front porch - Moorestown

front porch - Moorestown

IN THIS ISSUE: What’s your favorite porch memory? (see page 6) A calendar of upcoming events (see page 11) FROM THE FRONT PORCH THE NEWSLETTER OF T...

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IN THIS ISSUE: What’s your favorite porch memory? (see page 6)

A calendar of upcoming events (see page 11)



View From the Porch Research Library and Mansion Hours:

Tuesday 1-4 PM Second Saturday of the Month 1-4 PM Address

Historical Society of Moorestown Smith-Cadbury Mansion 12 High St. Moorestown, NJ 08057 Phone

856-235-0353 Web Site

www.moorestown. com/history E-mail

[email protected]

Published by The Historical Society of Moorestown

JUNE 2006

What a fabulous day we had on May 10th for our spring fund raiser and celebration of Moorestown’s porches! Smith-Cadbury Mansion was alive and vibrant with the front lawn May pole exhibit, tea on the (original) front porch exhibit, the front porch boutique, the back porch garden café, parasol exhibit, beautiful flowers throughout and the strolling quartet. Our deepest thanks to all the Homeowners, Supporters, and Volunteers who worked so hard and especially Julie Maravich and Susan Acker for heading up such a terrific event! Everyone had a wonderful time. From the (original) front porch of Smith-Cadbury we now have a view of Main Street. The view makes me stop each time and think how lucky we are to have Smith-Cadbury Mansion. What a great appreciation I have for our museum and to the founders of the Historical Society of Moorestown. I feel a renewed sense of the importance of the work we are doing to preserve Moorestown’s history. Stepping down, I stroll around outside of the house thinking of all the people who have contributed their time and talents to the Society over the years. John Coles has done such a wonderful job overseeing the house and grounds, year after year spending countless hours attending to the old property. There is evidence too of many others who have cared for Smith-Cadbury. Looking at the walks, the front sign, the bell, the garden, indications of caring are everywhere. A founding member pointed out to me recently that, just 36 years old, we are a young Society. It is true, compared to similar organizations that have been around for decades. And, like our old 1738 house, the Historical Society needs lots of attending if it is going to stand strong. We have a good foundation, but our ongoing commitment is definitely required. Your support really does help so thank you for renewing your membership. Yet we are still a hundred percent volunteer organization, and we need new members with new ideas and energy. How about giving a new neighbor a 1-year gift membership? Old friends may just need to be handed an application or invited to attend one of our events. Also, if you have just a little time you can share, contact one of our committee chairs or me. There are dozens of people needed throughout the year for little jobs that don’t require expertise in any particular area or a long-term commitment. Just make your willingness (continued on next page)

(View From The Porch, continued)

known. We need to expand our accessibility to the town and the programs we offer to our children and adults. As you will see from the calendar in these pages, we are going to be really busy in the coming year. From participating on a committee or working on a special event to just supporting the Society by attending our activities or dropping by on a Tuesday or second Saturday, your involvement is critical to the well being of the Historical Society of Moorestown and the Smith-Cadbury Mansion museum. So, from whichever Smith-Cadbury porch you chose, the view is great! Just come up and get involved. Our old house needs people most of all! Best regards,

Ann Langerhans President

With out Deepest Thanks! The Board of Trustees wishes to thank two retiring Trustees for their many years of service. Phyllis Green has served on the Board of Trustees for more than ten years. For a number of years Phyllis has worked closely with Carmel Dorsey, tirelessly producing our superb newsletter. We are not quite sure how they did it, Phyllis often working long distance from her home in Florida, but issue after issue they produced an attractive and informative newsletter. Phyllis co-chaired and served on several Soiree Committees and her organizational skills and flair gave us some of our most memorable Historical Society evenings. Phyllis also chaired the general and annual membership meeting programs. She will continue her work with Nan Pillsbury, PhD and the Society’s Historic Plaque Program. Dr. Ben Smolenski has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2000. Ben served as Vice President of the Society for two terms: from 2002 to 2006. His leadership, insight and enthusiasm have been tremendous assets to the Society. Ben’s logical and practical approach has helped to keep the Society on a steady course. His passion and commitment for historic preservation will continue as Ben serves on the Historic Preservation Committee and he and his wife, Ann spend time between Moorestown and their home on Cape Cod. Trustees Welcome Laura Cooper The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Laura Cooper as Trustee. Laura has been an extremely involved member of the community serving most notably on the “Make It Moorestown” committee. This past winter Laura worked the monthly Second Saturday docent shift with Sara Homer. In addition to her career in the mortgage industry, Laura and her husband Brian are raising three beautiful and active children, Emily, Gabrielle and Christopher. Laura is very creative and energetic and will be a tremendous asset to the Board. Laura will be serving on the Membership and Activities Committees. 2

