Global Enterprise & Partnership - Prostate Cancer Foundation

Global Enterprise & Partnership - Prostate Cancer Foundation

Global Enterprise & Partnership Advancing Patient-Centered Science 2011 Progress Report EXPANDING GLOBAL RESEARCH & PARTNERSHIP Table of Contents ...

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Global Enterprise & Partnership Advancing Patient-Centered Science

2011 Progress Report


Table of Contents Founder-CEO Letter


95 PCF Young Investigators 3 The Promise of MDV3100  6 China Scientists Join PCF Global Enterprise 8 Irish YIs Pursue Biomarkers of Aggressive Cancers 10 2011 By the Numbers


Special Interview: A Decade of Safeway Support 14 Special Interview: Movember’s Unique DNA 18 2011 Donor Roll


A Patient’s Appeal for Support 


Supporting Cures


Financial Statements


The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the world’s largest private funder of prostate cancer research, accelerating the world’s most promising research and delivering better patient outcomes. In the past 2 years, 5 new medicines that extend the lives of men with metastatic prostate cancer have been approved by the FDA. PCF initiated and supported academic treatment science that fast-forwarded every one of these approvals. Since 1993, PCF donors have given over $479 million to fund more than 1,600 research projects at nearly 200 institutions in 15 countries. Our continually expanding global research enterprise brings together the brightest minds in prostate cancer research and other scientific areas to collaborate across borders and institutional lines. Together, we spark and accelerate innovative projects that deliver life-saving results. PCF is widely acknowledged as the source of hope for more than 16 million men and their families around the world who are affected by prostate cancer. In 2011, our patient-centered science made important advances toward overtreating less and curing more so we can ultimately eliminate death and suffering from prostate cancer for every man affected. In 2012, our progress continues.

PCF Supporting Partners 35 Board of Directors & Leadership Team


Expanding Global Research & Partnership Since our founding, we have worked to build a vibrant global research enterprise by investing in human capital and strategic partnerships to fastforward the ongoing advancement of prostate cancer science. We continue to expand these efforts and celebrate the recent establishment of the Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer in Canada and our PCF China initiatives.

5-Year Revenue History

2011 Spending


Per Dollar

PCF China Committee members visited the Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen in March 2012.

Dear Friends: Men diagnosed with prostate cancer have more reason for hope than ever before. Progress funded and accelerated by the Prostate Cancer Foundation means they can expect to live longer, more productive lives. We are closer than ever to living in an age when prostate cancer is considered a chronic condition, not a life-threatening disease. Just two decades ago, the outlook for this disease was much different. In the early 1990s, many health analysts were predicting that—with the aging of the baby boomers—prostate cancer would soon kill far greater numbers of American men than the more than 40,000 who succumbed each year. Thanks to research here and around the world—and to increased awareness, both largely driven by PCF—the reality is much brighter. Today, prostate cancer claims at least 40 percent fewer lives than had been predicted. And the outlook gets brighter every day. Over the past two years, four new treatments were approved to treat prostate cancer: Provenge (Dendreon), Zytiga (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson company), Xgeva (Amgen) and Jevtana (Sanofi-Aventis). Today, 97 drugs are in Phase I or II trials, and four more PCFsupported therapeutics are rapidly working their way through Phase III clinical trials: • Alpharadin (radium-223 chloride by Algeta and Bayer Pharma AG), a novel radiotherapy that disperses small amounts of radiation to kill metastasized cells while sparing healthy cells;

• Ipilimumab (Yervoy by Bristol-Myers Squibb), an immunotherapy that has already proven effective for melanoma patients and may soon be available for prostate cancer patients. • MDV3100 (Enzalutamide by Medivation and Astellas Pharma), which inhibits the androgen signaling pathway and has shown a 37 percent reduction in the risk of death compared to placebo; and • XL184 (Cabozantinib by Exelixis), an orally administered tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) that shows unprecedented promise in reducing bone metastases for many patients;

Thinking Globally PCF expanded its global research network and partnerships in 2011 through two important steps: the establishment of the Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer (CCPC) in Canada and the launch of PCF China. The Canadian entity will monitor national research progress at Canadian cancer centers and universities, and it will provide benefits for Canadian donors, enabling us to use transformational gifts to expand research efforts. Our China initiative will identify, fund and promote innovative research projects benefitting men around the world. China historically had low rates of the disease, but the number of new cases is rising in urban centers where Chinese men are adopting more Westernized lifestyles; and when the disease does strike, it’s often more virulent and aggressive. The Chinese government 2011 progress report 1

is thus committed to investing in and expanding its prostate cancer research efforts; not only is this good for China, but it also provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of diet and environmental changes on prostate cancer incidence worldwide. In March 2012, we presented our first two Young Investigator awards to Chinese scientists at the inaugural China Prostate Cancer Symposium in Beijing. Moving forward, we’ll work with established Chinese institutions such as the Chinese Urological Association to expand cancer research and encourage sustainable collaborations. Closer to home, PCF announced the first prostate cancer reasearch Dream Teams in April 2012, funded jointly by PCF and Stand Up to Cancer, in association with the American Association for Cancer Research. These three-year, $10 million Translational Cancer Research Grants provide funding to address therapeutic interventions in advanced metastatic prostate cancer. This global competition resulted in the selection of two teams of researchers: one led by Dr. Charles Sawyers at New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and the second led by Dr. Eric Small at UCSF and Dr. Owen Witte at UCLA. All four received PCF research awards earlier in their careers. The Michigan-MSKCC Dream Team will focus on precision therapy for metastatic prostate cancer. The UCSF-UCLA team, funded in part by Movember—an annual campaign that raises awareness and funding for men’s health issues—will investigate pathways of treatment resistance and identify new treatment approaches. We are pleased that Paul Villanti, Movember’s first chairman, joined our Board of Directors in 2011. Our emphasis on global collaboration and our support of public-private partnerships continue to accelerate discovery and expand access to patient information, leading to highly personalized treatment plans so we can overtreat less and cure more.

1,600 patient-centered research projects in genomics, epigenetics, drug development, biomarkers, immunology, imaging technologies and nutritional research. Thanks to generous support, last year PCF invested in 10 new Challenge Awards, 14 Creativity Awards and 24 new Young Investigator Awards. By early 2012, we announced 21 additional Young Investigators, bringing the total since 2007 to 95. The innovative thinking of our Young Investigators—and their drive to achieve the impossible—continues to accelerate progress against prostate and other cancers. We’re proud to have cultivated one of the largest and most productive teams of cancer researchers ever assembled.

We Are Not Letting Up We continue to advocate for increased national commitments to medical research where, with greater investment, we can save millions of lives and trillions of dollars. For example, the National Cancer Institute estimates that a 20 percent reduction in cancer mortality would be worth $20 trillion to the U.S. economy—far more than the national debt. PCF remains a source of hope for all men and their families. With your continued support, we will move patient-focused science forward even faster. Together, we can and will speed progress toward ending the suffering and death caused by this devastating disease. With sincere appreciation,

Michael Milken

Founder and Chairman

Jonathan W. Simons, MD President and Chief Executive Officer David H. Koch Chair

The PCF team enhanced our digital footprint considerably in 2011. Unique visits to were up 10 percent. Facebook followers were up 30 percent, and PCF reached more than 5 million through its Facebook community. Our list of Twitter followers increased 10 percent. The world is taking note of our work.

2 2011 progress report

Changing the Future of Prostate Cancer Research

In 2011 and early 2012, through the generosity of its donors, PCF added 45 new Young Investigators (YIs) to its global research enterprise. These young scientists are bringing fresh ideas and approaches to bear on pivotal aspects of prostate cancer research. They represent the future leaders in research. In total, PCF has funded nearly 100 Young Investigators since 2007.

Advances in healthcare have accounted for as much as half of all economic growth in the past several decades. Today, investments in medical research promise the greatest long-term economic stimulus and the greatest hope for patients. As previously stated, the National Cancer Institute estimates that if research could reduce the cancer death rate by 20 percent, it would add $20 trillion to the U.S. economy. This kind of progress often emerges from the fertile minds of young researchers. Einstein, Salk, Curie, Watson, Newton, Galileo and others reshaped history by age 30. Yet, today’s young medical investigators receive only one percent of federal research funding, down from 10 percent in 1980. Last year, more federal grants went to researchers older than 70 than to those younger than 30. Since 1993, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has supported three generations of young investigators dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery. The first two generations, sponsored between 1993 and 2006, have been involved in every significant prostate cancer breakthrough. Many of them now lead major medical centers. In 2007, PCF launched a third generation of YIs with a goal of funding 100 researchers by the end of 2012.

Young Thinkers Delivering Game-Changing Discoveries

New Donors, New Ways to Support PCF

In 2011, 54,000 PCF donors—including 24,000 new supporters—contributed $43.1 million to maintain the momentum of discovery. Since 1993, 170,000 donors have contributed $479 million to support more than

95 PCF Young Investigators in 7 Countries

PCF YIs, typically under age 35, are innovative research leaders who are moving prostate cancer research toward cures. Our Young Investigator Awards offer career and project support for early career researchers who have achieved junior faculty positions and are committing their lives to the field of prostate cancer. Each YI is mentored by a recognized senior investigator. Jonathan Simons, MD (left), and Mike Milken at the launch of PCF China in Beijing

In the first part of 2012, we announced our first two YIs in China and four new YIs in Canada.

Three generations of PCF YIs have built a foundation of knowledge upon which future scientists and clinicians can expand discovery. They represent a distinguished community of scientific mentors who can guide and inspire the work of future generations of cancer researchers. Here are a few recent examples of Young Investigator discoveries that are improving clinical practice for this disease. • Scott Tomlins, MD, PhD (2007 YI), at the University of Michigan, developed a simple urine test that can detect cancer earlier and eliminate thousands of unneeded biopsies each year. • Steve Cho, MD (2008 YI), at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, created a molecular imaging technology that can see smaller tumors earlier than current CT and x-ray imaging systems. • Himisha Beltran, MD (2010 YI), at Weill Cornell Medical College, discovered an unanticipated pathway (aurora kinase) active in the most lethal variety of high-grade prostate cancer and is developing new specific treatments with drugs in development targeting prostate, colon and lung cancers. • Robert Den, MD (2010 YI), at Thomas Jefferson University, deciphered a cause of resistance to radiation therapy.

