FAIRY TALES/FOLK TALES Fairy Tales are a type of folktale in which magic plays a great part. Compiled by Sheila Kirven GENERAL Anderson, Hans Christ...

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FAIRY TALES/FOLK TALES Fairy Tales are a type of folktale in which magic plays a great part.

Compiled by Sheila Kirven

GENERAL Anderson, Hans Christian Steadfast Tin Soldier Juv.A544ste Armstrong, Gerry The magic bagpipe Juv. 788.9 .A735m Browne, Anthony Into the Forest Juv. B882i (Story incorporates elements of familiar tales) Casserley, Anne Roseen Juv. 398.21 .C344r Chapman, Gaynor The Luck Child Juv. 398.21.C466l 1968 De Regniers, Beatrice Little Sister and the Month Brothers Juv. D431Li Schenk The House in the Wood and Other Old Fairy Stories Juv. 398.2.G864h Little Lit: Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies Juv.398.21.F666 Hennessy, B. G. Once Upon a Time Map Book: Take a Tour Juv.H515o of Six Enchanted Lands (Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Jack and then Beanstalk, Aladdin, Snow White) Jacobs, Joseph The buried moon; a tale told by Joseph Jacobs. Juv. 398.21 .J17b Jacobs, Joseph Indian fairy tales Juv.398.2 .J17i 1969 MacDonald, George, The golden key Juv. M135g Matsutani, Miyoko, The crane maiden. Juv. 98.21 .M434c My Storytime Collection of First Favorite tales Juv. 398.2.M995 2002 O’Malley, Kevin Once upon a cool motorcycle dude Juv. O543o (Two classmates try to tell a fairy tale to their class with some imaginative twists to some well-known fairy tale elements!) Oxenbury, Helen. Helen Oxenbury nursery story book. Juv. 398.21 .O98h San Jose, Christine Little Match Girl Juv. 398.21.A544j San Souci, Robert D. White Cat Juv.398.21.SS229w 1990 Singer, Marilyn

Follow Follow: A book of Reverso poems Juv.811.54.S617f (Poems about fairy tale/folklore characters: Aladdin, the Tortoise and the Hare, Emperor’s New Clothes, the Golden goose, the Princess and the Pea, the Little Mermaid, Puss-in-Boots, Pied Piper of Hamelin, Thumbelina, Three Little Pigs, the Emperor and the Nightingale, Twelve Dancing Princesses, told from different perspectives, but using the exact same words in reverse order.)

Singer, Marilyn

Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reverso Poems Juv.811.54.S617m (Poems about fairy tale/folklore characters: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rumpelstiltskin, the Ugly Duckling and the Frog Prince told from different perspectives, but using the exact same words in reverse order.) Story of Prince Ivan, the Firebird, and the Gray wolf Swan Sister (short stories based on Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty,


Juv. 398.21 .S888 Juv. S972

SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Tchana, Katrin Thurber, James Troy, Hugh. Wilde, Oscar

Hennessy, B. G.

Red Riding Hood and the Arabian Nights.) Tatterhood and other tales (fairy tales with female heroes) The Serpent Slayer and Other Stories of Strong Women Many moons, Five golden wrens Happy Prince

Singer, Marilyn

Juv. 398.2T249s Juv. T536m Juv.398.21 .T864f Juv. 398.21.W672ha

GEOGRAPHY Once Upon a Time Map Book: Take a Tour Juv.H515o of Six Enchanted Lands (Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Jack and the Beanstalk, Aladdin, Snow White) GRAPHIC NOVELS Little Lit: Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies

Singer, Marilyn

Juv. 398.2.T221

POETRY Follow, follow: a book of reverse poems (Poems about fairy tales which can be read forward and backwards to give two views of the stories.) Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reverso Poems (Poems about fairy tales which can be read forward and backwards to give two views of the stories.)




~FAIRY TALE VERSIONS~ GENERAL Childs, Lauren Dealey, Erin Elya, Susan Middleton Hennessy, B. G.