The Historical Society of Moorestown Officers President

Ann Langerhans Vice-Presidents

Julie Maravich Cathy Ruff Treasurer

Harry Koons Recording Secretary

Lynne Brill Corresponding Secretary

Gloria Senno Trustees

Mary Ann Alberti John Coles Lynne Brill Laura Cooper Carmel Dorsey Maureen Fries Stephanie Herz Sara Homer Midge Ingersoll Lisa Knell Dolores Kocyan Harry Koons Ann Langerhans Julie Maravich Sandie Nelson Nan Pillsbury Diane Reid Cathy Ruff Gloria Senno Ann Smolenski Susan Zikmund Newsletter

Lisa Knell Gift Shop

Susan Zikmund Maureen Fries Library Staff

Stephanie Herz Bill Archer Sandie Nelson Laura Frati Acquisitions

Dolores Kocyan Stephanie Herz

A Wrap-up of Our 2ND Saturday Crafts On the second Saturday of each of the past eight months, children gathered in the afternoon at Smith-Cadbury for fun with historically-based folk art and crafts. Under the direction of Olivia Langerhans from Moorestown Girl Scout Junior Troop #5288 the kids created all sorts of wonderful seasonal items. Space was sometimes a bit tight with as many as 27 children coming one month (but, luckily not all came at the same time). Here is a list of our activities: OCTOBER The children ages 5 to 12 began in October with making an

embroidered goblin. NOVEMBER In November they decorated bittersweet vines, created note

cards with pressed flowers, and made bookmarks with Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote “I cannot live without books.” DECEMBER In December they made sweet-smelling pomanders of oranges

with cloves and their own mulled tea bags using a special blend of 1776 tea copied from the original records of the East India Tea Company.

Bittersweet and Bird feeders and Bookmarks and Bandboxes ...

JANUARY In January they made pinecone bird feeders and candy trains for

the Moorestown Trains and Trolley exhibit and enjoyed cake and making party favors in celebration of Benjamin Franklin’s 300th birthday. FEBRUARY In February they learned the art of beautiful writing with

calligraphy and each took home a quill pen. Of course they also made all types of lovely stenciled and beribboned valentines to present to special parents and friends. MARCH In March they made silhouettes of themselves

to be saved for posterity and did some scherenschnitte (“scissors-cutting”), which was laminated onto bookmarks. APRIL In April the children made beautiful water colored

frakturs (documents with an ornate type of Gothic lettering) commemorating their name and age. MAY Finally, in May, using traditional methods, they

created beautifully covered bandboxes in which to store their treasures (see the sample at left). It was a busy and enjoyable year for all involved. We hope to see the return of all the participants and many more new faces next year!


Our Porch Tour

HATS OFF! We applaud all the homeowners, decorators, supporters and volunteers for the Porch Tour. It was a fabulous day and we couldn’t have done it without you! We also thank all the behind-the-scenes volunteers who worked on the exhibits at SmithCadbury as well as all those who were involved with the gift shop, the café and docenting on tour day. The Society deeply appreciates your efforts for a job well done! – Ann Langerhans Diane Reid BJ Tetlow Alice Selzler Linda Vizzi Carol Williamson Susan LaGatta Susan Zikmund Maureen Fries Claire Scott Julie & Nick Maravich Lynne & Bob Brill Robin Klumpp Susan Acker John & Sandy Coles Midge Ingersoll Dolores Kocyan Ann Smolenski Cathy Ruff Cinde Woodcock Mary Logudis Kay Nicholson Bernie Maloney Cathy Hartley Carmel Dorsey Joan Pashow Lisa McGovern Renee Slemmer Betty Homan Florence Vogel Moorestown Garden Club


