FIFTeen YeArs oF progress - Prostate Cancer Foundation

FIFTeen YeArs oF progress - Prostate Cancer Foundation

FIFTEEN YEARS OF PROGRESS Leveraging Resources Accelerating Discovery Inspiring Hope 2007 Progress Report The Prostate Cancer Foundation (...

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Leveraging Resources Accelerating Discovery Inspiring Hope 2007 Progress Report

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) was founded in 1993 to find better treatments and a cure for recurrent prostate cancer. Through its unique model for soliciting and selecting promising research programs and rapid deployment of resources, the PCF has funded more than 1,500 programs at nearly 200 research centers in 20 countries around the world. As the world’s leading philanthropic organization for funding prostate-cancer research, the PCF is now a foundation without borders. Its advocacy for increased government and private support of prostate cancer programs has helped build a global research enterprise of nearly $10 billion. In 2007, 30 percent fewer men in the U.S. died from prostate cancer compared for more to what was once projected. The PCF is a force of than 16 million men and their families around the world who are currently facing the disease.


We have turned the corner. We will not give up. An end to death and suffering from prostate cancer is in sight.

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s

Founder/CEO Letter Research Highlights Top Transformational  Discoveries New Strategies for Accelerating Discovery Donors Roll Appeal for Support Donation Opportunities Financial Statements Report of Independent Auditors Board of Directors and Leadership Team

1 3 4 6 8 14 15 16 19 20

Cover Photos: The PhIP carcinogen molecule (yellow), damaging a DNA helix. PhIP, formed by charring meats at high temperatures, can insert itself into DNA, causing errors in reading and replicating DNA. This can result in mutations that contribute to prostate cancer formation. Image from the diet and prostate-cancer genetics research led by William G. Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., (pictured in the lower right) at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. The discovery of PhIP as a major carcinogen of prostate cancer – the potential equivalent of cigarette smoking in lung cancer – was made through PCF-supported research. Read about the scientific innovations of other PCF-funded researchers including Christopher Logothetis, M.D., University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (lower left), Robert Getzenberg, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins (upper left), and Robert Langer, Sc.D., at MIT (upper right) in this report.

Progress Report

Turning the Corner: Dear Friends, Fifteen years ago, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) was formed to discover better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for prostate cancer. We believe attainment of this goal is now within sight. From the start, we understood that progress would not only require basic funding of prostate-cancer research, but a comprehensive re-engineering of the processes that support it. We developed an innovative model for rapid solicitation and review of research proposals, and accelerated deploy­ ment of funding. Our grant recipients were required to share their data on a regular basis to stimulate scientific exchange and speed discovery. We also committed to a strong advocacy program for promoting government and private

15 Years of Progress for Prostate Cancer Research to $550 million from $27 million – a more than twenty-fold increase; the number of dedicated research labs has grown from just three to more than 200; 18 nations now have prostate-cancer research centers, up from three; and once non-existent tissue banks now contain more than 20,000 samples for crucial scientific experiments. 2. Scientific discovery is accelerating. Back in 1993, there were no promising new drugs in the development pipeline. Today there are more than 20 new therapies in development and more than 60 new types of clinical trials each year. The number of published research articles on prostate cancer published last year reached 36,000 compared to 2,500 when the PCF was founded.

investment in prostate-cancer research and public awareness

3. Lifestyle changes capable of slowing disease

of the disease.

progression are emerging.  PCF funding has

The foundation’s leadership has leveraged every dollar many times over. Through the work of the PCF, and the efforts of its strategic partners around the world – medical institutions, government organizations, other foundations and private companies – prostate cancer has expanded from a neglected specialty to one of the most vibrant areas of biomedical research. Today’s global research enterprise for prostate cancer represents nearly $10 billion in investments. During the past fifteen years, PCF-supported research has made a profound difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients and medical professionals treating this disease. Consider these accomplishments:

stimulated some of the most rigorous nutrition and diet research of any cancer research funding agency during the past 15 years. From our inception, we have been interested in the link between lifestyle factors (diet and exercise) and their effect on the occurrence and growth of prostate cancer. This area of investigation is one of our eight key areas of funded research. More than 850 papers have now been published on nutrition and prostate cancer, and $20 million is allocated annually by funding and research organizations for cancer-related nutrition research. 4. Most importantly, fewer men are dying. PCF-funded science, our advocacy for increased public funding, and heightened public awareness of prostate cancer

1. Prostate cancer has expanded from a neglected

has resulted in fewer men dying from the disease. In 1995,

specialty to one of the most significant areas of

the American Cancer Society projected 40,000 deaths

biomedical research.  As a result of our advocacy, U.S.

from prostate cancer in 2007. The reality was 28,000 –

federal funding for prostate-cancer research has increased

a reduction of 30 percent. We will continue this progress. 1

Progress Report

As we proceed, we will be able to build on our expanded

adversely affect the return on our investments to date and

base of prostate-cancer knowledge. PCF-funded researchers

put scientific progress at risk.

will gain a deeper understanding of the multiple molecular contributions to prostate cancer and develop more effective and targeted drugs for every stage and type of the disease. They will develop enhanced diagnostic and prognostic tools that will better indicate which treatments are best suited to particular patients, and explore new, science-based

To realize our shared goal of eliminating prostate cancer, we need your ongoing commitment. Give us the tools – in the form of your continued financial support – and we will finish the job. Sincerely,

preventive approaches. The progress to date has been possible largely because of the foundation’s collaborative and multi-disciplinary model of science, our innovative reforms to traditional grant processes and funding strategies. The PCF Inspires HOPE Our progress inspires hope for millions of prostate cancer patients and their families around the world. This hope is born of the commitment of the diverse PCF community: talented, innovative researchers; patients, survivors and their families; our corporate partners; and far-sighted venture philanthropists, who believe they will

Mike Milken

Jonathan Simons, MD

achieve the best possible return on investment in prostate-

Founder and Chairman

President and Chief Executive Officer David H. Koch Chair

cancer research. The following pages describe three major research projects we funded in 2007 and the top ten transformational discoveries in prostate cancer achieved through PCF funding. There is also a complete discussion of our new funding program. Finally, in 2007, the PCF raised a record amount to fund crucial research programs that would not have been otherwise funded. While we’re determined to reach our goal and end the devastation caused by prostate cancer, U.S. federal funding for advanced cancer research, in real dollars, is declining for the first time in 15 years. Throttling back on the flow of research dollars now will 2

Progress Report

research Highlights In 2007, our fast-track approach to supporting scientific progress for prostate cancer continued. While committing funding for more than 86 research initiatives, we also conducted an extensive review of our Competitive Research Awards program. More than 40 prostate-cancer researchers participated in the ten-month review. As a result, we outlined a three-pronged research funding approach to advance the agenda of the PCF through 2012.

Advancing Research Models The PCF Prostate Cancer Models Working Group, comprising 13 former PCF competitive-award recipients from 12 institutions, met intensively at the PCF and published State of the Science on Current Research Models in Prostate Cancer. This effort was conducted as a public service and provides a comprehensive point of reference for testing new drugs. The report is a “state of the science” of all prostate-cancer research models that was made available for university scientists and pharmaceutical and biotechnology investigators who want to enter the field of prostate-cancer research. Underscoring the PCF’s support of ahead-of-the-curve science, many of the new models forwarded by the team will be incorporated into drug and diagnostics development by the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, as well as by the broader scientific community working on prostate cancer. Most importantly, PCF-funded researchers continued to make scientific breakthroughs in the development of new prostate-cancer treatments.

Three Novel Research Programs Funded by the PCF 1. Nanotechnology-based Solutions Nanotechnology, involving materials smaller than 100 nanometers (the size of atoms), holds enormous promise for cancer research and patients. At this scale, materials exhibit unique characteristics and properties, making the use of nanoparticles a promising area for cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. We are funding the world’s leading team in nanoparticle delivery of prostate cancer medicines. The team is led by Robert Langer, Sc.D., at MIT and Omid Farokzhad, M.D., at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This project is exploring if nano­scale particles can act as Trojan horses in the body, delivering medication directly to prostatecancer cells while bypassing healthy cells.

Logothetis, M.D., University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; Kenneth Pienta, M.D., University of Michigan; and Robert Vesella, Ph.D., University of Washington.

3. Turning the Heat Up on Prostate Cancer

Acting like Trojan horses in the body, targeted nano­ particles show potential for delivering anti-cancer compounds directly into prostate cancer cells while avoiding healthy cells.

Subsequently, MIT team members received a special additional $650,000 Amplification Award from the PCF for the early completion of milestones outlined as part of the KochPCF Nanotherapeutics Challenge Award. Other team members are Philip Kantoff, M.D., Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Neil Bander, M.D., at Weill Medical College/Cornell University.