Vande Velde, Vivian Zalben, Jane Breskin

Beware of the Storybook Wolves Juv. C536b Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox Juv. D279g Fairy Trails Juv.E523f (A fairy tale adventure in English and Spanish) Once Upon a Time Map Book: Take a Tour Juv.H515o of Six Enchanted Lands (Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Jack and then Beanstalk, Aladdin, Snow White) Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird Juv. V243t Hey Mama Goose Juv.Z22h

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Beauty and the Beast Brett, Jan Beauty and the Beast Eilenberg, Max Beauty and the Beast Hautzig, Deborah Beauty and the Beast Long, Laurel Lady and the Lion Marcontonio, Patricia S. Red Ridin’ in the hood and other cuentos Osborne, Mary Pope Beauty and the Beast Yep, Laurence Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale

Juv. 398.21.B384 1975 Juv. 398.2.B845b Juv.E347b Juv. 398.2.H382b 1995 Juv.L848l Juv. M313r Juv. 398.2.O181b 1987 Juv. 398.21.Y47d

CINDERELLA ( see Cinderella stories and variants bibliography http://www.njcu.edu/guarini/department/EdServiceBib/CinderellaStories.pdf) EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES Andersen, H.C. Emperor’s New Clothes 2

Juv. 398.21.A544e SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Calmenson, Stephanie

The Principal’s New Clothes

FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE Grimm, Jacob The fisherman and his wife Grimm, Jacob The fisherman and his wife Kimmel, Eric A. The Fisherman and the Turtle Polacco, Patricia Luba and the Wren The Three wishes. FROG PRINCE Blair, Eric Davidson, Susanna Gravett, Emily Hopkins, Jackie Mims Scieszka, Jon Tarcov, Edith H

Frog Prince Frog Prince Spells Horned Toad Prince Molly Whuppie and the Frog Prince Frog Prince Continued Frog Prince

GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS Ada, Alma Flor Yours truly, Goldilocks Brett, Jan Goldilocks and the Three Bears Brooke, L. Leslie The golden goose and the three bears Child, Lauren Goldilocks and the Three Bears Galdone, Paul Three Bears Gorbachev, Valeri Goldilocks and the three bears Marshall, James Goldilocks and the Three Bears McGuire, Leslie Three Bears Miller, Edward Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff Perl, Erica Goatilocks and the Three Bears Petach, Heidi Goldilocks and the Three Hares Rockwell, Anne F Three bears & 15 other stories Smith, Stu Goldilocks and the Three Martians Stanley, Diane Goldie and the Three Bears Story of the three bears Turkle, Brinton Deep in the forest Willems, Mo Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs HANSEL AND GRETEL Abeya, Elisabet Hansel and Gretel/Hansel y Gretel Catanese, P.W. Eye of the Warlock (Novel version) Lesser, Rika. Hansel and Gretel Marcontonio, Patricia S. Red Ridin’ in the hood and other cuentos Moerbeek, Kees Diary of Hansel and Gretel Montresor, Beni Hansel and Gretel Palatini, Marge Bad Boys Get Cookie! Stein, David Ezra Interrupting Chicken Vega, Truman Yi Min and Kai Wai: A Chinese Hansel and Gretel


Juv. C164p

Juv. G864fz Juv. G864f Juv.398.2.K49ft Juv.398.2.P762L Juv.398.21 .T5317

Juv.398.2.B635f Juv. D2535f Juv.G7763 Juv. H7944h Juv. 372.4.M7264 Juv. S416f Juv. T179f

Juv. A19y Juv. 398.21.B845g Juv. G617 Juv.C536g Juv. G146t Juv.398.21.G661g Juv.M368g Juv. 398.21.M148t Juv. 398.2.M647t Juv.P4518g Juv. P477g Juv. 398.2 .R684 Juv.S6615g Juv. S787g Juv. T531s Juv. T939d Juv.W699g

Juv.398.2.A1475h Juv. C357e Juv. 398.2 .L638h Juv. M313r Juv.M694d Juv. 398.2.M811h Juv.P154bb Juv. S8194i Juv. 398.2.V422y

SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Napoli, Donna Jo

Novel Magic Circle Juv.N2164m (After learning sorcery to become a healer, a good-hearted woman is turned into a witch by evil spirits and she fights their power until her encounter with Hansel and Gretel years later.)

