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geceivd - American Jewish Archives

Selected Acquisitions Baltimore, Md., Lloyd Street Synagogue. "The Restoration of the Lloyd Street Synagogue," by Louis F. Cahn, 1966; Typescript; Xe...

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Selected Acquisitions - American Jewish Archives
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Selected Acquisitions

Baltimore, Md., Lloyd Street Synagogue. "The Restoration of the Lloyd Street Synagogue," by Louis F. Cahn, 1966; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Isaac M. Fein, Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, Baltimore.) Cincinnati, Ohio. List of Cincinnati names derived from Rabbi Kenneth D. Roseman's studv of the 18qo United States census, 1967; Typescript copy (Received from Kenneth D. Roseman, Cincinnati.) Cleveland, Ohio, Bnai Jeshurun Congregation (Temple on the Heights). Congregational history by Julius Krawcheck, and ~ l ~ press ~ article ~ l on ~the congregation's anniversary, 1966; Printed and Typescript copies (Received from Julius Krawcheck* Cleveland.) Coraopolis, Pa. Minute books of Congregation Ahavath Shalom, 1935-1947; the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society, 192 119 35; and Coraopolis B'nai B'rith Lodge No. I 32 2, 1938-1948; Manuscript and Typescript; Microfilm (Received from Henry A. Zoob, Cincinnati.) Duluth, Minn. Study of Temple Emanuel and the Duluth Jewish community, by Mrs. Harry W. Davis, 1967; Typescript COPY


W. Davis)

Fall River, Mass. "Early Jews of Fall River, Mass.," by Rabbi Malcolm H . Stern, 1966; Typescript copy (Received from Malcolm H. Stern, New York.)

Galesburg, Ill., Temple Sholom. Correspondence and miscellaneous material, 1949-1966; Typescript, Manuscript, and Printed; Microfilm (Received from Harvey Wodis, Galesburg.) Harrisonburg, Va., Hebrew Friendship Congregation. History, 1954; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Howard Bogot, Cincinnati.) Helena, Ark. Beth El Congregation minute book, 1896-1913; and minutes of B'nai B'rith Esther Lodge No. '59 (later Aaron Meyer Lodge No. 1 5 9 ) ~1 ~ 9 ~ '9'4; ~ d(Received from Rabbi Samuel R. ShillJamaica, West Indies. Portions of a history of Jamaican Jewry, by George F. Judah, I go I ; Munuscript (Received from Samuel S. Strouse, ~ ~ l ~ i ~ ~ ~ ~ . ) Lancaster, Pa. Congregational pinkas (offerings book), I 78 I ; Marmcript; Hebrew and English (Received from Bevis Marks Synagogue, London.) Ligonier, Ind. List of Jews buried in the Cemetery, as of July, 1963; Typescript; Xerox COPY (Received from Joseph Levine, Fort Wayne.) Miami, Fla., Temple Israel. Cemetery rules and regulations, n.d.; Printed Morton Grove, Ill. Study of the Jewish community, 1950-1960; Typescript copy (Received from Joel L. Levine, Laurelton, N. Y.)

Natchez, Miss., Congregation B'nai Israel. Minutes and miscellaneous records, 1935-1966; correspondence, 1920-1949; youth group constitution, bylaws, and records, 1954-1965; sisterhood minutes and records, 19r 2-1966; sisterhood scrapbook, 1961-1965; and miscellaneous records of B'nai B'rith Ezra Lodge No. I 34, 1913-193 5; Manuscript, Typescript, and Printed; Microfilm (Received from Mrs. Morris Krause.)

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Code of Laws of the Hebrew Congregation, adopted 1875 ; Manuscript; Xerox copy (Received from Ralph M. Paiewonsky.) St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (Danish West Indies). Ordinance "relating to the manner in which Believers in the Mosaic Faith shall be sworn," 1842; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Rabbi Samuel H. Markowitz, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.)

Omaha, Neb. Congregation B'ne Yakov Anshe Sholom constitution and bylaws, 1908; Congregation of Israel constitution and program of the dedication services, 1905; Printed (Received from the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, Athens, Ohio.)

Tallahassee, Fla., Temple Israel. Board of Trustees minutes, 1960-1963; and miscellaneous congregational correspondence; Manuscript and Typescript; Microfirm (Received from Temple Israel.)