2. Co-Targeted Drug Therapies: Hitting Two Achilles Heels at One Time Because few agents have been approved or are currently in clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of bone metastases in men with prostate cancer, there is a great need for better treatment strategies. One approach is to combine drugs with different mechanisms of action. Sometimes it takes two or more drugs working together to kill a prostate-cancer cell and innumerable drug combinations are possible. What’s needed is a way to prioritize possible drug combinations based on rigorous pre-clinical evaluation. This two-year program will focus on evaluating combinations of drugs already available for clinical trials in animal models. The team of primary investigators for this PCF-funded project includes: Theresa Guise, M.D., University of Virginia; Christopher

During the past two decades, systematic treatment with cytotoxic drugs or radiation therapy has cured some advanced, metastatic cancers, such as testicular cancer. In spite of these successes, no molecular targets have yet been identified to explain these therapeutic successes. This PCF program will focus on learning about “what worked” in testicular cancer because – even with extensive and advanced metastasis to the brain and lungs – the vast majority of these patients are now successfully treated with systemic therapy and restored to long-term normal health. Lance Armstrong, who went on to win the Tour de France seven times, is one such patient. An extensive analysis of scientific literature indicates strong evidence that metatastic testicular tumor cells experience abnormal thermal (heat) stress when subjected to normal body temperatures. The result is a heightened response to therapy by cytotoxic drugs, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. The team will explore the possibility of directing heat only to cancer cells using tumor-selected nanoparticles that can be heat-controlled by noninvasive external energy sources such as magnetic fields. This project is designed to be a highly interactive program with expertise from five institutions including MIT, DanaFarber Cancer Institute, the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University and The Prostate Cancer Center–Vancouver. The Integrative Operational Coordinators are Robert H. Getzenberg, Ph.D., and Theodore L. DeWeese, M.D. of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Progress Report

Top Transformational Discoveries in Prostate-cancer research in 2007 The impact of scientific discoveries can be measured partly by the number of times a discovery is cited by other scientists who use the findings to push forward their own research. As a way of “keeping score,” the more a discovery is used by other cancer scientists, the more important it is. Cited by peers and selected for presentation of papers to annual American Association for Cancer Research meetings, the nine discoveries described below have transformed the field of prostate-cancer research in 2007. Each of these discoveries is a direct result of the PCF funding a high-impact/high-risk research idea through its Competitive Awards Program. 1. Genetics – William B. Isaacs, Ph.D., at Johns Hopkins and Xiangfeng Xu, Ph.D., of Wake Forrest University discovered regions of DNA in the human genome that can predict a ten-times higher lifetime risk for prostate cancer. Once this is confirmed in broader populations, a simple saliva test or blood test could provide a useful predictive test for men with a family history of prostate cancer. For sons and grandsons of fathers who carry genes for prostate cancer, this could become a lifesaving test. Dr. Isaacs has been a recipient of PCF Competitive Research Awards since 1995. 2. Activating the Immune System Against Prostate Cancer – Eugene Kwon, M.D., at the Mayo Clinic, identified three new “brakes” in the male immune system that prevent a patient’s immune system from seeing and attacking prostate cancer. These brakes must be lifted for the patient’s immune system cells to “see” the prostate cancer as a foreign invader and eradicate it. The “brake” (B7H3) may be released using new therapeutic agents that could block the function of B7H3. This discovery opens the door for developing new drugs to awaken proper immune responses. 3. A Better “Detector Test” for Prostate Cancer – Robert Getzenberg, Ph.D., at Johns Hopkins University, has discovered that a protein called EPCA-2 is a novel biomarker associated with prostate cancer and that it is detectable in the blood. The PSA test detects prostate diseases including prostate cancer but is not specific to prostate cancer. Many patients undergo biopsies with an elevated PSA blood test that do not have prostate cancer. In contrast, EPCA-2 is produced only by prostate cancer cells. If it is found in the blood it means cancer is present. EPCA-2 also has sensitivity and specificity, enabling it to differentiate between men with organ-confined and non-organ-confined disease. Dr. Getzenberg has been a recipient of PCF Competitive Research Awards since 2005. As a result of this proteomics discovery in prostate cancer, patients and doctors may soon have an effective new blood test for initial detection and subsequent monitoring of EPCA-2 to follow remissions after treatment. 4. Targeted Therapies – Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D., and his colleagues at the University of Michigan, discovered an “on-switch” – a case of a chromosomal translocation and fusion of two unrelated genes (TMPRSS2 and ERG) that is unique to prostate cancer. The finding has garnered multiple research prizes and unearthed an entire new way of understanding how prostate cancer is “turned on” in normal cells. The ERG gene itself is now indicated as a key gene to block with targeted medicines. The team is now developing a system to screen hundreds of molecules that might inhibit activity of ERG. Further, because the fusion of these genes is detected easily and unique to prostate cancer, they are good targets for cancer-killing therapies that could destroy prostate cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. Research is also underway to develop a simple urine test to detect prostate cancer earlier than PSA does by detecting the chromosomal fusions. For patients, this is a landmark molecular finding that can guide precisely which treatments are best matched for them. Dr. Chinnaiyan has been a recipient of PCF Competitive Research Awards since 2001.


Progress Report

5. STAT5 A New Target for Drug Therapy – Edward Gellmann, M.D., at the Columbia University Medical Center identified a new path linking the STAT5 “inflammatory pathway” gene to the action of androgen receptors in hormone-resistant prostate cancer. STAT5 is a key molecule involved in normal inflammation and tissue-wound repair. In hormone-resistant prostate cancers it is “hijacked” and can replace or boost testosterone action on androgen receptors. This enables hormone-resistant cancer cell clones to survive and grow. New drugs targeting STAT5 are now a compelling research area for co-targeting research. Dr. Gellman has received PCF Competitive Research Awards since 1994. 6. Biomarkers of Metastatic Disease – A key genetic change in prostate cancer is the loss of the PTEN gene that may be involved with metastasis. PTEN-mutated prostate cancers are responsible for many deaths from prostate cancer each year. Charles Sawyers, M.D., at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, discovered a marker in the blood known as Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein 2 that is associated with PTEN-mutated tumors. For patients, this could mean earlier diagnosis of metastatic disease activity in the bone. Starting treatment earlier (compared to bone scans) could be a large therapeutic advance in some patients. An analytic blood test that employs a proteomics-based technology to detect microscopic cancer growth is possible given this finding. Dr. Sawyers has received PCF Competitive Research Awards since 1996. 7. Nutritional Sciences – William Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., at Johns Hopkins, discovered that a major carcinogen (PhIP) found in charred, grilled meats appears to accumulate in the area of the prostate that later develops prostate cancer. PhIP has the same DNA mutational capacity as cigarette smoke but the carcinogen accumulates only in the prostate. This finding has triggered major new studies on the healthiest way to cook meats in order to protect the prostate from accumulating carcinogens over a lifetime. Ultimately, further research into why PhIPs accumulate in the prostate may change dietary recommendations, help reduce the incidence of prostate cancer and protect men from prostate cancer starting at an early age. Dr. Nelson has been a PCF Competitive Research Award Recipient since 1993. 8. Intracrine Androgens – Peter Nelson, M.D., and Elahe Mostagel, M.D., Ph.D., at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington, determined that not all patients undergoing hormone therapy may achieve full suppression of androgens. Some tumor microenvironments may create survival testosterone chemically from normal cholesterol. In 50 years of research on testosterone in prostate cancer biology, this possibility was not scientifically tested until Dr. Nelson and his colleagues conducted these studies. The development of new therapeutic agents to block this “intracrine androgen” could benefit more than 50,000 U.S. men annually whose tumors are resistant to current hormonal therapies. Dr. Nelson has been funded by PCF Competitive Research Awards since 1999. 9. Antioxidants and Prostate Health – Oxidation damages biological molecules and causes prostate cancers. Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants, if those antioxidants can leave the stomach, enter the bloodstream and penetrate the prostate, may counteract oxidative stress and provide beneficial effects against cancer. David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., at UCLA, demonstrated that several large antioxidant molecules called polyphenols exist in strawberries. Whole strawberry extract and the individual polyphenols isolated from strawberry extracts slowed proliferation of prostate, oral and colon cancer cell cultures. Response to purified polyphenols is dose-dependent and related to the antioxidant activity of each compound. A new science is emerging for prostate cancer prevention that views components of foods scientifically and as agents that may reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. Dietary recommendations and rigorous studies of which compounds and supplements should be incorporated into the diet is emerging. These dietary recommendations may be particularly important to the men carrying genes for prostate cancer. Dr. Heber has been a recipient of PCF Competitive Research Awards since 1994.


Progress Report

New Strategies for Accelerating Discovery PCF Competitive Awards, introduced in 1993, revolutionized the way research is evaluated and funded, empowering many young scientists to fill the pipeline of innovation with new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. This model has proven enormously successful: There is virtually no new scientific idea or product in development or on the market for prostate cancer that has not been supported at least in part by PCF funding. As a direct result of our support and advocacy, the scientific and medical community has turned the corner on prostate cancer. We believe an end to death and suffering from this disease is in sight. To ensure that we ultimately attain our goal of eliminating death from prostate cancer, we conducted a comprehensive review of our competitive awards programs from 1993 to 2006. While the review concluded that the awards program performed exceedingly well

and fulfilled our initially-stated 1993 goals, we decided to develop a new strategy to build upon the initial success. More than 40 prostate-cancer research experts and experts in biotechnology were involved in developing the new strategy. By the end of 2007, we introduced a strategy designed to focus on specific assets in the field of prostate-cancer research. It will build a sustainable and dynamic research enterprise comprising cross-disciplinary teams working on multi-year programs and drive our efforts to develop new, effective therapies for eradicating this disease. The resulting funding programs are designed to replace our former Competitive Research Awards Program. Each of the programs is unique with individual goals and objectives designed to integrate with each other and, most importantly, to be scalable and self-perpetuating.

