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f , \ L i \ f I { , 1 I.i1 LLT} Bylaws of P alazzoAssociation,Inc. Amendment I Article III Meetingof Members Section3. Notice of Meetings. Exceptas o...

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ELISABETH OBERMAIER1, BURKARD PFEIFFER & K EDUARD LINSENMAIR. Received: 2001-01-15 / 2001-04-09. Accepted: 2001-05-05. O

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LLT} Bylaws of P alazzoAssociation,Inc. Amendment I Article III Meetingof Members Section3. Notice of Meetings. Exceptas otherwiseprovidedin the MasterDeedor these bylaws,written notice of eachmeetingof the Membersshall be given by, or at the directionof, the Secretaryor personauthorizedto call the meeting,by emailing a copy of the notice not less than ten (10) days and no more than sixty (60) daysprior to the meetingto eachMember, addressed to the Member'saddresslast appearingon the booksof the Association,or suppliedby the Memberto the Associationfbr the purposeof suchnotice. The notice shall specifythe place, day, and the hour of the meeting,and the items on the agenda,including the generalnatureof any proposedamendmentto the MasterDeedor thcscBylaws,any budgetchangesand any proposalto removea Director of Officer. In the eventthat a Member doesnot provide an email addressthen suchnoticeshall be by postageprepaidU.S. mail. 'fhe Section4. prcscnceat the meetingof Membersor proxiesentitledto castfif1y Quorum. percent(50%) of the votesof the Membershipshallconstitutea quorumfor any actionexceptas otherwiseprovidedin the MasterDeedor theseBylaws. In the eventbusinesscannotbc conductedat any meetingbecausea quorumis not prcscnt,that mccting may be adjournedto a later dateby the affirmative vote of a ma.iorityof thoscpresentin personor by proxy. Article IV Boardof Directors Sectionl. Number. The Boardof Directorsshallconsistof three(3) dircctors(the "Directors"),and shallmanagethe aflairsof the Association.All Directorsshallbe membersof the Association.EachDirectorshallsimultaneously fill an Officer position:Directorand President;Director and Treasurer;and Director and Vice President/Secretary. Section3. Election. Electionto the Boardof Directorsshall simultaneously includeelection of the officersas describedin SectionI . Enumerationof Officers,shownbelow. Electionshall be by writtenballot. At the electionMembersor their proxiesmay cast,in respectto each vacancy,as many votes as they are entitledto exerciseunderthe provisionsof the MasterDeed. The personsreceivingthe largestnumberof votes shall be elected. Cumulativeand fractional voting is not permitted. In the eventthat any Director resigns,the remainingDirectorsshall elect a substituteDirector to fill his or her unexpiredterm.

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Bylaws of P alazzoAssociation,Inc. Amendment I Section5. Term of Office. The term of office for the Directorsshall be 3 years,with the exceptionthat the term of office for the 2011 electionshall be as follows: Position Director and President Director and Treasurer Directorand Vice President/Secretary

Term of Office 3 years 2 years I year

Article VII Officers and Their Duties Section1. Enumerationof Olficers. The Officersof the Associationshallbe a Directorand President,Director and Treasurer,and Director and Vice President/Sccretary. Section2.

Electionof Officers. Deleted.


Term. Delcted.

This Amendmentis hcreby incorporatedinto the Bylaws of PalazzoAssociation,Inc. and authorizedby vote of the Memberson April 27.2011.

Name: William H. Schapcrkotter President