Google Cardboard in the Social Studies Classroom

Google Cardboard in the Social Studies Classroom

Google Cardboard in the Social Studies Classroom How to Get Viewmaster and Expeditions 1. Go to App store for iOS or Android a...

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Google Cardboard in the Social Studies Classroom

How to Get Viewmaster and Expeditions 1. Go to App store for iOS or Android and search Viewmaster Destinations

2. Go to App store for iOS or Android and search Google Expeditions.

About the Presenters Alicen Morley

Jill Thieben

Instructor at Syracuse University & LeMoyne College 2010-2013

Middle school teacher at Lynnville-Sully from 2008-2011

Social Studies Teacher at Boone High School Since August 2013

Boone High School English teacher since 2011

Twitter: @AlicenMorley

Technology Coach Since 2015

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @jthieben

Background / Resources Alicen’s Classroom: 1:1 with ipads August 2013- May 2015 High School: 1:1 with Chromebooks since Fall 2015 30 iPad cart is available for classroom use 30 Google Cardboards - One Classroom at a Time Grant Cardboards for every budget

Viewmaster Available for Android and iPhone Students download Viewmaster Destinations Free to download and use demo on students’ personal phones Each viewmaster app is available to purchase in full for $14.99 per device Self-guided tour that students move through at their own pace

Expeditions Free to download and use on Android and iOS Guided tours with a Leader and a Follower Can use with any handheld device: tablets or phones and any combination thereof Leader and Follower must be on the same wifi. Wide variety of tours available Leveled / differentiated questions

How to Use Expeditions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Make sure devices are on the same wifi. Choose who is going to be leader and follower (iPad is leader) Leaders must have a Google login to lead the experience. Followers need to find their leader and select them. Leaders may now begin the experience once all followers are present.

Places We’ve Traveled 1.

ViewMaster: The Parthenon a.


The Palace of Versailles a.


Students had to reflect on the relationship between religion, architecture, and Greek culture. Students had to write a reflection that connected the majesty of the Palace of Versailles to political currents at the time

Major Roman attractions: a. b. c. d.

The Colosseum The Pantheon Trajan’s Market Travel Guide

Lessons Learned 1. Pay attention to the disclaimer that appears when the Expeditions app opens 2. Teacher-centered lessons vs. student-centered exploration and creation 3. WiFi issues with school devices vs. student devices 4. Student vision issues 5. Depth of knowledge with Expeditions questions for high school students 6. Digital ‘Dorways blog post

Future Objectives Make our own VR experiences using Thinglink 360 Document Boone’s history Create guided tours of our school and town: Grant writing Viewmaster headsets and experience packs Set of student devices for schoolwide use Ricoh Theta S camera for capturing 360 photos

Additional VR Resources and Apps to Explore Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything Thinglink 360 DiscoveryVR New York Times VR