Government applications - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Government applications - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Government applications Marine Propulsion Systems 3 Committed to innovative and dependable propulsion systems ZF Marine Propulsion Systems provides...

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Government applications Marine Propulsion Systems


Committed to innovative and dependable propulsion systems ZF Marine Propulsion Systems provides naval operators with highly efficient and cost effective products and integrated systems. This includes a wide variety of transmissions, thruster systems and control units, available as custom tailored packages for all government vessels with engines rated up to 14,000 kW per shaftline.

Main engine controls and thruster control units

Contents 03

Systems and components


Transmissions for government and naval applications


Hybrid concepts


Power take-in options


Fulfilling essential requirements


Advanced Condition Monitoring Concept


Integrated logistic support – ILS

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Tunnel thrusters, retractable thrusters, fixed pitch, controllable pitch, Z-Drive and L-Drive configurations Tiered transmission portfolio, multiple configurations, up to 14,000 kW



With power ratings in excess of 10 MW, the ZF 83700 series is the latest generation of high-speed/high horsepower marine transmissions, designed for applications such as government vessels, super yachts, and fast ferries.

Hybrid propulsion solutions ZF Marine offers a comprehensive range of „hybridready“ marine transmissions for installation in large fast craft, thus meeting the need for hybrid propulsion solutions. Marine hybrid propulsion packages can be deployed in most marine applications. The unique PTI configuration of ZF Marine Propulsion Systems and the use of standard components, make the hybrid propulsion systems highly efficient and flexible, and ideal for customized installations.

“Hybrid ready” transmission ZF 9300 PTI

Power range of ZF transmissions 0








Transmissions for government and naval applications






ZF 83700 CODAE / CODAD ZF 60000

ZF 50000 / ZF 53600

ZF 40000 ZF 40000 PTI

ZF Marine Propulsion Systems looks back at more than 50 years experience in the development and production of marine transmissions for government and naval applications.

Government vessels, including those deployed by coast guards, customs authorities and navies, require high performance, yet durable propulsion systems to fulfill the tasks they are assigned to. ZF Marine Propulsion Systems offers a vast range of products, complemented by a comprehensive range of peripheral equipment.   Additionally, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems provides a thorough consultancy and aftersales support to ensure customers obtain the best solution to their specific marine propulsion requirements.   Featuring state-of-the-art tooth design, low noise signature and high load transmission capability, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems transmissions stand out due to their light weight structure, designed to withstand load under extreme operating conditions.


ZF Gear Type

ZF 30050 (ZF 30000) ZF 30000 PTI

ZF 24000 ZF 24000 PTI

ZF 9000 ZF 9300 PTI

ZF 7600

Benefits • Reversing and non-reversing transmissions • Antimagnetic transmissions • Various Power Take Off (PTO) and Power Take In (PTI) accessory drives • Autotroll systems to accommodate silent running mode • Dynamic Positioning Capability

ZF 5000 ZF 5300 PTI ZF 3000 ZF 3300 PTI

ZF 2000 Engine power in kW



Hybrid concepts Power Take-in (PTI) options

For low speed activities such as docking or station keeping, the option now exists to take the main propulsion motors offline and manage maneuvering via more efficient power sources.

Specific versions of ZF Marine Propulsion Systems transmissions can be supplied with optional PTI drives in multiple ratios, with or without spur gear. 0






CODAE / Combined Diesel and Electric

ZF 83700

PTI (clutchable)


Electric Motor Electric Motor

ZF 53600

PTI (clutchable) Diesel Engine (Prime Mover) Diesel Engine (Prime Mover)

Hybrid-Ready Transmission Hybrid-Ready Transmission

Transmssion Series


ZF 24000

ZF 9300

CODAD / Combined Diesel and Diesel PTI (clutchable) Propeller Propeller

Diesel Engine (Auxiliary) Diesel Engine (Auxiliary)

Hybrid-Ready Transmission Hybrid-Ready Transmission

ZF 5300

PTI (clutchable) ZF 3300

Diesel Engine (Prime Mover) Diesel Engine (Prime Mover)

Engine power in kW

Transmission and PTI ratios

Smaller combustion engines or electric motors powered either off the vessel’s electrical grid or a battery bank are now options that could reduce the vessel’s operating cost, both in the harbor or on station. The PTI on our transmissions can be ordered in numerous ratios, with or without an additional spur gear in order to match a specific electric motor size and rpm. Our scope of supply, in addition to the PTI as mechanical interface, includes elastic coupling, electric pump and control unit. This family of transmissions from ZF Marine is truly hybrid-ready.

