F&B's Strapless Bimini - Australian Boat Mags

F&B's Strapless Bimini - Australian Boat Mags

F&B Y-2011 Project Logbook F&B’s Strapless Bimini Introducing the 2011 version of the extremely popular ʻstrapless biminiʼ that we first developed...

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F&B Y-2011



F&B’s Strapless Bimini

Introducing the 2011 version of the extremely popular ʻstrapless biminiʼ that we first developed back in 2003 for the Trailcraft 475 Profish project boat. Here, the mission statement for the versatile Horizon 455 Northerner is the same - we want to cast hither and yon without having to fight a wall of straps and dangly bits - and at the same time, retain the vitally needed sun cover to ward off the evil effects of melonoma on otherwise clear, beautiful fishing days . . . . .


f all the things we’ve written about and created over the last 18 or 19 years of Project boats and boat building, two things stand out from the crowd. The first is (to the writer’s chagrin) the recognition that Tony Ravenscroft’s report on building your own (DIY) fibreglass ice chest is doubtless the most popular report we’ve ever produced. Not that we’d ever admit it to Tony publicly,

but damn it, the fact remains his icebox masterpiece is head and shoulders above all other articles, tests, write-ups, reports (etc) we’ve ever done! The second most popular feature and one that has driven us quietly to drink over the last 4 or 5 years, concerned the strapless bimini top we created in 2003 for the exceptionally popular Trailcraft 475 Profish Project boat. Not only did readers share our

enthusiasm for the 475 Profish (today known as the 485 Profish) this promotion went on to become the most successful of its kind in Trailcraft’s history, and was the forerunner of a new generation of big, beamy, tough open side consoles that were first popularised by the ubiquitous Quintrex Topender fully a decade earlier, and by Marcel Maujean a decade before that. But where the Topender evolved over nearly a decade of use, the Trailcraft

SEA Media’s Project Boats Policy - Sea Media maintains a number of ‘project boats’ principally to ensure the editorial team is able to keep up with today’s rapidly changing boating world. It allows us to form our own conclusions, develop factual reference information for readers, and most importantly, get a “feel” for the product - something you cannot do from a press release, a brochure, or a 30 minute zoom ‘around the bay’ in perfect weather. Most boats are kept for about 12-18 months, depending on their complexity, effectiveness, usage, cost, and how much interesting editorial we can develop for readers from the project. When we’re finished, project boats are then sold-on to Fisherman & Boatowner (“F&B”) readers. Copyright SEA Media Pty Ltd (F&B#177 05/2011) from www.seamedia.com.au

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