These are not just novel ideas. They are real, life-saving discoveries made possible by our generous supporters. 2011 progress report 3

45 new young investigators in 2011 & 2012 Joshi Alumkal, MD – 2011

Oregon Health and Science University, Knight Cancer Institute Donors: John and Jana Scarpa– The John F. Scarpa Foundation

David L. Bajor, MD – 2011

University of Pennsylvania Donors: Reina and Emilio Bassini

Christopher Barbieri, MD, PhD – 2011 Weill Cornell Medical College Donors: Peter and Laurie Grauer

Tarek Bismar, MD – 2012 University of Calgary Donor: The Robbins Family

John Chadwick Brenner, MSc, PhD – 2011 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Donors: Cayre Family Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fuss, Robert Kraft

Dimple Chakravarty, PhD, DVM – 2012 Weill Cornell Medical College Donor: Sternlicht Family Foundation

Yu Chen, MD, PhD – 2011

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Donors: David H. and Julia Koch

Matthew Cooperberg, MD – 2011

University of California, San Francisco Donors: Judy and Ronald Baron

Farshid Dayyani, MD, PhD – 2011 The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Donor: John H. Tyson

Junjie Feng, PhD – 2012

Wake Forest University Donors: John A. and Carol Moran

Stephen Finn, MBBS, PhD – 2012 Trinity College Dublin, Institute of Molecular Medicine Donor: Steve Wynn 4 2011 progress report

Terence Friedlander, MD – 2012

University of California, San Francisco Donor: Lowell Milken

Matthew Galsky, MD – 2012

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Donor: Mortimer Sackler

Andrew Goldstein, PhD – 2011

University of California, Los Angeles Donors: Todd Boehly, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Joe and Ali Torre

Michael Haffner, MD – 2011

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Donors: Ellen and Richard V. Sandler

Corinne Joshu, PhD – 2011

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Donor: Kovler Family Foundation

Anthony Michael Joshua, MBBS, PhD – 2012 Princess Margaret Hospital Donor: Pier Luigi Tolaini

Kalpana Kannan, PhD – 2012 Baylor College of Medicine Donors: Leon and Debra Black

Maria Karlou, PhD – 2011 University of Athens Donor: PCF-Hellenic Fund

Stacey Kenfield, ScD – 2012

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University Donor: Michael Milken

Hung-Ming Lam, PhD – 2012 University of Cincinnati Donor: Steve Wynn

Jihyun Lee, PhD – 2011

University of Pennsylvania Donor: Ben Franklin Award

Richard Lee, MD, PhD – 2011

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Donors: Alexandra M. and Steven A. Cohen

Barbara Lelj-Garolla Di Bard, PhD – 2012

Karen Sfanos, PhD – 2012

Shyh-Dar Li, PhD – 2012

Yusuke Shiozawa, MD, PhD – 2011

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Donor: Pier Luigi Tolaini

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Donor: Todd Boehly

Tamara Lotan, MD – 2011

Timothy Showalter, MD – 2011

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Donor: Elaine Wynn

Thomas Jefferson University Donor: Ben Franklin Award

Heather Montie, PhD – 2012

Abhishek Srivastava, MD – 2011

Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Medical College Donors: John A. and Carol Moran

Weill Cornell Medical College Donor: The Richard S. and Karen LeFrak Charitable Foundation

David Mulholland, PhD – 2012

Barry Taylor, PhD – 2011

University of California, Los Angeles Donor: Lori Milken

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Donor: Reggie’s Team

Paul Nguyen, MD – 2012

Hans David Ulmert, MD, PhD – 2012

Vancouver Prostate Centre Donor: Pier Luigi Tolaini

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Donors: R. Christian B. and Felicia Evensen

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University Donor: Heritage Medical Research Institute

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Donors: David H. and Julia Koch

Kathryn L. Penney, ScD – 2011

Vancouver Prostate Centre Donor: Pier Luigi Tolaini

Harvard Medical School In Honor of Joel M. Pashcow

Antoinette Perry, PhD – 2011

Trinity College Dublin, Institute of Molecular Medicine Donor: The Handler Family Fund

Alexander Wyatt, PhD – 2012

Kexin Xu, PhD – 2011

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University Donor: Progenics, in Honor of Dr. Stephen Morris

Timothy Yap, MBBS, PhD – 2011

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Donor: Lori Milken

The Institute of Cancer Research, The Royal Marsden Hospital Donors: The Honorable Earle I. and Carol Mack, B. Scott Minerd

Shancheng Ren, MD, PhD – 2012

Yuxi Zhang, MD, PhD – 2012

Dana Rathkopf, MD – 2011

Shanghai Changhai Hospital Donor: Shmuel Meitar

First Hospital of China Medical University Donor: Shmuel Meitar

Sameek Roychowdhury, MD, PhD – 2011 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Donor: Foundation 14

Luke Selth, PhD – 2012

University of Adelaide, Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories Donor: Foundation 14

For more information on PCF Young Investigators and their funded projects, go to:

2011 progress report 5

PCF’s Venture Philanthropy and Global Clinical Trials Network Deliver the Promise of MDV3100 MDV3100 (Enzalutamide) recently moved out of Phase III clinical trials at the close of 2011 and is awaiting approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This new therapeutic for inhibiting the androgen receptor has five times the affinity of Casodex for binding to androgen receptors and holds promise for men who have failed hormone and chemotherapies. PCF support through every step of development—from idea through clinical trials—is helping this new drug make its way to castration-resistant patients in record time. It is a unique story of investing in and fostering academic and commercial cooperation.

MDV3100 has a novel mechanism of action, inhibiting the androgen receptor (AR) at three distinct points in the signaling pathway. MDV3100 directly blocks the activity of the androgen receptor, the engine of prostate cancer progression. In its Phase III clinical study, MDV3100 increased median survival by 4.8 months, providing a 37 percent reduction in the risk of death compared to placebo. Some patients have very durable remissions well beyond average, while some do not respond. Thus, the median survival is a statistical description for the FDA and clinical researchers. The MDV3100 clinical trial marks the second time the trial of a prostate cancer drug was stopped early and the drug was offered to patients in the placebo arm due to its effectiveness and patient tolerance. The first incidence was with Zytiga (abiraterone) which was approved in April 2011. Zytiga affects prostate cancer progression by shutting off the supply of fuel—testosterone. Having both drugs available to patients will represent an important advance in patient treatment. 6 2011 progress report

“The clinical advancement of MDV3100 is one of the most important events in the history of prostate cancer research and PCF,” says Howard Soule, PCF’s chief scientist. “For men whose disease has progressed since receiving hormone and chemotherapies, MDV3100 should provide a new treatment option to extend survival.” Both MDV3100 and Zytiga are being evaluated in Phase III trials in patients who have failed hormone therapy but have not undergone chemotherapy. Results are not yet available, but the trend will be to investigate both medications earlier in the natural history of the disease. They are also being tested in the pre-surgical setting (funded by PCF Challenge Awards) with curative intent for primary high-risk prostate cancer. Many additional clinical trials are needed to determine the optimal sequence or combination of Zytiga and MDV3100 and to determine if combinations of MDV3100 with other experimental targeted therapies are synergistic.

From Test Tube to Patients Urgently The research and development period for MDV3100 has been a comparatively short nine years. PCF’s total investment of $14.75 million in MDV3100, supported by the PCF’s investment in the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium and the guidance of PCF-funded researchers, Dr. Howard Scher (Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center, New York) and Dr. Johann de Bono (The Royal Marsden Hospital, London), accelerated the Phase III development of the drug. FDA approval of MDV3100 is expected within a year.

Photography: Paul Bliese

Fast on the heels of five new prostate cancer drugs approved for patients with advanced disease in the past two years, a promising new drug, MDV3100 (developed by Medivation and partner, Astellas) could soon be approved by the FDA. The development of MDV3100 began with a PCF Board of Directors meeting at UCLA where the world’s top cancer scientists in leukemia were invited to apply for funding and work on prostate cancer. What ensued was a 2002 competitive CaP CURE (PCF) research award to Owen Witte, MD, Michael Jung, PhD, and Charles Sawyers, MD. There, Michael Jung, a professor in organic chemistry, discovered the compound after working with Dr. Sawyers on the mechanisms of androgen resistance.

Michael Jung, PhD, at UCLA’s Molecular Sciences Center



David Judy Fleischer

Dr. Ren has identified In August 2011, the a novel gene fusion in Prostate Cancer prostate cancer patients Foundation launched in China that results its PCF China initiative. in the juxtaposition The program is designed of the SDK1 and the to identify, fund and AMACR genes. He promote innovative proposes to study the research projects relative prevalence and within China. Working clinical significance with leading Chinese of this SDK1-AMACR organizations, such as gene fusion in Chinese the Chinese Urological Chinese cancer research scientists met with PCF Chief Science Officer, Howard Soule, PhD, at the first Annual PCF China Scientific patients and to Association, PCF China Symposium Awards Ceremony in Beijing, China. investigate this gene will stimulate and help fusion as a novel, nonbuild the prostate cancer invasive marker for the detection of prostate cancer research enterprise in China as well as encourage in Chinese patients. TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusions that sustainable collaborations throughout the PCF are a hallmark of prostate cancer in approximately 50 worldwide knowledge exchange. In March, PCF China percent of Caucasian patients occur at a much lower hosted its first Annual Prostate Cancer Symposium at Peking University’s Wu Jieping Urology Center, featuring frequency of approximately 15-20 percent in prostate cancer patients in China. scientific presentations and discussions with Chinese cancer scientists and their American counterparts. Dr. Zhang will investigate why most prostate cancer patients ultimately become resistant to hormone therapy. PCF China also announced its first Young Investigator This stage of prostate cancer is termed castration(YI) awards in China featuring three-year grants for resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and increases risk for two Chinese scientists, Shancheng Ren, MD, PhD, at death. Recently identified prostate cancer-specific stem Shanghai Changhai Hospital and Yuxi Zhang, MD, PhD, cells (PrCSC) may play a major role in the development of at The First Hospital of China Medical University. These treatment resistance and progression of prostate cancer. two YIs are sponsored by Shmuel Meitar, a PCF Board member who saw the potential of China to contribute Studies of PrCSCs have shown that they are capable important solutions to prostate cancer research. of self-renewal, possess enhanced tumor-initiating capabilities, do not rely on androgens for growth and “PCF-supported Young Investigators have changed the scope of prostate cancer research, advancing treatment survival and are more resistant to treatment than other cancerous cells. Dr. Zhang has identified a subsciences and improving the lives of patients worldwide. population of PrCSCs that increase in numbers upon It is an honor to support PCF’s expansion and sponsor treatment with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). these scientists in China,” says our donor. “They will Dr. Zhang proposes to study prostate cancer-specific help accelerate our mission of responding to the everstem cells that lead to the development of disease changing research landscape and to fund high-risk, progression and treatment resistance. These studies high-patient benefit programs that also facilitate data will help in the identification of potential drug targets sharing through PCF’s global scientific network.” that prevent CRPC development. 8 2011 progress report

Image Credit: Shanghai skyline at night – shuiyuansu, istock photography

In a part of the world that has historically experienced low rates of prostate cancer— including entire regions where prostate cancer appeared to be nonexistent—China is now reporting increases in incidence in China’s urban areas. In Shanghai alone, new cases are increasing at a rate of 13 percent annually. This, coupled with a government commitment to stem the rise of new cases, makes China a unique area in which PCF can support research and expand its investments in human capital.

