Engineer's certification for stormwater runoff, & walls, if applicable.




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“NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS” 10075c NM, Revised 3-7-17

MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP STORMWATER MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS In accordance with Chapter 230-112 through 230-114 of the Township Code, all improvements resulting in an increased impervious area of 150 square feet or greater must provide a Stormwater Management System to control the increase in stormwater runoff created by the additional impervious area. The applicant/owner’s design professional must provide a stormwater management design and certification confirming that the improvements will result in a zero increase in stormwater runoff for all permit applications to which this code applies. The applicant/owner is required to notify the Engineering Department prior to backfilling the underground stormwater system for an inspection by the Public Works Inspector. When the improvements are completed and prior to final engineering approvals, the applicant/owner’s design professional must confirm in writing that the stormwater management system was properly installed in accordance with the approved design. The Township’s Public Works Inspector’s inspection is not considered confirmation that the system was properly installed. Therefore, the applicant/owner must coordinate any necessary inspections of the system’s installation by their design professional that may be necessary for the final certification of satisfactory completion. Please contact Nick Marucci, PE-PLS, Township Engineer, at the Engineering Department, [email protected] or 973-331-3321 if you have any questions regarding the stormwater management requirements.

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In accordance with Item #13 of the Engineering Checklist and Chapter 230-159 of the Township Code, all retaining walls exceeding four (4) feet in height require the inspection and structural certification from the applicant’s licensed engineer. This notice is intended to clearly inform the applicant and their engineer that a thorough inspection of the retaining wall construction and a complete certification confirming the structural stability of the wall is required. Applicants must employ their engineer to perform adequate inspections of the wall’s construction to enable the engineer to provide a straight forward complete certification confirming the retaining wall’s structural stability. Upon completion of the wall and prior to final engineering approval the Engineer’s certification must be submitted and approved by the Engineering Department. The Township’s Public Works Inspector’s inspection of the wall construction shall not be construed as a certification by the Township or any type of assurance that the wall construction is structurally sound. Please contact Nick Marucci, PE-PLS, Township Engineer, at the Engineering Department, [email protected] or 973-331-3321 if you have any questions regarding the retaining wall requirements.

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