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farmington high school special edition - Farmington Public Schools

FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SPECIAL EDITION Principal's Message November, 2010 Dear Parent: High School Schedule In August, I wrote to tell you that we a...

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November, 2010

Dear Parent: High School Schedule In August, I wrote to tell you that we are studying the high school schedule to see if we can change it in ways that will improve teaching and learning. I wrote further that Dr. Steve Kussin, one of the nation’s highly regarded scheduling consultants, had visited FHS last spring to listen to the ideas of teachers, parents, students, and administrators about the schedule and that he would come early this fall to talk further. He was going to be here on October 6. Unfortunately, I was sick that day, so I had to postpone the meeting. The new meeting date with Dr. Kussin is Wednesday, November 17, 2010, at 7 p.m. in the FHS Library. He will discuss what he has learned during his visits to our school and listen to your ideas about possible changes in the schedule. This is a discussion that is important to teaching and learning at the high school. I hope you will be able to come. The meeting will conclude by 8:30 p.m. Re-routed Traffic As I write, the second week of routing traffic away from the circle in front of the school is complete. For the most part, the pilot has gone well. The circle is cleared of traffic before, during, and after the school day. In addition, the danger caused by cars making U-turns in the street in front of the circle has been eliminated. Finally, the exit from the parking lot by students and drivers picking up students is a great deal quicker and safer. With respect to the morning drop-off, drivers seem to be getting used to being re-routed through the student parking lot. There was a significant delay this past Wednesday, which was caused by three things: 1. Rainy weather. 2. A bus evacuation drill in the auditorium parking lot. 3. The dropping off of more than thirty visiting French students, their chaperones, and their luggage in the auditorium parking lot. We will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot in the coming weeks. As we go forward, I suggest that if you are concerned about the amount of time it takes to drop off your child and leave the parking lot, you plan to arrive at the high school a few minutes early. This is especially true on days when the weather is bad and more parents drive their children to school. Even a few minutes will make a big difference. Student Honors On the next few pages, I’ve included the names of students who have been inducted in our various honor societies since May: National Honor Society, Math Honor Society and French Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. These inductions were held in May, 2010. I am also including the winners of our Tunxis Art & Academic Challenge that took place recently. Congratulations to all! As always, I encourage you to call me at 673-2514 if you have any questions. Sincerely, Timothy M. Breslin, Ph.D., Principal

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Last spring, the following students were inducted in the National Honor Society on May 19, 2010. In order to become a member of the NHS, students demonstrate four qualities held in high esteem by the society. The four qualities are Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. Adeyinka, Seyi