Yuxi Zhang, MD, PhD, at The First Hospital of China Medical University in Shenyang City (left) and Shancheng Ren, MD, PhD, at Shanghai Changhai Hospital

IRISH YOUNG INVESTIGATORS PURSUE biomarkers of AGGRESSIVE CANCERs First-time PCF Young Investigators in Ireland are researching molecular differences between aggressive and low Gleason-grade cancers. From its inception, PCF has focused heavily on investing in human capital, particularly in the form of young scientists with innovative approaches and tenacity. Our support of nearly 100 young investigators around the world since 2008 underscores this commitment.

cancer diagnostics and patient risk stratification. Dr. Perry is developing new blood and urine biomarkers for the non-invasive detection of aggressive prostate cancer. Dr. Perry’s goal of identifying epigenetic patterns of DNA alterations that are specifically associated with aggressive prostate cancers holds promise for alleviating the burden of overtreatment for indolent disease.

One of the biggest challenges in diagnosing and treating the more than 27 known varieties of prostate cancer Drs. Stephen Finn, and Antoinette Perry, at Trinity is discerning between the College’s Institute of Molecular Medicine in Dublin most aggressive forms of this cancer, varieties that Another PCF Young Investigator at Trinity College’s represent intermediate levels of aggressiveness, Institute of Molecular Medicine is Stephen Finn, MBBS, and those that are indolent, or non-life-threatening. PhD, sponsored by PCF donor Steve Wynn. Genetic The ability to distinguish between these would information flows outward from our genes on DNA as greatly reduce overtreatment, sparing men from the follows: gene (DNA) to RNA to protein. This sequence of side effects of treatment, and enable us to deliver genetic transcription is known as the Central Dogma. personalized treatments that are best suited to a RNAs, the products of DNA, either give rise to proteins specific genotype or variety. called coding RNAs or non-coding RNAs. Despite their name, non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) are functional Two of PCF’s newest Young Investigators, the first molecules that perform specialized roles in the cell, such ever in Ireland, are working on this very problem at as regulation of gene expression. Recent reports have Trinity College in Dublin. provided evidence for the role of small, non-coding RNAs in the development and progression of prostate cancer. Antoinette Perry, PhD, at Trinity College’s Institute

Prostate cancer is driven by several epigenetic alterations and genetic abnormalities. Epigenetic alterations can be detected non-invasively with high sensitivity in peripheral blood and urine. Therefore, detecting prostate cancer-specific epigenetic alterations holds potential for both improved prostate 10 2011 progress report

Dr. Finn proposes to identify those non-coding RNAs that are associated with aggressive prostate cancer as defined by failure to respond to Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), disease-specific mortality and other factors. His research will identify the role of non-coding RNAs in aggressive prostate cancer and correlate these to prostate cancer-specific outcomes, laying the groundwork for the design of new therapeutics that will target specific non-coding RNAs. These studies may provide reliable biomarkers of aggressiveness which can help in patient stratification for treatment and more efficient disease monitoring.

View a video on the work of Drs. Perry and Finn at:

Photography: Jeff Becker

of Molecular Medicine—using a award sponsored by The Handler Family Fund—is working to address the critical, unmet need of identifying aggressive tumors at an early stage while they are potentially curable and distinguishing them from indolent, lowgrade tumors which can be treated with proactive surveillance to avoid overtreatment of clinically insignificant disease. To this aim, Dr. Perry is studying the chemical modifications to DNA’s outer shell, known as epigenetics.

Antoinette Perry, PhD, and Stephen Finn, MBBS, PhD, at Trinity College, Dublin


Photography: Paul Bliese

Joe & Ali Torre

Prostate cancer can be managed. It’s treatable and you can often survive it… but if you can prevent it from ever happening, that’s all the better. PCF is working on all fronts. That is why we are proud to support the Foundation’s work and that of their talented researchers. View a video with Ali Torre at:



David & Judy Fleischer

Steve Burd Chairman, Safeway

A DECADE OF SAFEWAY SUPPORT There Is No Such Thing as Small Change

For more than 10 years, Safeway customers have been given an opportunity to make donations in support of PCF-sponsored research. The fundraising campaign occurs each June at stores across the U.S. and in Canada. Whether rounding up to the nearest dollar or donating several dollars, Safeway shoppers have collectively given new meaning to the phrase, “There Is No Such Thing as Small Change.”

Q. Why did Safeway choose to become involved in raising money to support cancer research?

A. We got involved because we saw an

opportunity to make a difference with diseases that impact a significantly large part of our customer and employee populations. Prostate cancer affects 1 in 6 American men. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. By supporting both causes, we believe we are making an impact on the science of finding a cure, saving lives and contributing to our nation’s overall health.

Q. Since the annual campaign for Prostate

Cancer began, Safeway customers and the Safeway Foundation have raised more than $75 million to support research for a prostate cancer cure. Does this surprise you?

A. Not really. Over the years we’ve engaged our

customers on charitable activities, and are always impressed with their generosity. In the first year of our June prostate cancer campaign, we raised

$800,000. Last year, during that same period, we raised more than $10 million. The numbers are both a testimony to the system we have put in place to raise funds and to the generosity of our customers. We’ve created a unique model that allows us to leverage the considerable foot traffic that gets generated in a grocery store, and doesn’t burden the donor. Most of our in-store donations are relatively small.

Q. How did Safeway choose to partner with

the Prostate Cancer Foundation?

A. The organization is widely regarded as the

leading private funder of prostate cancer research. It is highly respected in the cancer research community and viewed as a catalyst for accelerating

...we are making an impact on the science of finding a cure, saving lives and contributing to our nation’s overall health. the science of cancer research closer to a cure. Since we started our fundraising the prostate cancer death rate has been reduced 40 percent from what was once projected, and nearly 200,000 American men are alive today because of advances in treatments. That is encouraging. Continued on page 16

14 2011 progress report

Image Credit: AP Images

Not only has the annual Safeway campaign raised important funding for game-changing research, it has raised awareness for prostate cancer among Safeway customers and employees nationally. The following is a discussion with Steve Burd, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Safeway.

Q. Is PCF different from similar organizations? A. We are careful about only funding charitable

organizations that operate efficiently. PCF has developed a reputation for their entrepreneurial approach to doing things. They keep overhead costs low and there is a sense of urgency to everything PCF does. I serve on their Board, so I understand how funds are allocated and the organization’s focus on science. PCF’s CEO, Jonathan Simons, MD and his team hold their funding recipients to a high standard and insist that sponsored work and resulting data are shared broadly with other funded institutions doing similar work.


Until recently, prostate cancer has long remained in the shadows. Is that changing?

A. We think we’ve had a hand in bringing the

disease out into the open. However, Mike Milken and his PCF team deserve the real credit for creating a public dialog about the disease. He has surrounded himself with a gifted team of scientists who also happen to be exceptional communicators. PCF has also done a great job creating awareness and getting messages out to mass audiences through the sports and entertainment industries.

16 2011 progress report

David & Judy Fleischer

Q. Safeway is known for its progressive

employee health programs. Is there a parallel between those and some of the work of PCF?

A. PCF’s research correlating diet and exercise with disease prevention tracks with the work we have been doing at Safeway. We provide our employees with a range of incentives to improve their overall health while reducing their out-ofpocket healthcare costs. PCF research provided early input for our understanding of lifestyle and its connection to cancer prevention.

Q. Do you believe

that together we are making progress against prostate cancer?

A. We most certainly

believe we are making progress. As I indicated earlier, mortality rates have declined dramatically in the time we’ve been connected to the cause. Men are living longer, more productive lives. At Safeway, we look forward to building on our partnership going forward so we can overtreat less and cure more.

PCF research provided early input for our understanding of lifestyle and its connection to cancer prevention. View a video on Safeway’s campaigns at:

Photography: Frank DeChirico

We’ve created a unique model that allows us to leverage the considerable foot traffic that gets generated in a grocery store, and doesn’t burden the donor.


The organization has a growing presence in the social media world. I’m told they had more than 5 million “Friends” on Facebook—which is an impressive number in that space.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation and Michael Milken have placed prostate cancer ‘on the map’ in bringing dramatically increased attention to this major killer as well as broad knowledge to men, enabling more to effectively fight prostate cancer. At the same time, the PCF approach to aggressively raising seed money and creatively stimulating research has ‘changed the game’ in how rapidly research can be completed, shared and advanced. As a direct result, the best researchers are now being attracted to the field of prostate cancer and new drugs are coming out of the laboratory at a record pace, revolutionizing the fight against this once ignored disease. We are pleased to be able to support such an extraordinary organization.



David & Judy Fleischer

Adam Garone CEO & Co-Founder, Movember


Changing the Face of Men’s Health—One Mo at a Time Movember first took root in 2003, when a group of men in Australia decided to have some fun by bringing the Mo (Aussie slang for moustache) back for 30 days. They chose the month formerly known as November and enlisted 30 men to grow moustaches. They not only had a great time doing it, they were amazed by the conversations generated by the growth of a simple moustache.

Q. Looking back on that initial discussion

about bringing back the Mo, did you have any idea what you were starting?

