Feil Hall - Brooklyn Law School

Feil Hall - Brooklyn Law School

Feil Hall Brooklyn Law School’s New Residence Opens to Rave Reviews One of the nation’s premier student offer affordable, modern apartment residence...

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Feil Hall Brooklyn Law School’s New Residence Opens to Rave Reviews One of the nation’s premier student

offer affordable, modern apartment

residences, Feil Hall, opened in fall 2005

living to the entire entering class,”


to rave reviews from its new occupants,

the Dean added.


350 law students living in 239 spacious,

The 22-floor red brick building with

furnished apartments, many with

classical details was designed by Robert

spectacular views of the New York City

A. M. Stern, Dean of the Yale School of

skyline and harbor.

Architecture, to compliment its

“This is a momentous event in the

charming, historic neighborhood. Stern

life of the Law School and the lives of

also designed the Law School’s 1994

our students,” Dean Joan G. Wexler said

main building addition, described in

at the opening day event, which drew

the Architectural Guide to Brooklyn by

450 students, faculty, alumni and

the author as “hands down, the best

guests. “For the first time, we

new construction in Brooklyn since

are able to house a critical mass of

World War II.”

students in a single location. More than

Feil Hall apartments range in size

a residence, Feil Hall is a vibrant living

from studios to four-bedroom suites,

and learning community, one that

all with beautiful new furniture, large

helps nurture the professional and

closets, over-sized windows and fully-

personal relationships that are

equipped kitchens. Dean Wexler said,

an indispensable ingredient of a

“The average age of first-year students

great law school.

is 25 and they are experienced in life.

“With the addition of Feil

We knew that we couldn’t provide

Hall to our eight other residences in

them with just dorms. We had to

Brooklyn Heights, we are now able to

provide modern, quality apartments befitting adult students of law.”

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, September 29, 2005: (l to r) Alexander Warr ’07, Jeffrey Feil ’73, the late Gertrude Feil, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees Paul Windels, Jr., Dean Joan G. Wexler, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Stuart Subotnick ’68, Jeffrey D. Forchelli ’69, architect Robert A.M. Stern, Geraldo Rivera ’69, Hon. David G. Trager, and Jodi Siegel ’06


a 20-year odyssey

years ago, and I understand the burdens

A “20-year odyssey” led to the comple-

that students who live off-campus face.

tion of Feil Hall, Dean Wexler told the

Apartment housing of this caliber

crowd at the reception held at the

will attract students from all over

elegant Jeffrey D. Forchelli ’69 Confer-

the country and the world.” Feil is a

ence Center, on the top floor of Feil Hall.

member of the Board of Trustees, and

It is a venue for scholarly and social

CEO of the Feil Organization, one of

events with sweeping vistas of

the largest privately owned real estate

Manhattan and Brooklyn.

companies in the country. Five other

The Dean described the time and effort that went into the development of the first-rate residence, and expressed

members of the Feil family are also graduates of the Law School. Referring to the Jeffrey D. Forchelli

“the immense gratitude of the entire

Conference Center, Dean Wexler noted,

Law School community” for the

“This beautiful space is named in honor

generosity of the Feil Family Foundation.

of his generosity. For Jeff, Brooklyn Law

member of the firm of Forchelli, Curto,

School is a family affair. His father,

Schwartz, Mineo, Carlino & Cohn llp,

president, said, “We saw a pressing

uncle, and cousin are graduates and

said, “Providing a venue for the school’s

need for housing and a strategy for

his daughter Nicole is a third-year

important events is a way to give back

responding to it that we were proud to

student.” Explaining the motivation for

to a school that has given so much to

support. I commuted to law school 30

his gift, Mr. Forchelli, who is a founding

my family for three generations.”

Jeffrey Feil ’73, the Foundation’s

Forchelli Center




fall 2006

“Law students don’t live by libraries and academic symposia alone,” Dean Wexler continued. “Sometimes they need a double espresso and a muffin, a place where they can gather. That place is Geraldo’s, the student café named in

View from Forchelli Center

honor of the generosity of a member of the Class of 1969, noted journalist Geraldo Rivera.”

it’s the nicest and largest apartment

year’s SBA Barristers’ Ball more than

you can get for this amount of money.

doubled in attendance from last year’s

help create a place where the students

Not to mention the great security, and

— to 500 people — because of the new

can meet and talk about the ideas and

Geraldo’s, the student café, where

sense of community the school is expe-

issues that will shape their lives.”

everyone hangs out.

riencing. No one wanted to miss out

Mr. Rivera remarked, “I wanted to

Dean Wexler also honored Stuart

“It is a very vibrant community,”

Subotnick ’68, Chief Operating Officer

she added. “The fact is that more people

of Metromedia Company and Chairman

are joining student activities and orga-

of the BLS Board of Trustees, and his

nizations because they know more

wife Anita Subotnick for their support

people. They go to events because they

of Feil Hall. Dean Wexler noted that the

have friends who are going to events

construction of Feil Hall elicited more

and getting involved. For example, this

on the fun.”