PCF Research Enterprise 2007/2008

Human Capital Initiatives

Creativity Awards

Challenge Awards

“First-in-Man” Therapeutic Clinical Investigation

Prodigy Awards (3)

Individual Investigators (25)

2008 Challenge Awards

8 centers

3-year $450,000 investment Recognition Awards (4) (Scientific meetings)

$40,000 annual investment 2008 PCF Young Investigator Awards

3-year $4,700,000 investment

$2,500,000 annual investment

3-year $20,100,000 investment Progression Biomarkers Discovery and Validation Intracrine Androgens and Androgen Receptor Signaling Nutrition, Metabolism and Patient Quality of Life ETS Gene Fusions Prostate Cancer Stem Cells Epigenetics Immunotherapy Predictive Preclinical Models

2007 Special Challenge Programs

5-year $12,100,000 investment* EPCA-2 Biomarkers Research & Development *OHNS(OPKINS5NIVERSITY

Koch PCF Nanotherapeutics -)4(ARVARD#ORNELL

PCF Safeway S.T.A.R. Program: Thermal Enhanced Metastatic Therapy *OHNS(OPKINS5NIVERSITY



*Some award recognition will occur in future years.


$3,200,000 annual investment

Progress Report

1. The Prostate Cancer Foundation Human Capital Initiative Our most valuable asset has always been and will continue to be human capital. We have been successful in identifying promising young investigators who are now mid-career leaders in the field of prostate cancer. To get us to our goal requires identifying and developing the next group of visionary research leaders – a task made even more crucial with the current reductions in government funding. To that end, we are launching a series of awards aimed at building the next generation of prostate cancer scientific leaders. Key Principles Behind the Human Capital Initiative n Human capital is our most valuable asset. n Most

important discoveries come from scientific investigators younger than 35 years old.

n Perpetuating

promising careers has become difficult in the current funding environment.

n The

PCF has had success in identifying the current leaders who are now in mid-career.

n We

need to identify the next group of research leaders, especially M.D., Ph.D. translational scientists.

n Support

of young investigators is an attractive opportunity for

potential but currently without funding. These are meant to provide short-term, high-risk/high-reward support, generally going to individual investigators. They are complementary and integrated with other PCF award programs. In the past, more than 70 percent of these one-year awards converted into stand-alone research programs.

3. PCF Challenge Awards The explosion of biological data over the past few years holds great promise, but no single individual, laboratory, or even institution can bring the resources needed to turn the data into useful knowledge for understanding, preventing, or treating prostate cancer effectively. A new model of science, similar to the one that produced the Human Genome Project, is needed: teams of talent with multidisciplinary researchers who can take new discoveries from the bench into the clinic, or can develop the crucial tools for the entire research community that empower individual researchers to take on the questions that still need to be answered. The PCF Challenge Awards are designed to increase the impact of PCF funding by making larger investments in multi-year projects with high transformative potential for areas of unmet needs in prostate-cancer research. These awards, chosen through expedited peer review by relevant experts, outline prescribed milestones and require yearly results presentations.

donors. PCF Prodigy Awards Patterned after the MacArthur Foundation’s Fellows awards, PCF Prodigy Awards will go to emerging prostate-cancer research “superstars” in their thirties who have demonstrated extraordinary originality and dedication to their field. They will provide additional support to develop recipients’ careers. Recipients will have just completed their medical research training and will have demonstrated talent, drive and potential for greatness at an early age. PCF Recognition Awards The Recognition Awards will be given to investigators, not currently funded by the PCF, for outstanding accomplishments in prostate cancer research presented at major medical meetings. These awards are intended to help integrate recipients with PCF researchers and to help drive their findings into clinical practice. PCF Young Investigator Awards Inspired by Donald S. Coffey, Ph.D., who has trained more than 30 of today’s leading prostate-cancer researchers, these awards will offer career support for young, proven investigators who have already achieved faculty positions and are committed to the field of prostate cancer.

2. PCF Creativity Awards

2008 Spending Allocations Since our founding, we at the PCF have always believed in the rapid deployment of maximum funding to support scientific research in the fight against prostate cancer. In 2008, every dollar donated to the foundation will be invested as follows:


Prostate Cancer Research Mission


Research Grants & Programs Support


Public Education & Advocacy





Similar in spirit to our former one-year Competitive Research Awards, the PCF Creativity Awards allow the development of creative prostate-cancer science, i.e., scientific ideas with high


Progress Report

A Special Thank you The Prostate Cancer Foundation would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last fifteen years. We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, foundations, corporations and others who have given at least $5,000 since our inception. Founders ($50,000,000+)

Anonymous (2) Leon and Debra Black Jamie B. Coulter David and Julia Koch Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum Carl Lindner Lowell Milken Michael and Lori Milken The News Corporation Foundation Stewart and Lynda Resnick Safeway, Inc. Stephen and Elaine Wynn

Kern Family Fund David E. and Beth Kobliner Shaw C. Michael and Elizabeth Kojaian Richard N. Merkin, M.D. Gordon E. Moore Movember, Inc. Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Lewis and Peg Ranieri Ellen and Richard V. Sandler, Esq. Sanofi-Aventis Mickey and Karen Shapiro Lester and Sue Smith Foundation Edward M. Snider Stuart Subotnick Tarnopol Family Foundation, Inc. Yahoo! Stanley and Barbara Zax

Leadership Circle ($1,000,000 - $1,999,999)

Patrons ($250,000 - $499,999)

Milken Family Foundation

Founder’s Circle ($2,000,000 - $49,999,999)

Anonymous (5) Abbott Laboratories Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Charles F. Dolan William L. Edwards Edward P. Evans Foundation Andrew S. Grove Sidney Kimmel Rush Limbaugh The Lincy Foundation Carol and Earle I. Mack Charles N. Mathewson Foundation The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation Nelson and Claudia Peltz Ronald O. Perelman PGA Tour Charities, Inc Cliff and Debbie Robbins Julian H. Robertson, Jr. William A. Schwartz Jane and Terry Semel M. Shanken, Chairman / M. Shanken Communications, Inc. Thomas Spiegel Wade F.B. Thompson Charitable Foundation Ted and Dani Virtue Martin and Pamela Wygod

Benefactors ($500,000 - $999,999) Anonymous (3) Advance Magazine Group Robert K. Barth Baume & Mercier Co. The Bunker Foundation Ronald W. Burkle Winston H. Chen, Ph.D. Conde Nast Publications, Inc. Lawrence J. Ellison Christian B. Evensen Sue Gin D. Wayne and Anne Gittinger Golfers Against Cancer The Greenspun Family Foundation Guggenheim Investment Management, LLC Peter Karmanos, Jr.


Joseph and Annette Allen Brian and Kathleen Bean Bloomberg L.P. The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation James and Patricia Cayne Stephen and Chantal Cloobeck L. John Doerr David and Marsha Ederer The Gillette Company Harkins Charitable Gift Fund Heinz North America Steven and Tomisue Hilbert The R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation Ray and Ghada Irani Peter W. Janssen Michael Jordan Kissick Family Foundation Charles G. Koch Herb and Natalie Kohler Robert A. Kotick Kovler Family Foundation Lamkin Corporation Gary and Tina Lowenthal Jeffrey A. Marcus F W McCarthy Foundation Medical Research Agencies of America Richard Mejasich MidOcean Partners Joy and Jerry Monkarsh Family Foundation Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation Brian and Patricia Reynolds Leonard and Louise Riggio Gene and Marianne Salmon Sanofi-Synthelabo The John F. Scarpa Foundation Melvin and Bren Simon Charitable Foundation No.1 Paul and Elle Stephens Sterling Equities Robert & Jane Toll Foundation Warren and Jale Trepp Clyde T. Turner Leslie L. Vadasz Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Robert and Angela Voss

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation Gary and Karen Winnick

Partners ($100,000 - $249,999) Anonymous (1) William and Donna Acquavella The G. Chris Andersen Family Foundation Phillip and Nancy Anschutz Ambassador George L. Argyros, Sr. Arnie’s Army Battles Prostate Cancer Atlanta Hawks The Lynn Aymar Family Foundation Chris and Tory Bagdasarian Charles F. Baird, Jr. Robert and Donna Baldwin The Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation Ron and Judy Baron Charles and Michelle Becker Marc R. Benioff Braman Family Foundation Gary S. Broad The Brookdale Foundation John and Barbara Burns August A. Busch IV Callaway Golf Sales Company California State Council of Laborers CAO International, Inc. Cendant Corporation Max C. Chapman, Jr. John and Jennifer Chalsty Robert D. Collins Fund Concern Foundation The Carole & Robert Daly Charitable Foundation Thomas and Gun Denhart James and Kristin Dolan Dunwoody Senior Men’s Golf Association Durden Foundation Jeremy D. Eden Lee and Daniele Einsidler Don Engel Ernst & Young LLP Robert S. Evans William F. Farley Ralph and Cynthia Finerman Friendship Foundation, Inc. Richard S. Fuld, Jr. The David Geffen Foundation Gen-Probe Incorporated Genentech Foundation Eric and Anne Gleacher Thomas and Holly Gores Orland S. Greene Wayne and Janet Gretzky Greenbriar Golf Association Martin and Audrey Gruss Richard B. Handler Joseph W. Harch Thomas O. Hicks Hilton Hotels Corporation Leo Hindery, Jr. Hugo Boss Fashions, Inc. Jon and Karen Huntsman Carl and Gail Icahn Richard and Deborah Justice David Karpol Mel and Terry Karmazin