Poultney, Vt. Congregational minutes, r 867-1 874; Manuscript; German and Hebrew (Received from Joseph Goldman, Denver.)

Tuscaloosa, Ala., Temple Emanuel. Minutes, 1920-1955; constitution and bylaws, n.d.; and religious school records, I 948-1952 ; Manuscript and Typescript; Microfilm (Received from Temple Emanuel.)

Richmond, Ind., Richmond Jewish Congregation. Constitution, 1963; and Board of Trustees minutes, 1962-1966; Typescript; Mimeographed copies (Received from Robert Kraus, Cincinnati.)

Virginia City, Mont. Information on the Jewish cemetery, 1967; Typescript; Mimeographed copy (Received from Norman Winestine, Helena.)


Ambridge, Pa.; Minutes of the Jewish Community Club, organized 1934; and B'nai B'rith Ambridge Lodge No. I 198, organized 1935, 1934-1944; Typescript and Manuscript (Received from Samuel J. Green, Sewickley, Pa., through Henry A. Zoob.) American Jewish Committee; Charter, as of August, 1966; Printed; Xerox copy (Received from the American Jewish Committee, New York, N. Y.) American Jewish Conference; Minutes of the 1943 and 1944 sessions; Typescript COPY

(Received from Pinchas Cruso, Labor Zionist Organization of America, New York.) Baltimore, Md., T h e Zion Association. Constitution, r 899; Printed; English and Hebrew; Xerox copy (Received from Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore Hebrew College.) B'nai B'rith. Henry Monsky memorial program, including major address by Sidney G. Kusworm and speeches by Dean Earl Harrison and United States Attorney General T o m Clark, with awards to Secrerdry of State George C.


Marshall, Supreme Court Justice Robert H . Jackson, and Secretary of W a r Robert H. Patterson, n.d.; Tape Recording Cincinnati, Ohio, Labor Zionist Organization of America - Poale Zion. Branch No. 3 minutes, 1963-1966; Manuscript and Typescript; Xerox copies (Received from Stanley F. Chyet, Cincinnati.) Cincinnati, Ohio, Phoenix Society. Constitution, I 856; Printed; Xerox copy (Received from Jacob R. Marcus, Cincinnati.) Cincinnati, Ohio, Pioneer Women Chapter No. 3. Minutes of board and regular meetings, 1957-1964; Typescript and Manuscript (Received from Mrs. George Holtzer, Cincinnati.) Cincinnati, Ohio, Yavneh lewish Ethical Society. Songs and liturgy; 1943; Printed; Yiddish; Mimeographed copies (Received from Louis Levine, Cincinnati.) Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Council on Soviet Anti-Semitism. Information and correspondence, 1965-1966; Typescript and Manuscript; Xerox copies (Received from Dr. Louis Rosenblum, Cleveland.) Columbus, Ohio, B'nai B'rith, Zion Lodge No. 62. Minute books and ledgers, I 865-19 I 2 ; Manuscript; Microfilm

GOLDSTEIN,HYMN LOUIS; Dallas, Tex. Peddler's license, I 882; Printed and Manuscript; Xerox copy (Received from Harry B. Goldstein, Owensboro, Ky.) LELYVELD,ARTHURJ.; Cleveland, Ohio. Affidavit to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, regarding his experience in Hattiesburg, Miss., 1964; Manuscript; Xerox cqpy

97 (Received from Mrs. Maxine Dworkin, Columbus.) Fairbanks, Alaska, Chevra Bikur Cholim. Minutes and miscellaneous papers, 190819 I I ; Manuscript and Typescript (Received from Mrs. Robert Bloom, Seattle.) Galesburg, Ill., B'nai B'rith, Hart E. Bondi Lodge. Minutes, 1950-196 I ; Manuscript and Typescript; Microfilm (Received from Harvey Wodis.) Order Kesher She1 Barzel. Missouri Lodge No. I 17, St. Louis, Mo., bylaws and rules of order, 1877; Hill City Lodge No. 161, Vicksburg, Miss., bylaws, I 877 ; District Grand Lodge No. 3, Philadelphia, Pa., rituals, revised 1879, and constitution, 1876 and 1879; Printed; Microfilm (Received from Mrs. Morris Krause.) Pi Tau Pi Fraternity. Bulletins, 19141915, 1918-1919, 1922~1935, 19371946, and 1954-1967; Prmted (Received from Lanny D. Seeberg, Chicago.) Pittsburgh, Pa., Jewish Community Relations Council. Minutcs, 1938-1966, including various committee reports, reports of the executive director, and bylaws, dated 1946 and 1953; Typescript; Microfilm (Received from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Pittsburgh.)