About 250 visitors attended “PORCHES REVISITED,” our first porch tour, held on Wednesday May 10th from 10 am-8 pm. Seven architecturally diverse Moorestown porches were beautifully dressed for the one-day event. The weather was perfect and there were smiles everywhere. It was a great day to stroll around town, view beautiful homes, and listen to the Titanium Quartet (John Celani’s barbershop quartet). Tour chair Julie Maravich and co-chair Susan Acker would like to thank: The generous homeowners who lent their wonderful porches to us: The Brandts, The Grayers, The Hagertys, Nancy Powers, Audrey Shinn Interiors, and the Wixteds Special thanks go out to the designers who transported us to another time and place: Marty Hagerty, Cathy Ruff and Pauline Vastardis, Gary Ruff, Audrey Shinn, Patio World Home and Hearth Thank you Cathy Ruff for acting as designer coordinator. Thanks to Laura Cooper, Jill Loftus, Jamie Martin, Dana Olivirez, and Jill Singer for enlisting the many member and non-member volunteers that helped to make the day seamless. Thanks to Pete and Lisa Cash for allowing us to borrow beautiful Spode china. Thanks to Gina and Doug Zegel for making huge sandwich-board signs to advertise the tour, and to Edgar Real Estate for covering all printing costs. Thanks to Starbucks for the beverages and Wegman’s for their contribution and thanks to Robin Klumpp for engaging our local businesses. Thanks to Sara Homer for her dedication to the web site and the nearly constant changes and updates! A final thank you goes out to the entire committee. Your work was really top notch!


What are your Porch Memories? Sara Homer writes: I am a romantic about cool, dimly-lit porches. Turns out, most people I spoke with also had a warm place in their heart for time spent on porches. Since our Historical Society fundraiser was based on the great porches of Moorestown, I thought you might enjoy some of the comments collected: Swinging on the porch swing with your best friend(s) / boy friend •


Waving to neighbors walking by • Napping in the hammock • Enjoying a

steps and

vase of peonies from your own garden—too full of ants to enjoy in the house • Rocking to the beat of the tune on the radio playing quietly from inside •

floor boards

Not worrying about windows that are open when an afternoon storm pops

just before

up— because they face the porch • Finding refuge on screened porches,


safe from mosquitoes and flies • Long, hot summer nights hoping for a cool

knocks on

breeze • Watering ferns and hanging baskets—but trying not to get wet in the process • Matchbox cars, army soldiers, baseball bats and tennis rackets left

the door

out over night • Waiting for your friends to come by—but trying not to look

or delivers

too anxious • Wishing the ice cream truck would move on down the block—

the mail . . .

that song! • The banging of the screen door and the creaking of its hinges • Wet dogs and sneakers left outside to dry • Iced tea, lemonade, high tea with cookies and cakes • Dogs barking from the street at your dog on the porch • The cacophony of crickets, frogs or owls calling out in the dark • Waking up on the 2nd floor sleeping porch • Moths and beetles bouncing off the bare light bulbs • Monopoly marathons, go fish, pillow fights • Morning glories at first light and sweet-smelling honey suckle in the heat of the afternoon and well into into the dark of night • Creaking steps and floor boards just before someone knocks on the door or delivers the mail • A coating of green pollen in the spring and loose dry leaves in the fall — all which have to be removed • Katydids buzzing in the morning announcing a hot day • When the rain comes, moving your chair just out of range of the splatter of rain drops •

Painting the porch / washing the porch furniture / washing windows /

replacing steps / replacing screens • Posing for pictures in bathing suits, with prom dates, on graduation day • Blue ceilings that appear to be sunny even on a dark cloudy day • Putting all the porch furniture away with the first snow in the forecast • • •


Update on Historic Preservation in Moorestown In January, the Moorestown Town Council appointed a special task force called the “Historic Preservation Advisory Committee” (HPAC) to look into the possible creation of a Historic Preservation Commission and a local Historic District. Midge Ingersoll, past HSM president, is a representative on this committee along with several Main Street property owners, council reps and township staff. Meeting frequently, the HPAC has invited several guests from surrounding towns that already have Historic Preservation Commission ordinances in place, including Haddonfield and Evesham. In addition, they have met with Gail Greenberg, longtime Camden County HP staff person, and Dorothy Guzzo, State Historic Preservation Administrator (both residents of Moorestown), and Wayne McCabe, an HP consultant. The goal is to educate the task force in the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law which is the enabling law for any Historic Preservation ordinance in NJ. Still in the process of gathering data, the task force hopes to begin outlining the items which they feel should be included in a Moorestown ordinance. The committee seems unanimous on the subject of protecting historic buildings from demolition. Discussion continues on how much regulation should be placed on renovations to a historic building’s exterior façade. Moorestown currently has a State and National Register District, which gives no measure of protection against demolitions or renovations except from municipally funded projects. Moorestown’s Master Plan clearly recommends the creation of a local historic district. Creation of such a district is the only way in New Jersey to protect historic sites from demolition and inappropriate renovations. All HPAC meetings are open to the public and dates can be found at the www. web site.

