Food Menu 1-12-17 - LAMILL Coffee

Food Menu 1-12-17 - LAMILL Coffee

BREAKFAST ALL DAY Breakfast Sandwich scrambled eggs, white cheddar, chives, brioche bun Add Avocado Add Bacon Add Ham SoCal Omelet avocado, jack, ques...

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BREAKFAST ALL DAY Breakfast Sandwich scrambled eggs, white cheddar, chives, brioche bun Add Avocado Add Bacon Add Ham SoCal Omelet avocado, jack, queso fresco, salsa, cilantro choice of breakfast potatoes or herb salad Add Ham Toasted Barley & Farro poached egg, mushroom, gruyere, scallion Add Avocado Eggs Benedict poached eggs, hollandaise, herb salad choice of country ham or alfalfa sprouts Sub Smoked Salmon

9 +3 +3 +3

SNACKS & SWEETS Avocado Toast radish, pickled onion, chili-almond gremolata Add Poached Egg Smoked Salmon Toast schmear, tomatoes, red onions, capers, lemon, dill


SL Chicken Wings thai-style, roasted peanuts, 6pc


Hummus tehina, lemon, olive oil, housemade tortilla chips


Quesadilla monterey jack, caramelized onions, pico de gallo Add Chicken Add Avocado


+3 12 +3 15

+4 15

Fried Chicken & Scallion-Sage Waffles spicy honey butter


Silver Lake Breakfast egg whites, chives, avocado, herb salad


Belgian Waffle maple butter, maple syrup



+4 +3

Chips & Salsa housemade flour tortilla chips, housemade pico de gallo


Warm Donut Holes 6 doughnuts, vanilla whipped cream


Housemade Vanilla Ice Cream madagascar vanllla beans Add Espresso

3 +3


Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup three-cheese grilled cheese on country bread


Fried Chicken Sandwich chicken thigh, pickles, romaine slaw, potato bun, french fries


Smoked Turkey Melt griddled country bread, smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes, dijon, french fries


Turkey Club Wrap smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, romaine, tomato, white cheddar, housemade ranch dressing, french fries


Fattoush fresh herbs, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, tortilla, sumac Add Chicken

LAMILL Burger 8oz patty, tomatoes, white cheddar, romaine slaw, potato bun, french fries Add Fried Egg Add Avocado Add Bacon


Winter Salad spinach, candied walnuts, bacon, queso fresco, pickled red onions, cranberries, red wine vinaigrette Add Chicken

+3 +3 +3

Market Salad mustard frill, farro, confit mushrooms, scallion, radish, marcona almonds, sherry vinaigrette Add Chicken

Mac & Cheese cavatelli, bacon, béchamel, garlic croutons, scallion Add Chicken LAMILL Caesar romaine, grana padano, torn croutons Add Chicken

12 +4 12 +4 12

+4 14

+4 14




SIDES Seasonal Fruit Bowl Breakfast Potatoes French Fries Tomato Soup



LAMILL Breakfast two eggs, breakfast potatoes, country toast choice of bacon, sausage, or ham

Veggie Burger cheddar, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, thousand island potato bun, herb salad Add Avocado


8 6 5 6