Fashion Show Essentials -

Fashion Show Essentials -

Fashion Show Essentials Overview. The 4-H Fashion Show allows members to exhibit their skills in wardrobe selection; clothing construction or comparis...

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Fashion Show Essentials Overview. The 4-H Fashion Show allows members to exhibit their skills in wardrobe selection; clothing construction or comparison shopping; fashion interpretation and understanding of style; good grooming and poise; and modeling and presentation of themselves and their garments, at the county, district and state levels. The state 4-H Fashion Show is held during Texas 4-H Roundup. Fashion Show basics. 4-H Fashion Show at the county level is an optional activity open to all 4-H members who have completed a clothing project. Senior 4-H members who have won at the district Fashion Show competition can compete at the Fashion Show at State Roundup. Each district may send one contestant from each of the four categories (casual, dressy, formal and specialty) in the construction and buying divisions, and one contestant from each of the two divisions (cotton and wool/mohair) in Natural Fiber. There are four categories within each division (construction and buying) of the Fashion Show. 4-H members must select a category to compete in at the county level and compete in that same category throughout the levels of competition. The categories are: casual, dressy, formal and specialty. • Construction: A 4-H member applies knowledge and skills in garment construction to make a garment to exhibit in the Fashion Show. Garments may be constructed by sewing, knitting or crocheting using new or recycled materials. • Buying: A 4-H member applies knowledge and skills in comparison shopping to select a garment to exhibit in the Fashion Show. Three different comparison shopping sources must be used and documented. The Fashion Show Natural Fiber contest has two divisions: cotton and wool/mohair. Garments must meet the specific fiber requirements to be entered in the Natural Fiber Contest. • Natural Fiber: A 4-H member applies knowledge of a fiber’s characteristics and the use of that fiber in apparel. Garments may be constructed or bought. Note: Refer to your district 4-H Fashion Show guidelines or ask the specialist about other categories that may be available. Entry paperwork is required for the Fashion Show. Check with your district specialist about entry and paperwork requirements for your district Fashion Show. At the state level, the required paperwork is part of the total score. 4-H members must provide information on project goals and activities, leadership, community service, and a project summary—all related to their 4-H Clothing and Textiles Project experiences. In addition, 4-H members must complete the worksheet that applies to the division being entered (construction, buying or natural fiber). Conducting a Fashion Show. A lot of planning goes into conducting a 4-H Fashion Show. Many county and district Fashion Shows also host the Fabric and Fashion Design contest on the same day. A planning guide is available for your task force members to use. Equipment and space needed: • Separate rooms – Ideally, one large room for group assembly and the awards program, a room for judging each category, one room for tabulation, and a holding room for parents and leaders. Possible locations are churches, schools, community centers, county fair buildings, and county Extension offices. • Tables − For registration and for judges to use during the interview process. Volunteers needed: • Judges − Evaluate 4-H members during the interview process. Possible judges are Texas Extension Education Association members, FCS teachers, former 4-H members, former 4-H clothing project leaders or club managers, elementary school teachers, professional seamstresses, clothing store owners, clothing and textiles majors and/or others with an interest in fashion. • Timekeeper − Keeps time during judging and indicates when contestants have completed their interviews. If necessary, a judge can serve as the timekeeper. • Tabulator – Tabulates scores from judges’ score cards. • Runners – Take score cards from the judging room to the tabulation room.


• Fashion Show coordinators – Help coordinate the fashion show, modeling, and awards program. • Registration – Work at the registration table to greet and check in contestants, judges, parents, leaders and guests. Fashion Show narrator contest. For the state 4-H Fashion Show, four 4-H members are selected to serve as narrators of the awards program Applicants must be classified as senior 4-H members, have experience in public speaking, demonstrate an interest in speaking before large groups, have an interest and/or experience in narrating fashion shows, and have a Roundup schedule that does not conflict with Fashion Show events. Applicants must submit a VHS tape or DVD of their narration, according to the current year’s guidelines. Judging criteria include poise and self-confidence, pronunciation and enunciation of the script (script provided), voice clarity, and audience appeal. Stage Design contest. A team of 4-H members (up to nine team members and one coach) will be selected to design, provide and set up the stage décor for the Texas 4-H Fashion Show Awards Program. Teams entering the Stage Design contest must submit the appropriate paperwork, providing information on the design, cost of materials, size of props, set-up procedure, details and a completed illustration. All designs are judged on originality and uniqueness, audience appeal, feasibility, economics and practicality. Resources. Printed/Web resources: • District 4-H Fashion Show guidelines (contact your district 4-H specialist) • State 4-H Clothing and Textiles packet (updated and distributed annually) - ¤¤ Fashion Show forms ¤¤ Natural Fiber Competition forms ¤¤ Stage Design Contest information and forms ¤¤ Narrator Contest information and forms ¤¤ Fabric and Fashion Design contest information and forms Specialists: • Angela McCorkle, Extension Assistant – Family and Youth, [email protected], 979-845-3850 • District 4-H specialist