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Catanese, P.W. Thief of the Beanstalk (novel version of the fairy tale) Jack and the Beanstalk Kellogg, Steven Jack and the Beanstalk Marcontonio, Patricia S. Red Ridin’ in the hood and other cuentos Nesbit, E Jack and the Beanstalk Osborne, Mary Pope Kate and the Beanstalk LITTLE MERMAID Hautzig, Deborah Isadora, Rachel

Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid Little Mermaid

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Caperucita Roja (Text in Spanish.) Daly, Niki Pretty Salma: A Little Red Riding Hood Story from Africa ( Ghana) Divakaruni, Chitra B. Grandma and the great gourd : a Bengali folk tale (Bangladesh) Elya, Susan Middleton Little Roja Riding Hood Harper, Wilhemina The Gunniwolf Holub, Joan Little Red Writing ( A brave little pencil attempting to write a story with a basket of parts of speech outwits the Wolf 3000 pencil sharpener and saves Principal Granny. Hyman, Trina Schart Little Red Riding Hood Marcontonio, Patricia S. Red Ridin’ in the hood and other cuentos Priceman, Marjorie Little Red Riding Hood Roberts, Lynn Little Red: A Fizzingly Good Yarn Stein, David Ezra Interrupting Chicken Smith, Alex T. Little Red and the very hungry lionn Sweet, Melissa Carmine: A Little More Red (An inventive alphabetic vocabulary book based on Little Red Riding Hood) Young, Ed. Lon Po Po: a Red-Riding Hood story from China

Juv.C357t Juv. J12d Juv.K282j Juv. M313r Juv.398.2.N642j Juv. O79k

Juv. 398.21.H382L Juv. 398.21.I74L

Juv.392.2.C239 Juv. 398.21.D1535p 398.2.D618g Juv. 398.2.E523L Juv. H295g Juv.H7589L

Juv. 398.2 .H996L Juv. M313r Juv.P962L Juv.6455L Juv. S8194i Juv.S6423L Juv. S9745c

Juv. 398.21 .Y71l

KING THRUSHBEARD Grimm, Jacob King Grisly-Beard King Thrushbeard

Juv.398.21.G864kg Juv. 398.21.G864k

MOTHER HOLLE Stewig, John Warren

Mother Holly

Juv. S852m

Nightingale Nightingale

Juv. 398.21.A544n Juv. 398.21.A544n 1999

Days of the Blackbird


NIGHTINGALE Andersen, H.C. Andersen, H. C. and Zwerger, Lisbeth DePaola, Tomie 4

SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Waters, Fiona and Paul Birkbeck PIED PIPER Bootman, Colin Browning, Robert PINOCCHIO Collodi, Carlo Hazen, Barbara Shock Smith, Lane Ursu, Anne

Emperor and the Nightingale

Juv. W329e

Steel Pan Man of Harlem Pied Piper of Hamelin

Juv.B7256s Juv. 821 .B885PH

Pinocchio Pinocchio Pinocchio, the Boy Walt Disney Pinocchio Real Boy

Juv. C433p Juv.H429p Juv.S654p Juv. P657 Juv. U822r

PRINCESS AND THE PEA Child, Lauren Princess and the Pea Juv.C536p Grey, Mini The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-to-be Juv. G844v Stevenson, Stevie Princess and the Pea Juv. 398.21.S847p 1994 PUSS IN BOOTS Findlay, Lisa Puss in Boots Juv.398.2.F494p Puss in boots Juv.398.21 .P454p 1990 Puss in boots, and other stories. Juv. 398.2 .P987p San Souci, Robert D. Pedro and the Monkey Juv. 398.2.S229p RAPUNZEL Dokey, Cameron Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Hamilton, Virginia Isadora, Rachel Roberts, Lynn Rogasky, Barbara Wilcox, Leah Zelinsky, Paul O RUMPLESTILTSKIN Calvert, Pam Commissiong, Lynnette Stanley, Diane Weyn, Suzanne Vande Velde, Vivian Zelinsky, Paul O. Zemach, Harve.