(Received from Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld.) LEVI, MORDECAI;Charleston, W. Va. Documents and miscellaneous items relating to his business activities, 1873-1890; Typescript and Printed; Xerox copies (Received from W e s t Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va.)

BLAUSTEIN, JACOB;Baltimore, Md. Letter from John P. Humphrey, Director of the Commission on Human Rights, United Nations Secretariat, discussing Blaustein's efforts, in 1945, t o establish human rights provisions in the United Nations charter, 1963; and letter from Morris B. Abram, president of the American Jewish Commlttee, on the same subject, 1965; Typescript; Xerox copies (Received from Jacob Blaustein.) TO CHRISTIANITY, AND MISCONVERSION Letter from Aaron Lazarus to the Anglican Bishop of Virginia regarding the conversion of Lazarus' son Gershon to the Christian faith, Wilmington, N. C., I 823; and letter to Jacob Isaacs from Nathan Joseph pertaining to the American Society for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Jews, New York, 1820; Typescript; Xerox copy SIONARIES.

EINSTEIN,ALBERT. Letter to Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, in which Einstein states his attitude toward religion and science, 1940; Typescript; G e m a n ; Photostat (Received from W. Gunther Plaut, Toronto.) GOLDMAN,ADOLPH; Arizona. Letters, biography, and miscellaneous items concerning Goldman and his family, 19341935 ; Manuscript and Typescript; Xerox copies (Received from the Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society, Tucson, Ariz., through Mrs. Philip Kellison, La Canada, Calif.) GRATZFAMILY; Philadelphia, Pa. Letters to and from members of the Gratz family, I 805-1 838; and correspondence concerning the Gratz estate, 1850; Manuscript; Xerox copies (Received from Justin G. Turner, Los Angeles.) HANAN,MORRIS;Seattle, Wash. Documents and personal papers of Hanan

dealing with the Seattle Sephardic Jewish community, 1935-1962; Typescript and Manuscript; English and Hebrew; Xerox copies (Received from Allen H . Podet, Bellevue, Wash.) HILBORN, WALTER S.; LOSAngeles, Calif. Interview by Dr. Michael Meyer regarding Hilborn's youth in New England, years at Harvard University, and relationship with Stephen S. Wise, and material on the Los Angeles Jewish Community power structure, 1965; Tape Recording; Restricted; statement from Hilborn, relating to his father's association with King C. Gillette, founder of the Gillette Safety Razor Co., 1966; Typescript; and Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin's eulogy at the funeral of Jacob Hilborn, 1941; Typescript copy (Received from Walter S. Hilborn.) ISAACS,STANLEYM.; New York, N. Y. Letters t o and from Isaacs, mainly concerning his activities as president of the Borough of Manhattan, 1935-1959; Typescript; Xerox and Typescrrpt copres (Received from Mrs. Stanley M. Isaacs, New York.) ISRAEL,EDWARD L.; Baltimore, Md. Correspondence regarding various aspects of Rabbi Israel's concern for social justice, 1934-1936; Typescript and Manuscript (Received from Rabbi Abraham Shusterman, Baltimore.) JEWISH INSTITUTEOF RELIGION; New York, N. Y. Correspondence and reports pertaining to fund raising, 1923-1949; Typescript and Mmuscript LEVY, MICHAEL; North Carolina. Correspondence between Levy and John Walker, concerning business affairs, I 780; Manuscript; Xerox copies (Received from the Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, N. C.)