Solomon Kerzner Michael and Jena King W. C. Klintworth Knowledge Universe Richard S. and Karen LeFrak Charitable Foundation W. Howard and Mary Lester Solomon and Rosie Lew Peter B. Lewis William and Phyllis Mack Major League Baseball Charity, Inc. Marin Community Foundation Leni and Peter May Bruce R. and Jolene M. McCaw Fund George A. Mealey Robert A. Meister Lowell Milken Avram Miller S. Leslie and Barbara Misrock Kenneth and Julie Moelis Jay and Elaine Moorin, Alain and Iris Schreiber, and ProQuest Investments John and Rebecca Moores Moore Family Foundation Marc and Jane Nathanson Nativity Jesuit Middle School Linden Nelson James Newman John and Sally Nordstrom George and Sandra Norcross OSI Pharmaceuticals Joel M. Pashcow Rick Pitino Bruce I. Raben Sumner and Paula Redstone William A. Richardson Lew Rothman Marc J. and Carolyn Rowan The Rachel and Lewis Rudin Family Foundation, Inc. Larry W. Ruvo Haim and Cheryl Saban The San Francisco Foundation San Francisco Giants J. Gary and O.J. Shansby Foundation David and Janelle Shaffer Shoes for Crews, LLC Silent Partners Inc. Skull Creek Development Eric and Susan Smidt David M. Solomon Martin & Toni Sosnoff Foundation Alex G. Spanos The John R. & Inge P. Stafford Foundation Joe Fred Starr Joseph and Diane Steinberg 1992 Charitable Trust Ernest E. Stempel Avy and Marcie Stein The Stern Family Foundation Roger and Susan Stone Swing for the Cure Marty Tenenbaum Laurence and Billie Tisch Tom and Diane Tuft Barbara Tyson Van Van Auken The Wagner Family Foundation Raul and Vicki Walters

Progress Report

Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Pearson, LLP Thomas and Emily Weisel Will Weinstein John F. Welch, Jr. Jim and Kim Williams Sam Zell Selig Zises

Associates ($50,000 - $99,999) Anonymous (5) Robert W. Adler AJA Charitable Fund Edward C. Allred Robert and Jodi Allardice Altadis USA, Inc. Anaheim Angels Eric J. Aronson Michael and Marlene Aufrecht Facundo L. Bacardi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker Family Foundation Roger Barnett Kathy and Frank Baxter Erin and Douglas Becker Samuel Belzberg Marshall Bennett Ken Berg Phyllis and Martin Berman Robert and Catherine Beyer Frank and Carol Biondi, Jr. BlackRock Financial Management Jim & Diane Blair Charitable Foundation Dan Blumenthal Boston Red Sox Jerry Brassfield Shann Brassfield Gresham T. Brebach, Jr. Steven A. Burd Frank Caufield Ray and Patti Chambers Alfred and Kathryn Checchi Chicago White Sox Marshall and Maureen Cogan Jerry and Adrianne Cohen Robert and Beverly Cohen Family Foundation James H. Coleman Countrywide Credit Industries Howard Cox Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation Dendreon Corporation Detroit Tigers Michael D. Dingman Ty and Fran Durekas Robert and Tricia Earl Bruce Eichner David J. Epstein Faith, Love, Hope, Win Foundation William B. Finneran First Data Western Union Foundation and The Safeway Foundation David and Judith Fleischer Paul M. Fleming Forester Family Foundation Theodore J. Forstmann Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Michael Frey William and Susan Gross Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Gantcher Family Philanthropic Fund Jeffrey D. Gargiulo Arthur and Linda Gelb Jay Geldmacher Global Fitness Holdings, LLC Henry and Arline Gluck Jeremy P. Goldberg Richard and Marcia Goldberg Stanley P. Gold

John and Kathleen Gorman GPC Biotech The Sam and Sarah Grossinger Foundation Allen Grubman Norb Guziewicz J. Ira and Nicki Harris Alan and Vivien Hassenfeld Houston Golf Association Roy W. Howard James Hudson Jim Beam Brands Co. Joseph H. Kanter Foundation Matthew Kaplan Bruce E. Karatz John Kelley Melvyn N. Klein David and Janet Kline Fund The Kobrand Foundation Fred Kolber Timothy Koogle Dewanto Kurniawan Laborers’ International Union of North America Emeril Lagasse Kenneth and Linda Lay The Leeds Family Foundation Lehman Brothers, Inc. Robert Levin Robert E. Linton Ira A. Lipman Los Angeles Lakers Laurence and Karen Mandelbaum Bernard Marcus Margaritaville Holdings, LLC Michael Marek John E. McCaw Joseph and Anne McCann Richard McKenzie, Jr. Barry Meyer Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Edward J. Minskoff Michael Minikes Morongo Band of Mission Indians Nat. Amer. Right Fund Movado Group, Inc. Angelo and Phyllis Mozilo Ken Nees Neiman Marcus Direct Netjets Aviation, Inc. Aviv Nevo L. M. Newman Family Foundation New York Mets Foundation, Inc. Jon Otto Palermo Ravich Family Foundation The Palin Family Foundation, Inc. Jim Pattison Ethan Penner The Picower Foundation Chris Prezioso Pritzker Foundation Martin and Patricia Raynes The Republic of Tea Richard S. Ressler Tony Ressler and Jamie Gertz Meshulam Riklis The Riordan Foundation George R. Roberts Allan V. Rose Andrew M. Rosenfield Pat and E. John Rosenwald The Rose Foundation Eric Rothfeld Peter H. Rothschild Steven and Daryl Roth Mike Ryan Ronald Salkow Allen B. Schwartz Richard J. Schmeelk

Stephen A. Schwarzman Thomas J. Shannon, Jr. Jeffrey and Helaine Silverstein Herb Simon Paul and Celia Sirotkin Stuart M. Sloan Jeff P. Smith The Snider Foundation Don Soffer Southern California District Council of Laborers James Stern Saul P. Steinberg Sternlicht Family Foundation Louis B. Susman Allan Tessler William H. Tilley Time Inc. Joe and Alice Torre Jeanette Trepp Trimaran Capital Partners Vadasz Family Foundation Clark Van Nostrand Alice Walton Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Wallberg Cheng Ching Wang Casey and Laura Wasserman Jerry and Jane Weintraub Gary and Nina Wexler Gregory White David Yandry Don Yannias Zapolin Transactional Ventures, Inc.

Friends ($25,000 - $49,999) Anonymous (1) Don Ackerman Neale M. Albert, Esq. Norman E. Alexander Allchin Foundation Arby’s Frank J. Arcella Matthew Arcella Roland E. Arnall Ashton Distributors, Inc. AstraZeneca Robert Bales Jude T. Barbera, M.D. David W. Bash, Ph.D. and Judy Oliver-Bash, Ph.D. Arthur Becker and Vera Wang Robert A. Belfer Art H. Bilger Les and Sheri Biller Bobby Blair Bloomberg L.P. Bluefish Concierge, Inc. Salvatore and Alison Bommarito David Booth Tony Borhani Denis A. Bovin The Braka Philanthropic Foundation Harry M. Brittenham, Esq. Coco Brown Thomas and Jo Anne Bruno John M. Bryan Brian P. Burns Dick and Lisa Cashin Andrew S. Clare Brian and Denise Cobb Gregory and Monica Coleman David and Courtney Corleto Lester and Renee Crown Edgar and Elissa Cullman Ian M. Cumming Robert and Kelly Day Celine Dion Foundation Los Angeles Dodgers Mark Donnelly

Michael Dougherty Efficiency Enterprises Harvey P. Eisen Lewis M. Eisenberg Lawrence R. Elins The Entertainment Industry Foundation Thomas J. Fazio Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons Cary Fields Steve Fink Alex Fisher Peter E. Fleming, Jr. Todd Follmer Theo and Constance Folz John R. Frank Keith Frankel Robert Fremont Jim Freer Jerry Friedman Steven Friedman Carlos Fuente, Jr. Paul R. Garcia Philip H. Geier, Jr. Davidoff of Geneva Stephen and Mindy Geppi Charles and Vivian Gillespie Givingcapital LLC Goldentree Asset Management Bruce Goldstein Eric Goldstein Maureen V. Gorman Alan C. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Hamlet Clay W. Hamlin III John J. Hannan Reed and Nan Harman William Hartnett Ralph and Kay Hemingway John and Susan Hess Samuel J. Heyman Kenneth and Janet Himmel Charlie J. Horky Charles and Barbara Hurwitz The Iacocca Foundation Internet Real Estate Group, LLC Vincent Iorio IRI Golf Management, LP Steve and Ellen Jackson Stanley R. Jaffe David S. Howe and Charlene Wang Gerald Katell Stephen and Marina Kaufman The Fritz and Adelaide Kauffman Foundation, Inc. KB Home J. Christopher Kennedy Michael Klein Henry R. Kravis Benjamin V. and Linda Lambert Bill Lane, Jr. Jeffrey & Nancy Lane Foundation, Inc. Gerrity Lansing Bennett and Jerri Lebow Steve Lehman John S. Levy Linder Charitable Remainder Unitrust Joseph Rob Link Joe Lumarda Susan E. Lynch Gene E. Lynn Donald and Hilda Lytton David S. Mack Fredric Mack Harvey Mackay Bernard L. Madoff Stanley and Pamela Maron Howard and Nancy Marks Robert and Joan Masterson Harold Matzner Michael McKeever