Golden (novel) Rapunzel


Girl Who Spun Gold Rapunzel Rapunzel: A Groovy Fairy Tale Rapunzel Falling for Rapunzel Rapunzel

juv.398.2.H221g juv.398.2.I74r juv.398.2.R6455r Juv. 398.2.R721r Juv.W6678f Juv. 398.21 .Z49r

Multiplying menace: The revenge of Rumpelstiltskin Zebo Nooloo Chinoo Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter Tom Tit Tot Crimson Thread (novel) Rumpelstiltskin problem (novel) Rumpelstiltskin Duffy and the devil

Juv.C1675m Juv. 398.21.C733z Juv. S787r Juv. 398.2 .T655 Juv.W5495c

SHOEMAKER AND THE ELVES Birrer, Cynthia The Shoemaker and the Elves and William Reeves, James Secret shoemakers, and other stories Shoemaker and the elves SLEEPING BEAUTY Craft, K. Y. 5

Sleeping Beauty


Juv.V243R Juv. 398.21.Z49ru 1995 Juv. 398.2 .Z53d

Juv. 398.2.B619s 1983 Juv. 398.21 .R332s Juv. 398.21 .G864s

Juv. 398.2.C885s 2002 SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Marcontonio, Patricia S. Moiseiwitsch, Carel. Ogburn, Jacqueline K. Osborne, Mary Pope Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich SNOW QUEEN Lewis, Naomi Ursu, Anne

Red Ridin’ in the hood and other cuentos The sleeping beauty Magic Nesting Doll Sleeping Bobby The sleeping beauty. Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty

Juv. M313r Juv. 398.21 .M714s Juv. O34m Juv.O819s Juv. 782 .C434s Juv.398.21.S632w

Snow queen Juv. 398.21 .A544sq Breadcrumbs Juv.U822b (A novel in which Hazel and Jack are best friends until an accident with a magical mirror and a run-in with a villainous queen find Hazel on her own, entering an enchanted wood in the hopes of saving Jack's life.)

SNOW WHITE Copper, Melinda Grimm, Jacob, Jarrell, Randall Marcontonio, Patricia S.

Snow White Snow White Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Red Ridin’ in the hood and other cuentos

Juv.398.2.C785s Juv. 398.22 .G864s Juv. 398.2.G864ss 1987 Juv. M313r

TOM THUMB Nolen, Jerdine Wilkinson, Barry

Hewitt Anderson’s Big Life The diverting adventures of Tom Thumb

Juv.N791ha Juv. 98.21 .W686D

TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES Calhoun, Dia The Phoenix Dance Juv.C1518p (Phoenix Dance battles an illness of her mind and emotions, realizes her dream of becoming shoemaker to the Royal Household, and attempts to discover what magic compels the twelve princesses of Windward to wear out their shoes each night. Novel based on the fairy tale "The twelve dancing princesses.") Fitchett, Gordon The Twelve Princesses Juv. 398.2.F546t Grimm, Jacob The twelve dancing princesses Juv. 398.21 .G864TW1966 Mayer, Marianna The Twelve Dancing Princesses Juv. 398.22.M468t 1989 THE UGLY DUCKLING Crossley-Holland, Kevin Ugly Duckling Fierstein, Harvey Sissy Ducking Gordon, David Ugly Truckling Napoli, Donna Jo Ugly (novel version) Pinkney, Jerry Ugly duckling Bardoe, Cheryl Ugly Duckling Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Tale (A prehistoric version of the Ugly Duckling that is historically correct. Includes dinosaur information at the back.) THE WILD SWANS Andersen, H. C Setterington, Ken


The wild swans. The wild swans: an adventure in six parts

Juv. 398.21.A544uc 2001 Juv. F465s Juv.G6621u Juv.N195u Juv. 398.21 .A544u Juv.B2475uJuv.B2475u

Juv. 398.21 .A544w Juv. S495w

SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

FOLK TALES Folk Tales are story narratives in which heroes and heroines demonstrate cleverness, bravery and other virtues to triumph over adversity. ~Cullinan, Literature and the Child, 231. Aardema, Verna Aardema, Verna.

