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Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Department of Transportation RICK SCOTT GOVERNOR 605 Suwannee Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450 JIM BOXOLD SECRETARY Merger/Acquisition Che...

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Florida Department of Transportation RICK SCOTT GOVERNOR

605 Suwannee Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450


Merger/Acquisition Checklist Documentation for a merger or acquisition should be submitted at least 30 days before the response deadline for any project the firm is seeking, to allow adequate processing time. The Department completes mergers and acquisitions through a similar process, but there are specific elements that may vary based on the details of each situation. In general, firms need to submit the following information: 1. Formal documentation of the acquisition/merger, signed by the Corporate Officer(s), showing the effective date of purchase, and/or minutes from a Board meeting reflecting the acquisition, and/or a detailed Asset Purchase Agreement 2. Statement that there has been no change in FEID number, or official documentation of the new FEID number 3. Certificates of authorization/registration needed for new work types gained by the acquiring company, in the name of the acquiring company, as required by Rule 14-75, F.A.C. (may include Florida Board of Professional Engineers, Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design, Florida Board of Landscape Architecture, Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers, Florida Real Estate Commission, or Florida Division of Certified Public Accounting). 4. List of the names of all current employees that are being transfered to the acquiring firm 5. Payroll registers under the name of the acquiring firm for any transferred staff needed to qualify the firm for gained work types, if applicable. A list of current qualifiers for both firms can be provided by the Qualification Administrator at [email protected] 6. A combined total number of personnel, broken down by Professional In-State, Professional Out-of-State, Other In-State, and Other Out-Of-State 7. A current professional liability insurance certificate for the acquiring firm 8. A projected overhead rate (required even if your firm has a current overhead audit on file, as the acquisition/merger will impact the company financially). Please contact Jeffrey Owens at 850-414-4539 or [email protected] for details. 9. A list of any potential conflict of interest scenarios that might arise as a result of this merger/acquisition. All registrations and documentation must reflect the same name – the name of the entity prequalified with the Department. Documentation cannot be in the names of affiliates, subsidiaries or parent companies. If the acquired firm is a prime firm for any active Department contracts, the Department will need to complete an "Assignment Agreement" assigning all current contracts to the acquiring company. The Department will send you a new prequalification letter if additional work types are transferred from the acquired or merged company. Please submit the above information to [email protected] You will be notified if any additional information is needed based on the particulars of your firm’s merger or acquisition.