A. The initial discussion about bringing back the

Mo was between my brother, Travis, and friend Luke, who pondered why the moustache had never made a fashionable comeback. As part of the original 30 Mo-growers, we initially grew for fun, but quickly realized that the moustache was an incredible conversation starter. For the entire month, from bosses to girlfriends and strangers, everyone had an opinion about our Mos. In 2004, Movember became an official charity and 450 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised $54,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. It was the largest donation they had received up until that time. As a result we truly appreciated the power of the moustache to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. We realized there was a lack of resources and charitable endeavors focused on men’s health. Inspired by the women around us, and all they had done for breast cancer, we knew we had to strive to bring the same kind of awareness to the health issues affecting men, such as prostate cancer.

18 2011 progress report

Q. How did a small local program grow into an

international cultural phenomenon?

A. In 2007, the movement went global, with official Movember campaigns introduced beyond Australia in New Zealand, Spain, UK, Ireland, Canada, and the U.S. Today, official Movember campaigns are held in 14 countries. In each country, we partner with the very best men’s health organizations, and we’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the U.S.

More than $10 million has gone to research programs supported by PCF. Globally, since 2004, more than 1.9 million participants have raised $281 million to change the face of men’s health.

...we initially grew for fun, but quickly realized that the moustache was an incredible conversation starter.

Q. How does the Mo raise awareness and raise funds?

A. Movember participation begins by registering at On their own or as part of a team, men grow and women support a moustache for the 30 days of Movember. Much like the commitment to do a charity run or walk, Movember participants commit to changing their appearance by growing a Continued on page 20

Photography: Paul Bliese

Movember’s four co-founders—Adam Garone, Travis Garone, Luke Slattery and Justin Coghlan— recognized that the Mo could be the “hairy ribbon” to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer and other health issues affecting men. Thus, a movement was born. We asked Adam Garone, CEO and cofounder of Movember, to reflect on the success and future of the global movement.

Adam Garone (standing), with Movember colleague, Donny Killian, in front of Movember U.S.headquarters in Venice, CA

We partner with the very best men’s health organizations, and we’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the U.S. moustache. Along the way, they get their family, friends, and colleagues to donate to their Mogrowing efforts. Team building and managing your personal campaign is handled easily on the Movember website, where each participant has their own personalized fundraising page. During Movember, each Mo Bro becomes a walking billboard for men’s health. Globally in 2011, our participants had over 800,000 face-to-face conversations about Movember, with a reach of over 65 million. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas actively communicated our men’s health messaging, totaling nearly four billion conversations via social media, in person, phone calls, emails, texts, and blogs.

Q. How do women

participate in Movember?

A. While not Mo-growers, women are a very

important part of the success of the Movember campaign. Sixty percent of our donors and many Movember team captains are women. As women often act as the “Chief Medical Officer” of their households, they have an integral part in engaging men to participate in the campaign, as well as helping to spread awareness and education about men’s health causes.

Q. When Movember began in the U.S., how

did it decide to select the Prostate Cancer Foundation as its men’s health partner? 20 2011 progress report

2011 Donor roll

A. In countries where Movember runs official

campaigns, we look to partner with charities that are aligned with Movember’s vision to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. We choose our men’s health partners based on their corporate governance policies, cost ratios, leadership within the area, and most importantly, their achievements funding world-class programs and research. Once our U.S. partner assessment was complete, it was abundantly clear that PCF was the right fit. As the leading national prostate cancer charitable organization, PCF is funding and accelerating prostate cancer research globally.

Q. How would you

characterize Movember’s partnership with PCF?

A. We are very proud of the

research programs we’ve helped PCF fund. We are honored to have had a hand in helping scientists discover the 27+ types of prostate cancer and in sequencing the prostate cancer genome, edging us closer to a world where no man should die from prostate cancer.

Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the state of men’s health by funding programs focused on awareness and education, survivorship, and research. PCF has provided invaluable insights and results for research.

Sixty percent of our donors and many Movember team captains are women. Together, I believe we will end death and suffering as a result of prostate cancer.

View a video about Movember at:

The support of our generous donors makes all that we do at PCF possible. This honor roll acknowledges actual gifts of $1,000 or more, exclusive of pledges, made to PCF during calendar year 2011. We thank you, our friends and supporters, for making 2011 PCF’s best year yet. $5,000,000+ The Safeway Foundation

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999 The Charles Evans Foundation Edward P. Evans Foundation David H. and Julia Koch Movember Foundation The News Corporation Foundation Pier Luigi Tolaini

$500,000 - $999,999 Anonymous The San Francisco Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999 Anonymous American Apparel & Footwear Association Exosome Diagnostics, Inc. Foundation 14 Milken Family Foundation Sanofi-Aventis Larry and Joyce StupskiStupski Family Fund

$150,000 - $249,999 Susan and Jim Blair Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Stephen J. and Chantal Cloobeck, Diamond Resorts International The Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen Foundation, Inc. The Neil and Sandra DeFeo Family Foundation The Durden Foundation, Inc. R. Christian B. Evensen David and Judith Fleischer Richard S. and Karen LeFrak Charitable Foundation Major League Baseball Charites, Inc. Medical Research Agencies of America Tony Ressler and Jami Gertz

Brian and Patricia Reynolds The Ruppel Family Trust M. Shanken, Chairman-M. Shanken Communications, Inc. Silicon Valley Community Foundation Varian Medical Systems Foundation J. Eustace Wolfington Dwight Wubbenhorst Living Trust

$100,000 - $149,999 Joseph and Annette Allen Becker Family Fund at Baltimore Community Foundation The Bill and Ann Bresnan Foundation, Inc. Cablevision Systems Corporation Mr. Joe Clark Peter and Laurie Grauer The Katz Foundation Kern Family Fund The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation Joel M. Pashcow William A. Richardson

Beth Kobliner Shaw and David E. Shaw Ted and Dani Virtue Kimbra and Mark Walter Stanley and Barbara Zax

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Ron and Judy Baron Robert K. Barth Reina and Emilio Bassini Blavatnik Family Foundation Estate of Irene Pamela Bridenbecker The Brin Wojcicki Foundation The Brookdale Foundation Group Joe & Trina Cayre Foundation Robert D. Collins Fund Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Cooper Dendreon Corporation Bonnie Pfeifer Evans Ralph and Cynthia Finerman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fuss Gen-Probe Incorporated Pamela and Robert B. Goergen Golfers Against Cancer George & Reva Graziadio Foundation Guggenheim Partners Sam Herzberg

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. William P. and Dorian S. Jordan-William P. and Dorian S. Jordan Foundation, Inc. Richard and Deborah Justice Mr. Joseph C. Kastner Kovler Family Foundation The Honorable Earle I. and Carol Mack Jeffrey A. Marcus Charles N. Mathewson Foundation Robert A. Meister, Todd A. Meister, Keith A. Meister Shmuel Meitar Merkin Family Foundation MidOcean Partners Lowell Milken Family Foundation Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. B. Scott Minerd The Neubauer Family Foundation Polaris Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Republic of Tea The Rodin Family Trust Marc J. and Carolyn Rowan

The journey of caring for my beloved husband with Prostate Cancer was a challenge I did not face alone. With support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we had the most up-to-date research information, treatment options and medical support. My husband fought courageously, with absolute belief, that donating to PCF would lengthen his life and save the lives of countless men in the future. With great conviction, the Durden Foundation continues it’s support of PCF with funding for cutting-edge research. Though my husband lost his battle, he wanted other men to be victorious through the successful work being accomplished daily. — Mrs. Earl Durden 2011 progress report 21

Mrs. Juliane Ruppel Larry W. Ruvo The Mortimer D. Sackler Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Sandra M. Salka Ellen and Richard V. Sandler John and Jana Scarpa–The John F. Scarpa Foundation SEI Giving Fund Mark Shenkman Wade F.B. Thompson Charitable Foundation Mr. John H. Tyson-Tyson Family Foundation The Wagner Family Foundation Douglas Wood

$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous The G. Chris Andersen Family Foundation The Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation Ambassador Frank and Kathy Baxter Bloomberg L.P. Arthur Byrnes Chicago White Sox The Copses Family Foundation Dalio Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Deifik Bethany and Niko Elmaleh Don Engel Robert S. Evans Christopher J. Eykyn Faith, Love, Hope, Win Foundation William B. Finneran Keith Frankel Ryan Freedman, Corigin Holdings Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gelband Bennett and Meg Goodman Stephen Gordon John & Amy Griffin Foundation, Inc. Griffon Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hughes Jerry Katell, Katell Productions, LLC Jerry King Stephanie and Ron Kramer Dalia & Larry Leeds, The Leeds Family Foundation 22 2011 progress report

Robert Levin Mr. Jimmy J. Liataud Mr. Peter Maslen Jerome Meislin Melvin Simon & Associates, Inc. George and Sandra Norcross Mr. Rocky Patel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pretlow Mr. Irwin Rausch Cliff and Debbie Robbins and the Robbins Family Foundation RP Cigar Lounge, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jason Safriet The Mara and Ricky Sandler Foundation J. Gary and O.J. Shansby Foundation Howard Shore Herb Simon Family Fund The Stanley & Arna Smith Foundation Joseph and Diane Steinberg 1992 Charitable Trust Stride Everyday Bob and Nikki Sudack United Way of Greater Los Angeles The C. George Van Kampen Foundation Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation Gregory and Mindy White

$15,000 - $24,999 A Charity Challenge Mr. Adam Cohn Mr. and Mrs. I Michael Coslov Exelixis, Inc. John and Kiendl Gordon Hastings Capital Group, LLC The Helping Hands Sales, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Herche Heritage Operating, LP Jefferson University Kissick Family Foundation Margaritaville Holdings, LLC MediUSA Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation Allan V. Rose Mr. Andrew Rosenburgh Mr. Kern W. Schumacher

Terry & Jane Semel Charitable Foundation Richard and Phyllis Sharlin Mr. Jeffrey M. Steinberg Sternlicht Family Foundation M & B Sugarman Family Trust Team Winter William H. Tilley Varhegyi Foundation The Walsh Family FoundationMr. Brian Walsh

