Final Plat Checklist - City of Johnston

Final Plat Checklist - City of Johnston

Final Plat Checklist City of Johnston, Iowa Final Plat Submittals SHALL include the following: Completed Development Application (must have property ...

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Final Plat Checklist City of Johnston, Iowa

Final Plat Submittals SHALL include the following: Completed Development Application (must have property owner’s signature) Application Fee (See Fees of the City of Johnston) (Applicants will be invoiced for the actual cost of review by the City’s consultants.) Four (4) copies 24” x 36”, folded, and one (1) 11” x 17” reduced copy of the Plat  Additional twenty (20) copies required after Development Review meeting for Plan and Zoning and City Council distribution  Additional twenty (20) copies, that have addressed all the conditions, required after City Council Approval for City distribution Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant (owner, developer or consultant) to compare this checklist to the submittals, and ensure that all items and requirements listed are included. No application will be accepted unless it complies with all the submittal requirements. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant without further review.

The Final Plat shall include, but is not limited to, the following: Name and address of owner/developer, consultant(s) and surveyor Name of subdivision, revision date, north arrow, and scale Legal description and acreage Certification by a registered land surveyor Zoning district (if planned unit development identify name of PUD, underlying zoning and setbacks if different than underlying zoning) Plat boundary indicated by a heavy line Front building setback line Lots lines with dimensions and acreage Location and legal description of adjoining property Location, names and widths of all existing and proposed right-of-way Flood Insurance Rate Map designation(s), panel number and date Identify areas subject to inundation in the event of a 100-year flood with improvements in place Buffer areas where required All dimensions, distances, bearings and angles Street addresses for each lot (provided by staff) Locations of all found or set monuments Identify areas dedicated for public use (right-of-way, schools, parks, trails, etc.) Easements as necessary (The book and page number of existing easements shall be labeled on the plan) Water Sanitary Sewer Storm Sewer Overland Flowage Public Utilities Others as required A Stormwater Management Agreement will be required for any proposed, permanent facilities, in compliance with Chapter 145, Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management.

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Revised Date: January, 2008

FINAL PLAT DOCUMENTATION All original executed final plat documentation must be submitted to the Community Development Department a minimum of 6 working days prior to the City Council meeting date. In addition, copies of the final plat document must be submitted with a copy of the final plat to the City's Attorney, at the following address: Tim Pearson, Attorney at Law Laden and Pearson, P.C. 3231 E. Euclid Avenue, Ste. 300 Des Moines, IA 50317 Telephone: 515-262-9817 Fax: 515-266-6600 Email: [email protected] Required Final Plat Documentation: The following is a partial list of standard legal documents required; this list will vary based on the conditions of each individual plat. Attorney’s Title Opinion Polk County Treasurer's Tax Certificate Owner(s) Consent to Plat Lender(s) Consent to Plat (if mortgage on the property) Warranty Deed to Street Lots (if applicable) Groundwater Hazard Statement for Street Lots (if applicable) Mortgagee's Partial Release of Mortgage & Partial Subordination of Mortgage to Easements Participation in adjacent roadway construction, Execution of a Notice of Potential Assessment Covenant for Roadway Improvements or Execution of Petition and Waiver (if applicable) Easement documents for all easements identified on the plat, except Public Utility Easements, in a format acceptable to the City Water Sanitary Sewer Storm Sewer Overland Flowage Others as required Maintenance Bond for Roadway Paving (for a period of 4 years after acceptance) Maintenance Bond for Underground Utilities (for a period of 4 years after acceptance) Protective/Restrictive Covenants (if applicable) As-Built Drawings on Streets & Public Utilities Subdivision Performance Bond for an amount based upon an Engineer’s Estimate of Remaining Improvements plus 10% is required if Final Plat approval is requested prior to the completion and acceptance of public improvements.

Other Payment Requirements (When Applicable): Any required fees must be paid prior to the City’s release of the Final Plat for recordation. Payment of Beaver Creek Trunk Sewer Fee Payment of Beaver Drive Storm Sewer District Fee Payment of NW Water District Fee Payment of NW 100th Street Water District Fee Payment of the Northwest Area Sanitary Sewer Connection District Fee

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Revised Date: January, 2008