ETFA'2005 - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica e delle

ETFA'2005 - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica e delle

ETFA’2005 10th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation September 19-22, 2005 Catania, Italy CALL FOR PAPERS Hon...

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ETFA’2005 10th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation September 19-22, 2005 Catania, Italy

CALL FOR PAPERS Honorary Co-Chairs

Sponsored by: University of Catania, Italy

Fumio Harashima, Tokyo Denki, Japan James C. Hung, Univ. of Tennessee, USA

General Co-Chairs

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Orazio Mirabella, University of Catania, Italy Richard Zurawski, ISA Corp., USA

Organizing Committee Chairs Luigi Fortuna, University of Catania, Italy Josep A. Fuertes, Univ. Pol. de Catalunia, Spain

Program Committee Chairs Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Italy Thilo Sauter, Austrian Acad. of Sciences, Austria

Steering Committee E Dekenuvel, Univ. of Nice, France J. Fuertes, Univ. Politecnica de Catalunia L. Gomes, UNINOVA, Portugal H Fujita, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan F Harashima, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan C. J. Kim, UCLA, USA K. Lee, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, USA J-M Proth, INRIA Lorraine, France A. Weaver, Univ. of Virginia, USA R. Zurawski, ISA Corp., USA (Chair)

International Advisory Committee G. Buja, Univ. of Padova, Italy C. Cecati, Univ. of L`Aquila, Italy C. Couto, Univ. of Minho, Portugal D. Dietrich, Technical Univ. of Wien, Austria P. Drews, E. C. for Mechatronics, Germany C. Enolf, USA G. Hancke, Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa J. Hung, Univ. of Tennessee, USA J. D. Irwin, Auburn Univ, USA K. Jezernik, Univ. of Maribor, Slovenia N. Komoda, Osaka Univ., Japan J. Lee, Univ. of Cincinnati, USA KW. Lim, SIMT, Singapore R. Luo, National Chung Cheng Univ., Taiwan C. Rameback, ABB, Sweden B. Wilamowski, Auburn Univ., USA R. Schoop, Schneider Electric, France

Program Committee Track Chairs Martin Wollschlaeger, Univ. of Dresden, Germany Wolfgang Kastner, Tech.Univ. of Wiem, Germany Francisco Vasques, University of Porto, Portugal Gianluca Cena, IEIIT-CNR, Italy Luis Almeida, University of Aveiro, Portugal Carlos Eduardo Pereira, UFRGS, Brazil Eric Dekneuvel, University of Nice, France Paul J.M. Havinga, Univ. of Twente, Nederlands Stavros Koubias, University of Patras, Greece Norihisa Komoda, Osaka University, Japan Hans-Michael Hanisch, Universität Halle, Germany Valeriy Vyatkin, Universität Halle, Germany Matilde Santos, Univ. Complut. de Madrid, Spain Riccardo Caponetto, University of Catania Gurvinder Singh Virk, University of Leeds, UK Ren Luo, National Chung Cheng Univ., Taiwan Luis Gomes, UNINOVA, Portugal Antoni Grau, Tech. Univ. of Catalonia UPC, Spain Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Italy Thilo Sauter, Austrian Acad. of Sciences, Austria

Special Session Chair Luis Gomes, UNINOVA, Portugal

International Publicity Chair Carlo Cecati, University of L`Aquila, Italy

International Publicity Board Adriano Carvalho, Univ. of Porto, Portugal Hans Hansson, Mälardalen Univ., Sweden Zdenek Hanzalek, Tech. Univ. Prague, Czech Stavros Koubias, Univ. of Patras, Greece Lucia Lo Bello, Univ. of Catania, Italy Thilo Sauter, Austrian Acad. of Sciences, Austria Claudio Demartini, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy Peter Altenbernd, Darmstadt Univ., Germany M. Felser, Berne Univ. of Sciences, Switzerland W. Grega, Inst. of Automatics, Krakow, Poland V. M. Sempere Payá, Univ. Polit. Valencia, Spain. Reinaldo Silva, Univ. de Sao Paulo, Brazil Giovanni Muscato, Univ. of Catania, Italy Françoise Simonot-Lion, LORIA, France Paolo Arena, Univ. of Catania, Italy