$10,000 - $14,999 Anonymous (2) Judd Apatow Arby’s Victor and Lia Assad Mr. and Mrs. Seth Bernstein Mr. Ron Biscardi Mr. Jay R. Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Braka C. Fuente Holdings, Inc. Mr. and Ms. Robert B. Campbell Anthony and Jamie Carr S. Ward and Roxanne Casscells, III Catholic Community Foundation Robert and Beverly Cohen Family Foundation Crane Foundation Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC Gilles DeVoe and Rob Simon Lee and Daniele Einsidler Frank M. Ewing Foundation Mr. Eric C. Fast Grizzard Communication Group Haarlow Family Charitable Foundation Kerry and Kelly Hagen Mr. Bryan Hancock The Iacocca Foundation Glenn R. Jones Robert A. Kotick Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum Mr. Joel Levine Lyonross Capital Management LLC Dorothy Phillips Michaud Charitable Trust Gregory and EJ Milken Miller’s Field

Joy and Jerry Monkarsh Family Foundation William and Nona Morgan Motorola Foundation Mrs. Dagmar Mulac My Father Cigars, Inc. NASDAQ Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) Foundation National Philanthropic Trust Tony and Laura Nethercutt New York Yankees Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Nordhoff Mr. Walter C. Parkins Nelson and Claudia Peltz Daryl & Steven Roth Foundation Schwartz, Kales Accountancy Corp. Mickey Shapiro Charitable Trust Smithburg Family Foundation The Snider Foundation Tatuaje Cigars, Inc. Bruce E. and Robbi S. Toll Foundation The Robert & Jane Toll Foundation Mr. Donald J. Toumey The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust University of Pennsylvania Armond Waxman Mr. and Mrs. Eric Zinterhofer

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Anthem Blue Cross Ann Appleman and Andrew Thomas-Gadzik Bank of America Foundation Bay Area Beverage Company Mr. Bradley D. Belt The Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation William Bikoff Braden Partners LLP Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Brading Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown, Jr. Mr. Chad T. Brownstein Ms. Aviva Carmy and Mr. Harry Horowitz Cars Fighting Cancer Gary Charlesworth Allen and Jill Chozen Mr. Stephen A. Cohen

James H. Coleman Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Confidence Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dahl Governor Gray Davis DGS Management & Consulting Drexel University, College of Medicine Drummond Community Bank Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Duff David and Marsha Ederer The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Fuente Family Foundation, Inc. D. Wayne and Anne Gittinger Goldman Sachs Gives Tamar and Eric Goldstein John P. Gould and Kathleen A. Carpenter Laurence Graff Mr. Richard J. Green The Marion and Louis Grossman Foundation Thomas R. Hagadone and Pam Miller David S. Howe and Charlene Wang Integrated Health Campus Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Wayne D. Jorgenson Ms. Pam Kehaly KMR Lifestyle Services, LLC Emerson and Peggy Knowles Loida N. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Eric Luse Mr. and Mrs. Paul Madura Ms. Cynthia B. Mandell Maple Leaf Estates Homeowners Corporation Mr. Gary Maxwell William McDaniel Charitable Foundation, Inc. George A. Mealey Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meyer The Michael Companies, Inc. Mr. Paul J. Milbury Thomas E. and Pamela M. Mischell Family Foundation Jay and Elaine Moorin, ProQuest Investments Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Muldowney Marc and Jane Nathanson Reverend Christie Cozad Neuger and Mr. Win J. Neuger Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP Odd Fellows of Massachusetts Others First Palermo Ravich Family Foundation Myles C. Pollin and Kaitlin Trinh Deborah and Richard Previdi Muhit and Anna Rahman Michael and Debbi Fields Rose St. Albans Congregational Church Saks Incorporated Mr. Nicholas Sandler Ms. Tracy Sandler The Douglas and Jill Schatz Family Trust Stephen and Suzy Shechtman The Shidler Family Foundation David E. and Jacqueline Simon Charitable Foundation The Sloan Foundation David M. Solomon The Staggs Family Foundation The John R. & Inge P. Stafford Foundation Mr. Glen Stimson Gary Stoneburner Mr. David H. Storper Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Stouse Mr. Meir Teper Jesse I. Treu UBS Employee Giving Program Unified Grocers United Advantage Signs, Inc. The VF Foundation Will Weinstein Mr. Lee Weiss The Wistar Institute

$2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous (2) 21st Century Oncology Accusplit, Inc. Alliance Partners HSP American Medical Sytems, Inc. Arete Foundation Mr. Zachary Aters Mr. James Berg

Berger & Montague, PC Mr. Alex M. Bernstein Boucher Charitable Foundation Mr. James Boyd Ms. Linda Brodigan Mr. Brian S. Brown The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Ms. Nicole Cashman

Little Falls Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. Les Little Dr. Brant Luebbe Eric and Rose Lyght Stewart Manheim Manowitz and Drillings Family Foundation Harold M. Messmer, Jr. Eustace and Susanne Mita

PCF’s track record for promptly and efficiently advancing patient-based prostate cancer research is unparalleled. — Neal Rodin Clayman Family Foundation Connecticut Baseball Charitable Foundation David and Courtney Corleto Corporate Office Properties Trust Mr. and Mrs. Don Cusick Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Davidson Baroness Philippine de Rothschild Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Docter Mr. Steven Einhorn The Epstein Family Foundation Eugene and Sallyann Fama Dr. Jeffrey P. Feingold Stanley M. Feingold First National Bank in Sioux Falls Firstrust Bank Alex Fisher Mr. Edmund Garno, Jr. Ms. Karen Goforth William and Vicki Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Clay W. Hamlin, III Mr. and Ms. Joseph B. Haulenbeek Heritage Wealth Counselors, LLC Hub International Northeast Limited Mr. Michael Hunt Mr. Anthony M. Hunter The Kandell Fund Mr. David Kelsey Mr. Stephen B. Klein Kathleen and Kirk Knous KSB Dental Mr. Gerald P. Lee

Nintendo of America, Inc. David P. Nolan Foundation The Norwood Company – Jack Farrell, Principal Oakland Black Firefighters Association Mr. Robert A. Olstein The Ostler Group Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Papa Charles Maxfield Parrish and Gloria F. Parrish Foundation Mr. John D. Payne Drs. Richard and Margaret Pepe Mr. David A. Plastino William L. Price William, Constance, and Susan Purdy Charitable Fund Redbird District Projects, Inc. Mr. Bruce Riedl James S. Riepe Family Foundation Richard A. Rigg The H. English & Ermine Cater Robinson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rustico Jill and Ronald Sargent Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schantz Mr. and Mrs. James W. Schlotzhauer Sellers Publishing, Inc. Mr. Martin Shafiroff The George F. and Myra Shaskan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shortoff Sarah Spencer Foundation Starkey Sports Consulting, LLC T. F. Trust 2011 progress report 23

Tenenbaum & Saas, P.C. The Tides at Charleston HOA Towersource, Inc. USA Volleyball United Way of Orange County United Way Silicon Valley Mr. John A. Urquhart Wool Labs, LLC Helen A. Wright

$1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous (12) Mr. Alden A. Abraham Mrs. Marion Achtentuch Addison Reserve Mr. Stanley M. Adler The Alden Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Alexander Mr. William Alspaugh Alta Data Technologies, LLC American College of Healthcare Executives The Amgen Foundation

Ms. Teri Barrett and Mr. Edwin R. Freudenburg Mr. Herbert B. Baskin Michael J. Batza, Jr. Beach Investment Counsel, Inc. Mr. Thomas Beach Mr. Robert L. Beardslee Fred Bedard Elliott H. Berger David and Pamela Berkman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Berlin Mr. and Mrs. William Berlinghof Douglas Berry Best Buy Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Bialek Bibleway Baptist Church of Christ Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Bilson, Jr. Eliot and Susan Black-Ira N. Langsan & Lillian Langsan Philanthropic Fund HTL Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Caffarelli Mr. Kenneth Cahn Mr. Arthur J. Calace Mr. and Mrs. Gary Calandra Ms. Lisa Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Carey Ronald G. Carley Ms. Corinna Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Carlson Carlyle Fraser Employees Benefit Fund Carolina Urology Partners PLLC Mr. Greg T. Carter Dr. and Mrs. William C. Carter, III Mr. J. T. Childs, Jr. Choate Rosemary Hall David and Suzanne Chonette Christian Brothers Academy Ms. Christine Christian Circle of Hope Bracelets CIT Group

It is comforting as a donor to know that gifts to PCF are supporting unbiased awards granted through competitive, peer reviews that aim to broaden and change the current landscape of prostate cancer diagnostics, prognostics and treatment for so many men and their families.

— William & Nona Morgan Mr. Marquard J. Anderson, Jr. Mrs. Sarah Anderson Anreder & Company ARRIS Group, Inc. AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Aureon Laboratories, Inc. Mr. Gene Axelrod Mr. James D. Bagwell Mr. Calvin Bak Mr. Mark R. Baker Ms. Carrie Ballester Mr. Jack Balos Barack, Ferrazzano, Kirschbaum & Nagelberg, LLP Mr. Peter Barna Mr. and Mrs. Dean B. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. James W. Barrett

24 2011 progress report

Mr. Richard Bogomolny Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Boone Mr. Edward Borovatz Charitable Lead Annuity Trust ULWT of Gladys Borrus Ms. Emmie Lou Boston Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowden Boyds, L.P. Mr. and Mrs. Curt Boylls Braman & Associates, Inc. Mr. David Brenay Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brody Mr. Pierre Brondeau Stanley Brosman, M.D. Ms. Cynthia Brown Mr. and Mrs. David P. Brownell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Burke The Caesar Foundation

Citi Business Services Mrs. Esther G. Clairmore, TTEE Mr. and Mrs. James T. Clarke Coastal Physicians & Surgeons, PC Ms. Ashley Cofone Jerry and Adrianne Cohen Karen B. Cohen Foundation Inc William S. Comanor, Ph.D. Comcast Spectacor Foundation Conair Corporation and Subsidiaries Mr. Cody Connell Constellation Energy Group Employee Fund Mr. Mark Cooper Mr. and Mrs. James W. Corbin, Jr. Coventry Health Care, Inc. Mr. Philip L. Coyne

