final plat checklist - City of Rosenberg

final plat checklist - City of Rosenberg

FINAL PLAT CHECKLIST (Including Short Form Final Plats, Replats, and Amending Plats City of Rosenberg Planning Department City Hall Annex Building th...

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FINAL PLAT CHECKLIST (Including Short Form Final Plats, Replats, and Amending Plats

City of Rosenberg Planning Department City Hall Annex Building th 2220 4 Street Rosenberg, Texas 77471 832-595-3500

Name of Subdivision: The following items must be included with the Initial Submittal of a Final Plat: Application, filled out completely

Utility Response Letters

Application fee (see fee schedule)


Transmittal Letter


Three (3) – 24” x 36” Copies (Folded into 8.5” x 12”)


One (1) – 11” x 17” Reduced Copy (Folded in half)

Infrastructure construction plans

One (1) – CD containing the plat in PDF format

Proposed restrictive covenants

Current Title Report or City Planning Letter

West Fort Bend Management District Application and Fees (if applicable)

If in ETJ, Fort Bend County Engineer Review Letter If in ETJ, Fort Bend County Drainage District Letter

General Requirements Prepared by a registered professional land surveyor

Conforms to Preliminary Plat and addresses contingencies

Graphic Requirements North Arrow at top or left Title block in lower right hand corner Proposed name of Subdivision (with all words spelled out, including spelling out section numbers) Legal description of Subdivision with survey and abstract number Name, address, and phone number of: the sub divider, recorded owner, land planner, engineer, and surveyor Date of Preparation (Every revision will have a new date) Graphic Scale 1” = 100’; or

1” = 200’ for large developments

Vicinity Map in upper right hand corner (show: location of the subdivision, major roads, water bodies, city limits, MUD boundary, area of Land Plan if applicable, etc.) Exterior boundary of the subdivision shown by a district bold line and corners marked by individual symbols Location of current city limits and ETJ boundaries, and MUD boundaries Flood zone boundaries Contours Names and recording information (including lot and block numbers) of all adjoining subdivisions, all abutting lots

Final Plat Checklist (Rev. 10/13 - SAN)

Page 1

Names, accurate location and widths of all Existing (within and adjacent to Subdivision): Streets





Utility district boundaries

Names, accurate location and widths of all Proposed (within Subdivision): Streets (names not to be duplicated within City or ETJ) Alleys


Utility district boundaries


Proposed reserve uses and property dimensions Appropriate number of access points Applicable minimum lot widths Applicable building setback lines Lengths and bearings of lines, arc lengths, chord lengths, curves, etc (or provide in a table) Reference ties to courses and distances of at least one recognized land corner shown with a Point of Beginning Plat tied to existing monuments with coordinates using Texas State Plane Coordinate System, South Central Zone Permanent monuments (5/8” iron rod or pipe, 36” long), with surveyors identification Reference benchmark Project benchmark Lot area summary table Park land dedication summary table Special restrictions and variances noted Standard notes (see Standard Notes document) Certifications and Signatures (see other document): Owner’s dedication block Owner’s acknowledgement and notary acknowledgement Lien holder’s acknowledgement and notary acknowledgement Surveyor’s certificate County Clerk’s signature block Plat approval block for City signatures (Planning Commission Chairperson and Planning Commission Secretary, and Mayor)

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Planning Director:


City Engineer:


Final Plat Checklist (Rev. 10/13 - SAN)

Page 2