LEWISOHN, LUDWIG;Paris, France. Book reviews, correspondence regarding Mrs. Mary Crocker Lewisohn's [Bosworth Crocker] suit against Harper and Brothers and Lewisohn, and correspondence regarding Lewisohn's books, 1925-1944; Manuscript, Typescript, and Printed; Microfilm; Restricted (Received from the Goldfarb Library, Brandeis University.) MASLIN,SIMEONJ.; Cura~ao,Netherland Antilles. Letter to Leon Klenicki about conditions prevalent in South American Jewish communities, 1965; Manuscript; Xerox copy (Received from Leon Klenicki, Buenos Aires.) SENATOR, DAVID WERNER; Palestine. Correspondence with numerous individuals during Dr. Senator's tenure as general secretary at the European headquarters of the Joint Distribution Committee and his membership on the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, 1930-1939 ; Typescript and Manuscript; English, Hebrew, and German; Mic~ofilm (Received from the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem.) SHOLTZ, DAVID; Florida. Letter from Rabbi Jacob H. Kaplan, concerning Governor Sholtz, 1935; Typescript; Xerox copy SZOLD,HENRIETTA;Philadelphia, Pa., and New York, N. Y. Letters from Miss Szold, secretary of the Jewish Publication Society of America, to Professor Louis Ginzberg, of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, concerning the publication of manuscripts, Zionism, and personal matters, 1901-19 10; Manuscript and Typescript; Mic~ofilm (Received from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.)

99 TRUMAN,HARRYS.; Washington, D. C. Letter to the Labor Zionist Committee for Relief and Rehabilitation in which President Truman comments on the organization's objectives, 1948; Typescript (Taken from the Labor Zionist Organization of America papers, housed at the American Jewish Archives.) WALD, GUSTAVUS H.; Cincinnati, Ohio. Letter regarding his membership in the University Club, 1884, and letter to the University Club submitting his resignation because of anti-Semitism, n.d.; Manuscript; Photostat and Xerox copies (Received from Mrs. Fred W. Stix, Cincinnati.)

WASHINGTON, GEORGE.Letter of introduction for a Mr. Prager to Governor Benjamin Harrison of Virginia, and to William Fitzhugh, 1784; Manuscript; Photostat copy (Received from the National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D. C.) WEISEL, MRS. SAM; Tuscaloosa, Ala. Scrapbook, 1895-1949; Manuscript, Typescript, and Printed; Microfilm (Received from Joseph Olasov, Cincinnati.)

WEIXELBAUM FAMILY;Springfield, Ohio. Correspondence concerning family affairs, and newspaper clippings on various subjects, 1892-192 I ; Manuscript and Typescript (Received from S. F. Sander, Springfield.) WISE, STEPHENS.; New York, N. Y. Correspondence between Dr. Wise and Rabbi H . Goren Perelmuter, relating to Zionism, the Jewish Institute of Religion, and personal matters, 1939-1949; Typescript and Manusc~ipt;Microfilm (Received from H. Goren Perelmuter, Chicago.)

CAROFAMILY;Highland Park, Ill. "From These Roots," a family chronicle by Joseph H. Caro, 1966; Typescript; Printed COPY (Received from Joseph H. Caro, Highland Park.) CRONBACH, ABRAHAM; Cincinnati, Ohio. "A Day With Cronbach.. 1933," by Rabbi Martin M. Weitz, 1967; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Martin M. Weitz, Hawthorne, N. Y.)


CUMMINS, JOSEPHJONAH;LOS Angeles, Calif. Interview by Dr. Michael Meyer regarding the Los Angeles Jewish community since 1923 and its present power structure, I 965 ; Tape Recording GREENBERG, FLORENCE REICHERT(Mrs. Abe); Tallahassee, Fla. Recollections of Mrs. Greenberg's family and Uniontown, Pa., n.d.; Manuscript; Xerox copy (Received from Mrs. Abe Greenberg.)

LINDO,ABRAHAM. Letter giving biographical information on Lindo, 1966, and entries taken from the Land Books of Morgan County, W . Va., court records, showing that Lindo paid land taxes, 18201850, Berkeley Springs, W . Va., 1965; Typescript; Original and Xerox copies (Received from Kjeld 0. Ammentorp, Holte, Denmark.) ROSENFIELD,SAM; Minneapolis, Minn. Memoir, I 878-1954; Typescript; Dittograph COPY (Received from Max A. Shapiro, Minneapolis.) STERN,FRANCES; Boston, Mass. RtsumC of Miss Stern's activities as a pioneer nutritionist, 1947. copy of memorial service at the Temple Israel Meeting House, Boston, 1947, and resolution adopted by the Boston Dispensary Food Clinic, 1947; Typescript; Xerox copies (Received from Walter S. Hilborn.)