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Cruikshank Cumming Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Curry Mr. Anthony D’Alessandro III Mr. Joseph L. D’Amico Rich and Linda A. Danter Mr. James A. Davidson Mr. Bruce B. Dayton Karen L. Degerberg and Andrew L. Sandler Deka Athletics, Inc. Devcon Security Services Corp Mr. B. Dever Mr. and Mrs. William C. Dever Mr. Steele Dewey Mr. Tyler Dickson and Mrs. Roseann Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dicovitsky Ms. Kristen M. Dietrick and Ms. Esther Dietrick Mr. E. J. Dixon Mrs. Mary H. Dobson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doyle Mr. Philip Drury Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Each Dr. Shafiq Ebrahim Mr. John D. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James W. Eggenberger El Paso Corporation Mr. Jack P. Ellman Elmwood Country Club Mr. Robert L. Ernst Mr. Clifford F. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Chandler H. Everett Mr. and Mrs. John O. Ewald Ms. Bayla K. Falber Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fernelius Mr. Joseph T. Ferrara Fifth Third Bank Ms. Jeri Finard Ms. Karen Finerman First Descents FIS Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. James C. Fish, Jr. Mr. John Fisher Ms. Sandra Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzmyers Mr. Patrick Folger Mr. William Frankel Mr. Joseph S. Franzia Mr. Barry S. Friedberg

Mr. Bernard Friedman Fuller Family Foundation G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gabell Garrison Family Trust GE Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie L. Geisel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Geist Mr. Warren Gerow Dr. Theodore L. Gerstl Mr. Jason G. Ghassemi Gibson Family Foundation Mr. Christopher C. Gibson Mr. Wayne Giebler Mr. David Gill The Honorable and Mrs. Rudolph W. Giuliani Give With Liberty The Ed and Sue Glass Charitable Fund The Glickenhaus Foundation Mr. Brian Glowatz James Godsey, Ph.D. Mr. Myles Goldfein Leonard & Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Herb Greenman Mr. Reg Greenslade Mr. Art Greif Mr. Randall M. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Griffith Mr. Murry Gunty Mr. and Mrs. Max Gutierrez H2L2, Architects-Planners LLC Mr. Lee P. Hackett Mr. Matthew R. Hagey Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Haldeman, Jr. Harbourside Custom Home, Inc. Mr. Eric Harrah Hayden Real Estate Investments, LLC Jerry and Marilyn Hayden Mr. William Healy, Jr. Mr. James Heerwagen Mr. Jay Hemenway Dr. William E. Hendrix Mr. William Henry The Hill Family Charitable Foundation Himmelstein Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hirsig

Mr. Bobby Hodges Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Holden Kenneth B. Holdsman Family Fund William E. & Audrine Honey Foundation Lynne and Harold Honickman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Horn Ernest H. Hui Family Foundation Mr. Maxwell M. Hunter IEC – Fort Worth Tarrant County Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Chris Iero Independence Blue Cross Infiniti of Pleasanton J/K South Insurance, Inc. Herb W. Jacobs Mr. Stephen L. Jacobs Ms. Julie Jaeger Mr. Tim G. Jaeger Daryl L. Jesperson Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund Mr. Matthew Junge and Ms. Carol Junge Dr. Larry Kaiser Mr. Francis Katzka Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kaufman The Estate of Stan Katz Mr. Robert Keith Mrs. Rose M. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Klopp Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Klosk Rose & Louis Klosk Fund Harold and Shirley Kobliner Ms. Ann Koch Roger and Lorraine Kotch Ms. Cynthia H. Koulax Mr. John R. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kulze Dr. Kevin Kumashiro L.I. Midweek Baseball League LA-CO Industries, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Laing Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Landers Martin and Sheila Lasky Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Mr. James Ledbetter Mr. Eugene B. Lefevre Mr. W. Bruce Lehmkuhl Mr. J. Michael Lekson Mr. Steven Leonard

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Levine Leon Levy Foundation Barbara and Stan Levy Mr. Jainfei Li Peter D. Linneman, Ph.D. Robert E. Linton Litigation Adjusters, Inc. Mr. Neil Little Ms. Debra Livengood The Livingston Family Foundation Lord Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lord, Sr. Mr. and Ms. Arthur E. Lottes, Jr. Douglas and Nancy Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Larry Luck Robert Luka Estate Robert G. Lusk Trust Gordon Maahs Fredric Mack Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Madonna Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Maldon Mandelbaum Foundation Laurence and Karen Mandelbaum Mr. Paul A. Manese Mangen Family Charitable Foundation Philip and Marcia Marcus Stephen J. Marcus Mr. Douglas G. Martin Mr. Charles W. Martindale Ms. Brenda Martinez Mr. Eugene Mascolo Andrew Mathias Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Maxey Mr. Lawrence McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCaslin Mr. Charles C. McCroskey Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGrath Mr. and Mrs. David McHenry Mr. and Mrs. Robert McInnes Laureston and Barbara McLellan McMillan & Associates, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Harry McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. McMullen, Jr. Mr. William B. McNamara Meals On Wheels Pasadena Medical & Dental Staff of Terre Haute Regional Hospital

The Meredith Corporation Foundation Matching Gifts Program Louis and Patricia Meshon Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Michelson Midrex Technologies, Inc. Mrs. Allison Mignone Mr. David Miller Mr. James I. Miller Mr. Jay L. Miller Sherman R. Miller and Mary M. Sullivan Theodore N. Miller Mr. Adam T. Milstein Molzie-Q, LLC Monaghan Corp, Inc. The Mitchell & Hilarie Morgan Family Foundation Morgan Stanley Smith Barney GIFT, Inc. Mr. James Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Murphy Mr. Nelson Naranjo Mrs. Mildred Neely Mr. Alonzo A. Neese, Jr. Renato Negrin Blake Lee Neubauer Mr. Michael R. Neumann L. Mark Newman Family Foundation Mr. Reginald B. Newman II Mr. Mark Nickson Chuck Nicolette, M.D. Mr. Franz Niedermair Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nortz Mr. and Mrs. John Norwood Jonathan R. Novak Oakland Alameda County Emeryville Firefighters Charity Fund The Oakland Athletics Community Fund Dr. James E. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. O’Brien Ocean Partners USA, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. O’Grady Mr. Ronald Olson Mr. Richard Omata Mr. Daniel O’Toole Ottawa Boys Padres Oncology-Cindy Matters Fund John Paffenbarger Mr. Frank Pagnotta 2011 progress report 25

Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Panzica Charles A. Partain Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation Rafael Pastor Thomas J. Patrician The Peninsula Club Mr. and Mrs. Henry Perera Mr. Barry Perlman

Mr. Gregory A. Romney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rooke Rosner Law Group Ms. Charlotte H. Ross Rubenstein Partners Mr. Ronald Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rudnick Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rufener Mr. Chris J. Rufer Mr. Eugene C. Rumsey

Mr. Gerald Sussman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Szilasi Mr. David Tallo Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tar, D.D.S. Fredricka Taubitz and Dennis M. Griffin Thrivent Financial Employee Giving Campaign

Supporting PCF research was an easy decision. They drive cuttingedge research and their ability to build global collaboration delivers results for millions of men, like our long-time friend who is affected by this disease and in whose honor we made our donation. — Tony & Laura Nethercutt Phillies Charities, Inc. Piolin Productions Mr. Michael Piotrowski Mr. Andrew Plasman Mr. Gary G. Pollock Polycom Mr. Edward Potkay PPD Development, LP Price Coin San Diego Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc. ProCure Proton Therapy Center Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Mr. Sridev Raghavan Mr. and Mrs. James Rankin Marc and Sheri Rapaport Warren Rasmussen Mr. Douglas M. Reid Mr. Robert Reiland Ms. Kathleen Lister and Mr. Jeffrey A. Reinhold Richard and Marget Reneberg Jeffrey J. Rhodes Family Foundation Mr. Brian C. Ricker Mr. John Ripoli Leandro P. Rizzuto Drs. W. Scott and Karen T. Robertson Ms. Tiffany E. Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Rogers Ms. Katherine Rogers Roll Global 26 2011 progress report

Edward B. Rust, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Ruvo Mr. Robert Ryall Salem Dugout Club Ms. Mary Ann Saleski Mr. and Mrs. David A. Salzman The San Diego Foundation R.C. and Helen Sandler Bypass Trust Alan L. Saroff, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Scharf Mr. Randolph A. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Shiflett Dr. Joel Shoolin Ms. Dru E. Short Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Siegel Silk City Striders, Inc. Mr. Gary Singer Mr. F. Joseph Sirdevan Slosburg Family Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith Ms. Regina O. Sommer Ms. Denise Sova Specialists In Urology Irwin and Lorri Spiegel Mr. Norman M. Spieler Mr. Todd Spriggs Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Steward Mr. and Mrs. Blake Y. Stock Storm Smart Building System, Inc. Mr. Peter Studner Sunnyland Bulgur Wheat, Inc. Susquehanna Bank

Stephen G. Tolchin Mr. Pascal F. Tone Track Shack Fitness Club, Inc. Richard and Nancy Trefzger Tropicana Royale – WestCorp Management Group Truist Mr. Chris Unger United HealthCare Services, Inc. US Trust Bank of America United Way of New York City University of Utah Mr. Zachary Valade Valiance Partners, Inc. Mr. Franklin Vargo Villanova University Mr. and Mrs. John F. Volk Vorsheck Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Waesche, Jr. Mr. James Walker Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Walworth Mrs. Louise H. Warren The Warrior – Jodi L. DeCrenza Waste Management WCMC-FM, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Weiner Michael and Jill Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Weitzer Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Mr. Harry J. Wild

Ms. Nancy C. Wilson Matthew and Elizabeth Winkler Andrew Wise Wolf Development Services, LLC Mr. and Mrs. George Wolfe Ms. Laura J. Wolfe Mary and David Wolff Mr. Andrew Wolfington Mr. Gerald Wolkoff Mr. Richard J. Wright WXVU The Spot 89.1 FM Mr. Talen Yerger Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Young Zarett Rehab & Fitness

Champions for a Cause Athletes for a Cure participants who raised $1,000 or more Ms. Jessica Adams Mr. Ian Adamson Ms. Jennifer Ahn Mr. Oscar Alvarez Mr. Patrick Amsbry Mr. Zachary Aters Mr. Bill Barnett Mr. Michael Barron Mr. Ryan Bassham Ms. Talia Bensinger-Colton Mr. Chris Biggerstaff Ms. Jennifer Bocker Mr. John Broich Mr. Mark Bunger Mr. Scott Burrow Ms. Christine Christian Mr. Jordan Citron Mr. Thomas Collignon Mr. Flavio Costa Ms. Clarissa Cruz Ms. Tanya Dandeneau Mr. Timothy Day Mr. Andre Deckrow Mr. Greg DeFrancisco Mr. Lex Depp Mr. Jonathan Dingle Mr. Larry Distler Mr. Greg Dougherty Mr. Jordan Emmerson Mr. Ed Esposito Ms. Dawn Estelle Mr. Brad Foster Mr. Alberto Garcia Ms. Michelle Gauvin

