Germantown Appendix 3 School Capacity - Montgomery Planning

Germantown Appendix 3 School Capacity - Montgomery Planning

APPENDIX 3: SCHOOL CAPACITY ANALYSIS Montgomery County Public Schools, December 12, 2008 Enrollment at elementary schools in the three future devel...

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Montgomery County Public Schools, December 12, 2008 Enrollment at elementary schools in the three

future development. In addition to elementary

Again, there are no capacity projects currently

clusters affected by the Germantown Employment

school enrollment growth, planning has begun for

planned to address these space deficits.

Area Sector Plan is projected to exceed capacity at

an addition at Clarksburg High School and a new

most schools. Middle school enrollment is

middle school to serve the Clarksburg community.

projected to remain within capacity at most cluster

Dates for the opening of these projects will be

schools, with the exception of Kingsview Middle

determined in the future. In the southern portion

In the Seneca Valley cluster all elementary schools

School in the Northwest cluster, and Neelsville and

of the Clarksburg cluster an addition to Fox Chapel

are projected to be over capacity in the next few

Rocky Hill middle schools in the Clarksburg cluster.

Elementary School will relieve over enrollment at

years. Planning is beginning next year on an

High school enrollments are projected to remain

that school when it opens in August 2011.

addition to either Lake Seneca Elementary School

within capacity at Northwest and Seneca Valley high schools, but exceed capacity at Clarksburg

Seneca Valley Cluster

or Waters Landing Elementary School. At the

Northwest Cluster

High School. Following is more detailed

middle school level Roberto Clemente Middle School (shared with the Northwest cluster) is

information on school capacity in the three

In the Northwest cluster Spark Matsunaga

projected to remain within capacity, as is Martin

clusters that serve the Germantown Sector Plan.

Elementary School faces the greatest over-

Luther King Jr. Middle School. At the high school

enrollment, followed by Great Seneca Creek

level, Seneca Valley High School is projected to

Elementary School. In addition, most other cluster

remain within capacity. In the Seneca Valley

Clarksburg Cluster

elementary schools are over capacity to some

cluster a future elementary school site, named

In the Clarksburg cluster new development is

degree. Only Germantown Elementary School is


increasing enrollment far more than in the other

projected to remain within capacity. At the present

Road, directly across from Roberto Clemente

two clusters. In August 2009 a new elementary

time there are no capital projects proposed to

Middle School.

school, located in the Milestone community, is

address over-enrollment at these elementary

scheduled to open. This will relieve some of the

schools. At the middle school level Roberto

Most of the additional residential development

pressure at Cedar Grove, Clarksburg, and Little

Clemente Middle School is within capacity, but

foreseen in the Germantown Employment Area

Bennett elementary schools. However, additional

Kingsview Middle School is projected to being

Sector Plan falls within the Seneca Valley cluster.

elementary schools will be needed in the coming

exceeding capacity in 2012. At the high school

The presence of the Waring Station ES school site

years to accommodate build-out of the Clarksburg

level, Northwest High School is within capacity, but

in this cluster provides the option of a new

Master Plan. The Clarksburg Master Plan includes

is projected to begin exceeding capacity in 2014.

elementary school in the future, if needed by build-


out of the master plan development. TECHNICAL APPENDICES 15