This for That: A Tonga Tale Juv. 398.21A113th Why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears : Juv. 398.2 .A113w a West African tale Aruego, Jose. A crocodile’s tale; a Philippine folk story Juv.398.2 .A793c Belpré, Pura. Oté; a Puerto Rican Folk Tale Juv.398.2 .B452o Belpré, Pura. Perez and Martina Juv.B452p Claire, Elizabeth Little Brown Jay Juv. 398.24.C585L D’Aulaire, Ingri, D’Aulaires’ Trolls Juv.398.2 .D239d Dayrell, Elphinstone Why the sun and the moon live in the sky Juv. 398.2 .D275w Delacre, Lulu Golden Tales:Myths, Legends, and Juv.398.2.d332G Folktales from Latin America Demi One grain of rice: a mathematical tale Juv. 398.2.D378o De Paola, Tomie. The legend of the poinsettia Juv.394.268 .D419L De la Mare, Walter The turnip Juv.398.21 .D336tu Diakite, Baba Wague The Magic Gourd Juv. 398.209.D536m 2003 Grimm, Jacob The wolf and the seven little kids; a story by the Juv. G864w Brothers Grimm. Hogrogian, Nonny One fine day Juv.H7166o Keens-Douglas, Richardo La diablesse and the baby: a Caribbean folktale Juv.398.4 .K26d Kimmel, Eric A. The rooster’s antlers: a story of the Chinese zodiac Juv. 398.209 .K49r Kimmel, Eric A. Easy work! : an old Juv.398.2 .K49e Kirn, Ann Nine in a Line Juv.398.21.K59n 1966 Konopnicka, Maria, The golden seed Juv.398.21 .K82g La Teef, Nelda Hunter and the Ebony Tree Juv.398.2.L3541h (West African folk-tale) Littledale, Freya The Snow Child Juv. 398.21.L779s Locker, Thomas Boy Who Held Back the Sea Juv. H821b McDermott, Gerald Raven: A Trickster Tale fro m the Pacific Northwest Juv. 398.2.M134r Mollel, Tollowa M. Subira Subira Juv. 398.M726s (Tanzanian folktale) Moreton, Daniel La Cucaracha Martina: A Caribbean folktale Juv. 392.2.M845l 1997 Ransome, Arthur The fool of the world and the flying ship Juv. 398.2 .R212f San Souci, Robert D. The faithful friend Juv. 398.21 .S194f San Souci, Robert D. Sister Tricksters: Rollicking tales of Clever Females Juv.398.2.S229st San Souci, Robert D. Sukey and the mermaid Juv. 398.21 .S194s Shaw, Richard. The frog book Juv. S535f Shepard, Aaron Crystal Heart: A Vietnamese Legend Juv. 398.3.S547c Stampler, Ann Redisch Wooden Sword,: A Jewish Folktale 398.2.S783w from Afghanistan Stevens, Janet. Tops & bottoms Juv.398.2 .S844t Yep, Laurence Shell Woman & the King: A Chinese Folktale Juv. 398.21.Y47s

Collections: Belpré, Pura

The tiger and the rabbit, and other tales

Juv.398.2 .B452tp

Campoy, F Isabel and Ada, Alma Flor

Tales Our Abuelitas Told : A Hispanic Folktale Collection



SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

(includes Martina the Beautiful Cockroach) DeSpain, Pleasant. Dolch, Edward W. Yolen, Jane

Twenty-two splendid tales to tell from Around the world “Why” stories in basic vocabulary, Old Old Tales retold Not One Damsel in Distress: World Folktales for Strong Girls