Linden, Alexandra Palmer

Anderson, Alison Beth

Mastroianni, Rosetta Josephine

Boltryk, Emily J

Meigs, Katharine Frances

Brooks, Conor Patrick

Michalak, Kevin John

Cai, Xinni

Momah, Uju Deandra

Caminiti, Nicholas Stephen

Moskowitz, Charlotte Ann

Carroll, Brett Joseph

Nissen, Kellie Elizabeth

Chudwick, Emma Cathryn

Nunes, Andrea Helene

Cooper, Evan Daniel

Paolillo, Brandon Kyle

Daniels, Lindsay Erin

Peluso, Irene Assunta

Deluse, Alexandra Jordan

Rebello, Kimberly Romana

Dierkens, Adam Christopher

Santos, Sabrina Maria

Doeg, Megan Elizabeth

Seguljic, Corin Elizabeth

Eshoo, Alexander Scott

Shah, Natasha Zhora

Ferro, Anthony Joseph

Shaikh, Madiha Sophia

Fredette, Renee Dawn

Shoukri, Tarek I

Hagadorn, Anna Elizabeth

Silberstein, James Donald

Helfrich, Kaitlyn Diana

Steir, Ailie R

Hooker, Julia Elizabeth

Uherek, Christopher Metodej

Isner, Robert Christopher

Vicino, Nicole Marie

Jorgensen, Allison Laura

Weber, Jennifer Sarah

Klobutcher, Lauren Stephany

Wiegard, David Robert

Lagosz, Jessica

Winslow, Stephanie Elaine

Lasley, Danielle Renee

Zaccardo, Brandon Michael

FRENCH & SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETIIES Last spring, the following students were inducted in the French & Spanish National Honor Societies on May 20, 2010: Société Honoraire de Français French Inductees Farmington “St. Exupéry” Chapter Brittany Anderson Daniel Atkinson Emma Chapman Nicole Chow Megan Doeg Stephanie Duffy Brittany Ferrero Julia Hooker

Allison Jorgensen Kai Liang Caitlyn Logan Katharine Meigs Corin Seguljic Tarek Shoukri Julie Thiesfeldt Emma Thomson Nicole Vicino Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Spanish Inductees Farmington “El Greco” Chapter

Seyi Adeyinka Alison Beth Anderson Indra Costa Araujo Brittney C. Barta Emily J. Boltryk Brendan William Burns Xinni Cai Nicholas Stephen Caminiti Brett Joseph Carroll Emma Cathryn Chudwick David John Coyle Brian Patrick Crowe Lindsay Erin Daniels Alexandra Jordan Deluse Adam C. Dierkens Chelsea Noelani Edwards Mikala Christine Francini Renee Dawn Fredette Cara Rose Grattan Tyler Anthony Green Jaime Morgan Hanks Robert Christopher Isner Susan Emily Jensen Hannah Kathryn Johnson Jessica Lagosz

Amy Marie Leblanc Grace Lee Tetyana Marunchak Rosetta Josephine Mastroianni Kevin John Michalak Uju Deandra Momah Charlotte Ann Moskowitz Andrea Helene Nunes Olisaemeka Catherine Onyiuke Brandon Kyle Paolillo Irene Assunta Peluso Joseph Irving Rosenfield Sabrina Maria Santos Jonathan Warren Schmidt Madiha Sophia Shaikh James Donald Silberstein Ailie R. Steir Elizabeth Amber Stewart Michelle Suk Michelle M. Truncali Christopher Metodej Uherek Jennifer Sarah Weber David Robert Wiegard Stephanie Elaine Winslow Magdalena Wydrzynska Brandon Michael Zaccardo

MATH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Last spring, the following students were inducted in the Math National Honor Society on May 14, 2010: Hannon, Kaitlyn Isner, Robert Jorgenson, Allison Meigs, Datherine Michalak, Devin Momah Uja Nunes, Andrea Onyiuke, Olisa Rebello, Kimberly Rosenfield, Joseph Seguljic, Corin Shaikh, Madiha Shoukri, Tarek Silberstein, James, Szarejko, Magdelena Thiesfield, Julie Trossel, Colin Uherek, Christopher Winslow, Stephanie Zaccardo, Brendan

Adeyinka, Seyi Anderson, Allison Araujo, Indra Aslam, Hamza Atkinson, Daniel Back, Jee Hyun Burns, Brendan Cai, Xinni Caminiti, Nicholas Carroll, Brett Chapman, Emma Chudwick, Emma Colletta, Nikita Coyle, David Dierkens, Adam Doeg, Megan Eshoo Alexader Faolla, Ryeigh Fredette, Renee Hagadorn, Anna

TUNXIS ART & ACADEMIC CHALLENGE 2010 Farmington High School Winners: Math Exam Digital Art Painting Photography (color) Photography (B/W) Music Instrment Music Vocal Short Story Theatre

1st Place 1st Place 3rd Place 2nd Place 2nd Place 1st Place 2nd Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

Edward Fouad Alicja Kowalczyk Emily Quallen Katia Schutz Sara Russomanno Stephen Zaksewicz Christina Davis Alexandra Buczek Kia Cullina

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2nd Place

Dan Park Will Siuta Jack Siuta Reid Russell

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