In Memoriam It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Sandra J. Nelson. Sandie was a dedicated member of our Society and served as a Historical Society Trustee from 1998 until the present. She set an example of service, which is inspiring. The Historical Society extends its deepest sympathy to her family and joins with them in mourning her loss not only as a valued member of our Society but also as a most excellent person.


Acquisitions The following is a list of donations that the society has received since the last list published in the Newsletter. The list includes the Donor, our Accession Number and a Description of the item(s). Mrs. D. Paul, Executor for Estate of Constance Levans Price [Accession No. 2005-18]

1. Moorestown bell-pull 1979, embroidered by C.L. Price 2. & 3. Two photos: MHS class 1925 reunion in 1975; & class of 1925 as children by the school, c. 1913. Ms. Nancy Froelicher [Accession No. 2005-19]

1. MHS uniform Phys. Ed., 1926; belonged to Ann Sutton, granddaughter of Bartholomew Sutton (former resident at SmithCadbury mansion). 2. Helmet: white, hard-fibre worn by WWII air-raid warden Paul Froelicher at his post at Camden Ave. & Kings Highway. Ms. Margaret Ingersoll [Accession No. 2005-20]

1. MHS Nutshell Yearbook, 1974. 2. MHS Nutshell Yearbook, 1975. Ms. Ann Condon

Did you notice the new drawing of Smith-Cadbury on the front of this issue of the newsletter?

[Accession No. 2005-21]

Photograph of the Jim Moore House (299 W. Main St., Moorestown), enlarged copy in color, c. 1950s. Ms. Susan McChesney [Accession No. 2005-22]

1. Moorestown bell-pull cross-stitched with local scenes and initials S.D.M. 2. Two china plates show “Coles Hotel.” 3. Book “Moorestown and Her Neighbors” by George DeCou. 4. Fruit box label from “Moriuchi,” Moorestown. 5. Glass paperweight “Burlington County Trust Co. 1890-1975, 85th Anniversary.” 6. Ceramic paperweight with paper-clip, “Burlington County Trust Co.” Mr. Cliff Pfleider [Accession No. 2005-23]

1979 Plan on paper: “Plan Arboretum Perkins Center,” done for Moorestown Garden Club. Ms. Nancy Hall [Accession No. 2006-1]

1. Ceramic table lamp, ceramic, blue design on white. 2. Period square tilt-top table on 3 legs. 3, 4, 5. Wood sifters; ceramic plate, multi-colored, to-be-identified; picture. Mr. Dennis Weaver [Accession No. 2006-2]

Books: 2 copies of “Moorestown Out in the Country.” Ms. Betty Homan [Accession No. 2006-3]

Soft cover book: “New Jersey from Colony to State 1609-1789.”


Many thanks to Midge Ingersoll for the new artwork. We’ll be using this drawing as our new, updated logo.

Mr. Bruce Slocum [Accession No. 2006-4]

Certificate from Moorestown School for good attendance. Ms. Margaret Ingersoll [Accession No. 2006-5]

Photograph of house demolished on property where Chester Ave. Acme store was later built. Mr. Philip J. Flanders [Accession No. 2006-6]

Books: Percy Lovell’s “A Quiet Walk Thru Time” and Book of Excerpts. Mr. Paul Schopp [Accession No. 2006-7]

Book: The Highline” (about railroads). Ms. Katherine Hall [Accession No. 2006-8]

Book: hardcover, “Second Baptist Church 1993 – 100th Anniversary.”

Third Grade Classes Tour Smith-Cadbury This year we had a total of 16 Moorestown public school third grade classes tour Smith-Cadbury—over 350 students, plus chaperones—as part of their history curriculum. The kids always have great questions and comments. Two stories from last year’s tours: In one instance an enthusiastic teacher was commenting on the old, wavy glass in the windows and mentioned that it was “hand made,” to which a student questioned “How do you do hand made?”. Another student pointed to the display case of china that takes up an entire wall of the dining room and said “Look! It’s the Great Wall of China”. Thanks to Cathy Ruff and all the volunteers who made it possible including: Mary Ann Alberti, Lynne Brill, Lisa Cash, Betty Homan, Midge Ingersoll, Dolores Kocyan, Ann Langerhans, Julie Maravich, Lisa McGovern, John Roberts, Renee Slemmer, and Ann Smolenski.