ISAACS, MYERS.;New York, N. Y. Diary, 1863 and 1868; Typescript copy (Received from Dr. Bernard J. Bamberger, New York.)

WEIL, SIDNEY;Cincinnati, Ohio. Memoirs, I 89 1-1966; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Irwin Weil, Evanston, Ill.)

KAPLAN,MORRIS;Minnesota. "Recollections of a Small Town Merchant," by Mildred Kaplan Light, I 87 2-1960; Typescript; Microfilm (Received from Rabbi Albert G. Minda, Minneapolis.)

WEINLAENDER, JOSEPH;Speyer, Bavaria. Autobiography, 1869; Manuscript; German and Hebrew; Typescript with English translation; Xerox and Typescript copies (Received from Milton Marks, San Francisco.)

KARPELES, LEOPOLD. Memoir of Karpeles by his granddaughter, Hazel Karpeles Karp, I 967 ; Manuscript; Xerox copy (Received from Mrs. Maurice F. Karp, Springfield, N. J.)

WHITE,MORDECAI ABRAHAM; New York, N. Y. Autobiography, 1835-1898; Manuscript; Xerox copy (Received from Dr. David H. Wice, Philadelphia.)


ANTONOVSKY, AARONG . "The Ideologies of American Jews: A Study in Definitions of A Marginal Situation," Ph.D. dissertation, Yale University, 1954; Microfilm

GUYSENIK,MAURICEG . "Jewish Voting Behavior in Chicago's Fiftieth Ward," Ph.D. dissertation, Northwestern University, 1957; Microfilm

AZNEER,J. LEONARD. "The Attitude of American Jewish Leaders with Reference t o Selected Problems of Religion in Public Education," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 1959; Microfil7n

KALIVOSKY, MICHAELE. "Intermarriage between T w o Divergent Ethnic Groups, as an Index to Assimilation," Ph.D. dissertation, Michigan State University, I 9 53; Microfilm

BIN NUN, DAVID."Religious and Other Cultural Factors in Racial Control Affecting the Assimilation of Jews in Los Angeles," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Southern California, 1952; Microfilm

KRAUSE,P. ALLEN. "The Southern Rabbi and Civil Rights," Rabbinical thesis, H U C - JIR, 1967; Typescript copy; Restricted

COHEN, B. "Certain Psychological Factors Associated with Acculturation: A Study of the Relationship bemeen Survivalist, Assimilationist, and IndiEerent Attitudes Among Members of an Ethnic Minority and Certain Psychological Fattors,- Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1956; Microfil7n EVANS.RICHARDI. "Personal Values as ~ a c t o r in i Anti-Semitism," Ph.D. dissertation, Michigan State University, 1950; Microfilm GOLDSTEIN,RONALDM. "The Nature, Character and Trends of Post-World W a r I1 American Jewry as Reflected in Communal Surveys," Rabbinical thesis, Hebrew Union College -Jewish Institute of Religion, 1967; Xerox copy GOLOVENSKY, DAVIDI. "Intergroup and Outgroup Attitudes of Younger Pupils in a Jewish Day School Cornpared with an Equivalent Sample of Pupils in Public (Mixed) Schools," Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1953; Microfilm GRINSTEIN,HYMANB. "The American Synagogue and Laxity of Religious Observance - 1750-1850,'' M.A. thesis, Columbia University, 1935; Microfilm

MEYERS.LAWRENCE C. "Evolution of the Jewish 'service in Tennessee: 1847 to 19637'' M.A. thesis, State 19~5; MOwsHOwlTz~ lsRAEL. "The of the Perception of Jewish and Non-Jewish Faces as it is Related to Prejudice," Ph.D. dissertation, Duke University, 1952; Microfilm