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Dennis Mehiel Jerome Meislin Merck and Co., Inc. Herman and Susan Merinoff Harold M. Messmer, Jr. Theodore N. Miller Lee and Sylvie Millstein Minnesota Twins James F. Moore Robert E. Morrow Mark E. Mortimer Stuart W. Moselman Miles Nadal Joseph Neubauer John Nickoll T. D. O’Connell Chris K. Olander Pierre and Pam Omidyar Larry R. Palmer, CEP, CTP William J. Polvino, M.D. John and Laura Pomerantz Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Post Advisory Group Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation Royce G. Pulliam Alan Quasha Mark Quigley Richard E. Rainwater Ramblewood Country Club Bill R. Roberts Bob Roberts Richard and Barbara Rosenberg Stan and Patti Rosenfeld Country Club of Roswell Round Hill Country Club Andrew Ruotolo Barry L. Rupp Alvin and Marilyn Rush Peter M. Sacerdote Foundation Ronald Saks David Sambol The Mara and Ricky Sandler Foundation Richard and Margaret Santulli John H. Schnatter Michael and Paola Schulhof Irving Schneider Brett T. Setzer David and Fela Shapell Mace and Jan Siegel David and Lynn Silfen Fred L. Smith Irwin and Lorri Spiegel St. Louis Cardinals Fred and Sharon Stein Steinberg Family Fund, Inc. Spencer Stokes Stricklin Account of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Burt and Mary Sugarman Jim Tarlton Willia Thompson James Tisch Bruce E. and Robbi S. Toll Foundation Marc and Mindy Utay Peter Vegso Michael and Laura Venerable Linda J. Wachner Charles J. Wagner Samuel Waksal Ira Walker Elmer Ward Michael and Jill Weinstein Stephen and Phyllis West Christopher and Kristine Williams Henry Wilf Rick Wooley Don Zacharia


Supporters ($10,000 - $24,999) Anonymous (1) David and Kay Aaker Paul Abecassis S. Daniel Abraham Abramson Family Foundation, Inc. Joseph P. Adams, Jr. Sheldon Adelson Larry Alleto Bruce and Elvin Ambler Lee W. Ang Judd Apatow Michael F. Armstrong Arnon Milchan Michael F. Ashby Atlanta Braves Foundation, Inc. Mark and Debbie Attanasio Jerry Auerbach Autism Speaks, Inc. Abraham Azoulay Baby Togs Bacon LLC Dan Baldwin Martin and Dorothy Bandier Jeffrey C. and Lori Barbakow Sol Barer F. Harlan Batrus William P. Beatson, Jr. Richard I. Beattie Warren Beatty Candice Beaumont Eric D. Becker Dr. Gary S. Becker Michael Becker Mitch Becker Allen J. Beeber William J. Bell Lee and Susan Benton Anthony Bergamo, Esq. Eric L. Berg Elliott H. Berger Jeff Berg Daniel G. Bergstein The Judy and Howard Berkowitz Foundation David Berkoski Allen J. Bernstein Fred B. Bialek The Black Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation Harvey Blau Charles X. Block Dennis Block Bloomberg Financial Markets Co. Bonita Bay Community Burton Borman Albert R. Boscov G. Michael Boswell Reggie Bowerman Steve Braverman Bernard and Judy Briskin Broad Street Productions Brooklyn Hospital Center Gloria S. Browning Harry J. Brown Foundation John M. Bryan Family Fund Bryanston Group, Inc. Kurt W. Butenhoff Bernie F. Butler Michael Butler Canyon Partners Cardean Learning Cardinals Care Michael Caridi Liam Carlos Johnny Carson

Donald and Nancy Carter Edwin P. Carter Caymus Vinyards Marx L. Cazenave II Tom Celani Cell Genesys, Inc. Centocor, Inc. Irwin Chafetz Charity Folks, Inc. Chartwell Foundation Linda Chen Peter Chernin Allen and Jill Chozen Chubb Federal Insurance Company Citigroup Clarion Operating LLC The Clark Charitable Foundation The Clinton Family Foundation Coca-Cola Co. Harold K. Cohen Mitchell H. Cohen Jim and Marcia Colbert Commerce Bank, North, N.A. Jimmy and Patti Connors John and Constance Nancy and James Cook The David and Sheila Cornstein Foundation Jack B. Corwin Robert H. Cosgriff Terry Cosgrove The Gerald and Daphna Cramer Family Foundation Alberto Cribiore Robert and Mary Ann Cross Cuba Club Chip Cushman Theodore Cutler Cytogen Corporation Dabney/Resnick Imperial John Daly Darling Family Fund John R. and Kiendl Dauphinot Gordon Fund J. Morton Davis Michel De Beaumont Joseph J. Dempsey Cosmo DeNicola Donald J. Deutsch Deutsche Bank Terry and Marilyn Diamond Dietz & Watson Foundation Richard DiMeola Dinan Family Foundation Don King Productions, Inc. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Carl Doumani Milton H. Dresner Foundation, Inc. David H. Dreyfuss Dunwoody Country Club Joseph J. Dvorak, Jr. Alvin Dworman Eastdil Realty, Inc. Charles Edelstein Stephen Einhorn Steve Eiseman David F. Eisner Roger A. Enrico Mike Ensign The Daniel J. Epstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Jeff Epstein Evergreen Foundation Jonathan D. Farkas Federated Department Stores Foundation Brad Felenstein Robert M. Fell James and Alise Ferency Mike Ferry

The Diane and Elliot Feuerstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Mark Finerman Gerald B. Finneran Richard Fisher Jerome and Anne Fisher Larry and Kathleen Fisher Lester and Gwen Fisher Joseph Flom Steven T. Florio Florida Marlins Lynn Forester Michael G. Foster, Jr. Lionel Frais Paul Fribourg Friedman Family Foundation Josh S. Friedman Peter Fudge Jeffrey Furman Frederick and Peggy Furth Ronald H. Galowich Michael and Lynn Garvey General Nutrition Centers Arie Genger Russell Geyser The Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani Guilford and Diane Glazer Alan and Marlene Gleicher Seth Glickenhaus Russell D. Goldsmith Colin Goddard, Ph.D. Bradley and Sunny Goldberg Michael A. Goldberg R&M Goldberg Family Foundation Andy Goldfarb R. Anthony Goldman Michael Goldstein The Golfworks Litto Gomez Bennett and Meg Goodman The Gordon Family Foundation Edward and Cheryl Gordon The John and Kiendl Gordon Berry Gordy, Jr. Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Abraham D. Gosman Fredric Gould John P. Gould Laurence Graff Mark Grant Madison and Susan Graves George D. Grayson George & Reva Graziadio Foundation Steven and Dorothea Green Gary and Sandra Grimes Grizzard Family Foundation, Inc Julie Groshens Michael S. Gross Haarlow Family Charitable Foundation Roger S. Haber Kerry and Kelly Hagen David and Leslie Hahn Brian L. Halla James A. Harmon Richard J. Harrington Mel Harris William B. Harrison, Jr. Richard C. Hartnack Albert and Irene Hartog Richard J. Heckmann Andrew L. Heiskell Jane Heller Jerry Hennessy Lawrence Herbert Sam Herzberg Andrew R. Heyer Rick Hill Douglas Hirsch and Holly Ander The Armin & Esther Hirsch Foundation

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Joni Hirsch Blackman H.J. Heinz Company HLT Prostate Cancer Fund Beth Hollfelder Butch Holmes Jane Holzer Homayoun Homampour Home Box Office Steven and Cathy Hooper Houston Astros D. E. Brice Howe H. S. Hoffman Helmut Huber Michael Huffington Gene Humphrey Fred C. Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Michael Hyatt Royce Imhoff International Financiers, Inc. Invemed Associates, LLC Ironman Motivations Jack and Ginger, LLC Jacks Broken Open Sheldon Jacobs Herb W. Jacobs Nathan P. Jacobs Ron Jacoby Robert M. Jaffe Leonard R. Jaskol The JCT Foundation Christopher M. Jeffries Michael and Linda Jesselson Johnson Bank Clark A. Johnson Allen N. Jones Ellis B. Jones Glenn R. Jones The Joseph and Ida Foundation Inc. Mitch Julis David G. Kabiller, CFA John Kahrhoff Memorial Golf Kansas City Royals Harold Sanford Kant, Esq. Abraham Kaplan Foundation Donna Karan Scott G. Kasen Peter M. Kash Howard and Susan Kaskel David and Silvana Kay Joshua and Joia Kazam Dean C. Kehler Solomon Kerzner Gregory F. Kiernan Brian King Michael G. King, Jr. Kirkland & Ellis Foundation Joel Kirschbaum Daniel J. Kleiman Calvin Klein James W. Klein Michael and Patricia Klowden KML Golf, LLC Harold and Shirley Kobliner Jeff Koffman KPMG, LLC Jules B. Kroll A. B. Krongard Mark Kurland Herbert and Edyth Kurz Lachman Family Foundation L’Acquisition Corporation Ken Langone Latham & Watkins Leonard and Evelyn Lauder William P. Lauder Norman Lear Lederman Family Foundation Don and Rita Lee Stephen R. Leibowitz