Juv. 398.2 .D468t Juv.808.83 .D662w Juv.398.21.O44 1923 Juv. 398.22.Y54n

~FOLKTALE VERSIONS~ BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR Catanese, P.W. Brave Apprentice (novelized version) Laird, Elizabeth “Kayvan the Brave” in Pea Boy and other stories From Iran (pp.27-33) Latham, Jean Lee. El sastrecillo valiente (The brave little tailor) Hansel y Gretel (Hansel and Gretel) Jack y el tallo de haba (Jack and the beanstalk) Osborne, Mary Pope Brave Little Seamstress Price, Christine Valiant Chattee-Maker San Souci, Robert D. Brave Little Tailor BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS Gross, Ruth Belov Bremen-town Musicians Orgel, Doris Bremen Town Musicians and other Animal Tales from Grimm Plume, Ilse Bremen Town Musicians Puyyapopat, Niroot Musicians of Bremen

CAPS FOR SALE Diakite, Baba Wague Slobodkina, Esphyr CHICKEN LITTLE Emberley, Rebecca and Emberley, Ed French, Vivian Friskey, Margaret, Kellogg, Steven McLeish, Kenneth Palatini, Marge Shah, Idries Stein, David Ezra GINGERBREAD BOY Ahlberg, Allan Compestine, Ying C. Cauley, Lorinda Bryan. Esterl, Arnica Galdone, Paul. Howland, Naomi Jacobs, Joseph Jones, Carol Kimmel, Eric A. 8

Juv.C357b Juv.398.2.L188p Juv. 398.21 .L352S

Juv.398.2.O817b 398.21.P945v Juv. S229B

Juv. 398.2 .G8784b 1974 Juv. 398.2 .O68b 2004 Juv. 398.2 .P734b Juv.398.2.P9935m

Hatseller and the Monkeys Caps for Sale

Juv.398.209.D536h Juv. S6343c

Chicken Little


Henny Penny Chicken Little, count-to-ten. Chicken Little Chicken Licken. Earthquack! Silly Chicken Interrupting Chicken

Juv.398.2.F8767h Juv. F917c Juv.K2824ch Juv. 398.2 .M163c Juv.P154e Juv. S524s Juv. S8194i

Runaway Dinner Runaway Rice Cake The pancake boy : an old Norwegian folk tale Fine round cake The gingerbread boy. Matzah Man: A Passover Story Johnny-cake Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man

Juv.A285r Juv. C7375r Juv. 398.2 .C371p Juv. 398.2.E79f Juv. 398.21 .G146g Juv. H864m Juv. J17jo Juv. 398.2.J76g 398.21.K497g 1993 SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Newman, Leslea Palatini, Marge Sawyer, Ruth, Shulman, Lisa Squires, Janet

Runaway Dreidel! Bad Boys Get Cookie! Journey cake, ho! Matzo Ball Boy Gingerbread Cowboy

Juv.N553r Juv.P154bb Juv.S271j Juv.S562m Juv.398.21.S774g

John Henry, an American legend John Henry

Juv. 398.2 .K25J Juv. 398.21.L642j

Little Red Hen


JOHN HENRY Keats, Ezra Jack Lester, Julius LITTLE RED HEN Emberley, Rebecca and Emberley, Ed Fleming, Candace Galdone, Paul Harrington, Janice N. Kimmelman, Leslie McGrath, Barbara B. Matthews, Tina Paul, Ann Whitford Pinkney, Jerry Sierra, Judy

Gator Gumbo Juv.F5971g Little Red Hen Juv.G146l Busy-Busy Little Chick H29986 Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah Juv.K498L Little Green Witch Juv.M1469L Out of the Egg Juv.398.2.M4424o Manana Iguana Juv.P324m (A bilingual version of the Little Red Hen.) Little Red Hen Juv. 398.21.P665L E-I-E-I-O: How Old MacDonald got his farm Juv.S5725e (Old MacDonald makes a farm with composting advice by the Little Red Hen)

MARTINA, THE BEAUTIFUL COCKROACH Belpré, Pura Perez and Martina Belpré, Pura. Perez and Martina : a Puerto Rican Folktale Deedy, Carmen Agra Martina, the beautiful cockroach : a Cuban folktale Herrmann, Marjorie E Pérez y Martina = Pérez and Martina Laird, Elizabeth “Miss Cockroach and Mr. Mouse” in Pea Boy and Other stories from Iran, pp.10-17) Moreton, Daniel La Cucaracha Martina : a Caribbean Folktale Orihuelo, Luz La ratita presumida/ The conceited little rat MITTEN Brett, Jan Tresselt, Alvin R.