POLSKY,HOWARDW. "The Great Defense: A Study of Jewish Orthodoxy in Milwaukee," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Wisconsin, 1957; Microfilm PORTNOY,JOSEPH L. "An Analysis of Reform Jewish Youth Participation in Jewish Activities in the Northern California Council Region," Doctor of Education thesis, New York University, 1962; Microfilm ROSENTHAL, ERICH."The Jewish Population of Chicago: Size and Distribution as Derived from Voters Lists," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago, 1948; Microfilm SAMORA, JULIAN."Minority Groups in a Bi-cultural Community," Ph.D. dissertation, Washington University, 1953; Microfilm

SCHANIN,NORMAN."Young Judaea: A Survey of a National Jewish Movement in 1951-1952,'' Doctor of Education thesis, New York University, 1959; Microfilm

WEISS,SAMUEL A. "Acceptance of Jews and Gentiles by Jewish Children," Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1957; Microfilm

SHOOP,SIMONH. "A Study of Jewish Theological Concepts as Revealed from an Analysis of Textbooks on Jewish Religion, 1830-1956,'' Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 1956; Microfilm

WERB, MORRISR. "Jewish Suburbia An Historical and Comparative Study of Jewish Communities in Three New Jersey Suburbs," Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1959; Microfilm

SLOTKIN, JAMESS. "Jewish Intermarriage in Chicago," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago, 1939; Microfilm

YAPKO,BENJAMIN L. "Jewish Elementary Education in the United States, Colonial Period to Nineteen Hundred," Doctor of Education thesis, American University, r 958; Microfilm

SODDEN,JACOB."The Impact of Suburbanization on the Synagogue," Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1962; Microfilm TEITELBAUM, SAMUEL."Patterns of Adjustment Among Jewish Students in Midwestern Universities," Ph.D. dissertation, Northwestern University, 1952 ; Microfilm

HOROWITZ, DAVID."The Activities of a Cultured Cincinnati Jewess: Setty Swartz Kuhn," Hebrew Union College -Jewish Institute of Religion, 1967; Typescript COPY SHERMAN, CHARLES P. "The Cultural and Religious Activities of [Temple] Beth

AMERICAN JEWISHARCHIVES; Cincinnati, Ohio. Dedication of the Milton and Hattie Kutz Foundation (American Jewish Archives), 1967; Tape Recording ANTISEMITISM; Hattiesburg, Miss. Report on the distribution of "Hate Sheets" in the Hattiesburg area, 1965; Typescript; Xemx copy; Restricted

ZERIN, EDWARD."Selected Theological and Educational Factors in the Personality Development of Jewish Youth," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Southern California, 1953; Microfilm

Hillel, Mattapan, Massachusetts," HUC JIR, 1967; Typescript copy


TANNENBAUM, ROY. "Jew and Professor -The Life and Personality of Nathan Isaacs as Reflected in His Papers in the American Jewish Archives," HUC - JIR, 1967; Typescript copy

(Received from Theodor Falcon, Cincinnati.) ANTISEMITISM. Tract entitled "Captain Guy Jack's Iconoclast," n.d.; Printed; Xerox copy (Received from the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.)



ARMEDSERVICES. "A Ritual for Jewish Soldiers," used by Lewis Landes in Texas and Mexico, 19 16; Printed (Received from Lewis Landes, Larchmont, N. Y.) AUERBACH, MRS.JANETT.; Albuquerque, N. Mex. "Why I Decided to Accept Judaism as My Religion," by Mrs. Auerbach, I 967 ; Typescript copy (Received from Dr. Abraham I. Shinedling, Albuquerque.) BEN-GURION,DAVID.Address at H U C JIR, New York, I 967; Tape Recording


BENJAMIN, JUDAHP. "Judah Philip Benjamin in California," by Edgar M. Kahn, r 967 ; Typescri t; Xerox copy (Received l o r n Edgar M. Kahn, San Francisco.) BENTWICH,NORMAN.Lecture at H U C JIR, Cincinnati, entitled "30 Years of the British Mandate Rule in Palestine," I 967 ; Tape Recording CHYET,STANLEY F. "A Worship Service for Our Time," 1967; Typescript DORFMAN FAMILY.Genealogy, 1851-1962, compiled by Leean and David Knetzer, n.d. ; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Mrs. David Knetzer, Oakland, Calif.) FEIBELMAN, JULIANB.; New Orleans, La. Interview with Rabbi Feibelman regarding the role of the rabbis in the civil rights movement in the South, 1966; Tape Recording; Restricted (Received from P. Allen Krause, Chicago.)