Julius and Miriam Lesner Frederick N. Levinger Frances and Jack Levy Foundation Richard Levy Loida N. Lewis Robert Lienau Steven Lipman Michael D. London David B. Lowry LS Management Rufus and Patricia Lumry Robert G. Lusk Richard Mack Macy’s John Magliocco Peter A. Magowan Mel Mannion Mandalay Resort Group Mandelbaum Foundation Alan and Barbara Mandelbaum Stuart Manheim, CPA Stephen J. Marcus Mariners Care Howard and Stacy Marks Nancy Marks Marvin Engineering Co., Inc. Maverick Capital Foundation Kenneth Mazik Larry Mazzola Michael and Kristy McChesney Les G. McCraw, Jr. MCI WorldCom Foundation Thomas J. McKearn Miss Kara McKinley J. P. McManus James A. McRae Medco Containment Co Keith Meister Todd Meister Prakash Melwani Milwaukee Brewers Larry A. Mizel Robert Michael Mondavi Charles K. Monfort Eugene Monkarsh Jim Mooney David Moore Pete Moore Jerry Moss Wayne Mueller Donald R. Mullen Peter Mullin Bill Mundell Hilary Musser Warren V. Musser Naples Drive for the Cure The Nash Family Foundation Menasche M. Nass David Nazarian Marty Nealon Rooney Nelson New England Financial New Jersey Basketball, LLC Wayne and Kathleen Newton NFL Charities Dr. Perry Nisen, M.D., Ph.D. Northern California District Council of Laborers Novacea, Inc. Marlene Nusbaum Oakland Athletics Cindy K. Olson Peter Busch Orthwein Gregory J. and Mary V. Pacelli Chuck Palombini Marvin Parsons Alan Patricof Norman J. Pattiz Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP

David Pecker Arthur Penn Pensions 2000 Leonard C. Perham Phillips-Van Heusen Foundation, Inc. Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Company Elizabeth Pinsonault Albert and Jeanine Pirro Michael A. Pitino Mack Pogue Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation The Poses Family Foundation Steve Posner Maury Povich and Connie Chung William L. Price Wayne Prim, Jr. Michael J. Price Prometheus International, Inc. Ed W. Rabin Harvey and Pauline Radler Sheri and Marc Rapaport Fund of the Jewish Cmmnty Fndtn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rascoff Bruce Ratner Michael Ratner Ravich Revocable Trust Randolph and Lindsey Read John S. Reed Richard and Marget Reneberg W. Brent and Brenda Rice Denise Rich Robin Richards James S. Riepe Family Foundation Richard A. Rigg Harold W. Ripps Richard K. Robbins Brian L. Roberts Kenn Roberts Ralph J. Roberts Thomas and Mary Alice Roberts James D. Robinson III Rodney Strong Vineyards Gerald Ronson Allison Rosen Paul and Catherine Rosenberger Fredric D. Rosen Betsy Ross Byron Roth James Rothstein Michel Roux James Russell Kenneth and Dina Russell Edward B. Rust, Jr. Stephen Ruzow Steve Sanak Richard Sandor Michael Sandorffy Andrew Scheinman Sylvan Schefler David Schneider Raymond D. Schoenbaum Lewis M. Schott Joan and Paul S. Schreiber Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Ian Schrager Schultz Family Foundation David K. Schulhof Marvin H. Schur Ted Schwartz Charles and Helen Schwab Schwartz, Kales Accountancy Corp. Alan D. Schwartz Barry K. Schwartz Family Foundation Charles Scott Tony Scotti Russell Scott, Jr. Sebastiani Vineyards, Inc. Security Life Inc. Group Ivan G. Seidenberg

Martin Selig Mike Shad Michael Shapiro Shearman & Sterling Howard Shecter Mark Shenkman Robert D. Shipp Boaz Shonfeld Walter Shorenstein Stan Shuster Stanley J. Sidel Sanford C. Sigoloff Jay B Silverman Mark J. Simon Thomas M. Simms Ted Simpkins Sirens Society Sanford Sirulnick John and Cindy Sites Charles B. Slack Alan B. Slifka Lynn Smiledge Smithburg Family Foundation John F. Smith, Jr. Matthew and Tracy Smith Orin Smith Snyder Weiner Weltchek & Vogelstein Marilyn Sobel Bruce Sokoloff Bob Solomon Warren J. Spector Allison Speer Jerry Speyer Lawrence Spira, M.D. The Starr Foundation Joseph Stein Jeffrey Steiner Irving Stenn, Jr. Michael Strauss Lawrence Sheldon Stroll Melanie Sturm Marianne Sufrin Sanford and Charna Sugar Sunbelt Beverage Company, LLC Katharyn Swintek Tag Associates, LLC Roberta R. Tanenbaum Jeremiah and Nonie Tarr Stanley G. Tate Fredricka Taubitz Ian Ross Taylor Robert Taylor Douglas P. Teitelbaum Anthony Terlato Charles and Adele Thurnher Andrew H. and Ann Tisch Daniel and Bonnie Tisch Steven H. Tishman Dennis A. Tito Pier Luigi Tolaini John T. Toland Richard P. Torykian, Sr. Jesse I. Treu Prabhakar Tripuraneni, M.D., FACR The Trump Organization Tudor Investment Corporation Robb & Elizabeth Tyler Foundation, Inc. Valquip Corporation The C. George Van Kampen Foundation Karen van Nouhuys Varhegyi Foundation Mary T. Venable The Vons Companies Charitable Foundation, Inc. Rosemary Vrablic Don Vultaggio Shirlene A. Wainer William and Claudia Walters Kenneth Wang William and Sharon Ward


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Tom Watkins Scott Watt Robert F. Weis Melvyn I. Weiss Morris Weissman Dr. Herbert A. Wertheim Whittemore Family Foundation Ralph and Wendy Whitworth Arthur Wiener Andrew Wise Alexander J. Witherill Fred Wolf Douglas J. Wood C. Tal Wooten, Jr. Young Presidents Organization Los Angeles Chapter Gerard Yvernault Louis G. Zachary, Jr. Harriet Zaretsky Jeffrey Dunston Zients Roy Zuckerberg Robert A. Zummo Sergio Zyman

Contributors ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous (2) Robert J. Abt The Adler Family Foundation, Inc. Advance Shared Services Center AIM Management Group Alvin R. Albe, Jr. Ellis J. Alden Richard L. Alderson R. Jack and Beulah Alexander Donald and June Alford Lawrence B. Alletto Allied Beverage Group, LLC Arthur G. Altschul, Jr. Ellsworth C. Alvord III Richard W. Alvord American Endowment Foundation Ameripoint Foundation John Angelo Tom Armstrong Arris Interactive L.L.C. Phillip Asherian Michael Ashkin Sherrell Aston Robert Atherton Victor K. Atkins Aureon Laboratories, Inc. Rick G. Avare Bacardi Limited Roland and Beverly Bacci David and Michelle Bach Baltimore Orioles Jeffrey and Pamela Balton The Bandier Family Foundation Scott P. Barasch Judy Bardugo and Harve H. Mossawir, Jr. Janice Barney The Barrack Foundation Tyler Barth Michael J. Batza, Jr. Charles T. Bauer Ted Baum David I. Bavar Lee Beattie Jack M. Beaven Alan T. Beimfohr Joseph and Louise Bellace Bradley Bell John Bendheim Philip J. Bergan Susan B. Bergan Martin S. Berger Anthony J. Bettencourt William C. Bevins Les Bider


Marc Blackman Robert S. Blank Michael and Nina Blechman Tim Blixseth James A. Block Ron Boeddeker Franklin Otis Booth, Jr. Kurt T. Borowsky Richard Boughner Thomas S. Bowman Larry Bowman Leonard Boxer Thomas Breitling Stephen M. Brett Pete Briger Pam Brill Nancy Brinker Gary Briskman Edward Brodsky Jeffrey P. Brown Richard A. Brown Susan Mader Brown Christopher H. Browne Richard C. Browne C. Kenneth Brumit Marc R. Brutten Deborah L. Burger, Inc. Alan A. Burgess William and Elizabeth Burroughs Jack Burstein Richard Byrd Roger and Mary Campbell Phil Caputo Ronald G. Carley William M. Carson Frank L. Cassidy, Jr. Matthew J. Celozzi II, Ph.D. Chajet Family Foundation Michael J. Charles Charlesworth Family Limited Partner Gary Charlesworth Sophie Chen, Ph.D. Bernd Chorengel Clarium Capital Management, LLC Greg Clark John H. Claster Bert Cohen Joseph M. Cohen Karen B. Cohen Foundation Inc Richard D. Cohen The Betsy and Alan Cohn Foundation, Inc. Victor A. Cohn Collington Transportation Golf Outing William S. Comanor, Ph.D. Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Kerby and Judith Confer Connecticut MSBL Michelle A. Connelly Elaine Terner Cooper James C. Cook John Cooper, Jr. Stephen A. Cooper, DMD, Ph.D. Peter Coors The Copses Family Foundation Fred Corrado Cresa Partners Richard Crisman Gregory Cuneo Cunningham Security Systems Cushman & Wakefield Lucio Dallla and Marta Gasperina Billy Davis, Jr. Marion J. Davis, Jr. Peter and Julie Dawson Ed DeBartolo, Jr. Delaware North Companies, Inc. Delcal Enterprises, Inc. Jerry Della Femina Dodger Dream Foundation, Inc.