Mr. Christopher Gibson Ms. Becca Goldman Mr. Jeffrey Gust Mr. David Guy Mr. Mark Hammond Mr. Frank Hanes Ms. Dana Hefter Mr. Nicholas Hellman Mr. Brian Hester Mr. Christian Isakson Mr. Patrick Jarvis Mr. Michael Jaskulsky Mr. Colin Kambak Mr. Emerson Knowles Ms. Kathleen Lawler Mr. Gerald P. Lee Mr. James Leo Mr. Jason Leyrer Mr. Ryan Limor Mr. Nicholas Loran Mr. Brant Luebbe Mr. Seth-David Maack Mr. Richard Maisel Mr. Todd Malcolm Mr. Hendrik Marais Mr. H.C. Martensen Mr. Christopher Maulsby Mr. Gary Maxwell Mr. Andrew Maxwell Mr. Britt McCormick Mr. Kean Mihata Mr. Malcolm Mulroney Mr. Chris Oliphant Ms. Megan O’Neill Ms. Kristine Palmero Mr. Bhavesh Patel Mr. Chris Paterson Mr. Levi Pickett Ms. Katherine Pothier Mr. Peter Reinhard Mr. George Reinhardt Mr. Peter Ripmaster Mr. Darren Ritch Mr. Michael Rowan Mr. Robert Sabo Ms. Cristine Santa Croce Mr. David Schatz Mr. Christopher Schwyter Mr. Roger Seiken Mr. Shaune Shelby Mr. F. Joseph Sirdevan Mr. Adam Slevin Mr. John Stinnett Mr. Greg Streiff

Mr. Robert Tebo Mr. Steve Teichow Ms. Bridgid Thomas Ms. Sara Towne Mr. Peter Tsatsaronis Ms. Michelle Ungar Mr. Tiger Vo Mr. Sean Walter Mr. AJ Weiss Ms. Lindsay Weiss Mr. Brandon Wood

Special Partnerships and Hosted Events Special partnerships or hosted events that raised $1,000 or more 6th Annual Tom Dawes “We’d Be Fools Not To” Function 7th Annual Faith Love Hope Win Foundation Golf Tournament 9th Annual Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Fundraiser, Hosted by Neal Rodin and Clay Hamlin 91X Blue September Fundraiser Alpha Omicron Pi Artidote AV Men’s Senior Baseball League ACC Men’s Golf League Be Bold, Be Bald The Charles Evans PCF ProAm Tennis Tour Coon Rapids-Bayard Crusaders “Kick Cancer” football game Chesapeake Men’s Senior Baseball League Derric’s Day at Thunder Hill Raceway Detroit MSBL Doherty Men’s Soccer Program Friends of Eastern Bag and Paper Group Friends of James Reyburn Golfers Against Cancer International Stunt Association (ISA) 3rd Annual Charity Paintball Tournament Kilted to Kick Cancer Let’s Hit a Grand Slam for the Cure of PC Mediven Socks for Men

Men’s Senior Baseball Leagues Newton Running Company Northland College Men’s Hockey Pennies for Pete Play For Blue Quinnipiac University Men’s Hockey Team Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated’s Denim Day Scituate Beach Association Team Winter UNC School of Medicine Class of 2014 Western Maine Baseball Umpire Association (WMBUA) “Blues Go Blue” Wycliffe Country Club Men’s Golf Association

Arnie’s Army Battles Prostate Cancer Golf Tournaments Arnie’s Army Golf Tournaments that raised $1,000 or more Addison Reserve Tournament Aliso Creek Inn and Golf Course (2nd Annual W.R. Manese Memorial Golf Tournament) Alta Mesa Golf Club Charity Tournament Arnie’s Army Golf Tournament (Arkansas) Artesia Country Club Aspetuck Valley Country Club Battle at BallenIsles Country Club Battle at Bella Vista The Beech Mountain Club (Pink & Blue) Bella Vista Country Club (AR) Bent Tree Country Club Blue Ridge Trail Pink & Blue Tournament Battle at Boca Woods Boobs & Balls Against Cancer Golf, Inc. Broken Sound Golf Club Brown’s Run Country Club Bruce Alan Hupfer Memorial Burlington Country Club (Arnie’s Army & Rally for the Cure)

C.A.R.E. (Cancer Alzheimer’s Research Event) Cahokia Fire Department at Prairies Golf Course Calabasas Country Club (Arnie’s Army and We Spark) Canoe Brook Country Club Carolina Trace Country Club (Annual Stag Day) Cherokee Country Club (Stan Camp Golf Tourney) The Club at Admiral’s Cove Concordia Men’s Golf Club Cotton Creek Men’s Golf Association, Inc. at Craft Farms Golf Resort Country Club of Beloit (Donny’s Revenge) Country Club of Roswell Battle at Dublin Ranch El Conquistador Battle at Estero Country Club at the Vines Forest Glen Golf and Country Club (Golf for US – Men’s PC Tournament) Golfer’s Club at Fort McPherson Golfing Fore The Cure Golfview Golf & Racquet Club Grandfather Golf & Country Club Greenbriar-Whittingham Golf Association Greenbriar Woodland Golf Club (Greenbriar Golf Association) Hawthorn Woods Ladies 9-Hole Group Heron’s Glen Country Club Battle at Hershey’s Mill Golf Club High Meadow Ranch Golf Club Highland Meadows Golf Club (Rally for A Cure-Arnie’s Army) The Members of Highland Woods Golf & Country Club HLT Texas Shootout Battle at Iron Lakes Country Club Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club KBK Charity Golf Tournament Lago Vista Men’s Golf Association Lake Spivey Golf Club Legends Men’s Golf Association 2011 progress report 27

Lobster Classic Lords Valley Country Club Maple Leaf Country Club McCanless Golf Club Battle at the Meadow Club Meadowlark Country Club (7th Annual Turf & Surf Golf Tournament) Minebrook Golf Course (Shakey Jakes Golf Outing) Mt. Kisco Country Club (Senior Championship and Super Senior Championship) North Ranch (Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary) Northgate Ladies Golf Association (Toni Jones Memorial Tournament) Old Course of Loveland (Edward Jones Putts for Prostate) Battle at Old York Road Palatine Hills Golf Association (PHGA Prostate Cancer Drive) Palm Beach Polo & Country Club Palm-Aire Country Club at Sarasota Paupack Hills Golf and Country Club Pebblecreek Men’s Golf Association (Battle at Eagle’s Nest at Pebble Creek) Pelican Point Golf & Country Club The Peninsula Club Men’s Golf Association (Three Kings and a Queen Golf Tournament) Battle at Persimmon Woods Pink & Blue at Balcones Country Club Putting for Prostates Quail West Golf Club Rancho Bernardo Golf Club Rarity Bay Golf Club Rio Verde 18-Hole WGA-Rio Verde Country Club Riverwood Golf Club (Riverwood Men’s Club) Roffin Country Club San Carlos Golf Course (Halftime Lounge and Sports Bar Fights Cancer) Sandbulte Memorial Golf Tournament

28 2011 progress report

Sawgrass Country Club (Irish Open) Silverado (Napa Swing for a Cure) Stan Camp Golf Outing Steamboat Golf Club Sterling National Country Club (Eastern Bag & Paper) Stonebriar Country Club (Annual Community Benefit Golf Classic) Strand Country Club (Hairy Knuckles Tournament) Sugarloaf Country Club (Jay Moody Memorial) Sunny Hill Resort Terravita Golf Club Texas Propane Gas Association–Pros4Care Tournament Vasari Country Club (Vasari Golf & Tennis Tournament for Cancer) Wycliffe Golf & Country Club (Wycliffe Country Club Men’s Golf Association) Zylka’s Red Bull Bar & Grill Golf Tournament

In Memory Funds Funds that contributed $1,000 or more In Memory of: Herbert Achtentuch Joseph “Jack” Armul Antonio Sistos Arredondo Claud Ballester Jack Barnes William W. Batoff Florence Blate Arnold Brundage Arthur Bernard Celie Alan B. Chandler James “Jim” D. Clairmore Thomas A. Dawes Derric DesMarteau Gilbert Dieteman Jess Dietrick Harry Falber Michael Farley Elbert “Tootie” Fernandez Dan Fogelberg William Fritsche Hal Gaba Thomas N. Garrett

Thomas Goliash Phillip Goodman Phil Guy Gerald L. Hanes James Hirsig Parker Holt John O. Hustad William L. Jaeger Gilbert Jeffries Thomas Junge Stanley Katz Charles F. “Chip” King Paul King Apostoles Achilles “Paul” Kotseos Nicholaos Georgios Koutzoulis Edward J. Krebs William Judson “Jud” Laws Gregory Alan Mack Anthony Armand Malizia, Jr., M.D. Gordon Martin John Paul Mosca Dennis Nelson Gregory J. Nelson Earnest Preston Page Anthony Pappalardo Eugene J. Potkay James Robert Reyburn James H. Scheper John Seliskar Gary J. Serfilippi Edward Peter Shortoff Kevin J. Sullivan Anthony Tomlon Jack Walker Richard Warren Harold J. Wild George E. Wojack Dwight Wubbenhorst

In Honor Funds Funds that contributed $1,000 or more In Honor of: Bob and Deanne Adler’s Anniversary Chris Mark Allen Phillip and Arlene Barnes Randy and Debbie Barnes Ron and Mary Anne Barnes H. Joseph Barthold The wedding of Mary-Alice Brady and Robert Miller

Stan Camp Paul DuPont Doug Ellison R. Christian B. Evensen Ralph Finerman D. Govberg Robert Hagey Dr. Gavin Helton

I support PCF because they continually advance important lines of translational research for the direct benefit of prostate cancer patients. They also encourage innovative and often risky projects that could not be funded elsewhere. These approaches will lead to improved patient treatments and better outcomes. — R. Christian B. Evensen Gene Hill Ken Lahners Michael Milken James B. Nebel Carl Orlando Chris Paterson Bruno Perillo Brian Rigo Bob Robinson Ron Rooke Tom Rosazza Peter Scardino, M.D. Dr. Howard Soule Richard L. Starkey Larry Stupski Barbara and Stanley Zax’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Dan Zenka

Represents annual donations as of December 31, 2011.

