Global Fire Project References - FTMesures

Global Fire Project References - FTMesures

Global Fire Project References 2014                  2013                 Australia – DTS upgrade for Solvent Extr...

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Global Fire Project References

2014                 

2013                

Australia – DTS upgrade for Solvent Extraction plant in SA and at WA Australia – Restoration of DTS surveillance to Lane Cove Tunnel, NSW Korea – Deployments to Seoul subway line 8 and Bundang line, Daegu, Busan and Ulsan Singapore – DTS SMRT Circle line and at Bayfront station upgraded India – Conveyor system monitoring at Essar in Paradeep and Jamanagar Pakistan – Thermal power plant boiler monitoring uses DTS Qatar – Hamad International Airport tunnel monitoring using DTS systems UAE – Expansion of DTS facilities to Sheikh Zayed road Tunnel Estonia – DTS selected for Mining Fire Security projects in Tallinn Sweden - Temperature monitoring of underground facilities Spain – Deployment of Sensa DTS to Cable galleries Italy – Expansion of DTS system deployment to Autostrada infrastructures. Netherlands – DTS surveillance at Roer road tunnels upgraded France – Several Pressurised Water Reactors nuclear plants are monitored by DTS France – Tunnel de Balesmes is protected by Sensa DTS system UK – DTS monitoring production of commercial-scale geothermal power plant UK – Continued maintenance/upgrades throughout UK to DTS in Tunnels

Australia – Deployment of LTS systems in Road tunnels and upgrades at Western and Southern Australia. Korea – Supply of Sensa LTS to Metro system and at Seungreal. China – LTS deployment in road and metro tunnels at eastern Chinese cities. Singapore – New LTS system protecting Singapore’s Circle Line plus product trials. India – Upgrades and deployment of LTS systems in tunnel and power stations. Saudi Arabia – Innovative LHD supplied to King Abdulla Financial District. Israel – Fire detection of train tunnel upgraded to use Sensa LTS240 systems. Turkey – Taksim Tunnel is protected by Sensa LTS systems. Albania – Sensa LTS systems deployment in Krabbe Tunnels. Switzerland – deployment of LTS in trans Italy-Switzerland road tunnel. Spain – Continued deployment of LTS for road tunnel fire detection. Netherlands – LTS surveillance System upgraded at Roer tunnel. France – Product trials and Canal tunnel installation near Dijon equipped with latest LTS systems for fire detection. Spain – New installation for utility tunnels plus product upgrades in southern Spain. Italy – Continued upgrade and maintenance of LHS systems. UK – Several new installation and system upgrades in Tunnels.

2012  

Australia – Supply of optical fiber sensing cable to Uranium mining sites. Korea – Sensa LTS products deployed at Yeosu, SeJong-Si and Yeoju-Yanghyung Gang.

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Global Fire Project References

            

China – Sensa LHD equipment continued deployment at Shanghai metro. Hong Kong - LHD monitoring of in-building Power distribution infrastructure. India – Supply of optical sensing cable to power plants at Chelpur. UAE – Deployment for deluge system in Qasr Al Hosn and Al Salam tunnel at Abu Dhabi. Turkey – Artvin - Erzurum Tunnel Fire Alarm System uses LTS 240. Greece – Awarded Tirana:Elbasan cable tunnel fire detection system. Estonia – Sensa LHD systems installed for mining fire detection application. Sweden – Temperature monitoring of Nuclear fuel management tunnels. Sweden – Deployment of LHD equipment to three nuclear fuel management sites. Switzerland – Deployment of LTS in CIS and East European countries by partner. Spain – Supplied to several transport infrastructure projects. Italy – Continued upgrade and maintenance of LHS systems at Catanis-Siracusa tunnel. UK – Upgrading Dartford Tunnnel installations from LTS-700 to LTS-240.

2011           

Korea – Several deployments at: Paju city, Incheon and Sinhannae Utility tunnel. China – Continues deployment of Sensa LHD on Shanghai metro expansion. Singapore – LNG leak detection system with LTS 240 and Mandai Camp LHD equipment upgrade. Singapore – Supplied buying house with Sensa LHD for power station monitoring in AsiaPac. India – Thermal power plant deployment of LHD at: Satpura, Palpur Doosan, Salaya. UAE – Fire protection of Salam Street Tunnel with LTS 200. Turkey – Initial deployment of Sensa LHD in ARTVİN-ERZURUM tunnel. Greece - Attiki Odos uses LTS 200 in motorways infrastructure. Sweden – Fire detection application of Sensa LHD in paper mill at Gävle. Italy – Sensa LHS equipment deployed to protect over 30km of tunnels. UK – Deployment of Sensa LHD in Seabank power station and London underground upgrades.