The “Great Wall of China”


Membership News We welcome new members and thank all of the members who renewed so promptly. All of us look forward to an active 2006-2007 year. Many events are planned for the Fall. We look forward to seeing you then. The Moorestown Historical Society appreciates the continued support of its members. The following members are recognized:



Susan Agresto Mr. & Mrs. Hank Mumma Mr. & Mrs. John Semenuk Kevin M. Stephany Walter Sidney Stokes Henry Weisl

Brian & Laura Cooper Louise Orth Cross Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. La Gatta Ms. Ellen Kelly Mrs. Nina Krisanda

renewals were mailed this spring. Please check to make sure that you have mailed


Craig & Jeanne Alper Lisa & Pete Cash Robert & Gwynne Edmund Mr. & Mrs. Jon E. Ingersoll Gerry & Flora Knumatos Andy & Judi Muckelbauer Jo Anne & Dewitt Peterson Marie Quigley Cathy Ruff Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd. E. Volckening John F. Kunkler & Carol Lee Williamson

Mary Bulman Ann Condon Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Garza Frank S. & Barbara C. Keith Ann H. & Gilbert C. Langerhans Mark & Carolyn Nachmias Patricia K. Phelan Ann & Michael Ramage Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Smith Linda & Louis Vizzi

your renewal. Thanks! Note that this will be your last newsletter if you don’t renew your membership.

If you’d like to


become more

Mary E. Moore For additional membership information, please contact: Mary Ann Alberti at 856-764-9052 or call Smith-Cadbury at 856-235-0353.

involved with the museum or work of the Society, please


to let us know.

Student $10 Friends of Smith-Cadbury $25 Friends of Research Genealogy $35 Founders Society $100 Thomas Moore Society $500 1738 Society $1,000


Make check payable to:

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


Historical Society of Moorestown

Mail to: Historical Society of Moorestown P.O. Box 477 / Moorestown, NJ 08057 10

call or email us

We have a new membership category for . . . Students!




Smith-Cadbury opens for the fall season


Gift Shop Wine & Cheese; 3-6 PM


Candlelight Night, Smith-Cadbury open


Exhibit: “In the Marshes of South Jersey” — a hunting & fishing exhibit; mid-Sept. until mid-Nov.


Autumn in Moorestown/ Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30


Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30



General Meeting at 7:30 Program: The Good Wife — Mrs. Benjamin Franklin commemorates Ben’s 300th Birthday

Exhibit: “A Vintage Christmas” — holiday decorations by the Moorestown Garden Club; end-Nov. until end-Dec.

TBA New Member Welcome


20/21 Ghost Tours 27/28 Ghost Tours DECEMBER 2006




Holiday Open House; Gingerbread Houses Display & Shop


TBA Snowflake Soiree


Cook’s Tour Day: Smith-Cadbury open



Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30


Candlelight Christmas Party at Smith-Cadbury: Founders, Thomas Moore, and 1738 Society members honored


Museum closes for 3 weeks

Museum opens. Exhibit: “School Days” — a sampler exhibit through March


Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30

Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30

TBA New Member Welcome

MARCH 2007

APRIL 2007

MAY 2007



Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30



Annual Meeting & Program: Quilts

TBA Porch Tour

Exhibit: “Moorestown Quilts” — runs until April

TBA Volunteer Appreciation Reception 10

Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30

Second Saturday & Children’s Craft; Tours 1-4; Craft 1-3:30



Second Saturday

1 to 4 PM

(Smith-Cadbury open)

June 27

Last Tuesday for this season

1 to 4 PM

(Smith-Cadbury closes for the summer)

July & August

Smith-Cadbury closed (open by appointment)

September 12

Smith-Cadbury opens for the Fall Season

September 19

“In the Marshes of South Jersey” at Smith-Cadbury A hunting & fishing exhibit from mid-September to mid-November

October 14

Second Saturday, Children’s Craft and

1 to 4 PM

Autumn in Moorestown (Smith-Cadbury open)

October 19

General Meeting and Program

7:30 PM

The Good Wife — Mrs. Benjamin Franklin commemorates Ben’s 300th Birthday

October 20/21 October 27/28

Ghost Tours Ghost Tours

See page 11 for more calendar dates

Historical Society of Moorestown Smith-Cadbury Mansion 12 High Street, Box 477 Moorestown, NJ 08057

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Moorestown, NJ 08057 Permit NO. 183