A SURVIVOR’S APPEAL FOR SUPPORT Dear Friends, Ten years ago, at age 49, I was diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer throughout my body. On the day I was given my news, I was certain I had but two to three years left in my life. I was wrong. I am now in my fifth remission. Despite the aggressiveness of my prostate cancer, I was able to help my wife raise three young children to become fine teenagers, join the Army Reserve (perhaps making me the only metastatic cancer patient to ever do so) and serve in Iraq. Later, I became Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. I have also started two companies that employ thousands of people. In short, despite the challenges presented by advanced prostate cancer, I am leading a longer and more productive life—something I didn’t think was possible years ago.

research that—stewarded effectively by PCF— delivers results and much needed advances in treatment science for patients like me and millions of others around the world.

I’ve been blessed to reap many of the benefits made possible by research and clinical trials supported by the Prostate Cancer Foundation and to have been treated all this time by Dr. Christopher Logothetis, a brilliant PCFsponsored scientist at MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is because of this combination that I am alive today and able to make a very personal appeal to you for your continued support of the work of PCF.

Hon. S. Ward “Trip” Casscells, MD (COL, USAR) John E. Tyson Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Public Health, University of Texas at Houston

As a member of the PCF Board of Directors, I can assure you that 79 percent of every dollar that comes into PCF is deployed rapidly to support game-changing programs. It is

Money is research and research is the key to cures for a disease that affects so many men, their families and friends. With sincerest appreciation for your continued support,

View a 30-minute documentary on Trip’s remarkable journey through prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment at:

2011 progress report 29

Prostate Cancer Foundation

SUPPORTING CURES Continuing our momentum in finding better treatments and cures for prostate cancer requires the support of our more than 170,000 donors from across the globe. It enables PCF to identify the most promising research ideas and attract brilliant individuals and teams of junior and senior scientists to PCF’s research enterprise, moving discovery forward and ensuring continued progress.

CONSOLIDATED Statement of Financial Position December 31

Challenge Awards

($1,000,000 and above for 2-4 year programs) PCF supports transformational prostate cancer research to accelerate progress toward reducing death and suffering due to advanced prostate cancer. Teams may be assembled from one or several institutions and should include at least three investigators capable of providing unique scientific expertise to solve a significant problem in prostate cancer research. These awards cover direct costs of the research.

Creativity Awards

($300,000 for 2 year programs) PCF supports innovative and daring research with Creativity Awards. Paid over a two-year period, these awards, totaling $300,000, support exceptionally novel projects with great potential to produce breakthroughs for detecting and treating prostate cancer. They are complementary and integrated with other PCF award programs.

Young Investigator Awards

($225,000 for 3-year career investment) PCF provides these three-year awards, totaling $225,000, to keep the field of prostate cancer research vibrant with new ideas. The awards, matched by recipients’ institutions, offer career and project support for young but proven investigators (typically 35 years old or younger) who are committing their lives to a cure for prostate cancer.

PCF has received a Four Star rating from Charity Navigator, the highest honor attained by fewer than 25 percent of U.S. public charities. 30 2011 progress report

Donations Please mail your check to: Prostate Cancer Foundation 1250 Fourth Street Santa Monica, CA 90401

2011 Total

2010 Total

ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents



To support this urgent need, the Prostate Cancer Foundation offers individuals and charitable foundations various options for becoming involved and supporting crucial research. We welcome gifts of cash, securities, non-cash assets and gifts by will or living trust. We also welcome contributions made in memory or in honor of friends or loved ones.

Temporarily Restricted

















Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets





Property and Equipment (Net)





Pledges Receivable (Net)

Total Assets

To make an online contribution, please visit our website:


If you prefer, you can make a donation by phone by calling toll-free (800) 757-CURE (2873).

Accounts Payable

















Liabilities Accrued Liabilities





Memorial or Tribute Gifts

Grants Payable





• Honor the memory of a loved one or celebrate the accomplishments of a friend or family member by helping others

Total Liabilities





• Make a memorial or tribute gift and PCF will send an acknowledgement card to the family or honoree














Net Assets Temporarily Restricted

• PCF can also set up an ‘in memory of’ webpage to honor your loved one

Total Net Assets

Monthly Giving

Total Liabilities and Net Assets









• Set up recurring donations for a convenient and manageable gift process that fits your monthly budget

Other Gift Suggestions • Assets or property including appreciated stock and real estate • Bequest – remember PCF in your will –– Name PCF as the primary or contingent beneficiary for your individual retirement account or a life insurance policy

For more information, visit: @PCFnews 2011 progress report 31

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Prostate Cancer Foundation

CONSOLIDATED Statement of Activities

CONSOLIDATED Statement of Cash Flows

December 31

Temporarily Restricted


2011 Total

2010 Total


Revenue and Public Support Grants and Contributions

December 31







$ 40,219,226

Interest and Dividends





Realized Loss on Investments















3 3,8 41,169


  Management and General










Total Expenses













Net Assets Released from   Purpose Restrictions Total Revenue and  Public Support Expenses Program Services Supporting Services:

Change in Net Assets Net Assets – Beginning of Year





$ 7,753,173

Adjustments to Reconcile Change in Net Assets to Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating Activities: Uncollectable Pledges Receivable 575,000 Realized Loss on Investments 349,600 Depreciation and Amortization 239,332 134,750 (Increase) Decrease in: Pledges Receivable (3,725,387) (7,021,050) Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets (70,246) 57,095 Increase (Decrease) in: Accounts Payable 63,201 86,961 Accrued Liabilities 533,757 (250,199) Grants Payable 3,938,139 (1,290,334) Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating Activities 2,151,256 (529,604) CASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES: Purchase of Property and Equipment (289,372) (536,785) Proceeds on Sale of Investments 12,205,658 Purchase of Investments - (11,728,612) Reinvested Interest and Dividends - (214,678) Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities 11,916,286 (12,480,075) Net Increase (Decrease) in Cash and Cash Equivalents 14,067,542 (13,009,679)

Net Assets – End of Year








30,300,834 Cash and Cash Equivalents – Beginning of Year 17,501,144 30,510,823 Cash and Cash Equivalents – End of Year

32 2011 progress report

$ 31,568,686

$ 17,501,144

2011 progress report 33

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Report of Independent Auditors

pcf supporting partners PCF is grateful for the support of our corporate partners. These organizations’ contributions and campaigns are enabling PCF to move closer to our goal of realizing a world without prostate cancer.

To the Board of Directors Prostate Cancer Foundation We have audited the accompanying consolidated statement of financial position of the Prostate Cancer Foundation (the Foundation) as of December 31, 2011, and the related consolidated statements of activities, functional expenses and cash flows for the year then ended. These consolidated financial statements are the responsibility of the Foundation’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these consolidated financial statements based on our audit. The prior year summarized comparative information has been derived from the December 31, 2010 financial statements of the Foundation and in our report dated April 11, 2011, we expressed an unqualified opinion on those financial statements. We conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the consolidated financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the consolidated financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall consolidated financial statement presentation. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion. In our opinion, the consolidated financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the consolidated financial position of the Foundation as of December 31, 2011, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the year then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.



Signature & Premier TAKE AIM Partners

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Partners

Green Hasson & Janks LLP

Green Hasson Janks April 24, 2012 Los Angeles, California TM

34 2011 progress report

2011 progress report 35

BOARD OF DIRECTORS & LEADERSHIP TEAM Board of Directors Michael Milken

Arthur H. Kern

Jeff C. Tarr

Jonathan W. Simons, MD

Founder and Chairman Prostate Cancer Foundation


Chairman Junction Advisors, Inc.

Emilio Bassini

President and Chief Executive Officer David H. Koch Chair

Executive Vice President Koch Industries, Inc.

Managing Principal Bassini & Company

J. Darius Bikoff

We Are Not Letting Up While many men affected by prostate cancer are living longer, more productive lives as a result of the advances we have made in the fight against this disease, too many are still dying. And, too many are being overtreated. The Prostate Cancer Foundation— our Board of Directors, leadership team and staff— remain committed to finding and supporting the most innovative researchers around the world, building global collaboration and engaging with effective partners to accelerate discovery. Through this commitment, we will, sooner than later, arrive at a day when all men can receive the precision medicine they require for their level of prostate cancer and we can overtreat less and cure more.

David H. Koch

Richard S. LeFrak

Paul Villanti Executive Director Global Program Investments Movember

Ralph Finerman

Stanley R. Zax

Howard R. Soule, PhD

Chairman and President Zenith National Insurance Corp.

Chief Science Officer and  Executive Vice President

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary

Founder The Observatory US, Inc.

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer LeFrak Organization

James C. Blair

The Honorable Earle I. Mack

General Partner Domain Associates, LLC

Senior Partner Mack Company

Stuart Holden, MD

Steven A. Burd

Jeffrey A. Marcus

Gary Dicovitsky

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Safeway, Inc.

Managing Director Crestview Partners

Executive Vice President Development

Shmuel Meitar

Jan Haber

The Honorable S. Ward Casscells, MD

Director Aurec Group

Vice President Events, Donor Relations

EJ Milken

Helen Hsieh

Co-Founder Milken Institute Young Leaders Circle

Senior Vice President Finance and Administration

Lori Milken

Vice President Baseball and Sports Enterprises

John E. Tyson Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Public Health, and Vice President for External Affairs and Public Policy University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Neil P. DeFeo Chairman Sun Products Corporation

David A. Ederer

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Leadership Team

Chairman Ederer Investment Company

R. Christian B. Evensen Managing Partner Flintridge Capital Investments, LLC

Vice President Prostate Cancer Foundation

Henry L. Nordhoff Vice Chairman The Shipston Group

Lynda Resnick Vice Chairman Roll Global, LLC

Richard V. Sandler

Chairman Bloomberg, LP

Vice President Maron & Sandler Executive Vice President Milken Family Foundation

The Reverend Rosey Grier

J. Gary Shansby

Peter T. Grauer

Milken Family Foundation

Stuart Holden, MD Director, Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Chairman Partida Tequila, LLC

Lawrence J. Stupski Chairman Stupski Foundation

Medical Director

Dave Perron

Jan Wolterstorff Vice President Movember Initiatives

Dan Zenka, APR Senior Vice President Communications

1250 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401  | 800.757.CURE (2873)