Aim: The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the industry and academia and provide them with a platform to report on recent advances and developments in the newly emerging areas of technology, as well as actual and potential applications to industrial and factory automation. Solicited Papers: Research papers reporting on new developments in technological sciences. Industry and development papers reporting on actual developments of technology, products, systems and solutions. Tutorial and survey papers. Work-in-progress papers. In addition, ETFA 2005 solicits special session proposals to stimulate in-depth discussions in special areas relevant to the conference theme. Please consult the conference web page for more details. Topics within the scope of the workshop include: Information Technology in Automation: Development Platforms and Frameworks: .NET, J2EE; Programming languages: Java, C#, etc.; Operating Systems; Databases and Web Interfaces; Mobile Computing, Network Computing, Client/Server Computing; Distributed Objects and Components: CORBA, COM, COM+, DCOM, etc.; Groupware. Industrial Communication Systems: Real-time Communication and Applications; Dependability aspects: Safety / Security; Middleware for Industrial Communication Systems; Vertical Integration aspects: web-based setup, maintenance and configuration; Internetworking; Formal Description Techniques; Fieldbus Networks; Cell Networks; High Speed Networks; Wireless Networks; Intranet and Internet Access; Factory Applications and Case Studies. Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems: Design and Implementation; Environments and Tools; Models of Computation and Formal Methods; Hw/Sw Co-Design; IP Cores and Platforms; System on Chip; Network Embedded Systems Technology; Real-Time Executives and Operating Systems; Languages; Case studies. Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Networks: Design and Implementation; Development Environments and Tools; Energy Control; Hardware/Software; Data Integration and Fusion; Algorithms; Wireless Integrated Networked Sensors; Wideband Networked Sensors; MEMS Sensors; System Architecture; Power Supplies; Communication Modes; Case Studies. Automated Manufacturing Systems and Enterprise Integration: Architectures and Operations: FMS, CIM, IMS, ADS, MES, ERP, SCM, CAD/CAE/CAM, Scheduling, Reliability, Human Factors, Simulation, Queuing Networks, Perturbation Analysis, Concurrent Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Data base technologies, Data Mining, Data Warehouses. Automation Systems and Control. Discrete and Continuous Manufacturing, Supervisory Control, Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Programmable Logic Control, Virtual Reality & Telesensation, Multimedia, Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping. Computational Intelligence in Automation: Expert Systems, Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Petri Nets, Chaos, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Industrial Applications of Intelligent Systems Intelligent Robots & Systems: Machine Vision and Intelligence, Actuators and Motion Control, Multisensor Fusion and Integration, Intelligent Robots and Systems. Emerging Issues: Recent advances in fields not covered by the tracks listed above which might nevertheless be interesting for the conference; new trends, new technologies, new application domains (e.g., Automotive, X-by-Wire Technologies, Building Automation, Traffic Control, Security and Survivability, etc.). Submission of Papers: The working language of the conference is English. Two types of submissions are solicited. Long Papers – limited to 8 double column pages in a font no smaller than 10-points. Work-in-Progress and Industry practice – limited to 4 double column pages in a font no smaller than 10-points. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in PDF format, according to the instructions contained in the Conference web site. Further Details: ETFA’05 Conference Secretariat - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica e delle Telecomunicazioni, University of Catania, Italy. Phone: +39-095-7382361; Fax: +39-095-7382397; e-mail:[email protected]

Paper Acceptance: Each accepted paper must be presented at the conference by one of the authors. The final manuscript must be accompanied by a registration form and a registration fee payment proof. All conference attendees, including authors and session chairpersons, must pay the conference registration fee, and their travel expenses. Author’s Schedule: Deadline for submission of long papers: March 31 April 28, 2005 Notification of acceptance of long papers: May 31, 2005 Deadline for submission of work-in-progress and industrial practice papers: June 1, 2005 Notification of acceptance of work-in-progress industrial practice papers: June 20, 2005 Deadline for submission of final manuscripts for work-in-progress industrial practice papers: June 30, 2005 Deadline for submission of final manuscripts for long papers: July 1, 2005 Industrial Day Chair

Finance Chairs

Salvatore Cavalieri, Univ. of Catania, Italy

J. Hung, Auburn Univ., USA S. Rapicavoli, University of Catania, Italy

WIP Co-Chairs Stefano Vitturi, University of Padova, Italy Christer Nolstrom, Mälardalen University, Sweden

IT Management Aleksander Malinowski, Bradley Univ., USA Alessandro Longheu, University of Catania, Italy

Local Committee Chairs Vincenza Carchiolo, Lucia Lo Bello, Michele Malgeri, Giuseppe Mangioni University of Catania, Italy

Local Arrangements M. Frasca, L. Patanè, F. Conti, V. Nicosia, University of Catania, Italy