2010          

Korea – Several deployments at: Gyeongjeon Line; Jinjoo-Masan section, GeoJe City, SeJong City, Naebuk Boeun-Gun, Singal-dong, Suncheon–Wanju Expressway, Tangjeong. China – Upgrade and new installations of Sensa LHD at Chengdu electric utility Bureau Singapore – LTS 200 deployment for MRT Circle line extension. India – Sensa LHD deployed for Apgenco at Kothagudam and Kakatiya. Estonia – Fire and security protection of oil-shale mining facility with Senda LHD equipment. Sweden – Cable tunnel fire protection at Skanstull-Solberga. Greece – Deployment for tunnels at: Neohori, Rapsomati, Sterna and Kalogeriko. Turkey - Sensa LTS systems and several kilometers of Sensorline installed in the ArtvinBorҫka and Bitlis Tunnels. Italy – Continued installation in Italian Motorway infrastructure. UK – London Underground deployments and maintenance. Butetown tunnel, Cardiff uses

Global Fire Project References

LTS 240 for fire detection. 2009         

Australia - Sensa systems are commissioned in the M2 Motorway tunnel in Sydney. UAE - Several Sensa twin channel systems with SensorLine II installed on the Dubai Metro network. Israel - Carmel Tunnels has 2 of the 4 tunnels equipped with Sensa systems. Lithuania - Sensa system is used on the refurbishment of the Kaunas Railway Tunnel. Sweden - Sensa commission a Linear heat detection system to monitor multiple conveyors at a paper mill near Gävle Portugal - Circular Regional Interna de Lisboa CRIL the Lisbon central ring road uses Sensa LTS to monitor for fire detection. Greece - Sensa is used to monitor the Aharnon rail tunnel. Greece - Several Sensa systems installed on the motorway network including Eginatia and Artemisso tunnels. Italy - Several more systems are installed across the Italian motorway network, including: San Demetrio Tunnel, San Fratello tunnel, Cozzo Battaglia tunnel, Filippella Tunnel, Serena tunnel.

2008            

Korea - Power generation authority continue to invest in Sensa LTS systems for protection of conveyors. Japan - Sensa systems installed for overheating protection on server farms. China - Work progresses on protection of metro system with many more Sensa LTS systems being installed. India - Multiple Sensa LTS units installed on coal conveyors in West Bengal. India - Sensa DTS systems are chosen as fire detection for power plant cable galleries. Qatar - New Doha International Airport purchases more Sensa LTS systems for road access tunnel protection. Turkey - Mekece Tunnels use 3 LTS products for a fully redundant system. Greece - Several LTS systems installed throughout the road tunnel network. France / Spain - Le Perthus High speed rail Tunnel linking Spain and France uses 6 LTS240 TC devices and 10s of kilometers of SensorLine II cable. Italy - Italian Road Authority continues to invest in Sensa LTS systems for the road tunnel network. Switzerland - Zurich main railway station protected by Sensa LTS products. UK - Sensa celebrates 10 years of LTS 200 supply to London underground as more systems are installed. Many of the original systems are still in operation.

2007 

Australia - Sensa LTS systems are installed and commissioned in a number of road

Global Fire Project References

            

tunnels, including the EastLink project. Australia - NewMetroRail install a Sensa LTS system for fire detection throughout the recently completed tunnel in Perth. Qatar - The New Doha International Airport (NDIA) has selected Sensa LTS systems for protection of the road tunnels into the Airport. Israel - The Macabit Road tunnel is completed with the installation and commissioning of an LTS240 loop based system for monitoring this twin tube project. Israel - Modiin Rail Tunnel 21 & 12 have been commissioned with Sensa LTS systems for Fire detection. Israel - Sensa LTS system is installed for the protection of a cable tunnel operated by IEC. Finland - Sensa LTS system installed in a road tunnel near Rovaniemi. Finland - Further expansion of the conveyor protection system at Mreal. Holland - Two major road tunnels are equipped with Sensa LTS systems for fire detection and tracking, the systems are capable of detecting fire and tracking the fire at extended temperatures. France - ANDRA install several LTS systems for protection of their underground research facility. Switzerland - Construction management at St. Gottard railway tunnel have installed and commissioned a Sensa LTS system to monitor the TBM waste conveyor. Spain - Several high speed rail tunnels are commissioned with Sensa LTS 240 systems, including the Guadarrama tunnel, with 2 tubes both over 28km long UK - Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 has deployed a number of LTS systems for fire detection across the site, including the mass transit system and cable galleries. UK - Sensa supply LTS systems for fire detection in the Meir Tunnel on the A50 in Staffordshire.