Transmission Type

Base Transmission Ratio (–)

PTI Spur Gear Ratio (–)

PTI Total Ratio (–) without SG

PTI Total Ratio (–) with SG

ZF 83700

2.412 – 5.591

1.180 – 3.433

2.846 – 19.194

ZF 53600

2.481 – 4.500

on request

on request

ZF 24000

1.514 – 6.421

1.000 – 2.645

1.514 – 16.984

ZF 9350 PTI

3.034 – 5.185

0.846 – 2.958

4th shaft without SG 3.520 – 6.364

4th shaft with SG 2.978 – 18.825

ZF 5300 PTI

2.947 – 5.148

0.846 – 2.958

3.200 – 6.364

2.707 – 17.133

ZF 3300 PTI

3.000 – 5.000

1.000 – 3.250

3.000 – 5.000

3.000 – 16.250



Fulfilling essential requirements Backed by the resources of the ZF Group and its leading edge drive line technology, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems develops and manufactures propulsion systems that meet the most stringent demands. With a worldwide service network in place, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems helps customers keep their operations running smoothly and successfully.

On request, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems can:

Advanced Condition Monitoring Concept Performing the right service at the right time. The advanced condition monitoring concept from ZF combines both current and next generation monitoring technology. The result is a system that identifies what service the transmission requires and when it’s required. All based on the specific operating conditions for that unit. Condition information and service actions required are displayed via a user friendly interface.

Key features: • Integrated planning of service activities • Optimized vessel operation time • Early damage warning • Gearbox and component condition onboard display • Recommendation & action based on gearbox condition • Guidance of on-board and service personnel to counteract abnormal conditions

Standard Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

• • • • • • •

• Dynamic load monitoring (DLM) • Vibration monitoring (gears & bearings) • Oil condition monitoring (particle & water content)

Oil level Thrust bearing temperature Cooler temperature in/out Lubrication oil pressure Filter differential pressure Output speed Clutch monitoring

• Provide test runs to verify acoustic characteristics of transmissions and propulsion components • Conduct shock load calculations • Fulfill ILS requirements • Provide counter trade / offset arrangements

Integrated Logistic Support – ILS With a sophisticated order processing system in place, ZF Marine services more than 1,000 customers in 145 countries. Responding quickly and flexibly to customer requests is our strength. This is made possible by the availability of advanced communication systems, realtime information and the continuous optimization of our supply chain management. Our customers do not only purchase our products, they request our system support over the entire life cycle of their ships – thus keeping life cycle cost under control. The issues in focus are:

Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety

Services and maintenance programs can be specifically tailored to customer requirements, in particular: • Time between Overhaul • Maintenance Work Steps • Parts Demand • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) • Line Replaceable Units • Shop Replaceable Units • Logistic Support Analysis



ZF driven vessels on all seas

1. 2. 3.

Ship builders and fleet owners worldwide trust in the reliable and robust propulsion technology from ZF.


Fast Amphibious Landing Craft, L-Cat, CNIM Transmissions: ZF 3060 D


Joint High Speed Vessel, AUSTAL Transmissions: ZF 60000 NR2H


OPV, River Class, BAE Systems Surface Ships Transmissions: ZF 53600

OPV, Armidale Class, AUSTAL Transmissions: ZF 7550 A Skjold Class Corvette, UMOE MANDAL Transmissions: ZF 2000 NR Inshore Patrol Vessel, P21 Class, AUSTAL Transmissions: ZF 3000 A Fast Response Cutter, Sentinel Class, Bollinger Shipyards Transmissions: ZF 23560C

Courtesy of Austal

Courtesy of Dearsan



PV, Tuzla Class, DEARSAN Transmissions: ZF 7641






Courtesy of Austal


Courtesy of Austal


Courtesy of Austal


Courtesy of Dearsan



9. 10.

59 M Fisheries Patrol Vessel, FREIRE Shipyard Transmissions: ZF W23100 PV, Cape Class, AUSTAL Transmissions: ZF 9050 Tunnel Thruster ZF TT 2000 FP ALU

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