FAQ: EV Charging at Intel - EV Connect

FAQ: EV Charging at Intel - EV Connect

FAQ: EV Charging at Intel 1. How do I sign up (Before Rollout Period)? Prior to EV Connect’s scheduled visit to Intel on November 7th, 2012, email Jac...

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FAQ: EV Charging at Intel 1. How do I sign up (Before Rollout Period)? Prior to EV Connect’s scheduled visit to Intel on November 7th, 2012, email Jacob Dunn at [email protected] to sign up. Jacob will setup your account and assign you an RFID key fob. EV Connect will hand deliver your RFID key fob (pictured right) and account information during our visit, as well as provide tutorials on how to use your account and the charge stations. 2. How do I sign up (After Rollout Period)? After EV Connect’s visit on November 7th, 2012, please go to the EV Connect website located at http://evconnect.com/intel-ev to register for an account. Once the registration process is completed EV Connect will confirm your application by e-mail. Within 5 business days you will receive one RFID key fob which will allow access to the charge stations. 3. How do I access my account? To access your account, go to http://network.evconnect.com and login using the email address you provided during sign up and the password noted in the welcome kit letter (if logging in for the first time). If you change your password and happen to forget it, use the “Forgot password?” button located on the login page. 4. What type of charge station is being provided? Intel has installed two 208/240v 30amp Level 2 charge stations that are available for your use. These charge stations are capable of providing up to 7.2kw of power to your EV, however the speed with which your EV’s battery recharges will depend upon the capability of your EV’s onboard charger. 5. What will it cost to charge my car? EV Connect’s agreement with Intel stipulates that we set the price for charging at our discretion, but in the interest of providing you with a valuable and value-priced charging option and also encouraging the sharing of a limited resource among all Intel EV drivers, we are setting the charging price at $1.00 per hour that you are connected to the charge station.

6. How do I top-up my account with more credits? To purchase additional credits, login to your account at http://network.evconnect.com. Once logged in, click the Buy Credits button located near the top left of the page next to your credit balance. Then select a plan and process payment to purchase credits. You can also setup your account to automatically replenish credits by clicking on the Set Auto-Pay button located next to the Buy Credits button (pictured right). 7. What happens if I lose or damage my RFID key fob? If you lose or damage your RFID key fob, there will be a $2.50 replacement fee plus the cost of postage for a new one. 8. Does one plug fit all cars? The charge stations incorporate the SAE J1772 (North American Automotive Industry Standard) plug. All newer model electric cars including the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Ford Focus Electric, Toyota Prius Plug-in and Mitsubishi iMiEV will be able to plug into a Level 2 charge station. A small number of specialized electric vehicles (e.g., Tesla models) may require a plug adapter. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for details. 9. How do I activate the charger? You initiate a charging session by swiping your key fob over the RFID reader on the front of the unit (pictured right). This will authorize the charge session. Then simply plug the power cable into your vehicle. The first time you authorize for a charge session there may be up to a 30 second delay as the charge station contacts the network and confirms your RFID. After this initial authorization, the charge station should recognize and authorize your account virtually immediately.

10. What do the different lights on the charge stations mean? Please see the chart below for details on the charge stations lights and their meanings.

11. Will I need to move my car if I am done charging? As a courtesy to other drivers trying to use the charge stations, we ask that you move your car when your charging session is complete. 12. Who do I contact if I need assistance at the EV charge station? For assistance with all your vehicle charging needs or after hours help, please contact the EV Connect Call Center at 866-816-PLUG (7584). You may also email EV Connect at [email protected] Please be ready to provide your account name and your RFID key fob ID number.

13. Who do I contact for more information? For additional program information, please contact Paul Berton at (408) 765-9987 or [email protected] 14. How do I know what my RFID number is? Your RFID number can be found on a sticker affixed to your key fob. 15. Once my account is created do I need to keep my RFID number? We recommend that you keep your RFID number for your records. 16. Can I use my key fob for multiple EVs? Yes, the key fob is linked to your account and you can use it for multiple vehicles. 17. Can I have multiple RFIDs associated with my account? Yes, the network allows multiple RFIDs to be associated with an account. Charging credits are attached to User Accounts and are shared among RFIDs assigned to that account. 18. Will I be notified when my charging session is complete or interrupted? Yes, you will either receive an email or SMS notifying you that your charging session is complete or has been interrupted.