GUSMAN, MAURICE; Miami, Fla. Chapter from South of the M o m , describing Gusman's activities in Tanzania on behalf of the United States government, and letter to Gusman from President Lyndon B. Johnson on this same subject, 1967; Printed and T pescript; Xerox copies (Received i o m Maurice Gusman.) H U C - JIR; Cincinnati, Ohio. Ordination service, 1967, sermon by Dr. Samuel E. Karff entitled "The Tents of JacobTwentieth Century" ; Tape Recording H U C - JIR; New York, N. Y. Dedication ceremony of the Jacob Philip Rudin floor, 1967; Tape Recording KAPLAN,ABRAHAM. The Sigmund Falk Lecture entitled "The Self and Its Identity," given at H U C - JIR, Cincinnati, 1967; Tape Recording KLEIN, JONATHAN;Worcester, Mass. Sabbath Service in Jazz, given at Temple Emanuel, Worcester, 1965; Tape Recording (Received from Rabbi Joseph Klein, Worcester.) LOEWENBERG, L. M.; Vicksburg, Miss. Testimony in regard to Loewenberg's claim for cotton taken from him by Union soldiers during the Civil War, 1911 and I 9 I 6; Manuscript copy (Received from Charles P. Sherman, Cincinnati.) MARRIAGES. Statistical information on Jewish marriages in North America between 1776 and 1840, compiled by Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern, 1966; Typescript; Xerox copr (Received from Malcolm H. Stern.)

FREEHOF,SOLOMON B.; Pittsburgh, Pa. The Louis Caplan Lectureship on Law entitled "Reform Judaism and the Law," delivered at H U C - JIR, Cincinnati, 1967; Tape Recording

MARRIAGES; Brooklyn, N. Y. Invitation to a Hasidic wedding, 1966; Printed (Received from Jeanette Weiss, Cincinnati.)

GRATZ,MICHAEL;Philadelphia, Pa. Daily business records, I 759-1 760; Manuscript; English and Yiddish; Xerox copy (Received from Philip D. Sang, Chicago.)

MORAIS, SABATO; Philadelphia, Pa. Thanksgiving Day sermon, I 861; Typescript; Xerox copy (Received from Justin G. Turner.)

RANSOHOFF,JOSEPH; Cincinnati, Ohio. "Synopsis of Lectures on Surgical Anatomy," I 889-1 890, and medical record books, I 87 2-1 87 3 ; Manuscript; Microfilm (Received from Mrs. William Ransohoff, Cincinnati.)

SZOLD,BENJAMIN;Baltimore, Md. Sermons and addresses, 1865-1886, 1888, and I 890; Manuscript; Yiddish and German; Microfilm (Received from the Jewish Historical Society of Maryland.)

RUBENSTEIN (RUBY),JACK;Chicago, Ill. Funeral service, conducted by Dr. David Graubart, 1967; Tape Recording

UNIONOF AMERICAN HEBREWCONGREGARadio broadcasts, featuring prominent individuals discussing Jews in the United States, n.d.; Tape Recording

SYRKIN,MARIE.Poem entitled "Jewess," I 9 3 z (?); Typescript (Taken from the Labor Zionist Organization of America papers, housed at the American Jewish Archives.)


WINE, SHERWINT . ; Birmingham, Mich. Informal disc. sion on religion and theology with ti : students at H U C - JIR, Cincinnati, I 967 ; Tape Recording

WANTED: CONGREGATIONAL minute books, board meeting minutes, financial records, cemetery records, cha,ters, constitutional revisions, temple dedication and anniver~ary booklets, and other data tracing the religious life of American Jewry.

FAMILY correspondence, diaries, memoirs, scrapbooks, photograph albums, naturalization papers, military medals, and personal souvenirs.

JEWISH ORGANIZATIONAL minute books and transaction records: fraternal, cultural, social, and philanthropic.

FILES of American Jewish periodicals, magazines, and journals. These and other similar manuscript materials will be gratefully accepted as: gifts; permanent loans in the name of the owner; or temporary loans to be examined, photostated, annotated, and returned to the owner.

The American Jewish Archives CINCINNATI, OHIO

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