Robert Dodson Drexel University Daniel A. Duc Duch Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey Raymond Duncan J. C. Earle Family Fund Walter Eberstadt Spencer F. Eccles David B. Edelson Daniel D. Ederer Maurits E. Edersheim Anders B. Eklov Richard and Gail Elden Elmwood Country Club Endocare, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Engelberg Robert Englander Yan Erlikh Aaron R. Eshman Linda Evangelista William F. Evans Eugene and Sallyann Fama Samer Farah, M.D. Andrew Farkas John Farnsworth Michael S. Fawer Dr. Jeffrey P. Feingold Stanley M. Feingold Irving Feintech Frank and Victoria Fertitta Gregory Fischbach Stephen B. Fiverson Dennis Flatt Robert Forbes Sam Forman Gayle Devers Fortune David Foster William C. Foster Michael F. Frankel Albert Fried, Jr. Joel Friedland Robert and Ann Fromer Roy Furman Tom W. Gamel Howard L. and Judie Ganek Philanthropic Fund Lloyd Garver Frank Gehry Alan Gelband Genentech, Inc. Georgetown Tobacco & Pipe Stores, Inc. S. William Gersten Michael F. Gilligan, Jr. Tom Giovanelli David H. Glaser GNC Arthur M. Goldberg Howard Goldenson Steve A. Goldfarb Dr. Kenneth N. Goldman The Golush Family Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Jan Goodman Bradford S. Goodwin Richard Goodwin Todd Goodwin Jerome S. Gore Jim Grau Charles H. Greenberg Mark Greenhill Robert W. Greenman, Jr. Robert Grossman Howard R. Gurvitch Blair Haarlow William and Evangeline Haarlow Lynn M. Haff John Hagestad Hall Dickler Kent Goldstein & Wood, LLP

Jesse Halperin Fred Hameetman Mark S. Handler Mark S. Hanson Martin Aaron Harmon Gilbert W. Harrison Lauren M. Hartman Edward J. Hawie Kenneth and Kathryn Henderson Thomas S. Henderson and Sally S. Henderson Foundation Arthur Hershaft Michael B. Hershey Edward and Gaye Hewson The Annette Heyman Foundation Inc. David Hicks Roderick Hills Hilton Hotels Corporation Leslie Wohlhan Himmel Peter A. Hochfelder Robert W. Hoke Richard Scott Hollander Mark Holowesko Vincent Horcasitas Gerald Horowitz John and Sandra Horvitz Thomas J. Howa Joe Howe HSK Funding Harry and Elsie Huber Wayne Huizenga James Husband George Hutchinson Lee Iacocca Arthur I. Indursky Institute for Health & Productivity Management Hale S. Irwin Jeremy Jacobs Max Javit Gordon W. Jenkins Charles Jennings Daryl L. Jesperson Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix JFD / MJD Golf Open James and Lorene Jimmerson Alastair J. Johnston Wayne D. Jorgenson The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Jay Kaiser Kaiser Permanente Peter S. Kalikow Thomas J. Kalinske Bruce and Jeanie Kaminsky The Kandell Fund Walter Karabian Eric P. Karros Stanley Katz Stephen Katz George Kaufman Ivan Kaufman Ronald S. Kaufman Ilan and Linda Kaufthal Richard and Suzanne Kayne Gershon Kekst Donald H. Keltner Ken Roberts Company Keys Foundation Kibble & Prentice Kidz, LLC Jerry King Lila Kingsley Burton Koffman Eugene Kohn Oswaldo Kosta Roger and Lorraiine Kotch Robert Kraft Norman D. Kurtz John and Kay Kyle Laborers’ International Union-Local 270

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Laborers’ International Union of El Monte-Local 1082 Laborers’ International Union of N. America-Local 300 LA-CO Industries, Inc. Linwood A. Lacy Fred S. Lafer Robert F. Lampe, Jr. Sprenger Lang Foundation Ira N. Langsan & Lillian Langsan Philanthropic Fund Robert Larner, M.D. Martin and Sheila Lasky Ronald Lauder Lynn M. Leany Frank Leanza Ken Leese Charles E. Leonard III Steve Leonard Margaret Lesher John and Betty Levin Neil Levine Dan and Stacey Levitan David Levy Laurence R. Levy Edward Lewis The Liberal Do-Gooder Foundation David Liebowitz Sio Lindner Samuel S. Lionel Jeffrey and Susan Liss The Litwin Foundation, Inc. The Loa Productions, Inc. The Arthur Loeb Foundation John L. Loeb, Jr. Shumer Lonoff Lords Valley Country Club, Inc. Bob Lorsch Douglas and Nancy Lowe Lyncar Enterprises, Inc. Gordon Maahs Harry Macklowe John Magnier Anthony J. Magro Brian A. Maki Idelisse Malave Judd Malkin Shareef Malnik George J. Maloof Bernard A. Marden Mark Asset Management Corporation Morris Mark Ken Martin Kim Martindale Elliott Masie Norman and Joanne Matthews Giacomo Mattoli Caryn Mautner Thomas and Musa Mayer James N. McCoy Foundation Richard E. McCready Foundation Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation Liam E. McGee John S. McIlwain Laureston and Barbara McLellan Don McNamara Robert J. McNulty Rolf Meijer-Werner The Melville Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Leroy Merritt The Morris and Helen Messing Foundation Dwayne Middleton

David A. Miller Laura and Michael Miller Mary Sullivan and Sherman Miller, IV Honorable Robert Joseph Miller Peter H. Mills Phillip S. Mittelman Alan Mnuchin Arthur and Patricia Modell James J. Moglia David Moore Raymond Moore Morongo Band of Mission Indians William S. Morris III Morton’s Restaurant Group Paul Motenko Charles H. Mott Joseph M. Murphy Alan C. Myers Douglas P. Nation NBA Properties, Inc. Renato Negrin Lee S. Neibart Craig T. Nelson Mary-Rose Nelson Nestle Waters North America, Inc. Blake Lee Neubauer, Ph.D. Shilom Neuman Chuck Nicolette, M.D. Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery James B. Nish Robert Noelke Douglas and Nancy Norberg Greg Norman NorthAtlanta National Bank Nsuh Foundation Obermeyer Asset Management Company James T. O’Brien The October Foundation for Kids Morris Offit John O’Hurley Marvin Olshan Shepard Osherow Dan Otter The Estate of Corbin Page Donald P. Pakosh Norm Pappas Partners Marketing Group Rafael Pastor E.H. Patterson Frances B. Paulsen Randall Eric Paulson Clay Pecorin Elsie Pecorin, DBA David R. Pedowitz Robert F. Pence James C. Pendergast Mark Perlbinder Charles Persico James L. Peters Robert E. Petersen Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Gerald Porter Timothy N. Poster Rick Powell Ed Prager Arlen I. Prentice Wayne Prim, Sr. Edward Probyn Bob Pryt John A. Ptak Kjell H. Qvale Mark Rachesky

Robert E. Racicot Steve Rader Raley’s Gold Rush Classic Max Ramberg Scott Gregg Rechler Donald Rechler Joseph P. Riccardo Blair & Kristin Richardson Foundation Richard B. Fisher Ritz-Carlton Ritz-Carlton Boston Lee P. Rizzuto Linda G. Robinson Sam Robson Iber Rodriguez Sig Rogich Jeffrey Rosenthal Stephen M. Ross Paul R. Del Rossi Gordon Roth Edward F. Rover Richard and Amy Ruben Howard Rubin Mariano A. Rubino Denny Ryerson Thomas L. Safran Max and Janet Salter San Diego Padres Allan C. Sanders Theodore and Alison Sands Sandy Spring Bank Patrick Savin Saybrook Tax-Exempt Advisors, LLC Randall H. Scarlett Al Scheid Schmertz Company, Inc Alfons J. Schmitt David M. Schoenthal Marvin I. Schotland The Lewis Schott Foundation Robert Schulman Michael and Lora Schultz Gerald M. Schuster Homer R. Schwartz Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mrs. Maria Shriver Lisa White Schweitzer Peter W. Schweitzer Spencer and Jacqueline Segura Dr. Michael E. Seiff Richard M. Seigel Michael S. Shannon Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation Robert F. Shapiro Thomas and Madeleine Sherak Pam Shriver Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation Herbert J. Siegel William Siegel Adrianne W. Silver Richard Silverman Ronald A. Simms David Simon Dick Simon Mimi Simoneaux Plum and Jonathan Simons James D. Sinegal Van Skilling Joel E. Smilow Gordon Smith Jeff N. Smith Arnold Snider Steve Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Solomon