2006             

Australia - Australian road authority commission LTS systems for protection of a road tunnel near Perth. Korea - Pohang Steel plant commissions several LTS systems for protection of a coal conveyor system. Korea - Yonghung Thermal Power Plant in South Korea commissions several systems for various fire detection functions including conveyors and cable ducts. Korea - Incheon International Airport installs several LTS products for cable and passageway monitoring and for Mass Transit system protection between terminals. China - Shenzhen metro expand further with 70+ LTS systems installed throughout the year. Taiwan - install LTS products for light rail monitoring Singapore - Underground facility monitored for fire detection. Malaysia - Sensa LTS is the fire detection system for the SMART Tunnel. India - commission several more systems for cable gallery fire protection. India - Several Sensa LTS systems commissioned to protect cable tunnels around India. Greece - Greek road authority installs further LTS systems for tunnel fire detection. Spain - commissions LTS systems to protect various tunnels including, Sierra Aguilon and Loma Bas Tunnels Italy - Italian road authority continues with Sensa installations using dozens of LTS products.

Global Fire Project References

Italy - install more LTS systems throughout their road tunnel Network.

2005      

Korea - Road authority undertakes a major installation of LTS systems with tunnels including: Namsau Tunnel, Hongjimoon, Guryong and Jungrung Road tunnels. Korea - LTS systems installed in the Tanjin Power plant. The application is for fire detection on external coal conveyors. China - Shanghai metro install dozens of LTS systems throughout Finland - Several LTS systems supplied to the United Paper Mills (UPM) Mbotnia and Mreal plants. The application is for fire detection on external conveyors carrying wood pulp. Greece - Several LTS systems used in road tunnel fire detection application for highway in Northern Greece. France - LTS used for road tunnel near Nice.

2004       

Korea - LTS systems for protections of Coal Conveyors for a KEPCO power plant. Greece - LTS systems supplied for cable tunnel fire detection project. Greece - LTS systems installed in the state Railway Network for the Kakia Skala Rail tunnels. Greece - LTS systems installed in road tunnels inside Athens. UK - London’s Blackwall and Dartford road tunnels. UK - London Underground continues to push ahead with the escalator protection LTS system with a further 40+ units installed. UK - Network rail install more under floor void monitoring LTS systems.

2003    

New Zealand - LTS system is used to provide fire detection in the new Queens Street station in Auckland. China - Supply of several LTS systems for road tunnel projects – including Chongquing, Xingling, Fuxing, Ku Zi Shan and Da Bushan road tunnels. Taiwan - State electric company install further LTS systems for cable tunnel fire monitoring. Greece - Sensa LTS systems on a major new highway on the outskirts of Athens.

2002    

Japan - Nippon Steel use a number of LTS systems to provide fire detection in a power cable culvert. China - Yang tze Petrochemical Corporation in Shanghai, Uses LTS systems to provide fire detection in cable tunnels. Italy - Road authority continue to install Sensa LTS systems in several road tunnels including: Cisa, Sottopasso Patroclo, Stava and Naturno. Italy - INFN- LNGS install Sensa LTS to monitor a 4km tunnel network as part of their underground Physics laboratory in Gran Sasso.

Global Fire Project References

    

Portugal - Castro D’Airo road tunnel installs LTS systems to provide fire detection in the tunnel. Spain - tunnel condition monitoring and fire detection for Madrid – Madrid Gallerias. This project covers 120km of underground tunnels and uses approximately 16 remote networked LTS system. UK - LTS system supplied to principle government defense location. UK - Railtrack continue to roll our floor void heat detection in a large control rooms UK - Several LTS systems are used for escalator protection on the new light railway station for Docklands Light railway.

2001      

Japan - Nippon Steel use Sensa LTS to provide fire detection in a cold strip mill. China - LTS system for fire detection within the Jinshan Power cable tunnel. Taiwan - State Electric Company installs Sensa LTS to monitor series of 3 power cable tunnels. Singapore - Land Transport Authority use LTS system for fire protection over railway sidings. Italy - LTS200 systems have are supplied to the Italian Navy, for a number of patrol vessels UK - Rotherhithe Road Tunnel, London, UK installs an LTS to provide fire detection in the tunnel and facilities trench.

Before 2001       

Japan - OJI Paper, installs LTS system for fire detection on a belt conveyor. Japan - Kobe Steel/ Oil cellar of cold strip mill install an LTS system with 200 zones. Greece - Sensa install an LTS system in the Tempi railway tunnel. Italy - State Railway Network use Sensa LTS systems for the Palermo airport railway terminal tunnel for fire detection. UK - Crown Property use LTS systems to provide building fire detection. UK - Railtrack use a system in a control room floor void, for fire detection purposes. UK - LTS200 systems have been installed for London Underground to detect fire on the station escalators.