alumni support than any other project


in the Law School’s 104-year history.

students rave Yehuda Gruenberg, Class of 2010, who graduated from SUNY-Binghamton, commented: “What I like most about Feil Hall is that it feels like more than just a residence hall. With professors, families and students — and even the dean — living together there is a sense of community that is welcoming and warm. The apartments are amazing, and after having lived in Manhattan, I have to say the best part is having a big, brand new kitchen. The leather reading chair is awesome, too — it’s my favorite place to study.” Jodi Siegel, Class of 2006 and the past President of the Student Bar Association, said, “I lived in another apartment for two years and then had the opportunity to come to Feil Hall. Everything about it is so wonderful —


Brooklyn Law School… is rising in prominence on various rankings lists, and when it came to naming the cafe inside the recently opened Feil Hall, a brick tower of well-appointed student apartments on State Street, there was one alumnus and generous donor whose name seemed right: Geraldo Rivera (class of 1969) [He] is not a regular fixture at the cafe that bears his name, a modern oval space with wide-screen flat-panel television sets and plenty of tan leather easy chairs. But for students who study at Geraldo’s, and enjoy its White Castle burgers and two varieties of gummy worms (neon and sour), the man whose caricature hangs on the wall ranks somewhere between myth and legend. The New York Times, February 5, 2006, by Jeff Van Dam The luxury accommodations rival those found in New York City’s finest neighborhoods, except by one measure: The 239 apartments are affordable… Lauren Edgerton, a first-year student from Philadelphia who shares a three-bedroom apartment with two roommates, said she signed up for Feil Hall sight unseen and was “completely surprised” by what she found — not the least of which are dynamite views of Manhattan. As a Cornell University undergraduate, Ms. Edgerton said, “I lived in this dingy little house. My mother wouldn’t even come into that house.” The New York Law Journal, September 9, 2005, by Thomas Adcock This building is even better than you said it would be. It’s every thing you said and so much more. Parent of a first-year student from upstate New York

Feil Hall One of the Nation’s Premier Student Residences • 239 furnished, affordable apartments, a mix of studios and one-bedroom to four-bedroom suites • A private bedroom for each student • Quality furnishings: most units have a couch, club chair, coffee table, dining set, double beds, dresser, full length mirror, desk, filing cabinet and book shelf • Full kitchen appliances, including dishwashers and microwaves • Two bathrooms in all three- and four-bedroom units, and in many two-bedroom units • Central air conditioning • Spectacular views from many apartments • Abundant closet space • Geraldo’s, a student café on the ground floor • Jeffrey D. Forchelli Conference Center for scholarly and social events on the top floor • 24-hour secure lobby • Underground parking • Wired and wireless Internet connectivity • Large laundry room • On-site Director of Residence Life; live-in superintendent and porter • Mailroom • A great location near a transportation hub, just minutes from Manhattan




fall 2006


The recent dedication of Feil Hall marked “a turning point,” as Dean Joan G. Wexler calls it—a watershed not only for the school, but for the blocks around it, where residential developers seem to be building on every square inch of land... Michael Burke, executive director of the Downtown Brooklyn Council, calls the area around Feil Hall “an epicenter” of the boom that’s bringing 2,500 to 3,000 planned new apartments to what he calls “greater downtown,” including DUMBO to the north. The New York Post, November 15, 2005, by Steve Cuozzo I was a student in the evening division at a time when there really wasn’t a campus. There wasn’t any place to form a community. With Feil Hall, law school becomes more the center of your life and a place to form permanent connections. It’s a very positive change. So many opportunities after you graduate come through networking, and students who have the Feil Hall experience will have built so many relationships. Feil Hall will also help build a more active and committed group of alumni. Linda Lamel ’76, President of the Brooklyn Law School Alumni Association Law school is, to many people, a place where you come without any expectation of making any friends. At Feil Hall, you have no choice but to make friends. You’re just surrounded by great people. Jodi Siegel, ’06, Past President of the Student Bar Association Students love the neighborhood, the shops and the restaurants. Thursday is the night do the “Brooklyn thing.” On the weekends, that’s when friends and family who are jealous of their fantastic apartments come to visit. That’s when they usually go into Manhattan. Jennifer Smith, Director of Residence Life Last week we had an ice cream social at Geraldo’s — make your own sundaes — and 75 people came. They also offer weekly yoga classes, live music and even an open mic night. The programs are put together by the students, which is the most outstanding part. Joseph Goljan ’08

A lot of people like to go to the YMCA across the street. It’s brand new and beautiful, with a lot of classes, a pool and a basketball court. Alexandra Hankin ’08 I love the view from my apartment in Feil Hall. From the Verrezano Bridge to the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan…You can’t beat that! Since I love to cook I especially love the kitchen. I’ve seen other apartments around Brooklyn and the living conditions don’t compare! Laurian Cristea ’09