James Soules Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada, Inc. Jerry and Emily Spiegel Family Foundation, The Larry Spitcaufsky Richard and Ellie Sprague Frank P. Stagen Stak Design, Inc. Starbucks Coffee Company John Stark Starkey Sports Consulting, LLC The Laura Steinberg Tisch Foundation, Inc. Steven E. Stern The Stone Family Fund Gary Stoneburner Bonnie and Tom Strauss Chris Stuhmer Fred and Judith Sullivan Mary M. Sullivan Suns Legacy Partners, LLC Dennis A. Suskind Don Swirnow S. Jerome and Judith Tamkin Rica F. Tarnoff Janie C. Tarter Walter D. Tearse Vincent Tese Chuck B. Thornton, Jr. Steve Tino Tom Tisch TJH Thomas Tonko Stanley S. Trotman, Jr. Cecily Truett Mark Truitt Jeffrey H. Tucker Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. UBS AG Peter V. Ueberroth William D. Unger United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit United Way of Greater Los Angeles Tom Unterman Michael J. Urfirer Neil G. Van Luven Basil K. Vasiliou The Daniel Veloric Foundation Velos Medical Informatics, Inc. Mary E. Venable Benjamin A. Wade Robert and Judy Waller David E. Walters John Walton Jack L. Warner Roger Weber Raymond J. Weis Robert Weiss Jay Weitzman Miles D. White Jeffrey S. Wilks Gary L. Wilson Daniel P. Wimsatt Wolff Family Foundation Moira Wolofsky Working Assets Rodney A. Wray Bud Yorkin Young Presidents Organization Rebel Chapter Stan Zicklin Ron Zimmerman

Every effort has been made to ensure completeness and accuracy of this list. If errors or omissions exist, please accept our apologies and call 800.757.CURE (2873). Thank you.


Progress Report

Appeal for Support Dear Friend: In the past fifteen years, deaths from prostate cancer have dropped, research has sped forward and hope has continued to soar. On behalf of patients, families, caretakers and the science that serves them: Thank you. These continuing successes would be unsustainable without your ongoing support. Your investment in the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is wisely deployed. Since 1993, virtually every important discovery in this battle has been facilitated by PCF funding or coordination. Moreover, every dollar you contribute to the PCF is multiplied 20 to 30 times; our activities set into motion a ripple that spurs research at government, private and charitable institutions and, in effect, leverages the millions of dollars we raise into billions. You also help us build a collaborative community. Fifteen years ago, prostate-cancer researchers had no vantage point to comprehend the full scope of others’ efforts. Today, no other organization has a more comprehensive view of the full prostate-cancer landscape and its most-promising research than the PCF. Your continued generosity is more important than ever. The need is especially urgent now, with pressures on federal budgets causing not simply a flattening of research funding from the National Institutes of Health but, in adjusted dollars, an alarming decline. This decline is a grave threat to the momentum we’ve built. Your support is important to us. We ask that you act now. With deepest gratitude,

Jonathan Simons, MD President and Chief Executive Officer David H. Koch Chair


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donation opportunities The Prostate Cancer Foundation welcomes gifts of cash, securities, non-cash assets and gifts by will or living trust. We also welcome contributions made in memory, in tribute or in honor of friends or loved ones.


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Prostate cancer foundation

Statements of Financial Position Years Ended December 31



Assets Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $ 21,275,262 $ 12,802,192 Pledges receivable 6,442,212 9,190,210 Marketable securities 52,868 29,384 Prepaid expenses 59,216 62,401 Other receivables 50,564 110,598 Total current assets 27,880,122 22,194,785 Furniture, equipment and improvements: Furniture and fixtures 37,180 37,180 Office equipment 110,574 166,062 Leasehold improvements 246,891 246,891 Computer Software 325,280 249,671 Less accumulated depreciation Long-term pledges receivable Total assets

719,925 (542,457)

699,804 (605,536)

177,468 94,268 1,236,542 1,540,795

$ 29,294,132

$ 23,829,848

Liabilities and net assets Accounts payable $ Accrued liabilities Research awards payable

366,535 $ 186,831 1,546,860 1,371,664 8,650,000 13,531,870

Total liabilities 10,563,395 15,090,365 Unrestricted net assets 18,730,737 8,739,483 Total liabilities and net assets


$ 29,294,132

$ 23,829,848

Prostate cancer foundation

Statements of Activities Years Ended December 31



Support and revenues: Donations $ 34,773,813 $ 27,858,493 Net realized and unrealized (loss) gain on investments (1,578) (9,076) Interest and other income 624,047 339,537 Total support and revenues 35,396,282 28,188,954 Program services: Research grants, association awards and donations 14,274,150 15,297,393 Scientific conferences 2,420,640 3,045,916 Public awareness and advocacy expense 1,560,191 1,897,846 Total program services 18,254,981 20,241,155 General and administrative expenses 2,420,921 3,133,141 Fund-raising expenses 4,729,126 3,931,397 Total expenditures 25,405,028 27,305,693 Change in net assets


Net assets at beginning of year

8,739,483 7,856,222

Net assets at end of year

$ 18,730,737


$ 8,739,483


Prostate cancer foundation

Statements of Cash Flows Years Ended December 31



Operating activities Change in net assets $ 9,991,254 $ 883,261 Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets to   net cash provided by operating activities: Depreciation and amortization 63,082 130,790 Donation of marketable securities (227,158) (1,368,639) Net realized and unrealized gain (loss) on investments 1,578 (9,076) Proceeds from sales of marketable securities 225,580 1,782,748 Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Pledges receivable 3,052,251 (36,750) Marketable securities (23,484) – Prepaid expenses 3,185 663 Other receivables 60,034 408,321 Accounts payable 179,704 (695,165) Accrued liabilities 175,196 (174,864) Research awards payable (4,881,870) 4,301,870 Net cash provided by operating activities

8,619,352 5,223,159

Investing activities Purchase of furniture, equipment and improvements



Net cash used in investing activities



Net increase in cash and cash equivalents 8,473,070 5,212,541 Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 12,802,192 7,589,651 Cash and cash equivalents at end of year


$ 21,275,262

$ 12,802,192

Prostate cancer foundation

Report of Independent Auditors Board of Directors Prostate Cancer Foundation We have audited the statements of financial position of Prostate Cancer Foundation (the Foundation) as of December 31, 2007 and 2006, and the related statements of activities and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Foundation’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. We were not engaged to perform an audit of the Foundation’s internal control over financial reporting. Our audits included consideration of internal control over financial reporting as a basis for designing audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the Foundation’s internal control over financial reporting. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. An audit also includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements, assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, and evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion. In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Foundation at December 31, 2007 and 2006, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States.

July 15, 2008


Progress Report

Board of Directors Michael Milken Founder and Chairman Prostate Cancer Foundation Charles F. Baird, Jr. Managing Partner North Castle Partners James Blair General Partner Domain Associates

Stuart (Skip) Holden, M.D. Director, Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Nelson Peltz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Triarc Companies, Inc.

Arthur Kern Investor

Lynda Resnick Vice Chairman Roll International

David Hamilton Koch Executive Vice President Koch Industries The Honorable Earle Mack Senior Partner The Mack Company

Bert Roberts, Jr. Consultant

Leadership Team Jonathan W. Simons, M.D. President and Chief Executive Officer David H. Koch Chair Ralph Finerman Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary Stuart Holden, M.D. Medical Director

Richard Sandler Vice President Maron & Sandler Executive Vice President Milken Family Foundation

Howard R. Soule, Ph.D. Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer

J. Gary Shansby Chairman Partida Tequila, LLC

Helen Hsieh Vice President Finance and Administration

Leslie D. Michelson Chief Executive Officer Private Health Management

Elaine Wynn Director Wynn Resorts National Chairman Communities-in-Schools

Jan Haber Vice President Events and Donor Relations

R. Christian B. Evensen Partner Flintridge Capital Investments, LLC

Lori Milken Vice President Prostate Cancer Foundation

Stanley Zax President and Chairman Zenith National Insurance Corp.

Peter T. Grauer Chairman Bloomberg, LP

Jerry Monkarsh Partner EJM Development

Presidential Board

The Reverend Rosey Grier The Milken Family Foundation

Henry Nordhoff Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Gen-Probe Incorporated

Steven A. Burd Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Safeway, Inc. David Ederer Chairman Ederer Investment Company David J. Epstein Founder ACS Clearinghouse


Jeffrey A. Marcus Managing Director Crestview Advisors Shmuel Meitar Director Aurec Group

Jimmy Carter George H.W. Bush Bill Clinton

Dave Perron Vice President Baseball and Sports Enterprises Dan Zenka, APR Vice President Communications

Inspiring Hope With her personal donation of twenty dollars, 12-year-old Olivia L. from Goleta, California became another important member of PCF’s Community of everyday heroes fighting to end suffering and death from prostate cancer. Donors from all walks of life, brilliant researchers, passionate supporters and dedicated staff are enabling the Prostate Cancer Foundation to leverage critical resources, accelerate scientific discovery and inspire hope for millions of prostate cancer patients and their families. 1250 Fourth Street Santa Monica, CA 90401 Tel 800.757.CURE (2873) Fax 310.570.4701


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