Fairy tale break - Tours TOURISME

Fairy tale break - Tours TOURISME

Fairy-tale break Ussé - Langeais - Villandry - Chenonceau - Amboise FULL INCLUSIVE TOUR IN THE LOIRE VALLEY 2 days /1 night EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: A...

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Fairy-tale break Ussé - Langeais - Villandry - Chenonceau - Amboise

FULL INCLUSIVE TOUR IN THE LOIRE VALLEY 2 days /1 night EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: An unforgettable get-away in the Loire Valley, discovering the beautiful chateaux and all the treasures of the Renaissance. An all inclusive stay to discover by minibus (8 people maximum) the most prestigious chateaux of the Loire Valley: Ussé, Langeais, Villandry, Chenonceau, Amboise.


199 € per person


199 €


225 €


255 €

DAY 1 eventual union with France. Arrival in Tours in the late morning. Its originality lies in its furnishings — furniture, Check in in a two, three or four star hotel in the city woodwork, fabrics, sculptures, and paintings. Admire centre of Tours. one of the jewels of the museum, a collection of Gothic and Renaissance tapestries. Lunch on your own expenses. Around 6:00 pm: Back to Tours. 1:30 pm: Meeting at the Tourist Office. 8:00 pm: Dinner at a restaurant in the city centre of Departure with an air conditioned minibus with Tours. a driver for a first excursion to discover 3 major Accommodation in a two, three or four star hotel in monuments of the Loire valley chateaux (visits on Tours city centre. your own) : The GARDENS of VILLANDRY. The fabulous gardens of Villandry surround one of the last great chateaux built on the banks of the Loire during the Renaissance (1536) like some vast Renaissance jewellery box. You will walk through one of the most beautiful gardens in France on three levels: - The water garden, with its cloister of lime trees; - The decorative flower garden, made up of the “garden of love,” the “garden of music” and the “herb garden.” - The kitchen garden covers 12,500 m2, in an authentic multicoloured checkerboard, divided into nine squares where vegetables and fruit trees are planted geometrically.

DAY 2 Breakfast. 9:00 am: Meeting at the Tourist Office.  Departure with an air conditioned minibus with a driver for a second excursion to discover 2 other major monuments of the Loire valley chateaux (visits on your own) : Next, visit of the CHATEAU of CHENONCEAU. Built in the 16th century, this is one of the purest early French Renaissance style works. You will discover the guardroom, the chapel, and a beautiful gallery, of sixty meters long, spanning over the river Cher. The chambers of Diane de Poitiers and king François I are also open to the public. A stroll through the French gardens makes a pleasant end to your visit.

INCLUDING: - transportation by air-conditioned minibus for 2 half-day excursions (the afternoon of day 1 and the morning of day 2) and entrances to the chateaux of Ussé and Langeais, the gardens of Villandry on day 1, to chateau of Chenonceau and Amboise on day 2. - dinner (drinks not included) on day 1, - B&B in a city center hotel (in a double room) on day 1, - booking charges, local tax.

EXCLUDING: - lunches on days 1 and 2, - drinks at dinner, - extra charge for a single room, - guided visit in the chateaux, - extra nights (please get in touch with us).

Photos credits: Shutterstock-DOPhoto - Fotolia - Pedro Salaverria - Henri Carvallo Château de Villandry - Cyril Comtat - Sébastien Andréi

Visit of the CHATEAU of USSE. The “Sleeping Beauty’s Chateau” located in the green valley of the Indre river. It inspired Perrault to write his famous stories and it remains a symbol of the medieval fairytale castle inhabited by brave lords, beautiful ladies and poets. The major part of the chateau has been built between the 15th and 16th century on the foundations of an 11th century fortress, but its successive owners, each with their personal touch, gave the castle its unique charm. Then, visit of the CHATEAU OF LANGEAIS. Built in the early 15th century, this chateau provides a perfect example of a late medieval castle, with a parapet walk and a drawbridge. In 1491, it was the site of the marriage between Louis XI’s son, Charles VIII, and the young Duchess Anne of Brittany – an event which paved the way for the independent Bretons

Then,visit of the CHATEAU of AMBOISE. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries on the orders of Charles VIII, Louis XII and François I, the chateau of Amboise was one of the first truly “royal” residences. It is a prestigious example of combined Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Overlooking the town of Amboise, the chateau gardens offer one of the very best views of the Loire Valley. Around 12:30: Back to Tours. End of our services.

For persons travelling alone and for the last minute bookings get in touch with us for confirmation. www.tours-tourism.co.uk - email : [email protected]