graphic design portfolio - Alison Rousos

graphic design portfolio - Alison Rousos

GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO Skateboard Magazine Redesign DIGITAL PRINT For this assignment, we were supposed to redesign a magazine that was targeted t...

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Skateboard Magazine Redesign DIGITAL PRINT For this assignment, we were supposed to redesign a magazine that was targeted towards a spedific subculture.

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Fall Out Boy Lamb TEXTILE SCREEN PRINT One of the projects I did while interning at Fueled By Ramen Records. I designed the shirt for this lamb, which was included with the purchase of their Infinity on High album.




Concert Poster DIGITAL PRINT 11x17 I was chosen as one of the guest artists for this poster project. Hawthorne Heights and the AKAs gave each artist a specific date of their Winter 2007 tour to design a poster for and then used the unique posters to advertise for the shows.

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Children of Promise, NYC VARIOUS MATERIALS & SIZES Samples of print work created for Children of Promise, NYC. CPNYC is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration, by offering programs, activities and mentors for children of incarcerated parents. I was honored to help promote such a worthy cause.



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Chez Klink 32 x 24 GICLEE PRINT ON TEXTURED PAPER Designed for an art show in Washington DC for the 2009 Inauguration. Demand in DC: Applauding the Empowerment of People through Art, Film & Music


AAP Media Kit VARIOUS MATERIALS AND PRINTING Identity & media kit designed for All About Production Inc., a local production company. Created to distribute to potential clients. Includes portfolio CD, Folder & Business Cards.

iPhone App Media VARIOUS SIZES | DIGITAL MEDIA A few mock ups of app icons and splash pages for iPhone & iPad app developer, Sean Kovacs. The GV+ is an app for Google Voice.

Logo & Branding DIGITAL MEDIA Logo ideas for a Tampa Makeup Artist. The final version can be seen in the bottom right corner.

Narrative Wedding Stationery VARIOUS SIZES | LASER PRINT ON LINEN PAPER This is a narrative wedding set I custom created for our wedding. Other pieces of the full set include Programs, Thank You cards, Mustache Cards (our favors) & a Save The Date.

Mustache Fest 2012 600px by 800px This poster was created for the Veer/Ads of the World contest. The brief was to design a poster for a summer festival, utitlizing 2 of the elements provided.

Planet Hollywood Restaurants VARIOUS MATERIALS & SIZES Planet Hollywood Dinner Menu designed for their Times Square location that opened March 2013.