The mitten The mitten, an old Ukrainian folktale

OLD WOMAN AND HER PIG The old woman and her pig Shah, Idries Farmer’s Wife/ La Esposa del Granjero PAUL BUNYAN Dolbier, Maurice Gill, Shelley Isaacs, Anne

Juv. .B452p Juv. 398.2 .B452p 2004 Juv. 398.2 .D3113ma Juv. 398.2 .H568p Juv.398.2.L188p Juv. 398.2 .M845L 1997 Juv. 398.2.O69rs

Juv. 398.2.B845m 1989 Juv.398.21 .T799m

Juv. 398.21 .O44G

Juv. D661P Juv.G4755s Juv.I732d

Isaacs, Anne Kellogg, Steven Nolen, Jerdine

Paul Bunyan Sitka Rose Dust Devil (sequel to Swamp Angel) Swamp Angel Paul Bunyan Hewitt Anderson’s Big Life

STONE SOUP Brown, Marcia.

Stone soup, an old tale

Juv. B879s


Juv. .I732S Juv. 398.2.K285p Juv.N791ha

SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

Compestine, Ying Chang Kimmel, Eric A. Seeger, Pete and Jacobs, Paul Dubois Zemach, Harve. STONECUTTER Laird, Elizabeth McDermott, Gerald

The real story of stone soup Cactus Soup Some Friends to feed: The Story pf Stone Soup

Juv. 398.2 .C7375r Juv.398.2.K49c Juv.398.2.S451e

Nail soup, a Swedish folk tale

Juv.398.21 .Z53n

“The Sparrow’s Quest” in Pea Boy and Other stories from Iran, pp.34-37) The Stonecutter


THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF Kimmel, Eric Three Cabritos Kimmelman, Leslie Three Bully Goats Miller, Edward Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff Otfinoski, Steven Truth about the Three Billy Goats Gruff The Three Billy Goats Gruff THREE LITTLE PIGS Delessert, Etianne Galdone, Paul Geist, Ken Harris, Jim Kimmel, Eric Marcontonio, Patricia S. Marshall, James Miles, Betty Miller, Edward Palatini. Margie Scieszka, Jon Southgate, Vera Trivizas, Eugene Wiesner, David.

Big and Bad Three Little Pigs Three Little fish and the Big Bad Shark Three Little Dinosaurs Three Little Tamales Red Riding’ in the hood and other cuentos Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff Piggie Pie True Story of the Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig The three pigs

Juv. 398.2 .M134s

Juv.398.2.K49h Juv.K498t Juv. 398.2.M647t Juv.O8676t Juv.A799tb

Juv. D3474b Juv.398.24.G146t 2011 Juv.G3137t Juv.398.2.H313t 1999 Juv. K497t Juv. M313r Juv. M368t Juv. M643t Juv. 398.2.M647t Juv. P154p Juv.S416t Juv. S727t Juv.T841t Juv. W6512th

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Kinscella readers

Fairy tales, fables, legends, and myths : using folk literature in your classroom Gifted books, gifted readers : literature activities to excite young minds Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants Through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children Keepers of the Animals: Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children SDK 1/03 revised 9/17

CMC E98.F6.C13 1994

Keepers of the Night: Native American Stories and Nocturnal Activities for Children Rainmaker’s Dog: International Folktales to Build Communicative Skills MultiCultural Folktales: Stories to Tell Young Children Celebrate the World : Twenty Tillable Folktales for Multicultural Festivals Rabbit the Moon: Folktales from China and Japan Light 'n lively reads for ESL, adult, and teen readers : a thematic bibliography Just a minute : ten short plays and activities for your classroom with rehearsal strategies to with rehearsal strategies to accompany multicultural stories from around the world

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Children's plays from favorite stories; royalty-free dramatizations of fables, fairy tales, folk tales, and legends

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