experience the commitmentTM - CGI

experience the commitmentTM - CGI

_experience the commitmentTM Wake County, North Carolina CASE STUDY Government Transforming Legacy Financial, Budget, Procurement and HR Processes ...

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_experience the commitmentTM

Wake County, North Carolina CASE STUDY


Transforming Legacy Financial, Budget, Procurement and HR Processes with AMS Advantage® ERP

WAKE COUNTY SNAPSHOT • 900,000 residents

Consistently rated as one of the best places to live and work in America, Wake County is the second most populous county in North Carolina. They are one of only 22 counties in the nation with an AAA bond rating by all three major rating agencies. With a population of more than 900,000 residents, the County employs approximately 4,000 employees operating with a $1 billion operating budget and seven-year capital plan totaling $1.2 billion.

Most populous NC County

13 municipalities

4,000 employees

$1 billion operating budget and seven-year capital plan totaling $1.2 billion

Why CGI & AMS Advantage • Built-for-government solution •

Functional fit out-of-the-box

Modern, integrated

Government expertise

Record of delivery excellence

The Results

Eliminated shadow systems and redundant data entry

• •

Automated paper processes

Improved access to information

Real-time update and recording of information

2008 Digital Government Award Wake County honored CGI with a “Best Fit Integrator” award from the Center of Digital Government under the categories of „Elegant Design‟ and „Tailored Teams‟ in the areas of finance and administration.


The Challenge Wake County‟s legacy FAMIS (financials) system was a mainframe technology that had outlived its useful life. Tier Technologies was unable to provide the County with a roadmap for FAMIS and the County became concerned about the future of the product‟s movement to current technologies. The County also evaluated its other legacy systems, including ADPICS (procurement), BPREP (budgeting) and Genesys (HR and payroll), identifying several major challenges that impeded their ability to operate in a cost-efficient manner to conserve tax dollars and promote savings: Lack of integration between the systems, resulting in duplicate data entry and too many workarounds Process inefficiency and data integrity issues related to the need for manual processes The existence of several standalone systems to compensate for the lack of functionality and modern technology Limited security and lack of global attributes to support changes The County recognized that sustaining its complex operation, as well as positioning for future change, would require a new system with integrated, government functionality, modern technology, centralized data warehouse, and a friendly user interface that was cost-effective to maintain and would last well into the future. The solution would also need to be enhanced to meet the evolving needs specific to government. To achieve their goals, the County sought software and implementation services for an integrated Finance, Budgeting, Procurement, Human Resources, Payroll and Business Intelligence system from a partner with extensive government expertise. “We performed an extensive evaluation of all the solutions currently on the market,” said Lib Wanner, Chief Information Officer, “AMS Advantage® was the best fit in terms of functionality, experience in the public sector marketplace and value for the dollar.”

The Solution After a comprehensive procurement, including evaluations of all major competitors in the marketplace, the County selected CGI and the AMS Advantage ERP solution in December 2006. With a 98% fit, CGI‟s solution offered the modern technology and comprehensive functionality necessary to eliminate manual and duplicative processes and ultimately support the business of government more efficiently out-of-the-box.

“We asked ourselves, what are our non-negotiables, the things we cannot live without? The answer was clear – built for government functionality, modern technology, integration. And a partner committed to our needs. CGI and AMS Advantage ERP was the answer.” - Johnna Rogers, Deputy County Manager and Chief Financial Officer, Wake, NC

The project replaced the County‟s legacy FAMIS, BPREP, ADPICS and Genesys systems. The CGI solution includes the following: •

Financial Management: Base System, Asset Management, Projects and Grants

Procurement: Professional

Budgeting: Budget Formulation, Salary and Benefits Forecasting, Budget Book Publishing

Human Resources Management: Base System, Position Control, Recruiting and Staffing, Benefits Administration, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Employee SelfService

Business Intelligence

The project kicked off in April 2007 with a comprehensive review of the County‟s requirements and the software. One of the things they discovered was almost 80% of their data was coming from disparate systems, with no audit trail. In December 2007, the County went live with the first phase of the project, AMS Advantage Performance Budgeting, followed by AMS Advantage Financial Management in March 2008 and AMS Advantage Human Resource Management and Payroll in March 2010.

The Benefits “The County searched long and hard for the best solution and the right partner and they believe they have found that with CGI and AMS Advantage. Our senior leadership and users look to CGI as a trusted advisor in decisions to support business processes and further their modernization efforts. Together, the County and CGI look to the future and their strategy for year-over-year improvement.”

- Johnna Rogers, Deputy County Manager and Chief Financial Officer, Wake, NC

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Today the County has realized the following benefits: •

Eliminated paper-based processing and distribution costs

Eliminated redundant data entry and re-work, saving thousands of hours

Achieved data consistency, accuracy and audit reliability

Automated paper-intensive business processing, such as contract review and approval

Improved access to information, such as program and services spending by department

Improved productivity through quicker navigation, faster data entry and personalization.

Streamlined reporting with flexible reports accessible at the desktop

Increased accountability and budget control at the fund level

Eliminated support and maintenance costs associated with customization, ancillary systems and labor-intensive reconciliation

Reduced budget book compilation after final changes from two days to 2 minutes

Improved security with a single point for change and management

Enhanced position control with flexibility for easily tracking over-hires and end dates for grant positions

Automated timesheets and benefit enrollment – paper process eliminated.